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Angel - Jack Johnson (Cover)
One of my favourites, also my friendship song with one of my angels Xx
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I'm Not That Girl (cover) Wicked
hey guys, i love this song so so so much! hope you enjoy!
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I Want To Write You A Song-One Direction (Cover)
hey guys, i love this song and yes i realize i messed up a few times but i didn't want to do it over yet another time so i went with it, also, my guitar skills are terrible but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Love Yourself-Justin Bieber (cover)
a really shitty unprofessional quick cover of love yourself also excuse my dancing
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Hopelessly Devoted to You - Grease (cover)
One of my favourite musicals even though I'm conflicted because of all the sexism haha
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When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars (Cover)
Hey guys! I haven't made a cover in awhile, please like and subscribe to my channel! love you Angel Mousies! if you read this comment ducks on Sunday
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Turn Your Face-Little Mix (cover)
i love this song ft. my kitten Snö
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You and I- One Direction (Cover)
Sorry i'm so awkward guys! please check out my channel and subscribe if you want! I'll try to be posting videos consistently. I love you all have a beautiful day okay bye!
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No Control-One Direction (Cover)
I wanted to do this as a slow ballad as I love the lyrics and believe they can be tragically interpreted, it is a truly beautiful song and I hope you enjoy Xx
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Peter-Elisabet Blue (Original)
Hi guys, sorry the quality is awful. wrote this song awhile ago and finally wanted to post it. my vocals aren't the best but oh well. I hope you all find your Peter and you keep him 💛
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Too Good At Goodbyes - Sam Smith (cover)
the cat left and then the dog was trying to get into trouble the whole time haha! i absolutely adore this song
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All I Ask -Adele (Cover)
Throwback to filming after dance in between classes ft my black eye lmao uni
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Titanium-David Guetta (Acoustic)
Hey guys! Sorry my hair looks like a lion! I really hope you enjoy this video and I apologize for the music being loud at some parts. Please subscribe because i like making videos for you (: Twitter: Twitter.com/niallshungryfan Instagram: Dauntlessdaisies If you see this comment "I am a Jellie Bean"
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Gravity-Tyler Matl (cover)
Happy happy birthday Tyler! I cannot Believe you're turning 20! three years goes by so fast but you've been here for me all that time and I couldn't thank you enough!Hope you have the most amazing birthday ever, i love you (: Go buy Gravity by Tyler Matl on iTunes because he is absolutely wonderful (: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/gravity-single/id823820325 Tyler's Stuff: Twitter: https://twitter.com/TylerMatl Instagram: @TylerMatl Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TylerMatl My Stuff: Twitter: https://twitter.com/niallshungryfan Instagram: DauntlessDaisies
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Terrible Things- Mayday Parade (cover)
one of those terrible things is the quality of this, sorry don't know why it got so fuzzy, i honestly need a mic, the people in the next room over are being really annoying and I'm probably going to file a noise complaint.
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The Middle-Jimmy Eat World (cover)
hey guys I'm sick and my friend was playing video games in the next room so i was kinda self conscious lol but anyway i hope you like this cover(: love you all so much -ellieXx
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February Was Always My Favourite - Elisabet Blue (Original)
winter love and summer blues.
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On My Own - Les Misérables (cover)
anyone ready to cry?
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To My Love - Elisabet Blue (Original)
just a song about some dude named Thomas.
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Parting Glass
Would i really be Irish if i didn't?
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Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus (Cover)
I like this song and I decided to record it when i was like 16 then not publish it for 3 years 😂
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If I Could Fly - One Direction (cover)
I love this song and it means the world to me.
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Cherry Wine - Hozier (cover)
One of my absolute favourite songs about a very important topic. I know I got timing off on a few parts, sorry!
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The One That Got Away-Katy Perry (Cover)
its not all the way because i messed up and also the music fades out but whatever i hope you enjoy (:
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Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy (Cover)
I've loved this song since I was like 12 so I finally made a cover of it
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Hotel California-Eagles (cover)
This is one of my favourite songs ever and I am deeply saddened by the news of Glenn Frey's passing, rest in peace and never stop dreaming.
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One Thing - One Direction (cover)
hi babes, oh my goodness, i messed up so badly at the bridge I'm laughing. I hope you're all doing well and always remember to never stop smiling (: i love you!
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Mad World-Gary Jules (cover)
((sorry my voice is so quiet)) i really love this song, i watched Donnie Darco a lot as a kid so this reminds me of my childhood in a way. here is the karaoke track i used if you want it (: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4iyKESX9xs
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Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran (Cover)
Hey everyone sorry I look so out of it but I was really trying not to cry, this one hits me hella hard
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June - MORGUE (Cover)
dude Kailee is one of my favourite singers and this is one of my favourite songs ever! P.S. I know that i can't play uke so you don't need to tell me :D
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I Hate U I Love U - Gnash (Cover)
i love this song a ton so here
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18 - One Direction (cover)
hi babes, i made this cover awhile back, sometime in may i think. i put it to pictures of michael clifford because i was sick and looked awful haha anyway! i hope you like it! love you Xx
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I Found A Boy - Adele (Cover)
trying to work on lower songs lol
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Your Song - Kate Walsh (Cover)
I recorded this in the studio awhile back and finally got around to posting it lol
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Voodoo Doll - 5sos (cover)
recorded this in studio a few years back, hope you like it Xx
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All I Want-Kodaline (cover)
hope you guys like my cover! sorry I haven't uploaded in awhile I've been so so busy!
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I Hate The Beach But I Don't Hate You - Elisabet Blue (Original)
this is to my future husband wherever he's hiding
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Trouble-Halsey (cover)
my favourite halsey song (:
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Magnetised - Tom Odell (Cover)
I recorded this awhile ago but here i absolutely adore this song and Tom is my favourite singer.
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Sweet William and Fair Margaret (Cover)
a folk song that i absolutely adore
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Can't Help Falling In Love-Elvis (cover)
just a simple little cover, sorry my voice is raspy today lol idk why
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Antichrist - The 1975 (cover)
I know my use skills sucks but this is my favourite 1975 song.
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Sex - The 1975 (cover)
i just really love this song
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