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ittoki otoya - brand new melody (TVsize COVER)
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/rei.agara220392 this song is so bright!! i like it so i make a cover of the song,it's still hard for me to cover the full version yet,so it just the TV ver for now, sorry for the mistakes and wrong pronouncation,hope you can enjoy it ^^
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[Synthesia] Ittoki Otoya - Brand New Melody [Uta no Prince-sama]
2nd channel (Only piano covers): http://www.youtube.com/AnimePianistDani Add me on Facebook (updates and more): https://www.facebook.com/pages/Animemidi/1397261917188105?fref=ts Or search: Animemidi I don't take requests anymore, but you can suggest a song. Sometimes I'll pick a song on the list, so suggestions are always welcome :D. You can suggest a song by going to http://www.utapriforever1.webs.com and fill in the answers (suggestions for songs). Arrangement by: AnimeMidi (Me!) (Based on the version of kokoko6891) Midi: http://www.utapriforever1.webs.com Song: Brand new Melody Singer(s): Ittoki Otoya (Takuma Terashima) Anime: Uta no Prince-sama Copyright: BROCCOLI
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BRAND NEW MELODY - Ittoki Otoya (Female Ver. Karaoke) With Lyrics + Download Link (HD)
READ +============+ Hi guys~ This is my second video XD I love Otoya-kun sooooo much, so i decided to share this karaoke female version to you guys XD please enjoy also don't forget to comment and subscribe my channel XD Tips : Start singing "Futari de" on 0:04 XD Download Link : http://www.2shared.com/audio/gUugeSCa/BRAND_NEW_MELODY_-_Ittoki_Otoy.html? Programs i used : - Sony Sound Forge 9.0 - ACID Pro 7.0 Lyrics : Futari de tsukuridasu kono melody ni nosete Mirai ga kyou ni kasanaru you Kawarazu gyutto kono phrase mitai ni Hanashitakunai'nda... Tsumazui chattari koron darishite futari wa iku Ashita no hou e Kimi ga inakerya sonna atarimae no koto demo Noise darake sa Tomechaou kono jikan Kami-sama ni tanon de Time leap and Feed back mou Tameiki ga deru kurai Sorasenai sorasanai kimi no hitomi Smile zenkai de ashita wo mezasou yo 1000% no genki de peace sign Sono toki wa iu yo ano ni moji no kotoba wo Dou shiyou mo naku heart ga Fly Kimi ni hikareru Egao ni nattari toki ni wa kenka shichattari shite Oto wo sagasou Deaeru hazusa futari no tame dake no True music Wakuwaku suru yo Donna ni mo donna ni mo chiisana koto datte Make song and Believe song sou Umareta omoide wo Futari nara nandatte uta ni naru sa Hashiri dasou yo ima wo bukiyou datte ii kara Hare nochi kaisei peace sign Sekai wo koete hyottoshitara uchuu mo Lock de tsunagaru'n ja nai? Ore wa shinjiru Stage de kimeru ne Futari dake no peace sign Smile zenkai de ashita wo mezasou yo 1000% no kansha de peace sign Sono toki wa iu yo ano ni moji no kotoba wo Tsubasa no you ni heart ga Fly... Nee afureru... omoi ga I'll make tomorrow with you
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Otoya Ittoki - Brand New Melody (Acapella)
NOTE: All Rights go to Broccoli, A-1 Pictures and Elements Garden, i own nothing, i do not claim ownership of this video, just want to share with viewers like you. This video is only for entertainment purposes with no copyright infringement intended. I do not make any profit of this video as it is purely for entertainment.
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【 うたプリ UtaPri 】BRAND NEW MELODY 【 Piano ピアノ 】
自作楽譜は著作権をとって下さる同人音楽の森様(http://www.dojinongaku.com/contents/goods_detail.php?goid=10603)に委託させて頂いております >< I entrusted music sheets to Dojin Ongaku no Mori(http://www.dojinongaku.com/contents/goods_detail.php?goid=10603) ^^ ♥ I love Otoya xD ♡ 音也くん大好きですキラキラさせたいです (ノ>▽<)ノ*:..。o○☆゚・:,。*:..。o○☆ リクエスト下さったかた、ありがとうございましたm(_ _)m/// 桂尚子 Naoko Katsura https://twitter.com/KatsuraNK https://www.facebook.com/naoko.katsura.9 http://profile.ameba.jp/nao-kokoko/ http://profile.ameba.jp/kokoko912/ http://www.youtube.com/user/KatsuraNK
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Brand New Melody (English Cover) [Wish★]
This one's for all those people who are chasing their dreams full force! I'm rooting for you! (Ittoki too XD ) Mixing and lyrics: Me :D Pretty Pic :O CARNELIAN https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=60274 Enjoy :3
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Brand new melody nightcore
If you want something tell me ^^ i'm here everytime ^*^
[UtaPri] BRAND NEW MELODY 【星☆スカイ】
Edit 2018: maybe i should delete this LOL I'm so sorry I made a mess out of this song guys So....I tried to cover Brand new melody.... My pronunciation is so bad here sowwy! One of my favourite songs from utapri :3 enjoy~ -------------------- Piano : kokoko6891 (check out her channel! she's amazing) vocal : ShiroN Original vocal : Ittoki Otoya (Terashima Takuma) Anime : Uta no prince sama ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Ittoki Otoya - Brand New Melody (Nightcore)
I do not own the rights to the music and picture. They belong to their rightful owner. Credits: Remixing by: Shi Qin ( me) Software Used: Music speed Changer (Can be found on android phones only) Windows Movie Maker (For the video) Song: Brand New Melody by Ittoki Otoya (Takuma Terashima) Picture link: https://www.zerochan.net/1745855 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Follow me on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ryuka.sak1 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ryuka_sak1/
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Brand New Melody - Otoya Ittoki - uta no prince sama - música sin copyright
Hola!! aquí estamos en otro vídeo esta vez con Brand new melody, una de las primeras sino la primera canción que se escucha en uta no prince sama a cargo de Otoya Ittoki con nuestra protagonista, donde tiene que superar sus traumas, apoyarse mutuamente y pasar la prueba, pero esa no es la cuestión , espero que les guste, que le den like y por supuesto suscribanse al canal, si quieren tambien podrian pasar por mi otro canal https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY1ohL-aT7ROnPwSsf3P1pA?view_as=subscriber Por cierto Feliz año Nuevo a todos, espero que este 2018 el contenido del canal sea mas de su agrado, besos, abrazos y los mejores deseos para todos....
【キモイ】 Brand New Melody 【歌ってみた】
::Original Credits:: Artist - Ittoki Otoya (Terashima Takuma) Lyrics - Agematsu Noriyasu Composition - Nakayama Masato Arrangement - Nakayama Masato Cover Vocals - Kimoi I'm still Utapri trash. My favourite characters are usually the Red/Pink-haired ones in a group. I wanted to save this for something special, but at the same time, I should upload something since I've been holding it back.
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Príncipes do☆POP♪: Amor de 1000% Otoya Ittoki - BRAND NEW MELODY
Fandub Português de BRAND NEW MELODY. Cantado Por Ivo Lebreiro. Anime: Uta no Prince-Sama Maji Love 1000%
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[Music Box] Ittoki Otoya - Brand New Melody [Uta no Prince-sama]
2nd channel (Only piano covers): http://www.youtube.com/AnimePianistDani Add me on Facebook (updates and more): https://www.facebook.com/pages/Animemidi/1397261917188105?fref=ts Or search: Animemidi I don't take requests anymore, but you can suggest a song. Sometimes I'll pick a song on the list, so suggestions are always welcome :D. You can suggest a song by going to http://www.utapriforever1.webs.com and fill in the answers (suggestions for songs). Transcription by: AnimeMidi (Me!) Song: Brand New Melody Singer(s): Ittoki Otoya (Takuma Terashima) Anime: Uta no Prince-sama
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Otoya Ittoki "Brand New Melody"
Debut performance by Star Prince's Sammy during HAP Mini Concert 2011 Credit to mazzmaxx100 Follow me: Blog - http://elizabethheartz.blogspot.sg/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/elizabethheartz/ Facebook (Haru House) - https://www.facebook.com/HaruHouse/ Facebook (Haru Goth) - https://www.facebook.com/HaruGoth/ Facebook (Haru Cafe) - https://www.facebook.com/HaruCafe/ Facebook (Elizabeth) - https://www.facebook.com/Elizabethheartz-152975471458809/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/Elizabethheartz
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Brand New Melody PRO w/ full Otoya team | Utapri Shining Live
I just want show off the beautiful stage effects.
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Uta no Prince-sama - "Brand New Melody" | English | MopTop
MopTop's English cover of "Brand New Melody" from Uta no Prince-sama, Insert Song ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ✦Join MopTop's Patreon Community for early access to new videos ➜ https://www.patreon.com/MopTop Hi there everyone! Summer is awesome because that means I can put up two videos in one day! So now I am bringing you a new English cover of a song from "Uta no Prince-Sama". I really love this show and I am planning on doing a LOT of covers from this show. If you would like to use my lyrics, please just ASK. I will usually say yes. I am dedicating this song to xXxTeaChanxXx for her birthday that was a few days ago. The character that sings this is her favorite so I hope she loves it! Be sure to go check her channel out! TeaChan - www.youtube.com/user/xXxTeaChanxXx +LYRICS+ I can see the future here and now with this melody we both have made. As we face tomorrow, I am not afraid. In my heart I'll never change, as I sing the phrase I've always known I will never let this feeling go. We have stumbled and we fell as we walked along the path that life had made for us That led to tomorrow Every time you disappear all the troubles that I face are so much harder. Only noise runs through my mind. I just pray to God that the time will stop and we'll make even more memories. Time leap and feedback today! But when I'm beat I look to you and see the light that shines inside of your eyes. I feel so alive. So show me a smile from your heart, that helps us make it to tomorrow All my energy creates that peace sign I will only say it once, its those three words that I long to tell you Watch my heart as it soars up high to the sky! I promise that I love you There is laughter and there's tears as we walk along to reach our happy ending. We'll search for a new song! Fate brought us together to create a brand new harmony with our music. And I've never felt this way! Don't give up on us! There is hope for us! Even though there might be some troubles! Make your song and believe your song! That's right! With all the memories in our hearts, let's create our destinies in the stars! Let's sing out our song! Running on for now I'll hold you close! If we stumble, you will be alright! Everything is better with that peace sign! All the world will know our love can reach up to the stars above! I will always be here just for you! If you just believe in me! La la la la..... YES! After waiting we have reached a new stage! Now together raise that Peace Sign! So show me a smile from your heart, that helps us make it to tomorrow All my energy creates that peace sign I will only say it once, its those three words that I long to tell you Watch my heart as it soars up high to the sky! Hey! Feelings for you... I can't control...! I'll make tomorrow with you!
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[ULTIMATE COMBO-PRO] Shining Live - Brand New Melody
Singer: Ittoki Otoya (CV. Terashima Takuma)
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【VY2】 Brand new Melody 【Character Song】
This is a short version ;D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vocaloid: VY2 Song: Brand new Melody (Cover) CD: Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE 1000% Idol Song - Otoya Ittoki VSQx: K.N (Neesan) Render by : Haru Suzume
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Ittoki brand new melody cover español ( acordes + instrumental )
por si alguien que tenga mejor voz que la mia ( cualquier persona ) quiere usar el "instrumental" http://adf.ly/lzz1n letra : Nos dejamos llevar por la melodía de los dos Como si todo estuviera a nuestro favor de manera sincera solamente quiero que tu sepas yo a ti no te dejare ir aunque tropecemos aun así seguiremos juntos los 2 hacia un mañana si no estas junto a mi todas mi vida y todo mi alrededor es tan solo un ruido Pidamos a dios que detenga ya el tiempo en este instante salto en el tiempo y ya todo esto me es suficiente para no poder quitar la mirada de esos ojos Con una gran sonrisa miraremos el futuro haciendo un símbolo de paz y amor Lo dire en este instante, aquellas palabras que te dije junto a ti mi corazón volara de ti enamorado estoy la cancion fue tocada 1 tono 1/2 abajo de la original ya que alcanzar el tono que lleva ittoki me cuesta bastante o agregame al facebook para cualquier peticion de cancion o instrumental facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aerolit.airstriker
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ENGLISH Uta no Prince-sama - "Brand New Melody" [Jefferz]
♦Mp3: http://jefferzkm.com/download/jefferz-uta-no-prince-sama-insert-song-brand-new-melody-english/?wpdmdl=773&masterkey=55d18f0420eb8 ♦Lyrics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEhAKYrYJ8U ♦Song: "Brand New Melody" ♦Anime: Uta no Prince-sama ♦Lyrics: phisterman10 ♦Vocals + Mix: Jefferz This was a little song Sora and Spiral asked me to do (I think they were trolling me...). Anyway I don't really know anything about this anime except it's a reverse harem with singing stuff and that lots of people have covered songs from it. Lyrics were by philsterman10 who has a little fandub clip of the scene this songs plays which is pretty cool, link is above. Hope you enjoy shouta Jefferz (or rather, more boyish and cute than normal...).
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☆【Brand  New Melody】(Otoya Ittoki) Español Latino ☆
▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ ▇♪ LOVE & MUSIC♥ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ Descarga abajo Resubiendo este dub ( parte del Proyecto UtapriLatino conformado por 9 canciones principales del anime) con nueva mescla. Respecto al Proyecto, aún no está confirmada la produción de versiones full ni de nuevos temas, más toda sugerencia y pedido es considerado. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Asingcov2-Fandubs/147189555376445 ╔══╗ ║██║ Puedes descargar este tema ║(○) ║ completamente Gratis ♪ Calidad 320 Kbps ╚══╝ http://dashsphere.com/19204999/ittoki Canciones del Proyecto UtapriLatino : VerdaderoLove1000% http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9WOfuM08e0&feature=channel Mirai Chizu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkiV_K0KVpg&feature=relmfu Ichinose http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gHA6E80FKk&feature=related Cecil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HYRKVKabDs Ren http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-xSFJThNvM&feature=relmfu Natzuki http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuFnQJLqIJk&feature=channel Masato http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OApYYDx5s60 Syo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ve2aJp_Dbhs
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【MMD】Brand New Melody- Uta No Prince-Sama
Yes. I'm doing it. I WILL MAKE AS MANY UTAPRI MOTION/VIDEOS WITH THEIR SONGS AS POSSIBLE!!! No one's done it yet, so why not? Anyway! Here's Otoya (Tetoya? Hm...)'s MMD PV of Brand New Melody! I love this song! Models: TDA M.S.J. Teto TDA Distorted Princess Miku Mayi (Mayu Genderbend by ChocoFunduk) Hair slightly modified by me IO TDA SeeU Hoodie Stages: Sakura Tree Forest- SachiShirakawa Grass Stage- http://hikari731.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Luminous-Stage-DL-Link-445223694 Recording Studio- amiamy111
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Brand New Melody (Ittoki Otoya), Cantada por mi... :D
Me gusta mucho esta canción y yo también quería cantarla... Espero les guste :D (como siempre, tuve muchos problemas con todo para hacerlo pero bueno, ya saben el resto xD [unas...muchas horas ?] hoho :D ) **Ni la melodía ni la imagen me pertenecen; si le pertenece a alguno de ustedes la imagen con gusto le daré el crédito ^w^
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「Brand New Melody」を歌ってみた 【Nuri】
FOLLOW ME ☆*・゜゚・*(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nuridesu Twitter: https://twitter.com/ayumuchii Ask: https://ask.fm/ayumuderp Instagram: http://instagram.com/ayumuderp Retrospring: https://retrospring.net/Ayumu MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?u6jhsbjej89sqtb AKSJDHFGVYHUI ITTOKI OTOYA IS SO HANDSOME ;A; I've fallen in love with him x3 and his songs are amazing as well, why can't he be real? OTL SOOOOO~ yes, the piano, it's amazing isn't it? :DD that's why you all should subscribe to this channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/kokoko6891 she's so talented! i wish i was like her ;A; she plays piano, sings, draws, plays trumpet, etc. basically she's the real-life Nanami! =w= Song: Brand New Melody Original artists: Takuma Terashima / 寺島 拓篤 Anime: Uta no Prince-sama / うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ Piano: kokoko6891 Vocals: NuriDesu / ヌリ anyway thank you al for listening and well.. comment, rate and subscribe? ;w;
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UtaPri Shining Live - Brand New Melody - Otoya Ittoki
UtaPri Shining Live Brand New Melody - Otoya Ittoki ( No Copyright. Everything is not owned by me, simply for an audience to enjoy songs. )
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Brand New Melody - Uta no Prince-Sama Cover
No es como que tenga una obsesión con Utapri, absurdo, están locos. Bueno sí. Espero les guste ~ (Canción sin tono alterado más abajo) Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mrbrickman/brand-new-melody-uta-no-prince-sama-cover
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Uta no Prince-Sama: Shining Live「Brand New Melody」PRO (SPD: 8, Ultimate Combo) Full Team: Otoya
Mobile App Game: Uta no Prince Sama Shining Live Song Title: Brand New Melody Difficulty: PRO 10★ (SPD: 8) View EASY 2★ Difficulty Here: https://youtu.be/7pbS2rKitQo View NORMAL 5★ Difficulty Here: https://youtu.be/6DjSxxiFoZQ View HARD 8★ Difficulty Here: https://youtu.be/g7dbgXP0BaE Singer(s): Otoya Ittoki (voiced by Takuma Terashima) Lyrics: Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden) Composed: Masato Nakayama (Elements Garden) Arranged: Masato Nakayama (Elements Garden)
HAPPY 2015! This was for Christmas 2 years ago that never got posted soo... MERRY SUPER LATE CHRISTMAS! ** I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING BUT THE PICTURE AT THE BEGINNING **
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World Karaoke Grandprix Indonesia Region - Final/ Ittoki Otoya - Brand New Melody (COVER)
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/rei.agara220392 First of all,sorry for bad performance,this is final and i'm so nerveous..hehe and i'm sorry for the back view,my girlfriend recorded it from the backstage...i don't have the video from the front view :( this is my performance at world karaoke grandprix indonesia region final,performing Brand new melody by ittoki otoya ( CV: 寺島拓篤/takuma terashima) while cosplaying as ittoki otoya debut costume version,feels so nerveous that my singing become so bad,but to be honest,i want to feel that sensation again,it's a great time!! met great people too! :D i know it's not that good but i hope you can enjoy it! ;)
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Uta no Prince-Sama: Shining Live「Brand New Melody」HARD (Ultimate Combo) Full Team: Otoya
Mobile App Game: Uta no Prince Sama Shining Live Song Title: Brand New Melody Difficulty: HARD 8★ View EASY 2★ Difficulty Here: https://youtu.be/7pbS2rKitQo View NORMAL 5★ Difficulty Here: https://youtu.be/6DjSxxiFoZQ View PRO 10★ Difficulty Here: https://youtu.be/0Qg0T4GmR0o Singer(s): Otoya Ittoki (voiced by Takuma Terashima) Lyrics: Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden) Composed: Masato Nakayama (Elements Garden) Arranged: Masato Nakayama (Elements Garden)
Uta no Prince-sama - Brand New Melody (Vocal Cover)
Meu mic é horrivel mas fazer o que Espero que gostem ^^
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[YunaDeluxe] Ittoki Otoya - Brand New Melody (Cover)
Soo I starting with Brand New Melody as Promised. it was soo much fun singing this song ^.^ Especially the Chorus and the ending Omoi gaaa ~ I'll make tomorrow with you ~ xD Soo much fun ^.^ I hope ya all will like it ^.^ Song: Brand New Melody Artist: ittoki otoya (Terashima Takuma) Anime : Uta No Prince Sama Maji Love 1000%
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【beck】Brand New Melody【UTA☆PRI | HBD Blanc!】
blanc's new melody ehe /// bday girl who i love very much: http://iynpon.deviantart.com/ ----------------------------- REMEMBER THAT ONE TIME AGES AGO WHEN I TOLD YOU I WAS GOING TO SING THIS FOR YOU, BLANC???? wiggles eyebrows here it is !!! EHEHHE~ i wish i was better at sharing my love bUT YOU ARE TRULY GORGEOUS ;;;; my favorite Romanian on Earth /)u(\ let's keep becoming closer and closer bc gurl i love you lots and lots; you have noooo idea ////// blanc u so fine 8'''D (?) hope you like this poopy lil thing for ya it's still your bday in mexico i'm basically on time hooray~!!! ----------------------------- THANK NIKE FOR MAKING MY MIX SOUND BETTER ----------------------------- ♦ Vocals: Beck (yours truly B'''D) ♦ Mix: Beck & Nike ♦ MP3: https://app.box.com/s/91vdlzlv0mix9mmspeojojiffngo5a7n ----------------------------- ♦ Original song by: Ittoki Otoya (Terashima Takuma) ♦ Under BROCCOLI Co. Ltd ♦ Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000% ----------------------------- i want cute chokers and jinguji ren ♡♡♡
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【 Tsubasa x Yumii 】  Brand New Melody ⌠ Otoya Ittoki ⌡ -Cover-
Hi~ to everyone~ Well, this time I did a duet cover with Yumii-chan! x3 I must confese, that I didn't study the song so much T_T and sorry if I didn't sing very well xD But I really had fun with this cover, doing the video and singing! Thanks to Yumii-chan I learned this song xD and I love it! I like Otoya and this anime xD I hope you like it! Visit Yumii's Channel and Suscribe! She has a cute voice! http://www.youtube.com/user/YumiiChan05 Thanks for watching~ See you! -- Hola a todos~ Esta vez subo un dueto que hice con Yumii-chan! x3 Es un cover owo! Tengo que confesar, no estudié mucho la canción T_T perdón si dije algo mal o si los tonos que canté no están tan bien Dx Pero de verdad me divertí con este cover xD cantándolo y haciendo el video! Gracias a Yumii-chan aprendí la canción xD y me encanta! Me gusta Otoya y el anime igual xD Espero que te guste el dueto, Yumii-chan x3 y el video igual~ Y perdón por la tardanza u_u tenía que salirme bien la canción xD por cierto, le subí el pitch porque era muy baja para mí TOT pero creo que así quedo mejor x3 Me encantó cantar contigo, Yumii-chan! Visita el canal de Yumii y suscríbete! owo Su voz es muy linda! http://www.youtube.com/user/YumiiChan05 Gracias por ver! Hasta luego~ -- Material sin fin de lucro. solo de Fans para Fans. Material non-profit, just by fans for fans. ファンのためのファンだけで、材料非営利団体。
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this video except my voice. No profit has been gained from this video as it was made for fun. Etto...this is my last year cover but just recently I made a video for it so I thought I should put it here ^^" Otoya is my most fav prince and you know what? This song is the one who get me hooked up for him! Therefore, let me declare this: ITTOKI OTOYA IS MY BF SO DON'T YOU EVER THINK OF TAKING HIM FROM ME! ...I sounded like a freaky yandere girl just now lol. Jk jk haha! But I do have a crush on him =w= My SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/chibiha-itsumi
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Brand new melody thai cover(ittoki otoya)
ติ่ง uta no prince sama ค่ะ
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Testing my mic! Wheew .. i have to learn how to edit recording more properly! Ittoki is my bias at Utapri which led me to wanting to cover his song ( u 3 u)
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Ittoki Otoya Audition (Includes Japanese Cover of Brand New Melody)
My audition for Ittoki from Uta no Prince-sama. This is for Chablee1's fandub of the series. Enjoy and please do comment and give me tips to help with my singing. All copyright to the respected owners.
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Uta no Prince-Sama: Shining Live「Brand New Melody」NORMAL (Ultimate Combo) Full Team: Otoya
Mobile App Game: Uta no Prince Sama Shining Live Song Title: Brand New Melody Difficulty: NORMAL 5★ View EASY 2★ Difficulty Here: https://youtu.be/7pbS2rKitQo View HARD 8★ Difficulty Here: https://youtu.be/g7dbgXP0BaE View PRO 10★ Difficulty Here: https://youtu.be/0Qg0T4GmR0o Singer(s): Otoya Ittoki (voiced by Takuma Terashima) Lyrics: Noriyasu Agematsu (Elements Garden) Composed: Masato Nakayama (Elements Garden) Arranged: Masato Nakayama (Elements Garden)
♫Uta No PrinceSama♫  Brand New Melody  ☾AKJ☽
Hai dere~ Be happy! Okay? THE SONG IS TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. Love you all! Thank you~ I have the MP3~ Youtube seems to have messed around with the audio. I'm not so sure though. ORZ HEADPHONES EDIT: Pronouncing is like poop. sorry.;; Song: Brand New Melody Artist/Singer/Voice Actor: Ittoki Oyota (Terashima Takuma) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ English Translyrics below! "Carried on this melody created by two, it seems like the future is overlapping with today. Firmly without changing, like this phrase, I don't want let this go. We two who've stumbled and fallen will continue on towards tomorrow. If you're not here, even the things that lie before me are full of noise. Let's ask God to stop time. Time leap and feedback, jeez! Though I've already let out a sigh, I can't turn away, I won't turn away from your eyes! With a full-throttle smile, let's aim at tomorrow. Make a 1000% spirited peace sign! I'll say it this time, that two-word phrase. My heart just can't help but fly! I'm captivated by you." You all are so lovely~ Remember that! Romaji/Lyrics: http://silvermoon249.livejournal.com/2761.html "I will never ever let these memories(I changed it to moments) escape from your eyes." (EliMonty) Mix: AKJ VOCALS: AKJ Picture: I DO NOT OWN, NOR DID I DRAW. So pretty~ (Hope this is better!)
BRAND NEW MELODY / 一十木 音也(ittoki otoya) (うたプリ) cover by【JP】黑木純平
うたプリより、音やんの歌です♪ Official web site→http://jporganic69.jimdo.com/ Facebook→https://www.facebook.com/jp.kuroki.3 Twitter→https://twitter.com/jp_kuroki
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【Cover】 Brand New Melody 【Vinar】
Song: Brand New Melody by Ittoki Otoya Cover by: Vinar Takumi Video rendered by: Vinar Takumi Mix by: Vinar Takumi Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/vhinar Hi I'm back for a new cover for a long time haha. Ok First of all, I made this cover because of the wonderful experience I had during the Fantasy Quest, from August 22-30. I dedicate this song to the people I met during that week and to Team Magnolia. That week was really full of fun and excitement. I'm happy to meet new nice friends from Indonesia and Singapore, also I want to thank you guys for all the happiness we shared with all of you and I hope it will happen again in the future! I made this cover to thank all of you! I put some of the pictures here in my video. Hope you guys would love my cover and this is from the bottom of my heart xD. Terima kasi and hope to see you all again! enjoy! All of this memories will be treasured forever. Thanks to Lunaru and Fantasy Quest for inviting AniBeat Rocks! and for the great experience! Team Magnolia 5Oppai (505)! otsukare! sorry for taking this so long id been busy with stuff after fq haha. photos by: parugs, karin, lemon ps: ehmz made the tempo a bit faster to avoid copyright, because yesterday this cvoer was blocked worldwide. Thank you very much for saving my cover, ehmz! mp3 original tempo: https://app.box.com/s/y7sbqy8sxhwzn8j3xygu soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/vinar-takumi/brand-new-melody DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING BUT MY VOICE. OTHER CONTENTS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS.
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Brand new melody Preview [Jaumefesolet]
Well, this is my new cover from utapri,this song it's really difficult for me ;D
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【Brand New Melody】Otoya [Utano Prince Sama] Song \ Ost [Italian Version]
【Fair Use Only】 This is Only FANDUB. please supported the original. ---------------------------------- Ciao a tutti. eccoci con una nuova song... l'anime è UTANO PRINCE SAMA ( 1 SEASON ) spero che vi piaccia buon ascolto :D + Original Name : Brand New Melody + Original Artist : Terashima Takuma + Vocals : Tandeko + Adattamento : Tandeko & Nana Yume ---------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: The clips in this video and its music belong to their legitimate owners. We do not own anything except our voices! This was made for fun and for no profit of any kind! This is only a fandub no copyright infringements intended (c)This video is purely fan-made and is no way associated with the musical artist or original version in any way. This video is NOT FOR PROFIT! so, based the fair use law says:« '1-bis. It allowed the free publication through the Internet, free of charge, images and music at low resolution or degraded, for teaching or scientific only if such use is not for profit. »(ITALIAN)« 1-bis. È consentita la libera pubblicazione attraverso la rete internet, a titolo gratuito, di immagini e musiche a bassa risoluzione o degradate, per uso didattico o scientifico e solo nel caso in cui tale utilizzo non sia a scopo di lucro
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