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How to Refill a Butane Lighter
http://www.buylighters.com The most common mistake made in refilling a butane cigar lighter, is not keeping the can and the lighter upside down.
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How to Refill a Lighter with Butane
Instructions on how to refill a lighter with universal butane, which is available at LightersDirect here: http://www.lightersdirect.com/Universal+Butane+Refills.2161/
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Jobon 3 jet lighter review
My new purchase for £18
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How to Fill a Butane Lighter
My how to video for filling a butane lighter! Don't forget to turn your lighter the right direction and always purge your lighter when you've used it all up. Follow my steps and you will always fill a lighter the correct way! ► Follow me! • Website - http://CigarMemoir.com • Facebook - https://facebook.com/CigarMemoir • Twitter - https://twitter.com/CigarMemoir • Instagram - https://instagram.com/KyleCigarMemoir ► Thanks for watching and don't forget to comment, like, and subscribe!
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How to Fill a Butane Torch Lighter
George demonstates how to refill your butane torch lighter Check out our battery free Vaporizer at: http://dynavap.com A product of DynaVap, LLC http://dynavap.com/ https://www.facebook.com/dynavap https://twitter.com/dynaVap #VapCap #DynaVap
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How to refill a Butane lighter
How to refill a Butane lighter Tutorial on How to refill a gas lighter or Butane torch jet lighter. You will need a bottle of Butane and the lighter you want to refill, a small screwdriver is handy to help bleed the lighter of air and gas as well as adjust the flame height if necessary. Please comment, rate and subscribe for more. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for updates: https://www.facebook.com/Weaponsandstuff93/ https://twitter.com/weaponsstuff93
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Johnnie walker lighter
How use it with swag!
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How to set up a torch lighter to light every time
Have you ever gone to light a cigar, and your torch doesn't work? Isn't it the worst? In this video, Bradley will show you how to set up a lighter and keep it lighting time after time after time. Also, right now (Dec. 2016) you can get a free triple torch lighter (and 3 cigar sampler) when you order $99 or more on TNTCigars.com
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Lighter Review :  Black Ops Kilo Triple Flame Lighter Kit
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Explaining How Butane Lighters Work & How To Fix Them
Fixing a broken butane lighter...
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How to Refill Lighter Gas  / Refill a Lighter with Butane / Refill Gas Lighter / Very Cheap Solution
How to Refill Lighter Gas / Refill a Lighter with Butane / Refill Gas Lighter / Very Cheap / . . . . BHARATHOOD TAGS: How to, Refill Lighter , Lighters, LightersDirect, butane refill, lighter refill, butane lighter refill, universal butane refill, universal butane, butane, how to refill lighter, refill lighter, lighter refill instructions, instructions, how to, refuel lighter, lighter butane refill, universal butane instructions, universal butane lighter, lotus butane, vector butane, xikar butane, lotus butane refill, cigar, cigars, reviews, review, how, to, best, of, obsession, cigarobsession, aficionado, cheap, bargain, cao, alec, bradley, rocky, patel, drew, estate, liga, privada, mild, medium, full, body, smoke, smoker, pipe, cigarillo, nicaragua, honduras, dominican, cuba, cuban, smoking, kyle, kyle's, my, father, tatuaje, maduro, habano, cameroon, connecticut, robusto, toro, churchill, torpedo, lighter, fill, butane, torch, flame, match, filling, xikar, colibri, easy, way, triple, Fire, Burn
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Disassembly and schematic of an arc lighter.
You can now buy me cake and things to take apart at:- https://www.patreon.com/bigclive A fairly recent arrival to the novelty cigarette lighter scene is the arc lighter. A lighter that basically uses a high voltage arc to light your cigarette, candle or whatever you wish to light.
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Tesla Coil Lighters Test
Tesla Coil Lighters - http://amzn.to/2jobmyQ DISCLAIMER: In this video description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help support my channel and allows me to continue to make videos. Thank you for the support! Main channel CrazyRussianHacker - http://www.youtube.com/user/CrazyRussianHacker follow me on: Instagram - https://instagram.com/crazyrussianhac... Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CrazyRussian...
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How to Refill Turboflame Butane Lighters
How to Refill Turboflame Butane Lighters SUMMARY OF FILLING INSTRUCTIONS: 1) TURN the flame adjustment screw to minimum In a clock wise direction towards the minus sign –(use a 4mm tip flathead screw driver to turn the flame adjustment screw) Note that new lighters are sold empty with the adjustment screw set to minimum. 2) DISCHARGE the existing air from the gas tank by pushing down the refill valve with a small screw driver or a metal skewer in a similar way to taking out air from a car tire. (Note that an empty lighter may have an “air lock” which needs to be discharged as mentioned above). 3) REFILL with recommended butane gas, for example, brands like Colibri, Newport or London Gas, marked “Near Zero Impurities”. Insert the main nozzle into the refill valve and press firmly for either 10 seconds continuous or 3 times, each time 3 seconds. WAIT 2 minutes to allow gas to stabilize and warm up. 4) TURN the adjustment screw Counter Clock Wise towards the plus sign + Rotate the screw ¼ turn each time, then try ignition. Repeat this procedure until reaching the working flame height, which is about 2cm blue flame in a dim room*. Flame height should be checked against a dark background since the flame is not visible in bright surroundings or sunlight. RECOMMENDATIONS: Avoid smoke blow backs into the lighter tip (e.g. when lighting outdoors make sure wind is either behind or across the Turboflame®). Excess smoke causes carbon build up and failure of catalyser, voiding the warranty. To avoid carbon build up and for optimum usage, use tip of the blue flame and not the flame itself. Phoenix model (with wire catalyser) should be kept free from dirt, ash, debris or fluff entering the burner hole, to prevent wire catalyser burn out. In cooler weather keep your lighter warm (e.g. inside pockets). If used as part of survival packs, most experts recommend carrying a few backup sources of fire lighting (e.g., waterproof matches and fire steel) although when it comes to lighting fires, Turboflame makes the life much easier (make sure it is refilled before setting off). www.turboflame.co.uk
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How to Properly Fill a Lighter with Butane - Cigar 101
Kurt Van Keppel, owner of Xikar Inc., demonstrates how to properly fill a XIKAR Tech Lighter with butane. Today, XIKAR lighters and accessories are bold, uncomplicated, and masculine designs that have evolved over time, creating affordable products for discriminating men and women. XIKAR's wide range of cigar and pipe lighters compliment the distinguished line of cutters and accessories, and you can guarantee XIKAR will satisfy high expectations placed upon the brand... for life! Save $20 on your order of $150 or more! To activate this coupon please visit: http://bit.ly/2uWtbM8 http://www.CigarAdvisor.com https://www.Famous-Smoke.com https://www.CigarMonster.com https://www.CigarAuctioneer.com
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Zippo Candle Lighter - Full Demo + Review
Firstly, thank you all for sticking around here despite my lack of activity! You all are the best! I'm not going anywhere. I've just had a hard time being able to shoot videos lately. This is Zippo's candle lighter! Obviously, you can't easily light a candle using a standard Zippo cigarette lighter, so Zippo set out to create their candle lighter! (also referred to as the mini MPL) It's dependable! It's refillable! It's also combustable-er, able to initiate combustion! Check it out! This video also contains the first time in my entire life that I've ever been burned by a lighter! Intro music is "Super Friendly" by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ LINKS Buy your own: http://www.amazon.com/Zippo-Brushed-Chrome-Purpose-Lighter/dp/B007IKNGRO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1445732666&sr=8-1&keywords=zippo+candle+lighter http://www.zippo.com/lighters.aspx?id=1229 facebook: http://facebook.com/officialpizzscn twitter: http://twitter.com/pizzscn instagram: http://instagram.com/pizzscn Pinterest: Zippo Collection: https://www.pinterest.com/pizzscn/zippo-collection/ Zippo Photos: https://www.pinterest.com/pizzscn/zippo-photos/
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How to Fill and Bleed Your Butane Lighter
XIKAR's Kurt Van Keppel guides you through the process of filling a jet flame lighter with butane. He then explains the importance of bleeding your lighter once a month to extract propellant that has gone in with the fuel.
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ASK KEL:  What Happened To My Jobon Lighter???
I've had several people ask me what happened to the Jobon ligher I used to use and did review on, here is the answer.
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XIKAR Lighter Troubleshooting: Unclogging a Burner
If your XIKAR lighter is not lighting every time, or you're getting a soft flame instead of a torch flame, your lighter's burner may be clogged with debris. Follow this How-To video to clean out your burner and get your lighter back to its superior performance!
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Glovion Electronic Pulse Arc Lighter USB Rechargeable
Amazon link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Glovion-Rechargeable-Electric-Cigarette-Lighter/dp/B010HJHRJU/ref=as_li_ss_tl?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B010HJHRJU&pd_rd_r=2307d4e3-c563-11e8-adce-f96d98d51277&pd_rd_w=UiJWv&pd_rd_wg=9H0bq&pf_rd_i=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_p=f6359d5f-11a6-4577-a43b-58b9bb222f57&pf_rd_r=53BR74XNQZ50NT6A4A3N&pf_rd_s=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_t=40701&refRID=53BR74XNQZ50NT6A4A3N&linkCode=ll1&tag=redreviewzyt-21&linkId=236c54e387063734181a31d9e503a3f3&language=en_GB Website: http://redreviewz.com/post.php?RevID=eunnkZ_4smJuW4ri&details The lighter arrived pleasantly covered in a nice velvet-feel pouch. Inside, the lighter is presented in a gift box, with soft interior, where it is seated in a slot to protect it. Next to it is another slot with a gold box containing the USB lead. There is also a fold-out instruction leaflet and warranty card. The USB lead itself is of very good quality, measuring exactly 30cm length, and is white in colour, which will keep the Apple users happy when connected to their device for charging! The quality of the USB lead alone lets you know this company is serious about providing good quality items! Upon lifting out the lighter you first notice it's weight. And then notice a small brush hidden in a compartment underneath the lighters slot! A nice little extra! It's like the ones you get with some electric shavers to clean the blades. Not sure what this would be used for but a nice bonus none the less. The lighter feels solid and robust. The outer shell of this lighter is all metal and is nice and cold to the touch. But I think the weight is mostly from the battery it contains. It comes with pre-charged but I couldn't say how much charge it has. The pattern on the surface is very effective. It stands out and you can feel the bumps as you run your finger over it. It is branded 'Jobon' near the bottom of the front side and just above that, there are two hearts overlapped with the word 'Love' written on them in a nice font. Definitely would make a lovely gift for that 'smoking lady' in your life! What I like the best about this model is that the button is located at the front of the device instead of on the side. The 'rainbow' Arc model has this on the side and I find it a little awkward to press sometimes. This one is a lot more comfortable to use, and it feels more natural for the button to be pressed at the front. Another great feature is that the lid also serves as a failsafe. In other words – when the lid is closed, the arc will not light. You have to have the lid in the open position for it to spark at all, so you can feel safe when carrying it in your pocket. It also will not light when charging. When 'sparked up', it produces a purple arc between the two prongs on the top. Looking really quite pretty and unusual, it will definitely 'spark' interest from your friends that's for sure! (see what I did there?). One thing to note is this – The 'arc' prongs seem a little close together to light a regular cigarette. And some people (including myself) have noted this in reviews. For rollies, this lighter is perfect. It does still light regular cigarettes however, as you don't have to push the end of your fag into the spark itself any more than you have to put it into a flame on a normal lighter. It just has to be near enough and the end will light just fine. It is something you will get used to. Just another note – I put the lighter on charge in my USB Hub connected to my PC when I was around half way through writing this review, and it has now finished charging. So I guess it is pretty much fully charged when delivered. Happy days! When plugged in to charge, a red LED illuminates from the bottom of the device to let you know its charging. Once finished, it turns green. Also the device cannot spark when charging. This is because the circuit automatically turns off when plugged in for safety and security. The manual says it will take around 2 hours for full charge from empty. This should then last around 120 'spark ups'. It also will cut out the spark if pressed for more than 15 seconds for safety (although I've timed this as more like 10 or 11 seconds – so that's great!). All in all a great little lighter! Recommended? - YES!
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How to Refill a Zippo Lighter
These are instructions on how to refill a Zippo lighter with lighter fluid, which can be purchased here: http://www.lightersdirect.com/Zippo+Lighter+Fluid.2162/Zippo+Lighter+Fluid+12+oz.14991.html
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Don't Buy Lighters from China-Jobon Pipe/Cigar Lighter
Don't buy lighters from China. Jobon
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Kitchen lighter fluid PRESTO 250 ml
High-quality highly flammable gas (butane) excellent for refilling Tescoma kitchen gas lighters, chef’s torches and fondue burners as well as other kitchen gas lighters with the corresponding filling hole. Suitable also for refilling gas cigarette lighters. Follow the safety instructions provided on the packaging when using, storing and recycling the product. Best before the date given on the bottom of the container. Application: Turn the container with gas with the nozzle pointing downwards, insert it from above into the filling hole of the lighter, chef’s torch, fondue burner, etc. and fill by repeatedly pushing on the container for several seconds. If required, use the corresponding nozzle adapter placed in the cap of the container. First aid General instructions: Avoid contact of the liquid preparation with tissues and unprotected skin during handling; risk of frostbite. When inhaled: Give victim fresh air; provide rest and warmth; provide artificial respiration in case of respiratory failure. In skin contact: Carefully remove clothing; rinse with cold water for 10 minutes; cover with a sterile dressing; seek medical treatment. In contact with eyes: Rinse for 10 minutes with a stream of cold water and seek medical treatment. Keep the label for the doctor. Warning! Keep out of reach of children. (P102) Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. - No smoking. (P210) Do not spray on an open flame or other ignition source. (P211) Pressurized container: Do not pierce or burn, even after use. (P251) Do not breathe gas. (P260) Store in a well-ventilated place. (P403) Store at temperatures not exceeding 50 °C/122 °F. (P411) Extremely flammable gas. (H220
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BLAZE Flameless Lighters
BLAZE Flameless Lighters are USB Rechargeable and Windproof High quality aluminum body Unique BLɅZE engraving
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DX:HONEST High Quality Multi Purpose 1300'C Windproof Straight Lighter
HONEST High Quality Multi Purpose 1300'C Windproof Straight Lighter - Black + Silver Product link : http://dxurl.com/RzdN More choice : http://www.dx.com/c/hobbies-toys-899/lighters-809/gas-lighters-858 #Geek #DX #Dealextreme Brand HONEST Model N/A Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color Black + Silver Material ABS + Zinc alloy Style Gas Flame Color Blue Flame Height 3-5cm Fuel Butane Windproof Yes Specification High Quality Multi Purpose Windproof Lighter Other Feature Pressure inside: 0.36-0.42MPa; Burning time for intermittent use: About 10-20 minutes; Max Flame temperature:1300'C; Capacity: 4.27g; Fashion windproof lighter, made of high quality ABS + zinc alloy; Flame easy to adjust, flexible, the size of the flame is stable; Apply to light cigar, fast dissolving, plastic welding, livestock and poultry depilation, barbecue etc; Ship without fuel. Packing List 1 x Lighter 1 x Chinese / English manual More Amazing shares for DealeXtreme: https://www.facebook.com/DealExtremeFans https://www.youtube.com/user/DealExtreme https://twitter.com/DealExtremeFans https://plus.google.com/+Dxfans
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Choosing a Pipe Lighter
An introduction to several different styles and brands of pipe lighters. From liquid fuel; lighter fluid pipe lighters to butane. From flint pipe lighters to piezo electronic quartz. IMCO, zippo, Yibao, Jefing, Corona Old Boy, Flamex & Vertigo
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How to Fill A Torch Lighter With Butane - BoredParacord
We carry a very nice assortment of torch lighters: https://www.boredparacord.com/search?q=torch We stock over 900 colors. Check us out! http://www.boredparacord.com http://www.paracord.com Use Promo Code: OHYEAH and save 10% on your first order Be sure to subscribe - a new video nearly every day. Follow us: PARACORD ON! Facebook Group - A must see! http://www.facebook.com/groups/paracordon Find us on instagram - BoredParacord http://www.facebook.com/boredparacord http://twitter.com/boredparacord We also sell on Amazon and Ebay: Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/BoredParacord/b/ref=bl_dp_s_web_12087901011?ie=UTF8&node=12087901011&field-lbr_brands_browse-bin=BoredParacord eBay: http://stores.ebay.com/Bored-Paracord
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How To Fill A Blazer Butane Torch or Lighter
Everything you need to know to fill your Blazer Products butane torch or lighter. Blazer Brand Butane is available in 2 great sizes; our 270ml can and our new 324ml canister. Both 99.99% pure. The blazer products brand of butane gas features near zero impurities in every can. This means you’re getting a pure, clean butane that won’t clog the small orifices of your torch or lighter with the dirt and grime sometimes found in other brands. 5 times, 6 times 9 times refined sounds great, right? But the only number that matters? Near Zero Impurities. All Blazer Butane canisters include handy adaptors for use with other lighter brands and torches, however Blazer torches and lighters do not require the use of any of the included adaptors. FILLING YOUR TORCH Be sure the gas flow knob or switch on your torch or lighter is tightly closed. Turn the unit upside down and insert the tip of your butane gas canister securely into the torch’s gas inlet valve. Be sure the nozzle on the canister fits over the internal tube of the torches inlet valve. Apply pressure in a downward motion to release the butane from the canister. Fill time will vary with your torch or lighter. Consult your manual for the correct filling time. When butane starts to flow back from the inlet valve it’s filled. It’s also important not to overfill your torch and this may affect flame strength. Please note; never fill a torch or lighter near a sink or similar surface depression. Butane gas is heavier than air and may and remain present in low lying surfaces for some time. Always allow 1 minute for the newly inserted butane gas to stabilize before attempting to ignite. To ignite, turn the gas flow knob or gas flow switch on your torch to release the butane. You’ll hear an audible hiss, press the ignition button or switch on your torch to ignite. Remember, always point your torch away from your face and body when igniting. Here’s a tip; should your torch every show a dip in flame strength simply blow out the nozzle of an empty torch with compressed air. This will dislodge the small particles of dirt and grime found in some brands of butane. It’s not uncommon for us to hear from our customers that they’ve been using the same blazer torch for 15 years or more. This is the result of a superior craftsmanship, proper maintenance and a premium grade brand of butane like Blazer Butane. With proper maintenance, which includes a quality brand of butane, your torches and lighters will burn hotter and last longer. You have the best torch, doesn’t it serve the best fuel? Ask for Blazer Brand Butane at your local retailer today. Please be sure to visit our website and like or follow our social media pages for product news, tips and demos. http://www.blazerproducts.com https://www.facebook.com/BlazerProducts https://www.twitter.com/BlazerProducts http://www.instagram.com/blazerproducts https://www.youtube.com/BlazerProducts https://plus.google.com/+Blazerproduc...
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My new lighter.
It’s the maxim metal torch. Perfect for firework.
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Smoking set
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★★★★★ Electrical Arc Lighter Review - USB Rechargeable Windproof Flameless SHINYSIBLINGS Tesla Coil
24 bucks last I checked on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2u1Uioc 🎬 Video Review 🎬 ✏️ Plus Bonus Top 5 Beau Thoughts: 1⃣ Surprisingly heavy and quality feeling. This isn't a cheap, lightweight lighter from the grocery store. Due to the weight, I wouldn't suggest using this for survival type purposes (e.g. backpacking). 2⃣ Played with it for a long time, showing people all day. Still going strong and haven't needed to charge it yet. (included USB cable for charging) 3⃣ Wickedly cool "shocky" buzzing noise when you turn it on. It looks and feels like a mini stun gun. 4⃣ Super hot. See my video demo. This thing lit up a small piece of paper within a fraction of a second (as opposed to a flame which typically means you have to wait for the the flame the "catch" the kindling... This can take a while.). 5⃣ No butane, completely electric. This is cool if you don't want the taste of butane on your smokes. (no I don't smoke, but for the purists out there, this may be a big selling point for you). Flameless technology is awesome, especially if you live in a windy area. Hope this is helpful! Note the company sent me this product to demonstrate on video and offer my personal opinion. I don't work for them, nor am I paid anything that might sway my personal opinion of this product's performance. 📍 Bottom line: would I recommend this product to one of my friends? 👍 Yes, absolutely. Coolest lighter I've ever used. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XA0JKNU?&redirect=true&ref_=cm_cr_thx_view ★ ☆ Original review from Beau Chevassus, Knok Studio (Media for non-profits), http://www.knok.tv From Beau Chevassus: http://smile.amazon.com/gp/profile/A1IJUCICSBF7LA
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This is my current pipe lighter, everyone always asks about it so I thought I would review it for you!
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Элитная Зажигалка USB Primo [зажигалка ТЕСЛА] в Алматы
Читать описание ⬇ USB зажигалки стали незаменимым гаджетом у пользователей, которые успели оценить их неоспоримые преимущества. По сравнению с другими моделями зажигалок, они служат более продолжительное время. USB зажигалки изготавливаются в интересном дизайне и на отлично выполняют возложенные на них функции. Элитные электронные USB зажигалки LED дисплеем и индикатором пальца Primo. НОВИНКА Доставка как по городу Алматы, так и отправка по всему Казахстану. Наш сайт 🌐 podarki-shop.kz. 📱+7(701)7947167 #usbзажигалка #подарки #зажигалка #усб_зажигалка #подарок_курящим #электронная_зажигалка #usb #podarkishopkz Для дополнительной информации пишите в what's app 💌+7(701)7947167❗❗❗💯 Ищите 💯оригинальный и не дорогой подарок или сувенир? У нас💪 в наличии самые оригильные брелки 🎁 и электронные зажигалки в Алматы. Брелоки на разные тематики, как из фильмов так и из игр. Самые адекватные 💲цены! Удиви друга, подругу, мужа, жену, сына, дочку и др. своим оригинальным подарком. Подаренный брелок или зажигалка может быть приятнее, подаренного iPhone. 📱8 727 328 92 74 \ 8 701 794 71 67 (What’s App) 🕙Режим работы: с 10:00 до 19:00 (но предварительно позвоните) ☎️ 8 (777)215 2299 ☎️http://podarki-shop.kz/ В комплекте с зажигалкой идет USB кабель и инструкция на двух языках. Изделие поставляется в богатой ритейл-упаковке. Коробка золотистого цвета расположена в белом бумажном чехле. Внутри предусмотрено место для зажигалки и выемка для USB шнура, который упакован в отдельную коробку. Такое оформление подчеркнет престижность товара и стимулирует клиента к покупке. Сайт: http://podarki-shop.kz/ Вконтакте: https://vk.com/podarki_shop_kz Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/podarkishopkz/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/podarkishopkz/
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Honest Brand Quad Torch Tabletop Review
Hey Guys I'm Munjee And Tonight I Am Doing A Tabletop Review Of My New Pink Flamed Honest Brand Quad Flamed Torch! It's Got A Heat Adjuster With A Maximum Temperature Of 1300° Celsius Which Is Equal To 2500° Fahrenheit. There Are Three Pallets Made Of A Type Of Mineral/Metal (Which I Don't Know The Name Of) That Causes The Flame To Turn Bright Reddish Pink! If You Want To Buy This Torch Please Click On The Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00WSNL8P8/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1462249084&sr=8-1&pi=SY200_QL40&keywords=hot+pink+torch&dpPl=1&dpID=51w0MSc9gjL&ref=plSrch If You Enjoyed This Video, Feel Free To Like, Share, And Subscribe! If You Have Any Suggestions Of What I Should Do In The Next Video Please Comment Down Below ~As Always, Have A Good Day~
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Zippo Lighter - Spiral White Matte New (Sports)
Zippo Lighter - Spiral White Matte New Get it at: http://zippolighters.great-low-prices.com/Lighter__Spiral_White_Matte_New.html Product Codes: http://www.zaptab.com/scan/QjAwQjk5VVZOTQ== We are all aware how terrific and simple it is purchasing on the net. The Lighter - Spiral White Matte New made by Zippo Lighters makes a great lighter. The features include made in usa, zippo lifetime warranty and brand new in zippo gift box. The bar code for this super product is 041689284404. Searching for Lighter - Spiral White Matte New, add to cart by clicking the link below. Tools & Home Improvement, Fan Shop, Sports & Outdoors Music License: http://www.ddi-systems.com/MusicLicense.html
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Primo lighter primo torch lighter cigar lighter primo lighter cigar lighters
Primo Arc Lighter 👇Design by Primo----- WENZHOU DIANWANG LIGHTER CO.,LTD whatsapp:0086 18267856493 Email:[email protected] To smoke or not to smoke,that is the question! 👇👇Details 1.Double arc lighter 2.built in Battery 3.USB cable 4.Gift Box 5.brush 6.manual. 📦 #Electriclighterme#doublearclighter#lighter#dualarclighter#tobacco#primo#primolighter#cigarmalaysia#lightermurah#usblightermalaysia#usblighter#survival#trplearc#forher
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710 Buddabox Scorch Torch fix
in this video i show you the reason & how to fix a scorch torch that will not light anymore . if you got the march 710 buddabox you may be having this problem . hope this is helpful and if so please share , like & subscribe Grouch Nation: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtQarBN-oM1fyAQcCwSs-PA/featured BeenStoned: www.beenstoned.com @beenstoned #beenstoned MileHigh Cleaner: www.milehighcleaner.com I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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How to Apply Touch Up Paint (to Almost Like New!)
This video includes tips and how to methods on getting rid of unsightly scratches in your automobile, but without the expensive auto-body bill. Check out my Amazon Store. There you'll find similar paint buffer and polishing compound that I show in this vid. The link is located on my homepage on the right side or by clicking this link: http://astore.amazon.com/richsm-20 This is a follow up video to my original video, "How to Apply Touch up Paint". Thanks to viewer feedback and comments, I was able to make my car look almost as good as new. Thanks for watching!
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XIKAR Lighter Troubleshooting: Internal Flame Adjustment
If the flame adjustment on your lighter is not within the desired range, you can change the internal adjustment range at home. The instructions in this troubleshooting video only apply to the following XIKAR lighters: Ellipse III ELX Enigma II Escalade EX & EXII Executive II Genesis Pulsar Tech (Single, Double & Triple) Tabletops Vitara XTX (Double & Tabletop)
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How to clean the RicePipe
RicePipe Instructional Video -- There comes a time in every pipe's life that cleaning is necessary. This is fairly easy, especially if you just smoked it. The main thing to know is that the inner rice holder (that bent wire thing) tends to get held in place by resins, so the glass tube needs to be warm enough to soften those resins, or the holder won't move [DON'T FORCE IT, YOU MIGHT DAMAGE IT!]. As the video shows, if the rice holder won't budge, just use a lighter to warm the tube, and then try again. You shouldn't have to press very hard. Then, use a folded up 3" to 4" square of ordinary paper towel soaked with a bit of water to both push out the rice holder AND to clean the tube. If it didn't clean up on that first pass, then refold the paper towel to expose a clean surface and run it through the tube again. If the gunk stubbornly clings to the glass, try heating the tube, and run a clean towel through, again.
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Triple Flame Butane Torch Lighter by Newport Zero
The Triple Torch in action!!!! A nicely designed small torch lighter 🔥 that has an adjustable flame control, manual open safety cap and a butane level window so you can assess when it needs refilling. Simple and affordable, this Newport Triple Torch Lighter comes with a lifetime warranty. It comes in an elegant velvet pouch for easy gift giving. Buy: https://www.newportbutane.com/lighters/triple-flame-torch/triple-flame-cigar-lighter Subscribe to Newport Zero Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/NewportButaneofficial Follow Newport Zero on Instagram: Instagram.com/newportbutane Follow Newport Zero on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newportbutaneofficial
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Amazing Goop Removal Guide
Check out my web site http://www.nobox7.com/ Check out my store front https://www.amazon.com/shop/nobox7 Support this channel on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3620781 Check out my store front https://www.amazon.com/shop/nobox7 Amazing Goop Is a prototypers best friend , also a good emergency kit item .This video shows how to remove it without solvent . According to Abby from GOOP Central (1-800-693-GOOP or 1-800-767-GOOP), there are three recommended solvents for GOOP. They are acetone, toluene and naphtha. Acetone will do a good job on GOOP that has not fully set. Toluene is a more powerful solvent that will remove fully set GOOP. Naphtha, a solvent used in dry cleaning and a primary component of Zippo®, Ronson® and other lighter fluids (used in wick-type cigarette lighters), is recommended for removing GOOP on clothing. It is important to follow all precautions on the solvent's label. Test a little of the solvent on the surface first... no sense getting surprised by some sort of bizarre chemical reaction, such as your cellular phone melting into the carpet! OOPS... Goop can dry in the tube unless you always do my little trick! Yep, one of the downsides of Goop is that it can dry in the tube. Most commonly, it can dry at the spout and make it impossible to get any more out. I don't think I've ever completely used a tube. So what do I do to get the most Goop out of my tubes? The secret is to always squeeze all the air out of the tube before you put the cap on. The Goop should hit the inside of the cap with no air left inside. Do this, and you will most likely get to use most of the Goop you've purchased.
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Using Car Touch up Paint - Polishing light lacquer scratches
Using A touch up paint and Polish Kit BMW A07 Mystic Blau to repair a scratch on a bumper section. Available at www.touchuppaintking.co.uk This BMW Bumper scratch was prepped with liquid polish then touched up with high quality touch up paint then polished to a gloss shine. PLEASE NOTE - THIS VIDEO INCLUDES INSTRUCTIONS USING YOU TUBE ANNOTATIONS - THESE ARE VIEWABLE ON DESKTOP CLIENT / IPAD / TABLETS BUT ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON ALL MOBILE DEVICES
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How To Wax Your Surfboard 2014 - Learn how to wax a surfboard
How to Wax a surfboard - Surf Lessons In this video we show you how to wax your surfboard. Phil shows you how to: Choose the best surf wax Types of wax combs Remove old wax from your surfboard (omitting Chief firewater or chemical products) Handle of old wax during the removal process Apply surf wax to your surfboard We start by using a good quality surfing wax. When choosing a surf wax you should consider the temperature of the water you will be surfing in, the "stickiness" of the wax and the life span of your wax. Wax is typically categorized by water temperature ranges. You will commonly see wax that is marked as: Cold, Cool, and Warm. In addition, some manufacturers may provide a suggested range of degrees that their wax is reccomended for. There are a number of good surfboard wax products on the market but there are also some brands that just don't seem to work. In this video we are using "Sticky Bumps" wax manufactured by "Wax Research Inc.". This wax works great and tends to be bubble gum scented as well, hahahah. We also discuss different types of wax combs and their features. We have a smaller wax comb that has longer teeth and square edges (great for combing wax and scraping straight areas) and a larger ergonomic wax comb with small teeth (better comfort for big wax removal jobs). As you remove old wax, it may be a good idea to consolidate used wax into a ball until the job is complete. This will help to keep your work area clean and make it easier to discard the old wax. When applying new wax to your surfboard the first thing is to determine the best coverage area for your surfboard. It is best to over estimate the area versus under estimate the area as it could help you to prevent injuries related to slipping while surfing. For the most part you need to draw out your front-foot area needed on the deck of your surfboard and possibly additional sections near your traction pad / backfoot tail area. It can be a good idea to also additional wax (a lighter amount) in the transitional area between the deck and the nose of your surfboard. This could serve as a little more insurance or even as a requirement for advanced surfers that adjust for a wider stance common in aerial maneuvers. The last tip would be to consider adding a thin strip of wax to the rail section in the nose area. This can help to ensure a solid grip during duck-dives. Generally speaking the best application technique for applying wax to your surfboard would be to rub wax onto your board using a circular motion. In some sections you may end up using a back and forth motion as well. Ideally your surfboard has a solid layer of wax in all your desired section with many small wax mounds throughout the waxed areas. It is a good idea to apply light amounts of wax and lightly comb your surfboard before each surfing session as well. Depending on your frequency of surfing, you may want to completely remove surfboard wax every 2-4 weeks. This video uses a shortboard surfboard as an example. Chief firewater is one product that can help you perform a complete wax removal job. Complete wax removal is recommend when removing traction pads or prior to affixing a sticker to your surfboard. We hope that our video visuals, Audio, and title tags helped you learn how to wax your shortboard. Thanks for watching our Surfing How To videos. Share the stoke. surfing lesson, surfing tips, surfing suggestions. *Disclaimer: Surfing is a dangerous sport and surfing is something you do at your own risk! The information provided within this video, and all of our videos, are simply tips and suggestions. For help and understanding about the risks of surfing, we recommend that you obtain surfing lessons and talk to your local lifeguards about general water safety and the risks of surfing. Resources: http://www.stickybumps.com http://www.chieffirewater.com Phil Dominguez 2014 Board-bag provided by: Pacific Fun Project https://www.facebook.com/PacificFunProject Recorded by Philip Dominguez Hosted by Philip Dominguez Music by Matt Panepinto Song Title: Keep Falling Produced by Trade Federation, Inc copyright all rights reserved 2014 Be sure to subscribe! You can watch some of the waves surfed after this wax job: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kL97AJWOU_Q
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Help Me Choose A Bmx (Vote in Comments)
Help me choose a bmx if voting do it in comments
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Nikon D3400 Review!  I Best deal on Flipkart
Nikon D3400 Review: • Hey What’s up everyone, my names Swapnil and today I’m going to take a look at the brand new Nikon D3400. • But let’s now take a look at this brand new Nikon D3400. —————— BUILD QUALITY —————— • To start off with, let’s take a look at the build quality and features of the Nikon D3400. • Now if you’ve ever used a Nikon dslr before, you’ll feel right at home with the D3400. It’s got that familiar Nikon feeling with with the majority of the buttons placed vertically on the left of the screen. • If this is your very first DSLR you might feel like it’s quite heavy in comparison to other point and shoot cameras or your phone, but in fact the Nikon D3400 is one of the lighter DSLR’s you can buy. It’s really quite amazing just how light it is. • And to me this is a good thing. • Even compared to the previous Nikon D3300, the D3400 is now even lighter, coming in at 395 grams vs 430 grams. Now that might not sound like too much, but if that gets you out taking more photos and enjoying photography more, I think that’s great. —————— LCD SCREEN —————— • Let’s turn the camera around now and talk about the LCD screen on the back here. • I’ve actually been very impressed with the screen on the back of the Nikon D3400. For a beginner level DSLR It’s got very good brightness and detail. • Now coming in at 921,000 dots, it’s a similar display to that on the older version. For me though one thing that I would have liked to have seen and I’m a little bit dissapointed in is that we are still missing a touch screen. • Having a touch screen really can be great, especially if you’re used to shooting on your phone. • That being said even in bright daylight, the D3400’s screen is very good and should work well when you’re not using the viewfinder. —————— WIFI & BLUETOOTH —————— • Now one of the stand out features on the Nikon D3400 is the inclusion of it’s new Snapbridge technology. • Essentialy, Snapbridge allows you to take a picture on your Nikon camera and have it be automatically transferedt o your phone or your tablet. • Overall it worked really quite well in my testing. • This might seem like a bit of a small inclusion to the seasoned photographer, but for people getting into photography this is a great inclusion. • Especially for younger users who might be used to posting to Facebook and instagram, it’s great that they will be able to share their photos taken on their DSLR online. —————— CANON T6, NIKON D3300 —————— • So the D3400 just got released a few weeks ago and being in the beginner market, it’s actually got a lot of competition. • Firstly the camera most people will be comparing it to will be the Nikon d3300 which came before it. Now the cameras are actually really quite similar but the fact that he D3400 does have wireless capabilities is a big bonus to me. • And then we’ve got Canon. They’ve got their Canon T6 which has been an incredibly popular camera. To me it looks like the D3400 is going to be slightly better with a larger sensor and higher burst rate, but I’ll have to test that more in my comparison review which will be up shortly. —————— VIDEO —————— • Let’s quickly talk about video for a second. • Overall I was pretty impressed the video quality on the D3400, especially for a beginner level DSLR. • Generally I tend to recommend Canon or Sony over Nikon if you really want to take your video seriously, but for every day shots, the D3400 will be totally fine. • One thing however that I was disappointed with with the D3400 is the lack of an microphone jack. • The old d3300 had the mic jack which was great if you wanted to plug in a mic to get some great sound, but it seems Nikon have thought that it wasn’t nessecary in the new version. • For most people it’s not a big deal, but for budding cinematogaphers it’s a bit of a bummer. • But overall, for most video occasions, the d3400 will do the job well. —————— BATTERY LIFE —————— • Now one thing I really wanted to touch on was battery life, and this is huge. • I’ve found that the battery on the D3400 is a huge step up in comparison to the D3300. • Nikon are claiming that the battery life is around 1200 shots per charge on the d3400, compared to just 700 shots on the older model. • And in my testing, that’s about right. • But what does this mean to you? • Well it essentially means rather than taking a spare battery with you on your weekend away, you should be pretty fine to just take your camera and go, without the worry that it’s going to run out. • Great job on that one Nikon.
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My Bike
This Is almost the finished product of my bike, only a few small things, this vid is a follow up of my other "My Bike" vid
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Really Light BMX Bikes Testing
http://www.youtube.com/user/ItZjaza005 Hey guys Here is a Short video of my Home made BMX bikes.. made from scraps metal and testing doing a bunny hop, Freestyle.. www.nas.com
Views: 11807 ItZjaza005

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