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Best Prezi goes La La La
Turn your website interactive, use web apps in a cool new way and start presenting in Prezi. So, if you have a campaign coming up, contact us for a great new thing to show the client. Metatron Studio: [email protected]
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The best Prezi presentation ever!
When the CEO's presentation is approaching or a company's event is occurring, and if you think power point is boring... Take a look at our Prezi presentation abilities, it's worth zoom-in for. Contact us at- [email protected] OurFacebook page- http://www.facebook.com/StudioMetatronLtd?ref=hl Find the original Prezi at- http://prezi.com/ydyj1pyzir70/get-the-best-prezi-around/?kw=view-ydyj1pyzir70&rc=ref-14278740
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The best Prezi proposal
How did we meet, and what happened since than? Our entire love story, 4 years in 2 minutes. Hope you like it.
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?רוצה שהמצגת הבאה שלך תיראה ככה
סטודיו מטטרון גאה להציג את פלטפורמת המצגות המתקדמת- פרזי, מטטרון הינה החברה הראשונה בעולם שפיתחה מנוע ייחודי המפעיל את האנימציה רק ברגע הזום . מחפשים מצגת חדשה, ייחודית ומעניינת? פנו אלינו לפרטים נוספים. סטודיו מטטרון 076-541-7771 [email protected]
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Rimonim insurance Prezi presentation
The Rimonim insurance firm present its point of view on today's market, and offer you their four step system. If you'd like to have a cool presentation, just like this, contact us at Metatron: https://www.facebook.com/StudioMetatronLtd?ref=hl
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Template Prezi for International Autosource
International Autosource- Purchase, finance, lease or rent a vehicle world wide, with no local credit history! The template was made by Dóri Sirály. We did the rest of the design, animations and more. Contact us at [email protected]
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Waste to products Prezi
WTP will change the way we live, consume and recycle. Visit the website and start transforming your waste into products! http://www.wtptech.com/ Want a cool Prezi like this? Contact us at [email protected]
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Kiel University Prezi
The Christian Albrechts University in Kiel Germany in a cool Prezi by Metatron. Check it out! Die Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel Deutschland in einem kühlen Prezi von Metatron. Hör zu!
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Kinder Ninjas -- Flash based platform game
Kinder Ninjas is a flash platform game developed for DraftFCB and Ferrero. The game was branded to promote Kinder and was developed using Flash and Action script, powered by a unique game engine.
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לימודי פרזי ממומחי פרזי רשמיים
הגיע הזמן להיפרד ממצגות ה- Power Point הישנות ולהתקדם לפלטפורמת פרזי. בואו להתמקצע בתוכנת Prezi ולהציג את היתרון שלכם בעסק. סטודיו מטטרון הינו 1 מתוך 41 מומחי פרזי בכל העולם ומצגת הפרזי שלנו הינה המצגת הנצפית ביותר ב Youtube לפרטים נוספים פנו אלינו- [email protected] 076-541-777-1
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Virus Guard Prezi- a revolutionary infection control.
Ever wondered whether the lavatories are clean in your airline company? Taking a nap in your sit in long flights? Cuddling in your "sanitized" blanked while listening to the music from the airplane's headset? Well, you better think again...
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Cool Prezi by Metatron
After "the best Prezi ever", we welcome you to see our variety of capabilities- Web sites, Presentations, 3d, Augmented Reality, Unity, Graphic design and of course, Prezi. Visit our Facebook page at- http://www.facebook.com/StudioMetatro...
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Community 102 Prezi
Community 102 is an advanced moderation for online communities. With the help of Community 102 you can easily protect your brand, keep your audience safe from bad language, monitor multiple conversations on multiple platforms and more... The Prezi was made by Metatron Studios. Visit us at our Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/StudioMetatronLtd
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קבוצת רימונים ביטוח- מצגת פרזי
מצגת הפרזי של רימונים, סוכנות לביטוח. לפרטים חייגו 02-5681777 המצגת נבנתה ע"י סטודיו מטטרון לפיתוח- www.metatron.co.il https://www.facebook.com/StudioMetatronLtd?ref=hl
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Accuity Prezi by Metatron
Accuity sets the global standard for Anti Money Laundering sanctions solutions for banks and businesses worldwide. For more cool Prezi presentations look at Metatron FB page: https://www.facebook.com/StudioMetatronLtd?ref=hl
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Kyland Network Security Prezi
Kyland- USA is a Network Security for the 21st century. If you need Ethernet solution, ICS, Power, Traffic, Medical & Security systems, vist at: kyland-usa.com This prezi was created by Metatron Studios. Contact us at: [email protected] en.metatron.co.il
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Prezi 3D- NGA by Metatron
An international e-Recruitment market leader. NGA- performance you can count on. Created by Metatron studios. https://www.facebook.com/StudioMetatronLtd?fref=ts [email protected]n.co.il
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Best animation presentation ever
Animated presentation for Moneytor mobile application (Also built by Metatron Studios Ltd. - Technology Dev) Get your own animated presentation today! contact us at: [email protected]
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ביטוח הבריאות של רימונים חברה לביטוח
גם אם יש לך מושלם, זהב או פלטינה, יש חורים בביטוחי הבריאות האלו... רימונים מסבירה איפה החורים ומציעה לך ביטוח מותאם לכל צרכי משפחתך. המצגת הופקה, עוצבה והוכנה בסטודיו מטטרון לפיתוח בע"מ www.metatron.co.il כל הזכויות שמורות לארנט טכנולוגיות בע"מ
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Beach Football
A classic beach football game, featuring 2 game modes: free game and a knockout tournament. The game included 3d modeling and Flash animation and development.
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A Unity based 3d car racing game (beta version)
Unity is a browser integrated tool that allows developing 3d games that can be ran from the browser.
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A flash based facebook game
A flash based facebook game, developed for Pelephone and Guliver. In this game area is a map of the world, on which the users are requested to place major cities.
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Kinder -- Smart Students
Design and development for a kinder smart students branded campaign which included three interactive games embedded in a commercial movie.
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Nespresso dynamic video campaign - HTML5
This video was built in HTML5 with dynamic content updated according to the client that was logged in to the mobile web application.
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Yotvata's (Strauss Group) Interactive Game for Movie Theaters
Metatron developed an interactive game based on camera detection in which movie theater users controlled a Yotvata branded vehicle using their hands as the controllers.
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FEI - Interactive application development for glass screens.
The project included the development of 3 interactive applications for big glass screens (about 2 squared meters) for FEI (International Federation for Equestrian Sports)
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metatron logo
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"The island" - 3d Unity game
'The Island 3' is a unique 3d interactive game, developed for Gorny Interactive and HOT. Metatron utilized the advanced Unity engine was used to allow a web based, real time and interactive experience.
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מוARק הינו פיתוח של חיל החינוך והנוער לכבוד שנת ה-70 לצה"ל. מוARק הינה דרך חדשנית וטכנולוגית אשר לוקחת אותנו 70 שנה אחורה ואת מורשת הקרב צעד אחד קדימה עבורך! וכל זאת בסלולרי שלך !חווית לימוד מורשת וערכים הכוללת מציאות רבודה, סרטים ועדויות אישיות אשר מתארים את סיפורי הקרב של מלחמת העצמאות במבצע "נחשון" ומבצע "חורב"
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Raid's Night Keeper
A unique game, developed for raid, promoting their products. The game introduces use of 3D design combined with flash animation.
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