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Mr. Turner - Drunk Driver or Misunderstood?
An apparently real tape of a sheriff's office questioning a drunk driver... good ol' Mr. Turner!!
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This could be you...
PLEASE READ before you comment: This is a photo compilation of individuals killed by drunk / intoxicated drivers (most of the victims were 18-24 years old when they were killed). The compilation was put together by a college professor after losing yet another student in a drunk driving accident. All pictures were selected and uploaded to the MADD website by the victims' families and friends (for those who have asked: the author of this video did not engage in any selection other than 'age' and 'non-intoxicated / third-party victim'). The background song is by Belgian group Clouseau ("Ik wil niet dat je weggaat" ["I don't want you to go away"]). It happens to be in Dutch, but the only reason why it was chosen is because its arrangement and voice carry across the sadness and despair of the victims' relatives and friends. Addendum 1: Some viewers have questioned the authenticity of the photos. I'd like to question in return: Why should I use FAKE photos, considering the photos of DUI/DWI victims are readily available? Each single year, between 13,000 and 16,000 people die in drunk-driving accidents in the United States. All photos were taken from the MADD database. In addition, by reading through the comments you will find posts made by the mothers of three victims in this video, as well as by numerous friends. A fourth mother also contacted me. Addendum 2: Please keep your immaturities to yourself. I will delete all rude, provocative, argumentative, or otherwise inappropriate comments. It's a very sad sign that you feel like having to make them in the first place.
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Funny Old Man Put Car In The Garage!! FUUUUUUNNYYYY!!!
A poor old man try to put his blue car into the garage!! Listen the sound of the engine!!! And look at when he goes inside!!! HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI!!!!
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Steves Riding Lawn Mower DUI Arrest Video
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man dieing
this is a video of a man losing his legs due to drunk driving
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Senile old man pulled over for ticket
Should this guy even be driving?
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Angry Driver Pulled Over
Angry driver of a red car pulled over, goes crazy.
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Drunk Old Man
Drunk old man
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Drunk Driving Temecula
Mark and Brandon make a funny about dui's. in T-mec!
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Hilarious DUI Stop
Hilarious video captured of a drunk driver.
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Hilarious DUI Test
Very funny dui test. got the video from break.com Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/Bv1u/
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drunk driving spanish man recorded from balcony of hotel
drunk drivers tut tut tut
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Drunk Driver
Some guy from Croatia driving under influence (drunk as hell). He didn't get too far.
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Drunk Driver
Don't trust a drunk driver.. This is fake! You are RETARDED if you tell me that it's fake.
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George Jones - Drunk, pissed and coked up
The "best" (or funniest or however you choose see it) part from the George Jones documentary you'll find on the DVD "GEORGE JONES - Video biography and live concert". But the funniest part might be when Waylon Jennings - who at this time did coke for 1500$/day - say: "This is gonna sound awfully funny coming from me, but..." Hahaha! Here's a link to a sait where you can buy the DVD. And i'm sure you can find it elsewhere aswell. I'm glad ya'll like the clip! http://www.play.com/DVD/DVD/-/7/7/-/673379/George-Jones-A-Video-Biography-And-Video-Concert/Product.html?searchtype=genre
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Why Old People Shouldnt Drive
I gotta do this
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Judge increases sentence in drunk-driving death
The Enterprise of Brockton www.enterprisenews.com Judge increases sentence in drunk-driving death Brian Johns pleaded guilty to motor vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident and operating under the influence for a third offense. By Maureen Boyle ENTERPRISE STAFF WRITER BROCKTON — In the days before Brian Johns was sent to jail for a drunken-driving death, the 37- year-old Abington man spent time at a picnic drink ing. "I wasn't surprised," said Ann Feeney, the mother of Robert McCormick, the man Johns killed. "I never thought he stopped drinking." Johns, a truck driver, pleaded guilty in Brockton Superior Court to motor vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident and operating under the in fluence for a third offense. In court Thursday, he made the admission that he had been drinking dur ing the past weekend. Johns was sentenced to 3 years in jail, a year more than the judge originally planned. Johns will also be on five years probation when he gets out. Judge John P. Connor Jr., who originally planned to sentence Johns to 2 years in jail , said he was in creasing the sentence after hearing additional de tails about the case. Assistant District Attorney Russell Eonas told the judge that Johns had been drinking at a softball game, then at a bar, and had been seen speeding in his Mustang shortly before the victim was struck and killed on July 9, 2006. Johns struck the 38-year-old Rockland father of two, who was riding his bike along the shoulder of the road, and then drove off, Eonas said. One of Mc Cormick's limbs was severed in the impact, he said. Johns was tracked down by police the next day and, after an interview, was arrested. He admitted to police that he knew he hit some one, but panicked and left the scene, Eonas said. His car had front-end damage, and the windshield was damaged. Johns was initially charged with motor vehicle homicide, leaving a crash scene after causing serious injury and driving to endanger. He was later indicted on charges of motor vehicu lar homicide while operating under the influence of alcohol, leaving the scene of personal injury and death and operating under the influence for a third offense. The drunken-driving charges followed an investi gation by Abington Detective Richard Gambino and Trooper John Kiely. Eonas told the judge that investigators learned Johns bought two 20-packs of beer and took them to a softball game, where an off-duty trooper saw him sit ting in a lawn chair drinking. Johns also admitted to drinking beer at a Braintree bar later in the evening. Connor said the additional details of the case led him to increase the jail sentence. "I did not realize the callousness at the scene ... es pecially the callousness and disregard of Mr. Mc Cormick at the scene," Connor said. Johns' attorney, Michael Harrington, apologized to the victim's family on behalf of his client. "My client is deeply sorry from the bottom of his heart," Harrington said, turning to McCormick's family in the courtroom. Feeney said after the sentencing that she hoped Johns meant that, but she wasn't sure. She said she also wondered whether Johns contin ued to drink and drive after her son was killed. Johns, a truck driver, kept his driver's license af ter his arrest and indictment. The license was finally pulled Tuesday by the state Registry of Motor Vehi cles after The Enterprise inquired about his driving record. As part of the sentencing Thursday, Johns was asked by the judge where he had last been drinking, referring to the night McCormick was killed. But Johns apparently misunderstood the ques tion. His answer: Saturday, at a picnic. Maureen Boyle can be reached at [email protected] news.com.
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D.U.I. Funny Guy!!
guys drops wallet tries to pick it up and breaks hole in the wall!
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Drunk Driving
2 sexy men drunk and driving to their favorite song with pedestrian crossing and joining
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Will he show at court? Drunk anchor killed man on sidewalk
Go to: http://www.myspace.com/ncproud for more about Casey Bokhoven WXII (Winston-Salem, NC) news anchor Tolly Carr is scheduled to make his first court appearance at 9:30 am today, Monday, April 2, 2007 for his drunk driving accident which caused the death of Casey Bokhoven. Carr's lawyers could wave his apperance. Casey Bokhoven, age 26, was violently struck and killed by a pickup truck as he stood on a sidewalk waiting for his girlfriend. The truck, driven by WXII (Winston-Salem, NC) morning anchor Tolly Carr,vaulted over a small wall and hit Casey at 30 mph, dragging him 22 feet, hitting a building and coming to rest with Casey under the wheel. The incident occurred Sunday, March 11, 2007 around 3:40 AM. Charged with DWI, Carr admitted he had been drinking and warrants detail that he refused a Breathalizer test. Blood was taken from Carr, and the results of blood-alcohol tests have not yet been released to the public as of this date (April 5, 2007). From the WGHP (High Point, NC) 8 am broadcast, Monday, April 2, 2007. Click on NCProud for more videos about this tragic accident.
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Barrington Teen Pleads no Contest in Fatal Drunk Driving Dea
A 17-year-old Barrington boy was sentenced to two years at the state Training School after pleading no contest to a drunken driving crash that killed another teen.
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Absolutely Fabulous
Eddy and Patsy driving to the supermarket.
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Drink Driving Test
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Drink Drive Man Under Pint Glass
A Christmas anti Drink Drive campaign, featuring a drink driver trapped underneath a large pint glass at London's Paddington Station. The idea was to highlight that by drink driving at Christmas you could isloate yourself from the festivities and ruin Christmas for everyone, lose your job, car, girlfriend etc.
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DUI Prevention
Excerpts from a powerful documentary produced by WCOT in Tallahassee, FL detailing the dangers of drinking and driving. The program follows the story of Eric Smallridge, a young Tallahassee man who is currently serving a 22-year sentence for the death of two young women in a car accident when he was driving under the influence. The piece looks at the story from all angles, talking to Eric, his parents and the families of the victims showing how many lives were shattered in an instant, with the decision to drink and drive.
Glasses - Public Television Campaign
MADD Canada commercial
Views: 50123 MADD Canada
a video i made for my health class
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Friend Admits To Being Too Drunk To Drive In Fatal Car Crash
Milwaukee man who was killed in a car crash last March is remembered on what would have been his birthday. His friend was behind the wheel, and today in court, admitted he was too drunk to drive.
Views: 3963 WISN 12 News
Drunk driver kills one in Gurgaon
A drunk driver hit a dozen people at a busy crossing of Mahaveer Chowk in Gurgaon on Sunday night, killing one and injuring 12 others. The injured have been admitted to a civil hospital and one of them is said to be in critical condition. One of the injured persons has said that the driver was drunk and had hit an auto rickshaw first. He added that several pedestrians were also hit as the driver tried to flee the spot.
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Drunk Driving Video
Video slideshow of crashes resulting from drunk driving. WARNING!
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Sober Boy: The Negative Side of Drunk Driving
A Music Video Showing the Negative Side of Drunk Driving CREATED BY JORDAN DYSON HALEY PIVA SANDRA TICHY
Views: 2466 sandypantiessss
Drunk Driving - Eric Mickel
A society video depicting the sudden life changing moments that occur during a drunk driving accident. Does an excellent job of showing it from the victims and drunk drivers point of view
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Teens and Drunk Driving
Teenage Drivers and auto insurance. The high rate in drunk driving teenage drivers.
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Zunder Commercial: Old Man - Sponsored by Random United
One of three in a series of commercials for Random United's own energy drink; "Zunder: Drink it, And Live!!". This was edited by James G.
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Fatal Head on Collision in Skagit County Wa.
This terrible tragedy happened in Skagit County Wa. The scene was on Cedardale Rd. just south of Old Highway 99. The date was 12/21/07. An SUV driven by a 21 year old male who chose to drive intoxicated crossed the center line and hit head on with this white Buick Centery. It saddens me to report that the 80 year old driver of the Buick died at the scene. The driver of the roled over SUV was transported to Skagit Valley Hospital and then airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle Wa. He sustained severe injuries as a result of choosing not to use his seatbelt. If the 21 year old over comes his injuries he may be faced with vehicular homicide charges for his choice to drive while intoxicated resulting in the loss of a human life. A very sad situation. A loss of an elder family member just days before Christmas. A young man and his family changed for ever if he survives his injuries. So many consequences for the choice to drive drunk without a seatbelt. :o(
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ollie drunk on a lawn mower
ollie drink driving a crappy old ride on mower
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Dick Emery - the driving test full version
The much maligned dick emery - he was very much before his time. watch this and then try to deny that the makers of shows such as the fast show and little britain took their inspiration from Dick Emery. Namely, he inevented characters who would be in a different situation each week, but would always end up saying their comedy catchphrase. politically correct types dont seem to like his gay character these days but is that character any more unrealistic than his comedy vicar, or comedy randy old lady ?
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Drunk Driving
The Following Events Have Been Dramatised with legos
Views: 1651 JokerFilmsTeam
Funny Drunk Guy falls
A drunk man is being put on a test and fails. Hilariousss
Views: 40139 YaYa0131
Police test Had a few drinks? Feeling a bit drunk?
Police test... Had a few drinks? Feeling a bit drunk? Not sure if you should drive and risk a drink driving charge?
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Dead DWI victim's name NOT said- HIS NAME IS CASEY BOKHOVEN!
Go to: http://www.myspace.com/ncproud for more about Casey Bokhoven WXII in Winston-Salem, North Carolina reported that news anchor Tolly Carr's lawyers plan to ask for a continuance at Monday's court date (May 21)for the felony death and injury charges he faces in relation to his drunk driving accident March 11, 2007. Carr's attorny David Freedman said there was a conflict with his co-counsel. They must now decide whether to take their case to a jury trial or to plea bargain with prosecutors. NOTE: In my opinion, WXII has done a good job of reporting on their former morning news anchor's DWI arrest and subsequent indictment on felony death and injury charges. BUT- There is a serious omission in this story. CASEY BOKHOVEN is not mentioned by name, but is referred to as only "a 26-year-old man," who was hit and killed by Tolly Carr! This is simply not right! Casey Bokhoven, age 26, was violently struck and killed by a pickup truck as he stood on a sidewalk waiting for his girlfriend. The truck, driven by WXII (Winston-Salem, NC) morning anchor Tolly Carr,vaulted over a small wall and hit Casey at 30 mph, dragging him 22 feet, hitting a building and coming to rest with Casey under the wheel. The incident occurred Sunday, March 11, 2007 around 3:40 AM. Charged with DWI, Carr admitted he had been drinking and warrants detail that he refused a Breathalizer test. Blood was taken from Carr, and the results of blood-alcohol tests showed that Carr's blood alcohol concentration was .13, well over the legal limit of .08. From the WXII 5 am broadcast, Monday, May 21, 2007.
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man is drunk in police office
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old man dancing
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DUI Mishaps
Drunk guy pulled over for DUI puts head through wall
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Really Drunk Man
location: Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA date: 26 March 2007 REALLY drunk man just dancing near music kiosk
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drunk man singing
funny old guy wasted singing
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men drivers
man antics
Views: 9994 Kristine Bottone
Drunk Driving Parody
Just a quick parody I made of those anti-drunk driving commercials
Views: 274 Looch
Drunk Driving Experience
A news story filmed and edited by Jamie Dorrell on Roosevelt High School's Drunk Driving re-enactment.
Views: 323 Jamie Dorrell
Drunken Jamaican
Drunk guy wants to go home for his PIGS!!! Funny as hell
Views: 4982 youngjovi

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