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How To Play Magic The Gathering
This is basic "how to" on the card game Magic The Gathering. Hope it is useful to all of you and I hope you enjoy my video. Have fun playing Magic.
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Controlled Chaos Films Teaser Reel
Controlled Chaos Films is a group of passionate filmmakers dedicated to showing the world that there is more out there then what is right in front of your eyes. Big Thank You to Aaron for making this reel. Hope you enjoy.
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Hook, Line & Sinker
Small short i wrote for my acting and directing class.
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Apologize Minor Dance Clip (Amigo Crew)
My brother and two nephews dancing to Apologize by One Republic
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Gunsmoke Final Cut
This is the final version of my take on Gunsmoke, not much difference except a few cuts here and there along with the title and ending credits hope you enjoy.
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Hilton Commercial Blue Moon
This was a project for my class, i was suppose to make a video about Hilton Hotels and apply the moon into the story some how. With that being said I chose to use the song Blue Moon.
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THIXACORE The Natural Male Enhancement
Thixacore was a fake male enhancement commercial i made for Controlled Chaos films to use in their film.
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Now You See Me RCP Trailer
This was my final project for my Motion Graphics class, just a little teaser tailer for Now You See Me. hope you enjoy
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B.M.A. Warriors Game #1
These is the Black Mountain Academy Warriors first basket ball game of the season.
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AI Emperors Gravady Fall
This is an episode of the live story of the student of The Art Institute of Las Vegas. this episode is about our trip to Gravady.
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B.M.A. Warriors Game #2 Warriors vs Warriors Elite
The second game of the Warrior season was a non league game vs the past players of the Warriors.
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150 Gravady X
this is my latest video from my trip to Gravady. some of the scenes are fuzzy only because it was so dark and i had to enhance the lighting while editing. hope you enjoy:)
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Caci Twins Behind The Camera
This is the behind the scenes with the Caci Twins when we helped them shoot a public service announcement about cyber bullying. Hope you enjoy.
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B.M.A. Warriors Game #6 Warriors vs Thunder
The 6th game of the season, this video features the still undefeated BMA Warriors vs Trinity Thunder.
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Blink and You'll Miss It Rough Draft
This is a silent film that i made for class it isnt done yet i still have alot of editing to do but here is a rough draft.
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Origin of Agent Asian (AI Emperors Productions)
This was a video my team made for our Intermediate Camera class its all just good fun hope you enjoy
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BMA Warriors Game #7 Warriors vs Thunder
The BMA Warriors go up against the Trinity Thunder for the third time this season. WARNING: an excessive use of weird transitions are in this movie.
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BMA 2015 Junior and Senior Trip
These are the adventures of the Black Mountain Academy junior and senior students to the happiest place on earth, from the car ride there to the car ride back, just nonstop fun, complete with singing, scenery, and cam slaps. Hope you enjoy watching:)
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This gravady video is much shorter then the others simply because there is too much material for this song so i will be posting an extended version later on hope you enjoy this shot video:)
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BMA End of The Year Video (2014-2015)
It has taken almost a year to upload this video but i finally have the time to do it. This is a slideshow I created for my senior year at Black Mountain Academy. Hope you enjoy watching it.
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AI Emperors (New Year Singing)
This is what happens when people with musical talent hang out with a film major during New Years.
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B.M.A. Warriors Game #4 Warriors vs Thunder
The undefeated BMA Warriors going up against Trinity Thunder for game #4
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BMA Warriors Game #12 Warriors vs Coral
The Black Mountain Academy Warriors go up against Coral Academy of Science (and math) for game #12 of the season. Unfortunately, we were suppose to face the GVCA Eagles, however, too many of their players were injured. Thankfully, Coral was eager to play a game.
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Gunsmoke Rough Cut RCP
This is my take on a project for school called Gunsmoke, its not finished however, so the final product will be up next week. Rogue Camera Productions.
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BMA Warriors Game #8 Warriors vs Eagles
The undefeated BMA Warriors go up against the Green Valley Christian Eagles.
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Make-Up Challenge
This is what me ad my friends do when we are locked in the school till 12am.
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"Generation" First Dance Performance
This is just a basic rough cut of the "Generation's" first dance performance hope you enjoy🔥😁
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Human Nature With Nathen Jackson
Nathen Jackson has been to the farthest reaches of the globe, seeing all kinds of animals. Now he has come to the man made jungle to see the animalistic side of humans. In reality this is just a vid of me climbing a tree and Nathen recording me
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The B.M.A. School Year of 2013-2014
This is the BMA school year of 2013-2014
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City of Lights Behind The Scenes
This is a video introducing my class mates who worked on the City of Lights Youtube series. Nothing Major just a bit of fun.
All of Me Audio Cover With Lyrics (Cory & Elise)
This is an audio cover of All of Me by John Legend with lyrics. Performed by Cory Mott and Elise Aguirre. Hope you enjoy:)
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BMA Warriors Game #10 Warriors vs Eagles (NHCL)
The BMA Warriors go up against the New Horizon Eagles in Game #10 if the season. There are a lot of teams in this league that are called the Eagles.
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Bananas Are Better
This is a short PSA about healthy eating cleverly called Bananas are better. Song: Final Countdown by Europe
BMA Warriors Game #9 Warriors vs Eagles (Liberty)
The BMA Warriors go up against their fiercest rivals, the Liberty Eagles, for game #9 of the season.
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Heads Up BMA Style
This is what the BMA Youth Group does in their down time
Heads Up BMA Style Part 2
This is another video of what the BMA youth does to have fun
This is a video of our experience at Gravady in Las Vegas, filmed and edited by me, Jeremy 'Rogue' Amigo, hope you enjoy:) Starring: Sam Maravilla April Maravilla Zack Hicks and me, Jeremy 'Rogue' Amigo
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B.M.A. Warriors Game #5 Warriors vs Ambassadors
The undefeated Black Mountain Warriors go up against IICSN Ambassadors.
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I did not shoot any of this material my job was to make an exciting clip using a car chase scene provided by my professor. I added some clips from the Fast and Furious franchise just to add a bit of excitement.
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BMA Warriors Game #13 Warriors vs Ambassadors
The Black Mountain Warriors go up against the IICSN Ambassadors in the first round of the SWIAA Championship Tournament. To my fellow teammates I will be uploading the next Ambassadors games as soon as I get my computer cleaned.
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Dream Chaser
This is my horror final for my Fundamentals of Editing Class, hope you enjoy. video material is from Framelines
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BMA Warriors Championship Game Warriors vs Eagles
This is it, the final game of the season. The Black Mountain Academy Warriors go up against their fiercest rivals the Liberty Eagles, in the final game of the season, whoever wins this will be the champions.
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Don't Blink Semi-Final Cut
This is only the beginning, my team and I are not done with this project. We have a long way to go, we still have some color correcting to do and I want to change a few cuts, but other than that this is the final cut for the class. We are almost ready for the film festival.
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The Black Mountain Academy Youth Group Experience
Along with learning about God the teens of the B.M.A. youth group always finish the night strong with some fun after the usual lessons. Editing by Jeremy Amigo Backround music is "Shadows" by Lindsey Stirling
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BMA Warriors Game #11 Warriors vs Ambassadors
This is game #11 of the season, the BMA Warriors go up against the IICSN Ambassadors. Only one more game till the Playoff Tournament.
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