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Texas NFA Gun Trust:  Teaser - Heckler & Koch MK 23 SOCOM with Knights armament mk23/up
The Texas Gun Trust Lawyer at the Range! On 2014-2-11, Sean Cody, www.TexasGunTrust.com went to the range. 39f, Wind, Rain and great snivel gear . . . what better way to spend the afternoon and send the first rounds downrange with a client and his new Knights Armament MK23/USP suppressor! The Knights Armament Mk23 has always sounded great on its native HK Mk23 SOCOM pistol If yo notice, this was shot under a metal roof. It sounded great. It was comfortable . . even under the reflective metal cover. This Knights suppressor is one of the truly great designs! Heckler & Koch MK 23, Mk 23 Mod 0, Mark 23, or MARK 23 KAC HK Mk 23 .45 Suppressor This Silencer is owned by a Texas Gun Trust from www.TexasGunTrust.com! Please Like this page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/TexasGunTrustcom/127879823920859 Facebook is at war with the 2nd Amendment and not allowing the promotion of this page. Texas Gun Trust Texas NFA Trust www.TexasGunTrust.com www.TexasNFATrust.com
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MKEK MPT 76 Milli Piyade Tüfeği - National Rifle
Turkish defense manufacturer MKEK (Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu) began development of a new assault rifle for Turkish armed forces in around 2007. By 2008, MKEK produced a 5.56mm rifle called Mehmetçik-1, based on German HK 416 rifle. After several years of tests and development, Turkish army re-evaluated its requirements, and, based on its actual combat experience with various calibers in service (7.62x51 in HK G3, 7.62x39 in Kalashnikov AKM and 5.56x45 in HK 33), decided to stay with 7.62x51 NATO round for its next army rifle. As a result, in May 2014 MKEK delivered first batch of 7.62x51mm MKEK MPT-76 automatic rifles to Turkish army. “MPT” stands for Milli Piyade Tüfeği, or National Infantry Rifle in English. MKEK MPT-76 rifle appears to be visually and technically similar to German HK 417 rifle. Fate the 5.56mm Mehmetçik-1 rifle is uncertain at this point (May, 2014). MKEK MPT-76 rifle is gas operated, select-fire weapon. It uses short stroke gas piston, located above the barrel, and AR-10/Ar-15 style rotary bolt, bolt carrier and return spring system. Aluminum alloy receiver also is based on AR-10/AR-15 design, with upper and lower halves being connected by two captive cross-pins. Rifle features M16-style charging handle, ambidextrous magazine release, bolt hold-open release and safety / fire selector controls. Ammunition is fed from 20-round box magazines, made from translucent polymer. Rifle is equipped with telescoping, adjustable shoulder stock. Front sight is mounted on the gas block and features folding base. Integral Picatinny rail on top of the receiver can hosts aperture-type rear sight (fully adjustable for range and windage), as well as quick-detachable carrying handle with “see-through” channel for standard iron sights plus its own set of iron sights for short-range applications (with U-shaped notch rear sight), built into the top of the handle. Carrying handle can be easily replaced with any type of red-dot, telescope or night sight with appropriate mountings. Additional Picatinny rails on the forend permit mounting of various accessories. Knife-bayonet may be attached for the barrel, if required.
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Review: Delta AR Top Gun - a CZ52 in 45acp
SHOOTING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSNNwjZbcXw CLOSEUPS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2ihjVk10aE HI-RES PHOTOS - USE AS YOU'D LIKE: http://imgur.com/a/yZ4X5 The Italian Delta AR Top Gun is one of my favorite guns. It's a rare hand-built improved version of the CZ52, using the same roller lock system and basic design. Mine is in 45acp, but they were offered in 9mm and 40S&W as well. The gun has a blued steel frame and is beautifully made and shockingly good at the range. A real keeper. Rusty Wood Trading Company - http://www.rustywood.ca Delta AR Top Gun manual - http://www.matebafan.com/deltatopgunmanual.pdf Promotional brochure, thanks to a helpful subscriber - http://www.matebafan.com/deltabrochure.pdf
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MP5 Rubber Band Gun by Elastic Precision
This wooden rubber band machine gun semi-automatically fires 24 shots!
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M320 Grenade Launcher Module
M320 Grenade Launcher Module (GLM) is the U.S. military's designation for a new single-shot 40 mm grenade launcher system to replace the M203 for the U.S. Army, while other services will keep using the older M203. The M320 uses the same High-Low Propulsion System as the M203. In 2004, the U.S. Army announced requirements for a commercial off-the-shelf 40 mm grenade launcher. It had to be more reliable, ergonomic, accurate, and safer than the M203. It had to be able to fire all 40 mm low-velocity grenades, but be loaded from the breech to accept future longer projectiles. Heckler & Koch's submission was selected in May 2005. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Carabine Unique modèle X51-Bis - 1ère partie : présentation
Rejoignez-nous sur notre site : http://www.essai-armes.fr/2014/04/01/unique-x51-bis-22-lr/
Older 90's Handgun Video.
As always I stress never just use videos in place of real training, courses or practice. My point is both were meant be used together. And techniques are always evolving. As Ive stated in my reserve status I'm a small arms instructor. Mainly Carbines, SMG's,SPR's, SAW's and GPMG's our (German) army doesn't use handguns much any more. So different instructors handle those tasks. ;) To those that don't know next to the shot gun the hand gun is the hardest to learn or teach. Btw most info in this vid still applies today. Mainly we know use the high grip now. This video is the property of GTC INC.
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Slow Motion PWS Long-Stroke Piston System
http://primaryweapons.com http://facebook.com/primaryweapons http://instagram.com/primaryweapons High speed videography of a functional cutaway of the PWS long-stroke piston system.
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Visier einstellen - Fleck, Aufsitzend,... [Deutsch]
In diesem Video zeige ich euch, welche Möglichkeiten es gibt ein Visier einzustellen und welche Vor- als auch Nachteile diese haben. ↓ Weitere Infos und meine Empfehlungen ↓ ► Bore snake zur effektiven Laufreinigung: http://amzn.to/2bgH4JJ ► Aktiver Gehörschutz von MSA: http://amzn.to/1Osa9zJ ► MSA Geldichtungen für mehr Tragekomfort: http://amzn.to/1XTdgTC ► Aktiver Gehörschutz von Peltor: http://amzn.to/1XTd5YL ► günstiger aktiver Gehörschutz: http://amzn.to/1XTfzWW ► großes Rangebag: http://amzn.to/2bDnf1b ► kleines Rangebag: http://amzn.to/2bgECTA ► Mein Spektiv: http://amzn.to/1mYwx9F Fachliteratur: ► Wiederladen: http://amzn.to/25bOzXC ► Geschosse: http://amzn.to/25bOqmS Mein Video Equipment: ► Kamera: http://amzn.to/1VImq4p ► Softboxen: http://amzn.to/1PKhWI1 ► Videoschiene: http://amzn.to/1VIn95C Einige der oben genannten Links sind Affiliate-Links. Wird über einen dieser Links ein Kauf getätigt, werde ich mit einer Provision beteiligt. Für euch entstehen dabei natürlich keine Mehrkosten. Danke für eure Unterstützung!
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Arma 3 Maschinengewehr 5 (MG5) [PzGrenBrig37][BWMod] 27.05.14 [German]
Arma 3 Maschinengewehr 5 (MG5) : Universal & Zuverlässig MG5: Das MG5 tritt die Nachfolge des MG3 an und läutet damit gleichzeitig eine neue Ära der Universalmaschinengewehre im Kaliber 7,62 mm x 51 mit Gurtzuführung ein. Im Rahmen einer fairen internationalen Ausschreibung hat sich das HK121 gegen seine Mitbewerber eindrucksvoll durchsetzen können und bildet zukünftig für die abgesessene Infanterie und Fahrzeuge zuverlässigen Rückhalt. http://bwmod.de/ http://www.vpzgrenbrig37.de/ "This video was created using content of Bohemia Interactive a.s." "Copyright © 2013 Bohemia Interactive a.s. All rights reserved." "See www.bistudio.com for more information."
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H&K UMP 45 Double Eagle | Reviews para principiantes | Capsule Corp. Airsoft España & FunZone
H&K UMP 45 Double Eagle | Capsule Corp. Airsoft España & FunZone Puedes probar y comprar esta réplica en FUNZONE Airsoft http://www.airsoftfunzone.com/
NEW Beretta Pico  380ACP Ultra Compact Concealed Carry Pistol Overview   New World Ordnance
www.newworldordnance.com www.facebook.com/newworldordnance www.instagram.com/newworldordnance
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WE SMG 8 - Disassembly Video
A quick (not so quick) of a disassembly from the complete, to field strip, to removal of the internals from the body. A few bits of information about what to expect when removing the internals, and information about what I so far know does what. My goal is to provide you with the information about the SMG8 that currently hasn't been put out in a very easily accessed manor. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or see if I've documented it in a review thread on my local forums here : http://houstonairsoft.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13970 FAQ: No I have not figured out how to take the orange tip off. You can see viable marks from my efforts to do so on the barrel and tip.
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Milkor MGL Y2 Six-Shot 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (1983)  Info Information
Milkor MGL Y2 Six-Shot 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (1983) Info Information Country of Origin: South Africa Manufacturer: Milkor Pty Ltd - South Africa Initial Year of Service: 1983 Overall Length: 778mm (30.63in) Barrel Length: 300.00mm (11.81in) Weight (Empty): 11.68lbs (5.30kg) Caliber: 40mm Action: Semi-Automatic; Six-Shot Revolving Cylinder Feed: Six-Shot Rotating Cylinder Muzzle Velocity: 250ft/sec (76m/sec) Rate-of-Fire: 90 rounds per minute Range: 2,600ft (792m; 867yds) Sights: Iron; Optional Optics Variants: MGL Y2 - Base Series Designation; model of 1983 MGL Mk 1 - Second-Generation Model of 1996 Operators:South Africa milkor mgl weight FSA engage SAA with Y2 MK1 40MM Automatic Grenade Launcher milkor mgl pdf milkor mgl airsoft milkor mgl grenade launcher milkor mgl cost M32 Grenade Launcher (Milkor MGL) milkor mgl milkor mgl price milkor mgl Milkor MGL Grenade launcher milkor mgl civilian milkor mgl grenade launcher for sale milkor mgl imfdb milkor mgl manual
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Ruger 10/22 Tactical - Let's Shoot #22
Heute stelle ich euch mein halbautomatisches Kleinkaliber Gewehr Ruger 10/22 Tactical im Kaliber .22lr ausführlich vor. Have fun! Weitere Fakten zur Ruger 10/22 Tactical... Kaliber: .22lr (.22lfB), verschießt alles, HV Munition wird jedoch nicht empfohlen. Lauflänge: 16.12" (40,9 cm) Gewicht: 2,95 Kg (ohne Zf) Gesamtlänge: 87,6 cm Artikel aus dem DWJ: http://www.henke-online.de/uploads/tx_nppresscenter/04_Sch_Ruger_10-22-1.pdf Ruger 10/22 Artikel bei Amazon: http://amzn.to/1vW2r9y SUPPORT ME Fratzenbuch: http://facebook.com/LetsShootShow Twitter: http://twitter.com/LetsShootShow Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/LetsShootShow Check out my site: http://LetsShootShow.de/ Du willst meine Arbeit unterstützen? https://www.paypal.me/LetsShoot Die Links auf Amazon sind sog. "Reflinks" (Werbelinks). Wenn du über diese Links etwas bestellst, dann bekomme ich dadurch eine kleine Provision, ohne dass es für dich teurer wird.
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Waffenhandhabung Walther  PPK  | Jagdschule der Jagdprofi
Wie man die Walther PPK sicher führt wird euch in diesem Video gezeigt. https://www.facebook.com/derjagdprofi www.jagdschule-derjagdprofi.de
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Dallas Gun Show
This video is a quick look at the 2014 Dallas Gun Show ©2013/2014 All videos are private property of and may not be copied, duplicated, or used without expressed written consent. ADSENSE NOTICE: All content in this production are original. I own the rights to all material within. Introduction graphic is owned by myself and was created using Final Cut Pro and Motion 5. Video edited using iMovie. Music provided by the iMovie Apple library (section 2.M - http://images.apple.com/legal/sla/docs/iMovie.pdf) and is used with permission under Creative Commons License. No Terms or use or license required.
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Dan Wesson 8 Zoll CO2 Revolver 4,5 mm BB, vernickelt, CO² Waffentest
Hier gehts zum Shop: http://www.waffenfuzzi.de Hier gehts zur Waffe: http://www.waffenfuzzi.de/co-waffen/co-kurzwaffen/co-revolver/dan-wesson-8-zoll-co2-revolver-4-5-mm-bb-vernickelt.html Hier gehts zur Fan-Page: http://www.facebook.com/Waffenfuzzi.Shop Dan Wesson 8" vernickelt Ein Name mit Geschichte! Daniel B. Wesson I war zusammen mit Horace Smith 1859 der Begründer von Smith & Wesson. Daniel B. Wesson II (der Urenkel vom S&W- Begründer) gründete 1963 die Firma Dan Wesson Firearms. In dieser Manufaktur entwickelte Karl Lewis den berühmten Revolver, der dort von 1975 bis 1989 produziert wurde. Besondere Verwendung fand und findet der Revolver bei den Sportschützen und im Jagdbereich. Der detailgetreue Nachbau im Kal. 4,5 mm BB aus dem Hause ASG mit einer Energie von ca. 2,75 Joule ist ein echtes Power-Paket. Der Revolver aus Vollmetall verfügt über einen Double Action Abzug und robuste Kunststoffgriffschalen. Im Lieferumfang enthalten sind eine Montageschiene, ein Speedloader und 6 Hülsen. Typ: CO² Revolver Hersteller: Dan Wesson Farbe: vernickelt Kaliber: 4,5 mm BB Stahlrundkugeln Schusskapazität: 6 Schuss Gewicht: 1.040 g Gesamtlänge: 338 mm Abzugsart: Single- und Double-Action-System Energie: ca. 2,75 Joule Antrieb: 12g CO² Ab 18 Jahren erhältlich ! CO2 Waffen mit einer Energie über 0,5 Joule unterliegen dem Waffengesetzt und müssen eine "F"-Kennzeichnung im Fünfeck haben. Der Erwerb, Besitz und Transport der Waffen ist Volljährigen erlaubt. Sie unterliegen jedoch dem Führverbot (§42 a WaffG).
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how to disassemble & reassemble a c11 BB gun
how to disassemble & reassemble a c11 BB gun
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Pistola Glock 42 em 380 ACP
Patrocine o Canal via Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/user?u=154258 Defenda seu direito a legítima defesa: Associe-se ao Movimento Viva Brasil (MVB): www.mvb.org.br Inscreva-se e contribua comprando na loja da Campanha do Armamento / Defesa.org: www.defesa.org Contribua com doações no site Pela Legítima Defesa (PLD): www.pelalegitimadefesa.org.br/npld/ Inscreva-se no Canal do Alexandre Lima no YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/AlexandreLimaBR Outras organizações, sites e grupos no facebook: Tchô Perguntar: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIegLFUxXSHgSaVUBklSsZw ABAT (Associação Brasileira de Atiradores Civis) www.abate.org.br/ ANAPAL (Associação Nacional de Apoio aos Proprietários de Armas Legalizadas) https://www.facebook.com/anapal.ipsoiure Movimento Queromedefender http://queromedefender.org/ Rearme http://rearme.com.br/ Armas de Fogo https://www.facebook.com/armasdefogo
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March of The Devil's Brigade | S2EP5 (1/4) | Operation: HUNT - ArmA 2 Hard Corps
*This footage is from the old Hard Corps server that was up several months ago. It is no longer up. Please let me know in the comment section if you'd like me to (try to) revive the server. I need to know if people would actually play on it.* For an hour nothing had happened. Everything was still and quiet. Then everything happened at once... Make sure to watch all four parts of this episode of MTDB! Part 2 should be up in a few days. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join the community and play against us here: http://www.survivaloperations.net/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Squad: Tac SheepDog SloppyJoe Neon Ghost Rado ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is Hard Corps. A mod for ArmA 2, as of now the server is shut down and will likely never come back up due to lack of players/time for the devs. It's basically DayZ with ACE. Let me know if you'd be interested in a server like this again... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music by: BausicProductions This video was created using content of Bohemia Interactive a.s. Copyright © 2013 Bohemia Interactive a.s. All rights reserved. http://www.bistudio.com/files/pdf/bistudio_monetization_youtube.pdf
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Rifle calibre 22 caseiro
"MP vídeos"
Views: 386948 Marcus Cruz
Erma ESP 85 Sportpstole
Erma ESP 85 Sportpstole cal. .32 mit Wechselsystem cal. 22 lfb zum sportlichem Schießen und Dank der Sicherung auch zum Jagdsport und jagdlichem Wettkampfschießen DJV geeignet.
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Browning GPDA9 Gold - Nickel - Schwarz - Schreckschuss Gaspistole
Die Browning GPDA9 Schreckschuss Gaspistole Gold - Nickel - brüniert. Aufbau und Funktion, zerlegen und zusammenbauen der Schreckschusspistole Browning GPDA 9. Wir stellen Ihnen die Technik und die verschiedenen Varianten dieser beliebten Gaspistole in einem Video vor. Sie können diese Pistole frei ab 18 Jahren unter http://www.luftgewehr-shop.com/browning-gaspistolen kaufen.
Views: 25009 Ulrich Plümacher
Como Desbloquear : Misiones de ORO!! | Battlefield 4
Sigueme en Twitter : http://twitter.com/The_Real_SLK Hoy tenemos un video sobre las Armas que obtendremos Completando las Misiones de Oro. Merecen Realmente la Pena? Atentos el Lunes o el Martes porque tendremos el siguiente episodio de VERSUS entre la FAMAS y el AEK!!! Musica del Principio : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6v6HlbPvsKQ del Final : Rameses B - Asteroid
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lanza granadas m203
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Zoraki 917 Gas Schreckschuss Pistole
Kurzreview zur neuen Zoraki 917 Gas Schreckschuss Pistole im Kaliber 9mm P.A.K. von der Firma Atak Arms Ltd. mit Anleitung wie man Sie zerlegt und reinigt.
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M4 carbine
The M4 carbine is a family of firearms that was derived from earlier carbine versions of the M16 rifle, which was in turn derived from the original AR-15 rifle that Eugene Stoner designed and ArmaLite manufactured. The M4 is a shorter and lighter variant of the M16A2 assault rifle. It is a gas-operated, magazine-fed, selective fire, shoulder-fired weapon with a telescoping stock and 14.5 in barrel to ease close quarters combat. Like the rest of the M16 family, it fires the.223 caliber, or 5.56 mm NATO round. This video targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Public domain image source in video
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