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Sponge Ball Magic for Finger Pain Relief
http://www.fingerpainrelief.com Magic is fantastic for finger and hand therapy. This is a simple sleight of hand trick that can be mastered by anyone, and will help relieve finger and hand pain. http://www.fingerpainrelief.com http://youtu.be/T_Xvt32wVIg
Views: 3356 Patrick Albanese
The Fantastic Box Magic Trick Presented by Bubba Sikes
This little box is great. You can make things appear or dis-appear on command. Very, Very easy to do. Better get two while they are availalbe. (Box ONLY) Can be purchased at http://www.bubbasclownsupplies.com/VideoDemoCorner.html
Views: 1957 BrowsersDenofMagic
Spongeball Toolbox
Get Steve Dacri's Spongeball Toolbox at http://www.magicgeek.com/spongeball-toolbox-2033.html
Views: 18101 Vanishing Inc. Magic
Protons - Chris Priest
http://www.vanishingincmagic.com/magic-downloads/close-up-magic-downloads/protons/ Protons gives your audience a non stop roller coaster ride of amazing magic from start to finish. This is Chris's favorite routine for performing at weddings, family restaurants, corporate bookings, the routine even works in cabaret. The routine begins with the performer showing both hands empty, only to pluck a colored ball from the spectators hand! This fast paced routine jam packed with visual mind boggling magic, grows to an awesome climax which your audience will talk about for a long time to come. This streaming video features live performances of Christ performing the Protons routine for real audiences so you can witness first hand the reactions you will receive when performing this routine. Everything is here, the performance, the presentation, with detailed teaching instructions, its a magical masterpiece you will love performing and will last you a lifetime!! "I first saw Chris perform Protons at one of his lectures, at the end of the performance everyone on the room was gobsmacked! They could not believe what they had just seen. I thought what a fantastic routine and i knew i had to learn it, its so good! Its the best sponge ball routine i have ever seen." - David Penn "A very commercial sponge ball routine with surprises to keep 'em hooked to the very last second!" - Nick Einhorn, The Magic Circle Centenary close-up Magician. Running Time Approximately 55min
Views: 749 Vanishingincmagic
How to make Magnetic Fluid (ferro fluid)
Get the shirts: http://bit.ly/scishirts In this episode we will show you how to create your own ferro fluid using oil, toner and a magnet. Shopping List: 1. MICR Toner (Office Supply Store) 2. Rare Earth Magnet (Hardware store) 3. Vegetable Oil (Grocery Store) Make sure you are subscribed for more Scientific Tuesdays! Dylan's Facebook: http://facebook.com/HackThePlanet __ Music By: Dj 700Degrees Link: http://www.youtube.com/dj700d . . Serious Business Inquiries Only: Contact us at: https://www.youtube.com/c/householdhackertv/about (email address at the bottom)
Views: 7801642 Household Hacker
Pat Page at FFFF
Patrick Page doing Teach a Trick at FFFF (Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolick) in Batavia NY. Pat knew more imprompu magic than anyone I know. I think he could do an hour using only borrowed items and jokes. He was a fantastic entertainer. If you've never seen Patrick perform, these short clips will give a small insight into his performing persona.
Views: 6826 Michael Powers
How to enhance your rubbers and improve their grip
SOURCE: Idea from: http://forum.tt-news.de/showthread.php?t=82924&page=1 Finally i did it!! Here's the tutorial video for tuning your rubbers. Using this will help your rubbers for a longer life and improved grip!
Views: 998061 Marius Karch
MISM Magic Contest 2010
This is my entry for mismag822's contest: Best original card trick 2010. This effect includes several things I created myself. In the video I put together several of my strongest moves into a transposition effect. If you enjoy it please give me a thumbs up and subscribe.
Views: 264 judsongreenemagic
Wand to snake from the Razamatazz magic shop
The magician waves a magic wand in the air then suddenly it turns into a giant snake !!! Very easy to use, comedy magic wand !!!
Views: 2223 RazamatazzMagic1
the original Magic Butterfly
The Original Magicbutterfly is the latest hair accessory to hit the EU. It's incredibly easy to use, salon quality styles can be easily achieved with our 'do it yourself' online step-by-step instructions. Suitable for any age, Magic Butterfly combs make great gifts or just a good reason to spoil yourself. Magic Butterfly can be worn for any occasion, both casual and formal, and are incredibly secure and rigid. The fantastic thing about the Magic Butterfly is its versatility. There are no restrictions! Even though we show you 20 different styles, the possibilities are endless. You can be as creative and as experimental as you like.
Views: 28147 magicbutterflyeu
traffic light magic
Views: 720 novachan871217
Spiked Coin magic trick
Performance of the Spiked Coin magic trick
Views: 103 Magic1Magic2Magic3
Elusive Bunny Box
Elusive Bunny Box, manufactered by Abbott's Magic Co. www.abbottmagic.com Routine performed by Marty Hahne
Views: 33661 Marty Hahne
Scientific Tuesdays - Awesome milk trick!
Get the shirts: http://bit.ly/scishirts Dylan's Facebook: http://facebook.com/HackThePlanet By taking Milk, food coloring and some dish soap, you can make your milk actually exciting again! Follow the steps in the video closely and you will be up and running in no time at all! You need: 1. Milk 2. Food coloring 3. Dish Soap Check out http://householdhacker.com for more! . . Serious Business Inquiries Only: Contact us at: https://www.youtube.com/c/householdhackertv/about (email address at the bottom)
Views: 2168088 Household Hacker
Fantastic Black Box
Views: 637 Dynamite Magic Shop
Views: 81 novachan871217
Mystery Key Holder by Mikame trick
Low price wholesale magic tricks at http://www.52magic.com
Views: 562 china magic
Silk to Egg Magic Trick [Mark Wilson]
Saw Mark WIlson 2-28-2010. Magic Legend!
Views: 19071 John Michael Hinton
SpongeBob SquarePants: Fists of Foam | Learning Game for Kids | LeapFrog
Your child will use their incredible mathematics skills to help SpongeBob and Patrick save Sandy from Master Udon! http://www.leapfrog.com/en-us/app-center/p/spongebob-squarepants-fists-of-foam/_/A-prod39062 With SpongeBob by their side, your child will use their knowledge of shapes, place value, fractions and more as they travel throughout Bikini Bottom on a fantastic undersea adventure, kicking, chopping and thinking their way through a multitude of hidden dangers. On their journey from the Pier of Goo Lagoon to Port Town, the Kelp Forest and everywhere in-between, your child will gain valuable power-ups for every correct answer! SpongeBob SquarePants: Fists of Foam is compatible with LeapPad Platinum, LeapPad Ultra, LeapPad1, LeapPad2, LeapPad3, Leapster Explorer and LeapsterGS Explorer devices. See more learning tips and videos on our channel: http://www.youtube.com/LeapFrogOfficialSite Follow LeapFrog on social media: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LeapFrog Twitter: http://www.facebook.com/LeapFrog Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/LeapFrogInc Instagram: http://instagram.com/LeapFrogOfficial
Views: 83318 LeapFrog
Spongebob Squarepants The Best Day Ever
Copyright Nickelodeon Don't Forget To subscribe Click this and you will get the best day ever http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=AaronRussellOcto Mr. sun came up and he smiled at me. Said it's gonna be a good one just wait and see. Jumped out of bed and I ran outside,feeling so extraticstatified. It's the best day ever!(Best day ever) It's the best day ever!(Best day ever) I'm so busy got nothing to do, Spent the last 2 hours just tying my shoe. Every flower,every grain of sand,is reaching out to shake my hand. It's the best day ever!(Best day ever) It's the best day ever!(Best day ever) Sometimes the little things start closing in on me, When I'm feeling down,I wanna lose that frown I stick my head out the window and I look around. Those clouds don't scare me they can't disguise, This magic that's happening right before my eyes. Soon Mr.Moon will be shining bright, And the best day ever can last all night. Yeah the best day ever's gonna last all night now. It's the best day ever!(Best day ever) It's the best day ever!(Best day ever) It's the best day ever!(Best day ever) It's the best day ever!(Best day ever) (Best day ever)
Views: 8041880 AaronTako
AL Magic - Episode 6
Adrian Leong performed the IMPOSSIBLE LEVITATION, stalled the paper plane in mid air with no hidden gimmicks but unseen forces around him! That was not all, it ended with a great kicker!! Enjoy! Visit http://www.adrianleong.com/
Views: 409 Adrian Leong
Barry Mitchell Products presents The Magic Box
Barry shares this fantastic audience participation routine. Another great product from Barry Mitchell Products that packs small and plays big.
Views: 4112 barrym2008
Telephone Mirror Box & Tardis Harbin Box by Made to Measure Magic
It looks just like the sort of thing you would find in any child's bedroom. It is a money box but has been converted to a mirror tube. Use it to produce, vanish of exchange any item that will fit into it. It looks empty - take off the top and put in a red, white and blue silk hanky. Put the top back on and say the magic words. Remove the top and remove a Union Jack silk. The box now looks completely empty. This fantastic looking Tardis is, in fact, a Harbin box so you can use it to produce, vanish or exchange one item for another.
Views: 1587 stuartstix
Bogus Bubblegum
Learn magic at : http://www.vanishingincmagic.com/
Views: 15870 Vanishing Inc. Magic
amazing card trick
An amazing card trick, performed by Ben. Ben's main channel: http://www.youtube.com/ipawdtouch enjoy! if you want a tutorial, please request it in the comment box below. if you watch closely, you might be able to find out how i do it ;) k peace! -Ben
Views: 242 DALTONandBEN
Is regularly cleaning your table tennis rubber worth bothering with?
Most people clean their table tennis rubbers but do you clean them after each time you've used them or are you one of those people who cleans them only when you can be bothered. If you're one of the later ones, you could be missing out on a lot of performance your rubber is capable of giving you. This is a comparison of grip of a sheet of gambler outlaw which has been used for about 4 hours since it was last cleaned and then the same sheet of outlaw cleaned with a dish cloth and water.
Views: 85597 PathfinderPro
Tied in the Middle Clown Magic Trick presented by Bubba Sikes
Funny, Fun and EASY trick to do. You will CLEAN up with this one! Can be purchased at http://www.bubbasclownsupplies.com/VideoDemoCorner.html
Children are Magic/coloring book
Grandpa Shark entertains our lovely young girls at christmas time
Views: 162 Aabrams123456
Cool magic tricks by Ibra (part 2)
Check out my cool magic tricks
Views: 94 ibradamagico101
Wedding Magician
Professional close up magician Russ Appleby is available for hire around the UK for special occasions including weddings, birthdays, corporate events etc. Get smart magic at www.smartmagic.co.uk
Views: 1646 Russ Appleby
3 Color Brass Hot Rod  trick
Low price wholesale magic tricks at http://www.52magic.com
Views: 2694 china magic
MC Drawer Box by Mikame - Trick
Visit Our Store: http://www.nexusmagicstore.com/ Magic Blog: http://www.best-magic-stores.blogspot.com/ DISCUSS MAGIC TRICKS: http://www.BackroomMagic.com ADD US ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nexus-Magic-Tricks-Store/136299619775227 This box has a wide range of applications. For example, pull out the drawer - flowers spring out, overflowing the drawer. Empty out the flowers and place a white silk into the drawer and close it. Now, remove the top cover, and show that the white silk has changed into a white dove. For a different routine, open the drawer and bring out a sponge/foam dove. Put the fake dove back in the drawer, remove the top and produce the live dove. This is not your typical drawer box. You can see the patterned side of the drawer through the slats on the side of the box as you remove the drawer. The entire drawer can be re-moved from the box. The box has a top cover which can be removed to show the contents of the drawer. You'll love this unique black lacquered drawer box. Dimensions Approximately: 10" x 4" x 4 1/2" (25.5cm x 10cm x 11.5cm)
Views: 462 Nexusmagicshop
magic lesson with CUAYCZ...!.mp4
daw gapamatay lang cla lamok!!!! hahahaaha... mga NOVICE!!! c cuaycz EXPERT... hahaha!!!
Views: 35 katz0307
magic light bulk swtich .MOV
welcome to www.magicroyal.net
Views: 65 novachan871217
Magic Performance - Phase Shift
Views: 1058 videoshow2011
Thomas Eusin Walk into a Hard Wear Shop in Malaysia perform his unique electrical man magic
if you benefit from video and happy to give your finger tips to me as I doing this with nobody pay me,you can pay me some money for encourge me continue doing this for benefit you again by bank into :银行资料/Bank Account Information 账目户口名/Account Name : M.F.Services 户口号/Account Number : 30 614 68 508 银行名字/Bank Name : Public Bank 环球银行财务通信代码/SWIFT CODE : PBBEMMYKL 银行电话/Bank Tel :(006)03 6257 0032 , (006)03 6357 6490 银行传真/Bank Fax : (006)03 6251 6611 Thank you. Thomas Eusin Walk into a Hard Wear Shop in Malaysia perform his unique electrical man magic welcome you to Malaysia. www.magician.com.my www.multi-facesmagician.com e-mail: [email protected] [email protected]
Views: 283 Magician529
Learn Magic Tricks - "Passing Thru***" - Video Magic
http://www.pubtricks.com/?trick=pub-passingthru-trick.wmv&id=1815 Quite simply this is the best coin into bottle trick there is. Others have tried to copy it but this is stunning. You see the coin just melt through the glass bottle. Watch the real life reactions on the street as Kevin performs Passing Thru live.
Views: 498 LoveMagicTricks
Coin Production
Views: 6505 BrowsersDenofMagic
kach showing us magic during class..awesome
he was cleaning out his desk and found his magic stuff. sound SUCKS, sorry D=
Views: 84 faith5119214
Wayne Houchin with Joel Pashcall
Video clips of magician Wayne Houchin with opener Joel Pachall on May 8th, 2010 at the California Magic Dinner Theatre. We're bringing back the supper club era one fantastic magician at a time! Get your tickets online at www.calmagic.com
Views: 187 CalMagicTheatre
0014 Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp Part 2
Uncle Milo's Story Corner 0014 - Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp from the Blue Fairy Book, Part 2 of 3
awesome magic trick. AGAINST GRAVITY
hey guys this is a pretty cool magic trick that you can show off
Views: 297 michaelsapra
Wedding Party
Magie live par Antoine Leroux Magicien professionnel . Magie pour Entreprises et Particuliers www.magic-hall.com
Views: 230 CloseupMagician
Magic cup,box,dice..3gp
Views: 61 raim016
jeffry casinillo bartender
rehersal in the house of elvie
Views: 186 TheBlitzkrieg009
Dennis Murphy Polkas
A set of polkas brought to you by Armand Aromin and Adam Cole-Mullen, who are more or less based in Boston/Providence. You like Sliabh Luachra? 'Course you do. Thanks to John Joey Abarta, piper extraordinaire and roadie for the weekend, for capturing the sweet, sweet magic. As one of four acts, we performed alongside other fantastic musicians for the show BCMFest Goes Westford. Word? Word.
Views: 2311 fiddlinviolinin
Bryn magic trick disappear! WOW!
Kid makes something disappear! It is amazing! Probably the best magic trick ever. ROLMAO. LMAO. Hilarious. Very very funny. You have to see this. spectacular, This girl is very funny. The end is to die for! Wait for it.
Views: 245 Peter Koszyczarek
lightake:3x3x3 YJ Red Heart Magic Intelligence Test Cube
3x3x3 YJ Red Heart Magic Intelligence Test Cube http://www.lightake.com/detail.do/sku.27664~c.TJB929352010ZYPYDSF Brand new and high quality magic cube Compact and inventive design 3x3x3 YJ Red Hear Magic Intelligence Test Cube Speed smooth puzzle game Rotate the magic cube and try your best to complete it Practice your brain and improve your memory and hand skills
Views: 427 彭国栋
A bit of Magic
.A card trick as taught in Mark Wilson's Complete Course In Magic.
Views: 1405 Alec Mav

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