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Michael Jackson On The dating Game Show (1972) !!!RARE!!!
Michael Joseph Jackson, I Love You....so much! You will live in my heart forever and ever!! Your art gave us life. Your philanthropy has blessed so many. Your legacy is ETERNAL. Rest in heavenly peace, MJ ❤ THIS IS IT! THE VIDEO YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! Michael Jackson on the Dating Game Show! He was 14 years old! This is SUPER rare, SUPER funny and SUPER embarrassing..........for Michael Lol! COMMENT!!! ALL comments are accepted because I respect everybody's opinions just please don't be too hard on the guy(he's my favorite!) PS. If you are a Michael Jackson fan ADD ME!!
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Michael Jackson on "The Dating Game" - 1972
Young Michael Jackson On the &70's hit show The Dating Game. R I P Michael Jackson, You are and forever will be a legend.
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Michael Jackson plays on "Dating Game" and talks about their date. (Sub Ita)
"To give someone a piece of your heart, is worth more than all the wealth in the world. Michael Jackson". "Dare a qualcuno un pezzo del tuo cuore vale più di tutte le ricchezze del mondo. Michael Jackson).
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Michael Jackson's Very First Date at the Age of 14
Michael Jackson looked much better when he was in the age of early teens with his original dark skin. In 1972, he was a 14-year-old boy. Back then he looked pretty healthy and handsome than after he had bleached his skin in his early 40s. Although he claimed that he had contracted some kind of mysterious skin disease and it made his skin to turn white, not many believed his claim, expect his die-hard fans. I did not believe his claim either. But it doesn't really matter. All it matters is that I love his music regardless of his color of the skin. Like his song "Black or White," when it comes to his baby, it won't matter to him if it is black or white. Same goes for his music, it won't matter whether or not his singing comes from Black Michael or White Michael. Now, this video clip shows how Michael got his very first date, at the age of 14. Can you believe that a singer as famous as Michael got his very first date through the TV Game Show Network? That's exactly what happened in 1972. According to the show, Michael got a girl and had made a trip to New York City, of course, with a chaperon. The girl had to be protected. :) by cacomfort.
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Dating Game: Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Arnold
Here are clips from The Dating Game featuring some top talent: Farrah Fawcett (1969), Arnold Schwarzenegger (1974), Michael Jackson (1972), and Suzanne Somers (1973)
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Michael Jackson on the dating game
michael j jackson on the dating game
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Michael Jackson On The Dating Game 1972-REACTION
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Tuesday Morning Live: The Dating Game
Camp Aldersgate, Summer 2009. This is typical TML material. Featuring Kyle Jacoby, Sarah Hayes as a Yankee soldier, Charles McDonald as Michael Jackson, and Kyle McCully as Tessa.
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Wanda meets Michael Jackson
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Dating Game Arnold Schwarzenegger 1973  check the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6JjyrB-1Ls
The Dating Game Arnold Schwarzenegger 1973 BTW check out bky guy because he has alot of hot models cosplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6JjyrB-1Ls BTW, also check out ShyKenji on his path https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkvvgxMjTdWHhpk8d9JNtjg I do not own this video and have no copyrights on this This is property of The Game Show Network and the Production company
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Michael Jackson On The Dating Game! ❤❥♥ OMG!  ❤❥♥ You Gotta L.O.V.E It!
Michael Jackson appeared on The Dating Game in 1972 ❤❥♥❤❥♥❤❥♥❤❥♥❤❥♥❤❥♥❤❥♥❤❥♥❤❥♥❤❥♥ The Dating Game is an ABC television show that first aired on December 20, 1965 and was the first of many shows created and packaged by Chuck Barris from the 1960s through the 1980s. ABC dropped the show on July 6, 1973, but it resurfaced in several syndicated versions (1973--1974 as The New Dating Game, 1978--1980, 1986--1989 and 1996--1999; repeats of the last version appeared in the 1999--2000 season). For years it was almost always aired in tandem with another Barris production, The Newlywed Game, which premiered on ABC the following year. The show was a forerunner of a number of other shows themed in the same style
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Wanda on Dating Game with Jim Carrey
Possibly the funniest skit of all time. Jim Carrey plays the host of "The Dating Game," where Jamie Foxx's character 'Wanda' tries to score a date. Absolutely hilarious. This is from "In Living Color."
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American Bandstand 1972- Interview Michael Jackson
Dick Clark interviews Michael Jackson on American Bandstand
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Stephanie Mills on Dating Michael Jackson (another interview)
This is another interview where she talks about dating Michael Jackson. Not the same one as the rest on youtube.
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Michael Jackson - Maths skit with Flip Wilson
Funny stuff. A skit from a 1972 Flip Wilson show. One of the few MJ clips not already on YouTube!
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improv "the dating game"
steve tries to figure out who wants to date him....michael jackson, vanilla ice, tupac and josh.....are the men steve (as a she) will try to date.
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The Dating Game with Michael Jackson
-~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Journey Into Ancient Egyptian Meditation Music" ➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-b3SSbJ5QQ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Michael jackson and Donny Osmond
Very rare video clip
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The Mysterious Death of Michael Jackson
"The Mysterious Death of Michael Jackson When pop legend Michael Jackson unexpectedly died in 2009, it was immediately clear that something strange had happened. As it was investigated, evidence came to light to suggest that the Prince of Pop's death was not all that it seemed... Don't forget to Subscribe for more Conspiracies! - http://bit.ly/1dmVsvF A massive thank you to our super fans who have supported us on our Patreon page. Feel free to take a look at the rewards we have on offer for our supporters here: https://www.patreon.com/alltimeconspiracies?ty=h --------------------- Video Endboard Link: Who Really Killed Kurt Cobain?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZdTQ1GEObE --------------------- Watch more Alltime Conspiracies: - Was Heath Ledger Murdered?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr-6kXxatd0 - Did The CIA Assassinate JFK?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7HBIhK251A - Who Really Killed Kurt Cobain?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZdTQ1GEObE --------------------- Like us on Facebook - http://on.fb.me/1eWsxhV Follow us on Twitter - http://bit.ly/MNqFgY Alltime's greatest conspiracies... http://bit.ly/1eRToNK
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If I was on the dating game (special guest) Michael Jackson
I swear this would be ke if I was on the show with Michael I would legit say anything to win that show... Please LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE
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Premiere "Dating Game" with Peyton List, Jason Earles, J.J. Totah and Michael David Palance
Disney Channel stars Peyton List and J.J. Totah from "Jesse" and Jason Earles from "Hannah Montana" and "Kickin' It" join Premiere Event CEO Michael David Palance in the comedy sketch "Dating Game". Jason and J.J. pretend to be Premiere Event talent hoping to win a date with Peyton List. The result ends up in a surprise kiss for Peyton.
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What Are Michael Jackson's Children Up To 9 Years After His Death?
It's been nine years since the King of Pop died. Michael Jackson was 50 when he suffered a fatal overdose at his home, leaving behind three young children who were raised by his extended family. Jackson had two children with ex-wife Debbie Rowe, Michael Prince Jr. and Paris. His youngest child, Prince Michael Jackson II, was conceived with an anonymous surrogate. InsideEdition.com's Mara Montalbano (https://twitter.com/MaraMontalbano) has more.
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In Living Color: The Dating Game With Wanda
Follow Me On Instagram please @caligram30
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Maureen McCormick On Dating Michael Jackson: “I Was The Older Woman”
The “Brady Bunch” actress went on a few dates with the King of Pop back in the 1970s. Visit http://harrytv.com for showtimes. Follow Harry on social: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/harryconnickjr Twitter: https://twitter.com/harryconnickjr Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/harryconnickjr
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Michael Jackson - Thriller (Official Music Video)
Michael Jackson's official music video for "Thriller" Listen to more Michael Jackson: https://MichaelJackson.lnk.to/Stream!to Michael Jackson's 14-minute short film "Thriller" revolutionized the music video genre forever. Hailed as the greatest music video of all time by MTV, VH1, Rolling Stone and others, "Thriller," directed by John Landis, is also the only music video selected to be included in the Library of Congress' prestigious National Film Registry. Buy/Listen to Thriller 25: Amazon - http://smarturl.it/mj_thriller25_amzn?IQid=ytd.mj.thrill3 iTunes - http://smarturl.it/MJ_T25DE_OS?IQid=ytd.mj.thrill3 Official Store - http://smarturl.it/MJ_T25DE_OS?IQid=ytd.mj.thrill3 Spotify - http://smarturl.it/mj_thriller25_sptfy?IQid=ytd.mj.thrill3 Written by Rod Temperton Produced by Quincy Jones for Quincy Jones Productions From the album Thriller, released November 30, 1982 Released as a single January 23, 1984 THE SHORT FILM Director: John Landis Primary Production Location: Los Angeles, California Michael Jackson's short film for "Thriller" was the third of three short films produced for recordings from Thriller, which continues its reign as the biggest selling album of all time with worldwide sales in excess of 105 million as of June 1, 2016 and in December 2015 became the first ever album to be awarded triple diamond status (i.e.: sales in excess of 30 million) by the RIAA for US sales alone. The "Thriller" single reached No. 1 in four countries in 1984, topping the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart as well as charts in Spain, France and Belgium. The song peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, making Thriller the first album to feature seven Top 10 singles. The Recording Industry Association of America certified "Thriller" Gold and Platinum on December 4, 1989. The groundbreaking short films for the Thriller album, starting with "Billie Jean," following up with "Beat It" and culminating with the epic, nearly 14-minute "Thriller," truly expanded the possibilities of "music video" as art form. "I wanted something that would glue you to the set, something you'd want to watch over and over," Michael wrote in his 1988 memoir Moonwalk. "I wanted to be a pioneer in this relatively new medium and make the best short music movies we could make." In the short film's extended prologue, Michael's moonlit date with his girlfriend (played by model Ola Ray) is interrupted by his sudden transformation into a howling werewolf. While the "real" Michael and Ola, observing the scene in a movie theater, walk home from the their date, Michael teases her by singing the verses of "Thriller." Follow Michael Jackson: Facebook - http://smarturl.it/mj_facebook?IQid=ytd.mj.thrill3 Twitter - http://smarturl.it/mj_twitter?IQid=ytd.mj.thrill3 Spotify - http://smarturl.it/mj_spotify?IQid=ytd.mj.thrill3 Newsletter - http://smarturl.it/mj_newsletter?IQid=ytd.mj.thrill3 YouTube - http://smarturl.it/mj_youtube?IQid=ytd.mj.thrill3 Website - http://smarturl.it/mj_website?IQid=ytd.mj.thrill3 #MichaelJackson #Thriller #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, John Ritter and other celebs on The Dating Game
Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Steve Martin, John Ritter, Andy Kauffman on The Dating Game before they made it big.
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Premiere Program at Disney - Dating Game
In this episode, Peyton Meyer from "Girl Meets World" plays the Bachelor and Bachelorette's Skai Jackson from "Bunk'd", Lauren Taylor from "Best Friends Whenever" and JJ Totah from "Jessie" vie for a date with the Disney Channel star. Hosted by Premiere CEO Michael David Palance.
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Celebrities on The Dating Game in the 60s and 70s.mov
Steve Martin Michael Jackson Farrah Fawcett The Dating Game John Ritter Andy Kaufman
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Andy Kaufman on The Dating Game Andy Kaufman The dating Game
This was long before this character Andy is playing became Latka Gravis on the comedy series "Taxi" --thank you to the original poster of this clip subcin (Subterranean Cinema) here on YouTube "But... I answered all de questions de right vay! I vas honest about eet all!!"
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Michael Jackson's Greatest TV Moments P7
A look back at the King of Pop's greatest TV Moments. From the Dating Game at age 14 to the World Music Awards in 2000 and everything in between.
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Michael Jackson's Greatest TV Moments P3
A look back at the King of Pop's greatest TV Moments, from The Dating Game at age 14 to the World Music Awards in 2000 and everything in between.
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Premiere Disney - Dating Game with Debby Ryan
Debby Ryan "Jessie", Paris Berelc "Lab Rats: Elite Force", JJ Totah "Glee" and Hayden Byerly "The Fosters" in the Premiere Program Dating Game special Where Are They Now? Five years after wining the Dating Game, Michael David Palance revisits with Ma'Shequa Rhodes, Barbara Rhodes, Brittany Von Otten and Garrett Johnsonson.
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Farrah Fawcett on The Dating Game 1969
Farrah Fawcett on The Dating Game
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Dating Pro Tips
▼Watch more: Porn with Clothes On: https://youtu.be/zNsYdgmzj68 Mystery video: https://youtu.be/lkTTI63OAgc ----------------------------------- sWooZie INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/swoozie SNAPCHAT: swoozie_snaps FACEBOOK: http://www.fb.com/adande TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/swooz1e Game: Killer Instinct [XBOX ONE] Wardrobe: MJ BAD shirt from the Michael Jackson ONE show gift shop in Vegas. BTS hat from K-con LA Video Details: Camera: Canon 7D 55mm lens Edited: Final Cut express Green screen: Samy's Camera in Los Angeles Beats Studio headphones
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Michael Jackson's Greatest TV Moments P6
A look back at the King of Pop's greatest TV Moments. From the Dating Game at age 14 to the World Music Awards in 2000 and everything in between.
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Michael Healea appears on The Dating Game 1989
Filmed in the last week of November 1989. Created by Chuck Barris, this long running Game Show finally came to an end. The Host was Jeff Macgregor, Son of actor Mclean Stephenson (MASH).
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The Dating Game TV Bloopers 1970s
The Dating Game TV Bloopers with host Jim Lange
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Clip of The Michael Jackson Moonwalker Game
Shot on the 5th of January, my cousin had a Japanese video console that had this game and I was fortunate to capture a few moments of the hilarious game.
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The Dating Game October 2, 1967 With Donna Harris
Television show from October, 1967 with Donna Harris
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Seventeen Dating Game Story Version
Created using http://studio.stupeflix.com/ The rules are simple.. you just have to choose ( in the most part of the time ) 1 pic from each category and then in the end you see the result and ( if you want to ) you write below.. :) Some things can't be seen.. I'm sorry about that, this was my first time doing a dating game.. so I will write here the answers of the 5 Category but not in the correct order. Wonwoo - because he jokes with you and never let you talk. Chan - because you insulted his idol, love, hero, one and only Michael Jackson. Mingyu - because you cheated on him :( Jun - because you joked his korean and insulted china Seungkwan - because you said that Hoshi is more cool and you prefer him. Minghao - because when he was with difficulties you didn't helped him. Seungcheol - because you are very rude to him Hansol - because you steal Seungkwan Woozi - because you insulted his songs Hoshi - because you forgot his birthday Joshua - because you criticized his loved America Seokmin - because you hurt his feelings Jeonghan - because you never liked each other I repeat! It's not in the correct order so don't try to cheat Hope you liked it!! Kiss kiss
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Premiere Dating Game
Hayden Byerly hosts the Premiere Dating Game with Bachelor JJ Totah and Bachelorettes Lauren Taylor, Kayla Maisonet and Miranda May.
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akatsuki dating game
welcome to the akatsuki dating game!!!! i dont really expect this to get many veiws. hell theres about 3 billion katrillion out there.i just thought id make one. since theyre so fun to do. although when u get stuck with zetzu..... yah. anyway, please leave your comments! DISCLAIMER: I DONT OWN NARUTO OR CHRIS BROWN OR ANY OF THE AKATSUKI, ALTHOUGH IF U SAY ITACHI IS YOURS I WILL SEND MICHAEL JACKSON I MEAN OROCHIMARU AFTER YOU.
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Alice Brady Bunch Star Ann B. Davis on The Dating Game
Alice Ann B. Davis on The Dating Game
Premiere Dating Game - Rowan Blanchard, Calum Worthy and Piper Curda
Premiere Dating Game featuring Rowan Blanchard from Disney's "Girl Meets World", Piper Curda from Disney's "I Didn't Do It" and Calum Worthy from Disney's "Austin & Ally". Mary Rhodes (Rowan Blanchard), the older sister of Manny Rhodes (JJ Totah), doesn't like it when she loses the Dating Game to Fancy Pants (Piper Curda) and shows the crowd who is in charge.
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KILLERS : rodney james alcala - (the dating game killer)
Rodney James Alcala (born Rodrigo Jacques Alcala Buquor; August 23, 1943) is a convicted rapist and serial killer. He was sentenced to death in California in 2010 for five murders committed in that state between 1977 and 1979. In 2013 he received an additional sentence of 25 years to life after pleading guilty to two homicides in New York in 1971 and 1977. His true victim total remains unknown, and could be much higher. Prosecutors say that Alcala "toyed" with his victims, strangling them until they lost consciousness, then waiting until they revived, sometimes repeating this process several times before finally killing them. He is sometimes labeled the "Dating Game Killer" because of his 1978 appearance on the television show The Dating Game in the midst of his murder spree. Police discovered a collection of more than 1,000 photographs taken by Alcala, mostly of women and teenaged boys, most of them in sexually explicit poses. They speculate that some of his photographic subjects could be additional victims. One police detective called Alcala "a killing machine" and others have compared him to Ted Bundy. A homicide investigator familiar with the evidence speculates that he could have murdered as many as 50 women, while other estimates have run as high as 130.
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Grass Roots - Warren Entner & Rick Coonce on The Dating Game!
From 1968! Trivia: Deborah Shelton went on to be Miss USA 1970, then an actress during the 70's and 80's.
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Dating Game Final
Views: 52 Jared Rechnitz
Don Rickles Dating Game 1969
2018 Remaster - Don Rickles guest appearance on the dating game in 1969. More remastered Don Rickles - https://goo.gl/oH5jNR More remastered Comedy playlists - https://goo.gl/FqLcPx More remastered Comedy from the 60's & 70's - https://goo.gl/WJZ2kD Don Rickles - @DonRickles http://www.donrickles.com/ https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0725543/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Rickles Miss ya Don All my videos have had their audio remastered & the video recut to better fit modern devices. If there is a better quality version of anything I post, I will remove mine. There is too much clutter out there. Subscribes help me out a lot.
Jackie Fox on The Dating Game circa 1980 - (The Runaways)
The absolutely gorgeous Jackie Fox !! John Laughlin This is my original rip from an ancient VHS tape.
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