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Job In Oracle : pl sql create job in Oracle Scheduler
Job In Oracle : How to Create and Run Job in Oracle Scheduler This video will show you how to Scheduling Jobs with Oracle Scheduler. pl sql create job dbms job scheduler example DBMS_SCHEDULER ---------------------- A job object (job) is a collection of metadata that describes a user-defined task that is scheduled to run one or more times. It is a combination of what needs to be executed (the action) and when (the schedule). CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE myproc AS BEGIN INSERT INTO MYTEST(CREATED_ON) VALUES (sysdate); commit; END myproc; / BEGIN DBMS_SCHEDULER.CREATE_JOB ( job_name = ‘My_job’, job_type = ‘STORED_PROCEDURE’, job_action = ‘MYPROC’, start_date = ’07-AUG-16 07.00.00 PM’, repeat_interval = ‘FREQ=SECONDLY;INTERVAL=5', end_date =’20-NOV-18 07.00.00 PM’, auto_drop = FALSE, comments = ‘My new job’); END; / EXEC DBMS_SCHEDULER.ENABLE(‘My_job’); Subscribe on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpiyAesWNYOXSz5GPq8lbkA For more tutorial please visit #techquerypond https://techquerypond.com https://techquerypond.wordpress.com https://twitter.com/techquerypond oracle job scheduler
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How to schedule job using cron tab in Linux
This video illustrates how to Schedule job using cron tab in Linux. Cron tab allows Linux and Unix users to run commands or scripts at a given date and time. For more explanation on this video: https://www.linuxhelp.com/how-to-schedule-job-using-cron-tab-in-linux/
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Linux CronTabs, Cron Jobs, Task Schedulers
This video is on Linux CronTabs also known as Job Schedulers, Task Schedulers, and Cron Jobs. Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below or tweeting me @frankperez87. Also if you have any recommendations for what the next video should be let me know below.
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How to Automated Oracle  Database Schedule Backup Daily,Weekly,Monthly
website : www.oraclebangla.com facebook : www.facebook.com/oracle.shohag Email : [email protected] This Tutorial Main Concept How to Automatically schedule Backup specific Time daily,weekly,Monthly oracle Database,it's very Helpful for Oracle Database Administrator and Oracle Developer, step 1: Create a Folder any Drive for Backup Store step 2: Open a text File exp schema_name/[email protected] file='Location' Save format (name.bat) Step 3: Go to my Computer right Button Click and select manager and Task Schedule option, select Create Basic Task and schedule name next button Step 4 : select type -Daily,weekly or monthly and set time when auto backup Step 5 : program script location setup then ok
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Connect with Control-M: Job Scheduling Techniques
In this month's webinar, we will demonstrate how to schedule jobs to run or not run on specific days without using a calendar, to take advantage of confirmation calendars, and to adjust rerun settings to affect the timing of cyclic jobs.
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Scheduling SQL Server Jobs with SQL Agent
Learn more about Logical Read: http://bit.ly/Logicalread_SQLAgent Discover how to take advantage of SQL Agent to automate many of your routine IT database infrastructure tasks. Connect with SolarWinds: THWACK: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SolarWinds Twitter: https://twitter.com/solarwinds LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/solarwinds
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Scheduling Tasks in Linux - The CRONTAB Command
Scheduling Tasks in Linux - The CRONTAB Command and utilizing the cron daemon to schedule repetitive or chronic tasks on a system.
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Auto Scheduling in Oracle Order Management
This Video Presentation is about Auto Scheduling in Oracle order Management and what are the different ways to Setup the Auto Scheduling Here I will explain how we can Trigger auto scheduling from 1.OM Profile Option OM:AutoSchedule 2.Tools Menu 3.Transaction Type Setup 4.Sales Order line 5.Sales Order Header 6.Schedule Order Concurrent Program
ORACLE– Recruitment Notification 2017, IT Jobs, Walkin, Career, Oppurtunities
Latest ORACLE Recruitment Notification 2017. Apply today for Jobs & Careers at ORACLE. The Jobs and Career News channel from Freshersworld.com – The No.1 job portal for freshers in India. Visit http://www.freshersworld.com/oracle-recruitment-jobs/4444178?src=Youtube for detailed job information, recruitment notification, eligibility criteria, general dates, of ORACLE. The Oracle Corporation is a multinational company that focuses on computer technology. When it comes to Oracle jobs, the candidates are selected for general administration, HR, finance, support and service, consulting, IT, legal, manufacturing, marketing, production and training. The company recruits for both non-technical and technical positions through campus interview and direct competition. When it comes to application based Oracle job openings, the candidates are tested for their aptitude, English and programming skills through a written test. Those who are selected are shortlisted for the technical round. After three rounds of technical interview, the candidates would be called in for the HR interview, which is the last round. If you are looking for IT jobs, the candidates have to take up aptitude test for checking the verbal and non-verbal ability. The candidates would be tested for their skills in OOPS, OS, DBMS and other relevant areas based on the position, with the help of a written test. Those who are selected would be made to attend three rounds of technical interviews. Those who are shortlisted would be called in for the final HR round. If you are applying for your dream jobs in the management cadre, you need to take up a written test on aptitude, verbal, non-verbal skills, English and general awareness. Those who are selected would be called in for group discussion. Those who are selected in the group discussion round would be subjected to a technical interview round. As the final round, the candidates would be subjected to stress interview or HR round. Oracle jobs for freshers are available not just for management and engineering students. Candidates with degree in computer science, science, maths and other areas are also selected for certain positions. Non-technical jobs are usually filled with candidates with degree in science or other allied educational qualification. When it comes to engineering jobs, the candidates should have a minimum of 60% from their high school till graduation. For management students, the candidates should pass without any backlogs from their high school to post graduation. When it comes to oracle finance jobs, candidates with post graduation in finance and management students with finance background or CA candidates are usually selected. Visit Preparation and placement tips for ORACLE jobs at : http://placement.freshersworld.com?src=Youtube For more jobs & career information and daily job alerts, subscribe to our channel and support us. You can also install our Mobile app for govt jobs for getting regular notifications on your mobile. Freshersworld.com is the No.1 job portal for freshers jobs in India. Check Out website for more Jobs & Careers. http://www.freshersworld.com?src=Youtube - - ***Disclaimer: This is just a career guidance video for fresher candidates. The name, logo and properties mentioned in the video are proprietary property of the respective companies. The career and job information mentioned are an indicative generalised information. In no way Freshersworld.com, indulges into direct or indirect recruitment process of the respective companies.
How To Find and Create ESS Job Definitions
How To Find and Create Enterprise Scheduling Service Job Definitions in Fusion Applications
1.03 Why Production Scheduling is Necessary
Why production scheduling is necessary? First, let's set it so that "A" will be produced by the "Cut" process in 4 days, by the "Press" process in 3 days and by the "Inspection" process in 3 days. Set "Nov 14th" as the [Due date] for Item "A", and "10" as [Order quantity]. Press the [Reschedule] button As it is scheduled with infinite capacity the total lead time is 4+3+3=10 days. The start date is Nov 4th. Here, let's copy the order to make it two orders. Press the [Reschedule] button With an infinite resource capacity and fixed lead time, the two orders don't interfere with each other, so the schedules become the same. The red bar indicates that operations are overlapping. Then, let's schedule it with finite capacity. Set "Finite capacity" as [Assignment type] in [Schedule parameter settings]. Then, set "3hp", which means 3h per item as [Production] time in the [Integrated master editor]. Press the [Reschedule] button. As the [Order quantity] is 10, the production lead time is 30h+30h+30h=90h. Since we have scheduled with finite capacity, considering the process capacity, the operations are not overlapping. As we scheduled backwards from the due date, we can make a just-in-time schedule for shortening lead time and reducing inventory. Let's try to schedule forward by setting Order 1 to a rush order with [Priority] 99. Order 1 will be scheduled to start and end as early as possible. As a result, it allows us to give our clients a fast and accurate answer about a possible delivery date. As an example of the sudden changes of due date, let's change the due date of "order 2" from the 14th to 12th. Press the [Reschedule] button. As a result, we can see that it will be completed just before the due date if we start it at 6:00 on the 8th. Then, set "Nov 8th" as [Holiday] for Cut process by right-clicking. On this occasion, we can see that it will be completed just before the due date if we start it at 6:00 on the 7th by rescheduling. Then, the computer will quickly deal with the increases in items, orders, processes and facilities. On the other hand, if we make a schedule manually or with Excel, with the increase in data volume and complexity, it becomes difficult and even impossible for employees to handle the task. By using Asprova, you can make full use of over 20 years of experience and know-how about production scheduling at one time. Asprova can release your employees from the burden of overwork, and quickly and accurately calculate Available-To-Promise, as well as reducing delays, shortages and inventories. By increasing customer satisfaction and cost reduction, Asprova can contribute to your company's profits.
How to schedule a SQL query and send the result by mail
This video shows how you can use AutoSQL (https://www.autosql.net) to schedule a SQL query and send the results by mail. In the example a SQL server is used to run a query of overdue invoices. If there are any, a mail is send with an Excel attachment containing the results.
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Schedule and Run Jobs
Learn how to run jobs in Autotask Endpoint Management (AEM) at a scheduled time, immediately through a quick job, or as a user task directly from the Agent Browser. Related Webinar: https://autotaskwebinars.webex.com/tc3100/trainingcenter/record/recordAction.do?siteurl=autotaskwebinars&recordingID=60056942&actionType=Info&tcRecordingLink=Yes Related video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb52YuVG0dg Related AEM Help articles: http://help.aem.autotask.net/en/Content/4FEATURESPORTAL/Components/Jobs/ScheduleJob.htm, http://help.aem.autotask.net/en/Content/5FEATURESAGENT/RunUserTaskFromAgent.htm
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SPOOL in oracle
SYNTAX ============================ -- Turn on the spool spool spool_file.txt -- Run your Query select * from dba_tables; -- Turn of spooling spool off;
WIP Oracle Work in Process,  The Basics, Oracle Applications Training
This is a video detailing the basic process for using discrete jobs/work orders in Oracle Applications. In it you will see how to process and transact material and resources within work orders. If you would like the video without the music, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZF46MAgAfU
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Linux Backup with TAR and Cron Jobs
Info Level: Intermediate Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: September 21, 2010 Length of Class: 35 Minutes Tracks Linux Prerequisites Introduction to Linux Installing Linux Basic Linux Tasks VIM for File Editing Navigation in Linux Users, Groups and Permissions in Linux Purpose of Class This class teaches students how to backup directories using TAR, and demonstrates how to schedule tasks using Cron Jobs. Topics Covered Backing Up Directories with TAR Recovering Directories with TAR Setting Up Cron Jobs for Scheduled Tasks Class Notes Backup Using TAR Backup = sudo tar --cvpzf backup.taz.gz --exclude/=directory (recursive) PATH --c = create new file (overwrites old file) --v = verbose --p = preserve permissions --z = compress --f = filename (very important) --exclude=DIRCECTORY is Recursive Naming Files with time = filename-$(date +%F-%T) Recover Files from a TAR File Recover = sudo tar --xvpzf FILE --C /DIRECTORY Capital -C = change to directory -x = extract Cron Jobs To Edit the Crontab File = sudo cron --e (first time it will ask you your default editor) Format = minute (0-59), hour (0-23, 0 = midnight), day (1-31), month (1-12), weekday (0-6, 0 = Sunday), command * Wildcard for Every Minute/Day/Hour/Month?Day of Week Example to Backup Entire Server for 1am Every Morning = 0 1 * * * sudo tar -cvpzf /backup.tar.gz --exclude=/mnt /
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Use forward and backward pass to determine project duration and critical path
Check out http://www.engineer4free.com for more free engineering tutorials and math lessons! Project Management Tutorial: Use forward and backward pass to determine project duration and critical path.
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Using an Agent to Schedule an Analysis in Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud
In this video you learn how to use an agent to schedule an analysis. The example in this video is from HCM but applies to all applications that use OTBi and OTBI Enterprise including Oracle Financials Cloud, Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud, and Oracle Procurement Cloud. Please note that all of the techniques and concepts in this tutorial also apply to OTBI Enterprise although the available subject areas will be different.
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Interview Question: Tell me about a time you handled a difficult situation
You'll definitely encounter this question during your next interview, so make sure you know how to answer it! For more career tips, visit http://careerly.co
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WLSDM Scheduler Module: Schedule any Script and Visualize Them in WebLogic
Schedule User Defined Scripts and Downtime Add any kind of script then schedule it. Add "Quartz Cron Jobs" and visualize WebLogic CRON operations Add Downtime job and stop all WLSDM monitoring or notifications for the specified date/time interval automatically
Oracle DBA Justin - How to drop a job from the internal DBMS scheduler
How to drop a job from the internal DBMS scheduler
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Oracle Core, Лекция 7
Ссылка на файл с презентацией: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Afp1WPhUBryLLSQz9hLffrva27KIaGUNlSo6ycL7CvU/edit?usp=sharing (презентация может быть с анимацией) Ссылка на краткий конспект лекции: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_eXR7XOgdxcGXSO09Pbuh5_pLkysXeHNkZ-8Q5Ym1tE/edit?usp=sharing 1. Структура процедуры/функции: create or replace procedure/function. Вызов с правами создателя/вызывающего (authid definer/current_user). Pipelined функции. Determenistic функции. 2. Пакеты. Структура спецификации и тела пакета: create or replace package/create or replace package body. 3. Перегрузка процедур/функций в пакетах 4. Глобальные переменные в пакетах 5. INLINE Pragma 6. SERIALLY_REUSABLE Pragma 7. Conditional compilation Pragma 8. Ограничения языка PL/SQL 9. Package Writing Guidelines 10. PL/SQL Source Text Wrapping 11. Спецификация без тела 12. Dependencies: dependent object, referenced object. Представление dba_dependencies. 13. Типы зависимостей: direct dependent, indirect dependent, cascading invalidation, coarse-grained invalidation, fine-grained invalidation 14. Запуск удаленных процедур (через dblink) 15. Jobs. Представления dba_jobs, dba_jobs_running. Пакет dbms_job 16. Метод dbms_job.submit 17. Scheduler. Представления dba_scheduler_jobs, dba_scheduler_running_jobs. Пакет dbms_scheduler 18. Методы dbms_scheduler.create_job и dbms_scheduler.drop_job 19. Периодичность запуска scheduler jobs 20. Создание цепочек (chans) джобов. Методы: dbms_scheduler.create_chain, dbms_scheduler.define_chain_step, dbms_scheduler.define_chain_rule, dbms_scheduler.enable 21. Native/interpreted компиляция Oracle Database, БД Oracle, вебинар Oracle, презентация Oracle, урок Oracle, лекция Oracle, обучение Oracle
Run a PHP Script Automatically at a Specified Time
Access the full course: https://www.udemy.com/php-email/?couponCode=YAPA1 So you have a PHP script you want to execute on a regular basis. Although you could run it manually, it would be much easier if you could do it automatically. You can do this with cron on Mac and Linux, and with Task Scheduler on Windows.
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Scheduling BI Publisher Report in Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud
In this video you learn how to schedule BI Publisher report. The example in this video is from HCM but applies to all applications that use OTBi and OTBI Enterprise including Oracle Financials Cloud, Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud, and Oracle Procurement Cloud. Please note that all of the techniques and concepts in this tutorial also apply to OTBI Enterprise although the available subject areas will be different.
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Manual Scheduling  in  Oracle Order Management.
In this video Presentation I will talk about the Manual Scheduling Workflow Sub-Process available in Oracle Order Management. In Order Management Order line workflow we have 3 type of Scheduling Sub-Process. Schedule -- Line Schedule - Line, Manual Schedule - Line, Deferred Today we will talk about Ist and 2nd. In Schedule -- Line, Scheduling is Online- that means as soon as we Book the Order Scheduling happens, but in Schedule -- Line Manual Scheduling , scheduling is Manual , as soon as we book the Sales Order Scheduling workflow activity will not be Trigger,
How to Schedule Excel Macro
How to schedule and run macro automatically even you're not logged on using Task scheduler and simple VB script. We can make any excel macro run as a batch job at any given time! Previous tutorial: How to run macro with VB script: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFSgV2gym9g Subscribe us for more tips!
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Scheduled Tasks - SellerCloud
Learn how to schedule routine tasks, such as generating pick lists, recur automatically at set intervals. (see below for text of video) For more information, please visit http://www.sellercloud.com or http://wiki.sellercloud.com. The Scheduled Tasks allows you to schedule certain tasks to be performed automatically, and recur at set intervals. These tasks include generating pick lists, importing and exporting orders, importing and exporting products, and more. Let's look at how to schedule the creation of a picklist. Click on the settings tab and open the tool box. Scroll down the toolbox and click on "Scheduled Tasks." On the New Task Type drop down menu, we can find all the tasks available for scheduling. We'll select "Picklist Generate" to generate a picklist. Over here, will give the scheduled task a title name. Now we need to enter a start time. The start time includes a calendar date and time. Both values can be selected from the "Calendar and Time View" pop-ups. The next step is to schedule the task to recur at set intervals. For example, if you want picklists to be available every morning before you pickers arrive, check "Daily" and enter an suitable start time. You can also opt to have it generated on specific days of the week. Clicking on "Hourly" will enable this hourly scheduler over here, where we can set the task to recur at a set hourly interval. If we would want the task to end at a specific date, we can pick an expiration date for the task. Email alerts can be enabled to be sent to a specified address or addresses upon completion of the task. Now we'll select a User Id. Selecting a user will include these picklists when searching for picklists by user. When generating picklists, this next step is critical. Picklists are typically generated for specific orders, like current orders that are not shipped. Scheduling a picklist for these orders is accomplished by linking an existing saved search to this picklist generation. Create a saved search to filter unshipped orders. Now select that search from this drop down ..... and a picklist will be generated for those orders only. To complete the task scheduling, make sure that your scheduled task is enabled and click Save. To view and manage your scheduled tasks, open the Scheduled task page, where you'll see a grid with all your tasks. Access the task by clicking on the task name. Although the task is scheduled, you can execute it at any time by checking the task and selecting "Execute" from the action menu. You can also delete the task as well by selecting "Delete" from the action menu. The grid will display how many time a certain task was performed. Clicking on the history number will list those tasks with a brief summary of when it executed, who executed it, and any errors in its execution. By clicking on the job ID number, you can view the full details of the job and access its output file.
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Oracle DBA Justin - How to kill a user session connected to an Oracle database
How to kill a user session connected to an Oracle database
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Automatizando Backup Oracle(Crontab Linux)
Vídeo Backull: https://youtu.be/g36XwDUfvhc Vídeo Restore: https://youtu.be/nkgmZ3SM40o Artigo Agendando Tarefas no Linux: https://www.vivaolinux.com.br/artigo/Agendando-tarefas-em-Linux-Unix-usando-o-cron =============SCRIPT LINUX================== #!/bin/bash # Autor.......: Eliezio Mesquita # Data........: 27/08/2016 # Função......: Execução de Backull do Banco # Versão......: 0.1 # Atualização.: 27/08/2016 #Viaveis: export ORACLE_SID=orcl export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1 export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib:/lib:/usr/lib export PATH=/usr/lib64/qt-3.3/bin:/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/home/oracle/bin:/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1/bin:/home/oracle/bin:/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1/bin dthora=`date "+%d-%m-%Y-%H:%M"` #Chamada para Execução do Backup: rman target / cmdfile /home/oracle/backup/backup.rman msglog /home/oracle/backup/rman_bkp_diario-$dthora.log
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Schedule automatic SAP data extracts to SQL Server with Data Unfolder
VirtDB Data Unfolder enables analysts to create one-time or scheduled SAP ERP data extracts directly to SQL server in a self-service way without coding or designing complicated ETL jobs.
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Backup files automatically with a batch file
How to take backup files and folders automatically with Batch File/Task scheduler- Working 100% Just try IT!!!!! Subscribe To My Channel and Get More Great Tips https://www.youtube.com/user/msharma8971?sub_confirmation=1
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How to start, list, verify, remove and stop cron service/ cron jobs in Linux?
On linux,detailed steps to 1. Start Crond service 2. List Cron jobs 3. Verify Cron jobs 4.Remove Cron job 5.Stop Crond service
Oracle Jobs | Kronos WFM Solution | Seattle, WA
#ITjobs #jobs #oraclejobs #kronoswfmsolutionjob How to apply? Please send resumes at [email protected] or call (202) 719-0200 Ext: 127 We provide on-site temporary and Full-Time I.T Staffing Solutions in the United States, please call at (800) 693-8939 or email [email protected] Our rates/fees are very competitive. Browse Resumes at: https://www.hireitpeople.com/resume-d... Visit us: https://www.hireitpeople.com Follow us: https://twitter.com/hireitpeople Like us: https://twitter.com/hireitpeople http://HireITpeople.com Call (800) 693-8939 We understand that finding Top-Notch IT professionals for your changing needs can be very complicated. We are here to assist you in sourcing the top IT talent with our experience, knowledge, and social connections. Also, we are well connected to find the right talent next door. We serve Government agencies, Fortune 500 and leading mid-market companies across every industry Our candidate network includes thousands in our database and targeted networks including top social sites. We gather information about your future hiring needs to perform a pro-active search, we work with local candidates. Our cutting-edge recruitment tools help to minimize the complexities of hiring and reaching the right talent We can provide experienced IT Professionals for your IT Projects covering most Technologies and roles More.. Our Account managers and professional recruiters will communicate and work with your IT hiring managers. We use our databases, latest tools, and social media in finding and building relationships with top-notch IT professionals. We leverage the strength of our Social Network and our Applicant tracking system, which alerts our candidates to open positions. Our database is very clean and we always keep it up to date and our processes are streamlined, for most job requirements, we match the right candidate in a matter of hours. Any time, any location, replacements, backfills, Emergency support We provide On-Demand recruiting solutions to ease the process of recruiting and to provide you with the right IT Talent as and when you need them. We have a pool of IT Professionals, both on our payroll and in our network. We have the ability to provide any type of IT talent in any business or project situation. We can provide you with IT professionals under short notices (within 1-2 Hours) and over the weekends, simply send us a mail 24X7 and a Recruiter will respond immediately.
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How would you create a SQL Server Agent job that only should run on 5th business day of each month
SQL Server DBA Interview Questions and Answers, Today's question is "How would you create a SQL Server Agent job that only should run on 5th business day of each month?" Complete list of SQL Server DBA Interview Questions by Tech Brothers http://sqlage.blogspot.com/search/label/SQL%20SERVER%20DBA%20INTERVIEW%20QUESTIONS
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Oracle SQL Developer: Tips and Tricks
Aiodex’s Referral Program  will give you 20% -80% commission from their transaction fee for 7 years. The value will be calculated starting from the date the member you invite sign up ☞ http://vrl.to/c4099b4d9f Next Generation Shorten Platform. Optimal choice to make a profit and analyze traffic sources on the network. Shorten URLs and earn big money ☞ https://viralroll.com/ Get Free 15 Geek ☞ https://geekcash.org/ CodeGeek's Discuss ☞ https://discord.gg/KAe3AnN Playlists Video Tutorial ☞ http://vrl.to/d5fc7d45 Learn to code for free and get a developer job ☞ http://vrl.to/ee8f135b Oracle SQL : Become a Certified SQL Developer From Scratch! ☞ http://learnstartup.net/p/rkbnlLjsb Oracle SQL 11g + Oracle Apps R12 DBA ☞ http://learnstartup.net/p/SkcD6DbZx Oracle SQL - Step by Step SQL ☞ http://learnstartup.net/p/BJbrxLjsb Oracle - The Complete SQL Guide (includes SQL Certification) ☞ http://learnstartup.net/p/B1vRyIii- SQL For Beginners ☞ http://learnstartup.net/p/H1T9sf6KZ SQL From Scratch Using Oracle SQL Developer and TOAD ☞ http://learnstartup.net/p/BksS-_Wbl Oracle SQL Developer is currently the most popular tool among database developers and Oracle SQL learners, however, since it makes it so easy to start firing commands and querying a database, many people don't feel the need to investigate its features, and end up using only what is obvious, visible, and enabled by default. If you are one of them, this course will help you get out of that group and start using Oracle SQL Developer more smartly. Even if you have some time using the tool and are currently using some of its features, there's most likely something in this course that you don't know and can be helpful to you. Learn the features that can help you work with your Oracle database better and faster: Install and configure Oracle SQL Developer to run in your desired language and only with the features you need. Create database connections and execute commands and scripts. Display your results in a way that makes your work easier. Use code templates and snippets to accelerate your work. Export data in different formats and using different methods. Some other useful and interesting things. All Oracle SQL Developer features are free. Take advantage of them: This course was created because there appears to be a pattern among Oracle SQL courses, regardless of the platform where they are taught: “If you are able to install it and connect to a database, you are good to go". What's more: Experience shows that even developers who are already working with Oracle databases as part of their job, tend to not look for ways to work faster in SQL Developer, and usually only investigate features they don't currently use when it is strictly necessary for their jobs. The goal of this course is to fill the gap most SQL courses leave about this great tool so that it can serve as a foundation if you are planning to learn Oracle SQL, and also to help you take advantage of the tool's features if you are already working with Oracle databases as part of your job. Content and Overview: The course includes more than 20 lectures, each one starting by showing you why you need it or how it can be helpful to you, and then proceeding to demonstrate how to enable it and/or use it. There is usually one lecture per feature, so, if for any reason you are not interested in any of the included tips, you can simply skip it, and go directly to the one you want to learn about. The course content will continue to be updated over time, to make sure you always know about the most important features available to you, as new versions of Oracle SQL Developer are released. Learn these tips and apply them to your work, and you will not only be well prepared to learn SQL or work with it smartly, but will also enjoy being seen as an experienced and knowledgeable developer by your friends and peers. Video source via: ---------------------------------------------------- Website: http://bit.ly/2pN2aXx Playlist: http://bit.ly/2Eyn3dI Website: http://bit.ly/2Hay229 Fanpage: http://bit.ly/2GQvOBx Twitter: http://bit.ly/2GOyTlA Pinterest: http://bit.ly/2qihWtz Tumblr: http://bit.ly/2qjBcGo
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Oracle DBA Justin - How to create a trigger which fires when a user logs off of an Oracle database
Oracle DBA Justin - How to create a trigger which fires when a user logs off of an Oracle database
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Intuit Field Service Management - 15 Minute Demo
Get started: http://qbservices.net/services/intuit-field-service-management-2/ Connect your office and service technicians so you can schedule more jobs and get paid faster. Or, give QB Services a call: 952-232-6388 Worry less about work order status, technician productivity and receivables. Intuit Field Service Management ES simplifies your business and gives you more control over your people, customers, cash flow and costs. It eliminates paperwork and paper bottlenecks from work orders to invoices — so you can get paid faster. In addition to this, it works seamlessly with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions to keep your financial and field service data totally in sync. Shuffle Schedules Quickly Scheduling (or rescheduling) work orders couldn’t be easier. Field Service Management ES gives dispatchers a dashboard-full of information, including each technician's work orders, location and status. Reassignment and reschedules are fast. When a tech runs late, simply drag and drop the work order to assign a new one. Bird's Eye View With Field Service Management ES, you know what each technician is working on, the work status, job duration, arrival time, travel time and hours clocked. Clicking a work order title opens up all job details. You can even edit them. Equipment Service Data Improves First-Time Fix Rate Store all the customers, contacts and equipment information you need to do the job right the first time. Before a job in the field starts, your technicians know the equipment service history. Information at their fingertips means their first-time fix rates are better and customers are happier. Wireless Work Orders Cut Paper Hassles Break through the paper bottleneck. With Field Service Management ES, you can trade in your clipboards for cell phones and PDAs — so you control processes and information better. That means immediate information on work orders and technician schedules as well as fast rescheduling. And, your technicians clock more job time and less travel time. Schedule Efficiently with GPS and Mapping Integration with Google Maps allows you to track your workers and locate customer sites easily. The ability to easily shuffle work orders allows you to minimize travel time and get more done each day. Accurate Parts and Pricing for Efficient, Fast Invoicing Make your parts catalog and price list available to your field technicians with Field Service Management ES. Then as they close a work order, they can find and add parts to the invoice. Because your parts list syncs with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, your technicians will always have up-to-date pricing. Mobile Payments Get You Paid on the Spot Using mobile payments, your technicians get "cash on delivery" and you bank your money instantly. There's no waiting, no double entries and no smudged credit card numbers. Increase your cash flow and reduce the effort it takes to get paid. Cut out invoicing steps in your office, because Field Service Management ES, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and QuickBooks Merchant Services all talk to one another. Together they record payments as they happen and match work orders with invoices. Get Paid Faster and Eliminate Double Data Entry Field Service Management ES talks directly to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, so you can generate invoices the instant your tech closes a work order including the correct Class — without shuffling paper. Never leave money at the job site again. When your technicians capture time and parts at the worksite, your billing is more accurate. Track Inventory Used by Technician or Truck Field Service Management ES works seamlessly with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Advanced Inventory to allow you to track the inventory items on each of your trucks in the field. Email receipts from your mobile device The Field Service Management app allows you to email completed work orders and payment receipts directly to your customers from your mobile device. Powerful Reports Help You Manage Better Know how your business is doing with built-in reporting tools and dashboards. Check staff productivity, revenue, work orders per technician and more. Use built-in reports or easily create custom reports on your own. Industry Templates to Match Your Processes Get productive quickly using industry templates that match the lingo of your business. The pre-configured workflows, field labels and language used in the application will make sense for your office and field technicians right from the start.
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Oracle DBA Justin - How to define and undefine variables in sqlplus
How to define and undefine variables in sqlplus
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Schedule a document: BI launch pad 4.0
We can create a schedule for a document so that an instance of it is generated on a one-time or recurring basis. We can also define additional settings such as the output format and destination. In this example, we’ll schedule the US Sales Report to run every hour for the next 24 hours. Visit us at http://www.sap.com/LearnBI to view our full catalog of interactive SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite tutorials, and follow us on Twitter @SAP_learn_BI.
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Booking Management Software for Field Services
Tired of calling your field workers to allocate new work and request updates? Want to spend less time managing your mobile workforce? Automate your field service management and focus more time innovating and developing your business. Reduce office calls and make smart and quick decisions when assigning workers for urgent and on-demand jobs with the ability to have your mobile resource locations visible in real time. Enable field workers to manage their jobs autonomously from start to finish. Field workers can accept jobs, receive signatures, provide quotes, and invoice and charge customers. In case a field worker suddenly becomes unavailable, you can assign someone else, or have the system automatically delegate the job to the next most suitable member of your team. Reduce delays and no-shows with automated reminders and notifications from the mobile app and via SMS or email. Save time by sharing photos and videos between your mobile field workers, office, and customers, and resolve any issues by keeping accurate records of all phone calls, text messages, and chat in one place. Increase conversions by providing your customers instant and accurate quotes online. Keep your data safe and secure by storing all leads, bookings, invoices, and payments in the cloud. Improve your processes with the help of exportable reports of up to date analytics. Have all your data in one place to track progress and results. Easily sync with Google Analytics. Access and manage your booking system online with no need to ever update your software, and provide mobile access to staff to assist and notify them about changes while on the road. OctopusPro app even works offline. Learn more about Octopuspro Field Service Management Software http://www.octopuspro.com - Lead Management - Fleet & Workforce Management - Booking & Scheduling - Invoicing & Quoting - Built-In CRM & Complaint Management - Live Reporting - Integrated Accounting Octopuspro is used by professionals across all industries such as: - Mobile Mechanic - Security Door Installation - Solar Panel Installation - Digging Services - Security & Protective Services - Commercial Painting Services - Swimming & Sports Catching - Property Conveyancing - Book Keeping & Accounts - Personal Training & Fitness - Carpentry & Handywork - Skip Bins & Rubbish Removal - Car Washing & Auto Detailing - Asbestos Removal - Pool Cleaning & Maintenance - Tile Cleaning - Tiling & Grout Repair Service - Window Washing - Plumbing & House Fitting - Lawn Mowing & Garden Care - Building Maintenance - Dog Walking Service Management - Termite & Pest Control - Antenna Installation - Catering & Food Delivery - Carpet Cleaning & Home Care - Babysitting & Child Care - Tutoring & Private Lessons - Emergency & Mobile Locksmith
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Oracle DBA Justin - How to create a basic ASM Oracle instance # 2 of 2
How to create a basic ASM Oracle instance
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Taleo Scheduling Center
Give qualified applicants the tools they need to schedule interview times that meet your schedule right from your Careers website. You set the available interview dates and times for your open jobs. Then, qualified candidates who complete the job application earn the chance to schedule an appointment.
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Oracle PL/SQL - Procedures
Oracle PL/SQL - Procedures
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Sage Intelligence Reporting – Scheduling a Report
It’s likely that you have reports that you need to run on a regular basis. You may also need to distribute these reports at the same time. By combining the powerful features of Sage Intelligence and the Windows Task Scheduler, you can set up your reports to run unattended. This saves you time since you only have to set up your schedule once, and your reports will be automatically available for you to view, when and where you want.
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Linux Learning- Cronjob Task
Linux Learning- Cronjob Task Cron jobs are automated programs created for Unix and Unix-like platforms such as Linux. Their job is to do particular commands that a web developer has assigned them to execute at the exact time and given date. For example, you need to send a group e-mail every 6:35 AM on the 3rd day of every month. Now, you don't have to remind yourself to wake up earlier than 6:35 AM just to write the content of the group e-mail and send it to all members. All you need to do is set the time and date of the message delivery using the crontab. A crontab is the file where cron settings are found. It contains the following fields: commands, minutes, hours, days, months, and weekdays. You can fill these fields with the information that will suit your needs or preferences. In case one option is not applicable like the minutes field, place an asterisk (*) instead. The actual crontab is presented through a text file that will require you to write complex codes or syntax. However, just to bring convenience to their customers, most web hosting providers offer a user-friendly version of a crontab. It's now in the form of a web control panel that is fairly easy to configure. It's already mentioned that cronjobs can only be used on web servers, which run on Unix or Linux. So, if your operating system is Windows, there's no way you can use cronjobs. However, Windows has its own version of this tool known as the Task Scheduler. Max Adams is the owner of [http://webhosting.infospotters.com/] - If you are aiming for a topnotch hosting deal that won't compromise value for your money, check out our reviews. We are here to be your independent source of honest and unbiased reviews of all hosting companies and their products and services. cron job for linux cron job for linux every hour cron job linux cron job linux centos cron job linux command cron job linux every 5 minutes cron job linux every day cron job linux every hour cron job linux every minute cron job linux every second cron job linux example cron job linux not working cron job linux path cron job linux tutorial cronjob linux 14.04 crontab in linux 6 crontab linux 1 crontab linux 2 &1 crontab linux 30 minutes crontab linux 5 minutes crontab linux 6 crontab linux 6.5 crontab linux centos 6 linux + cron job for every 30 seconds linux 6.4 crontab linux cron job every 1 minute linux cron job every 10 minutes linux cron job every 10 seconds linux cron job every 12 hours linux cron job every 15 minutes linux cron job every 2 hours linux cron job every 2 minutes linux cron job every 3 hours linux cron job every 30 minutes linux cron job every 4 hours linux cron job every 5 seconds linux cron job every 6 hours linux cron job for user linux cron job run every 5 minutes linux cronjob alle 5 minuten linux cronjob alle 5 sekunden linux crontab */15 linux crontab */3 linux crontab */60 linux crontab 0 5 linux crontab 10 linux crontab 15 minutes linux crontab 2 linux crontab 2時間おき linux crontab 30 seconds linux crontab 30秒 linux crontab 3時間毎 linux crontab 5 linux crontab 5分毎 linux crontab 5分間隔 linux crontab 5분마다 linux crontab alle 2 stunden linux crontab alle 6 stunden linux mint cron job linux user crontab oracle linux 6 crontab redhat linux 6 crontab -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "15 Programming Language to say Hello World (in 5 mins)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58YZu8MF9do -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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How to run VBScript programs !! Database Training Training ! Infotek-SolutionInc
For Complete Database Training Details Visit: http://www.qaonlinetraining.com http://infotek-solutions.com/ Delivery Method: Instructor led classroom and Online Training supported by world class Learning management system which automate all flow of lectures, videos, assignments, forums, quizzes and interview process. Class Schedule: Week-ends and Weekdays Contact Us: 571-437-0652, Mail Us: [email protected] Training Locations at : Ashburn / Fairfax / Maryland Office Address: 12801 Worldgate Dr #500, Herndon, VA 20170 Overview of Oracle DBA Training Oracle as a flexible, complex & robust RDBMS The evolution of hardware and the relation to Oracle Different DBA job roles (VP of DBA, developer DBA, production DBA, database babysitter) The changing job role of the Oracle DBA Environment management (network, CPU, disk and RAM) Instance management (managing SGA regions) Oracle table and index management Instance Architecture Instance vs. database Components of an instance Creating the OFA file structure ($DBA, bdump, udump, pfile) Oracle Instance Internals SGA vs. PGA Background processes Interfaces with server and disk I/O subsystem Using SQL*Plus for DBA management Connecting and executing SQL Using the “as sysdba” syntax Overview of SQL*Plus DBA commands (startup, etc.) Control file, UNDO and REDO management Explaining the use of control files Listing the Contents of the control File File locations for control Files Obtaining Control File Information Listing control file contents Displaying and Creating Undo segments Altering Undo Segments Determining the Number and Size of Undo segments Understanding flashback technology Troubleshooting Undo – snapshot too old Redo log concepts for recovery Online redo log (log_buffer) online redo logs and archived redo logs Oracle ARCH and LGWR background processes Redo log dictionary queries Redo log switch frequency and performance Multiplexing the Online Redo Log Files Archiving the Oracle Redo Logs Recovery using the redo log files User and privilege management The three security methods (VPD, Grant security/role-based security, grant execute) Creating New Database Users Using pre-spawned Oracle connections Auditing User activity Identifying System and Object Privileges Granting and Revoking Privileges Creating and Modifying Roles Displaying user security Information from the Data Dictionary Overview of instance management Parameter files (init.ora, listener.ora, tnsnames.ora) Rules for sizing SGA components Automated Oracle memory management (AMM) Initialization file management Creating the init.ora file Using spfile Displaying init.ora values with v$parameter Oracle*Net configuration Creating the listener.ora file Creating the tnsnames.ora file Data buffer configuration & sizing Inside the Oracle data buffers Using the KEEP pool Monitoring buffer effectiveness Using multiple blocksizes (multiple buffer pools) Shared pool and PGA configuration & Sizing Shared pool concepts and components Understanding the library cache Relieving shared pool contention Overview of PGA for sorting and hash joins Using sort_area_size, hash_area_size and pga_aggregate_target Troubleshooting network connectivity Verifying network connectivity with ping and tnsping Testing database links Oracle tables, views and materialized views Types of Oracle tables (regular, IOT, sorted hash clusters, nested tables) Oracle Views Oracle materialized views Oracle indexes Types of Oracle indexes (b-tree, bitmap, bitmap join index) Creating B*-Tree, bitmap and function-based Indexes Function-based indexes Finding indexing opportunities Index maintenance Oracle constraints Costs & benefits of constraints Types of Oracle indexes constraints (check, not null, unique, PK, FK) Cascading constraints Schema, File & tablespace management Describing the relationship between data files, tablespaces and table Understanding Oracle segments Creating Tablespaces – using the autoextend option Changing the Size of Tablespaces – alter database datafile command Defining a TEMP tablespace Changing the default storage Settings for a tablespace Review of the storage parameters in DBA views (ASM, ASSM, pctfree, pctused and freelists). Monitoring Chained rows (fetch continued rows) Monitoring Insert and Update performance (pctused, APPEND) Database Maintenance Reason for reorgs – chained rows, imbalanced freelists Reorganizing Tables using Export and Import Using CTAS to reorganize data Index rebuilding Backup & Recovery overview (hot & cold Backups, RMAN, block change tracking) Oracle DBA Utilities Data pump (Imp and exp utilities) SQL*Loader LogMiner Flashback DataGuard Oracle DBA utilities – Oracle dbms packages (dbms_redefinition)
Oracle 11g Online Training: Free Demo on Oracle 11g Training - Oracle 11g Job Oriented Training
Oracle 11g Online Training: Free Demo on Oracle 11g Training - Oracle 11g Job Oriented Training Subscribe to OPTGHAR Online IT Training and Placements at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBGjmPr7EXF0GZmhw4isicA?sub_confirmation=1 Watch more demo videos at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBGjmPr7EXF0GZmhw4isicA Apply for Oracle 11g DBA online training at: http://www.optghar.com/it-training-courses/oracle-11g-online-training-placement-opt-cpt-students/43/20 For more information contact OPTGHAR.com at: 844-678-4427 (844-OPTGHAR) | [email protected] | http://www.optghar.com Oracle 11g – SQL & PL/SQL The Oracle database environment 1.Reviewing basic architecture concepts 2.Oracle 10g Architecture 3.Main features of 9i and 10g Basic SQL*PLUS commands 1.Using script files, START, @, GET, SAVE, LIST, PROMPT, PAUSE, ACCEPT, DEFINE, SPOOL Basic SELECT Statement 1.Writing the statement in sql plus, Running the SELECT statement Ordering the output 1.Single Column, Descending order, multiple column sorts Conditional retrieval of data 1.Working with complex conditions, AND OR NOT LIKE BETWEEN Working with variables 1.Creating and using variables, Command substitution Pseudo columns and functions 1.Pseudo Columns, Row num, Sys date, User & UID, the Dual Table 2.Working with character functions 3.UPPER, LOWER, INITCAP, RPAD(), RTRIM(), SUBSTR(), INSTR(), 4.TRANSLATE(), REPLACE(), GREATEST(), LEAST(), DECODE 5.Working with date functions 6.TO_CHAR(), TO_DATE(), MONTHS_BETWEEN(), ADD_MONTHS(), LAST_DAY(), NEXT_DAY() Using non-character function 1.ROUND (), TRUNC (), SIGN (), Working with multiple tables, Different type of Joins, Writing Outer Joins Using the SET operators 1.Union, Intersect, minus Aggregating data using group functions 1.GROUP BY, HAVING Creating Sub queries 1.Single Row sub queries, Multiple row Sub queries Enhancing groups function 1.ROLLUP, CUBE Transaction Control Language 1.Rollback, Commit, save point Processing hierarchies 1.creating the Tree structure, LEVEL, CONNECT BY Data Manipulation Language 1.INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE Data Definition Language 1.CREATE, TRUNCATE, ALTER, DROP, RENAME, DESCRIBE Using Declarative Constraints 1.Views, Sequences, Synonyms, Indexes, USER_TABLES, USER_TAB_COLUMNS, USER_OBJECTS, USER_IND_COLUMNS, USER_UPDATEABLE_COLUMNS, Materialized Views, Other Data dictionary views Database Security 1.Object Privileges, Granting access to objects Improving query performance 1.Planning and managing the tuning process, Employing tuning tools, Running EXPLAIN PLAN and auto trace, SQL Trace and TKPROF output, Optimizer concepts, Fundamentals of access paths, Gathering object and system statistics with DBMS_STATS, Utilizing hints and optimizer mode, Specifying first-rows optimization, Determining the driving table Other Concepts 1.The Relational Database Model, The system Development Lifecycle, Overview of normalization PL/SQL Blocks 1.Structure, Writing Anonymous Blocks Variables 1.Oracle Data types, TYPE and ROWTYPE declarations, Value assignments Control structures 1.IF ELSE ENDIF statement, IF ELSIF ELSE ENDIF statement, 2.LOOP END , LOOP statement, WHILE condition, FOR condition Cursors 1.Implicit and Explicit Cursors, Cursor Manipulation statements, 2.OPEN FETCH CLOSE EXIT WHEN Printing Values to Screen Procedures 1.Creating and Calling Procedures Functions 1.Creating and Calling Functions Packages 1.Package Header, Package Body Design Tips and Techniques 1.Format of standard packages in an application, Spec and Body, NOCOPY hint Triggers 1.Database triggers, calling procedures from triggers Dynamic SQL 1.EXECUTE IMMEDIATE, DBMS_SQL package Oracle Supplied packages 1.DBMS_OUTPUT, UTL_FILE Collection data types 1.Associative Arrays, Nested tables, VARRAYs Oracle 11g Online Training: Free Demo on Oracle 11g Training - Oracle 11g Job Oriented Training Subscribe to OPTGHAR Online IT Training and Placements at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBGjmPr7EXF0GZmhw4isicA?sub_confirmation=1 Watch more demo videos at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBGjmPr7EXF0GZmhw4isicA Apply for Oracle 11g DBA online training at: http://www.optghar.com/it-training-courses/oracle-11g-online-training-placement-opt-cpt-students/43/20 For more information contact OPTGHAR.com at: 844-678-4427 (844-OPTGHAR) | [email protected] | http://www.optghar.com
Primavera P6 3.3 Calendars (Work hours and days)
New video in Primavera P6 course. Primavera P6 3.3 Calendars (Work hours and days) tutorial The course outline: http://www.grook.net/primavera-p6 For any discussion about this video: http://www.grook.net/primavera-p6/33-calendars-Work-hours-days *** Please do not forget to subscribe to our social networks: *** YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/GROOKnet FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/GROOKnet TWITTER: https://twitter.com/grooknet RSS: http://www.grook.net/rss.xml GROOK: http://www.grook.net/
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