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Friday Nights: The Exile Zone
Welcome to... The Exile Zone. Pick up your tokens Ben. Find more from LoadingReadyRun at their website: http://www.loadingreadyrun.com
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Friday Nights: Hold Priority
Graham is excited to play Commander but Paul needs some time to make changes to his. Meanwhile Kathleen tries to get James to, well, stop holding priority.
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Friday Nights: The Card
See Magic in a whole new way from a unique perspective. Learn more about LoadingReadyRun by visiting their website: www.LoadingReadyRun.com or their Twitch channel: twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun
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Friday Nights: Brawl
The gang takes up Brawl, but there might be something sinister lurking beneath Squee's unassuming demeanor. For more from LoadingReadyRun, check out Loadingreadyrun.com.
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Friday Nights: Core Values
While Kathleen and Cameron get dramatic over the return of Millstone and friends, Graham and James run their own midnight Prerelease. Kind of. For more from LoadingReadyRun, check out LoadingReadyRun.com. Obviously.
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Friday Night Magic | Narratively
Worldwide, there are millions of registered Magic: The Gathering players. Now in it's 20th year, the game—in which two players wage battle using trading cards that cast spells and creatures upon their opponent—is more popular than ever. Some of these ninety million play just for fun; others compete for winnings that can reach to the tens of thousands per tournament. In New York City on any given Friday night, MTG devotees can find officially sanctioned Friday Night Magic tournaments at ten comic book and gaming stores in the five boroughs. Produced and Directed by Holly Lynn Ellis and Andrew Tank Rivara Edited by Sara Huneke Filmed by Will Kaufman Holly Lynn Ellis is a native North Dakotan acting, writing and producing in Brooklyn. She's the producer of the narrative feature films Turtle Hill, Brooklyn and the Sundance-selected Prairie Love. She also works as video production manager at CafeMom. Friday Night Magic is in development for a feature-length documentary. Connect on Twitter @hollylynnellis Andrew Tank Rivara's work as a director of photography can be seen in the upcoming feature Turtle Hill, Brooklyn. He is the proprietor of Tank Lights You Up, a lighting equipment rental service based in New Jersey. Tank started playing Magic: The Gathering when he was eleven years old. He still plays. Sara Huneke is a writer, director and editor living in Brooklyn. She's a member of Meerkat Media Collective and Associate Creative Director at Eyeball NYC. Will Kaufman is a NJ/NY based filmmaker who won a CINE Golden Eagle for his first documentary, Blowing Smoke. He has worked for Discovery, Viacom, Relativity Media, CBS, ESPN, Bacardi, and Google to name a few. Find him at WDK Films and on Twitter @wdkfilms. *** Narratively is an online platform that publishes untold, original human stories from around the world. Subscribe to Narratively: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Narratively Want more Narratively?: http://narrative.ly/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Narratively/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/narratively Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/narratively/ Sign up for the Newsletter: http://bit.ly/YU5euS
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Friday Nights: Quizmasters
Kathleen and Cameron are confronted with a questionable result on the Guilds of Ravnica quiz. Graham and James are faced with an unmakeable decision. Want to take the Guild Quiz? Visit this page and scroll down to the middle of it: https://magic.wizards.com/en/products/guilds-ravnica Learn more about LoadingReadyRun by visiting their website: www.LoadingReadyRun.com or their Twitch channel: twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun
Views: 85725 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: Six Sides
LoadingReadyRun is building a Cube! And it will even have good cards in in! Also, we observe the Standard player in their natural habitat. They truly are enchanting in the wild.
Views: 514474 Magic: The Gathering
First Friday: Kaladesh at Friday Night Magic
The Walking the Planes crew visits a local store to find out what players brought to battle with at the first Friday Night Magic after the rotation and release of Kaladesh. Gearhulks smashed, vehicles were crewed, and inventions were forged as players got creative with Kaladesh. What will you create at your next Friday Night Magic?
Views: 32622 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: Battle of Wit
Missy and Graham battle over Magic trivia with a special guest as quizz master. Meanwhile, Paul thinks he's figured out Dominaria. Or has he? See more from LoadingReadyRun at http://loadingreadyrun.com.
Views: 168431 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights:  Assortment
Finding a Battlebond partner can be tough. If you're Graham. Even on your birthday. For more from LoadingReadyRun visit www.loadingreadyrun.com
Views: 126158 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights - The Return
LoadingReadyRun returns with a new episode of their series 'Friday Nights'
Views: 632150 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights - The Masters
Graham, James, Paul and Alex all get together to watch a replay of Pro Tour Dragon's Maze while Kathleen, Jer and Cam all face off over a box of Modern Masters.
Views: 586562 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights - GP Bound
The LoadingReadyRun crew are heading to Grand Prix Calgary, here's a look at how they prepare and their journey across Canada for the tournament.
Views: 566030 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights - Prereleasing
LoadingReadyRun prepare and take part in their Magic 2014 Prerelease, see how they get ready for the big day.
Views: 630561 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: Strange Brew
Alex solves the already solved mystery, Kathleen tries to prep the team for the Prerelease, and Paul creates a, well, strange brew. Plus, a seriously serious (not really) movie reference right after the credits. If you don't get the reference, ask someone over 30.
Views: 399319 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: The Long Road
Paul's journey has been building up to this: Pro Tour Magic Origins!
Views: 537268 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: Throwback
The crew hosts a throwback draft of the original Zendikar while reminiscing about their favorite decks from way back when. You know, all the best strategies: Kobolds, Homarids, and turn one Grey Ogres.
Views: 351014 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: Unusual
Cam and Kathleen try to find a friend to help out with Kindslaver--in not the right way. Meanwhile, Paul reacts emotionally to Hydradoodle.
Views: 193950 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: Darkness
When the LoadingReadyRun crew sits down to draft, tragedy strikes! ...and then the power goes out. What does LRR do to get through such a difficult time? A different kind of draft. And make sure to watch for a very special guest! Talk about this series on Twitter with the #FridayNightsMTG hashtag and be sure to follow @loadingreadyrun!
Views: 460721 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: Commandeered
One game, one shot, and one annoying deck from Cameron. The LoadingReadyRun crew battles Commander into all hours of the night. They really should start these games earlier. Check out more from LoadingReadyRun at www.loadingreadyrun.com.
Views: 204481 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights -  'Tis the Season
Luck comes Alex's way as Magic Christmas Land is upon us.
Views: 285261 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: Merfolk Surprise
Fish are back on the menu! And off the menu. And then back on? Cameron goes on a journey to play Merfolk in Standard. Mostly. Check out more from LoadingReadyRun at LoadingReadyRun.com
Views: 204661 Magic: The Gathering
Craziest Things That Have Happened at Friday Night Magic
Here are the 4 or so craziest stories that have actually happened to me at FNM. Share your crazy story in the comment section too. Support me on Patreon for mad rewards: https://www.patreon.com/desolatormagic Follow me on Twitter for awesome decklist updates, tips, sneak peeks of upcoming videos, etc: https://twitter.com/DesolatorMagic Get epic Desolator Magic shirts: https://teespring.com/stores/desolator-magic
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Friday Nights: Mono-Decent
LoadingReadyRun takes on Grand Prix Vancouver, including Draft Town, Commander Village, and the Tin Man All-Star Band.
Views: 469122 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights - Speechless
Graham comes down with something and his friends try to give him his own chance to battle at the Magic 2015 Prerelease.
Views: 448681 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: Monarch
Whoever wears the crown makes the rules. And gets the donuts.
Views: 279348 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights - Grand Prix Calgary
The LoadingReadyRun arrive at Grand Prix Calgary ready to enjoy their weekend at the event. James gets caught in a compromising position. Kathleen and Cam find themselves facing off at the worst possible time.
Views: 586367 Magic: The Gathering
How to Play at Friday Night Magic
Friday Night Magic is THE weekly local Magic hangout. You don't want to miss out! Gaby and Mark tell you what to expect and how to find an event near you!
Views: 11613 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights - Untap
Episode one of our 4-episode commodoreHUSTLE spinoff, Friday Nights. Produced in association with (and thanks to!) Wizards of the Coast.
Views: 902098 loadingreadyrun
Friday Nights: Nonstandard Rotation
It's post-rotation and Alex is back into brewing for Standard. But with the format so fresh, what's a player to play?
Views: 347900 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights - "Brewmaster Showdown"
Come on down to Cam's U-Brew Standard Warehouse as the gang shows up for the Standard Showdown. Just don't try to give them any holiday gifts.
Views: 284242 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: Leagues Ahead
The crew joins an Amonkhet Sealed League only to discover that the sick plays were inside them all along. Also, they won all the games. Almost.
Views: 247636 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: A Very Friday Night
James discovers a most unusual of break-ins at his home and is reminded the true meaning of the holidays.
Views: 331685 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights - In Command
When you get seven people in for a game of Commander, it's not going to end quickly.
Views: 785829 loadingreadyrun
Friday Nights - Friday
The crew tries their hands at FNM, to varying results.
Views: 656396 loadingreadyrun
Scared of Friday Night Magic the Gathering?
Visit mtglion.com for SPICY magic the gathering news and updates. Support Us on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/mtglion?ty=h Magic the Gathering Online Videos about Magic the Gathering Cards. MTGLION Goes Over Magic the Gathering Rules; talk about magic the gathering deck builder; goes over new and old magic the gathering sets; and offers a magic the gathering wiki of sorts. MTGLION discusses Magic the Gathering card prices and Magic the Gathering Spoilers. Remember to tap the Like button and leave a Comment. Welcome to my channel, MTG Lion is a Gatherer channel that discusses magic mtg, mtg daily, mtg deck builder, mtg edh, mtg salvation, mtg standard, mtg commander, and gatherer mtg. I talk about the best magic cards to speculate on for mtg finance and what magic the gathering cards to buy. Oath of the Gatewatch spoilers, Oath of the Gatewatch speculation, Shadows Over Innistrad, Shadows Over Innistrad Spoilers, Shadows Over Innistrad Preview, eldritch moon, eldritch moon Spoilers, eldritch moon Preview, Conspiracy 2, Conspiracy 2 Spoilers, Conspiracy 2 Preview, Kaladesh, Kaladesh Spoilers, Kaladesh Preview, Amonkhet, Amonkhet Spoilers, Amonkhet Preview, Aether Revolt, Aether Revolt Spoilers, Hour of Devastation, Hour of Devastation Spoilers, Hour of Devastation Preview, Iconic Masters, Iconic Masters Spoiler, Unstable, Unstable Spoilers, 25th Anniversary, 25th Anniversary Spoilers, Ixalan, Ixalan Spoilers, Rivals of Ixalan spoilers, Rivals of Ixalan, Dominaria, Dominaria Spoilers, Core Set 2019, Core Set 2019 Spoilers, Like on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mtgic Follow on twitter: https://twitter.com/mtglion Subscribe on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/mtglion
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Friday Nights: Dino Time
Graham and Paul settle the debate between Pirates and Dinosaurs, while the rest of the crew turns predatory to prepare for the Ixalan Prerelease.
Views: 181941 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights - Guild Fight
LoadingReadyRun hosts an unsanctioned draft at the Moonbase featuring teams for a few guilds. But not all is as it seems.
Views: 592188 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: Archfrenemies
There's no time to relax, as Paul tries to crack Magic Origins ahead of the Pro Tour with the help of an algorithm that is slightly suspect. Meanwhile, Ladies' Night is overtaken by a pair of Spikey villains. Sort of.
Views: 441357 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: Time Walking
Jer discovers the perils of his "Take Another Turn" deck while Alex plays his mono-black 100-card singleton deck, Graham drafts Theros block, and Kathleen works on the cube for her Lady Planeswalker Society.
Views: 451977 Magic: The Gathering
My First FNM (Friday Night Magic) - Beginner's Luck?
Time stamps: 17:46 - Ixalan booster pack 20:15 - Rivals of Ixalan booster pack 24:13 - Dominaria booster pack 28:11 - Core Set 2019 booster pack This video is just me documenting my first time FNM experience yesterday after buying the Counter Surge Challenger Deck on Wed for about $30. I truly hope they continue making Challenger Decks because they are fantastic entry level competitive Standard ready decks even though they are missing full playsets of some of the more powerful cards. It was a blast, and everyone at my local game store was super friendly and awesome. I saw a diverse meta which was different then what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be mostly aggro because of the Hazoret Red Challenger Deck being so popular. Btw, the Liliana's Planeswalker deck had 5 cards that I actually used in the Counter Surge Challenger deck: x2 Murder x2 Diregraf Ghoul x1 Demon of Catastrophes Anyways, heres the decks that I faced (my record vs opponent): Round 1 - Bolas Control (0-2) Round 2 - Mono Black Control (2-0) Round 3 - Red Aggro (2-1) Round 4 - Mono Green Stompy (2-0) I was super happy with this result (3-1) and got 4 boosters for the price of a $5 entry fee! I'm definitely going to be participating more in Standard events because I don't know if Commander is for me. I tried to join a draft, but it unfortunately fired up at the exact same time as the Standard event.
Views: 346 The Casual Cube
Friday Nights - Politics
The Alex Initiative seeks support as the Loading Ready Run crew do battle with Commander. Alex wields Purphoros, God of the Forge, Kathleen battles with Oona, Queen of the Fae, Jeremy uses Diaochan, Artful Beauty while both Graham and Paul use the new Commander (2013 Edition) Derevi, Empyrial Tactician. Meanwhile James and Cam decide to make a new Cube!
Views: 652351 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: Zendikar Murder Mystery
It’s a spooky Halloween murder mystery for the LoadingReadyRun crew as they try to scare up who the real killer is! And also themed snacks.
Views: 261725 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights - Grinding
LoadingReadyRun is back! Graham and James dive into Magic Online Cube draft while Jeremy, Kathleen and Alex play in their store's league!
Views: 646129 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: It Resolves
The Friday Nights crew make their resolutions for the new year, ready to tackle them in all their Magic glory. But who will stay strong in the face of doubt?
Views: 536710 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: Amon-Cats
Kathleen just wants to play with her Cat Commander deck, while James prepares for Draft Weekend. And he totally has a stone guy for Paul. Want more information on Draft Weekend? Visit http://magic.wizards.com/en/event-types/draft-weekend
Views: 314246 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Nights: A Fine Rotisserie
What’s the deal with Mono-Red? And Khans Block Rotisserie Draft? And what’s the deal with Gred and Reen?
Views: 398331 Magic: The Gathering
Friday Night Paper Fight — 4 Player Commander
Broadcast 2018-06-15 Decklists: Kathleen - https://mtg.gamepedia.com/Arcane_Wizardry Ian - https://mtg.gamepedia.com/Stalwart_Unity Cori - https://mtg.gamepedia.com/Breed_Lethality Graham - https://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/selesnya-pile-1/?cb=1530164369 Support our streams (and lots of other stuff!) Patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
Views: 46616 LoadingReadyLive

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