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Top 10 incident with ships
Top 10 incident with ships you will see the best incidents with ship at the sea caught on video epic ships fail during pass under the bridge for people who want to know what will happen with a big ship in extreme situation and what will happen with the ships in this incident best fails of ships during the incident with a ships at the sea and more the link on video - https://youtu.be/txTVS-U-rjQ 📌More Top 10 best videos📌 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6t9VvQ4CDQKUO1xlTztOPA/videos
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tug and barge damage
slight damage was caused to the railings of this tugs while trying to break the tow. the shackle was stuck, there was a lot off wind pushing the tug into to barge. they were able to free it up after a while.
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Pinoy seaman found dead aboard ship at LA port
A tragic accident at the port of Los Angeles has left a Filipino seaman dead on job. Investigators believe the unnamed 39-year old Philippine citizen was fatally injured as the ship, Cap Posada, was unloading cargo late Wednesday night.
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Car vs Snow || Compilation of Ridiculous Car Crash and Slip 2018 || Car Slide Winter Weather
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BOAT FAILS 2017 ★ Turn Down for WHAT? [TNT Channel]
Hilarious wet fails! Subscribe http://bit.ly/TNTChannelTV for weekly videos! boat fails 2017,turn down for what?,boat fails,2016,boat fails 2016,people vs boats,fail,fails,best fails,epic fails,funny fails,youtube,viral,viral video,video,comp,compilation,fails compilation,weekly,monthly,best of,funny pranks,fail compilation 2015,fails 2015,best fail,epic fail,dash cam videos,most amazing videos,dashcam videos,amazing dash cam videos,dashcam,lol,wtf,crashes,accidents,cars,drivers,road,highway,crash,driving,drive,funny,emc,epic dash cam,tnt dash cam,turn down for what, crash, accident, tdfwfail, boat, lil jon (musical artist), turn down, turn up, speed boat, tdfw, fail, remix, bikini, concussion (disease or medical condition), mr. clean (fictional character), bald, original, version, original version, harlem shake, td4w, bikinigirlsboatcrash, rice4ever, johnny5k,tnt channel Jason Wells Sailboat Capsized into Redondo Beach Pier in California https://www.youtu.be/Isufp-6fudo Top5s Epic Fail - how not to beach your boat through the surf https://www.youtu.be/kr-IrFgtjyg Kus Le Pirate Greymouth boat crash https://www.youtu.be/VhjZ4L6X12s Zach Arn 660 boat fail https://www.youtu.be/rnzyNO1R1h4 Grayham1980 Airboat up hill FAIL LOL https://www.youtu.be/eJLGEyoEXPQ Accident Zone Wedding boat fail Full HD https://www.youtu.be/Q11SsNlQ5sY VIRAL VIDEO Boat Fail https://www.youtu.be/nINytTHAZW4 The Ultimate Fails / Quick Clips Homemade Redneck Boat Fail! Funny Video! https://www.youtu.be/ozmfJfVO8IU Tinny Bashing Idiot Rolls Boat (Fail) https://www.youtu.be/2Io5c-D0nMw Oliver Taylor Boat fails https://www.youtu.be/oQR4MX3vKwA Andrew Porter Fail Boat on the Thames river Thamesford https://www.youtu.be/lcDbNkiCiFo joel vazquez #failarmy boat fail https://www.youtu.be/JRaBSj6qgvo Jackahdiah Boat fail https://www.youtu.be/WJ5kSrpW_EQ Marie-Josee Gravelle Asian guy driving a boat in Cuba = epic fail https://www.youtu.be/W8vat5BL0R4 ewan peebles Boat Fail! https://www.youtu.be/sWOEGHOJJQM For Real Boat Fail For Real! https://www.youtu.be/OLn5BOvfOhE Sirlordwilson 99 Boat fa 2il https://www.youtu.be/w9qLiHBoD68 myfunnyvideochannel Funny Boat Fail https://www.youtu.be/t4bi127dtC4 Fishing Master Best boat fails part 2 https://www.youtu.be/YbtV10s9WHQ Tinny Bashing Boat Almost Flips (Fail) https://www.youtu.be/zY8ke7f9py8 VIDEO PLANET Epic Fail Jump in Boat https://www.youtu.be/x2sbTan1fHU Funny Video Clips Policija padaro avarija su kateriu / Police Boat Epic Fail https://www.youtu.be/MRo33sZmIlI Retri Bution Boat toss fail https://www.youtu.be/GTTEF2aJeQs Jesse Millette OMG Boat Epic Fail!! https://www.youtu.be/4_xATCHNzLs Funny Videos collection Crane Putting Boat In Water Fails https://www.youtu.be/ziEJmNW4P1A Канал Мужика/Охота/Рыбалка/Спорт/Авто Упустил рыбу и перевернулся на лодке.ЭПИЧНАЯ РЫБАЛКА. https://www.youtu.be/2zwIyv_QN5Q Bat 25 Шок! Смотреть всем ржач Упал с лодки Ненормативная лексика https://www.youtu.be/JEPzNfaIj2U Сергей Фуркало Прикол на рыбалке https://www.youtu.be/bjvdoVCeiZ4 --------------------- subscribe http://bit.ly/TNTChannelTV BOAT FAILS 2017: https://youtu.be/vpszGJjatmg Subscribe to TNT Channel Channel to make sure you catch the absolute best in TNT Channel! Thanks for watching TNT Channel!
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Life @ Sea: The Untold Stories of Seafarers
"Mga Kwentong Barko" _-Tres Marinos-_ a.k.a. NICOLO "ACE" a.k.a Panday "iAn" a.k.a Bho-oY "edward" #BhooYWorks2017 #GoproH4SE DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this video are those of the video owner and vlogger and do not necessarily reflect the policies and position of the employer, the company and its management.
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Somali Pirates VS Ship's Private Security Guards
The fight between Somali pirates and a Private security guard on board a cargo ship. When pirates were trying to board the ship, the security guards fired dozens of rounds at the pirate vessel which eventually retreated. This Incident took place in the Indian ocean in 2012. It has come to prominence again following an attack on an oil tanker in March. Somali Pirates Attack - Real Life Story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9g1hgtPXBI&t=47s 🌐 Stay connected : A collective of 770K+ members! 🌐 » Like us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/HASFacebook » Follow us on Instagram: http://bit.ly/HASInstagram » Tweet us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/HASTwitter Submit your Seafarer Videos : [email protected] HAS is a team of citizens of different nations dedicated to the cause of sharing, appreciating and highlighting the lives of Seafarers. For media inquiries, please contact us at https://www.humansatsea.com
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tug boat flip accident skookumchuck narrows
A tug boat pulling a barge at Skookumchuck Narrows suddenly capsizes trapping one man inside the boat for 10 minutes. Kayaker Dave Fusilli of Team Demshitz http://www.demshitz.com paddles out his Pyranha kayak http://www.pyranha.com in an attempt to save the man from the wreckage. Luckily no one was killed and a nearby tug pulled the barge and submerged tug to safety before the tide went out and the rapids of Skookumchuck became dangerous. here is a vid of demshitz surfing skook http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJEPtjhPV-0
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anchor handling
AHTS "Boulder" running anchors for the lay barge "Castoro 7" during the Perla project offshore Venezuela.
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Best Boat Fails & Win | Funniest Videos Compilation 2018
_powered by_ L O F E ™ Boats are great! They are not only a mode of transportation but also provide a great way to enjoy a hot summer day on the lake or in a bay. But this is LOFE, so when we celebrate something, we do it right with a FUNNY FAILS COMPILATION and that’s why we present to you today, BEST BOAT FAILS & Win 2018. Give it a healthy view and be sure to SHARE THIS NEW VIDEO WITH ALL OF YOUR PEOPLE! What’s your favorite boat fail in today’s video? Is it the little boy who assembly the boat in 2 second at 00:00 ? Tell us your faves IN THE COMMENTS BELOW and don’t forget to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE to LOFE on YouTube! ————————————————————————————————————— We do NOT own the video materials and all credits belong to respectful owners or to the “public domain,” making them free for everyone to use. In case of copyright issues, please contact us immediately for further credits or clip delete. FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law. ⒻⓊ
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Ship accident
Oil tankers on collision course. Horrifying incident at sea. Made by Ekkofilm, for Ship Manouevering Simulator Center. Visit www.smsc.no for more information. Stab: Styrmann: Trond Peter Stamsø Munch Utkikk: Xiaozhou Zhang Kaptein: Karsten Skarphol Instruktør: Olav Iversen Manus og regi: Kristian Karlsen A-Foto: Trond Tønder B-Foto: Fredrik Hygen Gudesen Lyd opptak: Båd Ivar Engelsås Inspillingsleder: Magnus Skatvold Lysmester: Pål Aarnseth Lys.ass: Hans Otto Bordvik Klipp: Kristian Karlsen Motion Graphics: Fredrik Hygen Gudesen Lyddesign: Svein Tjeldflåt Musikk: Thomas Bergersen Ekkofilm
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tug TRHES part 2
towing hual transporter on santander bay. Video recorded by Javier Alvarez.
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Towing a barge
Taking barge from tow to pushing gear
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Tugboat sinking in the mississippi river in new orleans, louisiana
tugboat sinking at work in the mississippi river. october 22,2013
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Awesome! Timber shipping and barge unload. Ship fails and accidents
Impressive sight - huge barge carry and unload timber straight into the water. Barge and ferry accidents. Впечатляющее зрелище - огромные баржи везут и выгружают лес прямо в воду. Аварии барж и паромов.
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Amazing open water accidents caught on video. Everything Including Boats, Ships, Anchors and Rescue Rafts Failing in various ways. Chains breaking and boats crashing. Ships launching causing tidal waves and more. #failsatsea #seamenproblems #manoverboard ———————————— ———————————— YouTube is the #1 PLACE to see ME, Stormy. Do not forget to SUBSCRIBE and RING THE BELL so you don't miss out on future uploads!! ► SUB HERE ► ► ► http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL_sTa-1aWSdkPbxWEELusQ?sub_confirmation=1 ———————————— ———————————— Check out our EXCLUSIVE line of STORMY APPROVED Merch: ► https://teespring.com/stores/vidstorm-official or ► https://www.vidstorm.net/ ———————————— ———————————— FOLLOW Me On: + TWITTER: https://twitter.com/VidStorm + FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/VIDSTORM.NET + INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/vidstorm ———————————— ———————————— Do YOU have an AMAZING clip you’d like to share? Follow the link below to submit your original works for consideration in an upcoming video! ► https://www.vidstorm.net/submit-video.html ———————————— ———————————— + My Amazon Affiliate Link ► https://amzn.to/2Ydij84 + My Mobile Editing Computer ► https://amzn.to/2uhWcQf ———————————— ———————————— Try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 DAYS! ► https://amzn.to/2EPJH3c ———————————— ———————————— Click here to DONATE to PayPal ► https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=Z3W575W7P5CYA ———————————— ———————————— Please contact [email protected] for any questions or support ———————————— ————————————
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Finished Contract!!!  Happiest Day in a Seaman's Life | Seaman Vlog 053
After 7 months onboard, I'm finally going home! Chief MAKOi Seaman VLOG ep 053 Finished contract!!! Happiest day in a seaman's life
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Mooring Operations - One Small Slip
Mooring Operations - One Small Slip. Whether ships are mooring every few days or every few weeks, mooring is a high-risk operation. The film addresses the unacceptably high number of incidents in which crew have been injured, sometimes fatally, while participating in this routine operation. Visit http://www.walport.com for more information.
Views: 787256 TRAININGlink
Tugboat FAIL (Caught on Camera)
Short video showing you tugboat in trouble, ordinary seaman cuts rope in last second ☸ ⚓ For more videos like this click like and subscribe ⚓ You can find Us . Girl Tries to Walk on Hands while on Treadmill and other fails. The best fails. December. Week 3. A selection of the best funny videos. Top breakup, collected .
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Saving the M/V Francis on the M/V Helen Merrill in St. Louis
Helen Merrill owned by Waxler Towing rescues M/V Francis off the achor fleet in St. Louis harbor.
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Fatal accidents on large ships. (ship collision, sinking ship)
Music Lana del Rey "Radio"
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Ship Crash Compilation
My Amazon Page ➜ https://www.amazon.com/shop/thebestcompilations Crazy Boat Crashes Caught on Camera TOP SHIPS IN STORM INCREDIBLE VIDEO
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Tug boat crash
Views: 39409 Towing7777
Anchor drop going completly wrong
This is a video taken during sea trial of a newly built merchant vessel in Germany. When testing the anchor winches it became obvious that something was wrong with the brake!
Views: 3660506 freaky sailor
Tugboat Challenge - Head on Confrontation - Savannah Georgia Nature's Lullaby
These two tugboats were facing off with each other on the Savannah River, Savannah Georgia. Tugboats are used to guide and keep the ships in the shipping channel. The tugboat goes up and down the river creating a lot of tugboat jobs, and tugboats for sale. Paula Deens husband used to be a tugboat captain in Savannah. Many ships pass through the Georgia ports and Savannah River. During festivals and summer months, you can see pirate ships and tall ships. The Little Tugboat that could, Tug boat play time, Cargo Stowage Fail. Horrible moments of sea life, Miss Stacy tugboat in trouble fights from getting sucked under,Tugboat pulls over a barge, crane boat runs over tug boat, Old tugboat with semidiesel.Tugboat engine start up, Tug Boat Near Miss, Shonda at the sticks, The oldest working Controllable Pitch Propeller. (70 years old) is serviced by Berg Propulsion. tugboats assisting a cruise ferry in a force 10 storm, river barge going under bridge part 2 of 2, Z-Drive tug boats, Towing Miss Stacy,vBARGE CAPSIZES IN HUDSON RIVER CAUGHT ON TAPE!, Melbourne Tug Boat Tips Over Towing Ship and Man Overboard, Tugboat Challenge - Head on Confrontation - Savannah Georgia, tug boat flip accident skookumchuck narrows, New York on the Clock: Chris Baker, Tugboat Captain, Sinking of the Anthony Bell, World's Largest Tug Boat Race 2013. Barge On The Loose, Powerful Tugboat 'Hopetoun', Sub sinks a tug boat (there goes the mail), Marejada ocean tug, Tug boat tips over when it tows a ship sideways, tug boat flip accident skookumchuck narrows, High seas salvage tug Abeille Bourbon in very bad weather rescue mission - Iroise Sea - Mer d'Iroise, Ocean tug Abeille Bourbon in very bad weather rescue mission - Mer d'Iroise http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abeille_Bourbon Abeille, Miss Stacy tugboat in trouble fights from getting sucked under bridge,Melbourne Tug Boat Tips Over Towing Ship and Man Overboard,Ship drops anchor on tug boat. RC Tugboat "Comandante" towing the "Pegasus" Ferry boat, RC Catemeran Ferry VS RC TUG Boat 3, Sinking Tug Boat, tug boat gets bullied, GTA 4 big old Ship !! (tug boat), Sinking of the Anthony Bell, hong kong rcmodel tug boat, High seas salvage tug Abeille Flandre in very bad weather - Iroise. Model Boat Mayhem Typhoon Tug RC, Tug Boat Air Horn
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Accident of ship.....close view
Views: 645344 abu zar
Best ship and cruises accident compilation. The best compilation 2016. Like & Subscribe. Thanks for watching.
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Top 5 Anchor Drop Failures
► Send us your video ideas! [email protected] These anchor drops get a little out of control to say the least! Today's video is on the top five anchor drop failures. Several segments are licensed under Creative Commons (CC) U.S Government (CC), FYR Shipments (CC) The Top Fives channel brings you informational and entertaining top five videos from around the world. Join us and subscribe for more. Follow us on Facebook! https://facebook.com/topfivesyoutube Note: The videos featured on the Top Fives channel are for educational and informational purposes. If you have a good idea for a video, leave us a comment! We try to read each and every comment made.
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Foss Tugs Push Out Bulk Ship in Elliott Bay
A full process video with tugboats Andrew Foss and the Pacific Knight working together to move the M/V GH Glory out of a grain dock in Elliott Bay Seattle, WA. Filmed: 1-25-2014
Views: 341533 OwnsGermany
Towing of Tug and Barge from New Caledonia to Whangarei NZ
Towing of damaged Tug and Barge from New Caledonia to Whangarei for repair and return. 2011 - 2012
Views: 42492 redtugs
A Seaman and Seawoman Love Story and How it Ends💔❤ September 30, 2017 we became as one. He was my First Boyfriend. Siya yung taong andaming pangarap sa buhay. Napakatalino, mabait at mabuting anak. Kaya gingawa niya lahat para makasakay siya agad ng barko. Same course kami BS Marine Engineering at UMAK. Ahead siya saakin ng 2 years. After his graduation panay inda na siya na panay sakit ang puso nya. Pending siya sa ECG kaya lagi ko syang sinasabihan na magpacheck up na. Pero sabi nya sya na daw bahala. Lagi ko siya inaupdate doon pero di nya ako pinapakinggan dahil alam nyang dagdag gastos pa ito. Hindi lang un, kalaban din nya ang puyat at pagod araw araw. At sobrang nagtitipid para may maiabot sa Papa nya. Isang taon na ang nagdaan saamin. Sobrang saya ng mga araw na nakakasama ko siya. At sa di inaasahan, sobrang sakit din ng kaniyang pagkawala💔 Oct 31, 2018 bibiyahe siya papuntang Lucena. 8:30pm out nya sa office for duty. At nakarating na siya ng Buendia Terminal ng around 10pm. Nagtext na siya saakin nung nakasakay na siya na inabot hanggang 12:45am. Sobrang dami kasi ng bibiyahe dahil uwian din. Then he texted me this line... "Di kasi ikaw sumama. Wala tuloy nagaalaga sakin" Sobrang sakit 💔 tipong kung kailan kailangang kailangan niya ako eh wala ako sa tabi nya😭 Sinabi nya na din na tutulog na daw muna siya and ang huli niyang txt ay un na pala ang pamamaalam nya... "Goodnight Moshie ko na yan. Miss na miss na kita. Magiingat ka po palagi. Patawarin mo ko sa mga pagkukulang ko sayo. Mahal na mahal kita. God bless. 😇😘😘 " 3:15 am narinig na ng katabi nya na naungol sa bus. Ginigising na siya ng mga katabi nya kaso hindi pa din nagigising binabangungot na pala siya nun. Hanggang sa tinawag na ung kundoktor at driver para ihatid na sa hospital. Nakarating na ng St Judes at diretso sa ER. Kung anu ano ng ginawa saknya para marevive dahil sobrang bata palang niya 19yrs old pero exactly 4:30am sumuko na siya. Hindi niya na nakayanang lumaban. At naghintay na ng 7 hours hanggang sa inembalsamo na siya. (based on his parents) Cause of Death: Fatal Cardiac Arrhythmia 11am nagising ako tska lang nag kasignal ung cellphone ko. Maya maya tumawag na ung panganay niyang kapatid. Convo ate joy at ako: ate joy: Moshie alam mo na ba? ako: ang alin po? ate joy: wala na si utoy Nung una hindi ako naniniwala dahil akala ko surprise nya lang pero nung sinabi kong magsend ng picture doon nakita kong nasa embalsamuhan na siya💔 Nanlamig at napaupo ako habang nanginginig sa nalaman ko na yung taong Mahal na mahal ko ay iniwan na ako ng biglaan. Sorry ha moshie ko na yan. Hindi ko naman kasi inaasahan na sa mismong Birthday ko pa mo ko iiwan😭 ang sakit sakit. Kaya pala may mga sinasabi na siya saakin... "moshie ko kapag nawala ako gusto ko maging masaya ka sa iba ha" "kailangan mo maging malakas, matatag ha kasi wala naman ako lagi sa tabi mo, akala ko ba gusto mong maging independent" "gusto ko moshie kapag ako namatay katulad nalang nung ryan young na bangungot. Para isang patayan nalang" Grabe moshie hindi mo man lang ako ininform na yan na pala ung pahiwatig mo. Hanggang ngayon hindi parin kami naniniwala na wala ka na. Anlakas lakas mo pa tingnan eh. Bakit😭💔 Andami kong naiisip tipong nag "ILOVEYOU" ka pa din hanggang sa huli. Date of Death: Nov 1, Time of death: 4:30am= 143 meaning "ILOVEYOU" ILOVEYOU SO MUCH moshie ko na yan ❤ Salamat sa pagaalaga, pagdamay, pag gabay saakin lalo na sa pagmamahal na walang hinihinging kapalit. Lalo na sa masasayang araw na pinagsamahan natin kahit isang taon lang. Hihintayin kita mahal kong moshie. Kung magmamahal man ako ulit gusto ko ikaw pa din. Kaya tatandaan ko ung sinabi mo saakin na "kapag tayo, tayo talaga" Paalam na aking Carl Kenneth Catapangan❤ Bantayan mo ko lagi ha. Ako na tutupad sa mga pangarap mo. Di man kita makakasama sa pagbabarko ay kasama naman kita sa bawat paglalayag ko❤
Views: 1320042 TRENDING PINAS
Anchor drop total failure, the loss of an anchor on the ship
Drop of anchor went terrible wrong..... The loss of an anchor on the ship
Views: 2526700 Claus Tuxen
Life @ sea: FINISH CONTRACT   #ByaheNiEdward vlog 002
#ByaheNiEdward from ship to airport SCHIPOL Amsterdam to Taipei and to my Home PHILIPPINES Life of seaman: how we are excited to go HOME ;) DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this video are those of the video owner and vlogger and do not necessarily reflect the policies and position of the employer, the company and its management.
Views: 237688 #ByaheNiEdward
Tragic Accident [HD]
Please avoid offensive comments and show respect for those who lost their lives in this tragic accident. Por favor eviten los comentarios ofensivos y muestren respeto por las personas que perdieron su vida en este tragico accidente. Información: El remolcador Bourbon Dolphin (Ulstein A102 Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel) , propiedad de Bourbon Offshore Norway AS y con solo 6 meses de antigüedad, volcó el 12 de abril de 2007 en el transcurso de una maniobra de fondeo de anclas de una plataforma de perforación cerca de las Shetland debido a una serie de desafortunadas circunstancias en cadena. Ocho de los quince tripulantes del mismo murieron o fueron dados por desaparecidos entre ellos y esto es lo mas lamentable el hijo del Capitán del buque de tan solo 14 años de edad, D.E.P. . Tras permanecer volcado a flote durante tres dias, el barco se hundió por completo y permanece a 1.100 metros de profundidad en el fondo del mar. Se muestran fotos del barco antes y después de su naufragio y la animación, parte de la investigación oficial del Gobierno Noruego que se ha hecho público un año después para tratar de dar respuestas a lo sucedido, junto con las recomendaciones para que estas tragedias no se vuelvan a repetir. Fuente: Ministerio de Justicia y Policia de Noruega http://www.regjeringen.no/en/dep/jd/Press-Center/pressemeldinger/2008/report-on-the-loss-of-the-bourbon-dolphi.html?id=505100 Music by Avitron & Chris ~ Amaterasu (Chris Woo) Chrono Cross 'A Dream Between Worlds' OverClocked ReMix (http://www.ocremix.org) Visit my blog: http://www.javrullan.es/en/Welcome.html http://www.javrullan.es/es/Bienvenida.html
Views: 707581 Javier Rullan Ruano
Safe Towing & Hip Towing Operations and Procedures
https://moxietraining.com/products/mox-off-safline-hand2 Part of the Safe Line Handling Practices and Procedures for the Offshore Industry. When departing or arriving with a barge under tow to a dock facility a "hip towing" procedure will have to be carried out in order to safely control the barge and position it in and out of a dockside berth. This program primarily focuses on per-task planning and hipping procedures. Languages Available: English Spanish
Views: 8966 Moxie Training
Cruise Ship breaks moorings
Cruise Ship breaks moorings
Views: 2042573 Parata del 2 Giugno
Sub sinks a tug boat (there goes the mail)
A US Navy Sub accidentally sinks a tug boat at Midway Island. The sub is the USS Georgia SSBN 729 and the tug is the Secota YTM-415 (Formerly YTB-415). Two crew members on the tug were lost.
Views: 3781378 Gene Small
Tugboat Almost Capsizes - Indirect Towing Goes Wrong
Indirect towing almost capsizes this tugboat. Luckily they used the emergency release to escape disaster. Video was made with an old VHS camera back in 1993. Hence the lower quality. Video credits : FB page : Marine Towing Maritime Training Center. Thanks for the permission to upload this video!
Views: 8614 ShippingHarbors
BIGGEST SHIP CRASH! (*original video*)
*This Video is represented by Licet Studios GmbH (Video Licensing)* To buy a custom license to use this video, please email [email protected] A SHIP CRASH at a ship recycling Yard: WEIGHT-19000 m.t. -- POWER-47000 BHP -- BEACHING SPEED- 20 NAUTICAL MILES. It's obviously a ship beaching process, so technically it's not a "ship accident", but the ship crashes into the harbor or port to get recycled.
Views: 9171342 Drunken Sailor
The BEST Boating Fails EVER !  How NOT to drive a Boat
#Boat Fails #Boat Crash #Boating Fails How NOT to drive a boat ! The BEST Boating Fails EVER How not to drive a boat: There are Boat fails and there are boat fails and this compilation is one of the best on You Tube. Boats are great! They are not only a mode of transportation but also provide a great way to enjoy a hot summers day on the water. Boating is fun and boats are exciting and as you will see at times extremely dangerous and heartbreaking. This best Boat fails compilation has been put together NOT to laugh or glory in their misfortune, But to learn from what we see. As you watch these people on their boats, We can learn from their mistakes, learn how the weather can dramatically change and what started off as a nice yachting day out or boat trip can turn into your worst nightmare. ————————————————————————————————————— We do NOT own the Boat fails video compilation materials and all credits belong to respectful owners or to the “public domain,” making them free for everyone to use. In case of copyright issues, please contact us immediately for further credits or clip delete. FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law. Boat fails, funny boat fails compilation, boat fails, boating, "Boating basics" "boating for beginners" "how to" "new boat owner" "how to drive a small boat" "how to drive a boat" "how to wax a boat", how to drive a boat for beginners, how not to drive a boat boating fail ,boat fails 2019, boat fails, boat fails, boat failures, boat fails compilation 2019, boat fails compilation 2018, Best Boat Fails 1,Best Boat Fails,Best Boat Fails 2019,Boat Fails,Boat,Boats,Boat Fail,Funny Fails,Epic Fails,Funny Fails Compilation,Best Fails 2018,Try Not To Laugh, Water Fails, Fails Water, Water Fails Compilation,Americas Funniest Home Videos
Day of life on board a merchant ship
My amateur edit about living and working on board a vessel. It's a daily routine on deck, more or less :D
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