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Lea Verou CSS secrets
Frontend united 2017
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The Evolution of CSS4 Color
New in CSS4 Color: ICC profiles! CIE Lab! Rendering Intents! OK by new I mean the stuff that used to be in SVG2. Which used to be in SVG Print. Which used to be in (well you get the idea). Why has color management taken so long to get going on the Web? Isn't it kind of esoteric and specialized - what does it do for you, in practical terms? What, in fact, is color anyway - isn't it kind of subjective? After attending this talk you will understand that color is a measurable, reproducible sensation; standardized since 1931! You will get white point adaptation (you already know this, you maybe just don't know the term). You will understand Lab color space, be comfortable with gamut volume plots, and be able to laugh at snake-oil claims about color gamut coverage in advertising. You will be really looking forward to seeing CSS4 Color implemented in all the browsers (and the HTML/CSS to PDF converters). And just maybe, you will be kinda pissed we had to wait this long to get what print media has taken for granted for decades, now. EVENT: You Gotta Love Frontend 2016 SPEAKER: Chris Lilley PERMISSIONS: 'You Gotta Love Frontend' event organizer provided Coding Tech with the permission to republish this video.
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Web development in 2018 : A Professional Guide (CSS)
Hi There, Part1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lOuHAD99iE Subscribe for more! learn css learn css grid learn css and html learn css free learn css3 learn css layout learn css in 12 minutes learn css animation learn css grid game learn css flexbox learn css game learn css online learn css in one day learn css and html free learn css app learn css and javascript learn css and html pdf learn css advanced learn css and bootstrap learn css apk learn css animation pdf learn the css home and learn css a smarter way to learn css a smarter way to learn css pdf learn css basics learn css book learn css box model learn css bootstrap learn css by example learn css by doing learn css beginners learn css basics pdf learn css book pdf learn css by game learn css coding learn css codecademy learn css codecademy answers learn css course learn css code quickly learn css completely learn css class learn css concepts learn css coding pdf learn css complete pdf learn css design learn css display learn css deeply learn css dreamweaver learn css dropdown menu learn css div positioning learn css div tag learn css download pdf learn css web design learn css layout design learn css ebook learn css effects learn css easily learn css easy learn css exercises learn css ebook pdf learn css example learn
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Chris Lilley - The Evolution of CSS4 Color
New in CSS4 Color: ICC profiles! CIE Lab! Rendering Intents! OK by new I mean the stuff that used to be in SVG2. Which used to be in SVG Print. Which used to be in (well you get the idea). Why has color management taken so long to get going on the Web? Isn't it kind of esoteric and specialized - what does it do for you, in practical terms? What, in fact, is color anyway - isn't it kind of subjective? After attending this talk you will understand that color is a measurable, reproducible sensation; standardized since 1931! You will get white point adaptation (you already know this, you maybe just don't know the term). You will understand Lab color space, be comfortable with gamut volume plots, and be able to laugh at snake-oil claims about color gamut coverage in advertising. You will be really looking forward to seeing CSS4 Color implemented in all the browsers (and the HTML/CSS to PDF converters). And just maybe, you will be kinda pissed we had to wait this long to get what print media has taken for granted for decades, now. If you go out and buy a wide-gamut, calibrated monitor after this, I disclaim all responsibility :)
Best of Fluent 2012: /Reg(exp){2}lained/: Demystifying Regular Expressions
From Fluent 2012: Quick, what does this do: /(\/\*?\\/)|\/\/.*?(\r?\n|$)/g? If you're like many developers, you just averted your eyes, and your heart is now in your throat. Symptoms included sweaty palms and recurring nightmares with blood-thirsty ASCII symbols. But don't worry, this condition doesn't have to be chronic. A cure is right around the corner. As with many developers, you're familiar with the power of regular expressions, but anything beyond the basics scares the crap out of you. Fear no more young padawan! In this talk, we'll start with the basics and progressively enhance your knowledge until you're coding regular expressions like a champ. Everything will be demonstrated live with visual examples that ensure maximum comprehension. About Lea Verou Lea works as a Developer Advocate for W3C. She has a long-standing passion for open web standards, which she fulfills by researching new ways to use them, blogging, speaking, writing, and coding popular open source projects to help fellow developers. She is a member of the CSS Working Group, which architects the language itself. Lea studied Computer Science in Athens University of Economics and Business, where she co-organized and occasionally lectured a cutting edge Web development course for 4th year undergrads. She is one of the few misfits who love code and design equally. Produced by: Yasmina Grecp Don't miss an upload! Subscribe! http://goo.gl/szEauh Stay Connected to O'Reilly Media by Email - http://goo.gl/YZSWbO Follow O'Reilly Media: http://plus.google.com/+oreillymedia https://www.facebook.com/OReilly https://twitter.com/OReillyMedia
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Tutorial: Easy CSS Animations with Animate.css
Want more stuff like this or just want to geek out with me.... Follow me: http://www.twitter.com/jBhackin A quick video tutorial on the basics of using Animate.css as well as a few tips on how you can use a little bit of jQuery to really expand it's functionality. Animate.css Home: www.daneden.me/animate GitHub: https://github.com/daneden/animate.css Tutorial Info: http://josebrowne.com/tutorial-easy-css-animations-with-animate.css.html
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Delivering 60 FPS in the browser - Crash course on web performance (Fluent 2013)
Slides: http://www.igvita.com/slides/2013/fluent-perfcourse.pdf From the ground up introduction to the field of web performance optimization: network bottlenecks, the document parsing and evaluation pipeline, visual layout, javascript, and more. We'll investigate each in order and then pull it all together through case studies and hands-on examples.
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Spinosaurus fishes for prey | Planet Dinosaur | BBC
New David Attenborough series Dynasties coming soon! Watch the first trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWI1eCbksdE --~-- Check out BBC Earth on BBC online - http://www.bbc.com/earth/world John Hurts tells the stories of the biggest, deadliest and weirdest Dinosaurs ever to walk the Earth. Massive carnivorous hunter Spinosaurus hunts the giant fresh water fish Onchopristis. Planet Dinosaur tells the stories of the biggest, deadliest and weirdest creatures ever to walk the Earth, using the latest fossil evidence and immersive computer graphics. Narrated by John Hurt. Visit http://www.bbcearth.com for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos BBC Earth Facebook http://www.facebook.com/bbcearth (ex-UK only) BBC Earth Twitter http://www.twitter.com/bbcearth Subscribe to BBC Earth: http://bit.ly/ydxvrP BBC Earth Channel: http://www.youtube.com/BBCEarth Latest BBC Earth videos: http://bit.ly/y1wtbi
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html5 canvas animation basics tutorial for beginners javascript programming lesson
Lesson Code: http://www.developphp.com/video/HTML/Canvas-Animation-Basics-Tutorial Learn the entry level basics of animation programming on the HTML5 canvas element using Javascript to perform the animated effect. The 3 basic steps to canvas tag animation programming are (1) Draw your assets (2) Clear the canvas (3) Redraw your assets into a new location or state of being. Your animation speed and fluidity depends on the time interval you set for a setTimeout() or setInterval() method in Javascript. It also depends on the incremental factors of any animations.
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Sierra Burgess Is A Loser | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
High school is hard. Dating is harder. But finding yourself? That's the hardest. Watch Sierra Burgess Is A Loser on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80239639 #Netflix #SierraBurgessIsALoser #KristineFroseth SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/29qBUt7 About Netflix: Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with 130 million memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments. Connect with Netflix Online: Visit Netflix WEBSITE: http://nflx.it/29BcWb5 Like Netflix Kids on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/NetflixFamily Like Netflix on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/29kkAtN Follow Netflix on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/29gswqd Follow Netflix on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/29oO4UP Follow Netflix on TUMBLR: http://bit.ly/29kkemT Sierra Burgess Is A Loser | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix http://youtube.com/netflix
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Assassin’s Creed Origins | ТРЕЙЛЕР
Кинематографичный трейлер Assassin’s Creed: Истоки Сайт Assassin’s Creed Origins: https://assassinscreed.ubisoft.com/ Подписка: https://goo.gl/ieh51I
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HELLBLADE Senua's Sacrifice - STORY EXPLAINED (Documentary Feature)
Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice Documentary by ninja Theory explaining what exactly is happening to Senua throughout the game, her illness is thoroughly explained. Subscribe for more! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Shirrako Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShirrakoGaming/ Follow me on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/shirrakogaming Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/shirrakogaming Donate: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=6DCQW5HUXEPLL
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Nioh PC Mouse Keyboard
GPDSCK v3.3b: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kb8t6bJTvC8 GPDSCK v3.1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/x2eaf240lwal9wj/GPDSCK+3.1.rar GPDSCK is a compiled Autohotkey script (GPDSCK REQUIRES VJOY you can find both in the link above) .. i wrote it for final Fantasy XIII-3 (the game doesn't have mouse support) then changed it a bit for Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Xenoverse2(some moves don't work using keyboard/mouse, moves like knockback while in a combo) then Berserk, Toukiden, Nier Automata (because some moves don't work on pc using mouse/keyboard, or don't work as intended, i tried to improve aiming and added a way to toggle the shoot button), rpcs3, cemu, nioh .. Links to where i've posted gpdsck before (also a few older versions can be found there): http://steamcommunity.com/app/345350/discussions/0/451850468374881755/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/551730/discussions/0/133260492056831845/ http://steamcommunity.com/app/449800/discussions/0/350540973991549670/?ctp=2 Someone claimed that gpdsck infected his pc with malware. He scanned with malwarebytes after installing gpdsck and found 5 infected files .. BUT the files in the link i posted are clean, and to prove it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCPVDYmvD14 If you do find anything it's either a false positive or not from gpdsck.
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торопиться не надо
торопиться не надо
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Spellforce 3 Cinematic Trailer
https://www.gog.com/game/spellforce_iii SpellForce 3 - The perfect blend between RTS and RPG! SpellForce 3 goes back to the roots of the SpellForce saga. The story takes place before the acclaimed SpellForce: The Order of Dawn and the players become a part of a rich high fantasy world named Eo.
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege по сети через Tunngle
Текстовое руководство на форуме: http://www.tunngle.net/community/topi... Текст читала: Алла Гришина - http://vk.com/kiraksyll Ссылки на официальные ресурсы: Официальный Русскоязычный форум Tunngle - http://www.tunngle.net/community/foru... Официальная Русскоязычная группа ВКонтакте - http://vk.com/tunnglerussia Официальный Русскоязычный канал на YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/TunngleRu... Официальная Русскоязычная группа в Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tunn...
SILENCE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 CHAPTER 1 Lets Play Playthrough [HD] PC PS4 XBOX
Silence Gameplay Part 1 Chapter 1 War rages on. During an air raid, 16 year old Noah and his little sister Renie seek shelter in a bunker. There, not only are they protected from the deadly bombardment, but are also at the crossroads of a world between life and death: Silence. When Noah’s sister gets lost in Silence, he is forced to venture into this idyllic yet threatening world to find her. Silence Gameplay Let's Play Walkthrough Playthrough Review.
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Epic History: World War One - 1914
Everything you need to know about the first year of World War One in a 12 minute video. Recommended books on 1914 & WW1 (use affiliate link to buy on Amazon & support the channel): Margaret MacMillan, The War that Ended Peace http://geni.us/iF1yIX Max Hastings, Catastrophe: Europe Goes to War 1914 http://geni.us/j7hVB5 Christopher Clark, The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914 http://geni.us/VGWdu Lyn MacDonald, 1914 : The Days of Hope http://geni.us/W7NOo Peter Hart, The Great War: 1914-1918 http://geni.us/diz8nhI A J P Taylor, The First World War: An Illustrated History http://geni.us/el71iC Hew Strachan, The First World War: A New History http://geni.us/ioYIFO 'World War One - 1914' is the first in a five-part series covering the Great War. This episode covers the rival alliances that dominated Europe in the build-up to war, the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente, and the fatal gunshots by Gavrilo Princip at Sarajevo that resulted in the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Imperial rivalries, the system of alliances and deep-seated animosities helped propel Europe into a general war. However Woodrow Wilson, the US President, ensured America stood apart from Europe's conflict. In August 1914, Germany invaded France and Belgium as part of the Schlieffen Plan. The tiny British Expeditionary Force could only hold up the German army for a few hours at the Battle of Mons, but later joined the French in saving Paris at the Battle of the Marne. The 'Race to the Sea' followed, leading to the First Battle of Ypres, as both sides tried to outflank each other to the north. Their failure led to a stalemate, in which the devastating power of machineguns and artillery forced infantry of both sides to take cover in deep trenches. At sea, Britain's Royal Navy won the war's first naval battle at Heligoland Bight, and imposed a naval blockade on Germany, preventing war supplies (including, controversially, food) from reaching the country by sea. HMS Pathfinder was soon sunk by a German U-boat, revealing the potential of Germany's submarines to overturn Britain's long-held naval dominance. On the Eastern Front, a Russian invasion of East Prussia ended in disaster at the Battle of Tannenberg, masterminded by German generals Paul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff. A second victory at the Battle of Masurian Lakes sent the Russian army into retreat. Austria-Hungary's invasion of Serbia began badly, with defeat at the Battle of Cer. Things went even worse on the Russian front, as Austria's offensive against the Russians leads to heavy losses, and forced Germany to come to the rescue, by launching the Battle of Łódź. In Africa, British, French and German colonial forces clashed in British East Africa (Kenya), Togoland (Togo), German South-West Africa (Namibia), and German Kamerun (Cameroon). German Colonel Paul von Lettow-Vorbek had notable success repelling the British at the Battle of Tanga. In the Pacific, Japan honoured its alliance with Britain and seized the German naval base at Tsingtao in China. Task forces from Australia and New Zealand secured the German colonies of Samoa and New Guinea. German Admiral von Spee's East Asia Squadron won victory at the Battle of Coronel, off Chile, before sailing into catastrophe at the Battle of the Falkland Islands. In the Middle East, British troops occupied Basra, securing access to Persian oil for their fleet. Winter 1914 saw the French launch their first major offensive to break the trench stalemate of the Western Front. But the First Battle of Champagne led to heavy losses for no real gains. Ottoman operations in the Caucasus Mountains also ended in disaster at the Battle of Sarikamish. The war's first Christmas was marked by games of football in No Man's Land on the Western Front, but early hopes of a short war had now been entirely quashed. CORRECTION: 7.55 - the map shows Cyprus as part of the Ottoman Empire. Cyprus was part of the Ottoman Empire from 1570 to 1914, but when the Ottoman Empire joined the Central Powers in November 1914, Cyprus was annexed by Britain. Website: http://www.epichistory.tv Twitter: https://twitter.com/EpicHistoryTV
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Mortal Kombat 9 | [HD] OFFICIAL E3 Announcement Trailer MK9 yte3
Debut !! first teaser-trailer for "Mortal Kombat 9" from this years E3 Mortal Kombat might still see a release in 2010 for PS3 and XBox 360. There are some rumors about fall 2010, but I think the publisher will be lucky to get it done in time for X-Mas official site: http://www.themortalkombat.com/ more details as soon as we get them used with permission from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
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Прощание славянки (В. Агапкин, В. Лазарев)
Первичный текст --------- Наступает минута прощания, Ты глядишь мне тревожно в глаза, И ловлю я родное дыхание, А вдали уже дышит гроза. Дрогнул воздух туманный и синий, И тревога коснулась висков, И зовет нас на подвиг Россия, Веет ветром от шага полков. Прощай, отчий край, Ты нас вспоминай, Прощай, милый взгляд, Прости-прощай, прости-прощай Летят-летят года, Уходят во мглу поезда, А в них — солдаты. И в небе темном Горит солдатская звезда. А в них — солдаты. И в небе темном Горит солдатская звезда. Прощай, отчий край, Ты нас вспоминай, Прощай, милый взгляд, Прости-прощай, прости-прощай Лес да степь, да в степи полустанки. Свет вечерней и новой зари — Не забудь же прощанье Славянки, Сокровенно в душе повтори! Нет, не будет душа безучастна — Справедливости светят огни За любовь, за великое братство Отдавали мы жизни свои. Прощай, отчий край, Ты нас вспоминай, Прощай, милый взгляд, Не все из нас придут назад. Летят-летят года, А песня — ты с нами всегда: Тебя мы помним, И в небе темном Горит солдатская звезда. Прощай, отчий край, Ты нас вспоминай, Прощай, милый взгляд, Прости-прощай, прости-прощай
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Add a Watermark in Photoshop CS6
Hi. There are many ways to add a watermark in Photoshop, but now with Photoshop CS6 is easier than ever. Make sure to Like, Favorite and Share this video and Subscribe if you haven't do so already. Subscribe to get notified about my latest videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/miguelcamposf?sub_confirmation=1 Social Media: Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/miguelcamposf/ Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Photoshopaholic 500PX- https://500px.com/miguelcamposf Twitter- https://twitter.com/MiguelCamposF Check my other videos as I did another tutorial where you can add watermark to multiple images
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Cours informatique débutant - L'informatique c'est quoi ?
Dans cette vidéo, les sujets abordés sont : - Les ordinateurs - La connexion à Internet - Les navigateurs internet (explorateurs) - L'utilisation du touchpad
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CL a testé la circulation dans Angoulême avec les travaux (Trajet 3)
CL a testé la circulation dans Angoulême avec les travaux (Trajet 3)
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सेक्स के लिए महिलाओं के इशारे - Understanding Women Signs In Hindi
सेक्स के लिए महिलाओं के इशारे - Understanding Women Signs In Hindi In ths video we are going to show that there are many signs that women gives when they really want to do something different. Its actually for the man to understand the true nature of the women and to understand that when should they want to do the sex, शोध में यह सामने आया है कि महिलाएं पुरुषों के मुकाबले में पांच गुना ज्यादा सेक्सी बॉडी सिग्नल्स देती हैं। भले ही पुरुषों को कई मामलों में बदनाम किया जाता है, जैसे कि फ्लर्ट करना उनकी आदत है। जब देखो तब महिलाओं को पटाने में लगे रहते हैं, लेकिन शोध के निष्कर्ष इसके उलट हैं। कुछ अध्ययनों में यह सामने आया है कि फ्लर्ट करने में महिलाएं पुरुषों से कम नहीं हैं, बल्कि आगे हैं। उनका तरीका थोड़ा अलग है, जैसे लटों को उमेठना, कातिलाना मुस्काना और आंखों में आंखें डालकर बात करना और अदाएं दिखाना। महिलाएं पुरूषों के मुकाबले में पांच गुना ज्यादा ऐसे सेक्सी बॉडी सिग्नल्स देती हैं। जो उनके सिग्नल्स के जाल में फंस जाते हैं, उनसे वे फ्लर्ट करती हैं, जिसे पुरुष समझ नहीं पाते।
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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Story Recap (Part 2)
*Video may contain spoilers* Watch Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D42AsgO28ZY Brush up on the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011, PC/PS3/Xbox 360) with our video recap, before the release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on August 23rd on PC, PS4 and Xbox One!
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CSS Secrets by Lea Verou
Read / Download : http://bit.ly/233cxSW
How-to: Use WordPress/PodPress to podcast to iTunes
http://www.pcmech.com - A short tutorial on how to use Wordpress and Podpress along with FeedBurner to submit your podcasts to iTunes
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Man in Demand Rollo Tomassi Lecture Audio Finally Available Now
Every man wishes he had heard the Rollo Tomassi lecture when he had heard this when he was 17. Now, it is available to you: https://digiramp.com/users/rollo-tomassi/shop Learn more about it here: http://therationalmale.com/2015/12/14/sam-botta-a-man-in-demand-audio/ Words in video audio from "The Rational Male" by Rollo Tomassi Narrated by Sam Botta
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Fallout 4 — Пример русской озвучки от R.G. MVO
Это не первоапрельская шутка. Перевод реально существует. https://vk.com/wall-76249462_687 http://tapochek.net/viewtopic.php?t=189668 http://www.zoneofgames.ru/gamebase/file/5456/
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Custom Stickers australia hot rod graphics
http://www.autotattoo.com.au/ Custom Stickers australia hot rod graphics
Les pneumatiques : Les conseils de nos garagistes / Top Entretien #7 (avec Denis Brogniart)
On ne le dira jamais assez l'importance du pneumatique dans le comportement et la tenue de route d'un véhicule. En tant qu'unique point de contact entre votre automobile et le sol, les pneus jouent un rôle majeur dans la sécurité et le plaisir de conduite. Pour rouler en toute sécurité et profiter au maximum des capacités de votre voiture, il est donc nécessaire de faire régulièrement contrôler l'état de vos pneus et de les changer quand l'usure devient trop importante. Les experts auto Top Garage seront à même de vous guider dans votre démarche d'entretien automobile et de vous proposer des pneumatiques adaptés à votre véhicule. Dès que la surface du pneu atteint le niveau des témoins d'usure situés sur la bande de roulement, il est impératif de monter un train de pneus neufs. Fabriqués dans un mélange de caoutchouc, les pneumatiques s'usent naturellement. La vitesse de dégradation varie en fonction de votre véhicule, de vos habitudes de circulation et de votre style de conduite. Des pneumatiques en bon état assurent la liaison entre votre véhicule et le bitume, participent à la transmission des forces de freinage et d'accélération et encaissent les aspérités du bitume. Sur sol mouillé, ils limiteront en outre fortement les risques d'aquaplaning. Que risque-t-on en roulant avec des pneus usagés ? Distances de freinage allongées, risques d'éclatement, hausse de la consommation, conduite difficile, etc. Les conséquences de pneumatiques en mauvais état sont extrêmement nombreux. Au moindre signe d'usure, il convient donc de prendre rendez-vous avec un garagiste proche de chez vous. Après une série de réglages effectués sur ordinateur et un test route, votre véhicule retrouvera sa tenue de route normale. Pour trouver un garage auto à proximité de chez vous, c'est ici : www.top-garage.fr Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur les pneus auto, n’hésitez pas à visiter notre page dédiée : www.top-garage.fr/service/pneus
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TrueORF GOLD: the only expression-validated cDNA clones
Expression cDNA clones are an important for gene function study. TrueORF Gold is a class of cDNA clones ideal for protein expression 1) Western blot test of the transfection lysate 2) Sanger sequencing of each base pair 3) in-stock for delivery as transfection-ready plasmids. Why risk your project or grant application? Quality research deserves quality cDNA clone. Trust TrueORF GOLD.
Gamme lingettes by Hitam
La gamme de lingettes by Hitam France, avec en demo notre lingette GVN 01 C parce qu'une démo vaut mieux ..... que 1000mots.
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OriGene Webinar Series: TissueScan cDNA Arrays
Webinar on TissueScan products -- Cancer and Normal Tissue cDNA Arrays -- how you obtain qPCR gene expression results of hundreds of human samples in 2 hours. Follow this link for more details: http://www.origene.com/qPCR/Tissue-qPCR-Arrays.aspx
Cholet 4 fleurs 2016
Le Conseil National des Villes et Villages Fleuris vient de décerner une nouvelle fois à Cholet le label 4 Fleurs. Distinguée depuis 2005, Cholet maintient le cap en faveur du cadre de vie et défend avec passion ce prestigieux label qu'à peine 1 % des 36 000 communes françaises détient. Elle décroche en plus en 2016 un prix spécial pour la diversité végétale décerné par le Conseil National des Villes et Villages Fleuris et par Val'Hor, l'interprofession française del’horticulture, de la fleuristerie et du paysage. http://www.cholet.fr
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Le Poitou-Charentes au salon de l'agriculture 2015
Retour en images sur le salon de l'agriculture 2015.
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Toy Story by
Read / Download : http://j.mp/233cuGP
Le conservatoire d'Est Ensemble à Pantin
Membre du réseau des conservatoires d'Est Ensemble, le conservatoire de Pantin accueille tous les ans près de 1600 élèves, et dispense un enseignement en musique, danse, théâtre et arts plastiques. 93 enseignants les accompagnent, dans toutes les formes de pratiques, de l'éveil artistiques jusqu'à la préprofessionnalisation.
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Engagement Marketing by Gail F. Goodman
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Steam Train, Dream Train by Sherri Duskey Rinker
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Northern Ethnographic Landscapes by Igor Krupnik
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SIA MonJob@FuturAuto - Et si vous choisissiez l’automobile ?
Pendant une journée, le symposium [email protected], organisé par la S.I.A, a accueilli près de 500 étudiants en automobile. Ils ont rencontré des grands patrons, des ingénieurs, jeunes ou confirmés, et découvert quelques-unes des nouveautés de la filière automobile. Récit de la journée. Et si vous choisissiez l’automobile ? La question est simple et claire, le but : montrer aux étudiants en ingénierie présents à [email protected] que l’automobile est de nouveau un secteur attractif. Retrouvez nos prochains événements sur notre site Internet : http://www.sia.fr/evenements/
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