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NEW Fantasia Diamond E Hookah Magic Dragon
The famous magic dragon flavor to go! xberry mint flavor. subscribe to us for more reviews.
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Fantasia Magic Dragon - Shisha Review
Pretty good flavor from fantasia!
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How to set up your hookah and Fantasia Magic dragon review part 1
Hookah Reviews- Hookah how to and Fantasia Magic dragon review part 1 Hookah making a hookah reviews? Well you have come to the right place my friends. This video is about making a hookah bowl and how to put a hookah together. Hope yall like it and have a great day.
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Fantasia Magic Dragon (Shisha Review)
thanks for watching the review I'll be posting more video soon, Sorry to all the viewers that were waiting. The reason why I have'nt bin posting its because our camera guy is busy can cant film anything. if you want to purchase or get more info about the shisha go to www.Fantasiatobacco.com
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Fantasia Dragons Breath - Hookah Review
*SMACK THAT LIKE BUTTON* :D Follow me on Twitter : http://twitter.com/iG3tFr3ke Become a Freak! : http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=imfr3ke 5starhookah : http://5starhookah.com go get your hookah there!
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How to set up your hookah and Fantasia Magic dragon review part 2
Hookah Reviews- Hookah how to and Fantasia Magic dragon review part 2 Second part of the video. It was to long to upload and i wanted to give watchers a break from long videos. So enjoy :P
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Fantasia Magic Dragon
Fantasia Magic Dragon Review Hookah-Shisha Discount Code: HOOKAHREV *USE THIS LINK BEFORE APPLYING DISCOUNT* http://www.hookah-shisha.com/?idaffiliate=939 Website: http://www.Hookrainian.com/new Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/Hookrainian Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/Hookrainian
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Fantasia Magic Dragon - NEW!
New fantasia flavors! Yes you heard right. I dont know about you guys but i was very excited to see that they had been working on new things and planned on releasing something. I wasnt sure how i would like it considering i havnt smoke Fantasia for over a year. I used to really like the brand and is till honestly can say i do. Watch this review and see for your self. I rated it a 8.5. Check out 5StarHookah.com Sign up at TheHookahCartel.com add them on facebook.com/Fivestarhookah.com
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#Review Fantasia - Magic Dragon [Hookah Elite]
Feito pelo fundador Leo Hilario ( @LeeoHilario )
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Dragon squared! fantasia magic dragon and dragons breath mix.
Check out hookah advice.com! http://www.hookahadvice.com/index.html http://www.hookahadvice.com/forums.html#/ This flavor definitely yielded some interesting results.
Test Fantasia Magic Dragon!!
Ce fantasia de la nouvelle gamme souhaitait concurrencer le Starbuzz Blue mist mais est loin d'être à la hauteur! Un tabac frais idéal à consommer en été au bord d'une terrasse... ou tout simplement devant un bon film XD! Où acheter ce tabac: www.Hookah-Shisha.com Où acheter ce narguilé: Narguistore Hookah-Shisha Où acheter ce tuyau Kaya: Narguistore Ventedechicha Profil Facebook: zestox narguilé Gamertag Playstation: blocux77 Gamertag Xbox: blocux77
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Fantasia - Magic Dragon & Haze - Cantaloupe! Double Shisha Review
Cantaloupe is a nice smoke for those hot summer days, while magic dragon might leave you in the dark.
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Review Magic dragon from Fantasia Herbal
Here is my vidéo about the Magic Dragon from Fantasia!! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rastahookah Blogger: http://rastahookahreview.blogspot.ca/ I got my Shisha here: http://www.hookah-shisha.com/
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Shisha Review :: Fantasia Magic Dragon :: Episode 02
Lets take a little look at one of my all-time favourites :3 the Fantasia Magic Dragon. Narschool | https://twitter.com/Narschool | http://www.youtube.com/NarschoolVlog | Now also on Steam : Narschool | Songs used in this video are: In love by July | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_7v-... | Somewhere by July | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-9P_... | My Soul by July | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYl71...| Intro music Provided by Solkrieg Song: Lavender Town - Solkrieg's Dream Eater Dubstep Remix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fwz7bt... Solkrig | www.twitter.com/Solkrieg | http://www.youtube.com/OfficialSolkrieg
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Review : Fantasia Magic Dragon!
A review of one of the newest flavors by fantasia , Magic Dragon! Rate,comment, and subscribe! Music by theme neon from iMovie #hookahkingz #peterhookah
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Smokehouse - Fantasia Magic Dragon
smoke-house.de präsentiert euch den ausländischen Fantasia Magic Dragon. Das Ganze ist übrigens von der Messe;)
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Review Magic Dragon de Fantasia Herbal
Voici ma review sur la saveur Magiddragon herbal de Fantasia! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rastahookah Blogger: http://rastahookahreview.blogspot.ca/ J'ai acheter sur: http://www.hookah-shisha.com/
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Dragons Breath - Fantasia
HOOKAHnYOU Talking About Dragons Breath - Fantasia
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Fantasia: Premium Flavored Hookah Tobacco
Fantasia is one of the most well-known brands on the hookah market. With over 50 truly unique flavors, they have something to satisfy every taste bud. Most flavors are geared towards sweets, candies, desserts, and mixed drinks. Find yours on SouthSmoke.com! https://www.southsmoke.com/cat-fantasia-shisha.cfm?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social Flavors: 4 Play (Mixed Melons), Ace of Spades (Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream), Adios [email protected]#%+&! (Brazilian Curacao Fruit with Citrus Twist), Apple Martini (Tangy Sour Apple), Aurora (Pineapple), Bananas Foster (Caramel Bananas), Black Mamba (Tropical Mix), Black Martini (Sweet Blackberry), Blueberry Ice (Blueberry with cool mint), Blueberry Splash (Blueberry-licious), Bubble Gum, Cactus Breeze (Citrus Cactus Fruit), Cali Green (Sweet and Sour Green Apple), Candy Cane, Caramel Frappuccino, Charm Brittian (Tropical Orange), Cherry Cola, Citrus Ice (Sweet citrus and mint), Cosmopolitan (Cranberry Lime), Cotton Candy, Cuban Mojito (Sweet lime, fresh mint, and a splash of citrus), Cupids Arrow (Valentine Candy Hearts), Da Bomb Blueberry (Blueberry Flavor), Diablo (Cinnamon Burst), Dirty Blonde (Pineapple and Banana), Don Benjamin (Sweet Pink Red Apple), Double Apple Ice (Apple, Anise, and Cool Mint), Dragons Breath (Rare Asian Dragon Fruit), Electric X (Wildberry), Eric Bellinger (Sweet Cherry), Firecracker (Blue raspberry, cherry, lemon, and cool mint), G6 Grape (Sweet Grape Juice), Gingerbread, Golden Double Apple (Sweet apple and anise), Grape Ice, Green Ice (Spearmint), Guava Breeze (Tropical Guava), Hurricane (Mixed Fruit Smoothie), Hush Honey (Natural Sweet Honey), Hydroponics (Peach), ICE Mint (Mint and even more mint), Incredible (Passion Fruit and Cognac), Jack and Coke, Joker (Mixed Fruit with strawberry, guava, pomegranate, and apple), Jolly Molly (Watermelon Jolly Rancher), Kali Drizzle (Grape Bubblegum), Lemon Ice (Sweet Lemon Candy and Mint), Lucky (Kiwi and Lime), Madzilla Mad Berry, Magic Dragon (Berry Mint Mix), Mai Tai (Cherry, coconut, lime, and orange), Mally Mall (Tropical Brazilian melon blend), Mango Ice (Tangy mango and cool mint), Margarita, Mary Jane (Sweet Guava and Fruity Mix), Maybach Melon (Sweet Melon Mix), Massari (Grape and Mint), Melon Ice (Minty Watermelon), Menage (Melon Citrus Twist), Mon Cherry (Cherry Lollipop), OG Sweet (Carnival Sweet Candies), One Hundred (Cool Winter fresh Mint), Orange Sherbet, Peach Fuzzy Navel, Peace Ice (Tangy peach with cool mint), Pina Colada (Sweet coconut and tropical pineapple), Pink Lemonade, Pumpkin Spice (Basic), Purple Haze (Royal Purple Grape), Purple K (White Grape), Qing Rubus (Blue Raspberry), Queen of Hearts (Raspberry Rose), Rainbow Burst (Skittles Flavor), Raspberry Kamikaze (Raspberry with a hint of range citrus and lime), Raspberry Lemonade, Red Lightning (Strawberry), Red Melon (Watermelon), Red Velvet (Red Velvet Cake), Rozay Wine (Sweet Red Rose Wine), Screwdriver (Vodka and Orange Juice), Seks On 5th (Creamy Mint Chocolate Ice Cream), Strawberry Banana Split, Strawberry Daiquiri, Strawberry Ice (Strong mint with Strawberry aftertaste), Strawberry Lemonade (Juicy strawberries with sour lemonade), Surfer (Coconut Rum with Pineapple Juice Mix), Swag Berry (Mixed Berry), The Million Dollar Flavor (Gummy Bears), Triple Apple (Sweet red apple, green apple, & yellow semi-tart apple), Triple X (Cranberry, Peach, and Pineapple Mix), Vanilly Sky (Creamy Smooth Vanilla), Watermelon Ice (Minty Melon), White Grape (Pure white grape sweetness), White Lotus (Citrus, Honeydew Melon, Star Fruit with Coconut Mix), Wild Mango, Yachtmaster Wet Mango (Citrus Sweet Natural Mango), Yager Bomb (Cranberry Energy Drink) Don't forget to check out our blog for more reviews at http://blog.southsmoke.com/
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hookah review "fantasia dragons breath"
hookahmaster13's webcam video April 16, 2011 04:12 PM
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Hookah Dragon
Blaze our resident dragon smoking some Fantasia hookah tobacco - Magic Dragon.
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Fantasia Magic Dragon Review
TheHookahCartel, 5StarHookah.com
Cloud Review Fantasia Magic Dragon Review
Found a new fantasia flavor at our local smoke shop and wanted to do a review on it. our twitter link : https://twitter.com/The_CloudReview
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Fantasia Magic Dragon Berry Mint mix Ejuice review
So yeah this is some straight up gas station ejuice.
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Fantasia Dragons Breath Shisha Review
https://twitter.com/smokestacks209 https://www.facebook.com/SmokestackReviews http://instagram.com/smokestack_reviews http://www.hookahpro.com/forum/member.php?u=57611
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Brothers Narguile - Review Fantasia Magic Dragon
Review do fumo magic dragon
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Fantasia magic dragon review!
Links to buy fantasia tobacco: www.5starhookah.com www.hookahjohn.com Hope you enjoyed!
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Starbuzz Melon Blue and Starbuzz Irish Peach w/ Fantasia Magic Dragon
Switching it up here, we're back with our reviews again in our SmokinIrish2 hookah videos. So watch it, subscribe, like, dislike, comment, and as always, Have a Goodnight!
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How to Pack Fantasia in the Bowl of your Choice
Learn how to pack Fantasia Hookah Tobacco in a Egyptian Clay Bowl, Phunnel, and Vortex Bowl www.hookahtips581.com facebook.com/hookahtips581 twitter.com/hookahtips581 pinterest.com/hookahtips581
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FANTASIA DRAGON'S BREATH Hookah / Shisha Review www.HookahRev.com
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Fantasia "Dragon's Breath" shisha review
A general review of Fantasia's "Dragon's Breath" shisha
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Fantasia Surfer Herbal shisha
Daniel Springs reviews Fantasias Surfer flavored herbal shisha. www.facebook.com/daniel8springs Twitter: @Daniel8Springs Google+: Daniel Springs
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FANTASIA BLACK MAMBA Hookah / Shisha Review http://www.HookahRev.com/ http://www.facebook.com/HookahRev
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Review ENGLISH Fantasia Herbal-Suffer
Here is a review from my Salon ^_^ Herbal Shisha from Fantasia flavor of Suffer Go on Hookah-shisha.com
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Hookah Hotshot TV - Fantasia Dragon's Breath Shisha Review
Hello and welcome to Hookah Hotshot! Tonight, we'll be smoking a flavor from Fantasia. Known for its smooth tobacco, this shisha doesn't disappoint. The flavor is called Dragon's Breath. In this video, I have Jimmy and Orlando joining me as guests. It has an orange, misty, citrus taste to it. Quick Update: Subtitles (Closed Captions or CC) have now been transcribed throughout the video. The format of the show is simple. We smoke some hookah, we describe the taste and flavoring of the shisha, then we grade the tobacco from A to F. Wanna request a shisha? No problem! Just tweet the flavor (Starbuzz, Al Fakher, Fantasia, whatever) followed by #hookahhotshot. We'll be posting more of these videos real soon. I hope you enjoyed this video, feel free to subscribe for more hookah-related content and thanks for watching! ------- MORE OF HOOKAH HOTSHOT Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC0tx2mr00mA9f7I-fu_TLA Hookah Hotshot's Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/hookahhotshottv MORE FROM SETH: Seth's Other Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/cinematicseth Seth's Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/setherylanders
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FANTASIA RAINBOW BURST Hookah / Shisha Review www.HookahRev.com
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Dragons Breath doesn't have a specific taste to it, it's just a rainbow of different flavors. It's also good for mixing.
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Fantasia E-Hookah Review Joker Flavor
Review of the Fantasia e-hookah from City Puffs. This was the Joker Fantasia. Check out City Puffs at www.citypuffs.com Fantasia E-hookahs only $8.99.
Fantasia Hookah - Hydro Series "Electric X"
Fantasia Hookah Flavors presents our newest flavor in our Hydro Series, "Electric X" - wild berry.
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Shisha Review: Fantasia Dragons Breath
Fantasia Dragon's Breath: Red in Color Medium Cut Very Juicy Smells and Tastes Like Wringley's Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum
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Shisha Review: Fantasia's Dragon's Breath
Please subscribe, rate, comment, even favorite this video and for your chance in this month's giveaway!
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Fantasia Diablo - Shisha Review
Another one of the new fantasia flavors Great flavor www.thehookahcartel.com
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New: Fantasia Diamond E Hookah Purple Haze
subscribe for more hookah reviews thank you 5starhookah.com its a very candy like grape taste (No tar and no nicotine pure flavor and big clcouds)
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Shisha Review: Fantasia Purple Haze
Buy Hookahs & Hookah Tobacco at http://www.coconaraonline.com HookahAdvice Video Review: Fantasia Purple Haze (Shisha Tobacco). Check out HookahAdvice.com for more great videos! hookah, shisha, huqqa, ghalyun, nargila, hubbly-bubbly, hubble-bubble, smoke, rings, tricks, reviews, videos, how-to, setup, bowl, hose, grommet, stem, base, mouthtip, windcover, nammor, razan, mya, km, magdy, zidan, skull, inhale, harem, sahara, tobacco, al, fakher, fantasia, starbuzz, tangiers, sinbad, waha, layalina, nakhla, mod, scally, water, session, cafe, bar, hookahdomain, hookahpro, hookahforum, hd, shoresidejake, outland, hookah-shisha, worldhookah, hookahcompany, smoking, reviews, bambino, qt, khalil, mammoon, coconara, exotica, epic, hookah-hookah, freak, how, to, chill, ice, chamber, tongs, tips, forum, forums, community, hooka, funny, coals, coal, charcoal, critic, three, kings, quicklight, natural, coconut, jake, wulff, meet, greet, contest, contests, hoookah, water, pipe, arabic, arab, indian, smokin, girl, tee shirt, t-shirt, tshirt, hoody, hoodie, jacket, shirt, clothes, clothing, merchanside, shop, store, fotm, flavor, month
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Fantasia Hookah Flavors CK Tradeshow
Taking place in the Long Beach City, From hookah flavors to the latest electronic gadgets from vapor accessories to detox products, C.K. Expo is your all-in-one trade show for all cool things wholesale. Catch Fantasia Hookah Flavors touring the floor and speaking with some of the big dogs in the game!
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fantasia BLACK MAMBA shisha review..
chris from HOOKAHboizSJH shisha review #1 more coming shout out to ALEX AND MARY at 5STAR HOOKAH.... happy smoking
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