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Morning Musume´14 - cute and funny compilation 1 (eng.subs)
I dont own any rights of the videoclips. It all belongs to the rightfull owner and i dont want to make money with it. Since there are almost no clips on YT from Morning Musume´14 with subs i wanted to create a few! Please understand that the translation may be not 100 % accurate but i tried my best. The reason why there are so many clips of maachan and Sayu is only because those too are acting like crazy all the time. I try to find a few clips from Haruka and Ikubo etc too and give them more screentime in my next video :) Thx for watching
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Morning Musume on FUN Segment 2003-11-21 (Subtitled)
memory and drawing game
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Morning Musume´17 - Don´t laugh Challenge (eng.subs)
For the raw version, please visite the channel SWEET MASAKI: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3bYyQN3zYApeRYY4uxfMpg
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Morning Musume funny
ja Vikóhka téll én csintem a vidit *__* -Morning Musume -Matsuura Aya -Okada Yui -Murakami Megumi -Okai Chisato -Shimizu Saki
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Morning Musume - Most Greedy
Who is the most greedy?
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Morning Musume English Lesson (subbed) - Hello Morning 2005.06.26 [HPS & jphip]
Translated by: Japan Rocks and boketaoshi Timed by: Meowchi and Tenkei Editing and Typesetting by: Kuno Encoded by: Draky Presented by: HPS and jphip 2005.06.26 Check out my other channel for more MM videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx33... and like & subscribe to this channel for more MM goodness! Follow me on Twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/MoMusuArchives HPS jphip Hello Morning HaroMoni Academy English Lesson 2005 06 26 subtitled
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Morning Musume on fun
Morning musume being tomented by ...hosts. lmao
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(English Subbed) Funny Hello! Project Moments Vol 1
Tell me your favorite part in the comment section below :) Edited to get on YouTube. Unedited version on Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6gsrst
Views: 1179 Margie GiGi 4
Aibon & Nono funny as always
Aibon and Nono in Hello Morning making fun of Yuko Nakazawa
Views: 117297 Nicolas Fidalgo
Morning Musume´14 - cute and funny compilation 7 (eng.subs)
Another one. Sry for my english-fails xD I was a bit tired when editing ~
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Morning Musume: Waking Reina
On Morning Musume's trip to Hokkaido in the May 22, 2005 episode of “Hello! Morning,” one of the pranks the girls performed was to have Miki and Risa get up super early to go to Reina’s hotel room and try to wake her up. Reina clearly doesn’t wake up easily and is one unhappy camper when they do rouse her. But Miki and Risa seem to be having fun.
Views: 17009 Billy Bolex
Hello! Project Bloopers
(Please subscribe) Funny times from Hello! Project ^^ Property of UFA and H!P
Views: 25155 Josué Laínez
Morning Musume's happy and  funny moments
My first Momusu fanvideo :) Enjoy~
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Eri Kamei (Morning Musume) Shock English Interview
Eri Kamei of Japanese music group Morning Musume (selected as part of the Love Audition 6th Generation 2002 at age 13 and joined the group 2003) in the group's TV show having to repeat interview question in English. Very funny. She is brave and quite a trooper to keep at it while being laugh at - "Refrigerator" not an easy word with the r's for the Japanese to say. Eri Kamei is now officially *graduated* 12/15/2010 from Morning Musume due to her skin medical issue (atopic dermatitis).
Views: 105582 Dt toyNN
Morning Musume´15 - cute and funny compilation 1 (eng.subs)
Hey Guys. long time no see! I´m sorry to let you wait. First of all - happy new year to you guys- I hope you enjoy this compilation with a new intro. Viewers-Question: What are you looking forward to in 2015?
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Morning Musume´17 on DRUGS 1
Hi Guys, It´s me...remember me? Sorry that I was away for soo long but honestly I´m an adult and that´s whats happening to adults. Too much work, not much time. I really hope you can forgive me. Please tell me how you like this video. I´d be so happy about your opinion. Love you guys!
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prank morning musume
kudo haruka ikuta erina
Views: 17846 いーさん
Morning Musume´17 on Drugs - 3
I made the subs! The Videos however are mostly from other channels on youtube. Their name is usually written on the video! So if you can, give them a visit, key? :D
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Another video of mas, let us remind Koharu Kusumi when he was with the morning musume, everything was a perfection in his voice, though graduated it from Tsunku, Koha was for 4 years with the Morning Musume, good start with the video, climbed the Tower Tokyo me impresioning although there were a few chills by look down 150 meters wow, although Reina-chan found as a type of flat glass, and began to skip envelope she and Takashi gave chills for having thought of that is rabadash anytime, Queen is died of laughter, well leave this video for you! suscribansen to my YouTube channel!
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Nakazawa Yuko Cries on Hello Morning Theater (Subbed)
Wait till around the 0:20 mark! Like & Subscribe for more MM goodness! For longer videos, head on over to MoMusuArchives 2.0 here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx3356FrOxPpWrSPwP6GVgA Follow me on Twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/MoMusuArchives
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Funny Morning Musume #2
From Morning Musume DVD MAGAZINE vol.51 ♥
Views: 80996 Angie Katina
Kamei Eri, 20th anniversary Morning Musume 18
tayang di tv tokyo. semoga tambah sukses momusu. kamei eri funny moment
Views: 1270 InFamous N
Morning Musume´14 - cute and funny compilation 4 (eng.subs)
Yahooo ~ long time no see. Well not really, right? ^.^ The comments and subscribers start to increase so Im verrry happy. This video is the one i put most thoughts and time in it so far. I´d be glad about a comment what you guys think of it ~ Alsooo if you have a member that you like to appear more often, just tell me okey?
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Ai-chan's Man Screams
Edit - Here's acouple more from Bijo Gaku http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvepCNLwYQU#t=3m38s and from Hello! Project DVD Magazine 23 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIbdwrxN5zs Compilation of Takahashi Ai's numerous manly screams v2 (now with extra WRAAGHHHs!), please let me know of others. Credit to the subbers, I do not own this etc etc. 0:00 - 0:15 Hello!Morning 143 2003.01.19 Top 15 funny clips (I don't know what episode it's from originally) 0:16 - 0:22 Hello!Morning 313 2006.06.11 0:23 - 0:49 Hello!Morning 349 2007.02.25 0:50 - 1:26 Morning Musume - DVD MAGAZINE Vol.9 1:27 - 1:32 [email protected] 20 2007.08.19 1:33 - 1:47 [email protected] 72 2008.08.24 1:48 - 2:00 World's Greatest TV Zoo Special 2009.10.15 2:00 - 2:06 Utaban 2006.06.15 (Ambitious!) 2:07 - 2:27 HEY!HEY!HEY! 2002.02.22 (Souda! We're ALIVE) 2:28 - 3:27 [email protected] 16 2007.07.22
Views: 70118 dejimaa
Morning Musume'17 Zadankai Part2 with English Sub
Morning Musume Day Morning Musume'17's Meeting Part2 Thank you for watching.
Views: 1914 Morning Sub
Morning Musume - Michishige Sayumi Gymnastic (Vaulting Horse)
Could Sayu be the worst Athletic person in Morning Musume?
Views: 53881 Suprachicken1
Morning Musume´14 - cute and funny compilation 8 (eng.subs)
Yahooo Guys :3 I have one serious question. Somebody told me my videos are better without the intros. Since i want you all to enjoy them please tell me : Next Video with or without intro? Have Fuuun~
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Funny Morning Musume
Momentos graciosos de Morning Musume durante el tour "Ultra Smart"
Views: 32635 Angie Katina
Morning Musume - pranks
Morning Musume - pranks
Views: 35179 93micah07
Yoshi & Tanaka Super Funny.flv
Cute video
Views: 16252 Asry Matzri
Morning Musume´14 - cute and funny compilation 10 (eng.subs)
Question-Time for my lovely viewers : How do you feel with Sayumi graduating? And how do you like the 4 new members? Yahoo my lovely people ~ New Video is out ! I tried to make funny and entertaining and i really hope it worked. I´d be happy about comments or likes ~ ^.^ Don´t be shy, tell me what you think.
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Morning Musume´14 - cute and funny compilation 5 (eng.subs)
Hello again~ What´s up minna? I hope you´ll have some good laughs and fun with the video Who is your favorite btw? Tell me in the comments and i promise she´ll get more showtime in my next video :D
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Morning Musume´14 - cute and funny compilation 3 (eng.subs)
I don´t own anything from the original material and i don´t want to make money with this video!
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Morning Musume´14 - cute and funny compilation 11 (eng.subs)
Hey Guuuuuys :) Did you miss my videos? Finally i had time for a new compilation. i hope you like it :)
Views: 33855 BloodyOrange
Morning Musume ~ 5 Seconds Before CM
Clip of Morning Musume messing around. Each member is given 5 seconds to do something random/funny.
Views: 19806 GOLDENBRO2001
Morning Musume Word Contest: Yossi vs. Makoto
In this Hello! Morning segment from October 2, 2005, the girls from pop group Morning Musume split into two teams to compete in a contest to see who can figure out the most words in two minutes and thirty seconds, except that the words are spelled out by their team members’ bodies arranged on the floor of the studio under the direction of a comedian hired for the segment and the contestant has to be able to “read” the letters from these improvised arrangements. The first contestant is “Yossi,” aka Hitomi Yoshizawa, then the group leader, and she’s very quick. The second is 5th Gen member Makoto Ogawa. This is one of my favorite segments from the show. What we see here is Round 2; Round 1 was less interesting since it required each girl to stand in place and replicate a single letter for the next girl on line to guess and then get up and replicate a letter herself. Not as much fun as watching them all scramble on the floor in their track suits trying to create whole words.
Views: 8573 Billy Bolex
Morning Musume´15 - cute and funny compilation 3 (eng.subs)
Yahooo :D somehow my thoughts changed...right now i adore haga akane the most of the 4 new members :D but lets see, it may change :3
Views: 40899 BloodyOrange
morning musume playing jankenpyon
yeah.. it's funny lol
Views: 63925 merin
Morning Musume 9th & 10th Gen Funny Clips (English Subbed)
http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5lhq4z_morning-musume-9th-10th-gen-funny-clips-english-subbed_fun Complete credit goes to Twilight-paraise and Hello-Fansubs!
Views: 759 Margie GiGi
Morning Musume Fun Pics
morning musume and aya matsuura funny pics, i make it hope you like it ---------------- i love nihon
Views: 30187 shunlover
Morning Musume Funny Trap Nation
¡ SUSCRÍBETE PARA MÁS VÍDEOS RANDOMS DE H!P! FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Ajota14/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/aldair1496/
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Morning Musume´14 - cute and funny compilation 2 (eng.subs)
I dont own any of the used material and i don´t want to make money with it. Once again some crazy and funny scenes of Morning Musume. Hope you liked it. More stuff to come in the future so better subscribe if you want to see it :)
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Morning Musume - Generations 1 - 11
Thanks for watching corrected version ^_^ Updated version ^_^ Copyrighted to : Tsunku , Hello!Project, UPFRONT (for clips, music and photos) & AVEX Trax (usage of Ai No Tane) and lastly Morning Musume. This video shows all the members then and now of Morning Musume the ever changing group. This video is tributed to Michishige Sayumi, the current leader of Musume for her fantastic leadership. Morning Musume's Michishige has recently broke the record as the longest serving member. Hopefully she can break the record for the longest serving leader
Views: 5853 adena539
How would... MORNING MUSUME PLATINUM sing to "Sexy Cat no Enzetsu" (Morning Musume '16)?
This is JUST FOR FUN! I really love "Sexy Cat no Enzetsu" and I couldn't stop imagining how it would have been sung if it was released before Koharu graduated =3. I spent hours thinking of how they would distribute the lyrics to make it the most even posible, and according to the voices that suited the lines. I hope you'll find it funny or something XD
Views: 1904 Chuy Adame
Gackt with Morning Musume-english subs
Gackt is like on a "date" lol on a talk show, with the Morning Musume. They are sooooo grown up now its unbelievable!
Views: 115180 Gaysian
Morning Musume - Haromoni - Penalty Game
Slow motion of the member's scared reaction.
Views: 11536 Suprachicken1

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