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See the common in the different and the different in the common: Brian Mullen at TEDxSpringfield
Brian Mullen, Ph.D and CEO of Therapeutic Systems is an entrepreneur, design engineer and researcher with a passion for designing innovative medical products and assistive technologies. In this TEDx talk he shares his journey as an engineer entering the field of mental health and brain disorders to develop products to improve the quality of life and enhance the quality of care for people with disorders such as Autism, PTSD, and anxiety based disorders. The theme of TEDxSpringfield's inaugural event held on October 18, 2013, was "Driving Innovation Through Diversity and Inclusion". We are a group of passionate volunteers that believe Springfield and its surrounding areas are full of Ideas Worth Spreading. Springfield is the "City of Firsts" -- the first basketball game, the first motorcycle, the first "Springfield". This event focused on how to use our diversity to bring back the innovation. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Bharath Agro Products innovation
Straw combine
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Innovation Happens in India in Rural India " Common man Innovations "
See this video and Decide If innovation Happens only in hitech Labs ... No It will Happen in Brains . Creativity is born in the Eye of innovator See This and you will feel the fire in them .Watch out
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Science of Innovation -- Smart Concrete
Concrete is one of the most common construction materials in the world, with its basic technology dating back to the ancient Romans. Engineers like Professor Deborah Chung at the State University of New York at Buffalo are using the innovation process to turn this old idea into a new technology. "Science of Innovation" is produced in partnership with the National Science Foundation and the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
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Financing Innovation: Common Mistakes Even Great Investors Make
Innovation cannot happen without the funding to bring an idea to life. In this webinar Stanford Professor Peter DeMarzo, Senior Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Business and instructor within the Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate, discusses how to value ideas and innovations so they receive the proper funds to launch. Learn more at: http://create.stanford.edu/
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Top Innovative Design Ideas ..
XTRUD Concept Phone The tech industry is on an innovation overdrive, what's fresh today gets obsolete within days. The loss belongs to the end consumer actually; we all felt the twinge when Apple introduced two new iPhones barely months apart. Its human nature to want the newer product, hence designer Francois Rybarczyk has a good solution for this: the XTRUD Concept Phone. • One part supports all the components, and features a very simple aluminum or plastic profile. • The architecture allows the users to easily replace the phone components, (for example changing the original camera module for the new Sony one), but it also allows the users to change and customize the design of their phone by buying new profile parts. *Disclaimer "Sony" is just for representational purposes only and doesn't reflect the company's ideations. Designer: Francois Rybarczyk Wearable Device: Smart Watch First it was the desktop computer, then it was the laptop, and then it was mobile devices. What's next in the progression? Many speculate the wearable device... and if it's anything like this concept by Zissou then we're all for it! Wrist-Borne combines the functionalities of fitness-tracking band, cellphone, and wristwatch into one device that focuses on practicality and ease-of-use in a surprisingly simple way. No buttons, no knobs...it's the opposite of the Swiss army knife in this category, and that's why it works! Features:BluetoothPairs with your phone/computer/tablet3-axis accelerometerRetina-quality touch displayUSB Connection/storageBlood flow monitorPerspiration monitorThermometerWater resistant Designer: Zissou Ecooking vertical kitchen Space crunch + kitchen has always equalled to a compromised kitchen. Realistically speaking, designer Massimo Facchinetti has nailed it with his Ecooking vertical kitchen. This single module kitchen is a hub for sustainable cooking. The technologies of the project highlight energy-saving systems, and come integrated with an internal retrieval of energy system. This is achieved thanks to the close proximity and interaction of appliances with each other and the exchange of heat and moisture. Ecooking vertical kitchen • The electrical elements of the kitchen are powered by the energy produced by solar panels. • On one side of the kitchen module there is placed a small vertical garden, which allows the cultivation of aromatic plants for daily use. • The water coming from the sink is filtered and reused in the dishwasher; then undergoes a second filtering process and is used to water the plants in the vertical greenhouse. • A retractable tap that disappears into the sink. • Large refrigerator, an integrated cooking system (induction hob and microwave), systems for rinsing and washing (sink and dishwasher with adequate capacity). • The rotating hood contains a light that follows you while operating around the column and softens in different shades at lunchtime and when using the extractable tables. • In the hood the air treatment system, based on nanomaterials of titanium dioxide, it purifies the ambient air and is capable of purifying a medium sized room in a few hours. Designer: Massimo Facchinetti for CLEI Fusion Kitchen Knives You have to credit the simplicity that the Fusion Kitchen Knives exude. A literal mix of East and West, Industrial design and craftsmanship, the knife set blend in the common language of design and tell the story. Handmade in Kyoto as a limited edition by Japanese artist- craftsman Issei Hanaoka, these knives are inspired by the traditional Japanese art of wood crafting and they have a minimalist design: extremely simple yet modern and universal. Fusion Kitchen Knives Details An ergonomic handle for slip-resistant ultra-comfort grip. Available in two sizes and two types of blade: serrated, ideal for bread, and non-serrated, ideal for cheese, fruit, and desserts. Thanks to their ultra-fine edge, the knives are extremely sharp but also easy to sharpen. For the packaging, the traditional Japanese boxes "kiribako" have been re-defined according to Italian design where shape is driven by purpose. Material: Ebony / White Maple
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Simple Innovations Revolutionize Farming in Zanzibar
ZANZIBAR, Tanzania -- Meet the farmers of Umwamwema, a subsistence farming collective that is using innovations like drip irrigation and pesticides that are old news in the US but a potentially life-changing innovation in Africa.
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Innovation in supply chains
Cooperation in competitive supply chains with focus on valuable innovative product development. Flemming Chr. - student, VIA University College
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Nanotechnology Innovations Enterprise
Featured at Michigan Tech's 2013 Undergraduate Expo April, 18th! The Nanotechnology Innovations Enterprise will be on hand to discuss and display what they've been up to this year. Here's a short preview...
Innovative, safe & beautiful baby care products
More Info :- http://www.bebitza.com Bebitza specialises in baby care and parenting essentials that answer common needs with creativity. We fuse practicality with imagination to craft innovative family products. Our approach to design is exciting, fun and forward thinking, resulting in items that offer better solutions to parents everywhere.
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Things We Do At CG Design And Innovations LLC
Here are some of the work that we did in the past.Here at this company we will design any product that is request by any other company.Our Designer Engineer Is Certified In Solidworks And Has 40 Hour Training In Mastercam Software.Our Mechanical Engineer has been a Machinist for 20 years and been in the field of Down The Hole Hammer for the past seven year.Our Engineer has design a new airflow system for Horizontal Directional Drilling Product And Down the Hole Hammer.Check Us Out At www.CGDesigInnovations.com New design Horizontal Directional Drilling Hammer With New Airflow System. PATENT PENDING ON Our New Airflow System For HDDP Contact us at our website or our youtube channel. Contact Email [email protected] Thank You Best Regards Charles G
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Sustainable Development, Innovation and Societal Transitions: René Kemp
Professor René Kemp, who runs our research theme on 'Sustainable Development, Innovation and Societal Transitions' talks about our priorities, projects and working with policymakers. http://www.merit.unu.edu/themes/4-sustainable-development-innovation-and-societal-transitions/ Transcript: The research theme I'm leading is Sustainable Development, Innovation and Societal Transitions. So it's about three issues: sustainable development which is about environmental protection and development processes; innovation which is about innovation, novelty of different sorts; and societal transitions, which is about fundamental changes in systems of production and consumption, something that goes beyond individual innovations. It's really about transformations of society. What is your methodology for studying green innovation? In my group we use different methodologies. I'm kind of eclectic, in the sense that I use different methodologies, case study analyses, survey analyses and also a little bit econometrics. I try to bring that together. Others such as Michiko Izuka uses an innovation system framework for studying processes of innovation and development, a multi-disciplinary framework which looks at markets, actors and institutions, and Adriaan van Zon is at the other end of the extreme I would say in doing formal analyses, for instance analyses of the transition away from fossil fuels. What projects are you currently involved in? At the moment I'm working on three projects. The first one is about the next generation of solar cells, it's called organic solar cells, which are still in the stage of the laboratory. The second project is called EmInInn. It's a micro environmental assessment of innovations. We also consider rebound effects and the co-production of such effects and the third project is about green energy or green technology in Africa. This is a project for UNIDO where we look at the uptake of green energy technologies, product offerings and the markets for these technologies in two countries in Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. Do you interact with policymakers for these projects? Well I do, it's also something I'm quite interested in doing. I feel very positive about such interactions. Because if you want to have an impact I think it's critical really to be talking directly to policymakers. And when you do that, you need to have a story to tell them. And you also need to understand the issue from a policy point of view. Because policymakers are not interested in simple solutions. I mean it's been said that for every complex problem there's a simple solution, which is neat and is wrong. You have to make a choice between whether you want a simple solution or a useful one. It's one or the other , you can't have both. It's something I completely agree with.
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Liniar Innovation Video
This video showcases the painstaking process of design and innovation that goes into each and every product that we lovingly manufacture. It all starts with the moment of inspiration, which is usually accompanied by a 2D sketch. This is then talked through and a 3D design of the product, using the latest SolidWorks software, is generated. This then allows us to gradually build the model into a 3 dimensional form. We can then carry out stress analysis testing (FEA) to ensure the product will withstand any of the stresses that it will encounter once fabricated. Once we are happy with the design and structure of the product we then program and print a rapid prototype of the 3D model. This is the really exciting part. It brings to life the file on screen so we have a real-life 3D object that we can touch, feel and test for fit and function. Once we are 100% happy with the design of the product we send it off for manufacture and tell our exclusive network of fabricators all about the latest innovation from Liniar.
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Gardening innovations justin time for spring
Gardening innovations justin time for spring watch by todayvideos999.
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Good Housekeeping and Edison Nation search for new consumer product ideas
Have you ever thought, "wouldn't it be cool if…"? We exist to get product ideas out of your head and onto retail shelves, all at no risk to you. Learn more at EdisonNation.com: http://bit.ly/1oxgQ9d Good Housekeeping is dedicated to finding simple and smart solutions for life's everyday challenges. The popular magazine, website and Research Institute puts innovative new products to the test each day. Good Housekeeping and Edison Nation have now teamed up to find the best, undiscovered new consumer products to bring to market. Brainstorm, invent and get your mind working on these core consumer areas: Personal care Baby and childcare Fitness, sports and outdoor recreation Travel Storage and organization Home and bath Lawn, garden and tools Pets Cooking, kitchenware and food prep gadgets, products and accessories Beauty Tech Textiles When developing your submission, there are some key questions to consider: Does your product solve a common problem? Can the product be explained or demonstrated in a visually interesting manner? Does your product have mass-market appeal? Will the consumer find your product's promise believable? Does the product have the potential to provide ongoing sales (refills, supplies, etc.)? Edison Nation's team of product review experts will review and research each idea submitted to this challenge. If your idea is selected, we'll split royalties with you, 50/50. To learn more and submit an idea, visit: http://www.edisonnation.com/GoodHousekeeping To learn more about Edison Nation, visit http://www.EdisonNation.com Like us on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/EdisonNation Follow us on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/EdisonNation
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Best Practices for Integrated Innovation Performance
Many companies have invested heavily in business processes and tools to support different aspects of the innovation process and new product development; including the design, supply, manufacture, and sale of new products. However, when it comes to those elements that are arguably most important -- innovation strategy, ideation, and cross-functional execution, many companies have little or no process. Defining and maintaining business processes to ensure sustainable market differentiation is one of the most difficult challenges in any business. There are many reasons companies struggle to achieve sustainable market differentiation. However, experience and research shows that these fall into a few common categories. Some companies continually place "bad bets" on losing products -- in fact, across industries, 40% of resources are wasted on unsuccessful products. Another common challenge is the lack of alignment between strategy and execution and some companies—as many as 79% —simply suffer from a lack of high-value ideas. Lastly, many simply struggle with the cross-functional execution of their innovation processes. Topics to be covered during this session include: - How to implement effective innovation management processes to dramatically increase the success rate of new product. - How to improve throughput efficiency, enabling 15-30% more products to be brought to market for the same investment. - How to easily access a single source of truth from a fully-integrated solution across the entire innovation management and new product development lifecycle. To view the entire video, please visit http://budurl.com/cphn
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LUCE Light Innovation
DICA Production We are designers and entrepreneur who would like to create entertaining and innovative products to users regardless of age, gender and ability. We want you to meet our team! John Kim- Finance & Management University of Texas at Austin 'B.A. 4 years of Big 4 Experience Hyun Sup Shin- Industrial Design Rhode Island School of Design 'BFA Yoo Hyun Ko- Industrial Design Rhode Island School of Design 'BFA DICA Production creates beautiful products that enhances people lives through design. DICA Proudction has created an innovative DIY (Design It Yourslef) Lamp to provide a "never seen before" interactive and creative lamps to users.
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Innovation: The Need for Speed
The more things change, the less they do. This is the reality that the 4th Benchmark Survey on Product Portfolio Management has uncovered: product organizations reveal that they face an ever-tightening vice grip of market pressures without a corresponding increase in the quality or availability of those factors that would enable speeding innovation in the face of those pressures. This IM Channel One webinar provides tangible methods to build a road map for sustainable innovation. We focus on: - Product organization pain points and business risks are escalating and conditions are not conducive to propelling innovation - Driving innovation fast enough to deliver the right market-driven products in the right window requires enough of the right resources at the right time - Introduction of Innovation Maturity Model and why it is important to product organizations Moderator: Christa Tuttle, Marketing Liaison for Planview Expert Panelists: Carrie Nauyalis, New Product Development Solution Evangelist, Planview Maureen Carlson, Partner at Appleseed Partners
Golf product design- Industrial Design - Product development- ChipIt Rite
The ultimate chipping training aid. -Develops excellent chipping techniques and skill in minutes -Fully adjustable-simple-fits on all clubs -Eliminate common chipping errors that plague 95% of golfer Golf product design- Industrial Design - Product development- ChipIt Rite http://www.sparkinnovations.com/
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3mm Instrumentation - Professor Mike McMahon - Surgical Innovations
Professor Mike McMahon is discussing 3mm Instrumentation.
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Chef Avenue Innovative Product Introduction
Visit Us http://www.chefavenue.com.au/ Chef Avenue products are innovative design products and engineered by a professional design team. Tuning with market trend, our kitchenware item is environmental friendly. They offer great helping hand in food preparation from simple to gourmet dishes and making cooking fun and pleasure at home. Majority of them are hand-operated, requires no electricity. All Chef Avenue products are Food and Drug Approved.
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Energy and ICT Innovation
By defining and managing 5 Focus Areas within ICT under our not-for-profit mandate, we achieve a pooling of specific expertise and resources which enable our clients to tackle their projects in cost effective ways while optionally collaborating with other industry to define and solve common problems. In aggregate, our focus areas give us the technological acumen needed to guide our clients through our monitoring and management solution blueprint, the ICT Value Chain (below). The resulting products and services our clients create provide great value to industries of strength within Canada (Oil & Gas, Energy, Agriculture, Mining, Forestry, and Environmental Monitoring). The ICT Value Chain follows the flow of information of an M2M (machine-to-machine) type application from data collection through to the practical application of knowledge. Solutions based on the Value Chain enable automated monitoring and/or management of assets, operations, processes and environments for the resource and health sectors. Our technology Focus Areas (below) provide expertise along all 5 segments of the Value Chain so that we can confidently help you navigate, plan and implement parts or all of your M2M commercialization project through our Industry Services. Website: http://trtech.ca/ Twitter: @TR (https://twitter.com/TR) LinkedIn: TRTech (http://www.linkedin.com/company/trlabs?trk=company_name) Facebook: TRTech (https://www.facebook.com/pages/TRTech/412822942102532?ref=hl) Contact Us\ T\ 780 441 3800 F\ 780 441 3600 E\ [email protected]
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How RC Nitro Superchargers Work
Bob breaks down exactly how the nitro super-chargers work as well answers the most common questions asked about the product. Buy it here: RBInnovations.com/category_s/3.htm Like and Subscribe! RBInnovations.com Facebook.com/RBInnovations Twitter.com/RBInnovations For more information, email us at [email protected]
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Rural innovation: adding value to timber products
This RDP case study, from Kuklen in Bulgaria's Plovdiv province, shows the business benefits that can be gained from investing in innovative technologies that boost productivity and help rural firms to improve their competitiveness.
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Taking water saving innovation to a new level with integrated handbasin toilet suites
Find out more on Caroma's Innovative products at http://goo.gl/YFCDBk Caroma continues a proud history of water saving innovations with the Profile 5 range of toilet suites. With a streamlined style and soft closing seat, the unique cistern design incorporates an integrated dual-flush push button and spout combination designed to lower total bathroom water usage. Profile 5 saves water by allowing the same water to be used for two purposes. Fresh water is first used for hand washing and then flows into the cistern to ultimately flush the toilet.
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Fuel Cell Efficiency - Science of Innovation
To operate and function efficiently, machines of all shapes and sizes need a source of energy. A series of innovations is helping to make energy conversion within fuel cells as efficient as possible. Provided by the National Science Foundation & NBC Learn
Clearcloche - an innovation in gardening
Nick presents the clear cloches and outlines the benefits of opting for the clear choice for gardeners.
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Getting Your Story Straight: The Power Of A Clear Product Narrative
Monday, October 28, 2013 - Coming up with a good idea is hard. Bringing an innovative product to market is harder. Building a business around a new product is harder still. So what do successful innovations have in common? A really good story. Great entrepreneurs create products that have a simple narrative. These innovators have a clear idea about who the customer is, what makes them tick, what problem they're solving and how they plan to solve it. In his talk, David will illustrate the elements that comprise a strong product narrative. It's all about getting the story straight.
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Three Simple Sure Fire Ways To Spark Innovation
As we approach the holiday buying season, many of us will look for new gadgets to buy, essentially inventions -- the latest Apple product, a smart HDTV, or maybe a new car with all the bells and whistles. No doubt, there's cool stuff out there, but is that really all it is ... just cool stuff? Where is the truly disruptive technology? The latest iTunes or Kindle e-reader, or hybrid vehicle. Not the latest upgrade to an existing product, but a breakthrough.
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PDMA's 2013 Product Innovation Management Conference (PIM 13): Agile Innovation
Stage-gate has reached its limits for many companies, and for some is downright counterproductive for innovation. Agile approaches, based in iterative learning, are on the rise and producing great innovation results for many companies. Through a series of exciting exercises we will compare and contrast what companies have tried in Agile Innovation and see what works and what doesn't in actual practice. Join us at PDMA's 2013 Product Innovation Management Conference (PIM 13) for this Common Challenge Session. Visit www.pim.pdma.org to learn more.
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Product Innovation & Finance: Leading by knowing how it all fits together
* Watching the presentation in HD makes it easier to read (click "Show More" to see additional information) Here are some additional information, illustrations and examples of the methodology. Business Strategy Mapping - The power of knowing how it all fits together * Book: http://goo.gl/rPpI9 Kring Strategy Mapping Worksheet * Worksheet: http://goo.gl/vvfqn4 Kring Strategy Map for Target Stores (TGT) * Example Map: http://goo.gl/WwbkFp
Discontinuous Innovation in Climate Services
June 2013 BAMS essay continues this video's dialog (http://journals.ametsoc.org/doi/pdf/10.1175/BAMS-D-12-00087.1) Innovation plays an important role in science. Innovation is the process of creating something new, often as the result of experimentation and research. There are several different types of innovation; one such type is discontinuous innovation. Discontinuous innovations create or change markets in unexpected ways, thereby enabling customers to solve problems in new ways. Discontinuous innovations address similar market needs but do so by offering entirely different knowledge bases. A frequently cited example is the displacement of horse drawn carriages by the automobile and its effects on leisure and commerce. "Climate Services" are a form of discontinuous innovation. Consider the inputs, activities, and outputs of any company or industry. Every industry's value chain has some direct or indirect sensitivity to climate variability or short-term changes in weather. Some studies and published estimates indicate that one-third of the gross domestic product of the United States is weather and climate sensitive. Actionable climate information may be needed by climate sensitive industries to mitigate the negative impacts of short and long term climate variability and capitalize on the favorable impacts. Although "Climate Service" means something different to everyone, each meaning shares one commonality: engagement. Engagement is a full-duplex relationship. Information flows freely between customer and provider. Climate services provide climate-based decision support including but not limited to climate data, projections, and integration with other environmental or socioeconomic data sets and decision making processes. It is a service that lies at the intersection of the climate information needs of society and the capabilities of science -- bridging the gap in between. Climate services provide solutions to existing problems with new knowledge. To create climate services, firstly the information needs and climate sensitivities of society must be identified and well understood. Formal climate assessments are instrumental in this process as are collaborative relationships with external partners and clients. Second, climate data sets, software and technology that can address such needs must be identified and transitioned into operational products. This process is often referred to as technology transfer. A common framework is the technology-to-product-to-market (T-P-M) linkage, which helps decision makers align the capabilities and features of a new product/service with customer needs. At that point, important considerations become economies of scale, replicability, modularity, and vertical integration with climate service partners. Creativity, innovation, and multi-disciplinary collaboration are critical throughout each step. All the while, climate service providers must balance efficiency with flexibility. An idealized model for discontinuous Climate Services, including the processes involved, engagement as a core competency, the management of innovation, and the role of technology transfer will be presented.
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Innovative Ideas
With a tight budget, how School Facilities Managers are being innovative to move forward. Played at SFMI 2013.
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Pulse Creative Innovations 1st TV Feature
Official Website: www.pulsecreativeinnovations.com "Pioneering Innovations" Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pulse-Creative-Innovations/140398292651957 OFFICE INFO: +Address: Block 7 Lot 3 Narra St. Phase 1B Greenwoods Executive Village, near Mercedes Ave. Pasig City (from main gate, first corner right, first building) +10-15 car garage accommodation +note: all roads going here are all main roads at least a 2 lane main road +We don't have a car wash that offers detailing on the side. This is a specialty shop for detailing services only. Anyone who touches your car is a trained detailer, personally trained by me. We are personalized in pampering your car which means every car has a different condition, nevertheless we will do the best we can to restore your car to its top condition. Detailers have been trained even on their work ethic as detailers being OC when it comes to their job at hand. +We also have an available veteran electrical technician for your car accessory installations and minor electrical troubleshooting. YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR CAR HERE OVERNIGHT AND PICK-UP IN THE MORNING BEFORE GOING TO WORK DONE AND DETAILED 24/7 OPEN (1st in the philippines) Landline:985-2216; Email: [email protected] Mobile Numbers: GLOBE: 0917-4937886, 0927-6466085 Pulse Creative Innovations (PCI), founded by Matt Lagandaon, is a constantly developing pioneer of professional home-service auto-detailing since 2007 and is a consistent supplier of its own ingenuous product-line. For six (6) years in the Philippines, PCI has exuded raw excellence in making sure that cars are detailed, show-ready, and in brand new condition. Far more than just detailing, we have been importing and supplying innovational products to countless automotive shops who trust us and know how we do business. In PCI, your cars are cleaned, polished, and protected by our valuable automotive detailers who pay rigorous attention to detail, and we make sure that they use only the best products and chemicals in the best possible way. PCI is client-centered. Our company prides itself with its team of friendly, approachable and experienced detailers who make sure that exactly what you want is what happens. PCI loves service, so you can tell us what you want, when you want, and how you want it. Our team is available around the clock and 24/7, including holidays, late nights, weekends and early mornings ready to do what you want. PCI is convenient. PCI knows exactly how important your time is. With home-service at our core, we cater to your convenience, so everything gets done professionally and as you want it at the comfort of your own home/garage (we save you the time and effort of looking after your car in an auto-shop). With home-service installations, products can be installed to your car directly in your garage, saving you the hassle of an auto-shop service. To fully tailor our services to your needs, we have a strict "one car per team per day" philosophy which means that nothing but the fullest attention and quality detailing will be given to your automobile, entirely for your money's worth. PCI is affordable. Do your homework. PCI provides you with the best possible service and products for it's lowest possible price, nothing more, nothing less; everything upfront and straightforward because we know how you hate hidden charges. With PCI, you get exactly what your money is worth. The Headquarters. Pulse Creative Innovations is proud to announce the successful development and opening of its headquarters, the first 24-hour car detailing shop ever created. Positioned just ten to fifteen minutes away from C5 and open 24/7, the PCI Headquarters is located at Block 7, Lot 3, Narra St., Phase 1B, Greenwoods Executive Village, near Mercedes Avenue, Pasig City. From the village's main gate, turn right on the first corner. We are located in the first building. The PCI Headquarters features a 10 - 15 car garage accomodation, perfect for all your vehicle detailing needs and equipment installation. Appointments are made by schedule. Our products, chemicals, and services are tried and tested by the automotive industry. We provide anything from car security systems to sun shades at affordable prices. If you want to know more about our business, you can get updated by liking our Facebook page and joining the thousands who are already friends with us. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pulse-Creative-Innovations/140398292651957 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pulse-Creative-Innovations/140398292651957 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pulse-Creative-Innovations/140398292651957 We want you to contact us! For questions, inquiries, and information, please call our office at 985-2216, send us a message at 0927-6466085, or contact our secretary at 0917-4937886. Please bookmark us. Feel free to explore the contents of our official website: www.pulsecreativeinnovations.com
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Solar Cooker by our clients' innovation lab
Solar cooker is simple to use and yet another innovative product from our clients' lab.
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Airedale International Air Conditioning | Applied Thermal Innovation
Airedale International Air Conditioning Ltd is a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, high efficiency cooling solutions. We manufacture in three continents and export to customers in over sixty countries, across commercial, industrial and public sectors. For nearly 40 years, our core business has been precision air conditioning. Today our customers also benefit from our extensive experience in chillers, IT cooling, condensers, condensing units, comfort cooling and controls software design and optimisation. We have the expertise to provide the whole cooling solution, tailored to our customer needs and integrated by latest controls technology. Applications include data centres, clean rooms, retail, leisure and process cooling. Through our air conditioning service division, we are able to offer individually tailored service and maintenance contracts maximising resilience, uptime and system efficiency with 24/7 365 day support by qualified, highly skilled engineers. We also create a range of air conditioning controls to create smarter, greener buildings. Powerful and intuitive, Airedale Controls Integrated Systems (ACIS) lets you manage smart cooling and other building services from any manufacturer, across multiple sites and communication protocols, in a single, integrated system; reducing operating costs and CO2 footprint via remote 24/7 monitoring, better data and improved system operation. At our UK-based headquarters, our 25,000m² production facility includes an industry-leading, purpose-built test centre, regarded as a worldwide centre of excellence for air conditioning. Our dedicated highly skilled teams deliver efficient products and solutions with a reputation for quality and reliability. Watch here to find out how Airedale International Air Conditioning can support you in the design and specification of your next air conditioning project. Visit http://www.airedale.com to find out more. Alternatively, email [email protected], or telephone +44 (0) 113 239 1000.
Trusted Aviation Countermeasure Technology
BAE Systems has been a trusted partner of the U.S. Army providing infrared countermeasure technology and a variety of threat management and survivability solutions for more than four decades. This partnership has led to innovations that have allowed the Army to complete its missions while protecting both soldiers and their aircraft. The products created through our joint efforts include the ATIRCM system, which recently received a $68 million follow-on contract from the Army, and the next-generation Common Infrared Countermeasure solution, which we are developing with the Army today. In addition, our Common Missile Warning Systems program which recently won a $66 million "bridge" contract in anticipation of our next award, is expected later this year. Beyond these specific products we are continually working to integrate our aircraft survivability equipment to provide the best-in-class situational awareness for our fighting forces. This video brings to life these affordable and reliable mission critical products and our partnership with the Army.
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Innovation Project - Bottle Cap Earphones
Bottle Cap Earphones are the newest earphones that combine sexy with affordability.
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3D Hydraulic Pump and Motor Configuration on the Web - TDCI Innovations Lab Video #3
You'll see a HD 3D industrial scene layout built from multiple products selected and snapped together via an online 3D catalog - running inside a Web browser. All product/scene configuration is done using WebGL (no plugins). All 3D content is intelligent - it includes materials, layout plugs/sockets, behavior, alignment constraints, etc.. We're bringing the real world to you - on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone device. TDCI Innovations Lab technology preview #3.
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IBee Project
Most Innovative Project Award 2013 winner. Team members: - Odai Qaisi - Majdi Mohammed
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Dow's New Innovation for Everyday Life
FBN's Liz Claman takes part in live demos with products that will be pioneered at the new R&D facility.
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Common Platform 2013 - IBM, ARM, Cadence, Panel Interview
ChipEstimate.TV go to: http://www.chipestimate.tv ChipEstimate.com go to: http://www.chipestimate.com Innovations for Next Generation Scaling Common Technology Platform, Uncommon Solutions Technology Pioneer, Beyond HKMG Technology Partnering for Innovation to Drive Diversity Sean O'Kane, Executive Director, ChipEstimate.com, Host, ChipEstimate.TV The Common Platform Alliance - IBM, Samsung Electronics, Co., Ltd., and GLOBALFOUNDRIES - continues to redefine the landscape of the semiconductor industry with its groundbreaking collaboration. Showcasing the latest technological advances being delivered to the world's leading electronics companies. Keynote Speakers: • Bruce Kleinman, Vice President, Product Marketing, GLOBALFOUNDRIES • Mike Cadigan, General Manager, IBM Microelectronics, Systems &Technology Group • Dr. Gary Patton, Vice President of Semi Research & Development Center, IBM • Mike Noonen, EVP, Global Sales, Marketing, Quality & Design, GLOBALFOUNDRIES • Dr. KH Kim, EVP, Foundry Business, Samsung • Dr. Dipesh Patel, EVP, and General Manager, Physical IP Division, ARM
Views: 338 ChipEstimate.com
NXP Germany: Recruiting new experts
http://www.nxp.com/careers.html Step inside our world at NXP Semiconductors Germany -- and see the impact you could have on some of the most exciting products and innovations globally. NXP is always looking for new experts to join our team in Germany and worldwide. Check out our Careers page to see which of our vacancies match your interests. Are you an "XPert"? http://www.nxp.com/careers.html
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2013 CES Digital Health Innovations: Masimo ISpO2 Pulse Oximeter
The Masimo iSpO2™ is a consumer pulse oximeter to noninvasively measure blood oxygenation, pulse rate and perfusion index with the same technology used in leading hospitals worldwide, providing accurate measurements even during the challenging conditions of motion and low perfusion. iSpO2™, available at iSpO2.com and Amazon, is easy to set up and use with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (30-pin connector): Connect the iSpO2™ cable to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch Slip the iSpO2™ sensor on your ring finger Your results appear on screen PR Newswire (http://s.tt/1xUJM) I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
Views: 3075 The Science Of You
Solar Bulb: Simple Radical Innovation
Video Clip of TED Talk for Entrepreneurship Annotation Week. Full Video can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkUUyxYZGsY
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LabStyle Innovations - Update: Finalizing Product, Regulatory Clearance, Distribution Deal in Europe
SNNLive caught up with Dr. Oren Fuerst, Chairman and CEO of LabStyle Innovations (OTCBB: DRIO) at The Israel Conference 2013 in Bel Air, CA. For more information: http://mydario.com/ On StockNewsNow.com: http://stocknewsnow.com/dr-oren-fuerst-chairman-ceo-of-labstyle-innovations-update-finalizing-product-regulatory-clearance-and-europe/
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