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Unsung Heroes: Patrick Mwalua supplies drinking water to wild animals
They say the wrath of nature knows no mercy an analogy that can be said of the ongoing drought situation which has devastated both human and animal lives including wildlife in vast Tsavo West National Park but  one man -Patrick Mwalua popularly known as the waterman of Voi  has decided to save the ecosystem by supplying clean drinking water  to the wild  for the  daily use by the animals. On our weekly segment Unsung Heroes Dennis Matara tells us the story of a man,who has dedicated his life to save the lives of thousands of wild animals.
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Mbwembwe Na Vituko Vya Wiki naye Franklin Macharia
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Up-close with Ted Josiah
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Up close with Jalang’o
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I Played Dead to Survive Westgate Attack
If you keenly followed media coverage of the Westgate mall siege, then you will by now be familiar with video footage of a brave mother of two who instructed her children to play dead to avoid the wrath of the ruthless terrorists who descended upon the mall last weekend. Hassan Mugambi spoke to Faith Leudeling, who for the first time reveals that her 21-month-old son Ty Leudeling, oblivious of what was going on, even afforded an afternoon nap despite the fierce exchange of gunfire.
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Upclose with Kamene Goro on #WeekendWithBetty
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Sokomoko : Echesa achezwa!
Mbwembwe na mahanjam ya wiki yakikuvunja mbavu kwenye makala ya Sokomoko, kosa uchekwe!
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Meet the woman behind Safaricom's 'Mteja hapatikani' voice prompt
Every time you make a call and the the recipient is not available you always get the message 'Mteja wa nambari, hapatikani kwa sasa.' But did you know that this voice is not automated but that of a woman who works at Safaricom to date? Our reporter Yussuf Ibrahim met the woman behind the voice, 48-year-old Maggie Wazome and filed the following report.
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24-yr old woman using her beauty to sell sweets to motorists
A young female hawker in Nairobi's Ngara area is giving a new dimension to the power of beauty and the good tidings that come along with it. 24 year-old Susan Muthoni is using her physical attraction to pull customers into buying her wares Enabling her to earn a living in a decent way without breaching the unwritten rules of morality. Joy Kiruki Juma tells us the inspiring story of the standard eight drop out who has purposed to surmount the odds and endeared many to her side as she hawks sweets to motorists in Nairobi.
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Sokomoko : Kijana Fupi, Round!
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Indian 'Omera'
Asian Luo Kenyan of Asian origin speaks fluent Dholuo It's probably no big deal when you hear someone speaking a language other than their own fluently and impeccably,but a Kenyan of Asian origin speaking fluent Dholuo?You need to see and hear this to believe it.
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Eko- Dydda is nurturing his children’s talent in rap music
It is not always a guarantee that sons will look up to their fathers and emulate them in all their deeds. But for reknown gospel music Rap Artist Eko Dydda, it couldn't be any less as his two sons, five year old 'keep it real' and 2 year old 'am blessed', seem to have taken after their father in the art of rapping. And as our reporter Lilian Mwelu tells us, apart from being able to rock the words and rap like their father, the two minors are also ardent soccer players.
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Otonglo Time - Part 1
Performed during the Presidential Gala of the Kenya National Music Festivals, "Otonglo Time" is a narrative that tickled the crowd to stitches and some, like President Uhuru, to the point of tears. Excellently executed by the talented David Owira of Highway Secondary School, "Otonglo Time" also went on to become one of the most trended social media topics of the day. In case you missed it, here is "Otonglo Time"
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The Salim Family of Music
Mention the name Mighty Salim and the late Salim Junior comes to your head, and many people can relate to their sweet and easy to dance Mugithi style of music. But did you know that the household names inherited their skill from their little known father, 67-year-old Joseph Tharimu Mwangi alias Salim Senior? Joy Kiruki Juma looks at the man Salim Senior, the influence he has had on his five children and his love for music.
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Sokomoko : Ruto anavuta bangi ?
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Amutali: The Man With A Big Appetite
Belive it or not, this is not fiction but a real story. A twenty four year old man in Vihiga is capable of eating over three kilograms of ugali and one plate of fingerlings, popularly known as " omena" all alone and in one sitting. We actually witnessed as Elly Amutali ate and cleared the mount of ugali for one and a half hours.
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Without A Trace:Budding Musician Czar Still Missing 7 Years On
He captured the headlines during the last decade and stirred the music industry with his pulsating beats, being the youngest music star in the country at the time. Then suddenly his star dimmed. He disappeared without a trace. Popularly known as Czar, Abdulkarim Mohammed, has been missing for the past seven years. He would have turned 25 on February 5th this year.His father has never lost hope that one day, his only child will return home. Joy Kiruki visited Czar's family and relieves their memories on without a trace .
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Athlete Speaks Out On Animated Video, Audio Clip
His voice hit the airwaves after an interview conducted soon after the Kass FM 2012 marathon, making him an instant hit but what many did not know was that it was not a funny skit performed by a comedian, but a real interview .The man behind the clip is athlete Charles Lokong, who participated in the marathon but unlike the now famous clip, Lokong emerged 74th in the race, something that would have otherwise not gained him as much recognition .K24 spoke to the athlete and he has a thing or two to say about the clip.
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Meet Robert Burale - the single dad to a loving daughter
Most of the time, we witness ladies going to court to sue their men for child support, but how about a man going to court because he wants to take care of his child and cater for all expenses? Well that situation is rare no doubt, but it has happened right here in Nairobi and is the story of fashion icon Robert Burale.
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Re-united after 19 years : Identical twins separated at birth
Re-united after 19 years : Identical twins separated at birthPicture this, you are a student and attending a regional music festival for your school and teachers from another school mistake you for a student in their school By they way, they seem so sure that they almost even beat you up for denying that you are not the person you claim to be. Quite disturbing- isn't it.Even more disturbing you later discover that the woman who raised you for 19 years may not actually  be  your maternal mother and unknown to you , you actually have an identical twin sister. Georgina Magondu witnessed the re-union of the twin sisters in Kakamega county  after  being separated for 19 years.
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TALK CENTRAL: One on One with Abel Mutua (PT1)
Abel Mutua, the screenwriter, actor, husband and father shares his story with Kalekye Mumo. His acting prowess was first seen on the show Tahidi High and from the screen, to behind the scenes, he has written and directed several local TV shows.
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3 teachers found absent in a Nakuru school under siege
The fate of three high school teachers at Njoro Boys High school hangs in the balance hours after education cabinet secretary Dr. Fred Matiang'i made an impromptu visit to the school and found that three teachers had absconded duty. Matiang'i clarified that he was not on a witch hunt, but was acting on recent findings of the ministry's baseline survey attributing underperformance of candidates sitting national examinations in public schools to massive absenteeism by teachers.
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Sokomoko: Eti Matiang'i must go??
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President Kenyatta Travels To Arusha, Tanzania By Road
For the first time since his election, President Uhuru Kenyatta made a road trip to a neigbouring country, Tanzania. Kenyatta who made several stopovers underscored the need for Tanzanians to embrace the East African spirit, which includes abolishing travel documents and encouraging free movement of persons and goods between state parties.
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Capital Talk PLO Lumbumba Part 1
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Pres. Kenyatta, Dp Ruto Meet Rtd. President Mwai Kibaki In Nairobi
President Uhuru Kenyatta today met his predecessor retired president Mwai Kibaki at his new office in Nyari, Nairobi county in a rare special visit, with what the three leaders among them deputy William Ruto discussed, remaining highly guarded. The meeting which lasted well over an hour was jovial in nature as the two leaders paid a courtesy call to the veteran politician. Aides described the meeting as private and its agenda as informal but sources close to the retired president said the two leaders requested the visit 48 hours before the meeting.
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Against All Odds: Natasha Wambui's Inspiring Story
Going through the trials and tribulations of life and still hold up your head and believe that something good will still come out of your situation, does not come easy for everyone.   For 15-year-old Natasha Wambui Wanjiru, going without food, being chased out of school due to lack of fees, and even lacking a home, did not dampen her spirit.  The 2015 KCPE examination candidate who scored 364 points, to emerge the best in her school, Natasha is now a high school student in the United States after securing a scholarship to study at Episcopal High School. In the first of a four-part series, Joy Kiruki tells us the inspiring stories of four students who defied the odds and secured  scholarships too study in the USA.
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George Hussein Obama denies claims that President Obama has abandoned the family
Days after it emerged that President Obama will not be stepping foot in his father's ancestral home in Kogelo-Siaya county, his family has discounted claims that the U.S President has neglected his paternal family. Obama's youngest step brother George Hussein Obama who spoke to our reporter from an undisclosed location in Siaya county where he is being kept for security reasons, says the family does not expect receive favours from U.S President. Violet Otindo repots.
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Ramsey Noah takes the Bench
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ELIUD KIPCHOGE’S GREEN THUMB: Marathoner attributes success to family, coach
He is arguably the best marathoner in the history of the race event. Eliud Kipchoge was named the IAAF male athlete of the year becoming the second Kenyan to win the prestigious award after David Rudisha in 2010. However, there is another side of this icon hidden from the eyes of the public, that of his love for farming. Our reporter Wanjiku Mwenda spent a day with the world marathon record holder  in Usain Gishu county and filed the following report.
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#TalkCentral: Up-Close with MC Jessy (PT1)
The funniest man from Meru, Jasper Muthomi a.k.a MC Jessy, was crowned best host in a TV show in the Kalasha Awards 2018 With suave style and great presence on stage, he's arguably Kenya's most sort after MC. He gets to talk about his life, the controversies and his journey with Kalekye Mumo.
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President Kenyatta gifts 23yr old MP with new Prado car
They say plenty will be given to those who have and according to former Vice-President Michael Wamalwa Kijana - " opportunity knocks only once in a lifetime" but for youthful Igembe South MP  John Paul Mwirigi opportunity has literally knocked his way twice in as many months after President Uhuru Kenyatta  presented him with a brand new Toyota Prado vehicle in fulfilment of a promise he made in  the  run-up to the August 8th election if the 23 year old university student won the seat.
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REMEMBERING KOITALEL : Legendary Nandi leader resisted British colonial rule
Koitalel Arap Samoei was arguably one of the most charismatic leaders the country has ever produced The supreme chief of the Nandi people of Uasin Gishu and Nandi counties is known for putting up one of the most memorable and documented resistance against the British colonial rule. Over 100 years since his death,the legacy of Koitalel still lives on after his prophecies on the Standard Gauge Railway,the suspension of the ICC cases, among others came to pass. Despite it, Koitalel's descendants are still crying foul over his missing head which was taken away by the British colonialists. Angela Cheror was in Nandi hills and tells us the story of Koitalel Arap Samoei.
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PACHA WANGU : Wasichana wawili mapacha wakutana baada ya miaka 19
Wenyeji wa kijiji cha Fafaro kaunti ya Trans Nzoia bado wanashangwazwa na kisa cha pacha mmoja , ambaye anasemekana kutenganishwa na mwenzake wakiwa watoto , lakini akarejea nyumbani baada ya takriban miaka 20. Wenyeji walikuwa na wakati mgumu kutofautisha wasichana hao wanaofanana kama shilingi kwa ya pili , huku wazazi wa watoto hao , wakisema kuwa japo wanafurahia kurejea kwa mtoto huyo , bado wanashangaa kuwa kwa muda huo wote , hawajaweza kuonana na mtoto huyo mmoja.
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Meet Gor Mahia number 1 fan, Jaro Soja, who eats, drinks and sleeps Gor Mahia
Kenyan Premier League defending champions Gor Mahia have thousands of supporters in Kenya, who follow the team everywhere they play. But one diehard supporter has stood out for years. 34 year-old Jared Otieno popularly known as Jaro Soja is such a big fan of the club, that he has painted everything in his 2 bedroom rental house into green and white - the official colors of kogalo. And as geoffrey wachira now reports, even the water he uses to flash his toilet is green.
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Meet the Mzungu Kikuyu of Kiambu
Being a minority in the midst of a people you consider your own but who believe you are not one of them because of your skin color, may be hard to take, as you  always have to convince everyone you meet that you are just like them regardless of the difference in your complexion.   This is the story of one white woman who lives, talks and behaves like any other African woman in Mahindi, Kiambu county.
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