Videos uploaded by user “J Yard” for the 2011
Memorial Day Weekend Foam Party @ Club Cirque 2011 (Dallas)
Clip of Foam Party @ Cirque... Nuff said... Or seen to be exact
Views: 1605 J Yard
Foam Party @ Club Kindals (Dallas, TX - July 4, 2011)
Independence Day Foam Party @ Club Kindals ... I forgot to post this shit, lmao
Views: 938 J Yard
Project Cake-To-Da-Face
When keepin' it real goes wrong... sorta... lmao, but it was funny set-up for a bday celebration
Views: 142 J Yard
Dallas Mavericks Championship Parade
Quick view of the Parade for the 2010-11 NBA champs... It was live out there!
Views: 11 J Yard
Just tryin to hoop... REGARDLESS!
When you just GOTTA hoop... whether its a small goal, or in da damn dark!
Views: 16 J Yard
Da Down Time
Walkin around the office one night
Views: 10 J Yard

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