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The 5 Best KDE Plasma Themes
Welcome back to the channel everyone! It's been a while since the last video, but I was finally able to get another one published. This video is about my top five favorite themes for KDE Plasma 5. Even though KDE Plasma 5 is a great-looking desktop out of the box, customizing it with some themes can really spice it up. All of the themes in this video look amazing and implement modern design elements. If you have a personal favorite theme, let me know in the comments. Make sure to drop a like and subscribe for more awesome Linux videos! LINKS: 1. Helium: https://store.kde.org/p/998869/ 2. Adapta KDE: https://store.kde.org/p/1191695/ 3. Velours: https://store.kde.org/p/998798/ 4. Arc KDE: https://store.kde.org/p/1167639/ 5. Aex (Plasma): https://store.kde.org/p/1235366/ BACKGROUND MUSIC: Track Name: "Watching The Clouds" Artist: LAKEY INSPIRED License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported "Share Alike" (CC BY-SA 3.0) License. CREDITS: Assets from velosofy.com were used in this video.
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[KDE PLASMA 5.13 -dev] Material Design Colors with Adapta Theme
that is a port of Adapta GTK theme to KDE, that also includes icons https://github.com/PapirusDevelopmentTeam/adapta-kde i also used the Luv icons https://github.com/Nitrux/luv-icon-theme the dock is the Latte Dock https://github.com/psifidotos/Latte-Dock the Toradora wallpaper is on my Flickr https://goo.gl/y8xhIy MUSIC Dead Posey - Freak Show Shiki OST - Muddy Water Marilyn Manson - The Lamb of God
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Theming KDE Plasma - The KDE Experiment - Part 5
1 - Your options KDE Plasma can be tweaked in any number of ways. From the desktop layout with widgets, to the colors, the look and feel, and the themes, you can pretty much do anything you like to make your desktop behave how you want it. So what can you change ? Plasma lets you change the look of the desktop in one click with the "Look and feel" option. By default, you'll get a Breeze and Breeze dark option, but you can download new looks and apply them in one click from the settings. Yiu can then change any part of the desktop look individually: desktop theme, which will change the widgets look, cursor theme, for that mouse cursor, and splash screen, for that loading screen you'll barely see when starting your session. 2 - Desktop theme This is how your widgets will look. By default, you'll be using the breeze theme, but there are plenty of other options available. To get more, click on "get new themes", and you'll be able to preview and download any number of themes to change how your widgets look. My favorite is the Oxygen theme of old, with nice clean black background and white edges, but you can go crazy and install anything. 3 - Cursor theme This is the look of your mouse cursor, from the standard arrow to the animation when loading stuff, or the little hand to click links. There again, a "get new themes" button allows you to one-click install new mouse themes and apply them on the fly. There are even some left handed variants for you to download. Select the one you want, click apply, and you're good to go ! 4 - Splash screen This is the screen that pop up when you login into your session. Not much incentive to tweak this one, but there are plenty to choose from the "get new them" button 5 - Icons This one is available from the main settings menu. Once again, the "get new themes" is your friend, and will let you download icon themes very quickly. Some icons will allow you to select from multiple install files, it is generally a good practice to pick up the latest version available. 5 - Application style This is how your apps will look ! By default, you'll be using the Breeze theme, which is KDE's default. It does look a bit dated in my opinion, with buttons sporting drop shadows. You can configure Breeze here, with a lot of options, such as centering tabs, drawing toolbars separators or not, enabling animations, configuring scrollbar buttons, or tweaking menu transparency. TO get new themes, there are no "get new themes button" here. I found, one one of the viewer's advice, the plasma-oxygen-theme, which is excellent and what I was looking for all along ! You can install it from the terminal, with sudo apt install plasma-theme-oxygen There are a few others, but you'll have to look quite a bit to find them. Some examples include Virtuality, a modern, flat, black and white theme, or the StyleProject, which can be tweaked to look like anything. These themes must be compiled, so they are not that easy to install, but if you follow the instructions, and know which packages to install to get them to compile, you could get some nice results ! 6 - Window decorations These are the windows titlebars and frames. Here, you can find a lot of options as well, with the return of my beloved get new decorations button. Some might not work here as well, maybe because they are made for an older version of KDE plasma. THe one I found were prone to bugs, with buttons sticking out of the title bar. You can also configure each of these themes, with button sizes, border sizes, and the button positioning. I like my window controls on the left, so I moved them all here. 7 - GTK styles YOu can of course run GTK apps in KDE Plasma. By default, they'll pick up the default Breeze look, but you can tweak that if you'd like, with the choice of a GTK 2 theme for older apps, and GTK 3 for more modern GNOME applications. YOu can choose icon themes and cursor themes as well for these applications, and configure their look. Oh, and, of course, the get new themes button is here too, to download some new ones ! 8 - Colors KDE Plasma ships with a lot of color schemes by default, which you can can tweak on the fly, and, you guessed it, get new color schemes at the press of a button ! It changes the colors of the selected items, links, buttons, window decorations, and more ! YOu can edit a scheme and save it as well. Follow me on Twitter : http://twitter.com/thelinuxEXP -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Also Watch my Experience with Manjaro Budgie on a Full AMD Linux Build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZdj4Q08fBg -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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How to Style KDE Plasma 5 Like Ubuntu Unity desktop
How to get a Unity-like experience with KDE Plasma 5. Slightly longer tutorial than Gnome equivalent, however everything can be done via the GUI. New Widget: Active Window https://store.kde.org/p/998910/ Themes: United https://store.kde.org/p/1167950/ Blender Ambiance https://store.kde.org/p/1136954/ Optional Terminal Commands: $ sudo apt install ubuntu-mono dmz-cursor-theme 0:33 Unity Laucher 2:08 Top Panel 4:04 Add widgets 4:52 Customise Widgets 6:19 System Settings
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kde plasma 5.9 mac os x sierra theme
creating mac os x sierra theme manually on 'kde plasma 5.9 + archlinux' 1:44 is active window control from github here's how to install https://youtu.be/t9vyhCpan0k i focused on themeing only no animations or effects if you need to add effects go to ' system settings - desktop behavior - desktop effects ' Extra: this method ios icons have some issues with places icons you can move icons of 'apps' in ios theme to another theme icons 'apps' , another thing is system tray icons is not so good so you can change it manually by copying another theme icons if you are so lazy..... ofcourse like me :) i have moved these icons and archived them you can : Download this zip folder and extract https://goo.gl/vVsrr0 you will find two folders 1- breeze-antu move it to ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/ 2- Papirus ~/.local/share/icons/ and use Papirus instead of ios. 3- if you are lazy with plasma panel spacing you can use latte for the top panel with justify mode as psifidotos mention on comments 4- i forget to edit gnome application decoration go to system settings - application style - gnome application download any theme you want to gnome 3 i prefer simbax http://i.imgur.com/XhGalCU.png 5- if you don't like the default icon you can edit every annoyed icon you don't need with ' right click on application dashboard - edit application - and change icon you want ' 6- all copyrights of icons to Papirus , ios , breezemite and breeze-antu on kde store sorry for bad recording : - kdenlive has some issues with kde latte dock. - music youtube needs no copyright music xD. anyway thanks for watching, it will be great if you subscribe to watch new videos
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Kde plasma install and use kvantum "Kde widget style" ?
github: https://goo.gl/dzqXWL music: https://goo.gl/xgxfqF freeze: https://goo.gl/TpThVi Maia Transparent: https://goo.gl/4anp99 see also: kde plasma 5.9 mac os x sierra theme: https://goo.gl/3yZjPE KDE Plasma beautiful Klone10 theme "unity 7 flavor" : https://goo.gl/1yZfXk Thanks for watching it will be great if you subscribe to watch new videos :)
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Manjaro KDE Plasma - Customization - macOS Mojave Style
Vídeo que mostra a customização que fiz no Manjaro KDE, estilo macOS Mojave, algumas pessoas gostaram então resolvi gravar o vídeo para ficar mais fácil. Valeu!!!
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How I customize my KDE Plasma
Hello guys recently I posted a screenshot of my KDE Plasma workflow on UnixPorn on Reddit , I got more than 700 upvotes, people seemed to like it and they also had a lot of questions about theming, active window control , global menus ..etc... So I decided to make this video to show you how I customize my KDE Plasma. Enjoy - SierraBreeze : https://github.com/ishovkun/SierraBreeze - wallpaper : mikaelgustafsson.artstation.com =============================== Music : Marcus D - Son Of The Moon https://youtu.be/YljaBr9RAAk Lakey Inspired - Last Night https://youtu.be/_BNFrSmrXP8 Marcus D - Freedom Of The Mind https://youtu.be/YHwxUNvm_sM Marcus D - Lady Luck https://youtu.be/lkBAWKT4Nxc Joakim Karud - Holiday Blues https://youtu.be/4F7gcHJbQe0 Ntam2psS2hxJ-qBLAq&w&8gAV4=LPFXX2gZbymtR
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Kali Linux KDE and GHOST theme
Kali Linux KDE Plasma Desktop and GHOST theme The Plasma Desktop, being one of the most recognized projects of KDE, is the default desktop environment on many Linux distributions, such as openSUSE, Mageia, Chakra, Kubuntu, Manjaro Linux, and PCLinuxOS. It was also the default desktop environment on PC-BSD. Ghost is a futuristic theme inspired by Ghost in the Shell by Jeremy M. Todaro aka JMTODARO ( jmtodaro.com ) Install KDE : apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop Music : Beaster - Awakening (Original Mix) Free Background Music Website - http://www.freebackgroundmusic.co.uk YouTube - http://goo.gl/fFI0z8 SoundCloud - https://soundcloud.com/freebmusic Facebook - http://goo.gl/2otgOU Twitter - https://twitter.com/FreeBMusic Google+ - http://goo.gl/TybZuK
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[KDE PLASMA 5.13 -dev] Blur on Menus!
im on blur spree :) Thats KDE Plasma from daily on NEON Project Current version is 5.12.80, which is development towards 5.13 release https://neon.kde.org/ Music [Fate/Grand Order] Goddess of Rhongomyniad
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Personalizar Plasma como macOS Mojave
Para algunas personas, personalizar el escritorio de Linux como el de otros sistemas operativos es una aberración, pero para otras es la oportunidad de tener algo parecido sin renunciar la libertad y los placeres que nos ofrecen Plasma, GNOME, XFCE o el resto de las alternativas con las que contamos. En este video les muestro como personalizar Plasma de forma que se parezca (es casi idéntico) al escritorio de macOS Mojave. Twitter: @elavdeveloper Telegram: - Grupo: https://t.me/systeminsidegroup - Canal: https://t.me/systeminside Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/systeminside
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Plasma widgets, layouts, and desktop configuration - KDE Experiment - Part 6
1 - Plasma widgets Plasma is built on widgets. Everything you see, from a menu, to a notification icon, to a panel, is a widget. You can arrange them however you like, resize them and add them to a panel. The best thing about this is that you can pretty much make a desktop that looks any way you want, combining widgets in any number of ways. A nice feature is also activities: activities kinda work like virtual desktops, except you can have a different desktop behaviour and different widgets between each activity. 2 - Panels Panels are the base of KDE Plasma's layout. A panel can be created on any screen edge, top, right, left, or bottom. TO create a panel, you can just right click the desktop, and select Add Panel. You'll get the option to add the default panel, with its menu, taskbar, notifications, and clock, a menu bar panel, which is just en empty panel on the top of the screen with a global menu bar added, or and empty panel for you to fill in with widgets. 3 - Widgets Adding a widget is simple: just right click on the desktop, and select "add widget". A sidebar will show up, and let you search or browse available widgets. Just drag the one you want to add, where you want it to be: on the desktop, or on a panel. To resize or move a widget, you can click the main desktop menu up top, with the three lines. This will make a few icons appear aside every widget. The first one allows you to resize by dragging it to the desired size. The second one will let you rotate the widget, also by dragging the icon. The third icon is the one you'll want to click to configure the widget's behaviour. Finally, the little red trashcan icon removes the widget. By default, Plasma ships with a ton of widgets. A few highlights are these ones: - Application dashboard: this one allows you to get a button that, when clicked, will display a dashboard much like what GNOME offers by default. It allows you to search applications or widgets and start them with one click, as well as providing sytem commands, such as rebooting or shutting down. - Application Menu: for those who don't like the default Kickoff KDE menu, the Application menu might do the trick: it stores your favorites on a bar on the left, and only displays app categories, which you can navigate quickly to start any app. It of course has search integrated. - Color picker: for graphic designers, this is a handy one: just drag it on the desktop or on a panel, and it allows you to pick any point of the desktop, grab the color, and save it in a little menu for later reference. - Display configuration: this one is a new addition to KDE Plasma 5.14. It allows you to quickly switch between display layouts, and enable presentation mode if you're giving a lecture or a talk for example. - GLobal menu: mac os x fans will love this options: adding a global menu to a panel allows you to get the menus out of your windows, and into a unique zone on your desktop. It will work with GTK Apps and KDE apps, but some apps might require an optional package or not work with it at all. - Icons only task manager: the default task manager has the older Windows style: it hosts windows with the icon and text. If you want to get closer to a dock style panel, or to windows 10 way of doing things, this one only displays the icons of the applications that are running. - Present windows: want to get a quick button to see all your open windows at a glance ? The present window widget will do just that, mimicking the "expose" feature of mac os X. - Quicklaunch: if you want to have quick access shortcuts to some applications, the quicklaunch plasmoid will do the trick: just drag and drop apps from the menu onto it, and it will create handy shortcuts for each application. - Web browser widget: want to keep an eye on a particular webpage ? Just add this widget to your desktop, and select which URL you want ! 4 - Changing the layout Now, it's up to you to try and experiment with the layout you want. Here are a few examples I made: - Mac OS X clone: for this one, I just added the new panel "Menu bar" to my desktop, on which I dragged the application menu, the notification tray, as well as the clock and the user switcher. For the dock, I installed latte-dock (sudo apt install latte-dock on KDE neon). - Windows 10 style: I just replaced the standard task manager with the icons only task manager, and added a show desktop icon on the far right corner of the panel, and the "present windows" widget on the left. - elementary OS style: For this one, I created a top panel, on which I added the "simple menu" plasmoid, the digital clock on which I added the date in long format, and the notification tray on the right, with panel spacers between each widget to allow me to center the clock. I added a small panel with latte dock, on the bottom of the screen, to get the dock experience. I configured it to disable the zoom, and everything was set ! Follow me on Twitter : http://twitter.com/thelinuxEXP
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Modernize Your KDE4
You want to modernize the appearance of your KDE4. Watch this video to find out how you can make your KDE4 look as good as Plasma 5, if not better. The steps shown in the video: 1. Install Qtcurve 2. KDE settings → Application Appearance and in the Style tab activate Qtcurve. 3. Import this file Flat.qtcurve (Download: https://goo.gl/2HTltL ) 4. Change the color settings by importing Blue_Colors.colors (Download: https://goo.gl/2HTltL ) 5. Install icons. I like the most Paparis, Breeze Classic, and Breeze Remix icons. 6. Enabled font anti-aliasing. Chose “RGB” and “slight”. 7. Select Qtcurve in GTK2 theme. For the GTK3, install Breeze theme https://github.com/dirruk1/gnome-breeze by placing the two theme folders in your .theme folder. Restart the settings and activate Breeze GTK3 theme. 8. Go to Workspace Appearance and activate Qtcurve window decoration. 9. Install Breeze cursor theme. Download, extract and place the theme in the .icons folder. 10. Install the Breeze theme in the Desktop style. - Change the splash screen to Minimalistic or Plasma Next. - Log out and log in - If you use LibreOffice, install libreoffice-style-breeze. Go to the LibreOffice Options and activate Breeze in the view section. If you like the wallpapers, they can be download from my Google+ and Facebook: https://plus.google.com/+AverageLinuxUser https://facebook.com/AverageLinuxUser ################################################ Support on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/averagelinuxuser Donate through PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/Kryvokhyzha ################################################ More cool Linux stuff at other social media: Google+ - Best Linux Stuff: https://plus.google.com/+AverageLinuxUser Facebook - Top Linux Tips: https://www.facebook.com/AverageLinuxUser Twitter - Daily Linux News: http://twitter.com/AVGLinuxUser Website: http://averagelinuxuser.com/
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How to Make KDE Look Like Mac OS
Link to Apple logo: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/fa/Apple_logo_black.svg/1200px-Apple_logo_black.svg.png The second customization video for KDE. - - - - extra tags: kde,make fedora look like mac os,make ubuntu look like mac os,make ubuntu 18.04 look like mac os,make ubuntu look like mac,make ubuntu 18.04 look like mac,how to make fedora kde like mac,make kde look like mac os,how to remove kde,how to transform kde to look like unity,how to install kde on linux,how to make kde plasma 5,mac,how to remove gnome,how to install gnome
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Personalização e customizar o ambiente gráficos KDE Plasma, com temas, configurações de widgets, ícones, opções de interfaces, modos de desktop, papeis de parede, entre muitas outras coisas.
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Theme KDE transparent QTcurve [FR]
___________ Hello ! ______________ -Liens vers le site de QtCurve pour la commande : http://www.maketecheasier.com/install-qtcurve-in-kde/2010/03/29
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How to make KDE Plasma 5.12 look like a tiling window manager
Today's howto will teach you how to make KDE Plasma 5.12 look like a tiling window manager. The less obvious bit is removing all window decorations and borders. In order to achieve this, follow these instructions: Navigate to System Settings, Appearance, Application Style, Window Decorations, Theme tab. Then press the small button of the currently selected theme (it's a tiny squared button). Navigate to the Window-Specific Overrides tab and click +Add. Then in Regular expression to match enter ".*", check "Hide window title bar" and "Border size" (with no borders), press OK and finally Apply.
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How to Make KDE Look Like Windows 10
Alpha Black Theme: https://store.kde.org/p/1084931 Menu Theme: https://store.kde.org/p/1160672/ Windows 10 Logo: https://mbtskoudsalg.com/images/windows-10-logo-png-white-5.png Thanks for watching! - - - - - kde,windows,how to transform kde to look like unity,kde plasma,make fedora look like mac os,make ubuntu look like mac os,how to install kde on linux,make ubuntu 18.04 look like mac os,make ubuntu look like mac,how to remove kde,linux,make ubuntu 18.04 look like mac,window,kde neon,kde plasma 5,windows 10,how to remove gnome,look like,windows7,make ubuntu look good,how to install gnome how to install windows 10 on android,how to install windows xp on android,how to install windows vista on android,windows,how to install windows 7 on android,windows xp,windows 10,how to,how to install windows on android without pc,how to make linux look like windows,linux,how to make windows 7 look like windows 10,how to make windows 10 look like windows xp,windows 7
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Why I switched from KDE Plasma to Gnome Desktop on openSUSE Linux
Let's talk about why I switched to Gnome and how I theme my Gnome desktop and what extensions I use. Before everybody gets excited, I'm still on openSUSE Leap 15! OpenSUSE hasn't let me down and I have no intention to hop to another distro! KDE however did let me down with Kontact and generally poor notification support on the desktop. I know KDE has notification support built into the panel but it's just not good. Notifications get hidden and are easily cleared by accident. Its just bad UX design all around. For the record, I did test out other KDE distros like Kubuntu and KDE Neon (not Manjaro though) just to make sure it wasn't the KDE version I was running. Same issues on those distros. And before people rush to tell me to try out Cinnamon, I already have. I feel Cinnamon's UX is straight out of 2010 and it's just bad. And yes I'm aware that pretty much every DE has a notification center. I feel Gnome's is the best, followed closely by Pantheon's. KDE's is just bad. The only other GTK-based desktop I have any interest in is Pantheon & ElementaryOS but as I said in the video, I prefer the "Windows style" of a bottom panel over the MacOS style of a dock with a top panel. Background track is Hold by HOME, an amazing & talented artist - https://soundcloud.com/home-2001 Support the channel by checking out my hardware specs!  Primary OS: openSUSE Leap 15 http://bit.ly/2NkunPk Motherboard: ASUS 970 Gaming Aura https://ebay.to/2NdGWvA CPU: FX-6300: https://ebay.to/2NeBh8v GPU: Nvidia GTX 760: https://ebay.to/2NdK4Ym RAM: Kingston HyperX 8gb: https://ebay.to/2NiphTF SSD: Samsung 850 EVO: https://ebay.to/2NnIOlm HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200rpm: https://ebay.to/2NnIW4k ☝️ These links are affiliate links and purchases help to support the channel!
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Make GNOME Applications/Client Side Decorations look better in KDE Plasma
I will attempt to keep this description continuously updated as KWin progresses. Last Updated: 2018-02-10 Step 1: Add the dark gtk3 theme. (Some gtk applications require it.) a) Enter the command "sudo cp /usr/share/themes/Breeze-Dark/gtk-3.20/gtk.css /usr/share/themes/Breeze/gtk-3.20/gtk-dark.css" into konsole. Step 2: Disable CSD Shadows [NOT APPLICABLE AS OF PLASMA 5.12] a) Paste the following contents into ~/.config/gtk3.0/gtk.css: https://gist.github.com/dylan493/38509fb633f9dccba0b22eefa02676fc b) If the file doesn't already exist, create it. Step 3: Add a shadow that will actually render: a) Open System Settings b) Navigate to Window Managment -- Window Rules c) Open a CSD application d) Create a new widow rule e) Select 'Detect Window Properties' and click on the application you just opened f) Open the 'Apprearance & Fixes' tab g) Select 'No titlebar and frame' -- Force -- No h) Click 'OK' and the 'Apply' i) Go back to 'All Settings' j) Navigate to Application Style -- Window Decorations k) Open up the settings for Breeze (or whatever window decoration you're using) l) Open the 'Window-Specific Overrides' tab m) Select '+ Add' n) Select 'Detect Window Properties' and click the application again o) Select Border Size -- No Borders, then select 'Hide window title bar' p) Select 'OK' q) Do Step 3 again with every CSD application you have installed.
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Plasma 5.12 with Kvantum Glass, Latte and Global Menus from AWC
My setup is: Manjaro-KDE theme: breath colors: breeze-dark icons: Dex KDE S aurorae theme: Glass-Kv interface look: kvantum-dark on KvGlass theme, properly tweaked and set titlebar: window buttons on the left side, on the very left edge is the menu button that looks like application icon so I can access menu either on top or in titlebar directly; on the right side there are buttons “always on top” and “on all desktops”, latte in form of dock on the button, properly tweaked latte as panel on the top, properly tweaked with system tray, clock, weather and on the left side with: Active Window Control (AWC) widget for advanced global menus, window buttons and titlebar behavior. I’m using this setup since few weeks and it’s not only looking good but it’s functional. It’s very coherent and transparency with blur is enough to give cool effect but everything is easily readable. Latte switches my font colors in top panel depending on the brightness of the wallpaper so with very bright one I get dark fonts so it’s still visible despite dark theme with white fonts. When maximizing windows, top panel becomes solid dark, titlebar is merging with top panel and window buttons show on the left side of the panel. So it works like on Unity.
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Kde plasma windows 10 theme
plasma-mycroft.git: https://goo.gl/jR1PQy K10ne-blue: https://goo.gl/J5kxKi Titled Menu: https://goo.gl/S9WNTn WindowsK10: https://goo.gl/L3bLVF Window 10 Icons: https://goo.gl/nRbM1h Win7 Show Desktop: https://goo.gl/nnJDCF k8 qtcurve: https://goo.gl/pTxJwS Windows 8.1 Cursor: https://goo.gl/ZZ4s7A Music Min "8": https://goo.gl/2cyU4L Extra: Windows 10 bootsplash: https://goo.gl/nQ1pHQ Thanks For Watching it will be great if you subscribe to watch new videos ;)
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How To Use The Arc Theme On KDE Plasma Desktop
Arc is a great GTK theme that many people love, but what if you’re a KDE Plasma user? As it turns out, KDE Plasma users can now enjoy Arc thanks to the Arc KDE project. In this article, we’ll go over how to install the Arc theme on KDE and enable it for use in the Plasma desktop. More info at https://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/use-arc-theme-on-kde-plasma-desktop/
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How To Use a Global Dark Theme in KDE Plasma 5 (Breeze-Dark)
This tutorial shows how to transition from the bright KDE Plasma 5 default Breeze theme into the darker theme called Breeze-Dark. This video utilizes Kubuntu 16.04 and KDE Plasma 5.5.4. Related Links: http://kde.org http://kubuntu.org My Links: http://tuxdigital.com http://twitter.com/TuxDigitalcom ----- http://michaeltunnell.com http://twitter.com/MichaelTunnell http://visuex.com
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Plasma Style Changer KDE MyKubuntu
Plasma Style Changer application for MyKubuntu 11.10 KDE linux distribution
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Customizing KDE Plasma 5 - System Settings - Themes
In this video we discuss the System settings and specifically the appearance settings. I will apologize for covering certain things I have covered in other videos but I thought it was necessary for the series. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Don't Miss: "Ballistic Overkill on Linux Compilation" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGuS7UKW_RY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Plasma 5 on Arch Linux  – install & configure
In this video, I show how I installed, configured and tweaked my Plasma 5 desktop on Arch Linux. I have tried different distribution with Plasma 5, but KDE Plasma 5 on Arch Linux has been my best experience. This tutorial assumes you have Arch Linux installed on your system. See “Installing Arch Linux in less than 10 minutes” https://youtu.be/GKdPSGb9f5s?list=PLSmXPSsgkZLt66s-M_gfQtMakc8iYJY6M You may also find useful my video on “10 Things to do first in Arch Linux” https://youtu.be/jW4GFGOIUjc?list=PLSmXPSsgkZLt66s-M_gfQtMakc8iYJY6M I prefer to install a very minimal Plasma desktop and then build up by installing only the packages I really need. sudo pacman -S plasma-desktop 1. Install some theme tools. Essential packages for the cohesion in look between GTK and KDE applications: sudo pacman -S breeze-gtk breeze-kde4 kde-gtk-config Enable Breeze theme in SDDM: nano /etc/sddm.conf And in the section Theme, add Current=breeze. Install additional plasma widgets and plugins: sudo pacman -S kdeplasma-addons 2. Complete connection tools. sudo pacman -S networkmanager plasma-nm Disable dhcpcd: sudo systemctl stop dhcpcd sudo systemctl disable dhcpcd Enable Networkmanager: Then enable NetworkManager: sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager sudo systemctl start NetworkManager Also, make sure you have your hosts configured correctly. I showed how to do it here https://youtu.be/GKdPSGb9f5s?t=4m5s Reboot the system and you should have a network applet working in your system tray. If you use Bluetooth, install bluez and bluez-utils packages. See Arch Wiki for details https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Bluetooth If you need a VPN, depending on the service you use you can install any of these packages. networkmanager-openconnect networkmanager-openvpn networkmanager-pptp networkmanager-vpnc networkmanager-l2tp networkmanager-strongswan I installed: sudo pacman -S openconnect networkmanager-openconnect. 3. Enable audio volume control. You need to have PulseAudio and GStreamer Multimedia Framework installed. See these videos for details: https://youtu.be/GKdPSGb9f5s?t=6m52s - PulseAudio https://youtu.be/jW4GFGOIUjc?t=1m42s - GStreamer sudo pacman -S plasma-pa Restart your Plasma 5 by log out and log in. And you have a volume control on your panel. 4. Install some KDE specific and desktop essential applications. I think these are necessary: sudo pacman -S ark kinfocenter kwalletmanager gwenview kipi-plugins gimp spectacle libreoffice-fresh okular amarok vlc speedcrunch redshift yaourt -S plasma5-applets-redshift-control-git --noconfirm I also recommend these packages: sudo pacman -S digikam kcolorchooser kruler kompare kfind ktorrent Download Wallpaper: https://plus.google.com/b/105235169774065518394/+AverageLinuxUser/posts/NgF3gkpbYqE ################################################ Support on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/averagelinuxuser Donate through PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/Kryvokhyzha ################################################ More cool Linux stuff at other social media: Google+ - Best Linux Stuff: https://plus.google.com/+AverageLinuxUser Facebook - Top Linux Tips: https://www.facebook.com/AverageLinuxUser Twitter - Daily Linux News: http://twitter.com/AVGLinuxUser Website: http://averagelinuxuser.com/
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My Theming of Kubuntu 18.04 KDE Plasma 5.12.5 Desktop
Workspace Theme: Breeze Dark Desktop Theme: Breeze Alpha Black … Window Decorations: Glow Dark KV Wallpapers from Charlie Henson: https://www.opendesktop.org/member/339133/ https://twitter.com/MicroFreaks https://plus.google.com/b/109167721776905031830/+CharlieHenson Like my channel? Please help support it: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/quidsup Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/quidsup Follow me on Social Media Google+ https://google.com/+quidsup Twitter: https://twitter.com/quidsup Minds: https://minds.com/quidsup
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KDE Plasma beautiful Klone10 theme  "unity 7 flavor"
1- Breezemite: https://goo.gl/YSXuHs 2- Active Window Control Plasmoid: https://goo.gl/sw5oMZ 3- present windows button: https://goo.gl/1YpJun 4- Font: https://goo.gl/1k6DXB 5- Klone10 theme: https://goo.gl/nkGhS7 6- Xatane icon pack: https://goo.gl/oG78BA 7- music part 1 : https://goo.gl/PheB4S 8- music part 2 : https://goo.gl/L9yGiK 9- Wallpaper: https://goo.gl/cKwtkc See also: 1- kde plasma 5.9 mac os x sierra theme: https://goo.gl/D2ZAAp 2- kde splash screen: https://goo.gl/14DH58 3- kde plasma application folder view: https://goo.gl/Bg6nVu 4- Control Linux Using Mouse: https://goo.gl/MFrA8T Thanks For watching it will be great if you subscribe to watch new videos.
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Tweak kde plasma 5 splash screen
create kde plasma splash screen "login screen" here is the splash folder : https://goo.gl/vNLuxX extract to ~/.local/share/plasma/look-and-feel/ I have designed a new style and more simple if you like you can try : https://goo.gl/YKH6XQ and here's a screenshot : http://imgur.com/jwjCnzR Thanks for watching it will be great if you subscribe to watch new uploads :) I'm sorry for white flash on recording i have tried a lot of applications with different fps and all of them not working great for the full-screen
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kde plasma ubuntu "unity 7" theme
Active Window Control Plasmoid: https://goo.gl/5Hxh74 kvantum: https://goo.gl/YHXWNU Blender Ambiance: https://goo.gl/7utAM9 Present Windows Button: https://goo.gl/1YpJun Popup Launcher: https://goo.gl/1Uw1KG Unity Ambiance: https://goo.gl/Jnk66j Ambiance plasma: https://goo.gl/4G5hVM PRA-DMZ: https://goo.gl/Cn7pds if anyone find any suitable icons for ubuntu plz post on the comments Music: https://goo.gl/2cyU4L Thanks for watching it will be great if you subscribe to watch new videos
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How to create a look and feel theme
Voice and screen recording: Rocco (Big Daddy) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtZRKfyvx7GUEi-Lr7f4Nxg More info on the wiki: https://userbase.kde.org/Plasma/Create_a_Look_and_Feel_Package
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Awesome New Numix Theme for KDE 5.8.2
Since KDE Plasma 5.8 came on the scene some of the top rated themes didn't work very well. Now there is a new updated Numix theme that is tested and works great for KDE Plasma 5.8.2. Thanks Numix team , great job!
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Quick Look at KDE Plasma 5.9 Global Menu
Quick look at new Global Menu feature in KDE Plasma 5.9, as well as a look at the new Application switcher, new style Network menu, and Spectacle screenshot export without saving. Demonstration carried out in KDE Neon User Edition. Wallpaper: https://quidsup.net?i=FractalLines.jpg
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Tutorial : change kde menu launcher style
A short tutorial to show how to switch between kickoff and classic menu launcher syles.
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Manjaro Linux KDE plasma 5, du flat, mais stylé
Abonne toi, à notre chaîne YouTube ! cela fait toujours plaisir ! Clic sur j'aime, si tu aime cette vidéo ! Laisse un commentaire, si tu veux dire quelque chose ! Actualia, notre blog : www.actualia.fr
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MacOS theme on KDE 5.10
kde, macos, theme, plasma, linux, archlinux
KDE Neon 5.9 dark theme
kde plasma 5.9.2 mx theme windows decoration breeze no blur numix icon prototype fonts batman wallpaper windows opacity 75%
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How To Fix ROOT Apps' Theme in KDE Plasma
Add this line in /etc/environment ::: XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP="KDE" How to use 'kdesu' : https://youtu.be/ytybmQrLTzI
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GNOME 3 Vs KDE Plasma | Which is the Best Linux Desktop Environment?
GNOME desktop and KDE Plasma are definitely the top 2 desktop environments used in Linux. In this video, we will be seeing how they both compare against each other in terms of visual aesthetics, looks and style, performance, customizability, stability and workflow. GNOME has a top panel based design. The top panel has all the essential elements like basic controls, notifications, and the calendar. The application menu is a fullscreen one with large icons and a search. Pressing the windows button invokes an overview with all the running windows. This does make switching easier, but I feel that this setup is somewhat distracting. GNOME is a modern desktop environment that is keeping up with technology. The animations and effects are generously incorporated which make the desktop look LIKE a graceful dance. A large number of Linux apps are built for GNOME desktop so the themes and the integration work really well, making all the applications look so uniform. This is a huge plus point for gnome desktop. KDE PLasma desktop, on the other hand, is built using the Qt framework. The desktop layout is rather traditional with a bottom panel. KDE has a very polished look with slick animations and a clean desktop. The animations are very different from what we see in other desktops. The themes are really good with a very high level of detailing work done on them. All in all, KDE Plasma is a gorgeous desktop environment as far as looks are concerned and it has this touch of superiority to it.
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KDE Plasma - accent color v2
Changed it to be more like Windows 10 acrylic to improve contrast: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/design/style/images/acrylicrecipe_diagram.jpg
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Jomada-Style Tema para Plasma 5 - kde
Jomada-Style es mi nuevo tema para plasma 5, el escritorio de la comunidad KDE, link al blog https://seduccionlinux.wordpress.com/2017/04/14/jomada-style-nuevo-tema-plasma/
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MacOS theme on KDE plasma 5.10
Operating System: ArchLinux + KDE plasma 5.10.2 Theme: Breezemite Wallpaper: macOS High Sierra icons: macOS
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Why Ubuntu 18.04 Should Use KDE Plasma Instead of GNOME
http://tuxdigital.com/shirt || http://tuxdigital.com/patreon I think it was a mistake for Canonical to have chosen GNOME rather than KDE Plasma and in this video I explain why. Essentially it boils down to the fact that the vast majority of features in Ubuntu's Unity are already available in KDE Plasma, most of which are available by default. Canonical could maintain the switch to Qt that Unity 8 started, maintain the design vision that Mark Shuttleworth wanted all the while not having to hack on the code of the KDE Plasma desktop environment much and in some cases at all. TuxDigital Links: - http://tuxdigital.com - http://tuxdigital.com/patreon - http://michaeltunnell.com - https://visuex.com --------------------- AppMenu Runner (HUD): http://afiestas.org/appmenu-runner-meet-the-kde-hud/ Popup Launcher: https://store.kde.org/content/show.php?content=175769 Plasma Theme: https://store.kde.org/content/show.php/Unity+Ambiance?content=159937 --------------------- __Segment Index__ 00:15 - Why Ubuntu Should Use KDE Plasma ------- Unity Features in Plasma 01:03 - Unity Launcher 02:35 - Global Menu 03:18 - Left Window Controls 03:52 - Super Number Launching 04:23 - Top Right Indicators 04:33 - Sound Menu Applet 04:52 - System Menu 05:15 - Merge Panel/Titlebar on Maximize 05:51 - KWin No Borders is Awesome 06:13 - Recent Files in Dash 06:33 - Jumplists 06:41 - Alt+Tab Application Switching 07:08 - Workspace Switcher 07:28 - HUD (Heads Up Display) 09:26 - Prototype Unity in Plasma Package ------- 10:28 - End Screen
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nitrogen widget style
New nitrogen widget style for KDE 4.3+.
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Imagine OS....Netbook KDE Style..
Watch in fullscreen and HD... Here we have a look at the latest version of imagine os,this time with with a netbook version with KDE. Now i would have given this a 4.5/5 but as the lilo bootloader didnt want to play,it only gets a 4..
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KDE Plasma titlebar color theme on Ubuntu 17.04
KDE Plasma titlebar color theme and windows snapping on Ubuntu 17.04 KDE Plasma 5 is the fifth and current generation of the desktop environment created by KDE primarily for Linux systems. KDE Plasma 5 is the successor of KDE Plasma 4 and was initially released on 15 July 2014.It includes a new default theme, known as "Breeze", as well as increased convergence across different devices. The graphical interface was fully migrated to QML, which uses OpenGL for hardware acceleration resulting in better performance and reduced power consumption.
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