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Cups and Balls Magic Trick Revealed
Views: 1141522 firmam49
10step sponge ball magic
a sponge ball maigc trick 4 u^^
Views: 557 1993MagicNMe
2 balls, 1 box - magic trick
Magic trick created by Richard Wiseman. Can you work out how it was performed?
Views: 35087 experiment876
http://www.myfreemagictv.com The MarkofMystery promo video mix! MyFreeMagicTV, Learn free Magic Tricks, get free magic trick tutorials, solutions, magic tricks revealed, upload your videos, make money selling your own magic tutorials, magic chat. View great magic videos from David Blain, Chris Angel, famous & armature magicians. See 100's of amazing magic tricks new and old. Street, Bar, Stage Magic. Free magix compertitions, Get free magic tutorials on your desktop every day. Free Magic TV on your PC! Sit back and watch the greatest magic show on earth.
Mike Danata Demonstrates The Coin Through Brass Block (Quarter Squeeze)
A fantastic coin effect, with all examinable props!
Views: 7373 Mike Danata
AMAZING magic spliff!!!
Random decision of a magic spliff power fight movie.
Magic trick sample #1
Me preforming a really cool color change.
Views: 1861 kdogbeck
5 Card Magic Trick Revealed by LearnMagicTricks.org
Views: 2246 firmam49
Fantastic Box
Welcome to www.magicroyal.net
Views: 780 novachan871217
Cup and Ball (Stainless) by Mikame
To buy this effect, follow this link: http://www.wizardhq.com/servlet/the-9540/cup-and-ball-stainless-by-mikame/Detail . We have known about the previous cups and balls Mikame made in Wood - but Stainless Steel! And just as you would expect from Mikame products, these cups measure up to Mikame's highest quality standards. They have a beautiful look are unique to any of the other fine cups and balls offered at Stevens Magic. This set of cups not only looks fantastic but perform equally as well as they look. They are a limited edition set and have been inducted into the Bill Palmer museum of cups and balls, one of the largest collections of cups and balls in the world. Each cup weighs 3 ounces, is 2.6-inches in height and the actual outside diameter is 2.8-inches. ...
Views: 2219 Wizard Headquarters
Magic Coloring Book Revealed by LearnMagicTricks.org
Views: 95640 firmam49
The Snapper
Views: 594 themagicvaultshop
FREE MAGIC LESSON #1: the Coin Matrix
Matthew on the Rocks from experience magic brings you FREE MAGIC LESSONS you can use to impress your friends, family, school mates, or co workers. These are simple tricks to learn but have amazing impact. Be sure to check out www.myspace.com/experiencemagic or www.ilovethediamondgirls for upcoming videos. Also join the experience magic mobile club at www.broadtexter.com/experiencemagic to keep yourself informed on Matthew's upcoming performances and videos. ENJOY!!
Views: 4453 ExperienceMagic
Coin Squeeze
GET IT HERE: http://www.magictao.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=301 Is it possible to make coins pass through thru a solid wall of brass? Drop the coins in the magic funnel and one by one make them pass through the solid brass wall. This fantastic pocket trick can use any coins that fit in the funnel.
Views: 904 MagicTao
Free Magic Trick Lesson - Multiplying Dollar Bills
Fun free magic trick lesson to explain how to make money bills double in value right in front of your spectator's eyes. Free magic trick lesson from http://www.goodtricks.net
Views: 16009 emcopowerball
Erik Magik ♥ Billiard Balls ♦ Very Cool Magic Trick ♣ Very Visual ♠ (magic magie)
This trick is a classic in magic. Magicians from all around the world still performe this trick today. Here's my version of the Billiard Balls. Enjoy!!! ♠♣♦♥ Ce truc est un classic des magiciens. Il est encore à ce jour performé par les plus grand magiciens, de partout dans le monde... Voici ma version des Billiard Balls...
Views: 7091 EriKMagiK
Back Marker
Welcome to www.magicroyal.net
Views: 4005 novachan871217
Rings onto Rope
Something a little different; I usually just do card tricks but today I'll show you a couple of "ring onto rope" illusions. The first one is simple, which just makes the second seem all the more impossible. I hope you like them. Please feel free to rate and comment :) BTW I completely forgot to mention that this trick can be learnt in Mark Wilson's "Complete Course in Magic". Check it out. :)
Views: 1977 blackratillusion
magic friend-video 1-Three card monte
please note:there are no camra tricks in this video in this trick i have decided not to reviel its secret i am 12 years old and my name is tom thanks for watching!!!!
Views: 299 0magicfriend0
Monty by Beruza - DVD
A fantastic new version of the Monte trick with three cards. Every time the spectators will fail to find the black card among the other cards. And a killer ending that will leave the baffled! Check out your local magic outlet for this amazing trick.
Views: 201 Murphy's Magic
Magic Trick Lesson - Coin Magic Flip Exposed
Easy free magic trick lesson, where a coin magically jumps from hand to hand. Learn the easy secret exposed here. More cool magic available at http://www.goodtricks.net
Views: 28360 emcopowerball
Legend - A Ghost Story DVD by Steve Fearson
A story is told about a gambler who was killed unjustly. By saying his name 3 times while holding a deck of cards, his spirit is summoned, and he makes himself known. The deck creeps across the table and even levitates while a spectator is pressing down on it. The trick uses no thread, wires or magnets. The method is unlike anything else on the market. Legend is easy to make and easier to perform. The DVD is approximately 1 hour long and was shot in wide screen, hi-definition. Included are a few necessary parts to construct the prop, supply your own deck of playing cards.
Views: 2258 Fearson Magic
Kings of magic from www.razamatazzmagic.com
Four Bicycle branded playing cards are show, the four kings. The cards are shown openly and laid face down on the spectators outstretched hand. With a wave of the magicians hand suddenly there is no trace of the kings who have totally vanished and four spot cards are now in their place !!! Very visual trick which leaves the magician clean.
Views: 203 Razamatazz1
5 Card Trick Revealed
Views: 10595 learnhowtodomagic
what i learned from jay sankey video contest
this is a fantastic jay sankey 's coins across compilations i learned it in his revolutionary coins dvds and inspire me in my version of coins through the table.......(expecially his goshman pinch way....)
Views: 1381 trottolar
Top Hat Demo
Views: 28930 fantasmavids
Dublin Street Performance - 2009 - By Magic Brian
Look how is getting out of a jacket tied and locked with locks..
Views: 170 Gobalakrishnan M
Magic Acrobatic Knot
A new trick I have started to play with this week. There is an extended version to follow!
Views: 999 Milo Thanet
BuyRainbowBrush.com Commercial
This commercial features Cra-Z-Art's New License - RainbowBrush Color Blending Markers! http://www.buyrainbowbrush.com
Views: 228262 Cra-Z-Art
4 aces card trick like criss angle
Other brushes 1
Eraser, Background Eraser, Magic Eraser, Dodge, Burn, Sponge, Blur, Sharpen and Smudge. The Eraser tool changes pixels to either the background color or to transparent. If youre working in the background or in a layer with transparency locked, the pixels change to the background color; otherwise, the pixels are erased to transparency. You can also use the eraser to return the affected area to a state selected in the History palette. You can work with any brush created using the brush palette to work with the brush tool. The only difference is that you cannot use Color Dynamics. Magic Eraser tool changes all similar pixels to transparent. If youre working in a layer with locked transparency, the pixels change to the background color. If you click in the background, it is converted to a layer and all similar pixels change to transparent. The Background Eraser tool erases pixels on a layer to transparency as you drag; this allows you to erase the background while maintaining the edges of an object in the foreground. By specifying different sampling and tolerance options, you can control the range of the transparency and the sharpness of the boundaries. The background eraser samples the color in the center of the brush, also called the hot spot, and deletes that color wherever it appears inside the brush. It also performs color extraction at the edges of any foreground objects, so that color halos are not visible if the foreground object is later pasted into another image. Lets take a look at the options for setting the limits modes for erasing: Discontinuous to erase the sampled color wherever it occurs under the brush; Contiguous to erase areas that contain the sampled color and are connected to one another; and Find Edges to erase connected areas containing the sampled color while better preserving the sharpness of shape edges. Another options is Tolerance were you can enter a value or drag the slider. A low tolerance limits erasure to areas that are very similar to the sampled color. A high tolerance erases a broader range of colors. Select Protect Foreground Color to prevent the erasure of areas that match the foreground color in the toolbox. The Sampling option can be set to: Continuous to sample colors continuously as you drag; Once to erase only areas containing the color you first click; and Background Swatch to erase only areas containing the current background color. For the background eraser tool only the brush tip shape options are available. To lighten, darken or desaturate areas of the image you can use Dodge, Burn and Sponge tools. Dodge and Burn are based on a traditional photographers technique for regulating exposure on specific areas of a print. The more you paint over an area with the Dodge or Burn tool, the lighter or darker it becomes. You can work with any brush created using the brush palette to work with the brush tool. The only difference is that you cannot use Color Dynamics. To start using those tools you need to specify a range of grays from the options bar. You can choose between Midtones, Shadows and Highlights. In the options bar you have also access to the exposure and the airbrush option. To increase blur, sharpness or to mix colors like you would put your finger thru wet paint you can use blur, sharpness or smudge brushes. For those brushes you will not be able to use the texture, dual brush, color dynamics, wet edges, airbrush and protect texture options in the brush palette. You can work using Normal options or choose between Darken, Lighten, Hue, Saturation, Color and Luminosity. You can also choose the intensity or to sample all layers. Additionally for the smudge tool you have the finger painting option.
Views: 761 Traian Boldea
bizzare twist REVEALED!
how to do this awesome trick
Views: 1712 nadinelove27
rink-e-dink fantastic humidifier . no filter requrire. just add a lot of water
Improvised humidifier, torpedo heater,no filter
Penguin Magic Package
I ordered my first magic package..took me a week, music by John Murphy, "SURFACE OF THE SUN", please comment rate and subscribe, trading process will be out soon..
Views: 1544 highclassmagic
awesome magic card trick
this is a great magic trick, for beginners to learn!!!
Views: 433 sloppypiglets1211
Magic eraser and weiner dog
Loves to shred them
Views: 135 Tomcat1957
Gospel magic tricks
Views: 2573 zgallman1204
The Incredible Sponge 2 Final Trailer
Trailer 3 of the incredible sponge 2
Views: 993 thegoldenhitman992
Ultracinese Leonardo Milanesi
Ultracinese magic trick at http://www.magictricks.co.uk. This looks like real magic! Remember there are no threads and no magnets and borrow objects, yet objects move so magically. Watch the bolt turn by itself or a ring spin on your finger again by itself or a card eerily move down your leg! This really is a fantastic magic trick! One of the best we have seen in ages!
Views: 3315 Magictricksvideos
money trick tutorial
Views: 455 Tyler Do
Master Works of Conjuring (Mark DeSouza, Vols. 1-4) #1
Available from Stevens Magic http://www.stevensmagic.com
Views: 440 markstevensmagic
Allen Su苏醒 - It's the magic
Allen Su Xing/苏醒- It's the magic music and lyrics by Allen Su theme song of "Golden Magic Troupe" 金牌魔术团主题曲 It's The Magic 曲 Allen Su 词 Allen Su Chorus It's the magic 召唤所有魔力让神奇出现 It's the magic 冲破所有阻力用荣光加冕 错觉欺骗过双眼 魔法王国被我攻陷 It's the magic 魔力集结 带你到我的世界 Verse 1 揭开黑色面纱挥舞着魔棒 微笑环顾左右看我转身漂亮 飞翔有一双翅膀跃然纸上站在空中我制造幻象 就在这 聚光灯下任你猜测 哪手藏着钱币 哪手藏着白鸽 钻石闪亮的黑色礼帽 节拍跟随魔术师的喜好 看得到 听得到 摸得到的都是我的道具 没有时间考虑 快来做我助手 不用害怕出丑 Everybody这是金牌魔术秀 Verse 2 灯光被我俘虏空气流动加速 先来隔空取物再上演分身术 燃烧在手掌中消失的字条再找不到灰烬的线条 怎么化险为夷 用的什么诡计 只手遮天背后藏着什么秘密 舞台万象生辉 主角舍我其谁 不可思议用眼睛来体会 无中生有没有什么不对 虚张声势只是点缀 魔力时空带你尽情发挥 所有想象交给魔法来应对
Views: 3681 lightronger
David Bentley On A Prank Call From Robbie Savage
Footballer David Bentley on falling victim to a wind-up from Robbie Savage about getting picked for England...
Views: 5690 MrGumdrop76
3D Appearing Bunny by Dick Barry Magic
3D Appearing Bunny by Dick Barry Magic
Views: 404 magicsupply
magic cup/ball trick
so easy......... special thanks to the people who inspired me to do magic tricks..... if i get enough comments on how to do this then i'll post i video on how to do this
Views: 117 Brinskydoodle

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