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MR TURNER DUI :) i uploaded this video 8 years ago and still makes people laugh check this one out guy curses at obama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_8S-kG2ERQ
Views: 2195390 Sk8footy
Drunk man driving
some guy from croatia driving under the influence of alcohol :)
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Drunk Gets Tasered... again and again
Obnoxious drunk doesn't get the picture until about the 5th time he gets shocked. Also - to the "police brutality" crowd - are you watching the same video? This is a state trooper in a rural post, his backup could be anywhere from 10-30 minutes away and probably from a different agency. Would you really want to get in to a physical struggle with someone if you have a tool at your disposal that will take care of the problem? Should you roll around and fight with the guy on the ground while trying to retain your firearm? The reason the guy keeps getting shocked is simple - he refuses to comply and keeps attempting to stand up and get back in his vehicle. Please... get a clue already.
Views: 1151326 dadever
Drunken Dancer Under Police Control
No dance competition with police officer - if you're drunken ... ;-)
Views: 88360 blueswolf
Drunk guy in police station
Drunk guy in police station
Views: 1200549 JeffMoran56
Don't Drive Drunk: Full
A cautionary tale of Drunk Driving
Views: 3386 sveltcat
Heineken - Don't drink and drive
Good argument for not drinking and driving
Views: 252758 carbonboy
Crazy Old Women Driver Pranks Another Driver and Makes Other Car Crash FUNNY!
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Views: 1227999 TIABLIAJ
Rednecks Mess With Wrong Bull
Rednecks follow some guy in a BMW and try to be tough guys, let's see who has the last laugh
Views: 520102 JohnnySack187
drunk man on lawnmower
before walking into a club we see an old man on a lawnmower
Views: 100272 Yoshi Gish
Field Sobriety Test - This Guy's Wasted
A guy fails his field sobriety test so horribly that the cops need to call an ambulance. It's funny and awful at the same time. Find more stupid shit at http://www.thechurning.com
Views: 311322 thechurning
drink driving
video footage of a taxi driver falling asleep on the wheel
Views: 9218 mctwinz1
Lexington Kentucky Car Accident
Drunk Driving Accident - Corner of Maxwell & Aylesford.
Views: 7036 topsinlex
Drunk in Sweden
Police video of a man in an old saab driving drunk like hell
Views: 126346 alfaomega
22 year-old girl killed by 4x DUI Loser
Rafael Ramirez Perez has four prior convictions for driving under the influence. Last week Rafael was driving drunk again and killed Amy Kortlang, a 22 year old cosmotologist.
Views: 9407 inboxnews
a driver's funny mistake
as a man ,souldn't you do it?
Views: 2774 lover1003
Singing Drunk Old Man
Singing Drunk Old Man
Views: 1118 contactjd
Roswell drunk driver
[âmes et estomacs sensibles, s'abstenir] She was sober. She thought to be safe. Now she must drink to forget. So don't forget to drink and drive.
Views: 48900 konshito
COI. Tony Kaye. Despair. Together at Last.
Tony Kaye, director of Dunlop: Tested for the Unexpected, Intercity: Relax, American History X, and several of the best\most memorable adverts of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The Central Office of Information, Britain's commissioning body of Public Information Films and related materials telling stupid people not to do stupid things. The slogan "Drinking and Driving Wrecks Lives". One unbroken, unmoving camera shot. A crying child. This is "Kathy Can't Sleep". Be warned, it's quite geuninely distressing.
Views: 25077 Applemask
Amy Marie Kortlang - Killed by an Illegal Alien
www.immigrationwatchdog.com NORTH COUNTY TIMES - A man with multiple drunken driving convictions who is now accused of plowing into and killing another driver in Ramona, CA this week was in court Thursday to respond to six criminal charges, including murder and drunken driving charges. Rafael Ramirez Perez, who had been deported to Mexico earlier this year, faces six counts associated with the Tuesday evening head-on collision that killed 22-year-old Amy Marie Kortlang of Ramona and injured four people, including Perez. Police said Perez fled from the scene after the 8:50 p.m. crash, which was in a dark area south of Mussey Grade Road. The 22-year-old Perez could face life in prison if convicted of murder. Other charges he faces include vehicular manslaughter, driving without a license and driving while drunk ---- with the enhancement of at least three drunken driving convictions within the last 10 years. Held in lieu of more than $1 million bail, Perez also has an immigration hold, according to the San Diego Sheriff's Web site. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Lauren Mack said Thursday that Perez had served a criminal conviction for drunken driving, was handed over to immigration officials after serving his jail time and subsequently was deported to Mexico in March. "Obviously, he came back," Mack said.
Views: 17385 TheWatchdog
Extreme Drunk
Old man,straight up shit faced
Views: 14772 elanki
Very funny of what happens to old men
This is what happens when men get old..LOL
Views: 90985 halfasleepjoe
Irish (Scottish) DUI test
I know I know..it's Scottish...but the original title was "Irish DUI test." I suppose it's funnier because the Irish are know to drink a bit...
Views: 143978 batman4d
Robin Williams - Live At The Met - Alcohol/Marijuana
Robin Williams performing the alcohol/marijuana section of his famous Live At The Met stand-up routine. If you liked this, check out the other part of the routine at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpGtgZw5Z_U
Views: 7069301 Jagron
russian drunk man
very comic
Views: 63194 yenideneme39
Drunk man...
The funny drunk man, After driving home from our trip we came upon this Drunkass man Trying to ride a bike. Who knows where he got the bike or if it was his. All we know is this guy didn't know WTF he was doing...and if he did he thought he was riding his BIKE! Also who knows how long he had been doing it for, we were there for about 15 mins. and when he looked at us at the end of the clip he just stood there and looked around like if he didn't know where he was. Unfortunately we ran out of film after the 6th minute!But this guy was so HILLARIOUS!!!
Views: 983622 Robert Figueroa
Greek Women Drivers
Listen to what the young man says to the woman driver when she violates a red traffic light and hits him and his motorbike with her car.
Views: 782942 problemchlid
drunk man (kingloui the ginger ninja)
crashes into car then trys to run the driver over
Views: 3457 Louis Hackett
PSA - Drunken Dummies
▶ Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.com/Tehalemi 10/31/11 - This is a little PSA I made back in 2006 for drinking and driving with a humorous twist. The video was filmed with a DVC60 Panasonic Video Camera, and edited with Final Cut Pro. It took a few hours to shoot, and was edited within a few weeks. The project was inspired by drug and alcohol PSA's that focused on the users of those substances, and showed them totally oblivious to what they were doing to themselves and others. While this PSA is similar in those themes, I wanted to show that these characters were so out of it that they were almost nonfunctional, and completely harmless to themselves and the rest of society. Whether I ultimately succeeded in expressing that is up to you. ;) Johnny, the dude with the guitar and water pistol is played by Jason Avery, and the dude with the crown that looks like it was bought from a Burger King ripoff is Dave, played by Albert Elmazovski. Comment, clicky the like button and subscribe if you'd like to see more. :) Enjoy!!!
Views: 1887 Tehalemi
Gary Oldman explains why graffiti is good for the world!
From The Fifth Element
Views: 216049 inkhead
Ever been this drunk?
Ever been this drunk? Nick Frost BBC Three - Man Stroke Woman http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0490731/ edit : yes, the bloke from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz ....
Views: 2306838 elyob
Drunk man in a field
See a drunk man waking up in a field in Klostar Ivanic in Croatia. Funny as hell
Views: 10089 Sevic1303
The Less You know...Drunk Driving
Craven Moorehead gives advice about driving drunk in this parody to "the more you know".
Views: 1327 D's Nuts
old drunk guy
this old drunk guy talking to us at our hotel while we were on the computer
Views: 1146 AhhhStephanie
Crazy Italian Drunk Men
Ok So When I was in Italy I went to this small bar. When I got there everyone was already wasted. I just had to tape this, its something you dont see here in america.
Views: 5472 mikepolisena06
DUI Test
Drunk chick saying she's sober enough to drive.
Views: 1949 kidwhiskey
Drunk Man
Speaks for itself
Views: 526 siah200
Drunken Old People parts I, II, and III.
At my Dad's Company Christmas Party. Everyone was drunk. And Some People decided to, uhh, dance.
Views: 4410 xweekndwarriorsx
Drunk man on the streets of East Rochester.
Views: 17900 AJ Pow
Drunken DUI redneck
Views: 26277 bp517
drunk tractor driving!
no comment!
Views: 3420 soccergirldc
drunk fall
drunk guy runs then falls
Views: 77544 puente6969
Prisoner comes to a Georgia school and talks about drunk driving
Views: 1693 Omnikaru
Birmingham Bus Mentalist
Mental old tramp encounter on birmingham bus
Views: 72404 Leighton Rose
Never Again!
Just use your imagination... and he wanted to drive and he just kept driving faster and he cut this lady off thought he had the right of way...in which he was obviously wrong and he ends up yelling at the old lady, and the rest of the way home, and watch the rest to see what else happens..
Views: 1421 battousihimura
Drunk old Dancing NASCAR
Funny drunk guy busting some moves out at NASCAR.
Views: 440 jamesnchs2005
very drunk guy
drunk guy who dont know what he is doing and almost fall down
Views: 1439 tidave77
Dancing Grandpa
This is a short clip I took on Halloween of my friend dressed as an old grandpa with a walker. I wish the video quality was better because she really looked like a creepy old man. It may just be that I was drunk, but I think its hilarious. It reminds me of the Jackass grandpas.
Views: 1824 ham1010
Harry Enfield - Women Keep Your Virtue
A guide to finding the right husband. From Harry Enfield and Chums.
Views: 1400974 Squiffy444
Drunk Malaysian
My frens went for a drink and becum drunk..tis is wat he become..lucky he nvr attack me, the camera man..hahakz..
Views: 2354 originalprankster09

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