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Drop & Lock Laminate Flooring Installation Tips and Common Problems
Drop and Lock is the second of the two main types of click together installation methods for laminate flooring. In this video, Brian shows exactly how the planks lock together, and how to avoid the two most common mistakes people make when putting in their floors. https://www.floorstoyourhome.com/laminate-flooring.html Take a look at a drawing of the expansion gap covered by a trim piece here: https://www.floorstoyourhome.com/resource-center/trims-and-moldings/quarter-round The other, even more common installation method is demonstrated in our video on Angle Angle Laminate and Vinyl Flooring Installation Tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCjLfJR33G8 More resources on Laminate Flooring: https://www.floorstoyourhome.com/resource-center/laminate-flooring/ 0:28 - Two main laminate installation systems 0:43 - Getting started 0:56 - The tongue and the groove 1:37 - Common mistake #1 - Boards facing the wrong direction 2:36 - "Dropping" the end joints 3:06 - When end joints are actually locked 3:40 - Using cut pieces from the ends 3:58 - Staggering end seams 4:17 - Second row, and locking the ends 5:35 - Common mistake #2 - connecting end joints before long sides 6:51 - Third row and beyond 7:48 - Locking down the last row Follow us! Our blog - https://www.floorstoyourhome.com/blog/ Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/floorstoyourhome Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/FTYHflooring/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/FTYHFlooring Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/105934985842168087390/ Video thrown together by W. David Lichty at https://plus.google.com/u/0/108827368707254123936
Innovative Warehouse & Loading Dock Solutions (short version)
4Front Engineered Solutions recently appeared 21st Century Business Television to discuss the common challenges businesses face at the loading dock and beyond and some innovative solutions to help increase productivity and support sustainability initiatives.
Medical Device Innovation
Paul Yock, Professor of Medicine and Founding Co-Chairof Stanford's Program in Biodesign, led this interactive panel discussion on medical device innovation. Panelists included Darin Buxbaum of Hourglass Technologies, Darren Hite of Aberdare Ventures, Mohit Kaushal of the West Wireless Health Institute, and Uday Kumar of iRhythm. More Information ---------------------- Stanford Biodesign http://innovation.stanford.edu/bdn/index.jsp Aberdare Ventures http://www.aberdare.com/ West Wireless Health Institute http://www2.westwirelesshealth.org/ iRhythm http://www.irhythmtech.com/
kanna's project
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Driving innovation to supply energy for the future - Shell's Chief Scientists
Shell's Chief Scientists are thought leaders in their own specialised areas. Meet them to see how they work to drive innovation forward -- often with expert partners from industry and academia. They discuss how industry, governments and society must work together to tackle the challenge of meeting rising energy needs with lower CO2 emissions. With the faster development of technologies over recent years, they suggest that the industry could be on the brink of a technology revolution. Welcome to Shell’s official YouTube channel. Subscribe here to learn about the future of energy, see our new technology and innovation in action or watch highlights from our major projects around the world. Here you’ll also find videos on jobs and careers, motorsports, the Shell Eco-marathon as well as new products like Shell V-Power. If you have any thoughts or questions, please comment, like or share. Together we can #makethefuture Visit our Website: http://www.shell.com/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Shell/ Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shell/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/shell Look us up on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/royaldutchshell Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/1271/
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Sustainable Innovation Definition, Elementary Style
http://perspectives.3ds.com/design/3d-3p-sustainable-innovation/ So what does sustainable innovation mean? Everybody says everything and anything about it and the concept can get blurry sometimes. We thought we'd give our own definition, elementary style, to get things clear!
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95 Times More Profitable Products, Predictive Innovation Training
http://www.PredictiveInnovation.com/ Learn how to use Predictive Innovation to predict what customers will want and how to make it so that you can increase profits reduce risk, and neutralize competition. Find new markets, create new products, increase return on investment.
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Join Nash TT's Richard Ballard as he shows you one of his favourite items from the Nash TT range, Triggalink, the revolutionary self hooking braid! Richard also shows you the rigs he uses with Triggalink to bank more fish! Stay up to date with all our new products, news and updates on the links below! Check out our Website: http://nashtackle.co.uk Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialNashTackle Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/officialnashtackle Hot news on our Twitter: https://twitter.com/NashTackleUK
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Ryobi innovations
BMF Melbourne have launched a 45sec TVC for the new Ryobi 36V Battery Lawnmower. To promote this innovation, the TVC focuses on the lack of product development since the first petrol mower, in an unusual way.
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LEO: innovative LED  lighting for creating a sense of place
LEO is Landscape Forms newest, most advanced and most versatile LED lighting. This very smart design from industrial designer John Rizzi provides pedestrian and street lighting in contrasting scale and common style with energy efficient LED technology and innovative optics, retrofit capability to poles in existing installations, and visual compatibility with the Landscape Forms family of site furniture products in contemporary and traditional settings.
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Thor Technologies - Innovations in Power Protection and Filtration
http://thortechnologies.com.au Thor Technologies' engineers and manufactures power protection and filtration hardware specifically for the conditions experienced by consumers in Australia and New Zealand. 100% Australian-owned, all Thor products are backed by a no-questions-asked replacement warranty. From portable units for safeguarding your laptop 'on the road', rackmount solutions for large A/V and computer systems to hardwired main circuit protection, Thor Technologies lets you choose the right option for your needs and budget.
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Oracle's Latest CRM for Communications Innovations
Oracle's latest CRM innovations for the Communications industry allow a cross-channel customer experience, rapid introduction of new services, and advanced product promotions.
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Amy B. Smith - How to Design a Better World: Low-Cost Innovations that Solve Global Solutions
The Wilson Lecture: Amy B. Smith - How to Design a Better World: Low-Cost Innovations that Solve Global Problems Amy Smith of MIT's D-Lab discusses her common-sense approach to helping developing nations: Invent cheap, low-tech devices that use local resources so that communities can ultimately help themselves. Smith has won several prestigious prizes for her inventions aimed at developing nations, including the B.F. Goodrich Collegiate Inventors Award and a MacArthur Fellowship.
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Age and Time
Amber and Sunflower is at candle store. Its Sunflower's mother's birthday. Amber tells Sunflower to buy candles of her mother's age. But Sunflower doesn't know her mother's age. Grandmother Fanny helps her to find her age. This is a product of Mexus Education Pvt. Ltd., an education innovations company based in Mumbai, India. http://www.mexuseducation.com, http://www.ikenstore.in
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How Innovation can succeed in Global & Rural Market part 1
As a prelude to Aegis Graham Bell Awards 2011, Aegis and Bloomberg UTV presented Telecom Innovation Series on Bloomberg UTV. This panel discussion series of 12 Episodes is a platform for global business leaders, entrepreneurs, regulators and innovators in the TIME domain to share their wisdom and ideas. Speakers: Ms. Mini Menon, Moderator, Executive Editor, Bloomberg UTV; Mr. Bhupesh Daheria, CEO, Aegis School of Business and Telecommunication; Mr. Sunil Sukhija, Director, Procurement, Huawei; Mr. Brij Juneja, Global HR Head, Microqual Aegis Graham Bell Award, the largest innovation award in field of Telecom, Internet, Media and Edutainment. Intended to promote innovation in the field of TIME and to provide recognition for outstanding contributions. This award is an initiative of by Aegis School of Business & Telecommunication and organized with support of Convergence India, Cellular Operator Association of India (COAI), Telecom Center of Excellence (TCOE) and Deloitte. for more details visit: www.bellaward.com and www.aegis.edu.in
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Waste To Watts - Dell Social Innovation Competition 2011
Waste To Watts (W2W): Solution-Based Recycling Our mission is to create innovative products from re-purposed electronic waste to meet the energy dilemmas of the developing world. The Problem Imagine yourself at the hospital bed of a loved one. The doctors and nurses have rushed in to resuscitate. His or her life hangs in the balance, not because of a device malfunction or health complication, but a power outage. After volunteering as hospital technicians in Africa during the summer of 2009, James Molini, Adam Kurzrok, Matt Byrne, and Chris Hamman, who witnessed harrowing situations akin to the one previously described, were inspired to form Waste to Watts only months later. The World Bank has quantified the problem and went so far as to cite energy poverty in developing countries as one of the worlds most widespread and debilitating crises. Due to energy shortages and inefficiencies, electricity blackouts stemming from load shedding and mismanagement can blanket communities for hours every week, sometimes every day. A 2007 study of hospitals in 10 developing world nations revealed that the most common cause of failure in medical devices is an inadequate power supply. Energy poverty not only plagues hospitals, but also small businesses and households, who would never be able to afford the luxury of $300 generators or even a $70 uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Where the electrical grid is available, the overstrained infrastructure is subject to surges, daily blackouts, and enormous variations in line voltages. These problems result in routine damage to electronics (both consumer and medical) and hospitals often find themselves discarding or abandoning a $5,000 piece of equipment due to a $1 electrical component failure. OECD nations donate hundreds of millions of dollars worth of medical equipment to the developing world each year; yet, according to the World Health Organization, nearly 80% of medical equipment in the developing world does not work. Ongoing data collection by Duke University's Engineering World Health reveals that nearly a third of these devices are damaged due to power-related failures. Looming alongside this massive energy crisis is the continued proliferation of enormous quantities of environmentally harmful electronic waste around the world. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, in 2007 a total of 157 million computer-related electronics were discarded in the US alone, an estimated 80% of which ended up in landfills. Further, almost three-quarters of hazardous heavy metals in landfills come from these electronics. In addition, the Blacksmith Institute named Used Dead Lead Acid Battery Recycling as one of the Worlds 10 Worst Pollution Problems in 2008. In countless communities across the world, dead lead acid batteries are disposed of improperly. Due to their limited lifetime they continue to be produced in large quantities, especially with the growing consumption of motorized vehicles in the developing world. Company Summary Waste to Watts LLC (W2W) commits to creating innovative products from repurposed electronic waste that meets the energy dilemmas of developing economies. The World Bank names energy poverty in developing economies as one of the world's most widespread and debilitating crises, and estimates that the average developing world business or hospital can experience 18 power outages in a single month. Business value lost due to power outages exceeds 10% annually in developing economies, sapping billions of dollars from these nations and critically damaging quality of life. Concurrently, habitual consumerism and proliferation of cheap electronics continue to drive the disposal of vast quantities of electronics worldwide. 400 million units of environmentally hazardous electronic waste are discarded annually - 80% of which ends up in landfills.
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Are you a person with ideas?
Worldwide open innovation network. We connect people or agencies with ideas (for any brand/product/service) with freelancers or agencies who are skilled to develop ideas into 360 concepts, with Corporations who need either rough ideas, or full-aspect 360 proposals / concepts. You can sell your idea no matter: * its stage:still rough idea, draft material or finalized 360 concept * if simple or genius * the brand, product or service When needed, freelancers work in teams online to develop full-aspect proposals out of rough ideas and drafts. They are talents in the 28 fields including: * brand marketers& researchers * trade marketing experts * communication & PR * web communication, social media * event specialists * designers (graphic, industrial, flash, animation) * copywriters * sales & Key account talents * legal * finance & business planners Corporations in all industries can benefit: FMCG, retail, fashion, cosmetics, health & beauty, Hi Tech etc. We now have The Coca-Cola company as our Corporate client, 50+ concepts initiated by the Crowd. Specialties Freelancing, Crowd source talents, Crowd source ideas and insights, Innovative ideas
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Causes and Signs of Fungal Infection - Your Health TV
What opens the door to fungus? Dr. Becker describes the causes and signs of fungal infections. Your Health TV was brought to you by Bio Innovations. http://www.bioinnovations.net/ The products and statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Vitamin D & COPD, Exercise & Colds - Your Health TV
Dr. Becker discusses Vitamin D and COPD as well as the relation between physical exercise and the common cold. Your Health TV was brought to you by Bio Innovations. http://www.bioinnovations.net/ The products and statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food
Product Design Process with Systematic Innovation
http://www.c2c-solutions.com A product design process using systematic innovation including best practice innovation tools, Kano Model, CAGE model and innovation course. Describes the 8-Step new product development process that takes customer requirements into account. Customized training and workshops are available. Contact us at (248) 879-8040.
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Social Innovation through Corporate Social Responsibility
Debra Dunn, former Vice President of Global Citizenship at Hewlett Packard, discussed the opportunities and challenges of implementing a robust corporate social responsibility strategy and aligning with the demands of numerous stakeholders. More info: http://csi.gsb.stanford.edu/
Learn How Edison Nation Works!
Have you ever thought, "wouldn't it be cool if…"? We exist to get product ideas out of your head and onto retail shelves, all at no risk to you. Learn more at EdisonNation.com: http://bit.ly/1oxgQ9d Have you ever had an idea for a new product -- or a way to make an existing product better? Having a great idea is the easy part... It's what to do next where most would-be inventors get stuck, give up or get the wrong advice. That's where Edison Nation can help. Edison Nation is the nation's trusted source when it comes to turning great ideas into real products that consumers really want! We work directly with top retailers, manufacturers and ASOTV companies who are looking for new product ideas and innovations. They tell us what they're looking for and we post it on our site. They're what we call, a Live Product Search, and all inventors are invited to submit their ideas. Just go to http://www.EdisonNation.com/ to learn more about how to get involved in our exciting community of inventors and idea people... just like you!
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New Innovation Tool
New Innovation Tool from Pac Cutter Buy it at: http://paccutterblade.webs.com/
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Titan Controls - Atlas 3
http://titancontrols.net/products/co2-devices/atlas-3.aspx Titan Controls - Atlas 3 The Atlas 3 is easy to set up and simple to use. It controls and monitors CO2 from 400 to 5000 parts per million (PPM) and offers CO2 enrichment or CO2 exhaust features. Plastic enclosure resists dust and moisture. Another innovative product brought to you by Titan Controls! * Controls and monitors CO2 from 400 to 5000 parts per million (PPM). * CO2 enrichment or CO2 exhaust features. * ETL listed for use in commercial applications * Easy to set-up and operate. * Plastic enclosure resists dust and moisture. * 5 Amps/120 Volts/60 Hz. * 3 year warranty. Item #702608 Q: Why do gardeners enrich their growing space with CO2? A: CO2 is proven to speed up a plants growth rate, improve overall health and increase a plants yield. There are also many other benefits to plants, among them greater resistance to temperature extremes and other forms of stress, better growth at low light intensities, improved root/top ratios and less injury from air pollutants. Q: What methods can I use to enrich CO2 in my indoor garden or greenhouse? A: The two most common methods are using a CO2 generator/burner or bottled CO2. The most common generator/burner uses LP (liquid propane) gas from a tank. We also sell a NG (natural gas) conversion kit. This allows you to hook up your generator/burner to the natural gas line in your house. The other option is to purchase bottled CO2 from a local supplier in your area and control its release into your garden area using a Titan Controls CO2 controller (Atlas 1) or short cycle repeat cycle timer with photocell. It should be noted that there is no advantage to increasing CO2 levels beyond 2000 PPM for most greenhouse plants. The optimum level of CO2 for plant growth is generally accepted at 1200 - 1600 PPM. About Sunlight Supply Founded in 1995, Sunlight Supply, Inc., is a Vancouver, WA based manufacturer and distributor of specialty gardening supplies. Our product offering of over 4,000 different products include everything needed for indoor, hydroponic, organic and greenhouse gardening. We also distribute a wide variety of products for the outdoor gardener. Sunlight Supply is a wholesale only business, selling our products exclusively through our Authorized Dealer Partners. Our exclusive brands include Sun System brand grow lights, Sun Blaze T5 HO Fluorescent grow lights, Galaxy Digital Ballasts, Master Blaster 1500 watt Digital Ballasts, Adjust a Wings, Phresh Carbon Filters, Ultra Sun horticultural lamps, Eco Plus, Ideal Air, Titan Controls, Flame Defender Fire Extinguishers, Mother Earth, Gro Pro and many more. Sun System has become the #1 leading brand of grow lights for indoor and greenhouse gardening. Whether you are a hobbyist growing one orchid or a large commercial greenhouse, we have the experience and products you need. Whether you garden as a hobby or commercially, hydroponically or in soil, indoors or outdoors, Sunlight Supply offers all of the products you need for a successful growing experience. http://titancontrols.net/products/co2-devices/atlas-3.aspx http://www.sunlightsupply.com
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Lighting Innovation at Laguna Design Center's Designer Runway
Judy Ziccardi debuts their design for the audience and celebrity judges.
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Presentation - Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology
Panel Detail Monday, November 7, 2011 11:15 AM - 11:40 AM Presentation - Center for Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT), a nonprofit consortium of Boston's leading teaching hospitals and universities, fosters inter-institutional collaborations among physicians and engineers/technologists to rapidly improve patient care by solving unmet medical needs through innovative devices, procedures, and care delivery processes. CIMIT facilitation is enabled by CoLab, a secure, cloud-based software platform combining the CIMIT model, open innovation principles, and social media and smart search technologies. CIMIT's Accelerator Program facilitates technological innovations that have a reasonable chance of being handed off to industry within 18 months. The Accelerator team de-risks the solution, and develops and executes a complete strategy for getting the solution into healthcare. Presenter Steven C. Schachter, Chief Academic Officer, CIMIT, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
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Dialight LED Lighting Corporate Video
Dialight (LSE: DIA.L) defines the current state of LED lighting technology with continuous innovations in light output, efficacy and reliability for their complete line of high-specification lighting fixtures specifically designed for industrial, commercial, hazardous location, transportation & infrastructure applications. These results are directly related to the company's ongoing commitment to advancing solid-state lighting products that vastly reduce maintenance, improve safety, ease disposal, and are more environmentally friendly -- thereby helping to reduce CO2 emissions, the dominant GHG contributor to global warming. The company is headquartered in the UK with operations in the USA, UK, Denmark, Germany, Australia and Mexico. More information about the company, its LED products and solid-state lighting technologies can be found at www.dialight.com.
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Milking the Rhino: Household Cooking Innovations
Poor indoor air quality and household biomass consumption are both being addressed more and more in the development community. Yet many of these organizations loose sight of the perspectives and desires of those they intend to serve. In this film, Cooking Innovations shows the early steps they are taking to create effective and appropriate solutions to improve indoor air quality around the world.
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Wholesale Banking Trends & Higher Standards  l Tony Smith, ACI Worldwide
Tony Smith of ACI Worldwide, provides his insights on current customer innovation and future trends in wholesale payments. http://www.ACIWorldwide.com The Payments Industry is unforgiving because the tolerance for any kind of outage in payments has steadily come down and down, in that 10 years ago it was probably acceptable to have the Payment System off the air for an hour every month. Now it's really not acceptable to have it off the air ever. There's really zero tolerance for outage. So the stakes get higher and the standards have to get better and better. A bank that's a leader in the payment space really has to be good at three separate things. They have to have really competitive payment products and that means that they have to differentiate themselves in the payment offerings that they make to their different customer segments. They have to be best in class in Payments Operations. They need efficiency and completely competent Payment Operations that, again, just like the Payment System are never down and never not working. They need really good IT support for payments. They need to be good at all three of those things to be best in class in payments. There's a bank in the Americas which had very fragmented payment systems as a result of acquisitions and a legacy of internal development. With a single instance of MTS with an amazing improvement in their unit costs and their efficiency they were able to replace all of those payment systems. In Europe there's a bank which was highly respected as having some of the most innovative payment products and as often happens because they had developed their systems internally for many years and really had very impressive, very sophisticated systems they were quite sure that no package could ever do what their homegrown systems could do. There were some gaps. There always are when you're replacing a very sophisticated homegrown system. I think it was quite amazing that the gaps were tiny and at the noise level and that off the shelf, MTS as a payment engine could replace almost all of their very high-end homegrown functionality. In Asia, I can point to a bank which very proudly tells us that when they first installed MTS as their RTGS Payment System their staff for back office operations was reduced by half. Over the next several years, their volume increased five-fold and their staff never went up at all. There's a bank that I'm particularly impressed with that is very innovative in their operational approach. They have branches in different countries around the world. These can be addressed with a single consistent MTS Solution that processes their payments the same way in all countries. Because of their consistency they're able to distribute their operational workload. They can have' follow the sun' processing. They can have Operation Centers backing each other up and in particular almost all of the routine payments work is done by a shared Service Center in India. If I think back over the last 20 or 30 years the very important innovations I think have come from the ability to change the definition of payment processing and create innovative payment products simply by defining rules in the payment engine. It wasn't long ago maybe even five or ten years where all of this would involve changing the software, writing new lines of code but now a lot of the product management and the operations support can be done simply by changing rules in the payment engine. This gives a bank a lot of flexibility and the ability to narrowly focus their products on different customer segments. We've seen examples where unique payment products have been created. For example in the energy industry, in the movie industry in one case, and in particular, for the mortgage industry which have unique payments requirements. We're also going to see real innovation in the managed part of payment processing which is in the back office and that means we're going to see the final frontier start to break down. Where the bank can really run all of its payments on a common platform and we'll start to rationalize some of the differences in the payment industry, some of the inefficiencies and be able to really have best in class Payment Processing across the entire Payment Lifecycle. SUBSCRIBE HERE TO SEE MORE GREAT VIDEOS ► http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ACIWorldwide SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST CHANNEL ► https://itunes.apple.com/gw/podcast/aci-worldwide-podcast-series/id820468115?mt=2 CONNECT WITH ACI WORLDWIDE Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/aciworldwide Twitter ► https://twitter.com/aci_worldwide LinkedIn ► https://www.linkedin.com/company/aci-worldwide Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+Aciworldwideinc/
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Placing the Correct Value on your Product or Services
Lolo Siderman is the Founder & CEO of Gypsywing Media (http://www.gypsywing.com). CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE FROM THIS EXPERT: http://www.docstoc.com/profile/Lolo-Siderman Docstoc has over 20 million business and legal documents to help you grow and manage your small business and professional life. Attorney reviewed documents to save you time and money. Click the link below to learn more: http://www.docstoc.com/premium
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Innovation at the FDA
Ever wonder how FDA regulators view opportunities for transformative medical products? What examples serve as guides and inspirations for the development of innovative medical products? Jonathan Sackner-Bernstein, associate center director for technology and innovation at the FDA's device center, tackles these questions as he lays out the challenges for medtech innovators. [vpagency]
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Cool Innovation-USB FAN!!!!.mp4
Really Innovative!!!!!!!!!
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New paradigm: Proliferative Innovation
The consumerization of technology is forcing traditionalists at IT departments within enterprises to relook at how they manage the introduction of technologies into the enterprise. Steve Hodgkinson, research director at Ovum, sees consumerization as merely the beginning of an even larger movement within the enterprise and one that sees the impact beyond IT - what he calls proliferative innovation.
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Poly Density Bottle
When the 1L bottle is shaken, blue and white beads mix as expected. However, when allowed to settle, the beads separate, white at the top and blue at the bottom. Then, the two separated colored beads slowly come together in the center of the liquid. Available from Educational Innovations, Inc. at http://www.teachersource.com/product/poly-density-kit/density
Understanding MIPI
This video provides a high level view of popular MIPI protocols and helps you get up to speed with latest mobile market innovations. We will also introduce IP solutions that can help you differentiate your products in the mobile market space.
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Veijo Merilainen on Innovation in the Agri-Food Industry of Finland - The Experience of Valio
A Flavour of the Future took place on 5 July 2011 at the Concert Hall, RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, in association with the RDS and the Sunday Business Post. This conference is supported by Bord Bia, Bank of Ireland and The Irish Farmers Journal. Session 2: Innovation for Quality, Productivity and Sustainability Veijo Meriläinen former Executive Vice President, International Operations & Innovations, Valio Ltd Speech Title: Innovation in the Agri-Food Industry of Finland - The Experience of Valio
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Faces of Chemistry: Crop protection products (Syngenta) - Video 3 (16+)
A scientist from Syngenta explains the chemistry involved in crop protection products. Aimed at students aged 16+. Faces of Chemistry provides insight into real-life applications of chemistry involved in making products we use in everyday life. These short videos, aimed at students aged 11-19, are produced in collaboration with leading chemical companies and document views of scientists passionate about the impact they are having on the real world. For more information and to see more videos, please visit http://www.rsc.org/FacesofChemistry
Looking to Africa for Ideas About How to Fight Hunger
I'm Alex Villarreal with the VOA Special English Agriculture Report, from http://voaspecialenglish.com | http://facebook.com/voalearningenglish Sub-Saharan Africa has the world's highest hunger rate. The United Nations says thirty percent of the people were undernourished last year. But a new report says African farmers also have ideas that could help the world fight hunger and poverty. Danielle Nierenberg from the Worldwatch Institute in Washington spent a year visiting twenty-five countries south of the Sahara. In Nairobi, Kenya, for example, Ms. Nierenberg found women farmers growing vegetables just outside their doorsteps in the Kibera settlement. She says the area is crowded, dirty and noisy. But the people are finding ways to make their lives better.The women use old sacks filled with soil. They cut holes in the sides of the tall bags so air gets to the seeds. The women feed the vegetables to their families and sell their surplus. They use the money to send their children to school.Last year, an estimated nine hundred twenty-five million people worldwide did not get enough to eat. Half of all people in the world now live in and around cities. Researchers like Ms. Nierenberg are looking increasingly at creative ideas to feed those who are malnourished. She said there are a lot of lessons that people in the Western world can learn from Africa. And what they are doing can be done in other developing countries.Farmers in the developing world lose between twenty and forty percent of their harvest before it ever reaches market. Asma Lateef from the group Bread for the World says there are many reasons why food gets wasted. Farmers are without electricity and cold storage. They lack good seeds and fertilizer. They lack good roads. Ms. Lateef says conditions like these keep small farmers in poverty.Danielle Nierenberg says more attention needs to be paid to protecting harvests. In Nigeria, village processing centers are helping farmers reduce their losses and earn more money. The centers process cassava, a root vegetable, into basic food products. In Uganda, the Worldwatch report says some schools are teaching children how to grow local crops. And in South Africa and Kenya the report praises the breeding of local kinds of livestock. These animals may produce less milk or meat than other breeds, but they can survive heat and drought conditions. The report is called "State of the World 2011: Innovations That Nourish the Planet."For VOA Special English I'm Alex Villarreal. (Adapted from a radio program broadcast 25Jan2011)
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The PleatPak and Magic Bag - Innovation in Motion
Creation of Innovation - www.GreenDustries.com
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SmallTalk - 2011 Innovation Pipeline Pitch Competition
SmallTalk was chosen as one of three companies to compete in a live pitch competition for $10,00 in web design services from Digital Surgeons. The three finalists were chosen from a pool of applicants who sent in their "elevator pitch" through a video. SmallTalk is a mobile application that supports face-to-face networking by linking users with shared interests. The application does this by accessing publicly available social network data and feeding it to users at events. Currently the application is being tailored for use in large networking events and conferences where attendees may find it difficult to start a conversation. Using the application gives the attendee an instant feed of who is at the event, including sponsors and vendors, and what interests they have in common. http://getsmalltalk.com/ --- Nearly 400 entrepreneurs, investors and service providers gathered on October 27, 2011 at The Omni Hotel in New Haven for the Fifth Annual Innovation Pipeline Awards, a celebration of the most promising early stage and emerging technology companies in Connecticut identified by the Connecticut Technology Council (CTC) as having the best potential to be a successful enterprise. The Pipeline Awards was part of a larger event being held that day called the: Cantor Colburn/CCAT/ First Niagara Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit, which included the Northeast ACA Angel Summit sponsored by Connecticut's Angel Investor Forum. Nearly 100 angel investors from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania attended to hear from five companies presented to fellow angels by one of the many participating angel groups for the sake of deal syndication. As that early day program came to an end, the crowd was joined by nearly another 300 attendees for the late afternoon/ evening program, the Pipeline Awards followed by the Technology Showcase. 70 "Companies to Watch" sharing their technology products and services with attendees in a poster fair. Click here for more info on the event http://bit.ly/tdNqwc
TEDxUFM - Luke Williams: Ideas are the Recipes
Luke G. Williams is a leading consultant, educator, and speaker who specializes in disruptive thinking and innovation strategy. He has worked with international industry leaders such as American Express, GE, Sony, Crocs, Virgin, Disney, and Hewlett-Packard, to develop new products, services, and brands. Luke Williams is a fellow at Frog Design and adjunct professor of innovation at the New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business. He is the author of Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Young entrepreneur explores energy innovation near rural hometown
http://www.minnpost.com/ruralmn — Because of today's technology, a rural location and small metropolitan size are not the limiting factors to business development that they once were, says Jayden Grupe, 25.
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Augmented Reality Apps Bring the Past to Life
Complete video at: http://fora.tv/conference/l2_mobile_geolocal Patrick Sarkissian and Aaron Sedlak discuss two ad campaigns built around innovative augmented reality smartphone apps -- a New York-based indie music history app for online retailer eMusic, and "inside-out museum" concept for the Museum of London. ----- AARON SEDLAK | Creative Director, Sarkissian Mason PATRICK SARKISSIAN | CEO and Founder, Sarkissian Mason "Best Practices in Prestige Mobile Campaigns" Currently leading creative at Sarkissian Mason, Aaron has experienced the agency world in all its formats. His past agency experience has spanned boutique to global, digital to print, and every medium and trademarked approach in between. Lately, his focus has been on bridging the gap between technology and reality -- the intersection of what's next and what people will actually engage with (and love). Sarkissian Mason is a digital creative agency founded on our core strengths of strategic innovation and customer engagement. Our long-term client relationships with Ferragamo, Mazda, eMusic, CNN and others are based on a mutual respect for creating disruptive ideas that bring brands attention and results.
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Is there a traditional perspective of Truth and Reconciliation?
A presentation by Honourable Mr. Justice Murray Sinclair as part of the Indigenous Knowledge Seminar Series offered by Aboriginal Focus Programs, Extended Education, the University of Manitoba, held during an open house held at the University of Manitoba DOWNTOWN: Aboriginal Education Centre. Justice Sinclair is the Chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, established as an outcome of the 2006 Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement. The University of Manitoba has made a commitment to helping the Commission achieve its objectives http://umanitoba.ca/visionary/human-rights.html. Justice Sinclair has served as Associate Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of Manitoba since 1988 and the Court of Queen's Bench of Manitoba since 2001. Shortly after his appointment as Associate Chief Judge of the Provincial Court of Manitoba in 1988, he was appointed Co-Commissioner, along with Court of Queen's Bench Associate Chief Justice A.C. Hamilton, of Manitoba's Aboriginal Justice Inquiry. That inquiry looked into the treatment of Aboriginal people by the justice system and made more than 300 recommendations for change including the establishment of tribal courts. Justice Sinclair was born and raised on the Old St. Peter's Indian Reserve in the Selkirk area north of Winnipeg. He graduated from the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Law in 1979 and taught as an adjunct professor of Law as well as adjunct professor in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Manitoba. His Ojibway name is Mizanageezhik (One Who Speaks of Pictures in the Sky). He is a member of the traditional Midewiwin Society.
Kendal Promising Innovations
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Career Opportunities at Micronas (german, english subtitle)
http://www.micronas.com/en/company/career http://www.micronas.com/de/unternehmen/karriere Innovations thrive on ideas, and technology is an ever-changing field. Our ideal candidate provides capability, commitment, enthusiasm and the firm will to stay ahead of the game. Today, a team of 900 employees operating well together all around the world researches, develops and produces industry-leading silicon solutions. If continually enhancing products and solutions and driving pioneering projects ahead challenges you and if you feel this constant sense of change and new direction is for you, we would like you to join us.
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The Myth of the Low F Vent
Morrie Backun and Eddie Daniels discuss the myth of the Low F Vent and what exactly it does for the Clarinet. It is common knowledge that many Clarinets suffer from tuning issues on the Low F. The new MOBA Bb and A Clarinets have a standard Low F Vent that helps tune this note, which is vital in much of today's Clarinet repertoire. In this video, Morrie Backun and Eddie Daniels talk about the design and function of this key and vent, changing the way you think about your Clarinet's tuning. No more compensating for bad tuning. So turn up the volume and hear for yourself the difference between playing in tune, and not! To learn more about Backun products and the artists who play them: visit our website, find us on Facebook and follow us on twitter! www.backunmusical.com www.facebook.com/backunmusical @backunmusical Produced by www.unitednathanproductions.com

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