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drunk man pees in his pants at Chambers St
December 2014. Chambers St 1/2/3 downtown platform
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Super Drunk Girl Pees Herself!!
Way too drunk girl pees all over herself!
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She's Lost: Drunk Woman Pees & Stumbles In The Middle Of The I-15 Freeway In San Diego!
It was a crazy scene as cars had to swerve to avoid hitting a drunken woman who was meandering in and out of lanes on the I-15 freeway in City Heights early Thursday morning. Submitted By dgomez. The hazards weren't even on. Just wow.
Views: 4905800 LOL
When being drunk goes wrong
Drunk man pees in the airport
Views: 14485 Sssweet. Vibez
Gone Outta His Mind  Drunk Man On The A Train Pees All Over Himself
This Guys Gone Outta His Mind, Drunk Man On The A Train Pees All Over Himself .
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Funny- Drunk girls try to sing and pee instead
Absolutely hilarious! These girls wanted to be internet famous by making a video of themselves singing, but ended up peeing their pants instead :D
Views: 114282 Suzy Cue
Drunk kid pees himself while sleeping
My buddy cameron pissed his pants on this kids couch
Views: 21520 bubba harrington
Drunk Elmo pees on himself
Have you ever gotten so wasted you peed on yourself? Elmo has.
Views: 7229 hehwoah
Drunk lady pees on herself
More footage of people embarrassing themselves.
Views: 27469 Terry Allen
Drunk dumbass pees his pants on beach
Drunk dumbass pisses himself on beach, then runs into the ocean.
Views: 41997 Kimberly Foster
Drunk pees pants
Pat pees himself and hates on Jews.
Views: 2299 Gronnn1
Drunk woman pees herself
Haha so we partied and my roomie falls and pisses herself.
Views: 30796 TRStarLez
Drunk girl Pee's pants
Views: 81097 Rude Jonze
Drunk woman pisses herself on a cruise
Drunk women pissed on herself at a cruise :)
Views: 69658 Riya
DRUNK MUM PISSES HERSELF! •SOCIAL MEDIA• - Instagram - http://instagram.com/lufflur - Twitter - https://twitter.com/LiamWitchard - Snapchat - Staticliam6n2 - Skype - Lufflur - Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/lufflur/
Views: 12821 Liam Witchard FTH.
drunk man wetting his pants
the down side of drinking, this guy pee's his pants in public then gets vomited on!
Views: 17679 Terence Walsh
Drunk men pees himself
Drunk men pees himself after drinking some few beers
Views: 1957 Tumelo Ditle
Drunk boyfriend pees pants
Boyfriend just turned 41 and partied a little too much.
Views: 10209 JUJUbeans631626
Drunk girl pulls down pants and pees in Fastrip parking lot
Never a dull moment here. Another New Years drunk, this girl gets out of her car, pulls down her jeans, and proceeds to pop a squat and pee right there in our parking lot for all to see, then walk into the store like nothing happened. Also a dancing friend at 40 seconds. It's amazing what alcohol will do to a persons dignity, or what little they may have to begin with.
Views: 138193 DarkLord61636
Pee Walk Fail - Too Drunk
Available for licensing , contact us : [email protected] Subscribe to us ! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-k7hEwNCY3JcMdJemi6Tcg?sub_confirmation=1
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so so drunk passed out blacked out Rene pees in his laundry basket Johnnyblazed.com Oct14,2012
My roomate/tenat is so so drunk he passed out on the toilet... so wasted he pees piss pisses in his laundry basket instead of the toilet right next to him! http://jblazed.com/Can%20Johnnyblazed%20Play-in%2010-12.htm#101412 John Valenti Professional Tennis? Johnnyblazed.com Surviving The Tour, A Grinders Paradise! ILovetheGrind.com, 1TennisBum.com, ILovetoGrind.com, JBlazed.com, TennisThug.com, Recycledplayer.com
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BBCan Talla is Very Drunk and Pees in the Hot Tub
The hgs got girlie drinks and Talla's had far too much.
Views: 34399 MsDmples
Drunk man wets his pants at Bangkok airport
Shit happens!Or better," Piss happens!" Jukin Media Verified (Original) *For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom
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Long pee holding experiment
Views: 23889 miku
Drunk man urinating on himself and bench
Drunk man urinates on himself and bench at greyhound station in Daytona beach and leaves a trail
Views: 14157 Richard Edick
Part two of our halloween special!! SHE PEED HERSELF IN THE MAZE!! In this one we went to a youtube party, knotts scary farm and showed off our costumes! Like, Comment and make sure to turn on the bell so you are notified when we post!! Love you family!! My girlfriend actually peed her pants lolol
Views: 3487 ChrisAndDestiny
Drunk friend pees in refrigerator
What happens when u let ur "too drunk to drive" buddy crash on the couch, he wakes up and makes his way to the kitchen (no general direction of the bathroom) and opens the refrigerator door then pees all in it. Luckily me and my girl was staying with the friend who owns the house so we found it a lot funnier then he did.
Views: 4736 holland1024
Chicago Drunk leaves bar pees in bush and gets in cab New Years Eve 2013
This one guy is so drunk the taxis don't want to pick him up.
Views: 3482 djmartymar1981
Drunk pee part 2
Views: 115 Elisa Fernandez
Drunk Airline Passenger Pees on Seat, Gets Arrested
Here's something different for a change: It's a story about an airline sucking, passenger as opposed to another yet story about an airline itself sucking . Last Thursday, a man named Michael A. Haag was board on a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Charleston. So far, so normal, right? Plenty of men fly on a daily basis from this Colorado lovely city to historic this South Carolina destination. About two hours into the journey, however, Haag reportedly granted the woman seated next to him, much to her understandable horror and chagrin. Said fellow a passenger, recounting what transpired to a local Fox affiliate in hear Denver: "I a woman scream, if this f-cking man touches me one more time I’ll f-cking kill him." The fellow passenger (who identified herself as "Emilu" added that the 45-year old seemed Haag “extremely intoxicated” and “
drunk guy pees for over a minute!
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Man's attempt to blackmail ex for wetting herself when drunk doesn't go to plan
Man's attempt to blackmail ex for wetting herself when drunk doesn't go to plan
Views: 252 G. Knight Judy
Drunk girl pees lmao
Views: 1349 Kelli Brown
drunk guy pees in a mall
drunk guy is to drunk and pees on the floor right in the mall
Views: 38800 Anders Lykkestrup
Mom FREAKS OUT Cause Kid Pee's Himself Playing Fortnite (reaction)
#Fortnite #Reaction #Gameplay Tequila and cringy fortnite clips, start your day the right way Some fortnite cringe funny business to mix up my regular content, might just start doing a bunch of reaction videos to be honest sounds fun as hell. So I guess leave a like for more fortnite reaction videos ---------- Install Streamlabs here if you want to be a streamer! - https://streamlabs.com/slobs/d/4667714 🎽 Riot Merch - https://t.co/fRJLRTRdgx 🆘 Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/everynightxriot 🐕 instagram - https://www.instagram.com/riot_brigade 🐦 twitter - https://twitter.com/everynightriot 📷 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/everynightxriot 🍆 Discord - https://discord.gg/fzNZ6ZM ---------- #Fortnite #Reaction #Gameplay
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Casino lady pees her pants and drunk ladies dance.
This girl pissed herself. It's hard to really see any the vid, but take my word for it. She kept playing the slots too. Real trooper.
Views: 49988 Cannibal Reviews
Creepy Drunk Guy Who Pee'd His Pants: LIFE IN KOREA
Annyoooooooong Chingoo's! It's been a little and I've missed y'all.. But here's a video. Filming and having to relive this experience shed it in a different light... a more positive comedic light, however the experience itself was genuinely creepy. BUT I'M ALIVE MUM... All is well :) Anyway, hope y'all enjoy :) And more videos to come too so stick around please! Subscribe and all that jazzzz (please, of course). And have a lovely day/night/life! Music: www.incomptech.com Shameless tags (Skkkkrrrr): South Korea, Vlogs, Korea, Living in Chungnam, Black in Korea, Living in Korea, Life in Korea, Teaching in Korea, ESL Teacher, TaLK Teach and Learn in Korea , Korean, British, Black girl in Korea, Seoul.
Views: 3045 DaisyChakoo
Join the Nation #NickiNation
Views: 534 Sin City
Drunk pee-Talk
Me, madison and steph discuss Pee.
Views: 277 floebutt
When you drunk and have to pee
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Views: 343 Megan Sarto
Drunk Pee Pants Dance
Views: 4787 alexk0211
drunk top off pee pants bottle smash boy
what a state to get into. (I found the security staff friendly & funny and in no way to blame)
Views: 1362 76summer76
Jimmy Pee Pee is drunk
james morgan at katie's 21st
Views: 661 joefishparry
Drunk pee pee
Views: 2840 Joe Librizzi

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