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MASTER - MEG-130 Engraving Tool
MASTER - MEG-130 Engraving ToolThis electrical tool offered by URAFAN has well recommended itself as a household appliance that contains professional units in its structure. URAGAN tools are produced by the best tool manufacturers based on KRAFTOOL technologies. The cases of all the devices are made of shockproof plastic with antislip coating, whereas the connection cable and a number of other parts use the cold-resistant and thermostable materials. That's why this high-quality, reliable and affordable electrical instrument meets all the required parameters and is best fitted for a wide range of consumers. The MASTER tool series is designed for consumers, who like to use their hands. A broad spectrum of tools that can be used for automation of any operation enables one to quickly obtain the required result and pay more attention to the creative process.MEG130E is an engraving tool used as a multi-functional instrument. It has a number of replaceable cutting, filing and engraving nozzles. The convenient ergonomic case facilitates long working time without excessive effort. The power plug is located in the lower part of the device, right next to the fingers, so that the tool can be switched off without having to change the working position.Motor's rotation speed is regulated with the help of a variable resistor located in the upper part of the tool's case. The nozzles can be replaced both, manually and using a wrench. To do that, loosen the collet chuck by screwing out the retaining ring.The collet chuck securely holds the tool, which prevents voluntary extraction from the slot.Material is cut by cutting disks. Try to hold the tool straight and perpendicularly to the surface being processed...Abrasive and felted nozzles are used to file various soft and hard materials...And of course the main function of the device - engraving. This is for the most part done with the help of diamond engraving drills...The entire set is first of all acquaintance with the tool. If one desires to supplement it by any additional functions, the manufacturer is always there to help. The number of nozzles for this device is truly unlimited! And do keep in mind, a high quality tool means not only safety and pleasure, but also convenience, performance and results!
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