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Making a daguerreotype
This video was created by Anton Orlov to better explain the process of making a daguerreotype. http://orlovphoto.com/ Filmed by www.justinrichardphoto.com
PAC52 - New Class
A new sailing class is hitting the West coast of the U.S in 2017 The Pac52 is a 52’ monohull sailboat. They are a carbon fiber hull built out of a latest generation TP52 hull mold. Each boat is fitted with a carbon fiber mast, boom, carbon fiber rigging and a fixed steel keel fin with a lead bulb. With a Spartan interior they have basic accommodations for coastal and offshore sailing. The single rudder can be either tiller or wheel steered. The class will race in a one design format, without any rating or time allowance. This is accomplished with a Box rule which utilizes the ORR Measurement system to equalize the boats. For more information visit http://www.pac52class.com or contact [email protected] To learn more about the technology used to clean up the ropes on the deck visit http://www.marineelement.com/unreel-series This report was done by Justin Richard Photo to learn more or attain services please visit http://www.justinrichardphoto.com All music is licensed by Justin Richard Photo
Sailing Through Time - A tribute to ancient mariners and wooden boats
This was a video created aboard the 1928 wooden boat "Sally" in San Diego California. This is another video created while gaining experience for the Volvo Ocean Race onboard reporter position. This was during the November 12th, 2016 Ancient Mariner race
Extremely Fast Trimaran Sailboat - Mighty Merloe - San Diego to Ensenada Race -
This is a video about the 2016 San Diego to Ensenada race. I am sculpting the craft of onboard reporting for the 2017 VOR. As tryouts and more cuts are to come I am trying to learn a good formula equipment wise as well as story telling. I had the honor of being invited on this beautiful trimaran to film and photograph the crew and boat. https://www.facebook.com/mightymerloe/ http://waypointracing.com/ www.justinrichardphoto.com
Filmed and edited by https://justinrichardphoto.com https://sdyc.org/calendar/event/moth-north-american-championship MATT STRUBLE SWEEPS MOTH NORTH AMERICANS - LOOKS FORWARD TO SAILING A CAT'S NEXT WEEKEND Competitors, spectators, coaches, and Race Committee breathed a sigh of relief today as it was finally breeze ON for the final day of the 2017 Moth North American Championship. When Race Committee first arrived at the race venue at 10am, winds were at 10 knots. When racing got underway shortly after 11am, the wind was at 12 knots which continued to build throughout the race. For the next 3 races, the wind was between 12 and 15 knots, allowing competitors to fly through the air on their foiling boats. The day started with a shorter race course distance (.6nm) for the first race only. After that, Race Committee extended the race course by .2nm for the following 3 races. Since the day was finally windy, racing went fast and concluded by 1:15pm. Race Committee knew that only running two races on Saturday put them behind schedule and since the wind was up, they made the decision to run 4 races instead of the 3 that were scheduled. They could have gone for 5, but competitors expressed that they were a bit tired after two days of high performance sailing behind them. Therefore, competitors completed 11 races total over 3 days with 2 throw out scores. Matt Struble (MBYC) was the Moth on fire the entire weekend, winning every single race. Not resting for long, Struble will compete at the same venue next weekend for the 2017 A-Cat North American Championship from October 5-8. Ryan Lorence (MBYC) maintained his second place position over the entire weekend and Brooks Reed (TISC) closed up the gap between him and Lorence on day 3 and ultimately finished in 3rd.
Safety at Sea - SAS/ISAF - Seminar
For more information on SAS or ISAF please visit http://www.sailaweighllc.com Or http://www.ussailing.org/ for additional information. I had to attend the safety at sea seminar in order for Volvo to let me tryout for the OBR job. This is some of the footage I captured during my experience. Sponsored by http://soundclipstudio.com/ Sound engineer Sean Powers Produced and Edited by Justin Richard Edelman For photos please use this link https://1drv.ms/f/s!AiNdRMBQrf3egZR0SHsVKOExZ1u76A Interview with John Miller, USCG Merchant Marine Master with Sailing Endorsement Justin: Why are more races pushing the SAS certificate? John: It is a proven fact from data collected from World Sailing (formerly ISAF), RYA, US Sailing, USCG . . . Trained sailors have fewer accidents and when they do have an accident, the seriousness of the consequences are not as great as compared to those who have no training; simple logic.  World Sailing and RYA (Royal Yachting Association) have been leaders in the industry to push for both didactic and hands-on training for safety certification programs.  US Sailing has recently partnered with World Sailing to standardize safety programs globally.  In addition, World Sailing and ORR (Offshore Racing Rules) have codified safety training requirements in racing rules; the basis for individual event NOR's (Notice of Race).  Couple this with Marine insurers who have reviewed the data and are requiring compliance with NOR's and you have a perfect storm. Justin: Was there any particular event that caused the program to be put in place? John: Actually PacCup 2018 is requiring US Sailing 2 Day SAS with hands-on training or ISAF (equivalent program offered by World Sailing).  This is an upgrade from the requirement of 1 or 2 Day SAS for the owner, captain, all watch captains a minimum of 30% of crew; now accepting only the 2 Day SAS or ISAF.  On the Eastern Seaboard, ARC - World Cruising Club is requiring the 2 Day SAS OR ISAF for ALL crew.  Atlantic Cup is quickly moving to match ARC.  TransPac is discussing to standardize to the 2 Day SAS like PacCup.  Locally, the Newport to Ensenada Race (200 yachts) notified all registered vessels that they will be enforcing NOR requirements for safety training.  Putting it altogether, upgraded requirements coupled with stricter enforcement is driving the need for participants to certify, re-certify and take safety training seriously. Justin: In your words, why is it important to do SAS?\ John: Being a USCG Merchant Marine Master with Sailing Endorsement, I am responsible for the safety and well being of every crew and passenger on my vessel.  Tropic Thunder exceeds minimum requirements of safety gear, policies and procedures.  Regardless, the best equipped, best designed and fastest vessel has no value without a trained and experienced crew.  The best safety products, equipment, policies and procedures have no value if the crew and passengers do not know how to properly use them. Links to channels I used footage from https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_27mGQGjpBnyxxssp_ewSQ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1jjGYgHOi4JebDSC34W8rA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCySm_Zsw0MSmttwjwGs-xKA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd-kj8ShMRRDKrONtkjVRgg https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLf-YGX9oAEKJ3fVWSVRYPA
PAC52 - entering TRANSPAC - 2017
The new PAC52 class has another successful weekend in Long Beach. Rio broke down again with a bulkhead separating from the deck. Fox is still working on their speed while BADPAK and Invisible Hand win the majority of the races over the weekend. Now both BADPAK and Invisible Hand reconfigure to do some offshore racing in the TRANSPAC from Long Beach To Hawaii.
Ode to "Sally" the 2018 Yesteryear Regatta
Sailing on "Sally" a beautiful 10 meter built in 1928. She has been rebuilt in San Diego at Koehler yard. Her rich history, seasoned captain and crew that includes 2 dogs is what truly makes her soul sing through the sea.
Tatoosh - A beautiful 80' ketch and her history
To learn more about this boat and contact the broker please follow this link https://www.svtatoosh.com/ 80' Ketch (24.38m) Built in 1961 by the well respected Vic Franck Boat Company in Seattle, WA. Exceptional construction of 2” Alaska yellow cedar planking, Everdur bronze fastenings and bronze floors. Designed by Ben Seaborn with project consultation and sail plan/rig by Sparkman and Stephens. Caterpillar D-333 diesel, 700 gal fuel, 600 gal water, watermaker, 10kw genset. Three large staterooms with two full heads aft, separate crew quarters forward. Spacious U-shaped cockpit, large deck house salon offers excellent visibility. Designed and built for the Boeing family, then owned by movie actor Peter Fonda, current owner has enjoyed ocean sailing adventures for the past 25 years, most recently a cruise to Tahiti and back to San Diego (2014).
2016 PBC Annual Yacht Race - HOMEMADE RC BOAT RACE
A bunch of guys and gals get together to race homemade RC boats. The rules are 2 servos and the boat has to fit in a 1 meter box. No CAD or computer aided (calculator) design.
Behind the scenes of Newport to Ensenada live coverage 2018
N2E had contacted me some time back to potentially do some coverage of their race. This gave me an opportunity to try out some of my ideas I have had floating around in my head. We linked up with Sailing Anarchy to host the live feed. Scot did a great job and kept the show very entertaining. We also tested out some pretty cutting-edge equipment provided by Drones made easy and the Satellitephonestore.com Drone Aviation corp provided the tether for the drone. If you are interested in doing live coverage or would like to learn more please contact www.noblemanproductions.com (still working under www.justinrichardphoto.com) https://satellitephonestore.com https://www.dronesmadeeasy.com https://www.droneaviationcorp.com
This weekend was an incredible weekend on the water with the new PAC52 class. The practice day started with an owner meeting, where corrections for "Rio" being significantly faster was discussed and corrected. "Rio" was 125 kilos lighter than the rest of the boats so correction weight was added. Owner Manouch Moshayedi of "Rio" has played a vital role in the development of this class and wants an equal playing field. The first day of races proved that the boats are very similar in speed. Each team is stacked with experienced sailors from around the world as well as some youth sailors. Day 2 was windy and much larger sea state than typically seen in Southern California. This paved way for really shaking up the new boats. A diver was sent down to inspect the boats and discovered the keel faring by the bulb was coming apart. The keel issue was not clear but to play it safe both "BADPAK" and "Invisible Hand" sat out the last race. The last day was a race in the bay where the owners of the two benched boats were invited on "Fox" and "Rio". It was a very wet day in San Diego. Over all this is an incredible class of boats with a great group of owners. The class organizers did a great job with the after parties and over all created a fun atmosphere for racing. To get more details on the race's and results please visit http://pac52class.com If you would like to sponsor any videos in the future please go to http://www.justinrichardphoto.com/contact/ If you're interested in prints and would like to continue to support this channel please visit https://justinrichardphoto.shootproof.com/gallery/4377979/ For more interest in my work please visit Http://www.justinrichardphoto.com
Sailing Anarchy - September 2016 - Beer can race - San Diego
First time on the water in gaining experience for potential dream job
"FOX" - PAC52 - Mini Doc teaser
We were invited aboard to get some first glimpses of this exciting new class. A longer video with more details will be published soon.
VR experience on Trimaran - Mighty Merloe 2017 - pre Islands Race
A 360 VR tour of Mighty Merloe on a practice day before the race.
Preview - NEW PAC52 Class - First Race - 2017
May 5th marks the first day of the new PAC52 race class. Please subscribe to see more videos. I will be putting a longer video together at the end of the weekend.
Jusitn Richard Photo - a day in the life
From fast boats to exotic cars, there is a never a dull moment.
Coronado High School 2017 fundraiser
Coronado High school needs your help to raise money for new equipment. Please donate here! https://www.gofundme.com/sailCHS
Spanked by a humpback whale!
I got spanked by a humpback in Tonga while taking photos for a client. These animals are incredible and extremely intelligent.
ME - by Justin - 2016 OBR application
This is the video I put together for the 2017 Volvo Ocean Race OBR position.
PAC52 -PRERACE - Newport Yacht Club - Race 2 - June 9th-11th
NEWPORT HARBOR YACHT CLUB HOSTS FIRST ANNUAL ONE DESIGN OFFSHORE CHAMPIONSHIP JUNE 9-11, 2017 OFF NEWPORT BEACH Classes of J70s, J120s and Pac52s with Local Competitors Show Increasing Interest for Big Boat One Design Racing NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA (May 24, 2017) – Responding to the increasing demand from local SoCal and Newport Beach sailors for competitive one design off shore racing, The Newport Harbor Yacht Club will host the first annual One Design Offshore Championship June 9-11 in the waters off the Newport Beach pier. There will be three classes of J70s, J120s and Pac52s, including collegiate, Olympic, amateur and professional sailors, many of whom are using this regatta as a tune-up for Long Beach Race Week. Created by http://www.justinrichardphoto.com/
A quick effective way to clean up your deck. Lightweight carbon fiber wheels attached to an elastic band and pull string, these UnREEL components by http://www.marineelement.com/unreel-series are a very effective and reliable technology being used on many of the new race series boats including the TP52 super series.
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