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Baltic Fashion & Textile Vilnius, trade fair 2017
The 26th international trade fair BALTIC FASHION & TEXTILE VILNIUS has grown quickly because of attracting more and more participants and professional visitors from different parts of the world. We capture and invite the target audience for our participants. This year we had an honor to accommodate national pavilions of companies from Poland, Scandinavia, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Ukraine. In this way we create a win-win situation where both parties benefit. This year we managed to build a perfect meeting place for buyers and sellers. The trade fair has experienced a tremendous growth with 460 participants from 26 countries. The fair was visited by 10900 visitors from 26 countries. For more information about the fair: http://baltictextile.eu/vilnius/en/
"Baltic Fashion & Textile" Vilnius, 2016 trade fair
Baltic Fashion & Textile Vilnius trade fair has become a great sourcing platform that connects both the manufacturers of clothing, fabrics, sewing materials, textile accessories, clothing machinery, textile machinery with buyers, worldwide retailers, department stores and well-known designers. This year already 25th international trade fair “Baltic Fashion & Textile” Vilnius 2016 has grown quickly because of attracting more and more participants and professional visitors from different parts of the world. We grew a number of participants from 392 last year to 424 participants this year. The trade fair was visit by 10700 visitors from over 24 countries. We capture and invite the target audience for our participants. This year we had an honor to accommodate national pavilions of companies from China, Portugal, Ukraine and other countries. In this way we create a “win win” situation where both parties benefit. This year we managed to build a perfect meeting place for buyers and sellers. For more information about the fair: http://baltictextile.eu/vilnius/en/
Baltic Fashion and Textile
video review Baltic Textile and Fashion, Riga
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Baltic Fashion Catwalk
Show des Projektes "Usedom Baltic Fashion" bei der Mercedes-Benz-Fashionweek in Berlin
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"Baltic Fashion & Textile Riga", Elīza Drāzniece
Starptautiska konference "Mode un dizains: modes bizness un tendences". 2017. gada 30. martā, Starptautiskajā izstāžu centrā ĶĪpsalā. Elīzas Drāznieces uzstāšanās.
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Fast Textile 2016 - International Textile Fair | Międzynarodowe Targi Tekstylne
Międzynarodowe Targi Tekstylne Fast Textile to najważniejsze wydarzenie branży tekstylnej w Polsce. Jeśli jesteś producentem odzieży, obuwia, dekoracji lub wyposażenia wnętrz – odwiedź targi Fast Textile. | www.fasttextile.com |
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China Textiles & Garment Brand Show
This year we had an honor to accommodate more than 80 companies from China in the Chinese Pavilion “China Textiles and Garment Brand Show” during the fair Baltic Fashion & Textile Vilnius, 2016. This pavilion was organized by Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce, P.R.C. and Chinatex Advertising & Exhibition Co., Ltd. with the support of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. Chinese pavilion was exceptional by the fact that it was the first kind of trade fair not only in Lithuania but also in the whole Baltic region. For the Lithuanian companies – it was a unique opportunity so get to know the newest Chinese companies‘ products in the clothing and textile sector right here in Lithuania!!! Very unique fabrics, clothes, textile materials and sewing accessories will be presented by the Chinese region manufacturers in the pavilion of China Textiles & Garment Brand Show. This trade fair was devoted primarily to business professionals but some manufacturers were sell their products in the trade fair with a sole purpose of familiarizing local consumers with the newest Chinese clothes and textile garments.
Baltic fashion textile Wilno - YVON
Nasza wystawa na targach w Wilnie
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Baltic Textile Company
Many years of experience commits us to: - Provide the top quality for the reasonable price - Fulfill customers demands - Complete the order- from receiving the raw material till the final product delivery - Environmentally friendly products and productions
BALTIC FASHION& TEXTILE RIGA 2016 www.Kazukleita.lv
www.Kazukleita.lv Kāzu kleitas - ''Ziedu fantāzija'' Agita Reinfelde 2016. gads
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"Baltic Fashion & Textile RIGA" 2016 promo video
No 7. līdz 9. aprīlim Starptautiskajā izstāžu centrā Ķīpsalā jau 21. reizi norisināsies starptautiskā tekstila industrijas izstāde „Baltic Fashion & Textile 2016” – vieta, kur sastopas modes nozares piedāvājums un pieprasījums no Latvijas, Lietuvas, Igaunijas un citām Centrāleiropas un Austrumeiropas valstīm. The 21st International Textile Industry Fair "Baltic Fashion & Textile Riga 2016", a place where the demand meets the supply, will be held from 7–9 April in Riga, Latvia. The tradeshow brings together manufacturers, distributors and buyers from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Central and Eastern European countries.
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ZOLNAR HR fashion show, Baltic fashion and Textiles, Riga
Cyberpunk / futuristic ready to wear Clothing Have a look at the fashion show I recently had. I'm glad that my friends had fun and they look unique and cool... natural I mean grin emoticon Gotta thank my hair stylist Oksana for a great job on girls hair, mine included. Just take a look at her amazing work - https://www.instagram.com/kirilenko_oksana/ Another person behind the scene is Tatjana Grigorjeva, my makeup artist. Still no Instagram smile emoticon But trust me, she's as amazing smile emoticon Someone you also won't see on the stage is my assistant, Katja, a young fashion designer who helped me to get through the day. https://www.instagram.com/kate.bank I just love to take cool people from my surroundings and put them on stage. So, here're my amazing models: You know Yana already. I heavily recommend her Instagram for artworks and cats. I also enjoyed taking white fur from all clothing after the show, but that's another story grin emoticon https://www.instagram.com/sina.betancore/ Marina, is a choreographer, a professional dancer. Only god knows how many styles she knows. https://www.instagram.com/marinadumberg Lera is a dancer too. She has a really warm personality wrapped in a great body. That's a common trait of my models smile emoticon https://www.instagram.com/valeriya_nichiporuk Aleksey and Kiril, two boys I found a couple weeks before the show. My pick up line is - "your face will look great in my stuff, be my model" and as you can see it works nicely grin emoticon Video: Aleksandr Petunov & Nikita Volodjaev Music: Alice in Videoland - MF Alice in Videoland - She's a Machine Cygnosic - Mad Desire На этом сказке конец, кто дочитал до конца - молодец!
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Tarptautinės parodos "Baltic Fashion and Textile" atidarymas
2015-10-15 Premjeras A. Butkevičius dalyvavo tarptautinės parodos Baltic Fashion and Textile atidaryme.
Client - LUTHAI Production House - MJ studios Concept - Daksha Films Director - Thahseen & Shihas Edit - Thahseen Dop - Sunil Karthikeyan Music - Sandeep Sugunan Content - Bharath Shenoy D.I - Sreekumar N Varier (24 Se7en Studios) Narrator - Niran Kumar
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Aprangos ir tekstilės sektorius Lietuvoje
Greičiausias internetas pasaulyje ir vienas sparčiausiai augančių BVP visoje Europoje. Čia kas dvyliktas žmogus turi aukštojo mokslo diplomą. Tai Lietuva - Europos sąjungos, NATO, Euro zonos ir Šengeno zonos narė. Tačiau žinomi esame ir dėl aukštos kokybės drabužių. O juos siuvame garsiems prekių ženklams: Hugo Boss, Burberry, Karen Millen ir daugeliui kitų. Juk ir jūsų aprangos dalis gali būti pagaminta ir Lietuvoje. Net 75 procentai Lietuvoje pagaminamos produkcijos eksportuojama į kitas pasaulio šalis. Lietuvos aprangos ir tekstilės pramonė žinoma dėl aukštos kokybės standartų, lankstumo. Aprangos sektoriuje daugiau nei du trečdaliai įmonių taiko naujas technologijas ir inovacijas. Siuvame kostiumus, sporto aprangą, įvairiausias uniformas, darbo ir kitus drabužius. Lietuvos aprangos ir tekstilės sektorius - stabili, ilgalaiketes ir tvarias darbo vietas kurianti pramonės šaka - per pastaruosius penkerius metus daugiau nei trečdaliu padidinusi gamybos apimtis. Sužinoti daugiau apie Lietuvoje dirbančias aprangos ir tekstilės įmones galite, apsilankydami Lietuvos aprangos ir tekstilės įmonių asociacijos puslapyje: http://www.latia.lt/lt/
Fashion Design at a Car Mechanic's Shop in Latvia
Lilia Gorodnitski, XCVI's Senior Designer, tells the story of how she got hooked on fashion design as a little girl growing up in Latvia. In our "Meet our Family" series, we share personal stories from some of the people who make our clothes, and make our brand - XCVI, come to life. https://www.xcvi.com/pages/the-people# Full transcript below: "I was born in Latvia, and my father, he was a car mechanic, used to take me to his work and there was a pile of fabric scraps there, probably left overs from the factory. I used to just sit in a pile of this fabric and play with little swatches and little pieces of fabrics and I remember I got so excited about finding pieces of lace, or pieces of jersey, and then I would just bring them home and create little garments for my dolls. Probably that was the moment when I got hooked."
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Choose your apparel and textile partner in Lithuania
The fastest internet in the world and the fastest growing GDP in Europe. Here every 12th person has a higher education. It's Lithuania - a member of European Union, NATO, Euro Zone and Schengen area. However, we are also known for high quality clothes we are sewing for such famous brands as Hugo Boss, Burberry, Karen Millen and many others. Your clothes may also be made in Lithuania. Almost 75 percent of production made in Lithuania is exported to other countries. Lithuanian apparel and textile industry is known for high quality standards and flexibility. All the two thirds of companies in apparel sector use the newest technologies and innovations. We sew costumes, sports apparel, a variety of uniforms, work wear and other apparel. Lithuanian apparel and textile sector is a stable industry creating long-term and sustainable job positions. In the last five years this sectors has managed to increase production volumes by one third. Find your perfect textile sourcing partner in Lithuania. Please go visit Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry association at http://www.latia.lt/en/
modeLs styLe Vilnius
modeLs styLe Vilnius
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Backstage. Baltic Fashion Week 2017, Koszalin
Backstage. Baltic Fashion Week 2017, Koszalin Zapraszamy na fan-page Telewizji ATV: https://www.facebook.com/telewizjaatv/?fref=ts Strona Programu "Warszawa w Obiektywie": https://www.facebook.com/atv.warszawa.w.obiektywie/?fref=ts Strona Programu "Fashion Secrets": https://www.facebook.com/fashion.secrets.tv/?fref=ts e-mail: [email protected] Adres biura Telewizji ATV: Al. Jerozolimskie 42 lok.11, 00-024 Warszawa tel: + 48 22 831-93-57
Become a model. Casting BALTIC FASHION AWARD 2014
SECOND PLACE WINNER: (SciVid 2018-H) Smart Textiles, Future of Fashion
2018 Science in Video Competition - Awards were presented Nov. 28 at the 2018 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston. Video Produced by: Simge Uzun, Bilen Akuzum, Genevieve Dion, Yury Gogotsi , Drexel University, USA Description: The field of smart textiles has been advancing rapidly over the last decade and has found applications in a variety of industries, including sports, medicine, and military. Our work focuses on designing and producing functional fibers/yarns for wearable smart textile applications including energy storage and harvesting, sensing (pressure, strain, temperature e.g.), and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding. 2018 SciVid Competition sponsored by the Materials Research Society Foundation, Goodfellow and A. J. Drexel Nanomaterials Institute.
Strategy Forum 2016: Bioeconomy for Sustainable Baltic Fashion Industry in 2030
EUSBSR Strategy Forum 2016. Video by Swedish Institute.
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Origin l Zeenia Dalal Fashion Film. #Fashion #Textile #milan
Origin : - Almighty creator is the ultimate weaver of the universe. He is the primordial yet perpetual maker of this divine fabric called skin and soul is its hanger to stay the skin put. Soul needs seven things for its nourishment. Light: - It is a wake up call for our soul.As the Sun rises our sense too rise to their functions. Space: - Human nature craves space of its own and inner nature is soul.In many Hindu/buddhist rituals the space is defined by 'running threads along the line of its borders' to make it sacred. Air: - Space contains air which enables us to breathe.(Its breathe in and breathe out motion is similar to filling and emptying continuously.) Sound: - Sound makes us meditate more deeply. Concentrating on notes of Music makes us blissful. (To and fro motion of playing any instrument along with the sound brings our body and soul to higher meditative state.) See/Observe: - Observing the nature around us gives us a peek into the artistry of the Creator.(Intricacies of Cobwebs, Silkworm cocoon, Birds' nests, even the golden ratio and universal ratio known as π (pi.) Nourishment: - Physical nourishment of soul is fulfilled with food and water. In ancient cultures the grains were milled into the large limestone grinders.(Its perpetual circular motion is a meditative one and relates to the yin-yang motion of black chasing white or white chasing black.Also it comes back to the same point after rotating one interval.Like breathing in and out.) Fabric/loom: - To keep the soul intact and sacred, we have skin. And skin needs to be covered with pleasant feel of fabric. Hence, the loom is used for weaving.(It's to and fro motion is a meditative one, also its warp represents light and Weft represents earth according to ancient tribes.) A Zeenia Dalal Fashion Film 2018. Models : Anaheez Patel Eeshwaree Prakash Kainaz Faroodi Nazneen Mistry Pooja Petkar Shruthi Nishad Vilruza Mamlatdar Directed & Edited by : Neel Salekar Asst. Direction : Aniket Jadhav Dop : Ajinkya Khadpekar Art Direction : Omkar Mankame Music by: Rajan Kadam Make up & Hair : Sanaya Wadia Photography : Namit Mhatre Special Thanks Percy P. Dalal Farrah Kerawalla Firdaus Billimoria Karl Mistry Filmed on location at the mountains of Karjat, India.
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Carolo baby Catwalk RIGA, LATVIA 18/04/2015
Riga, Latvia (Letonia), 18/04/2015 Collection Autumn/Winter 2015 "BETWEEN TRIANA & MUNDAKA" Shot by Eduard Kolik Children Models from SV Models Management (Riga/Vilnius)
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Exposed / Textile & Fashion exhibition KABK
'Exposed' shows the work of graduating students Textile & Fashion design and the work from all Bachelor students Textile design from the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. Their work was presented at the Electriciteitsfabriek in the Hague. For more information about Exposed or the Textile & Fashion department check www.show4exposed.nl
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Garment Season's Fair 2016
The Garments Seasons Fair 2016 Ahmedabad is being Organized by alliance of Garments Distributors and Agents of Ahmedabad on 16th-17th July 2016 with more than 60 new and unique brands from Mumbai and Ahmedabad participating in the fair. https://www.facebook.com/events/1354723697876577/
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English/Nat While Paris maybe grabbing the headlines this week as the world's top designers show off next season's haute couture, another European city is staking it's claim in the world of fashion. The Lithuanian capital of Vilnius played host to the fourth annual alternative fashion show which showcases outrageous and totally unwearable clothes. Alexander McQueen and John Galliano watch out. While the two British bad boys of fashion are showing off their somewhat outlandish collections in Paris, there's something even more risque stirring in the Baltics. This is the Armada 98 show in Vilnius, where evening dresses are more likely to be made of car tyre inner tubes than taffeta and silk. "Ar" in Lithuanian roughly translates as "is it" and "mada" means "fashion". Held in the open-air courtyard of a Bohemian quarter of the city, this alternative fashion show attracted more than a dozen designers and about 3,000 spectators. One designer is London-based "Transformer", who's more used to staging shows in the nightclubs of Britain, America and Italy than on a runway stretched between two derelict buildings. He believes that alternative fashion is not about expensive elegant clothes. SOUNDBITE: (English) "My fashion's about art. It's not about, it's not about being attracted to people, it's about looking fabulous for night life. It's not about going shopping and looking like you've got lots of money. I don't care about it. I'd like to have lots of money, I haven't got it." SUPER CAPTION: Transformer, British Designer During the decades when Lithuania was a Soviet republic, dressing sharp was seen as decadent and ideologically suspect, and racks in shops were full of ill-fitting and badly- made clothes. Now Lithuanians are heartened to find that at least some cutting-edge designs are available to everyone - even if they wouldn't be seen dead walking down the street in them. Andrew Logan made his name staging events in clubs during the New Romantic period in the 1980s. Now, a sculptor, he still believes that alternative shows like Armada play an important role. SOUNDBITE: (English) "Alternative fashion shows fashion of the future. It shows people with energy and originality. I find ordinary fashion very ordinary. It's what people wear everyday but it doesn't interest me. I think its lost its excitement." SUPER CAPTION: Andrew Logan, designer Excitement was something this show did not lack. Many of the designs were cheeky, and their fashion sense was not lost on the appreciative audience. It may be a long time before the runways of Vilnius can compete with Paris or Milan but at least they show that fashion can be fun at any price. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/ed86ee256e6b08a419818f7fc3d3dde0 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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WonderWoman Art Bra, Šodien OTV news 5th Riga International Textile and Fiber Arts, Latvia, 2015
De''Šodien OTV'' 19.05.15. interviews Inese Baranovska, Director of the Museum of Design and Decorative Arts, in Riga, Latvia, during the 5th Riga International Textile and Fiber Arts Triennial, 2015. The Director explains the WonderWoman Art Bra Project, by Alejandra Gutiérrez Moya and 40 artists from Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Spain and Uruguay.scripción
Femmina fashion trade fair - January 2011
Femmina is the largest fashion trade fair in Southeast Europe providing to retail buyers access to contacts from the Greek and international fashion brands. Femmina is the largest fashion trade fair in Southeast Europe providing to retail buyers access to contacts from the Greek and international fashion brands.
Дизайнер латвийского модного бренда M-Couture Юлия Сардыкова в программе "Зеленая лампа" #MIXTV
Подписаться на канал https://goo.gl/pbTsi9 http://www.mixnews.lv/ Дизайнер латвийского модного бренда M-Couture, модельер Юлия Сардыкова в программе "Зеленая лампа" Благотворительная программа "Зеленая лампа" подготовлена в сотрудничестве с фондом ziedot.lv. Благодарим за поддержку Фонд Бориса и Инары Тетеревых. http://www.teterevufonds.lv/ru Twitter: https://twitter.com/mixnews_lv Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mixnews ВКонтакте: http://vk.com/mixnews_lv Новости Латвии в формате HD! Смотрите и слушайте радио Baltkom: http://www.mixnews.lv/radio_baltcom/live/ Смотрите и слушайте радио MixFM: http://www.mixnews.lv/radio_mixfm/live/ Скачивайте приложение Mix Media Radio: для Android: https://goo.gl/M5eZmq для IOS: https://goo.gl/M5eZmq http://www.mixtv.lv http://mixtv.lv #mixtv
BrandLab Masterclasses, Vilnius, Lithuania June & July 2014 (s)
A thoroughly enjoyable week in likeable Lithuania's capital Vilnius delivering two BrandLab Masterclass sessions. The Masterclasses were organised by the Lithuanian government's enterprise arm Enterprise Lithuania. Enterprise Lithuania supports the establishment and development of competitive businesses in Lithuania and fosters the country’s exports via training, consultancy, market analysis and business-partner search services. BrandLab is an innovative project which entails putting a number of high growth potential Lithuanian companies through a intensive and structured brand related mentoring programme. A broad range of companies attended the two Masterclasses. These included interior design, construction, laser design, food, fashion, textiles, soft drinks, information technology, materials distribution, cosmetics, glassware and even a ball bearing manufacturer.
Prabangiausia grožio inovacijų paroda FASHION VILNIUS EXPO 2015, didžiausio mados festivalio FASHION VILNIUS metu (www.fvilnius.lt) Parodos iniciatorius - Lietuvos Grožio Profesionalų Asociacija (www.grozioasociacija.lt)
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Meet the Manufacturer 2014
Meet the Manufacturer saw nearly 3000 people converge on The Old Truman Brewery in London for the first ever trade show and conference exclusively for British fashion and textile manufacturers. Our trade show had 53 exhibitors, including knitwear manufacturers, fabric mills, leathergoods makers, tanneries, fabric printers and trims suppliers, who came from across the British Isles to meet with designers, buyers and retailers wishing to make their products in the UK. Our conference saw 26 leading industry speakers discussing the challenges and opportunities of making in the UK. This short film, made by Hot Milk Films, gives a flavour of what happened over the two day event. if you would like to find out more please visit www.meetthemanufacturer.co.uk
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The city of unique fabrics and famous designers who are leading the fashion world. Uludag Textile Exporters Association (UTİB) carried out a magnificent Organization in Bursa with Turkish Fashion Fabrics Show .
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Always Dry Latvia Textile
Aizsardzības līdzeklis pret mitrumu teksila izstrādājumiem
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Targi Mody Poznań Fashion Fair 2018
Największe w Polsce targi biznesowe dla branży mody. Szczegóły: http://www.targimodypoznan.pl/pl/
Views: 245 Polska Moda
Little Cutie Children Clothing Fashion Store   www.littlecutie.com.my
Little Cutie Wholesale Children apparels is one of the leading wholesaler in Malaysia. We are specializing in distributing quality clothing which bring the maximum comfort to your lovely cutie. We are located at Kenanga Wholesale City and GM Klang Wholesale City . Kindly visit our showroom at Kenanga Wholesale City Little Cutie Level 3A Lot 16 Tel : 03-2722 0222 , 03-2722 0008 Whatsapp , WeChat & Line : 010-402 2829 & Little Cutie Level 3 Lot 52 Tel : 03-27240988 Whatsapp , WeChat & Line : 010-408 2829 & Little Cutie Level 5 Lot 73A Tel : 03-27142829 Whatsapp , WeChat & Line : 016-334 2829 GM Klang Wholesale City Little Cutie Level 3 Lot 3F09 Tel : 03-3325 2829 Whatsapp , WeChat & Line : 010-407 2829 Wholesale enquiry , please email us [email protected] Visit us www.littlecutie.com.my for unbeatable prices and designs. Join our Facebook Official Page : littlecutieboutique
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Kablys showcase @ Litexpo (Vilnius Sport Festival)
Vilniaus Sporto Festivalis 2014 10 4-5 d. Kablys pyramid box build time lapse . Soundtrack: Joey Bada$$ - Christ Conscious ( Instrumental )
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Tautų mugė 2016 Vilnius Lithuania
On 16-18 September for the eight time in the capital Fair of the Nations shall take place. This year, National food and handicrafts shall be presented by a number of guests from abroad: Gedimino Avenue shall host traders from 16 foreign cities representing Morocco, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Latvia and Belarus. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Epicwander is community marketplace that helps travelers to find unique tours and services, while you are traveling, that matches your specific needs directly from local guides, experts, personalities. it helps to find like minded people and do exactly what you are interested in , while you are traveling. It helps to get most usual and essential quality services, when you are out. It also empowers guides by giving them the infrastructure to create their own businesses, professionals to meet each other. Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/epicwander/?fref=ts Song: https://soundcloud.com/kavverhouzer/mr-probz-nothing-really-matters-kav-verhouzer-remix
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UAB “LELIJA” 60 years Fashion shows in Lithuania
Company “Lelija” is the biggest garment manufacturer in Lithuania, producing annually around 1 million outerwear textile clothing for men, women and children, from which about 80% are exported to West European and Scandinavian countries. Suits, jackets, blazers, trousers, coats, raincoats, skirts, shirts, blouses, vests, tuxedos, tailcoats, dresses and uniforms constitute the major assortment of the company and are produced in specialized production lines.
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Bentley Bentayga Full Detailing Ceramic Pro 9H,Textile, Wheel & Caliper, Rain. leather,
Мир полон удивительных мест. Bentayga был задуман для того, чтобы отвезти Вас туда. Bentley Bentayga Full Detailing Ceramic Pro 9H,Textile, Wheel & Caliper, Rain, Leather @ceramicprolatvia Dargie draugi! Gaidām mūsu Deteiling centrā saulainajā 🌞 Jūrmalā pēc adreses: Viestura 31, Jūrmala LV-2010 Latvija 🇱🇻 Дорогие друзья! Ждём Вас в нашем Детейлинг центре в солнечной 🌞 Юрмале по адресу: Viestura 31, Jūrmala LV-2010 Latvija 🇱🇻 ☎+371 673 00000 📱+371 201 22222 🌍www.ceramicpro.lv 📧 [email protected] 😎 Facebook.com/ceramicprolatvia 🎬 Youtube: Ceramic Pro Latvia
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VID 20161124 085145
A grade clothes - recycling used clothes/shoes factory in Latvia, Riga.Please,contact for further info. Kind regards, Sia Economclass, Sales/Production Department Reg. LV40103644598 Latvia, LV-1050,Riga Contacts: +371-27084161 (Calls,Viber,Whatsapp) +371-24800451 Email to: [email protected]
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Cheer Sagar - India International garment Fair
Cheer Sagar - Cheer Sagar Exhibition at India International garment Fair 2011.
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UAB “ LELIJA ” 60 years Fashion shows in Lithuania
Company “Lelija” is the biggest garment manufacturer in Lithuania, producing annually around 1 million outerwear textile clothing for men, women and children, from which about 80% are exported to West European and Scandinavian countries. Suits, jackets, blazers, trousers, coats, raincoats, skirts, shirts, blouses, vests, tuxedos, tailcoats, dresses and uniforms constitute the major assortment of the company and are produced in specialized production lines.
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