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Nanase - Dear
from the album "piano meets hip hop" by nanase 2010 Delicious Deli Records http://www.universal-music.co.jp/ddr/
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Raujika - City of Twilight
from the album "fairy tale" by raujika
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CL - Deacon Blu
from the album "in ya mellow tone 5" by various artists 2010 GOON TRAX - http://www.goontrax.jp http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=8239979
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Blu-Swing - Realize
from the album "revision" by blu-swing
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Hidetake Takayama - Forever Yours (Featuring Stacy Epps & Toby from Inverse)
from the album "right time + right music" by hidetake takayama
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Magnetic North & Taiyo Na - Home:Word
Home:Word [Deluxed Edition] available now! ...CD, MP3, shirts, merch... http://homewordsound.com/album/home-word-deluxe-edition http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/home-word-deluxe-edition/id482784161 Go support Magnetic North & Taiyo Na on their official youtube channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/homewordsound Other useful links for the group: http://www.magnetichiphop.com http://www.facebook.com/magneticnorth http://twitter.com/magnorth
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DJ Okawari - A Cup of Coffee
from the single "a cup of coffee" by dj okawari 2010 Libyus Music http://www.hearjapan.com/store/album_info/A_Cup_Of_Coffee
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Robert de Boron - Rainbow Trees
from the album "diaspora" by robert de boron 2010 GOON TRAX - http://www.goontrax.jp http://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/diaspora/id395655115
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m-taku - A Beautiful Moment
from the album "astral body" by m-taku
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Hus - Love Mellow (Featuring Asia J)
from the album "jazz city series - digi jazz jpn"
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SoulChef  - Angel (Featuring Hy Definition)
from the album "jazz city series - dope days & nights JP" by various artists 2010 Digi Crates Records http://www.digicrates.com/
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DJ Okawari - カノン
from the album "心花 ~cohana 2nd~ oriental classics" by various artists 2010 River City Music Entertainment Inc. http://www.hmv.co.jp/product/detail/3871100
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14? - Dreams
from the album "tribute to jun" by various artists.. if you didn't recognize it as soon as you hit play, this track was featured with hus in "the love movement" 2010 Digi Crates Records http://http://www.digicrates.com buy: http://www.digicrates.com/2010/09/va-tribute-to-jun-nujabes-tribute-cd_28.html
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All That Jazz - Meguru Kisetsu
from the album "ghibli jazz 2" by all that jazz.. this is for all them ghibli fans including me =] 2010 Banana Music Publishing http://bananamusic.jp/
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Incise - Got to Go (Featuring Nieve) [Incise Remix]
from the album "daily methods" by incise
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Bop Alloy - Universe Works
from the "why the world weeps - universe works" 7" by bop alloy
Views: 35522 heart3music
Incise - Bring It Back (Featuring Hydroponikz & Anika)
from the album "daily methods" by incise
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Raujika - Tell Them I Love You (Featuring Nieve)
from the album "fairy tale" by raujika
Views: 225512 heart3music
Witness - Cheap Date (Dive Bar Blend)
from the album "the everafter lp" by witness
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Cradle Orchestra - Walk Out (Featuring Need Not Worry)
from the album "autumn collection" by various artists.. another fabulous production by cradle orchestra, and some harsh relationship told by need not worry =P 2010 Palette Sounds - http://www.palette-sounds.com http://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/autumn-collection/id393104372
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Taku - Why
from the album "jazz city series - dope days & nights" by various artists
Views: 124755 heart3music
Mina & Hus - Dreams
from the album "the love movement" by hus & libyus creators
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Incise - Paving the Way (re:plus Remix)
from the album "daily methods" by incise
Views: 79776 heart3music
Hidetake Takayama - Motion (Featuring Raashan Ahmad from Crown City Rockers & Shea Soul)
from the album "right time + right music" by hidetake takayama
Views: 46320 heart3music
DJ Okawari & Hus - Paradise Flight
from the album "the love movement "by hus & libyus creators
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FK - Another Reflection (Seaside Dusk in Kamakura Rework)
from the album "modal soul classics 2: dedicated to nujabes" by various artists 2010 Hydeout Productions http://www.hydeout.net listening to this album brings back memories when you first heard jun's work, and it saddens me that it has come to an end. couldn't pick a better time even if we planned it.. RIP
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Funky DL - Only the Initials...CM
from the album "chill-out mellow beats harmonie du soir" by various artists 2010 Rip Curl Japan http://www.juno.co.uk/products/chill-out-mellow-beats-harmonie-du-soir/400449-01/
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Bop Alloy - Chillaxation
substantial and marcus d are bop alloy.. these two are unstoppable
Views: 55543 heart3music
Tsunenori & Hus - Goes Around, Comes Around
from the album "the love movement" by hus & libyus creators
Views: 40105 heart3music
Cafe de Lux - Missing You
from the album "beautiful piano obsession" by cafe de lux
Views: 136222 heart3music
Hallo - 涼風 (Suzukaze)
from the album "romance" by hallo
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Robert de Boron & The Antidotes - Peace of Mine (Featuring Shanelle) [Pachelbel]
from the album "beat the classics" by robert de boron & the antidotes 2010 Robert de Boron & The Antidotes http://www.hmv.co.jp/product/detail/3852495
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Bias - Delirious
from the album "worry beads" by bias
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Uyama Hiroto - Vision Eyes (Featuring Golden Boy)
alright i know there are multiple uploads of this on youtube, but this is simply one of my favorite tracks in my listening history and i just had to upload it. the only problem is i don't understand most of the song and the references he makes, so if someone can help me out, i will love you forever!! to me it's one of the chillest beats ever produced, but it sucks cuz i have no idea what's going on lol lyrics: Vision eyes...realize check it out, yo Everything goes exactly as I predicted it The minutiae is different, I nailed the gist of it Just failed to adjust, baby it was a bust as I was saying craving blunts that bubba's started playing Somebody save us, I'm seeing futures so what is the use of knowing the truth if no one is going to believe you The curse of Cassandra, my vision eyes reveal all the answers and seem to leave no surprises To live and die and circumscribe circumstances, a paralyzing affair trying's a fool's errand You see what I'm saying I'm sorry if it's scary or obtuse when you feel you're cruising in Doc's Delorean Poppin vodka pouring juice in, demean it sober, tomorrow morning I'm seeing a hangover My gang's growing older they know I'm clairvoyant I get harangued like gold just try to enjoy shit a little and it annoys me a little sans joy, see through time and skip stones on the River styx and be the first to abandon ship Chorus (instrumental) Deja vu, mayhap have you been here as well, it feels super familiar, pray tell Ever get the urge to take a draft of Mimir's well Trip on what's knitted with a cashmere veil Egyptian glyphs, cavern sequence in sleep magic dreams reveal hidden patterns between what is real and imagined Money I have a secret, spoil the ending, I wish i couldn't see it To me it's no more profounder then mere logic a downer beyond years as we flounder and fought what I thought would be inescapable Like love lost, long term users incapapable of forming any action spontaneous laying on the barn and I might got the boon and the brainius (?) along side with those who know not what it's like under illuminight, more ice, doomed by the farside a little and it annoys me a little sans joy, see through time and skip stones on the River styx and flip a rhyme with my boy chris Chorus (instrumental and fade out)
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Uyama Hiroto - Theme of Love (Final Fantasy IV)
from the album "chill sq" by various artists
Views: 42669 heart3music
DJ Deckstream presents ICEKREAM - Good Lovin'
from the album "icekream soundz - ep"
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Alinah Sipps - Sadness at the Next Table
original title in russian: Грусть За Соседним Столиком from the album "jazz cafe" by alinah sipps 2009 SUBWISE Records http://subwise.net/releases.html
Views: 9023 heart3music
SmooVth - So
from the jazz city series album "dope days & nights"
Views: 17183 heart3music
Blu-Swing - Horizon (Album Version)
from the album "bottom line" by blu-swing
Views: 60341 heart3music
SmooVth - Talk to Me
from the album "sound lights" by various artists 2010 Libyus Music http://www.libyus.com/blog/
Views: 22199 heart3music
Blazo - We'll Be There
from the upcoming album "melancholic jazz - sunset" by various artists, all who make ridiculously chill instrumentals 2010 Media Factory Japan / Zoom http://www.cdbanq.com/VA--Melancholic-Jazz-Sunset-Japan-CD-FAMC-45_p_28752.html album due on october 20th.. get your copy soon!! http://www.zooooo.jp/?pid=23889733 http://www.cdbanq.com/VA--Melancholic-Jazz-Sunset-Japan-CD-FAMC-45_p_28752.html
Views: 13946 heart3music
Cradle Orchestra - The World Outside In (Featuring Othello) [Raujika Remix]
from the album "fairy tale" by raujika
Views: 42122 heart3music
SEXY-SYNTHESIZER - Frog's Theme ~ Fanfare 1 (Sexy-Synthesizer Remix)
from the album "love sq" by various artists.. this one might be a little weird to many, but to others (including me) it is catchy haha.. 2010 Square Enix http://www.square-enix.com/na/
Views: 21388 heart3music
Soft Lipa & Jabberloop - 過程 (14? Remix)
from the album "月光" by soft lipa & jabberloop.. too bad i don't understand taiwanese, but i still dig the song =]
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Incise - Paving the Way (Featuring Okay City, Shad K & David Morin)
from the album "daily methods" by incise
Views: 9529 heart3music
Marvelous Mag - Take My Time
from the album "jazz city series - digi jazz jpn"
Views: 3478 heart3music
Michita - Yukar pt.2
from the album "best & lost - side lost" by michita 2010 Libyus Music http://www.libyus.com/blog/ buy: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/best-lost-side-lost/id398576320
Views: 10554 heart3music
Robert de Boron & The Antidotes - Growth (Featuring Cee Nario) [Dvorak]
from the album "beat the classics" by robert de boron & the antidotes 2010 Robert de Boron & The Antidotes http://www.hmv.co.jp/product/detail/3852495
Views: 12464 heart3music
DJ Deckstream & Others - The Light (Featuring Wise) [Heart Beat Remix]
from the album "wanted" by various artists
Views: 7082 heart3music
Rideout & Terry Cole - How Many Tears?
from the album "the city" by rideout & terry cole 2008 Colemine Records http://www.myspace.com/coleminemusic
Views: 8927 heart3music

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