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11g Standby : RMAN Active Duplicate method (Without backup)
The procedure for creating a standby database with RMAN is almost the same as for creating a duplicate database. To create a standby database with the DUPLICATE command you must connect as target to the primary database and specify the FOR STANDBY option. You cannot connect to a standby database and create an additional standby database. RMAN creates the standby database by restoring and mounting a control file. RMAN can use an existing backup of the primary database control file, so you do not need to create a control file backup especially for the standby database. A standby database, unlike a duplicate database created by DUPLICATE without the FOR STANDBY OPTION, does not get a new DBID. Thus, you should not register the standby database with your recovery catalog. Please Find the below link to download checklist to create Active duplicate standby: ************************************************************************************* https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1Vyp5-9fissS21aUWxISDYyQWc Follow the below link to find other oracle stuffs. http://oraerrors.blogspot.in/ Pradeep kumar +91-9972201100
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How to Restore a Corrupt or Missing Lightroom Catalog
Went to login to Lightroom and found out my Lightroom catalog was corrupted and missing. After a quick internal freak-out I figured I should be able to restore from a recent catalog backup and decided to record a tutorial to explain my thought process and help any others in a similar situation. Ended up being quite easy and all is well - watch to see how to restore a corrupt or missing Lightroom catalog!
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How to Upgrade your  your catalog to Lightroom 4
How to upgrade your catalog from Lightroom 4 (or 5) Beta or an earlier version of Lightroom to work in Lightroom 4 (or5) . Lightroom resource at http://www.photoshopcafe.com/lightroom Check out our full-length premium training at http://photoshopCAFE.com/video Subscribe to your youtube channel, so you know when we post new tutorials Connect with us on your favorite social network: website: http://www.photoshopcafe.com facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photoshopCAFE twitter: https://twitter.com/photoshopCAFE linkedin. lhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/photoshopcafe g+. https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ColinSmith1/ 500 px http://500px.com/kiwicolin beHance https://www.behance.net/kiwicolin flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/kiwicolin/ youtube. https://www.youtube.com/photoshopcafe
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How To Fix Windows 10 Backup Issues [Tutorial]
This tutorial should hopefully address issues you guys are having when trying to create a backup and restore your Windows 10 computer. Having a system backup is always useful, especially if your system gets corrupt or damaged. Although system backup is a great feature, it can sometimes fail to work on Windows 10, so let’s see how to fix it. If you not able to get Windows 10 backup to work or complete, this tutorial is for you. This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10 operating system (Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education) from all supported hardware manufactures, like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba,Lenovo, and Samsung).
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How to troubleshoot and fix Active Directory replication issues on Windows Server 2012 R2
Support NLB Solutions - https://www.patreon.com/NLBSolutions In this video I am going to show you an issue with my Active Directory replication between my two DCs and how I managed to resolve it. Tips and tricks for demoting a DC: 1. Always try graceful removal 1st, if you are not able to gracefully remove the DC proceed with Force Removal. 2. If you are performing a Forceful removal disconnect your DC in order to prevent corruption on your working DC. 3. Perform matadata cleanup from AD Users and Computers, DNS and AD Sites and Services when possible. If not you can proceed with ntdsutil /metadatacleanup. 4. After promotion leave the DCs to "talk" to each other in order to replicate all AD info.
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Feniex Flash // How to Sync Your LED Lights
In this episode of Feniex Flash, you will learn how to sync LED lights for your emergency warning vehicle. Check out our online catalog of lightbars, lightsticks, hide-a-ways, sirens and more at www.feniex.com/category/products. Look us up on Facebook! - facebook.com/FeniexIndustries And Instagram! - instagram.com/feniexofficial www.feniex.com
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Create Multiple Pivot Table Reports with Show Report Filter Pages
Learn how to quickly create multiple pivot table reports with the Show Report Filter Pages feature. Download the file to follow along: https://www.excelcampus.com/pivot-tables/show-report-filter-pages/ Get the Tab Hound Add-in: https://www.excelcampus.com/tab-hound Pivot tables are an amazing tool for quickly summarizing data in Excel. They save us a TON of time with our everyday work. There is one "hidden" feature of pivot tables that can save us even more time. Sometimes we need to replicate a pivot table for each unique item in a field. This could be a report for: Each department in organization. Each salesperson on the sales team. Each account in the general ledger. Each customer in the CRM system. Each stock in the database. Or, just about any other field (column) in your data set. We could create one pivot table, filter it for a specific item, then copy the sheet and re-apply a filter for the next item. But this would take a lot of time if we have dozens or hundreds of unique items in the data set. Fortunately, we don't have to do all this manual work. Pivot tables have a feature called Show Report Filter Pages that automates this entire process. The Show Report Filter Pages Feature The Show Report Filter Pages feature: Creates a copy of an existing pivot table for each unique item in a field. The new pivot tables are created on individual worksheets. Each sheet is renamed to match the item name. A filter is applied to the field in the Filters Area of each pivot table for the item. All this is done with a click of a button. Your field can have 5 or 500 unique items. Show Report Filter Pages will create a sheet for each item and replicate the pivot table report.
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How to Transfer iTunes library to a NEW computer Windows 10 - Move itunes Music!!! - Free & Easy
My video shows how to transfer iTunes library from one computer to another, to Windows 10. Quickly see how to transfer music to iTunes. My iTunes music tutorial shows you how easy it is to transfer iTunes music to a new computer for free. Learn how to transfer iTunes music without having to use Apple iCloud or any special software app in this iTunes tutorial for Windows. https://youtu.be/YqOcVkWnS6I See how to transfer iTunes playlist to flash drive as well as your iTunes music, media apps and iTunes album artwork from your old laptop computer system to your new computer laptop, desktop or Windows tablet. Simply put, in my iTunes tutorial you will learn how to move your iTunes library from one computer to another computer no matter which Windows version you are using on your computer. If you follow my basic steps you can move your iTunes music from iTunes Windows 7, iTunes Windows 8, iTunes Windows 8.1 to iTunes in Windows 10. It's pretty easy to do, by watching how to transfer music/songs from computer to another computer in just a few minutes in this fast moving iTunes tutorial. This video tutorial is for you, if you want to see how to move iTunes library to another computer within minutes and without tech support service $cost. In a step by step presentation I show you how to move songs from computer to iTunes. Beginners and Pros will learn how to how to move music from computer to iTunes on another computer without any special skills. The steps on how to transfer Music from iTunes to USB is also seen in my video plus a lot more. Requirements For Successful Operation: 1) Old computer with Windows 2) New computer with Windows 3) Flash Drive or Jump drive or external hard drive for storage 4) Apple iTunes installed on old & new computer laptop/desktop or tablet and with iTunes on new computer having no songs that you want to keep. 5) iTunes music/songs on your old computer 6) IMPORTANT NOTE: Always perform a full computer backup of your computer data files, pictures, and music and create a system restore before making any changes to your computer. Like copying, deleting and pasting files and folders. Computers can and will sometimes do unexpected things! 7) My video steps in "How to transfer iTunes library to a New computer - Free & Easy to Windows 10" Would I call this video a iTunes tutorial for beginners? Yes! Because anyone can follow my steps and easily get there music transfer to there new Computer. It makes no difference if it's iTunes music from laptop to laptop or iTunes music from desktop to desktop or iTunes music from desktop to laptop it will still work!
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Oracle DBA Lite: an introduction to Oracle administration, part 6
CAPTIONS AVAILABLE - Disaster recovery.
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How to Backup a Server Using Veritas Backup Exec 16
Professor Robert McMillen shows you how to backup a Server Using Veritas Backup Exec 16
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Best Practices for Extending On Premises Active Directory with Applications in GCP (Cloud Next '18)
Organizations rely on Microsoft Active Directory for authentication, authorization, and auditing of on premises users, groups, and resources such as applications. What happens when you run in the cloud, whether all-in or hybrid? Come learn how to get the most out of Google Cloud Platform while leveraging your existing AD infrastructure! In this session, we will cover best practices for configuring your GCP environment to run AD-dependent workloads, including DNS and domain trusts, and how to best utilize Google’s networking technologies. You will also see a demo showing how on premises Active Directory groups can be synchronized to Google Cloud Identity, allowing IAM-based access to GCP resources. Event schedule → http://g.co/next18 Watch more Infrastructure & Operations sessions here → http://bit.ly/2uEykpQ Next ‘18 All Sessions playlist → http://bit.ly/Allsessions Subscribe to the Google Cloud channel! → http://bit.ly/NextSub
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Unable to install application on Ledger Wallet [Solution]
🚨Ledger: https://coinsutra.com/go/LedgerNano/ 🚨Complete review: https://coinsutra.com/ledger-nano-s-review/ Ledger Nano S & Ledger Blue are two most popular Hardware cryptocurrency wallets. Ledger was launched as a secure Bitcoin only hardware wallet now supports more than 20+ cryptocurrencies and indeed a fine choice among crypto enthusiasts. However, there is one big limitation of Ledger wallet is lack of the option to install more than 4 cryptocurrency wallet at a single time. This limitation is more of a feature as to mack Ledger hack-proof by limiting its memory. When you try to install a new supported cryptocurrency wallet on Ledger using Ledger manager, you will get a warning saying “Unable to install the application,” and this video is the solution to the problem. In this video, you will learn how exactly you can install all cryptocurrency wallets on your Ledger Nano S. This is not a hack rather the official method of using other supported cryptocurrency wallets. ➡You can also browse another Ledger guide in our YouTube playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6VI3BgQ4H2Ywi40QIcbDMMR7fGUxEwvY Here are some recommended guides from our blog that you must read next: ➡Which Cryptocurrencies Are Supported By The Ledger Wallet?: https://coinsutra.com/supported-cryptocurrencies-ledger-wallet/ ➡How To Keep Your Recovery Seed Safe And Secure: https://coinsutra.com/keep-recovery-seed-safe-secure/ ➡You can also join CoinSutra on Telegram for instant updates: https://t.me/coinsutra Do like and subscribe to our channel for more videos. Ta Da! Harsh Agrawal
How to Find & Re-link Missing Photos in Lightroom!
How to Find & Re-link Missing Photos in Lightroom! There is nothing scarier when editing in Lightroom and you are notified that "original photo can't be found" - to fix, you need to find and re-link the photos and this Lightroom tutorial will show you exactly how! Click here to download my FREE Lightroom Presets - https://cc.colesclassroom.com/free-presets-lr-yt
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Service Cloud Omni Feature Demo
With Service Cloud Omni, companies can deliver faster service and greater agent efficiency by routing the right work to the right agents in real-time.
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Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction (Studio Version)
Symphony of Destruction is the second song on the thrash metal band Megadeths 5th studio album, Countdown to Extinction. The song is one of the heaviest songs written by the band. While it isnt known for its speed, its definately famed for its heaviness. The songs lyrical meaning depicts giving someone power and watching them grow. You take a mortal man, And put him in control Watch him become a god, Watch peoples heads aroll Aroll... Just like the pied piper Lead rats through the streets We dance like marionettes, Swaying to the symphony... Of destruction Acting like a robot, Its metal brain corrodes. You try to take its pulse, Before the head explodes. Explodes... Just like the pied piper Lead rats through the streets We dance like marionettes, Swaying to the symphony... Of destruction The earth starts to rumble World powers fall Awarring for the heavens, A peaceful man stands tall Tall... Just like the pied piper Lead rats through the streets We dance like marionettes, Swaying to the symphony... Of destruction
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Goodnotes Backup
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Pycom Pytrack and Pysense - How to Update Firmware
Chris has written this procedure as a slower, more deliberate, walk-through of the update process after making many mistakes following the Pycom documentation. We'll assume all downloaded files are in your Downloads folder. All the below is done with the Pysense/Pytrack board alone; no Pycom microcontroller board should be mounted on it. The full guide https://core-electronics.com.au/tutorials/pycom-pysense-pytrack-firmware-update.html Core Electronics is your home in Australia for: Pycom Pysense https://core-electronics.com.au/catalog/product/view/sku/CE04930 Pycom Pytrack https://core-electronics.com.au/catalog/product/view/sku/CE04931 Pycom https://core-electronics.com.au/pycom.html
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How to backup and FTP a SQL Server database in 2 minutes
A very simple way to schedule daily backups of a SQL Server database
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Import Multiple Cards with Lightroom CC 2 minute tutorial!
If you are new to lightroom and are importing your cards individually, this may help save you time! I hoped this helped save some time and gets you importing multiple cards!
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Rekordbox 101: Using Rekordbox With Mixed In Key
This video series will cover how to use many unknown features of Pioneer DJ Rekordbox. If you want to have a particular topic covered, please let me know in the comments! Also yes I know the key column in this video had the Mixed in Key notation values, because MIK overwrote them :) Full disclosure: Pioneer DJ haven't asked me to do this, I'm recording this video series as a lot of people are still using non-rekordbox prepared USB keys in the club. Hopefully these videos help :) Cheers, Cotts You can get rekordbox here: https://rekordbox.com/ Mixed in Key is here: https://www.mixedinkey.com Screen Capture Hardware: Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro
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Managing Multiple Backup Servers with Retrospect for Macintosh
This video shows how to add multiple Retrospect Engine's to a single copy of the Retrospect Console. This allows a single user interface to manage multiple backup servers.
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Enable Active Directory Recycle Bin in Windows Server 2016 ( Restore user account )
Enable Active Directory Recycle Bin in Windows Server 2016 ( Restore user account ) 1. Prepare - DC21 : Domain controller ( pns.vn ) - DC22 : Domain member 2. Step by step : Restore HiepIT account deleted - DC21 : Enable Recycle Bin and delete HiepIT account + Server Manager - Tools - Active Directory Administrative Center - pns (local) - Enable Recycle Bin ... - OK + Server Manager - Tools - Active Directory Users and Computers - pns.vn - IT OU - Delete HiepIT account - DC22 : Logon using HiepIT account === Fail - DC21 : Restore HiepIT account + Server Manager - Tools - Active Directory Administrative Center - pns (local) - Delete Objects - Right-click HiepIT - Restore + Active Directory Users and Computers - pns.vn - IT OU - Refresh - HiepIT account restored - DC22 : Logon using HiepIT account === OK ^^
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Bitcoin Q&A: What was SegWit2x?
A review on some "deep history" of Bitcoin... that is, one year ago. What was SegWit2x? Why should block sizes be limited? What is the "real Bitcoin"? What are the interdependent consensus constituents, and how do consensus changes succeed or fail? These questions are from the MOOC 8.2 session and the (late) August monthly Patreon session, which took place on September 15th 2017 and September 1st 2018 respectively. If you want early-access to talks and a chance to participate in the monthly live Q&As with Andreas, become a patron: https://www.patreon.com/aantonop RELATED: Consensus Algorithms, Blockchain Technology, and Bitcoin - https://youtu.be/fw3WkySh_Ho Advanced Bitcoin Scripting Part 1: Transactions and Multisig - https://youtu.be/8FeAXjkmDcQ Advanced Bitcoin Scripting Part 2: SegWit, Consensus, and Trustware - https://youtu.be/pQbeBduVQ4I What is Consensus: Rules without Rulers - https://youtu.be/2tqo7PX5Pyc Forkology: A Study of Forks for Newbies - https://youtu.be/rpeceXY1QBM Bitcoin: Where the Laws of Mathematics Prevail - https://youtu.be/HaJ1hvon0E0 The mining process - https://youtu.be/L4Xtau0YMJw Genesis block and coinbase transactions - https://youtu.be/strhfzJ56QE The rules of Bitcoin (part 1) - https://youtu.be/VnQu4uylfOs The rules of Bitcoin (part 2) - https://youtu.be/vtIp0GP4w1E Decentralized power, leaderless governance - https://youtu.be/E5VbDlQTPzU Scaling, trust, and trade-offs - https://youtu.be/vCxmHwqyJWU Why running a node is important - https://youtu.be/oX0Yrv-6jVs Honest nodes and consensus - https://youtu.be/KAhY2ymI-tg Do "crypto-banks" threaten hard money? - https://youtu.be/Ps78g2_3_6o Running nodes and payment channels - https://youtu.be/ndcfBfE_yoY What happens during a fork? - https://youtu.be/XBk8hBJ1xVo Empty blocks, orphan blocks, and valid chains - https://youtu.be/dizF2S63RXY SegWit adoption - https://youtu.be/KCsTVTRk6I4 How do mnemonic seeds work? - https://youtu.be/wWCIQFNf_8g Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has become one of the most well-known and respected figures in bitcoin. Follow on Twitter: @aantonop https://twitter.com/aantonop Website: https://antonopoulos.com/ He is the author of two books: “Mastering Bitcoin,” published by O’Reilly Media and considered the best technical guide to bitcoin; “The Internet of Money,” a book about why bitcoin matters. Subscribe to the channel to learn more about Bitcoin & open blockchains; click on the red bell to enable notifications about new videos! MASTERING BITCOIN, 2nd Edition: https://amzn.to/2xcdsY9 Translations of MASTERING BITCOIN: https://bitcoinbook.info/translations-of-mastering-bitcoin/ THE INTERNET OF MONEY, v1: https://amzn.to/2ykmXFs THE INTERNET OF MONEY, v2: https://amzn.to/2IIG5BJ Translations of THE INTERNET OF MONEY: Spanish, 'Internet del Dinero' (v1) - https://amzn.to/2yoaTTq French, 'L'internet de l'argent' (v1) - https://www.amazon.fr/Linternet-largent-Andreas-M-Antonopoulos/dp/2856083390 Russian, 'Интернет денег' (v1) - https://www.olbuss.ru/catalog/ekonomika-i-biznes/korporativnye-finansy-bankovskoe-delo/internet-deneg Vietnamese, 'Internet Của Tiền Tệ' (v1) - https://alphabooks.vn/khi-tien-len-mang MASTERING ETHEREUM (Q4): https://amzn.to/2xdxmlK Music: "Unbounded" by Orfan (https://www.facebook.com/Orfan/) Outro Graphics: Phneep (http://www.phneep.com/) Outro Art: Rock Barcellos (http://www.rockincomics.com.br/)
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Bench Press for Pitchers: Our Favorite Alternative
Barbell bench is a good lift for packing on size, but it's a bit more easily screwed up and limiting than the dumbbell bench press. Here, we show the Swiss Bar, a neutral grip bar that lets you keep a more shoulder-friendly position and still hit full range of motion. Check out the bars featured in this video: The EliteFTS Cambered Grip Bar (recommended): https://www.elitefts.com/catalog/product/view/_ignore_category/1/id/29925/s/cambered-swiss-bar/ The Valor Swiss Bar (cheapest): https://www.amazon.com/Valor-Fitness-Multi-Olympic-black/dp/B018K5HH8E The Rogue Multi-Grip Bar: https://www.roguefitness.com/rogue-mg-2-multi-grip-bars Make sure to subscribe to Tread Athletics for more free content like this: ►https://www.youtube.com/user/treadathletics?sub_confirmation=1 Don’t forget to check us out on social media: ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/treadathletics ►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tread_athletics/ ►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TreadAthletics/ Interested in Individualized Programming? Email us at: [email protected] Check out our athletes’ results: ►https://treadathletics.com/featured-stories/ Want to know more about our philosophy? ►Check out our training manual: https://treadathletics.com/95-mph-body/ Looking at getting a glimpse into what we do? ►Try our FREE In-Season Blueprint: https://treadathletics.com/in-season-blueprint/ What separates Tread Athletics? Unlike most training philosophies, we take holistic approach to strength, power, and velocity development. We don’ t just evaluate and address strength and performance, but lifestyle factors, movement dysfunction, and nutritional habits as well. Rather than fitting athletes into one cut and dry mold, we adapt our programming to address each athlete’s individual needs and goals.
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How to do Storage Replica within the same region in Azure (Pt. 1)
This video demonstrates how to successfully do storage replica within the same region in Microsoft Azure. Through a step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to build the infrastructure for cluster-to-cluster storage replica from ground up in Azure. Learn more: https://aka.ms/sraz
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Backup Exec Virtual File Filter (VFF) error in Symantec 2010 when backing up Hyper-V instance
This video shows how to quickly resolve the following error: "This operation requires that the Backup Exec Virtual File Filter (VFF) driver be installed on the media server. Install the appropriate Backup Exec agent for the resource, and then run the job again" occurs when using the option "Enable the restore of individual objects" when backing up or restoring VMware, Exchange, SharePoint or Active Directory"
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How to Fix common Issue with Ripple Wallet not Loading for Ledger Nano S - Safely Store Your XRP!
Get the Ledger Nano S to Safely store your Cryptocurrency! : -Buy directly from Ledger - https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/acd6 -Buy on Amazon - http://amzn.to/2zYgdAv Steps for resolving this issue: 1) Turn off Browser Support for the Ripple app on your Ledge Nano S. Launch the Ripple app on your Ledge Nano S, go to settings, then Browser Support and select "No". 2) Make sure your Chrome browser is not running when trying to launch the Ripple Wallet on your computer http://www.ThinkingCrypto.com Sign up with Coinbase for Free to start investing in Bitcoin and get $10 free Bitcoin when you spend $100! - https://www.coinbase.com/join/59db057bed984302ff3b1275 Sign up with Coinbase for Free to start investing in Bitcoin and get $10 free Bitcoin when you spend $100! - https://www.coinbase.com/join/59db057bed984302ff3b1275 Get the Ledger Nano S to Safely store your Cryptocurrency! : -Buy directly from Ledger - https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/acd6 -Buy on Amazon - http://amzn.to/2zYgdAv Mine Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies Daily with HashFlare! Free to sign up! - https://hashflare.io/r/373CC8F3 Mine Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies with Genesis Mining. Use code "he76Rc" and get 3% off every purchase - https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/2126471 Help support the channel! Donations : BTC - 3GPcKwB3UGML4UiYqZM6BYx7Nu5Dj7GKDD ETH - 0x7929e49cabe8d95d31392eaf974f378b508da2f4 LTC - MWMhsyGX7tsTPGS2EtSCAWpy3ywCv25r6B XRP - rDsbeomae4FXwgQTJp9Rs64Qg9vDiTCdBv Destination Tag - 35594196 Follow on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thinkingcrypto/ Follow on Twitter - https://twitter.com/ThinkingCrypto1 Disclaimer - Thinking Crypto and Tony Edward are not financial or investment experts. You should do your own research on each cryptocurrency and make your own conclusions and decisions for investment. Invest at your own risk, only invest what you are willing to lose. This channel and its videos are just for educational purposes and NOT investment or financial advice.
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2015 OpenStack Summit Tokyo - Sahdev P  Zala and Vahid Hashemian – Deploy TOSCA Workloads in OpenSt
The Topology Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) is a key open standard, which is enabling an eco-system of workload orchestration across clouds, supported by a large and growing number of international industry leaders. The OpenStack Heat-Translator project enables translation of TOSCA into Heat Orchestration Template (HOT) format and thereby supports the deployment of TOSCA portable workloads in OpenStack. Murano is an OpenStack application catalog that facilitates deployment of cloud-ready applications, by letting cloud administrators and developers browse various customizable application categories. Murano currently supports two types of application definitions: MuranoPL and HOT. We are enhancing Murano by adding a third definition format: TOSCA. In this session we will present some important aspects of the ongoing progress in the area of integration of TOSCA into Murano with important design decisions we have made along the way working with Murano team. We will also dive into latest development in TOSCA-Parser and Heat-Translator projects along with availability of PyPi packages for stand-alone use of TOSCA Parser and Heat Translator. Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/me_slideshare_2/openstack-tokyo-summit-2015-heattranslator-tosca-vbrownbag
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OPENING DAY Trail Riding on the Banshee 350 at Chappie Shasta OHV Trail Following the Carr Fire
Preview of OPENING DAY trail riding on the Banshee 350 at Chappie Shasta OHV Area Following the Carr Fire. Many of the trails were still under re construction. FULL RIDE VIDEO COMING SOON Here is some information about my 2 stroke - Stock Yamaha Banshee cylinders bored to 64.75mm by Foreign Engine Machine in Redding, California Wiseco Pro-Lite Forged Banshee Pistons 64.75mm http://www.wiseco.com/ Hot Rods Stock Stroke Banshee Crank http://www.hotrodsproducts.com/ Pro Design Adjustable Stator Plate set to +4 timing http://www.prodesignracing.com/banshee_adjustable_stator_plate.htm Boyesen Fiberglass Power Reeds Dual-stage https://www.boyesen.com/ Chariot Performance Clutch Basket https://www.ebay.com/itm/Chariot-Clutch-Basket-Banshee-Hard-Anodized-4130-plate-7-or-8-plate-Cushions/282584662669?epid=25007701616&hash=item41cb5bc28d:g:vn8AAOSwYHxWJlQr Tusk Clutch Kit https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/895/3012/Tusk-Clutch-Kit-With-Heavy-Duty-Springs Lectron Fuel Systems 36mm HV Carb https://www.lectronfuelsystems.com/ Toomey Racing USA T5 Exhaust https://toomey.com/catalog?olsPage=products%2Ft5-racing-pipe-set-chrome&page=2 JT Sprockets 14 tooth front / 42 tooth rear http://www.jtsprockets.com/ RK RX-Ring Chain GB520XS0 https://rkexcelamerica.com/ Cascade Banshee Seat Cover http://cascadeatvseats.com/yamaha_atv_seat_covers.html Renthal Handlebars Banshee Bend #636 https://www.renthal.com/shop/mx-products/handlebars/se-handlebars/atv-se-handlebars?product_id=1987 Alba Racing Beadlock Wheels https://teamalbaracing.com/i-23900173-atv-beadlock-wheels-pick-colors.html Alba Racing Pro Peg Nerf Bars https://teamalbaracing.com/i-23900072-yamaha-banshee-yfz-350-pro-peg-nerf-bars-all-years-choose-colors.html ITP GNCC Holeshot Front Tires 21x7-10 https://www.itptires.com/products/product-detail/productname/holeshot-gncc GBC XC Master Rear Tires AR092011XM 20X11-9 https://www.gbcmotorsports.com/products/xc-master Auxbeam 12" 72W CREE LED Light Bar https://www.auxbeam.com/spu00003 Tusk Folding Shift Lever https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/950/3029/Tusk-Folding-Shift-Lever Trackside Snapback Clutch Lever https://www.cyclegear.com/parts/trackside-snapback-clutch-lever-assembly If you are new to TrailBlogger please subscribe here https://bit.ly/2yGh7yS
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How Much Is Light Room 5
Fed up with make amazing photos, from anywhere. You can purchase adobe's lightroom 5 for $69. Which should i buy, lightroom cc 2015 or 6? Laura shoe. Apr 2015 adobe photoshop lightroom 5 modest but welcome improvements keep this there's no control over how much the edges are feathered 6 upgrade process can be frustrating. If i rotate an image by 5 degrees, see that have changed it degrees in lr 11 mar 2016 don't buy the wrong version of lightroom fact adobe makes more difficult to lr6 as opposed cc tells you may 2017 sure, during time will probably released or so small updates lightroom, but is worth extra cost? Also, do really. Share easily share on facebook, and adobe photoshop lightroom 5 student teacher edition [old version] set of advanced tools for tone, contrast, color, noise reduction, much more 2 dec 2013 you can purchase adobe's $69. Googleusercontent search. Adobe photoshop lightroom 5 now available. Adobe lightroom classic cc review & rating how to buy or upgrade photoshop 6 (standalone, not cc). Shop with confidence on ebay!. 99 today only the how to choose which version of lightroom to buy. Saved down to the file level xmp metadata block, then recovery is much easier. Buy adobe lightroom cc. After licensing your software with serial number, lightroom 6 will launch! thanks so much for publishing link to full copy of. 99 today only the buy adobe lightroom cc. Amazon adobe photoshop lightroom 5 win [download] [old amazon version] software. Html url? Q webcache. Certainly much cheaper than buying both photoshop and lightroom back in 21 apr 2015 no the software will reside on your computer, just like 5 or how many times you can install cc (or upgrade lr 6) find great deals for adobe mac windows. Adobe photoshop lightroom cc for mobile is a free app that gives you powerful, yet simple solution capturing, 19 jun 2015 in this article, i will explain what adobe and elements is, some instances, much closer to. Adobe photoshop lightroom cc android apps on google play. Adobe lightroom cc empowers you to make amazing photos, from anywhere. The best way to buy lightroom how should you lightroom? . How to upgrade adobe photoshop lightroom 6 for the current how much does 5 cost is an cc review techradar. You could delete your old lightroom 5, or previous version, catalog at this point but i adobe photoshop 5 sales pctool is developed with the works both 32bit and can speed up computer 3 may 2015 does not synchronize whole photo library, you can, however, as many different collections like (though adobe's remains gold standard in pro workflow cc offer simpler, cleaner interface, it lacks so. Cyber monday may be winding down, but one outstanding deal for photographers is still running today only, you can purchase adobe's lightroom 5 software $89. Lightroom 5 for $69. Amazon adobe photoshop lightroom 6 software. What is adobe photoshop lightroom? Photography life. Photo editing & organising software. Don't buy the wrong version of lightroom killer tip
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The Synology DS418J 4 Bay Cost Effective NAS is finally revealed at Computex
Synology uncover another Desktop NAS for 2017 and 2018 – The Synology DS418J NAS https://www.span.com/search/DS418J/10-Synology For almost a decade Synology have been pioneering the world of Network Attached Storage and I think it safe to say that they are in the top tier of go-to brands fort both home and business alike. Over the last 5 of those years, Synology have been diversifying their range of NAS devices, not just by number of HDD bays, but by defining NAS devices into multiple series. Now at Computex, Synology have unveiled the latest NAS to join the home and SMB Market. This new 4-Bay, the Synology DS418J NAS server, is part of their J, or Basics Series. We have already seen a number of NAS devices released in their pro-sumer range (the DS918+, DS718+ and DS1817+ to name but a few), but this is the first of a 2017/18 NAS in the Synology J series to be released. What is the Difference between the Synology SE, J, Play, Plus and XS NAS? The Synology NAS family spreads out pretty wide, even if you are just focusing on the Desktop NAS range. The new DS418J Synology NAS is not the first 4 Bay NAS to join the J series and will almost certainly not be the last, but what is the difference between them? It is important to know, as each range is catered towards a different intended use. Sure all of them can do the basic NAS tasks of file sharing, low level media play and access the Synology DSM operating system – but anything more demanding that that and you are better served looking at the key below: Synology SE – Designed for VERY low level NAS use. Tiny files, no media, basic syncing that can be done overnight. Synology J – Low level media, basic file transfers, Windows and Mac system image back up, 1-5 users Synology + – Mid Range all-rounder providing great media support in HD and occasionally 4K, 1-50 users, surveillance and VMware for SMB Synology Play – Best for Media, designed for streaming HD and 4K Natively as well as medium file and backup syncing Synology XS – Enterprise, mazimum users, 5 year replacement warranty, top end media and file transmissions, 10GBe and enterprise use What are the Specs of the Synology DS418J NAS? Details are still rather thin on the ground and we at NASCompares will of course update you with more as we get it, but currently the specs are (apart from one important point about the memory) are very similar indeed to the Synology DS416J. They are Runs on a Dual Core ARM A53 1.4GHz 64 Bit architecture CPU Non expandable 1GB DDR4 Memory – a BIG step up from the DDR3 on the previous unit, and twice the size too Compatible with the latest hard drives, such as the WD Red 10TB and Seagate Ironwolf 10TB NAS HDD Suitable for Surveillance, supporting 16 IP Cameras and arrives with 2 Licences Uses the old DS416J Chassis, with excellent ventilation throughout Price to be confirmed but most likely in line with the predecessor, so around £220+ ex.VAT 2x USB 3.0 Ports on the rear Dual Rear mounted, fully controllable fans Did you enjoy the video? Find it helpful? Want to hear more? Of course you want to...you're only human! Why not subscribe to save you searching next time https://www.youtube.com/user/SPANdotCOM Are you interested in all things data storage. Perhaps you are a Mac users and want to know if this NAS, DAS, Cable or Drive will work for you? That is where SPAN and Robbie can help. For over 20 years SPAN has been helping companies and individuals worldwide with their digital archive and storage needs. Alongside that Robbie (Robert Andrews if you want to be delightfully formal) has been spending the last few years keeping you up to date on all things data and won't shut up about it! If you are as interested in data as we are, then you can find us in a number of ways. SPAN can be reached here SPAN - http://www.span.com. However if you want to be kept up to date with new releases, news and keep your finger on the pulse of data storage, follow us below. Find us on https://www.facebook.com/SPANdotCOM/ Follow us on our SPAN Twitter - https://twitter.com/SPANdotCOM Or follow and speak with Robbie directly on his Twitter - https://twitter.com/RobbieOnTheTube Still not enough? Then why not visit and subscribe to our blog. Upddated regularly it gives you an far wordier version than SPANTV as well as provide you with hints and tips on how to make the most of your hardware here http://www.NASCompares.com Don't forget to visit them on Facebook to entry prize draws, giveaways and competitions, as well as hear about the latest news, NAS releases & offers - https://www.facebook.com/nascompares/
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Uploading a TIA Portal Project
This video tip & trick will show you how you can recover a TIA portal project if you don't have the project file
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Protools - how to find missing files in your session
FREE TRIAL at http://www.obedia.com/register How to find missing files in your Pro Tools session, from OBEDIA, the leader in digital audio training!
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VBA Code Modules & How to Run Event Macros Based on User Actions
In this video I explain the different places to store macros, functions & VBA code in a workbook. We specifically look at the Code Module, Sheet Module, and ThisWorkbook Module to learn the differences between how each works. Code Modules allow us to store regular macros (sub procedures) and functions (User Defined Functions, UDFs). This is the typical place we start writing and storing our macros. The macro recorder also creates code in a code module. Each sheet in the workbook has a sheet object in the VB Editor. These are listed in the Microsoft Excel Objects folder for each open workbook in the Project Window. Double-clicking a sheet object opens its code module. Here we store regular macros & functions. We can also Event Procedures that will run when the user takes an action in the worksheet. This could be actions like selecting a cell, activating a sheet, or deleting a sheet. There are a lot of events for the sheet object. Each workbook contains one object called ThisWorkbook. The ThisWorkbook object is stored at the bottom of the Microsoft Excel Objects folder. The main purpose of the ThisWorkbook module is to run event procedures (macros) when the user takes an action in the workbook. This could be when the user opens the workbook, before they close the workbook, when they select a worksheet, range, or even update a pivot table. Checkout the full article and download the example file at: https://www.excelcampus.com/vba/code-modules-event-procedures/ Checkout my other Macros & VBA videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKbOx3gUV_E87DSMLQFKdYy2XxwrcBA19 Register for my free training webinar on macros & VBA: https://www.excelcampus.com/vba-webinar
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Fiat Sensor Extraction
Sensor or Transponder can be taken out from ordinary FIAT keys (Linea or Punto) to make a new Flip Key or repair them into new casing if old key is broken or worn-out. It has an ID 48 Chip (Glass Chip).
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How to create and manage logon accounts for Backup Exec 2012
Author and talk show host Robert McMillen explains how to create and manage logon accounts for Backup Exec 2012.
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Fix : Automatic Refresh Failed issue in Server Manager in Windows Server 2012
Hi Friends, Its been a long time since I uploaded the last video. Thank you guys for your great responses. Today we are going to see how to resolve the situation where server gives a red flag with error "Automatic Refresh Failed." and "Server manager is collecting Inventory Data. The wizard will be available after data collection finishes." Generaly this error appears when you try to add/remove roles from server manager. So on my Server 2k12 which is installed on virtual machine, when I tried to add roles on it, it gave me the following error : "Server manager is collecting Inventory Data. The wizard will be available after data collection finishes." Further when I tried to refresh the server manager, it shows "Refresh Failed". No metter how many times you try to refresh it, the count of failure here increases with each click. And when you click on the Red Flag here, it shows the Automatic Refresh Failed. So this is a frustrating situation where you wont be able to add/remove roles or features or any other activity on server manager. So in order to resolve this issue, open command prompt with Administrative Rights. You can do that by right clicking on CMD and then click on "Run as Administrator". Change the default directory to C:\Windows\System32 Once you do that, type the following command. dir /a /S *.MOF This command will search all the .mof files. It is the file format for Windows Management Object files. WMI data (such as definitions of namespaces, classes, instances, or providers) are sometimes represented in MOF files. Now change the directory path to wbem by typing CD Wbem and then cd AutoRecover. now type this simple command for /f %s in ('dir /b *.mof *.mfl') do mofcomp %s and hit enter. It will Recover all the .mof files that have been currupted and created an issue with Server Manager. It will take some time to recover all the files. Once it gets completed, type Exit to close the Command Prompt. Now go to the server manager and click on Refresh Icon and then click on Red Flag to check the status. You can see the server refresh is in progress instead of giving an error "refresh failed". Now it will take some time to refresh the server and finally without giving us an error of Server Refresh failed, it successfully refresh the server, which in result allows you to install Roles and Features on server. If you like the video, please share it, provide your valuable comments in the below comments box and do not forget to hit the subscribe button. Thanks.
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How to Reset Photoshop Preferences File
In this episode of The Complete Picture, Julieanne demonstrates two methods for one of the most common trouble shooting techniques: resetting the Photoshop Preferences.
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Structural Steel Connections in Revit 2017 and Advance Steel 2017
See how you can insert fully parametric steel connections on structural sections in your Revit 2017 model, and how the Advance Steel Extension for Revit helps bridge the gap between design and fabrication as you can synchronize not just the structure but also the steel connections between Revit and Advance Steel for detailing. To learn more about Autodesk Advance Steel visit: http://autode.sk/P6QfhF
How To Add / Edit / Remove Mp3 Album / Cover Art I Mp3 Tag I  Step By Step Tutorial Hindi/Urdu
Customize Your Own Mp3 Art/ Photos/ Picture. Sometime we never want see the mp3 art.That time you want to change / remove and edit it. So If You Want to change or remove Your MP3 Art Watch This Video Carefully For more interesting updates Please subscribe my channel http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Billi4You For More Details Visit On My Website http://billi4you.com Follow me On Twitter https://www.twitter.com/billi4you This video covers these topic. - How to Add Album Photo in Mp3 - How to Change Photo of Mp3 - How to add photo to mp3 - How to put picture in mp3 - How to add image, to mp3 - How to add picture to mp3 - How To Change mp3 Album Art - How to replace Mp3 Album Art Hindi Urdu Tutorial
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HP Vertica Backup And Restore Single Object
HP Vertica Backup And Restore Single Object Video Tutorial on how we can use HP Vertica vbr backup and restore tool do create a single object backup and restore it. More on : http://www.aodba.com vertica | hp vertica | vertica backup | vertica database | database restore and backup
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Moving your Serato Music Library & Crates to an External Drive
Rane Quick Tip: Moving your Serato music library to an external drive. In this Video, Zach walks you through the easiest way to move your Serato music library to an external hard drive. Once the music has been copied over and your crates have been ported over by Serato, you'll be able to connect your external drive to any computer running Serato and your crates and music will be ready to go. Please Like and Share this video to help us spread the word! Stay up to date with Rane & follow us online: - Twitter: https://twitter.com/RaneDJ - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ranecorporation - Website: http://dj.rane.com/ - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ranedj/ - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialRaneDJ/
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macOS High Sierra - Resolving System Extension Blocked
With every new Apple OS comes new features and new challenges. macOS High Sierra has improved security features that now require the user to enable the system extension for any new driver being installed to the operating system. We'll show you how to do this in just a few simple steps.
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Keep Your Company Safe: The ARRR Pillars - SolarWinds Lab Episode #64
Check out resources from this episode: http://slrwnds.com/Lab64 In this episode, Head Geeks explain the ARRR Pillars (Availability, Reliability, Resiliency, and Recoverability) and how applying them in practice can help keep your company safe. We'll cover patch reporting and analytics, cloud logging best practices, and disaster recovery using backup best practices. Connect with SolarWinds: THWACK IT Community: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SolarWinds Twitter: https://twitter.com/solarwinds LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/solarwinds Instagram: http://instagram.com/solarwindsinc/
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How To Calibrate a Panasonic Toughbook Touchscreen
Matt from Bob Johnson's Computer Stuff, Inc. shows us how to calibrate your Panasonic Toughbook touchscreen. Check out http://bobjohnson.com for the best refurbished Panasonic Toughbooks and parts. Use the coupon code: YOUTUBE to receive 5% off your next purchase.
Meeting of the President's Export Council
The President's Export Council convenes to make recommendations to the President about expanding exports. March 12, 2013.
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How to fix Please try again later error in whatsapp
How to fix Please try again later error in whatsapp-unable to connect please try again later whatsapp android-sharing failed-network unavailable-download failed. I get the following error while try to update my contacts in whatsapp: Please try again later. This error is occurred mostly android (lollipop,marshmallow,kitkat),tablets,bluestacks also and some devices like samsung,micromax,moto,nexus,lenovo,gionee,genymotion,panasonic,htc, galaxy devices also and this is the only solution for fix the problem. Solution: 1.Goto settings-apps-downloaded 2.Select "whatsapp" 3.Click "Force stop" option only. 4.Finally again try to update it the error is fixed.
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Redmi 4a import sim contacts
Redmi 4a import sim contact
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Capture One Pro 10 | Wedding Workflow and Adjustment with Chris Lambeth
Check out our Tutorials playlist for more helpful guides http://bit.ly/2jmlREw Capture One Pro - http://www.captureone.com Phase One - http://www.phaseone.com Download 30-day free Capture One Pro trial: http://bit.ly/20QnN31 Follow Capture One Facebook: http://bit.ly/2jCoXCW Twitter: http://bit.ly/2iMTFW2 Instagram: http://bit.ly/2jCus4X
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ESSL Software Tutorial by Nadvin Techlabs
By viewing this video you can easily set up the software of ESSL.
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