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YouDate v1.6 - Dating PHP Script Download
free download YouDate v1.6 Download YouDate - Dating Script by hauntd 1.6 YouDate - Dating Script v 1.6 by hauntd nulled https://padonis.com/file/10-youdate-dating-script-by-hauntd/
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pH7 Social Dating CMS - After Installation of your Social Dating Website
Quick video showing some problems, and how pH7CMS looks like... -- http://ph7cms.com --- Download Free Version --- https://sourceforge.net/projects/ph7socialdating/
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Pulse CMS Nulled
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PG Dating Pro software Installation Guide
This video follows the process of installing the Dating Pro software, step by step. #pgdating
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How to Download Almost Any Premium Website Template
This is a video showing how you can download almost any premium website from sites like theme forest but any other website that offers a live demo will work. This also goes for regular websites.For example, if you see a really nice website that you know was written in HTML then copy that websites address and start the duplication process. Note: Please do not try to download YouTube.com this site is way to big and it has online databases that you can't duplicate. *--===== LINKS======--* HTTrack Website Copier http://goo.gl/D0tYzz All Premium Sites http://goo.gl/KEQX09
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How to setup pH7CMS Pro License Key
You will see how to setup the premium features and remove all copyright notice and promo links on your website thanks pH7CMS Pro ( http://ph7cms.com/pro ). To do so, you first need to pay a license - key http://ph7cms.com/get --- Useful Links --- http://clients.hizup.com/knowledgebase/3/Where-I-have-to-enter-my-license-key.html http://clients.hizup.com/knowledgebase/2/Where-can-I-find-the-softwareorlicense-key.html
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Free Download xCRUD - Data Management System (PHP CRUD)
www.muhammaduzair.com/projects xCRUD – is a simple-usage but powerfull Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) generator application for PHP and MySQL. The application offers you many ways to work with your data and scaffolding, while remaining very easy to use even for non-programmers. Content management becomes simple and flexible, hours of saved time, minutes to implement. You can use it as plain php library or with your favorite framework and cms. FEATURES: Single-line syntax for more convenience, it’s very simple: echo Xcrud::get_instance()-table('products'); Multi-instance system, which allows on a single page to load multiple xCRUD instances and to work with multiple tables simultaneously. The fast ajax interface (powered by jQuery) for all of your actions, you do not need to wait for page reloading and loading unneeded modules, you get access to the data almost immediately. Great compatibility and easy integration in any script, framework or CMS. Supports all popular types of fields mySQL, date- and time-picker for date fields, drop-down lists for ENUM and SET fields, WYSIWYG editors for textareas, maps for POINT. Simple validation rules, unique fields check. Control over your data through the callback functions. Control displayed fields and columns, turn off the main actions, search, export to CSV is also present. Lot of features for grid customization. One small css file to completely change the look of xCRUD’s datagrid. Supporting file and image uploading, unlimited thumbs creation and resizing. Blob storage is also available. Table joining, subselects, relations. Simple plugin for easy wordpress integration. Bootstrap compatible. Support via comments and email. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS PHP 5 MySQL 5 mysqli extension mbstring extension native PHP sessions (or Memcache(d) + mcrypt) Live demo Documentation CHANGELOG: v.1.6.26 $can_minimize option fixed. Timestamp - time type change fixed. column_width() style fixed. Validation language bug fixed. v.1.6.25 Prefix fixed (table method). Disabled vs pass_var :) fixed. Laguage js fixed. Data in pass_var() can be evaluated. Just set 4th parameter in TRUE. Added ‘status’ parameter into xcrudafterrequest and xcrudafterupload events. CodeIgniter integration demo updated. v.1.6.24 Search collation conflict fixed. Not null fields is required (can be disabled from config). Tree view in relation list fixed. Some search issues resolved. *Fixed encoding issue. v.1.6.23 FK-relation() fixed. Relation details view fixed. Date ranges fixed. Google map rendering fixed. v.1.6.22 Modal js error fixed. Ordering and prefix conflict fixed. Alert() fixed. SSL incorrect urls fixed. Ordering by related field fixed. Printout enumeration fixed. New method create_field(), allows to create custom field in form and not in the database. Disabled and readonly will be checked in server-side. Additional parameter for join() – disable creating new rows and deleting from joined table. Added ‘url’ parameter for uploads. Now url to a file or image can be real. v.1.6.21 Additional ‘magic_quotes’ conditions. Timestamp in integer field fixed. Prefix in search fixed. Column_tooltip() fixed. Few small fixes. v.1.6.20 Condition() method fixed. Set exception can prevent remove action. Grid name uses for csv file name. Upload readonly bug fixed. Fk_relation() ‘view’ fixed. Nested table can be related to field from joined table. Cropper “stretch” bug fixed. v.1.6.19 More changes in ‘bootstrap’ theme. Csv export fixed (columns ordering). Dates fixed. $postdata object – removed methods as_date(), as_datetime(), as_time(). Now dates are allways return correctly in mysql format. v.1.6.18 Date and time empty values fixed. Deleteing fixed. Validation on return fixed. Fk_relation() label concatenation fixed. Added new javascript events: xcrudbeforevalidate, xcrudaftervalidate. Visual fixes and changes in ‘bootstrap’ theme. Added new method unset_list(). Remote_image link fixed. v.1.6.17 Href and src attributes fixed. Corrections in column_pattern(). v.1.6.16 Query() fixed (Group by and total rows issue. Column pattern). Default search field fixed. Int and Float fields fixed. Column_pattern can be used correctly with relation(). Google maps loading fixed (in tabs). JqueryUI window centering fixed. Editor auto loading can be turned off from configuration. Extended XSS filter options available in configuration file. Optgroup is available in dropdowns. v.1.6.15 BLOB file upload fixed. Where() method fixed. Added ‘filename’ parameter for ‘file’ type. Duplicate_button() fixed. v.1.6.14 Data and pass_var() bug fixed. Date range fixed. ‘Price’ default fixed. Duplicate button fixed. v.1.6.13 Search date ranges fixed. BIGINT type casting fixed. Added ‘point’ parameter in ‘price’ type. Additional XSS auto-filtering. Grid rendering fixed. New render parameters in configuration file. New method set_attr(). Join() bug (on edit) fixed. Negative timestamp issue fixed.
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PG Dating Pro
Презентация CMS PG Dating Pro
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Chameleon Dating & Community Software Script by Websplosion reviews the file upload process 2019
In this Chameleon Dating and Social Software Script review we give a tutorial how to upload the files of Chameleon Software to the server. We use the free Filezilla tool for this. Download it here https://filezilla-project.org Now we need to upload the Chameleon Software files to the hosting. We will use the free FTP client Filezilla for this. Press "Transfer", choose "Transfer type" and click "Binary". Enter the address of the FTP server into the field "Host", usually it will be your website's domain name. Enter your FTP username into the corresponding field , usually it coincides with your Cpanel username. Enter your FTP password in the corresponding field, usually it coincides with your Cpanel password. Press "Quick connect" in order to connect to the server. After the connection is established you will see a list of the folders and files on your hosting. Select all files of the Chameleon software in the left panel. Drag the files to the hosting panel and the uploading will begin. The tab "Queued files" show the number of the files that are in the queue. When this number is "0" you can start installing Chameleon. The tab "Failed transfers" show the number of the files with uploading errors. If after the uploading process has finished you see a list of the files here, you need to upload them again. In order to do this click with the right key of your mouse on the first item of the list and choose "Reset and requeue all". Then click on the tab "Queued files", right-click the first item of the list and press "Process Queue". Sometimes you will need to repeat the process until the tab "Failed transfers" becomes completely empty. Disconnect from the website's FTP, this way no scam and hacking is possible.
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Booking System Pro NULLED Version
Booking System Pro NULLED Version . . and more just released software for webmasters … provided for 100% free download here at this incredible web page … and MORE most up to date software
Taxi Booking App - A Complete Clone of UBER with User,Driver & Backend CMS Coded with Native
This is not a component nor a template . This app is a complete clone of UBER and a full fledgeTAXI Booking script designed with latest technologies and we openly challenge “That as on date this is the WORLDS BEST TAXI SCRIPT available so far in marketplace and is exclusively available only on codecaynon” . Grab your copy @ https://goo.gl/H8XMCe In this package you get your own white-labeled Uber App Clone launched in just 48 hours in language & currency of your choice. This package includes Uber Clone App Package for Taxi Business includes Source Code & Free Installation of Android Apps, iOS / iPhone Apps(Purchased Separately) with Backend CMS & Dispatcher panel.
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Free Download MMB Travel Agency Management System
www.muhammaduzair.com/projects Please follow us on facebook for all the news and updates Version 1.1 is here finally. Please check our new demo page. FRONTEND BACKEND What we added in the new version ? Complete CMS. Create beautiful pages ( Bootstrap template ) and pick header image for each page you have. BLOG System FORM System. Create as many forms as you like, place them in any page you want. Contact form, tailor made, booking form, reviews, any form you can imagine. You create it. You use it. If you want keep it in your database, if you want get it sent to your email. FAQ System. Create many FAQs for your clients, travel agent. Place them in any page you want. Have full control. Support System. Any problem with your clients. Let them use support system to reach you. Dedicate team and make your clients happy. Maintanence Mode. We have created a maintanence mode for you to turn your website on and off with a click of a button File system. Now you can add files to your clients’ page. Module System. Now you can add our free add ons to your system. You can update the module without updating the whole system. Lots of free add ons are coming. Visa Application, Day Tours, Transfers, ToDO Module, Tailor Made Add ons are all coming for free. Lots of improvements in the core system. Many more features for you to enjoy So now you dont need Wordpress and lots of plugins to run a website for tour operators and travel agencies. Everything you need for your website. FRONTEND and BACKEND. You will have the full control. Custom made for tour operators and travel agencies. Great TEMPLATE SYSTEM ? WE ARE HERE TO HELP Full CMS with themes, Blog system, Form System, Support Module, FAQ Module. With CMS, you can create your web site, pick different themes or use your own theme. Create a beautiful blog. With the best form system, create as many forms as you need. Contact form, booking form, tailor made form, customer reviews anything. Get it sent as email or save into your database. Solve your customer’s problem with Support Module. Create different FAQ pages, for your clients or travel agents. Admin can update (add , edit, remove ) all content on travellers, bookings, tours, hotels, travel agents, guides, cars, locations, suppliers. add pricing and availabilities of tours and hotels receive booking requests and see a log of booking requests have full control of CMS. Create, update, remove pages web page. add blog articles. create Contact Forms, Booking Forms ( any type of forms) and place the forms in any page with a simple shortcode Calendar - see all tours on a calendar. Add your google calendar to see all the holidays in any country you pick. Travellers - contains all the information about travellers, booking details, invoices, payments, notes and files Bookings - update (add , edit, remove ) all content on tours, hotels, flights, rent a car and extras bookings. Print vouchers and bookings. Have full control over bookings. Tours - create tours with set date, daily departure or on request. Add different departure dates and tour capacity , make the tour featured or guaranteed departure with different optional tours. Create daily itinerary for the tour, print as pdf and email to your customers. Tour Dates - Create a Booking List, Passport List and Other Details List with a click of a button for each departure. Add Remarks ( reminder ) for each departure. Finance - Create Invoices for your customers. PDF print them, email them. Add payments to invoices. Have full control over your finance. Guide - See guides CV, tour lists and notes. MMB Travel Agency, Tour Operator Management System MMB management software helps you get more work done in less time. Automate your daily tasks, improve your decision making with real time data, and gather all your business information in one place. Since it’s web based you can use it anywhere. Key Features Client Management ( Travelers Module )– You can easily add, edit, and manipulate client profile information as well as track all related tours, bookings, invoices, payments and notes. Tour Management – You can manage all aspects of the tours, different departure dates, cost, hotels, guide, sites to go, guides, group size, featured tour, guaranteed tour and also create PDF file to send to your customers.
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IPTVADMIN+ Panel - The perfect IPTV Panel
The IPTVADMIN+ Panel is a professional control panel for private sellers of IPTV. Support: http://www.iptvadmin-panel.com Mail to: [email protected] Skype: pro-tech-ex It has the following many useful features: *********************************************** - clear simple user interfaces - it is multilingual (at the moment only in English, Turkish, German) - easy to change to other own Languages, it using languages files Client Management: *********************** - Add/Delete/Edit Clients - Enable and Disable the Client Status - define user level (Client, Reseller, Admin) - define validity of Client (1 Day Free Trial, 3 Month, 6 Month, 1 Year) - define fees for period of validity (3 Month, 6 Month, 1 Year) - enter the date of payment of your Clients - can create and download playlist from the streaming channels, to give to the client Reseller Function ********************* - Add Reseller - they can Add their own clients - they can create and download playlist from the streaming channels, to give to the client Stream Mangement (the stream Channels are limited to max. 50) **************************************************************************** - define your own DNS Adress to your Server like "yourserver.dyndns.tv" - Add your streaming Media URL: ----- this can be a live stream URL from an external server (with ex. http, rtmp protocols) ----- this can be a live stream URL from your Encoder PC or other Encoder Hardware at Home ----- this can Audi/Video Media, stored local on your Root Server (VOD function) ----- this can a .m3u Playlist stored on you Root Server or on a external Server - define your outgoing custom Port-Numbers for your streams on each Channel - define your custom Channel-Name. - Start & Stop single Channels - Start & Stop All hannels - Visual presentation whether channels are online or offline Connection Statistics ************************** - You can see you Server Traffic (Outgoing, Incoming, Total) - Overview of connected clients and and the failed Connections. - Overwiev of the following Information: (Client, Ip Adress, Connected since, Connectiontyp, Status, Connected with, Used Traffic ,Country, Flag, Bannstaus) - Bann Client (Connections) - Delete Connection-Loglist - Delete Bann-List Payment Management ************************** - Can add Incoming Payments from the Resellers. - NOTE: payments are posted manually, it is not a payment system with gateway! - Reseller can see his previously made ​​payments in the Reseller Panel, when the logged in as Reseller Server Management & Status ********************************** - Host Online/Offline Status of the ROOT, SSH, WOWZA (only when installed), NGINX - General Root Server Resource Status Informations like: ---- CPU Load Average ---- RAM usage ---- Server Uptime ---- Server Date Information ---- Server Storage Information --- Top 20 Process List Quick Start/Stop ******************** - Root Server (Reboot Command) - Wowza Server (Start/Stop) [only if installed] - Wowza Contol Panel - NGINX Server (Start/Stop) Backupsystem ****************** - Create (Download or Send Mail) a Backup of the Clients from MySQL-Database and from NGINX-Userfile - also can make cronjob, for do automatic Backup's Contact Form ***************** - for send quickly a Support Message to our Team
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real estate php script nulled, newspaper wordpress theme nulled
link - https://goo.gl/reNrgH real estate php script nulled newspaper wordpress theme nulled codecanyon free php login script joomla nulled wordpress ecommerce theme nulled free scripts
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script wowonder free v2
download script : https://goo.gl/SHRu4u website : https://www.tegnai.com facebook : https://fb.com/mr.tecni
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XFileSharing Pro Crack Download
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Pulse CMS Nulled
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New version of the Dating Pro software on a new platform
PG Dating Pro team is happy to announce the official release of the newest edition of its dating site builder called 'Dating Pro Cupid': http://www.datingpro.com/dating/ It gives a completely new look and feel of both user and admin interface. The most important features of the new version include landing page attractions, numerous paid services and payment gateways, communication tools, flexible setup options, and branding tools. The Dating Pro software includes flexible setup options, open source code, free installation, free design themes and support, SEO and customization services. Create your own dating site with Dating Pro software. Give Dating Pro a try: check its online demo or download a free trial. http://demo.datingpro.com/dating/
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Best App Maker Software 2019 | BestAppsBuilder.com | Best App Builder | No coding required
https://BestAppsBuilder.com ; access to best apps builder. You can build any kind of mobile apps for iOS,(Iphone, iPad), Android, html5 without any Coding skill. Become an App developer without Coding Skill & Make Huge Income Today . Today You can get 50%+ discount here https://bestappsbuilder.com/prices/ How to create a mobile app for android , iphone, html5 without coding, Please watch new video https://youtu.be/48I5qkRry8I we will provide simple tutorials. Use best App building online software which is easy mobile App Maker, Make Your App in 10 Minutes! No Coding. now we will give 68% discount for limited time.!!! FB page https://www.facebook.com/BestAppsBuilder/
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Opensource Dating  Script - PHP Scrits Mall
http://www.phpscriptsmall.com/product/entrepreneur-dating-script/ Will you enjoy helping millions in finding their soul mates? Will you prefer to make a difference in the lives of people who visit your website by providing them a different feel of being “Wanted”, “Connected” and “Related”? Do you want to earn millions in doing so? If any of the answer to the above question is “Yes”, you can definitely earn grand, with the assistance of our “Entrepreneur Dating Script”. The Custom Made User-Friendly Interface with 5 different search modules will not only help the Seekers to find their perfect match, fall in love, and get married but will also provide opportunities for a perfect date. The integrated system of Dual Revenue generation in this script by provisions of Membership management and Banner advertising will not only facilitate an excellent revenue generation but also provide you with the satisfaction of being of assistance to someone in meeting their soul mate. This Open Source Dating Script with its flexibility could turn out to be a real money-spinner for you. So what are you waiting for? Just Pick up the phone and dial our number, we are here to assist you in your quest. This Transparent Social Dating Software will facilitate complete unwinding of your entrepreneurial ideas and business concepts providing better revenue generation and ideal business platform besides revenue generation through the traditional way of Banner advertisements. The Dating Script is a script with various essential features and functionalities of various dating sites instilled into one. With its integrated provisions of Membership Packages for a specified period and the power vested with admin, this script could turn out good money if implemented with your excellent business concepts and ideas. To Contact Our Support Team Website URL: http://www.phpscriptsmall.com/ Mails us: [email protected] Make a Call: India – (+ 91) –9841300660 Make a Call: (USA) – (+1) 325 200 4515 Make a Call: (UK) – (+44) 203 290 5530
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DatingFramework - Custom Branding
In this video we show you how to custom brand your Badoo Clone Dating website in just 3 minutes.
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OkDate   Dating Script and Apps
https://www.easy2download.com/ OkDate is an Premium Dating Script and Dating App with Admin Panel powered by ProDatingScript.com which helps you start your own Dating Site within 30 minutes. Introducing OkDate Core Get Mobile Apps Installation and Publishing 2 hours of custom work 6 Months SEO and Marketing Management Free Web Installation Lifetime Free Hosting You can also earn income the moment you finish setting up the script. We have an integrated payment system that you can easily set up. And also we have induced a customized ad platform which will allow you to get advertisements on your site and get proceeds or revenue depending on the traffic generated. Our Dating App is Powered by Android Studio and XCode whereas our Dating Web version is powered by CodeIgniter 3.19 and Bootstrap 3 If your dating site is focused on local area only, You can easily translate your Dating App to any other languages. We provide support via Facebook, support ticket and WhatsApp , So you can contact us anytime, Anywhere and we will be there to help you :-) Features Main / User Features : CodeIgniter 3.1.7 Bootstrap 3.0 Multi-Languages Support with auto-redirections Responsive & Customizable Design Ajax / jQuery for Smooth Transitions Animated Flat Design Facebook Login Payment Systems (Paypal, Paygol and Stripe) Complete Coins System Premium Features Ad Platform Complete Forum Live Chat Custom Pages User Profiles with Timeline & Photo Gallery Photo Likes & Comments (just like Facebook) Messaging System Love System Friends & Relation System Customizable Profile Filter Users Profile Visits Upload Photos Smiley Support Google Maps autocomplete for user’s location Report / Block User Analytics Integration and more…
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Mobi-Fire App Creator Nulled
Mobi-Fire App Creator Nulled .. .. and of course a lot more popular nulled scripts .. .. .. currently available for free download here at this awesome site !!
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Create a Dating Site (dating business) - pH7CMS: Pro Dating App Builder
Create your Social Dating Site with pH7CMS and pH7CMS Pro http://ph7cms.com/pro/ Need your Social Startup Kit...? Have a look here! http://ph7cms.com/startup-kit-social-business/
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PG Dating Pro script: How to change the title of your website
From this tutorial you will learn how to change the title of your dating website. Title is a text which appears in a browser tab. It's very important to make it attractive and memorable so your target audience can easily memorize it. Title is a text which appears in a browser tab. It's very important to make it attractive and memorable so your target audience can easily memorize it. To set up the new titles for your dating site please login to admin panel – System – SEO settings and change the titles of all language versions of your site. Don’t forget to save the changes. PG Dating Pro script allows to manage: Title, Description, Keywords, H1 and Open graph tags for all indexed pages of your site. Here is the link to SEO settings section of PG Dating Pro software: http://demo.datingpro.com/dating/admin/seo/index/ See our other tutorials at https://pilotgroup.zendesk.com/forums/23062433-FAQ-Frequently-asked-questions-
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matrimonial script matrimonial script open source
Searches related to matrimonial script matrimonial script open source free matrimonial script download free matrimonial script php download free php matrimonial script matrimonial script nulled matrimonial script php maxwebinfo php matrimonial script nulled matrimonial script php open source matrimonial script
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Social Kit NULLED Version
Social Kit NULLED Version … and additionally a lot more most up-to-date scripts available today to download and install for free listed at this web-site .. .. Plus more new blackhat tools [Serial]
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Pulse CMS Serial
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Searches related to matrimonial script by maxwebinfo
Searches related to matrimonial script matrimonial script open source matrimonial script nulled free matrimonial script php download php matrimonial script nulled free php matrimonial script free matrimonial script download matrimonial script php maxwebinfo matrimonial script free
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Free Download Courier Management System
https://www.easy2download.com/php-script/courier-management-system/ Courier Management System is an application program that is used to help handle all transactions for the delivery business. And now support PHP 7/MySQLi. Advantages : Integrate with Google Distance Matrix. Prior to shipment transactions visitors can check the cost of shipping goods by weight or volume of goods. Visitors can choose whether to send goods using land, sea or air. Visitors can find out the cost of packing for mails. Visitors can select an existing shipping rates. The calculation of the weight of goods automatically if the weight is greater than the volume (length x width x height) then automatically calculated by weight, but when the count volume greater than the weight that is calculated as volume weight. The formula for calculating the volume, calculate the cost of packing goods. Multi-user, administrator and operator. Report of transactions based on date range. Autocomplete form for delivery of regional origin and destination delivery area. Setting the cost of taxes, insurance and packing costs. Use easy. Responsive Template. Demo http://preview.codecanyon.net/item/courier-management-system/full_screen_preview/17459005 As Administrator User : admin and Password : admin As Operator User : elisa and Password : admin Download Manual Book Android application examples, click here
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Hotel management System In PHP MySqli With Free Source Code Download Link
Download Link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_Gh4Y_DXIYoM2SwZ1OssMbZxFTuD2ZUd Stock Management https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=zD03AOxTr_I School Management https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=cT65mYgaEAM Key Features of Hotel Management Software Hotel management software should offer robust reporting capabilities and business features such as employee scheduling and accounting. If the system does not offer these features, it should be compatible with your existing software. Other important features include: Customer relationship management – This feature allows you to use customer information to boost retention and loyalty. You can track guest profiles, their activity history and involvement in loyalty programs, and offer specific rewards programs to retain their patronage. Maintenance management – With this feature you can track property ownership, rental info such as taxes, leases, etc., and work orders, schedule maintenance, and communicate with maintenance employees. Point of sale (POS) – POS solutions are used by retail stores and restaurants. In hotels, this system allows customers to pay for services such as health club, spa, Wi-Fi, pay-per-view, mini-bar items, room service, restaurant meals and more. Front desk and housekeeping – Includes managing check-ins and check-outs, scheduling wakeup calls, coding keycards, supervising the work of cleaning staff, assigning them to work in specific rooms etc. Reservations – Hotels should use an effective website that their guests can utilize to make reservations online. They also require an employee reservations tool that helps in room scheduling and availability, and makes it simple to identify reservations, occupancies, and vacancies visually and by using custom searches. Benefits of Hotel Management Software User friendly – Cloud-based systems are easy to install and set up as you only need an internet connection. You don’t need extensive hardware, updating the software is simple, and the app can customized for your individual needs. This adaptability helps hotels to meet the changing demands of modern travelers. Remote access – Cloud-based systems enable hotel managers to access information anytime, anywhere, from any device. These solutions continuously back up data in the cloud and make it available to hoteliers in real time. As a result, you can fix customer service issues quickly and easily. Distribution system – You can use a PMS that integrates seamlessly with Channel Manager to expand your market reach and boost revenue. This will allow you to keep room rates and inventories up to date for guests wishing to rent rooms. The system offers real-time updates that help to prevent double or lost bookings. Automation improves control – Automated cloud-based systems enable hoteliers to enhance efficiency and save time. For instance, you can automatically sync housekeeping with front desk to facilitate seamless communication. You can track and update tasks more effectively and thus offer a better user experience to guests. Another advantage of automation is point of sale functionality that can be used to promptly service the facilities requested by guests.
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Search Tube Plugin for wowonder CMS V2.X
Search Tube Plugin for wowonder CMS V2.X Bring all youtube videos by one click inside wowonder for all users with video player support dynamic gallery with screen option Tube Plugin page has top youtube channel around the world Last Movies Trailer Last series Trailer Last VideoClip Last EA SPORTS FIFA one page scroll no bandwidth in your site,everything coming from youtube (external image linx and url flex frame) included Movies widget from Wowonder movies plugin with 106 HD Movies already hosted with thumbs cover Video Player Fullscreen Gallery Clean Code Easy to customize Valid Markup Based on Bootstrap 4.x with tiny price 28$ paypal
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SkaDate установка на сервер
SkaDate установка на сервер. как установить skadate cms
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Next Hour - Movie Tv Show & Video Subscription Portal Cms | Codecanyon Scripts and Snippets
Download Next Hour - Movie Tv Show & Video Subscription Portal Cms - https://codecanyon.net/item/next-hour-movie-tv-show-video-subscription-portal-cms/21435489?ref=motionstop Next Hour - Movie Tv Show & Video Subscription Portal Cms is built for movie show, tv show, tv series, tv episode, movie cms, movie streaming, php video script, video cms, video membership, video portal, video script, video subscription platform, video website, magazine, vimeo, youtube etc. Only Today $21 Tomorrow $29, So Hurry Up Authorization Admin: URL:Click Here Username: [email protected] Password: 123456 Username: [email protected] Password: 123456 User: URL:Click Here Username: [email protected] Password: 123456 Payment Demo Card: Card No.: 4242424242424242 Expiry Date: 02/22 CSV: 222 Key Features 2 Exclusive Layouts Movie Tv Shows Directly Add To IMDB No Need To Custom Add Movie Tv Shows Also Add Custom Movie Tv Shows and Videos Support YouTube, Viemo & MP-4 Video Custom Package Create System Change Slider Slide Sequence by Drag & Drop Owl Carousel 2 Custom Video Player Exclusive Filter-s Subscribe Newsletter Watch list (Wish list) User Account Setting Stripe Payment Gateway Choose Membership Plan Resume, Pause & Cancel Plan/Membership Customize Your Website Pages Support Trailer and Direct Fetch Playlist Supported Player Google Analytics Tool Coupon Management E-Mail Verify Materialized Admin Panel Login System Secure login and change password Secure password by md5 Vue Js Bootstrap 3 Framework Based on 1170px grid W3C Valid Markup PSD Files For Sliders ( Slider Mock-up ) Smooth Transition Effects Free Icon Fonts Font Awesome Icons Materialized Icons Google Fonts Cross Browser Compatible Mobile and Tablet Support Responsive Design Documentation Include Unique and Exclusive Idea Unique and Creative Project Clean Code and Clean Design Easy To Customize Server Requirements You will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements: PHP = 7 I use Laravel framework version 5.5 Note: Any media - Images, icons or logos used in previews are not included in this item and you need to contact authors to get permission in case you want to use them in your commercial or non-commercial projects. Read help file for more details after you purchase the template. Updates 14/03/2018 - Watch list - Home Slider Drag & Drop - Tv Actor Search Issue Fixed - Slider Update Issue - Minor Bug Fixed 15/03/2018 - Total Faq - Actor, Director search Issue - Movie Poster / Thumb Default Settings - Minor Bugs Last Update 15 March 18 Created 13 March 18 High Resolution Yes Compatible Browsers IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge Files Included JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP Software Framework Laravel Software Version PHP 7.x Tags episode, magazine vimeo, movie cms, movie streaming, Netflix, php video script, tv series, video cms, video membership, video portal, video script, video subscription platform, video website, youtube tags: episode, magazine vimeo, movie cms, movie streaming, Netflix, php video script, tv series, video cms, video membership, video portal, video script, video subscription platform, video website, youtube download Next Hour - Movie Tv Show & Video Subscription Portal Cms | Codecanyon Scripts and Snippets https://codecanyon.net/item/next-hour-movie-tv-show-video-subscription-portal-cms/21435489?ref=motionstop
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Free Download Panda Multi Resorts 5   Booking CMS for Multi Hotels
www.muhammaduzair.com/projects Panda Multi Resorts a web software to create and manage websites for multi hotels, resorts, spa Travel agency, tour operator, hotel chain or just an owner of several hotels, resorts or spa? This CMS is built for you! Add your hotels and rooms. Manage your prices. Create original activities and tours, extra services and follow up your bookings! Pandao Multi Resorts uses Pandao CMS, a Content Managment System which contains a simple, ergonomic and complete admin panel which allows you to manage easily the content of your website coupled with an easily customizable template. Several new specific modules: bookings, hotels, rooms, rates, currencies, extra services and facilities. Ideal for a Web agency wishing to spread web sites quickly and simply for its customers! Pandao CMS is fully responsive, so use it as well on your smartphone as on your computer. Based on PDO/MySQL – PHP4/5 – HTML5 – CSS3 – Bootstrap 3.x Features Quick install in 5 minutes only! (quick installation wizard, no skill required) Portable: localhost, root, subdirectory, subdomain or not… Wherever you like! Fully responsive design (front office and back office) Complete Booking system (until the payment with Paypal, 2Checkout, by check or on arrival) Easy to customize (manage your own templates and models) Maintenance mode User friendly Inuitive admin panel Multiple users Create easily pages, subpages, articles and choose your layout Powerful Ajax file manager (videos, images, documents) Enable/Disable comments on the articles Create and customize widgets Powerfull search engine Multi-language (add new languages and manage your translations) Ready for “right to left” languages (arabic, hebrew) SEO ready (clean URL, structured datas, respect for the principles of Google…) High performance level (page speed optimization) Powerfull security (CSRF, XSS, SQL Injection) Customizable and scalable back office Light weight Icons font (Font Awesome) Google Maps API V3 Helpful documentation Admin Modules Menus Pages Articles Comments Languages Locations Medias Slideshow Tags Texts Users Widgets Messages Social (social networks links) Currencies Bookings Hotels Rooms Rates Activities Destinations Services Facilities Create your own modules (ex: products, employees…) Technologies and JS Plugins PHP 4.x / PHP 5.x MySQL 4.x / MySQL 5.x HTML 5 CSS 3 Javascript jQuery Bootstrap 3.x Ajax Font Awesome CKEditor Royal Slider (You save 14$) Isotope Owl Carousel Modernizr Uploadifive Magnific Popup ToolMan TableDnd Updates / Changes log View update instructions
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Pulse CMS Serial
Pulse CMS Serial ☛ coupled with a little more most up to date grey hat tools ready to download right now only at this awesome authority website . . . .! And way more tools for SEO . . . most current [LEAKED]
How to Add a New CMS Page in Magento 2
We can easily create new CMS page using Magento 2 backend and displayed in front-end. this article, Magento 2 theme tutorials.let's start easy way. Magento 2, Magento 2 Download, Magento 2 Demo, Magento 2.1, Magento 2 Themes, Magento 2 Tutorial, Magento 2 Extensions, Magento 2 Github, Magento 2 Requirements, Magento 2 Documentation, Magento 2 Demo, Magento 2 Demo Admin, Magento 2 Demo Nexcess, Magento 2 Demo Luma, Magento 2 Demo Backend, Magento 2 Demo Data, Magento 2 Demo Website, Magento 2 Demo Url, Magento 2 Demo Link, Magento 2 Demo Page, Magento 2 Create Custom Module, Magento 2 Download, Magento 2 Download Free, Magento 2 Download Link, Magento 2 Downloadable Product, Magento 2 Download Sample Data, Magento 2 Download File, Magento Connect 2 Download, Fortis 2 Magento Download, Curso Magento Volume 2 Download, Webforms Pro 2 Magento Download, Magento 2 Features, Magento 2 Features List, Magento 2 New Features, Magento 2 Release Date, Magento 2 Releases, Magento 2 Release Schedule, Magento 2 Release Date 2014, Magento 2 Release Date 2013, Magento 2 Release Candidate, Magento 2 Release Plan, Magento 2 Release 2013, Magento 2 Stable Release Date, Magento 2 Developer Release Candidate, Magento 2 Release Date, Magento 2 Release Date 2014, Magento 2 Release Date 2013, Magento 2 Launch Date, Magento 2 Stable Release Date, Magento 2 Themes, Magento 2 Themes Free, Magento 2 Themes Installation, Magento 2 Themes Nulled, Magento 2 Themes Github, Magento 2 Themes Tutorial, Magento 2 Themes Responsive, Magento 2 Themes Folder, Magento 2 Themes Development Tutorial, Magento 2.0 Demo, Magento 2.0 Demo Site, Magento 2 Demo, Magento 2 Demo Store, Magento 2 Demo Site, Magento 2 Demo 2015, Magento 2 Demo Admin, Magento 2 Demo Data, Magento 2.0 Online Demo, Magento 2 Backend Demo, Magento 301 Redirect, Magento 3, Magento 360 Product View, Magento 301 Redirect Htaccess, Magento 302 Redirect, Magento 301 Redirect Not Working, Magento 3d Secure, Magento 3.0, Magento 3 Step Checkout Free, Magento 301 Moved Permanently, Magento 3 Column Layout, Magento 3 Column Template, Magento Change 3 Column Layout, Magento Edit 3 Column Layout, Magento Activate Theme, Magento Set Theme, Magento Set Theme Programmatically, Magento Setup Theme, Magento Adding Theme, Magento Installation Theme, Magento Set Theme In Database, Magento Set Theme Xml, Magento Set Theme Admin, Magento Activate Mobile Theme, Magento Add Extension, Magento Extension Add To Cart, Magento Add New Extension, Magento Add Customer Attributes Extension, Magento Add To Cart Ajax Extension Free, Magento Add To Cart Popup Extension, Magento Add To Cart Ajax Extension, Magento Add Module, Magento Add Module To Admin Menu, Magento Add Module Css, Magento Add Module Translation, Magento Add Module Layout, Magento Add Module Block, Magento Add Module To Admin, Magento Module Add Product Attribute, Magento Module Add Javascript, Magento Create Module, Magento Addons, Magento Add On Products, Magento Add On Store, Magento Add Extension, Magento Go Add Ons, Magento Community Add Ons, Magento Add Tab On Product Page, Magento Add Step One Page Checkout, Magento Add Block On Homepage, Magento Add Products On Homepage, Magento Add Theme, Magento Add Theme Js, Magento Add Theme Css, Magento Add Theme Block, Magento Theme Add Exception, Magento Theme Add Layout, Magento Set Theme, Magento Set Theme Programmatically, Magento Activate Theme, Magento Changing Theme, Magento Addons, Magento Addons Best, Magento Go Add Ons, Magento Admin Add Ons, Magento Install Addons, Top Magento Add Ons, Smartaddons Magento, Best Free Magento Addons, Magento Shopping Cart Addons, Must Have Magento Addons, Magento Address Templates, Magento Address Templates Variables, Magento Address Templates If, Magento Address Templates Email, Magento Address Templates Tax Vat, Magento Admin Panel, Magento Admin, Magento Admin Login, Magento Admin Panel Demo, Magento Admin 404, Magento Admin Page, Magento 2 Release Candidate, Magento 2 Release Plan, Magento 2 Release 2013, Magento 2 Stable Release Date, Magento 2 Developer Release Candidate, Magento 2 Release Date, Magento 2 Release Date 2014, Magento 2 Release Date 2013, Magento 2 Launch Date, Magento 2 Stable Release Date, Magento 2 Themes, Magento 2 Themes Free, Magento 2 Themes Installation, Magento 2 Themes Nulled, Magento 2 Themes Github, Magento 2 Themes Tutorial, Magento 2 Themes Responsive, Magento 2 Themes Folder, Magento 2 Themes Development Tutorial, Magento 2.0 Demo, Magento 2.0 Demo Site, Magento 2 Demo, Magento 2 Demo Store, Magento 2 Demo Site, Magento 2 Demo 2015, Magento 2 Demo Admin, Magento 2 Demo Data, Magento 2.0 Online Demo, Magento 2 Backend Demo, Magento Create Pdf, Magento Create Pdf From Html, Magento Create Pdf File, Magento Create Pdf Invoice, Magento Create Pdf Catalog, Magento Generate Pdf Catalog, Magento Generate Pdf File, Magento Generate Pdf Product, Magento Create Invoice Pdf Programmatically, Magento Create Product Pdf, Magento
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Pulse CMS Serial Key
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Buy the biggest exclusive matrimonial portal for Matrimonial Bureaus,Matrimonial Script
Buy first choice site for Matrimonial Business. Buy the biggest exclusive matrimonial portal for Matrimonial Bureaus,Matrimonial Script Searches related to matrimonial script matrimonial software matrimonial script open source matrimonial script nulled php matrimonial script nulled free matrimonial script php download free php matrimonial script free matrimonial script download matrimonial script php maxwebinfo
Pharmacy Medical Store Inventory handling POS software
http://softwares.cmsstores.com/medical-stores-shops-software-pharmacy-chemist-retail-software/ http://inventoryplus.in/ free Pharmacy Software Systems, Drug Store Software, Pharmacy Inventory Management, software for medical store, medical shop software Free Pharmacy Medical Store Software Features Medicine Master: Details of medicine, Handle batch no stock. Manage expiry date of each medicine Sale Bill: Simple sale bill entry and printing with barcode support, Manage cash and credit bill Purchase Bill: Manage suppliers bills as purchase entry screen, hassle-free suppliers account handling. Expiry report: Expiry report for medicines for any date can be printed Register: sale / sale return / purchase and purchase return, Current Stock Batch Wise / Medicine wise manage stock. Accounting: Easily manage the accounts, voucher entry & Printing system. Cash book, Bank book, reconciliation reports, Journal book Manage the multiple login users/account with custom access privilege. Visit here: http://softwares.cmsstores.com/medical-stores-shops-software-pharmacy-chemist-retail-software/
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Как сделать сайт на DLE. Разбираемся с опциями настройки системы
После установки DLE вы получаете фактически готовый к работе сайт. Но чтобы он работал так, как хочется, нужно провести настройку системы. Данное видео подготовлено в рамках проекта http://hosting-ninja.ru (Хостинг-ниндзя), где мы следим за десятками хостеров со всего мира, чтобы выявить действительно лучших. Теперь не надо гадать и покупать кота в мешке. Зайдите на наш сайт, посмотрите рейтинг и выберите себе идеального хостера по тем показателям, которые наиболее важны для вас (надежность, скорость работы и другие).
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Free Download CIMembership - CodeIgniter Users Manager
https://www.easy2download.com/php-script/cimembership-cod…er-users-manager/ CIMembership – Best and only one up-to-date CodeIgniter Membership Script in envato CIMembership is a CodeIgniter 3.1.4 based, fully featured User Management System and Membership Script with variety of options, like built-in-installer, user groups, user permissions, social logins(facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin, github, instagram, windows, envato, bitbucket, paypal and yandex), powerful admin panel, HMVC Modular Extension, PHPass password algorithm, google No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA or own captcha, email verification, html emails, responsive, custom profile images & more. Always up-to-date CIMembership – Last Updated: 10-April-2017 CIMembership is the First HMVC based, CodeIgniter Membership Script in envato market and web. First CIMembership – CodeIgniter Membership Script released on the market with perfect OAuth system to handle the social logins. Demo Login http://dev.1stcoder.com/ci_membership/auth/login.html Username: subscriber Password: 12345 Admin Demo https://youtu.be/m1t_L9fgjgI Details: http://1stcoder.com/product/cimembership-codeigniter-users-manager http://codecanyon.net/item/cimembership-codeigniter-users-manager/13113786 Social Login CodeIgniter Membership System CI Membership – CodeIgniter Users Manager can be used as a base platform for any CodeIgniter based web applications Don’t waste your single penny with worst, outdated and bug full membership scripts :) Features include: 1. Built with CodeIgniter 3.1.4, a lightweight PHP framework. 2. Extremely easy to install and use! Just run the Install Wizard 3. Based on codeigniter’s HMVC, hence easy to extend 4. Customizable user groups and permissions 5. Secure password algorithm using PHPass 6. E-Mail Verification for new users 7. Password and Username retrieve pages 8. Resend activation link option 9. jQuery and PHP form validations 10. Built with Twitter Bootstrap (CSS framework) 11. Remember login cookies 12. Login with social networks(facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin, github, instagram, windows, envato, bitbucket, paypal and yandex social logins) 13. New google reCaptcha or custom captcha 14. HTML Emails 15. Powerful admin panel 16. Dashboard for admin panel users 17. General and social login settings on admin panel 18. Create/edit users and user groups via admin panel 19. Logged In users can edit their profile 20. Session are stored on database 21. Theming System 22. Use avatar image on profile(based on user email) 23. Cross-Browser Compatible 24. Responsive on all devices 25. Clean and Solid user management system 26. Secure and always up-to-date CodeIgniter membership script in codecanyon. 27. Base platform for any CodeIgniter based web applications. 28. First HMVC based, CodeIgniter Membership Script in envato market and web. 29. Custom profile images( upload profile image)
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Genie Gateway Plugin  wp owner video
Genie Gateway Plugin For owner video of wordpress site
How To Create a Windows 10 Virtual Machine on a Synology NAS
Using the Synology Virtual Machine Manager package, this video will show you how to setup a Windows 10 Virtual Machine within a Synology NAS. Find a compatible Synology NAS on Amazon http://amzn.to/2sG4wu5 Follow this step by step guide so you too can create a Windows 10 Virtual Machine on a Synology NAS. This is extremely helpful when trying to isolate software from your main working Windows 10 PC. Please note however, a compatible Synology NAS and 4GB + Ram is required to run Virtual Machines. Synology DS218+ AmazonUS https://amzn.to/2Ef8Eml or AmazonUK https://amzn.to/2Gxb9CJ or Ebay https://u2b.re/e/UGQBJi Synology DS718+ AmazonUS https://amzn.to/2uOloRJ or AmazonUK https://amzn.to/2IotTVs or Ebay https://u2b.re/e/fvdtxn Synology DS918+ AmazonUS https://amzn.to/2GyQ5f6 or AmazonUK https://amzn.to/2Iknc6w or Ebay https://u2b.re/e/NmvtcA Synology DS1517+ AmazonUS https://amzn.to/2GOvUNy or AmazonUK https://amzn.to/2IogYma or Ebay https://u2b.re/e/ajYmxQ Synology DS1817+ AmazonUS https://amzn.to/2GsuTHy or AmazonUK https://amzn.to/2uMA8jE or Ebay https://u2b.re/e/oaBvRO 16GB (2x8GB) Crucial DDR3L Kit AmazonUS https://amzn.to/2H4RHhu or AmazonUK https://amzn.to/2uGhuKB or Ebay https://u2b.re/e/tElmFs M2D17 M.2 Adapter AmazonUS https://amzn.to/2H40a4A or AmazonUK https://amzn.to/2JfydY8 or Ebay https://u2b.re/e/eNqDyC Netgear 8-Port POE Managed Switch AmazonUS https://amzn.to/2GyGbd2 or AmazonUK https://amzn.to/2uOotkL or Ebay https://u2b.re/e/qVYcMW Ubiquiti UniFi 250W 24 Port Managed Switch AmazonUS https://amzn.to/2GtMsH5 or AmazonUK https://amzn.to/2Gu8hWY or Ebay https://u2b.re/e/xLdHSE Ubiquiti UniFi 150W 8 Port Managed Switch AmazonUS https://amzn.to/2EeHOLn or AmazonUK https://amzn.to/2uHVDCk or Ebay https://u2b.re/e/DjTKFm If you want to know when I'm doing my Synology Giveaways and when I release new Synology videos, then signup to the email list here http://eepurl.com/dAL2IP AMAZON LISTS Synology NAS Virtual Machine Compatible http://amzn.to/2sG4wu5 Synology NAS Ram Upgrades http://amzn.to/2szznIS For a complete up to date list of supported Synology NAS units, please visit https://www.synology.com/en-us/beta/2017_VMM/ReleaseNotes/#Virtualization Windows Installation Media Creation Tool: https://www.microsoft.com/en/software-download/windows10 Synology Virtual IO ISO here: https://www.synology.com/en-us/support/download Fedora Project Windows VirtIO Iso: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Windows_Virtio_Drivers Full Written Tutorial: https://techwiztime.com/guide/synology-virtual-machine/ Other Synology Video from TechWizTime: Hard Drive Health Management https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVQCkrROQAg Ubuntu Virtual Machine with Synology NAS T.B.A. 💛 Get your FREE 30 day trial to Amazon PRIME http://amzn.to/2wo6ME7 ----- 👁️‍🗨️ What to Watch NEXT in 2018? 👁️‍🗨️ 1️⃣ Kodi VPN Raspberry Pi Tutorial https://youtu.be/Tj1NDMraAkA 2️⃣ Top 5 H4N Pro Upgrades https://youtu.be/7GYbp79JWw4 3️⃣ Windows 10 on Synology NAS https://youtu.be/aNvDwPTN-qQ 4️⃣ Watch Annihilation on Netflix USA https://youtu.be/gAL3v5uNH2E 5️⃣ MX10 Android TV Box Review https://youtu.be/rpFElrN7ExQ ----- 🕛 NEW YouTube videos every Monday and Friday🕛 ----- 💯 Support TechWizTime 💯 💗 Patreon https://www.patreon.com/TechWizTime 💗 PayPal Donations https://www.paypal.me/TechWizTime ----- 💬 Follow TechWizTime 💬 🔔 YouTube https://techwiztime.com/subscribe 🔔 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TechWizTime 🔔 Twitter https://twitter.com/TechWizTime 🔔 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/TechWizTime 🔔 Website https://techwiztime.com ----- 💟 Affiliate & Sponsor Links 💟 🈹 Amazon US ► http://amzn.to/2lglusP 🈹 Amazon UK ► http://amzn.to/2x2V6qU 🈹 Gearbest ► https://techwiztime.com/gearbest 🈹 PIA VPN ► https://techwiztime.com/vpn 🈹 NordVPN ► https://nordvpn.com/techwiztime 🈹 TubeBuddy ► https://www.tubebuddy.com/TechWizTime ----- ⛔Please send business, marketing and sponsorship emails to ⛔ [email protected] ----- TechWizTime is a participant in the in the Amazon Services LLC Associates, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to linking to Amazon.com Video © TechWizTime 2014 - 2018. All Rights Reserved. #synology #techwiztime
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Free Download Pongo   Laravel Admin Template + User Management + CRUD
www.muhammaduzair.com/projects Description Project Management System is a powerful php tool which can help you to manage your projects in your server and create multiple companies inside one installation and grant access to different companies to different users. Also you can give specific access to projects to specific users so they can only see the projects they have access for. Php project management system is able to provide you full project updates what’s going on in the project, project plan, add new to do lists, and add tasks inside todo lists assign tasks to specific users, discuss tasks and include members in email for discussion on task, Project files are also available you can add project files and then discuss files also include members to receive email on dicussion on files, when task is complete click the Active button and the task status will become done. How it works? Admin users have right to create companies, and every user can register themself as a subscriber but they will not have access to any company or project unless admin add them to any. Admin also can create users from user management page and add new users if admin make them subscriber then admin is able to grant them access to company. The subscribers who have access to a specific company can see all projects of that company and handle everything in projects like add new project, assign project members, add project plan etc. Project Members During project creation user can add multimple email addresses to add project members system will check if those emails are already in database users system will add them in project else system will send them activated account information with username and password so they can login and check the project they are member of. Admin and the company access holder subscriber can add as many members as they want anytime also they can delete access. Project Plan:This is where company access holder or admin can write the project plan and the procedure they want to take project. Project Updates: This section will give you all updates of project whatever is happening in project from creation to completion of any task or whole project with the name of member who did the activity. Todo lists: This section where you can create todo lists, then by going to specific todo list you can add multiple tasks to that todo list, every task have its end date, and description, once you open a task you can see the link to complete the task also a discussion section where you can include members to send email on discussion post. Project Files: Project files, their description date, and file can be uploaded when you open up a file page you can see download link there also discussion on file during discussion message send you can include project members to send them email for the discussion message. Project Notes: Users of system who have access to projects can add notes about projects and view them by everyone. See more details Note: Company access holder, and system admins do not become project members automatically to not irritate them by emails of every project so they can add themself or the project creator can add them anytime as a project member so they can stay upto date about project by adding their email address from add new member section. PHP Message Center PHP Message center is powerful message center so users can communicate with each other. Message center helps admins to send message to any user on other hand users can send message to only other users they know email or username of. PHP message center support sent items, inbox, new message, reply in same thread and other main features. Notes Section Users can save their notes and every user have indvidual notes they can only access to their notes, and no one else able to see the notes. There users can save their agenda or their plans or other helpful inforamtion about projects or anything. My Logins My logins have ability where users can save their login details for different projects like they can save url, username, password, and on other info they can save more details like FTP, wordpress, seo sites logins for that url etc. Every user can access their my login from User setting menu no one else will able to see their login details except them. Demo You can visit demo here. http://webfulcreations.com/envato/project_management/ Admin Demo user user: [email protected] password: 4798 User With company Access.. Username: [email protected] Password: 4798 User with access to only project. Username: [email protected] Password: 4798 Support 24/7 Please contact me from envato contact form Contact me I can provide you free help to make this script working and installation issues if you face any. Reply time is 12 hours.
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How to Make an Online/eCommerce Store Up and Running using Magento
how to make an online shopping website using magento. This video demonstrates a complete guide for making an online store development using Magento. This video will help you to create clean and professional online store using Magento framework.This tutorial covers explanation and complete understanding on most of the concepts in Magento. I have made a complete discussion on most of the commonly asked questions by the viewer which is setting up a payment gateway. This video covers the discussion on following topics. - How to download Magento from magentoconnect. - How to install Magento . - How to change logo and footer. - How to change the layout of homepage from 2 columns to 1 columns. - How to create navigation menu. - How to create categories. - How to create categories and subcategories. - How to create simple products. - How to display a static banner on home page. - How to download Slider Extension from Magento connect. - How to install Slider Extension from Magento connect. - How to add slider images to slider. - How to display bestseller products using extension. - How to create a static promotional banner block on home page. - How to display latest products using widget. - How to display recently viewed products. - How to create Related products. - How to create up sale products. - How to create cross sale products. - How to add static block on Navigation menu item. - How to create new attribute set. - How to create a new attribute. - How to create configurable products. - How to create downloadable products. - How to create grouped products. - How to create bundled products. - How To edit CMS Page. - How to display static blocks with images on category pages. - How to change the layout of category pages. - How To Change Default Amount Of Products In Products Listing. - How to display developer block paths. - Solving issue of installing multiple themes (Your design change for the specified store intersect with other one, please specify other date range.) - How to setup paypal payment gateway in Magento store to accept payment from your customers - How to upload Magento project from local server to live server. How to Make an Online Store Up and Running using Magento How to Build an Online Store using Magento. How to Create an Online Store using Magento. How to Make an eCommerce Website using Magento. A Complete eCommerce solution tutorial for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced users. Magento Tutorial for Beginners. Magento Beginner Tutorials. Magento Tutorial Step by Step. If you want to view the Hindi version of this complete video then goto below link. https://youtu.be/OZU4roT8xQI https://youtu.be/8sWeRiEJC70 https://youtu.be/j9hsHP5awFQ
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Active Matrimonial CMS | Codecanyon Scripts and Snippets
Download Active Matrimonial CMS - https://codecanyon.net/item/active-matrimonial-cms/21627663?ref=motionstop Front-end Demo : Front-end member username : [email protected] Front-end member password : 1234 Admin Demo : Admin username : [email protected] Admin password : 1234 version : 1.0.0 - Initial release Item Rating: --Minimum of 3 votes required tags: American matrimonial site, Asian matrimony, Bengali matrimony, Best matrimonial site, Catholic matrimony, Islamic matrimonial site, Matrimonial Ads, matrimonial site, Matrimonial sites in India, matrimonial website, Muslim matrimonial site, UK matrimony download Active Matrimonial CMS | Codecanyon Scripts and Snippets https://codecanyon.net/item/active-matrimonial-cms/21627663?ref=motionstop
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Wordpress Premium Themes
Wordpress Premium Themes has converted into a very popular Cms platform that allows website entrepreneurs and designers to personalize their sites in design, features, and satisfaction. While using prestige and recognition of WordPress you'll find templates that individuals can select. Really hundreds of free wordpress styles exist, however you'll find also many affordable wordpress themes premium that can be found with a number of extra's, add-ons, and options. To train a little round the various templates that could be inside our large gallery, this can be a summary of these with explanation: Ecommerce Wordpress Premium Themes If you have been individuals who are searching for an ecommerce solution for webstore. WordPress is probably the best readily available for hosting your store on the web. You'll be able to develop a whole store situated with hundreds of products that are really simple to put in more store with images, payment gateway solutions, plus much more. There is available numerous Ecommerce Premium wordpress styles inside our gallery of designs and also you might be relaxation-assured that they are the most effective as well as the latest ones up-to-date for 2012! Blog/ Magazine Wordpress Premium Themes Blog/Magazine Wordpress Premium Themes are the most used wordpress designs which include a number of options for hosting content and news. These web sites are frequently ones that provide custom options for designs, plug inches, slideshows plus much more. There is available a sizable choice of the finest premium templates you could find on the web after we take much pride in choosing from an up-to-date selection that are rated and rated for quality, features, design, and cost. Business Corporate Wordpress Premium Themes Business Corporate Wordpress Premium Themes are styles that typically are particularly organized to supply business information or possibly a sizable corporation's website. These basically contain a few pages, but furthermore may have built-in blogs. Similarly info incorporated throughout these theme types are in regards to the business, information, particulars about the organization itself as well as the services or products provided plus much more. Normally the layout consists also of boxes around page one which will have clips of each and every little bit of information the company finds important. Our Premium theme gallery is categorized being mindful of this. You will see that there is available quite a number of templates you'll be able to sort through and choose which will lead you for the demo, information, and the way to download the theme you would like. Multimedia Wordpress Premium Themes Multimedia Wordpress Premium Themes are styles will show several types of media for instance videos, pod casts, slideshows, images, appear tracks plus much more. You will notice that there is available a pleasant choice of the finest Multi-media premium wordpress you could find on the internet. If you are using our website/gallery of wordpress designs that are of good quality, you'll be able to click on the links to determine the information you've always wondered, we've easy to navigate links to download, view, and discover the specific demo's in the templates. Portfolio/Creative Wordpress Premium Themes Portfolio/Creative Wordpress Premium Themes are types of designs and templates for wordpress that are usually personalized with techniques that could display creative artworks, photography shots, together with other products like our website that allows the customer to find out images, shows, plus much more. They could have different designs although usually these types of templates also host a variety of plug inches and theme options that enable a person for that finest from putting what you need displayed. That Which You Offer You Very easily Traverse our menus, peruse and focus the templates we offer after we supply the best site on the web for that wordpress needs. View demos, preview specs and particulars within our various templates, in addition to you are able to download and buy the wordpress styles premium we stock through our website. You need to become the perfect ultimate provider of all the templates imaginable to exhibit what you're providing the internet.You'll be able to rely on us after we update out templates accordingly and convey probably the most assortment in wordpress templates in current process.
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