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Attenborough: the amazing Lyre Bird sings like a chainsaw! Now in high quality | BBC Earth
New David Attenborough series Dynasties coming soon! Watch the first trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWI1eCbksdE --~-- The world is an amazing place full of stories, beauty and natural wonder. Jump in to BBC Earth's YouTube channel and meet your planet.You'll find 50 years worth of astounding, entertaining, thought-provoking and educational natural history content on here. Dramatic, rare, and exclusive, nature doesn't get more exciting than this. Subscribe to be the first to view new clips and competitions. For more brilliant natural history shows, exclusive to YouTube, head over to our brand-new channel Earth Unplugged! http://www.youtube.com/earthunplugged David looks at this amazing bird, which mimics the calls of other birds - and chainsaws and camera shutters! Watch more high quality videos on the BBC Earth YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/BBCEarth and visit http://www.BBCEarth.com for all the latest natural history exclusives and fantastic new wildlife videos.
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Lord Digga High Like a Bird
Lord Digga High Like a Bird
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Rubber Headz - Night dreams (Original mix)
Propaganda Electro Division (Propaganda Agency's brand) 001 Rubber Headz - Like a bird EP Side B - Night dreams (Original mix) BeatPort link: http://www.beatport.com/release/like-a-bird/931939 www.rubberheadz.com www.propagandaagency.it Twitter @RubberHeadz / @PropagandaRoma
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Migos - Birds (No Label 2)
Get 'No Label 2' free on https://goo.gl/OTWPXA Migos - Birds Migos - Birds Migos - Birds Migos - Birds Migos - Birds Migos - Birds Migos - Birds Migos - Birds Migos - Birds Migos - Birds Migos - Birds Migos - Birds Migos - Birds Migos - Birds Migos - Birds Migos - Birds Migos - Birds Migos - Birds
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Cynthia Clawson - Flee As A Bird
FLEE AS A BIRD, On the road What a wonderful thought: "He on his bosom will bear thee, thou who art weary of sin." This always been one of my favorite hymns. Ragan and I often sing it while on the road traveling to engagements. Out of the blue, Buryl suggested we include this on the album. So one night after a Centurymen recording session, he got Max Lyall -- friend -- authentic original -- to improvise the accompaniment for this song and we did it in two takes! FLEE AS A BIRD Music and lyrics by Mrs. M.S.B. Dana Arranged by Max Lyall Flee as a bird to your mountain Thou who art weary of sin Go to the clear, flowing fountain Where you may wash and be clean Fly, for th'avenger is near thee Call, and the Savior will hear thee He on His bosom will bear thee Thou who art weary of sin O thou who art weary of sin He is the bountiful Giver Now unto Him draw near Peace then shall flow like a river Thou shalt be saved from they fear Haste, then, the hours are flying Spend not the moments in sighing Cease from your sorrow and crying The Savior will wipe every tear The Savior will wipe every tear Come, then, to Jesus, thy Savior He will redeem thee from sin Bless with a sense of His favor Make thee all-glorious within Call, for the Savior is near thee Waiting in mercy to hear thee He by His presence will cheer thee O thou who art weary of sin O thou who art weary of sin Arranged by Max Lyall Piano: Max Lyall
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The Trashmen - Surfin Bird - Bird is the Word 1963 (RE-MASTERED) (ALT End Video) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
This one had to be done. This is the Alternate Ending, because I liked the Dance that he does at the end. I know it's a Comedian.
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Rubber Headz - Like a bird (Original mix)
Propaganda Electro Division (Propaganda Agency's brand) 001 Rubber Headz - Like a bird EP Side A - Like a bird (Original mix) BetPort link: http://www.beatport.com/release/like-a-bird/931939 www.rubberheadz.com www.propagandaagency.it Twitter: @RubberHeadz / @PropagandaRoma
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How to Gain Your Birds Trust
Click here to SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1MhbNy8 Click here for BUDGIE STORE: http://bit.ly/2qRNV3S Bonding with your budgie will take time and patience, but can also be lots of fun. First, however, you need to build your budgie’s trust in you. Source: https://www.wikihow.com/Gain-Your-Parakeet%27s-Trust ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2kiRwEG BUDGIE COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2IJJ7ZN BLOG: http://bit.ly/1sDIbt0 BUSINESS INQUIRIES: [email protected] ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• WATCH MY OTHER VIDEOS! BUDGIE CARE: http://bit.ly/2oVIIsb AQUARIUMS: http://bit.ly/1P8lsgU BUDGIE VLOG: http://bit.ly/2hO9dh2 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Thank you, awesome people of the world!
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Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J
Get "Dark Horse" from Katy Perry's 'PRISM': http://katy.to/PRISM WITNESS: The Tour tickets available now! https://www.katyperry.com/tour Directed by Matthew Cullen & Produced by Dawn Rose, Danny Lockwood, Javier Jimenez, and Derek Johnson Follow Katy: http://www.katyperry.com http://youtube.com/katyperry http://twitter.com/katyperry http://facebook.com/katyperry http://instagram.com/katyperry Lyrics: I knew you were You were gonna come to me And here you are But you better choose carefully ‘Cause I am capable of anything Of anything and everything Make me your Aphrodite Make me your one and only But don’t make me your enemy Your enemy, your enemy (Pre-Chorus) So you wanna play with magic Boy, you should know what you’re fallin’ for Baby, do you dare to do this ‘Cause I’m coming atcha like a dark horse (Chorus) Are you ready for, ready for A perfect storm, perfect storm ‘Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine There’s no going back Mark my words This love will make you levitate Like a bird Like a bird without a cage But down to earth If you choose to walk away Don’t walk away It’s in the palm of your hand now, baby It’s a yes or a no, no maybe So just be sure Before you give it all to me All to me Give it all to me (Pre-Chorus) So you wanna play with magic Boy, you should know what you’re fallin’ for Baby, do you dare to do this ‘Cause I’m coming atcha like a dark horse (Chorus) Are you ready for, ready for A perfect storm, perfect storm ‘Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine There’s no going back (Juicy J) She’s a beast I call her Karma She’ll eat your heart out Like Jeffrey Dahmer Be careful Try not to lead her on Shorty heart is on steroids ‘Cause her love is so strong You may fall in love when you meet her If you get the chance, you better keep her She’s sweet as pie, but if you break her heart She’ll turn cold as a freezer That fairy tale ending with a knight in shining armor She can be my Sleeping Beauty I’m gon’ put her in a coma Now I think I love her Shorty so bad, sprung and I don’t care She ride me like a roller coaster Turned the bedroom into a fair Her love is like a drug I was tryna hit it and quit it But lil’ mama so dope I messed around and got addicted (Pre-Chorus) So you wanna play with magic Boy, you should know what you’re fallin’ for Baby, do you dare to do this ‘Cause I’m coming atcha like a dark horse (Chorus) Are you ready for, ready for A perfect storm, perfect storm ‘Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine There’s no going back Music video by Katy Perry performing Dark Horse. (C) 2014 Capitol Records, LLC
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Bonding With & Taming Your Budgie
In this video, i will show you how to tame & bond with your budgies correctly. Since birds are somewhat skittish, it may take a long time to tame them and it is easy for them to loose their trust in you if you do something wrong. You need to research the correct way to do this very thoroughly. That's why i made this video- to help new budgie owners with their birds. Step 1) Leave your budgie alone in a quiet room for 2 or 3 days, so they have time to settle in and get used to their new surroundings. Step 2) Slowly start approaching the cage and talking to them in a calm, gentle voice while cleaning the cage and changing their food & water. Step 3) Simply lay your hand at the bottom of the cage for about 5 minutes several times a day and let them get used to you. Don't chase them or even move your hand closer. Just let them get used to your hand. Also talk to them softly. Make sure you don't move your hand. Keep is completely still. Step 4) Start to offer them treats & millet from your hand. It's best to start to hold the millet out by it's stem, and once your budgie is comfortable with eating that, you can place it in the palm of your hand or some bird seed in your hand. Getting your budgie to trust you enough to eat out of your hand my take awhile, but soon they won't resist but take a few bites. Make sure you never chase them around or shove the treat at them; this will ruin any trust they have gained in you. Step 5) Once your budgie is comfortable with eating food from you, start to lure them onto your finger. But remember: don't rush this process. It is very important to be patent, gentle, and quiet around them at all times. If your budgie is comfortable with eating food from your hand, then you can start to lure them up onto your finger. Step 6) Keep working with them! After your bird is comfortable with eating food from your hand and sitting on your finger, keep taming them every day and strengthen your bond together! Teach them tricks, let them have free time out of the cage, play games together, and more! If you bond with your budgies correctly, you will have a life-long bond with them for 10+ years!!!!! The most important thing is to always BE PATENT!! I know all of this stuff seems like a lot of unnecessary work just to play with a budgie, but it isn't. If you grab your budgie, force them out of their cage, chase them, and not tame them correctly, you will have a very unhappy bird and your bird will end up not liking you & even hating you. Please be patient with them! Trust me, i have researched this a lot, plus i know from personal experience. Some budgies will be tamed in only a week or two, but some can take as a long as a few months to a year! It took Crayons about 2+ months to be fully tamed, and I'm still actually working with Blizzard. Just be patent and follow these steps, and you will have a budgie that is totally tamed & bonded with you! :) xxx Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ ~AleiaAnimalLover368~ ♥Caring For Animals The CORRECT Way!♥ Thanks for supporting me by watching, commenting, liking, and subscribing! My Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Aleiaanimallover368?feature=watch My Collab Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/threepawsomepetlover?feature=em-subscription_create My "Persnick-A-Pup" Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/PersnickAPup001/videos My Facebook Fan-Page: https://www.facebook.com/AleiasPetPage My Website: http://coolpets99.wix.com/aleias-pet-care-page All my videos are in HD!!! I love getting comments, and I read all of them! But please understand I have quiet a few subscribers and it is difficult to reply to them all!! Your questions might have already been answered in the video or the description, so please take a look before asking! Thanks for understanding! If you have any urgent animal-care questions, do not hesitate to PM me! Have a nice day! ^_^ ~AleiaAnimalLover368~
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Marco Shuttle - Sing Like a Bird
BUY: https://hardwax.com/70545/marco-shuttle/sing-like-a-bird/ Marco Shuttle has been producing and releasing music for over half a decade, yet it's only recently that his music has begun to find wider acclaim. The dapper London-based Italian scored a real sleeper hit in the shape of 2011's "The Vox Attitude" but his active decision to focus less on this brand of booming 808 heavy warehouse techno and more on a deeper, tonal based sound has paid real dividend, finding increasing favor with the more cerebral techno selectors out there. A debut on Time To Express is undoubtedly Shuttle's most high profile release to date, and it's little surprise to hear the genesis of Peter Van Hoesen's label issuing "Sing Like A Bird" dates back to the Italian producer playing it at last year's edition of Japanese techno festival Labyrinth. Fans of Dozzy and Prince of Denmark will love this, whilst there's also a remix from Peter Van Hoesen on the flip! - no copyright infringement intended - DISCLAMIER : I do not own any rights on the material in this video. All tracks uploaded are for promotional use only. If any of the legal owners do not want their music on YOUTUBE please send me a private message before flagging the video and i will remove the video immediately.
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Audi S4 (C4) GTO Chirping Like a Bird! - 2.2L 5-Cylinder Turbo Engine Melody
This Audi S4 GTO could be considered as the Audi 90 IMSA GTO twin. Why? Because it's actually a 90 GTO with a different body na chassis. Let me explain.. After the 1989 IMSA championship Audi retired from the American competition and they shipped two of their Audi 200 Quattro TransAm to South Africa in order to race in the Wesbanks Modified championship where old GTO & TransAm car could be raced. By 1991 the 200 TransAm were not as fast as the previous years so Audi South Africa considered that the Audi 90 IMSA GTO would have been the perfect replacement. Problem is the 90 model wasn't sold in SA thus the race car was not allowed to compete as per the rules. So they decided to build a brand new race car: based on the C4 Audi S4 plaform, the new racer was built under the approval of Audi itself which helped in the chassis construction. Furthermore they sent in SA one of the few Audi 90 left in order to be studied and copied. Most of the S4 GTO mechanical parts are exactly the same as the 90 GTO, plus very similar aerodynamics and engine (which is a 2.2-litre turbocharged 5-cylinder engine with around 700hp at 7500 rpm and 720 Nm of torque). Watch it in action during the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed and enjoy the fantastic 5-cylinder melody together with that lovely turbo whistle!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have to thank my friend and youtuber NM2255 (https://www.youtube.com/user/NM2255) for letting me use his shots taken during the event. Don't forget to subscribe to his channel! -- Subscribe to my 2nd channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3XVG02cKYsLyUUewv-qkoQ You can also find and follow me on: - Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/19bozzy92/ - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/19Bozzy92YT - Google+: https://plus.google.com/100567781241722617164/posts - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ste19bozzy92 - Camcorder: Canon Legria HF G40 + Canon DM-100 Microphone - Event: Festival of Speed 2017 - Where: Goodwood, England Link To My Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/19Bozzy92 THANKS FOR WATCHING AND SUBSCRIBE!!!
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James Marsden - Fly Like a Bird
James Marsden sings Boz Scaggs' Fly Like a Bird on Second Noah
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Tim McGraw-Last dollar (lyrics)
last dollar by tim mcgraw
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Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird
Subscribe to The Best Of for more classic music history, videos and playlists: http://bit.ly/WdJ36u Southern rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd recorded "Free Bird" in 1973 and it featured on their debut album "(Pronounced 'lĕh-'nérd 'skin-'nérd)". Released as a single in November 1974, "Free Bird" became the band's second Top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in early 1975, where it peaked at No. 19. A live version of the song also reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1977, peaking at No. 38. Special thanks to James at the Cowboymod Emporium for his help in the making of this video. Check out the channel for more of The Best Of classic music: http://www.youtube.com/alltimebestofmusic Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRealBestOf Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRealBestOf
Teaser - LiLAB (Love Is Like A Bird)
I’m putting out my debut album while on the biggest tour of my life! Hear my story & Pre-order now! https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/deargodym -Teaser- LiLAB (Love Is Like A Bird) ★ www.yitzchokmeir.com ★ Thank you so much to everyone who made this short scene in the Larger Music Video an AWESOME PARTY (and for bringing life to Jerusalem)! And Don't Forget! 'Love is like a bird, she flies away and she comes back she's yours' ★ www.yitzchokmeir.com ★
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Feed the Birds | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts
Oh, boy! A new Mickey Mouse Cartoon. SUBSCRIBE to get notified when new Disney Shorts videos are posted: http://di.sn/SubscribeDisneyShorts Watch classic Mickey Mouse cartoons: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC6qIbU1olyVpZCk1hpZDKxo2ikOpWExN Watch the new Mickey Mouse shorts: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC6qIbU1olyXQe1WOKt8UJ4hErx3D7qt8 Get more from Disney! Disney YouTube: http://di.sn/SubscribeDisney Like Disney: http://Facebook.com/Disney Follow Disney: http://Twitter.com/Disney Disney Tumblr: http://disney.tumblr.com/ Disney Google+: http://plus.google.com/+Disney/posts Disney Instagram: http://Instagram.com/Disney About Mickey Mouse Cartoons: Mickey Mouse has been synonymous with Disney since first came into our lives in 1928 with a whistle and two step in the classic Disney cartoon Steamboat Willie. Mickey has appeared in over 130 films including “Brave Little Tailor” (1938) and “Fantasia (1940), as well as television shows like the Mickey Mouse Club and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Along with his gang of trusted friends, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, and even his nemesis Pete, Mickey is back for more fun and adventure in the brand new series of Mickey Mouse shorts, created by Paul Rudish. Welcome to Disney Shorts YouTube! Enjoy animated and live action Disney cartoons and short films. We have all your favorite original and new Disney characters! Enjoy classic Mickey Mouse cartoons with Donald Duck and Goofy to Schoolhouse Rock throwbacks and new digital shorts like Disney’s Planes. Plus we’ve curated some of our favorite animated short films from creators across the web that all Disney fans are sure to love! New Videos every Saturday!
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Hillsong Kids Jr. - Free As A Bee (Crazy Noise)
Free As A Bee from Hillsong Kids Jr. - Crazy Noise!

 For the first time ever Hillsong Kids presents an album especially for preschoolers and early school age children. 'Crazy Noise' is an album full of catchy new songs from the Hillsong Kids team. A couple of 'Hillsong Kids' favourite songs and an appearance from JD, worship leader of 'Hillsong United', are also added into the mix to complete this wonderful collection.

 Hillsong Children's Pastor Dave Wakerley says "For a long time we have wanted to create an album for this age group and we are so excited about producing this album for the preschooler.'Crazy Noise' is full of brand new songs that your little ones will enjoy singing, dancing, and praising God to."

 Available from April 24 at http://hillsongmusic.com/kids
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Free as a bird - Robin da Hood
http://www.virginmobile.com.au/virgin-brand/ Just as a telco is nothing without fairness, a Robin da Hood is nothing without his falcon. Join us as ye too can swoop in the face of unfairness. So come and spread they wings at http://robindahood.com.au. Virgin Mobile has what ye need. Explore our latest mobile offers at http://www.virginmobile.com.au
Flying Like a Bird: Awesome ‘Flyboard Air’ in Action
French jet ski champion Franky Zapata is flying on what looks like an actual jet-propelled hoverboard. ‘Flyboard Air’ can fly autonomously for 10 minutes with a ceiling of 10,000 feet, and it has a top speed of 93 miles per hour (150 kilometers per hour). SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI4lx9retCL7_cBmmceEQ8g?sub_confirmation=1 FOLLOW US: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SputnikNews Twitter https://twitter.com/SputnikInt Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/radiosputnik Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/sputnik_news Instagram https://instagram.com/sputnik_news Sputnik is a major new media brand with modern multimedia centers in dozens of countries. The agency is uniquely positioned as a provider of alternative news content and a radio broadcaster.
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The Time - The Bird (single version) (1985)
Morris Day & The Time! Musical rivals of the late Prince in his movie "Purple Rain", but one of the Purple One's associated successful acts. This is the 45 version of "The Bird", which went to #36 on the Billboard Hot 100, #33 on the Billboard R&B/Black singles chart, and #6 on the Billboard Dance Singles chart. The song also made the Cash Box Top 100 chart, where it went to #37.
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Fire  ‎– Flies Like a Bird ( 1970,  Prog Rock, UK )
Album : The Magic Shoemaker Bass Guitar, Vocals – Dick Dufall Design [Cover Design] – Peter Dixon Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Bob Voice Engineer – Andy Hendriksen, Len Foster Guitar, Piano, Organ, Vocals, Narrator – Dave Lambert Painting [Front Cover Picture] – Jan Victors Producer – Ray Hendriksen Producer, Liner Notes – Ray Hammond Written-By – Dave Lambert
Lord Digga - High Like A Bird (2008)
Lord Digga ‎- The High Plains Drifter EP Label: One Leg Up Records Recorded: 1992 - 1996 Producer: The Bluez Brothers Format: Vinyl, 12'' Country: United States
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Rachel Platten - Fight Song (Official Video)
Rachel Platten - Fight Song Fight Song EP is now available on iTunes! Download it here: http://smarturl.it/FightSongEP Follow Rachel Platten: Twitter: https://twitter.com/RachelPlatten Instagram: http://instagram.com/rachelplatten Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rachelplattenmusic Tumblr: http://rachelplatten.tumblr.com/ We Heart It: http://weheartit.com/RachelPlatten Music Video by Rachel Platten performing "Fight Song." (C) 2015 Columbia Records, A Division of Sony Music Entertainment.
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Elina - Like a bird [Orginal song]
Download the song?: http://www.4shared.com/audio/KVIWJ-iK/Like_a_bird.html My name is Elina and I've been playing guitar for about 5 months now .. I think .. I did not sing before. That was 5 months ago I really started singing. Previously I just sing in the shower. And one thing. I do not mumble in this video for those of you who think I do. It is my way of singing. HAHA! And, I will not sing more on this song for when it may not be the same message .. Ehm, description .. Well, how should I describe this song .. There are well more like a poem. Everyone has their own interpretation on it .. seeya
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Ultimate Bird Simulator -"Fly like An Eagle" - By Gluten Free Games Simulation - iTunes/Android
Played By 12 year old Joseph Download [email protected]:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glutenfreegames.ultimatebirdsimulator Soar into a brand new adventure as a majestic Eagle, swift Falcon, or a colorful Parrot! For the first time ever, choose from TWELVE PLAYABLE BIRDS! Hunt down food in a massive realistic world, lay eggs, raise your flock, and unlock exciting new playable birds as you experience the life of a bird! Download the Ultimate Bird Simulator today while it's 50% OFF for a very limited time! Brand New Features REALISTIC SIMULATOR You'll need to maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy while ruling over the vast blue skies! TWELVE PLAYABLE BIRDS Choose from your favorite species of birds in a single game! Become a Eagle, Crow, Parrot, Duck, Owl, Falcon, Stork, Seagull, Bluejay, Toucan, Cockatoo, and a Hummingbird! Each species has their own families, experience, and levels! DANGEROUS BOSS BATTLES Test your skills against SIX thrilling boss battles! A deadly winged foe who lives off of blood lies in wait! A dangerous predatory feline is waiting in the snow covered peaks to pounce on your entire flock! BUILD YOUR FLOCK Dominate other birds or bring them a treat to recruit them to your family! Customize and play as any bird in your flock and create a powerful family! RAISE YOUR BABIES Hatch babies that will grow into powerful members of your family! Care for you babies while they are are young, finding food for them and carrying them in your mouth! CUSTOMIZE YOUR BIRDS Choose your animal’s name, appearance, skills, and attributes to complement your flock members and become a more powerful group! LEVEL UP YOUR BIRDS Gain experience by catching and eating your prey, caring for your family, and completing missions! Level up your birds to increase their health and attack damage, earn points to upgrade your stats, and increase the size of your flock! EARN STAT POINTS Stat Points can be used to provide bonus’s to traits like Health, Critical Attack Chance, Flight Speed, and much more! UPGRADEABLE BUFFS Buff Points can be used to upgrade your Screech and Call Buffs, which create temporary Stat Boosting auras around your bird when active! RAGDOLL PHYSICS Your prey now realistically dangles from your talons as you carry them! DYNAMIC WEATHER, SEASONS AND DAY/NIGHT CYCLE Procedural weather system with unique storms, clouds, sun, and stars! And the BRAND NEW changing seasons! MASSIVE REALISTIC 3D ENVIRONMENT Explore a world so big we created SIXTEEN unique dens for your birds to live in! Explore a dense mountainous forest, a tropical jungle island, an arid rocky land, and the frosted peaks of the arctic! DOZENS OF ENEMIES Hunt down animals like squirrels, rabbits, mice, deer, birds, crab, fish, raccoon, fox, beetles, grub, worms, ants, geckos and many more! Smaller birds can scavenge for fruit, seeds, and nectar from flowers! OPTIONAL BLOOD EFFECTS If you are of age or have your parents permission, turn on the BRAND NEW blood effects for added combat ferocity! GLUTEN-FREE PROMISE With all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases! Download the Ultimate Bird Simulator to transport yourself to the wide open skies and experience the high flying life of your favorite bird! If you liked living as a Bird then you'll love our other animal simulators! Download our Ultimate Wolf Simulator and live a wild life in the forest, or turn the Ultimate Dinosaur Simulator and discover a long lost Prehistoric World of Dinosaurs! Give us a shout and let us know what you want to play next! facebook.com/glutenfreegames twitter.com/glutenfreegames
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The Used - The Bird And The Worm Lyrics HQ
He wears his heart safety pinned to his backpack His backpack is all that he knows Shot down by strangers Whose glances can cripple The heart and devour the soul All alone he turns to stone While holding his breath half to death Terrified of what's inside To save his life He crawls like a worm from a bird (ALL ALONE) Crawls like a worm from a bird Out of his mind The weight pushes him whispering Must have been out of his mind Mid-day delusions of pushing this out of his head Maybe out of his mind (Out of his mind) All alone he turns to stone While holding his breath half to death Terrified of whats inside To save his life He crawls like a worm Crawls like a worm from a bird (ALL ALONE) (ALL ALONE) (Crawls like a worm from a bird) (Crawls like a worm) (Crawls like a worm from a bird) All he knows If he can't relieve it it grows And so it goes He crawls like a worm Crawls like a worm from a bird Out of his mind The weight pushes him whispering Must have been out of his mind All alone he turns to stone While holding his breath half to death Terrified of whats inside To save his life He crawls like a worm from a bird All alone He's holding his breath half to death (Holding his breath half to death) Terrified To save his life He crawls like a worm (CRAWLS LIKE A WORM) Crawls like a worm from a bird (ALL ALONE) Crawls like a worm from a bird (ALL ALONE) Crawls like a worm from a bird (ALL ALONE) Crawls like a worm Crawls like a worm Crawls like a worm from a bird
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Moody Blues:Floating
Music by The Moody Blues From their album: To Our Children's children children Floating free as a bird Sixty foot leaps it's so absurd From up here you should see the view Such a lot of space for me and you Oh you'd like it Gliding around get your feet off the ground Oh you'd like it Do as you please with so much ease Now I know how it feels To have wings on my heels To take a stroll among the stars Get a close look at planet Mars Oh you'd like it Gliding around get your feet off the ground Oh you'd like it Do as you please with so much ease Bouncing about on the moon Guess you'll all be up here soon The candy stores they'll be brand new And you'll buy a rock with the moon right through Oh you'd like it Gliding around get your feet off the ground Oh you'd like it Do as you please with so much ease Come fly... Come fly... Come fly...
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Mariah Fly Like A Bird Studio Version with lyrics in the description
This extremely powerful song done done by the vocal empress, Mariah Carey. This song was deemed the hardest song to sing in the world, because of the transitions. Fly like a Bird by Mariah Carey Lyrics. Weeping may endure for a night But joy comes in the morning Trust Him Somehow I know that there's a place up above With no more hurt and struggling Free of all atrocities and suffering Because I feel the unconditional love From one who cares enough for me To erase all my burdens and let me be free to Fly like a bird, take to the sky I need you now, Lord, carry me high Don't let the world break me tonight I need the strength of You by my side Sometimes this life can be so cold I pray You'll come and carry me home Can we recover, will the world ever be A place of peace and harmony? With no war and with no brutality If we loved each other we will find victory But in this harsh reality Sometimes I'm so despondent that I feel the need to Fly like a bird, take to the sky I need you now, Lord, carry me high Don't let the world break me tonight I need the strength of You by my side Sometimes this life can be so cold I pray You'll come and carry me home He said, "He will never forsake you Or leave you alone" Trust Him I need You right here right now, Lord I need You right here by my side Keep your head up to the sky With God's love you'll survive Fly like a bird, take to the sky I need you now, Lord, carry me high Don't let the world break me tonight I need the strength of You by my side Sometimes this life can be so cold I pray You'll come and carry me home Fly like a bird, take to the sky I need you now, Lord, carry me high Don't let the world break me tonight I need the strength of You by my side Sometimes this life can be so cold I pray You'll come and carry me home Carry me higher, higher, higher Carry me higher, higher, higher Carry me higher, higher, higher Carry me higher, higher, higher Carry me higher, higher, higher Carry me higher, higher, higher Carry me home Carry me higher, Lord can the fans please help me out by clicking this referral link for me http://epicfreeprizes.com/?ref=373526
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Like A Bird (Harry Styles Fanfic) TRAILER by StrawharryMalts on Wattpad
PLEASE NOT THAT MY USERNAME HAS BEEN CHANGED TO StrawharryMalts THANKS Story- "Like A Bird (Harry Styles Fanfic)" on Wattpad by StrawharryMalts Please Read! Blair is the only one supporting her family. Even when she shouldn't be. She's the daughter. They abuse her. And take advantage of her. She's sick of it, and is glad when relief comes. A modelling job in London. She makes a lot of new friend and one night, goes to a party... Where she meets Harry Styles. She judges too quickly, hearing rumours about him being a womaniser. She stays away from him. But he isn't about to be rejected so easily. And they becomes friends, after Blair sees the real him. Caring. Sweet. And of course, a little cheeky. Later, they become more than friends. But then after an argument, Harry turns to alcohol. And mistakes are made. Pictures of those mistakes are sent to Blair by a jealous fan trying to break them up. It works. But it also devistates both of them. Can he take what he did back and earn Blair's trust back? On top of that, fans are vicious, tearing Blair up emotionally. She doesn't know if the life she's living is cut out for her. Just when she thought she had wings, she's falling faster than ever. Will her wings come back to her? Find out in "Like A Bird (Harry Styles Fanfic)" by StrawharryMalts on Wattpad @StrawharryMalts
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Richard Clapton _ I'm like a bird. ( Nelly Furtardo - cover).wmv
Andrew Dentons Musical Challenge - MMM- Sydney - I don't own the rights...
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cat playing with a bird, really very cool
www.eyenimal.com Catch beautiful scenes from your pet eyes
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Jaquet Droz The Bird Minute Repeater Watch
See more @ http://www.ablogtoread.com THE BIRD REPEATER For many years, whether on the canvas where the painter brings his work into being or the dial where the sculptor applies his relief decoration, the brand's workshops have paid homage to birds and brought them to life. Today, Jaquet Droz adds a new dimension to mankind's age-old dream of flying and pushes back the boundaries of Haute Horlogerie with The Bird Repeater. This exceptional timepiece, conceived by the craftsmen of the House, blends the history, know-how and imaginative power of Jaquet Droz in a way as precious as it is original. In a stunning visual show, The Bird Repeater represents two Blue Tits, symbolic of Pierre Jaquet-Droz's native Jura region, together over the nest containing their fledglings. In another nod to the origins of the Manufacture, the Saut du Doubs waterfall also figures on the dial of this new horological treasure. Fully animated by a mechanism of unequalled complexity, this three-dimensional picture truly comes to life. While one of the birds bobs to give a beakful of food to its offspring, the wings of its companion spread to reveal their delicate shades of color. An egg in the middle of the nest opens to reveal a chick, while the water of the stream flows in a continuous cascade. The Bird Repeater is an authentic automaton, with a cam system inherited directly from the century of Enlightenment, and it calls upon the resources of all the decorative crafts. Jaquet Droz engravers and painters have worked together to produce the yellow, blue, white and deep black of the birds' plumage, the perfectly balanced volumes and the finely detailed wisps of grass forming the nest. To achieve the realism of this scene no less than eight different animation mechanisms act in synchronism: the movement of the birds' heads and wings, the movement of the fledglings, the hatching of the egg, the sparkle of the flowing water. True to the brand's extremely exacting philosophy, Jaquet Droz has given The Bird Repeater one of haute horlogerie's most virtuoso complications: Minute Repetition. Simply pressing the pushbutton makes the watch strike the hours, quarters and minutes and sets the wonderful animated sequences in motion. The resonance and mellow tone of its cathedral gong, generated by two turns around the mechanism, are equaled only by the complexity of the system of chimes incorporated in the gold case, 47 mm in diameter and only 18.4 mm thick. The Bird Repeater, made up of 508 separate components, has a 48-hour power reserve, and is available in two versions, one in grey gold set with diamonds and the other in red gold, each one in a limited edition of just 8 pieces. The outcome of two years of development, this new, dazzling masterpiece is the latest illustration, and doubtless the most extreme example of the uniqueness of the Jaquet Droz spirit: giving life, like no other, to the poetry of Time. The Bird Repeater is already on view today, but the Manufacture is in the process of completing a piece that will be the crowning glory of its historic link with the world of birds when it is presented at Baselworld 2013. At La Chaux-de-Fonds, like the song of the blue tits and the music of the Saut du Doubs waterfall, the enchantment of Time will not soon fade away. Numerus Clausus of 8 Reference J031033200 Movement Jaquet Droz RMA88, minute repeater hand-winding mechanical movement, single barrel Indications Off-centered hours and minutes Jewelling 69 jewels Power reserve 48 hours Frequency 18,000 v.p.h Case 18-carat red gold, diameter Ø 47 mm Individual limited serial number engraved on the case-back Dial Hand engraved and painted mother-of-pearl, black mother-of-pearl center. Hand engraved and painted birds Hands 18-carat red gold Strap Rolled-edge hand made black alligator leather strap Buckle 18-carat red gold folding clasp
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Talking about the 4 different BIRD scooters
There are 4 different models of BIRD scooters available and this is a simple discussion about the options. +++USE LINK TO SIGN UP FOR INVESTING+++ Join Robinhood and we'll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link: https://www.bit.ly/2NzKt7B-Invest ********************************************** HELLO FRIENDS, below are some amazing products I would recommend and suggest you get!! First things first create an Amazon Business Account to get some stuff as Prime without having to become a full prime account, this is good because you should track business expenses seperately. This Link is: https://amzn.to/2x2nSK5 Then buy a few items I would recommend, first an outlet power meter to track your useage: https://amzn.to/2x34T1W (own one to measure power use) Then get 2) 12 out surge protctors: https://amzn.to/2Nqu4pt (have two and use them to charge with) Purchase a pair of working gloves: https://amzn.to/2x44v35 or some single use high quality gloves: https://amzn.to/2O8eWdc Buy a small tool kit to keep with you for just in case scenarios: https://amzn.to/2NCi2Jo This is a tool to help find scooters but, also give protection against being potentially attacked (High powered spot light which can temporarily blind someone if necessary):https://amzn.to/2CGLwSh ***Purchasing through theses links will be referrals that land me with a small percentage of purchase price, so essentially this section of description is like a mini ad. Thank you for understanding and I appreciate it if you do buy anything from my Amazon Link!*** ********************************************** "Ride Into Cash" - "RideIntoCash" - "Drew The Driver" https://fb.com/rideintocash https://instagram.com/rideintocash https://twitter.com/rideintocash http://www.rideintocash.com
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Love Is Like a Bird (Extended)
Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Love Is Like a Bird (Extended) · Cristina Love Is Like a Bird ℗ Ala Bianca Group srl Released on: 1988-01-01 Author: T. Monski Author: C. Lorenz Composer: T. Monski Composer: C. Lorenz Music Publisher: siae Auto-generated by YouTube.
Jade Valerie - Like A Bird (Geo's Mix)
Song: Like A Bird (Geo's Mix) Artist: Jade Valerie Genre: Pop, Rock, Dance, Classical Album: Out of the Box (Korean Version) Release Date: April 28th, 2008 Track #: 8 of 15 Disc #: 1 of 1 Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL602E5603687EB479 Album: Razorman Year Released: 2008 Track #: 3 of 3 Disc #: 1 of 1 Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF2EB4910F1BDE5DA **No copyright infringement intended for/on any purposes. This video is only for entertainment purposes, as I do not own the content within this video.**
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Angry Birds Transformers: Hal as Grimlock!
What’s cooler than a bird disguised as a robot in disguise? How about a bird disguised as a robot disguised as a t-rex...that shoots pure energy from his jaws AND can break it down like a bad mother ––shut yo’ mouth! I’m talkin’ about Grimlock… Can you dig it? Help the Autobirds and Deceptihogs save Piggy Island in a brand new 3D shoot ‘em up adventure! Angry Birds Transformers now available on Apple App Store and Google Play! Check out http://transformers.angrybirds.com/ for more info! --- LIKE Angry Birds at http://facebook.com/angrybirds FOLLOW Angry Birds at http://twitter.com/angrybirds SUBMIT fan art at https://www.angrybirds.com/fans
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Hollywood Undead - Bullet (Lyric Video)
Watch the new video for "California Dreaming": http://smarturl.it/CaliforniaDreamingYT Pre-order our new album HU5 out 10/27/17: http://smarturl.it/HUFive Listen to "California Dreaming" on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/CaliforniaDreamingSY Site: http://hollywoodundead.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/hollywoodundead Twitter: http://twitter.com/hollywoodundead Instagram: http://instagram.com/hollywoodundead HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD NORTH AMERICAN TOUR 9/30 Louisville, KY Louder Than Life Festival 10/1 Atlanta, GA Masquerade 10/2 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Culture Room 10/3 Orlando, FL The Plaza Live 10/5 Tampa, FL State Theater 10/6 Jacksonville, FL Mavericks Live 10/7 Norfolk, VA The Norva 10/9 Charlotte, NC The Underground 10/10 Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE 10/11 Joliet, IL The Forge (950) 10/13 Cedar Rapids, IA Club Five @ US Cellular Ctr. 10/14 Madison, WI Majestic Theatre 10/15 Sioux Falls, SD The District 10/16 Des Moines, IA Wooly’s 10/18 Colorado Springs, CO The Black Sheep 10/20 Spokane, WA Knitting Factory 10/21 Boise, ID Knitting Factory 10/22 Sacramento, CA Monster Energy Aftershock 10/23 Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst 10/26 Hollywood, CA The Roxy Theatre 10/27 Las Vegas, NV The Pearl At The Palms 10/28 Salt Lake City, UT In The Venue 10/30 Portland, OR Roseland Theater 10/31 Seattle, WA Showbox Sodo 11/2 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom 11/4 Calgary, AB Macewan Hall 11/5 Edmonton, AB Shaw Conference Centre 11/7 Winnipeg, MB Burton Cummings Theatre 11/8 Fargo, ND Sanctuary Events Center 11/10 Omaha, NE Sokol Auditorium 11/14 Milwaukee, WI The Rave 11/15 Grand Rapids, MI 20 Monroe Live 11/17 Rochester, NY Anthology 11/18 Portland, ME Aura 11/19 Albany, NY Upstate Concert Hall 11/21 Stroudsburg, PA Sherman Theater 11/22 Worcester, MA The Palladium 11/24 Sayreville, NJ Starland Ballroom 11/25 Lancaster, PA Freedom Hall 11/26 Baltimore, MD Rams Head Live! 11/28 Knoxville, TN The Mill And Mine 11/29 Memphis, TN The New Daisy Theatre 12/1 St. Louis. MO Delmar Hall 12/2 Kansas City, MO The Truman 12/3 Oklahoma, OK Diamond Ballroom 12/5 Lubbock, TX Lonestar Pavilion 12/6 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theater 12/7 Tucson, AZ Club X’s
Views: 46480944 Hollywood Undead
Nathan - free as a bird trailer
Nathan Verhelst, a 44 year old man from Sint-Niklaas in Belgium, demanded and received euthanasia after several failed gender operations. Nathan's backpack of life was filled with rejection and incest. Thinking of himself as a freak, he couldn't find peace as a woman nor as a man. Three doctors decided that his life quality wasn't guaranteed anymore and gave Nathan permission for euthanasia. After trying to convince him not to do it, his friends start to support him in his choice. Hoping he would feel loved again, and would find a reason to live. But Nathan didn't change his mind. "I'm certain", he said, "for the full 300 procent". He went. Dancing. The lethal injection was given at the University Hospital in Brussels. Nathan suffered from unbearable psychic ànd physical pain. I started following Nathan with my camera three years ago and documented how 'Nancy' became 'Nathan'. Little did I know the story would end this way. Among his friends, I stood beside his bed, to watch him find his freedom. The next day Nathan's story was in every newspaper in the world. Just like he wanted. This is the trailer of the documentary I'm making. About life, death, gender, identity and the quest for being loved. This connects us all. Please share. FULL DOCUMENTARY RELEASED SOON. Shot, directed and edited by Roel Nollet ©2013 Roel Nollet www.redhorse.tv
Views: 3192 Roel Nollet
Bird Scooter Review  - New Startup/Shared Mobility Service in Santa Monica!
In southern California, an innovative company is changing the way we think about getting around. You may have seen them, especially in tourist areas, because the Bird Scooters are really taking off. I review the Bird Scooters here - how to use Bird Scooters, how much they cost to use, where to find Bird Scooters, and more here. Let me know what you think of the scooters in the comments! Essential gear for scooter chargers and mechanics: https://therideshareguy.com/bird-charger-gear-accessories/ Get a free ride with Bird here! - https://therideshareguy.com/Bird Learn about Charging for Bird! - https://therideshareguy.com/i-signed-up-to-be-a-bird-electric-scooter-charger-heres-what-its-like-2/ Forum for scooter chargers and mechanics: https://therideshareguy.com/ScooterTalk Video Credit: Justin Janes - https://www.tripwiredigital.com/ More info on Bird here: http://www.latimes.com/local/abcarian/la-me-abcarian-bird-scooters-20180206-story.html Interested in driving for Uber? Get 'Guaranteed Earnings' of up to $500-$1,000: http://www.therideshareguy.com/uber1 (Uber is no longer offering sign-up bonuses in most cities) Interested in driving for Lyft? Get up to a $500 sign-up bonus after you sign up: http://www.therideshareguy.com/lyft1 Looking for rideshare friendly insurance? http://therideshareguy.com/ins Want to join hundreds of other drivers who are maximizing their rideshare profits? Check out our new video course: http://www.therideshareguy.com/mrp Wanna try out delivery? Doordash is hiring! Sign up here: http://www.therideshareguy.com/dd1 You can also sign up for Postmates here: http://therideshareguy.com/pm1 Want your first ride free on Uber? Use the code 'uberRideshareguy' and get $20 off your first ride: http://www.therideshareguy.com/uber2 Want your first ride free on Lyft? Use the code 'pf1' to get $10 off your first ride: http://therideshareguy.com/lyft2
Fly Like A Bird
TaVonya Chanteau singing one of her own pieces ! Hope you enjoy !
Views: 110 TaVonya Chanteau
I'm Like A Bird/Counting Stars
We had a few minutes before a wedding was starting so we ran through some brand new arrangements for the first time. Full Videos coming soon!! Willer Music provide's live music and DJ services for weddings and other events through Ontario. More info can be found at www.willermusic.ca Email:[email protected] Phone - 289.339.1500 www.willermusic.ca www.danwiller.com www.facebook.com/willermusic.ca https://twitter.com/WillerMusic https://www.instagram.com/willermusic
Views: 155 Willer Music Inc.
Frank - Fly Like A Bird
Original song written by Frank Hughes and peformed at Swinton Folk Club Monday 29th March 2010
Views: 93 SwintonFolkClub
Daryl Hall & John Oates - You Make My Dreams
"You Make My Dreams Come True," performed by Daryl Hall & John Oates from the album Voices. Listen to Hall & Oates on Spotify - http://smarturl.it/HaO_Sptfy?IQid=ytd.hao.YMMDCT Buy The Very Best of Daryl Hall & John Oates (Remastered): iTunes - http://smarturl.it/VeryBestHoA_iTunes?IQid=ytd.hao.YMMDCT Amazon - http://smarturl.it/VeryBestHoA_Amazon?IQid=ytd.hao.YMMDCT Google Play - http://smarturl.it/VeryBestHoA_Gplay?IQid=ytd.hao.YMMDCT More from Hall & Oates Man Eater - http://smarturl.it/DHJO_ME_YT?IQid=ytd.hao.YMMDCT You Make My Dreams Come True - http://smarturl.it/DHJO_YMMD_YT?IQid=ytd.hao.YMMDCT I Can't Go For That - http://smarturl.it/DHJO_ICGFT_YT?IQid=ytd.hao.YMMDCT Follow Hall & Oates on Twitter:http://smarturl.it/F_HO_TW?IQid=ytd.hao.YMMDCT Like Hall & Oates on Facebook: http://smarturl.it/L_HO_FB?IQid=ytd.hao.YMMDCT Subscribe to the Hall & Oates YouTube Channel: http://smarturl.it/S_HO_YT?IQid=ytd.hao.YMMDCT Lyrics: What I want you've got And it might be hard to handle Like the flame that burns the candle The candle feeds the flame, yeah, yeah Oh, yeah Well, well you (Ooh-ho, hoo-ooh, ooh-oo) You make my dreams come true (You-hoo, you, you-hoo, hoo, you, hoo) Well, well, well you (You-hoo, hoo-hoo-ooh) Oh, yeah You make my dreams come true (You make my dreams) Come true (You-hoo, you, you-hoo, hoo, you, hoo)
Views: 11560334 hallandoatesVEVO
Season 3 Build-Up - Like A Worm From A Bird
NOTE -- This is NOT an official promo! This is a Season 3 build-up, because I'm uber excited for October 4th!!!! As you've probably guessed, this is a build-up to the next season of SPN, using various clips from (mostly) Season 2 eps. It only took me a day or so, and there are a few mistakes, but it's not too bad. The song is "The Worm and the Bird" by The Used, and if you notice, you can see the video playing in the background. All video / audio clips copyright of their respectful owners - I do not claim to own anything, and I do not earn a profit from this in any way.
Views: 3141 XtremeDiva0290
Latte's New Favorite Pastime!
Latte has recently (and I mean recently!) taken to a brand new pastime: being pet like a bird! You know how many birds seem to enjoy having their neck feathers ruffled? Well, I discovered by accident that Latte is no different, and that petting back her neck fur makes her just melt! Its so sweet, as of discovering this earlier this week Latte has become quite a cuddly little thing! She still runs around the whole free-range area for a few hours, but when she tires she'll jump onto my lap to cuddle! She's such a sweet little fluff, and its so nice to be able to pet her for more than 15 seconds now :P Music: - "Morning Blue" by Josh Woodward. Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/
Views: 792 Shadow The Rat
Freezing Bird Trapped on Car Roof Rescued by Perfect Guy | The Dodo
Freezing Bird Trapped on Car Roof Rescued by Caring Man | This little bird was trapped against the roof of a car for over 30 miles — but luckily the driver knew exactly what to do. Love Animals? Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCINb0wqPz-A0dV9nARjJlOQ?sub_confirmation=1 Footage provided by ViralHog: (https://www.facebook.com/viralhog/) Follow The Dodo: Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedodosite/timeline Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dodo Watch us on Snapchat Discover: https://www.snapchat.com/discover/The-Dodo/4978545017 Love our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedodo/ Check out our site: www.thedodo.com For the love of animals. Pass it on. #thedodo #birds #animals
Views: 19225532 The Dodo
Zodiac - A Unique Brand + Olympos Military Launch with Page & Cooper
In this unique video, I would like to discuss the marvelous launch event of the Zodiac Olympos Military, a limited edition of 182 which offers quality rivalling the likes of Tudor for under £1,000. I would also like to talk about the history of Zodiac and the way in which their position in the watch industry makes them unique amongst watch brands. Link to Zodiac at Page & Cooper: https://www.pageandcooper.com/brands/zodiac-watches/?_route_=brands%2Fzodiac-watches%2F&p=1 Link to Zodiac: https://www.zodiacwatches.com For horological photography, follow me on on Instagram at: armand_the_watch_guy For any questions or business enquiries, please email me at: [email protected]
Views: 5360 Armand The Watch Guy
Free Like A Bird (Demo by DJ André)
A song i created! Enjoy!
Flying Like a Bird: The-Truphe
Studio remastered and pro mixed version of "Flying Like a Bird" by The-Truphe aka: Prince of August. Now features a new hook, a brand new instrumental, and professional editing, and high-end equip for recording. Listen and enjoy. And for those of you who have heard the original, let me know what you think. As always, comments are appreciated and feedback is welcome.
Views: 67 TheTruphe

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