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Early Pregnancy Viability Scan (7 Weeks - 11 Weeks)
Early Pregnancy Viability Scan (or "Dating Scan") at The Birth Company in Harley Street, London. A Viability Scan is available for anyone who wants to check that all is well with the pregnancy. It can show the number of embryos, confirm the heartbeat, and indicate the size of the sac or embryo. This scan is important if you've had vaginal bleeding or suspect an ectopic pregnancy. It is advised for women over 35, and strongly recommended for women over 40. Our practice features the finest in ultrasound technology and expert sonographers. www.thebirthcompany.co.uk/our-services/ultrasound-baby-scans/early-pregnancy-viability-scan.html www.thebirthcompany.co.uk
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How accurate is ultrasound in dating a pregnancy?-Dr. Nupur Sood
Best way to date a pregnancy is still based on the woman’s last menstrual periods. If she know it right, then you are going to get your expected due date absolutely right , especially if her periods have been regular. Now the question arises when you don’t remember your dates, or your periods are irregular or somehow you have missed and skipped the dates and not marked them out in your calendar. So then what to do? The first and the easiest method to do once you know that the pregnancy test is positive, to go ahead with an early pregnancy scan. Now this early dating ultrasound, it will be accurate to about plus to minus, 7 days. If the dating of the scan has to be done within the next trimester, that is after the third month and before the 7th month, then the accuracy reduces as the number of days the gestation increases. So the accuracy reduces to about plus to minus 2 weeks and towards the end it will further reduce down to plus minus 3 weeks. So that is why the dating scan is always the first scan which is the best.
Early Pregnancy Scans - Dating and Viability
Queensland X-Ray Women's Imaging Radiologist, Dr Kerry McMahon and Brisbane GP, Dr Wendy Burton discuss how soon is it too soon to come for a scan, the best time to send your patient for their first pregnancy scan, and how to manage the first days and weeks after a positive pregnancy test
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Early pregnancy scan - ultrasound 5 weeks gestation
ultrasound appearances of a pregnancy at 5 weeks gestation
7 weeks Pregnant ♥ Ultrasound & Baby's HEARTBEAT ♥ early pregnancy USG
7 weeks 0 days pregnant. First ultrasound and Baby's HEARTBEAT. Early pregnancy USG
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We went for our NHS dating scan and nuchal screening when I thought I was 13 weeks but I got put ahead almost a week to 13 weeks and 6 days. It was a really good scan and we were so happy with our pictures :) Also check out: Our pregnancy announcement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8GHD... Husband's pregnancy reaction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35JRC... **I apologise for the next couple week's of videos being heavily pregnancy based. I'm trying to catch up on everything I've filmed over the past three months. I promise there will still be fashion, food, reviews and weekend vlogs as well. Bear with us!** --------------------------- I am a UK based blogger who blogs and vlogs about all things pregnancy, parenting, lifestyle, beauty and fashion related! We are a little family of three who like to document our daily goings on as well as help other parents out with our video reviews of products we find useful and love. If you enjoyed this, please check out our other videos and like/subscribe! It would make our day if you did... We are also on the below links: http://www.thismamalife.com https://twitter.com/ThisMamaLifeUK https://www.facebook.com/thismamalife http://instagram.com/thismamalife http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/11778309 https://uk.pinterest.com/ThisMamaLifeUK/ Thanks for watching! All the love. S XO -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "WEEKEND VLOG | FAMILY FUN" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0H2XyWYdgU -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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My Pregnancy first Dating scan!! at 10 weeks 4 days , sercet filming and pictures
My Pregnancy first Dating scan with secret footage and pictures
Dating Scan|Pregnancy Journey
I am now 10 weeks pregnant & I take you through the ups & downs at this stage of the pregnancy journey. We discuss how to prepare for your dating scans, what to take, what to wear, what happens during the ultrasound scan. My due date is revealed and I chat about the anxiety for my first scan after a miscarriage, also a reminder of asking the hospital for the after birth before you miscarry and how we buried our baby. Bianca Fallon|Media Makeup|Beauty.Hairstylist.Makeup Artist To book my Hair & Makeup services go to www.mediamakeup1.com Cellular: 027 276 9545 Studio: 0064 9 443 7922 North Shore, Auckland, NZ's top Hairstylist & Makeup Artist
When the date came around for my 12 week scan I was petrified of another missed miscarriage. Sorry for my tears :-( Scans aren't always exciting and run of the mill, they can be terrifying and daunting.
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Today I wanted to document and share our first ultrasound appointment for this pregnancy. I was so nervous to go to the early dating scan, to hear the baby's heartbeat and check everything was ok. Turns out my cycle had gone longer that month than I expected (because of PCOS) and I am only 8 weeks pregnant! SUBSCRIBE to see my next video here: https://www.youtube.com/elisesheree?sub_confirmation=1 Hi I’m Elise Sheree, I am an AUSTRALIAN MUM vlogger from Sydney. I have a 4 year old daughter Zara and am pregnant with my second baby, due July 2018. I follow a plant based diet for health reasons to help with my auto immune disease, Hashimotos. I always look at the positive side of life because you only get one! On my channel you will see pregnancy vlogs, pregnancy updates, cleaning routines, stay at home mum routines and a look into my personal style and home decor style. Please say hi in the comments, I absolutely love interacting wth my subscribers, you guys are the best! Some videos you might like to catch up on: SURPRISE! I'M PREGNANT: https://youtu.be/HrrkkYDt2JQ SYDNEY APARTMENT TOUR: https://youtu.be/w_c2pZM6ZNM DAILY CLEANING ROUTINE | SPEED CLEAN | POWER HALF HOUR: https://youtu.be/9slA2CEO-Jk MOVING BACK TO AUSTRALIA | WE'RE HOME: https://youtu.be/SINqQwbAeBo Follow me here: INSTAGRAM ~ https://www.instagram.com/elisesheree/ FACEBOOK ~ https://www.facebook.com/elisesheree/ PINTEREST ~ https://au.pinterest.com/elisesheree/ I hope you enjoy my channel as much as i enjoy making YouTube videos. Thank you for watching and following my journey. Enjoy, subscribe and comment. Love Elise xo If you read this far tell me how you found my channel ;) Music: sourced from Epidemic Sound Camera: G7X II Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X + Adobe Indesign (thumbnails)
Hello Doctor - Importance of Scan in Pregnancy - [463] | [Part-1]
Today in Hello Doctor, Gynecologist Dr Sivagami will share information about the importance of scan and procedures in pregnancy. Subscribe to Vendhar TV http://goo.gl/wdkOLp Social media links Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vendhartvmedia Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vendharmedia Google+: http://goo.gl/3Slvl0 Website: http://vendharmedia.in/ Vendhar TV Official YouTube Channel is managed by Culture Machine Media Pvt ltd
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Week 8 Pregnancy Update || Dating scan appointment || IUI success
Check out my other pregnancy updates here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUJklGeVwDGJyd8qlv2wXI_T4dsK2sEPW My IUI journey: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUJklGeVwDGLmcM_u_S-j_6SiWy6DAXkp My TTC Journey: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUJklGeVwDGJyOpui2S4FH9FOyb_68bGY *********** Don't forget to follow my social media accounts: Instagram: @karenhireland http://instagram.com/karenhireland Twitter: @KarenHIreland https://twitter.com/KarenHIreland Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008845290816 Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/b/117490774766783003079/117490774766783003079/about Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/tidythingsirl/ ************ I have joined Maker Studios Network, If you are interested too check out this link for partnership: http://awe.sm/t7Gdb
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PREGNANCY UPDATE | Dating Scan + Blood Test Results
Hi everyone! Here is a little update on what's been happening in the past week. I had my dating scan last Tuesday which showed I was 5wks and 6 days.. I'm now currently 6wks and 6days. My blood test came back with some pretty interesting findings & I've been having nausea like I have never experienced before! Thank you again SO MUCH to everyone who has subscribed to my channel, it honestly makes me so happy and I can't wait to share this journey with you all 💕 & don't forget to let me know of any videos you might like to see :) xox . . . . . Countdown to baby #2 ! Hi, my names Ally. I'm 25 years old and a soon to be Mumma of two. I am so excited (and nervous) for what the next 9 months and beyond holds! I have a son (Leon) who is 18months old. My partner and I have been together since were 16 and we are so over the moon to be expanding our little family. I wanted to start this channel to not only make memories but to also hopefully connect with other mums and share experiences, the good & the bad. I will be making videos all to do with motherhood, pregnancy, birth & all things inbetween. We would love for you to join us on this journey 💕 Xo
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8 weeks ultrasound. Baby moves.
Our 8 weeks and 6 days ultrasound on 3-November-2014. Baby is moving already. Time flies so fast! She turned 1 :) https://youtu.be/Cu4SJYbGXfM
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Week 7 Pregnancy Vlog- Ultrasound and Fetal Dating
I went for the ultrasound today and I am measuring at 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant, my due date is 7/5/2010. The doctor even knew what ovary the egg was released from, the left side. The heart beat was 140 bpm, which was really good.
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First pregnancy scan video
For First pregnancy scan video, you will be no under 8wks pregnant. Our Dating Scan organization provides the first pregnancy check highlight. Estimations will be taken of the kid's crown to backside, providing insistence of formative age, and checks will be made as to the position of yolk sac close by visual certification of the beat and the amount of kids you are passing on. http://www.miracleinside.com/about-us/
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Early Pregnancy Dating Scan
The Viability/Early Pregnancy Dating Scan
12 & 13 Week Pregnancy Update || Dating Ultrasound
Today I talk about my symptoms the past 2 weeks and I share with you what occurred with my first maternity hospital appointment and dating scan. Get ready for cute ultrasound pictures :0) ******** Check out my other pregnancy updates here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUJklGeVwDGJyd8qlv2wXI_T4dsK2sEPW My IUI journey: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUJklGeVwDGLmcM_u_S-j_6SiWy6DAXkp My TTC Journey: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUJklGeVwDGJyOpui2S4FH9FOyb_68bGY *********** Don't forget to follow my social media accounts: Instagram: @karenhireland http://instagram.com/karenhireland Twitter: @KarenHIreland https://twitter.com/KarenHIreland Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008845290816 Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/b/117490774766783003079/117490774766783003079/about Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/tidythingsirl/ ************ I have joined Maker Studios Network, If you are interested too check out this link for partnership: http://awe.sm/t7Gdb
Early Pregnancy Scanning
A scan in early pregnancy is usually performed in the first trimester between 7 - 12 week's gestation. You may be having a scan for a number of reasons including confirmation of the EDD (estimated date of delivery), to confirm the pregnancy or just for peace of mind. You may have a scan earlier in pregnancy if you are experiencing complications in the pregnancy such as bleeding or if you have a history of miscarriage. For more on the early pregnancy scan and more see https://www.womenshealth.ie/ultrasound-in-pregnancy/
Hi guys!!! So today I take you all along to my 6 week 1 day scan :) As you can tell I was VERY anxious & super nervous - we have another one booked in at 8 weeks and 1 day ( 29th of December ) We can't wait!!! Hope you enjoyed Xx MORE PREGNANCY RELATED VIDEOS: (VLOGGING CHANNEL) PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT - https://youtu.be/Ed-jSy9AimY TELLING MY FIANCE I’M PREGNANT - https://youtu.be/f1Awmx2GMv4 (PERSONAL CHANNEL) PREGNANCY PROGRESSION LINE - https://youtu.be/Pwr7SriLt1M MY PERSONAL CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeB3sHigTyn5-No2ijVwWFQ AUSSIE MUM VLOGGER ——————————————————— I would love nothing more then for you to join us on our journey, so make sure to push that BIG red SUBSCRIBE button to watch our life unravel. We are a young family that live in northern NSW Australia. I started YouTube in late Jan 2017 - and am LOVING IT! I capture all of the great times, the struggles we encounter & the darn right hilarious times we have! My fiancé (Kurt) & I are high school sweet hearts who have been through many up's and downs but always worked through them.. In September 2016 we welcomed our gorgeous daughter Mila into the world who was born with a cleft lip & gum notch, she is the centre of our universe & we both ABSOLUTELY love being parents! Thank you so much for all of the support! X S O C I A L M E D I A --------------------------------- MY WEBSITE: www.keiaramoore.wixsite.com/aussiemumvlogger INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/aussiemumvlogger/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/moore_keiara FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Aussiemumvlogger/ SNAPCHAT: Keiaramoore MY YOUNOW: https://www.younow.com/AussieMumVlogger/channel C O N T A C T --------------------- IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO POST SOMETHING: P.O BOX 1610 KINGSCLIFF, NSW, AUSTRALIA 2487 EMAIL: [email protected]
Pregnancy week 12! Dating scan!
via YouTube Capture
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Pregnancy Vlog: Dating Scan!
After 28 months of TTC, 2 rounds of Clomid, 1 round of Femara, countless injections, and 3 losses we finally have our sticky "frijolitio" (little bean)!!! Follow my continued journey through pregnancy and being a first time mother!!
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How accurate is a due date that is determined by ultrasound?
You mentioned that you're about 24 weeks along, you had an early ultrasound when you were 6 weeks, and you weren't sure when your last period was. And that's probably why the doctor did an ultrasound, because there's 2 ways to figure out how far along a woman is. One is going off her previous cycle history. If a woman has had a history of regular periods, then they'll ask you what your last period date was. And if you're sure about it, then it's pretty easy to figure out how far along you are. But if a woman has irregular periods or you don't know when your period was, then an ultrasound is the best way to date your pregnancy. A fetus will grow at a pretty consistent rate during the first trimester, and so when they did the ultrasound at 6 weeks and figured that your baby was 6 weeks along, that's the best and most accurate thing that we can go by. In fact, if a baby starts to be either larger or smaller than they should be in the 2nd or 3rd trimester, a lot of times we ask, "Did she have an early ultrasound?", because that's the best way to figure out if our due dates are accurate. So because your due date was based on an early ultrasound, you can say that it's really accurate - as accurate as we can get. So you also had some questions about the extra weeks added on at the beginning of a pregnancy when you weren't actually pregnant. And this does get pretty confusing for a lot of people. So conception happens at the time you ovulate, when sperm an egg meet up. And ovulation usually happens about mid-cycle, or about 2 weeks after your period started. You won't find out you're pregnant until the time of your missed period, or 2 weeks after conception, but at that point, you're considered to be 4 weeks along. It's been 4 weeks since your last period, but the baby has actually only been growing for 2 weeks. So that's where it gets confusing. So the first week of the 40 week gestational period is actually the first week when you were having your period in the cycle that you actually got pregnant in. So that's all a little bit confusing, but just go with it since your doctor gave you an accurate due date based on an early ultrasound. Then you can pretty much say, "Yep, I'm due on October 21st. I sincerely hope the best for you during your pregnancy, and if you have any other questions for me in the future, feel free to ask them on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/IntermountainMoms, and recommend us to your friends and family too.
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This week we had another scan and are so happy that baby is doing well, and that we are finally able to tell everyone! I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 (due in April) and will be uploading weekly updates so you can keep up with everything that's going on with bump and I! Pregnancy updates playlist: http://nicolaj.me/PregnancyUpdates If you liked this video, please don't forget to give it a thumbs up, and subscribe so you're kept up to date with all my videos! nicolaj.me/subscribe LET'S KEEP IN TOUCH! - Blog: http://nicolaj.me/blog - Instagram: http://nicolaj.me/instagram - Twitter: http://nicolaj.me/twitter - Facebook: http://nicolaj.me/facebook - email: [email protected] Subscribe to my Channel Mum playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqYu0GJ_UGMlyRRfsdCR74gLpE-6Vif8I I'm Nicola! I'm a twenty-something stay at home mum to a cheeky two year old Aria, step mum to almost-teen Maya and wife to a lovely Scottish man called Tom :) We live a pretty normal life, trying to make the most of family time, cosying on the couch watching Disney movies, playgroups, coffee and cake, and generally having a good old giggle. Our videos show the honest face of family life - the good times, the bad times, and the nothing else will help but wine times! Come say hello and make sure to SUBSCRIBE! nicolaj.me/subscribe
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Pregnancy Baby Scans Dublin - Late Dating Scan Ireland
The Late Dating Scan is a reassurance scan that takes place in the first couple of weeks of the second trimester. The individual body parts of the baby can now be measured and many of the organs can be seen.
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Which screening tests are performed during pregnancy? - Dr. Anitha Prasad
"Pregnancy screening tests help keep the pregnant mother and baby healthy during pregnancy. Theyninclude early pregnancy scan and blood tests to assess the normal health of the mother like RBC,nHaemoglobin, Thyroid levels etc. Early pregnancy Ultrasound scan is performed usually if you have anhistory of miscarriage, fertility treatment or had pain or bleeding at 6-10 weeks of pregnancy assess thenfetal heart rate and detects abnormalities like if your pregnancy is an ectopic pregnancy or outside thenuterus. The first trimester screening test done at 11 to 14 weeks includes a blood test to measure twonmaternal hormones essential to retain the pregnancy. They are pregnancy-associated plasma protein-Anand human chorionic gonadotropin levels of which should be ideal . And a scan to screen chromosomalndefects like Down’s Syndrome and other heart defects. This is the time when you can know if you haventwins. Based on the results your Doctor can suggest other tests .An 18-20 week anomaly scan isnperformed to assess fetal growth and many women have this as their last scan. This is to rule out ornconfirm any abnormalities in baby. Ultrasound scans can be performed at any time during pregnancy andnare completely safe. Other Scans like Biophysical Profile, dating Scan can be performed during Thirdntrimester of pregnancy. Glucose Tolerance test is done at 26-28 weeks of pregnancy to rule outngestational Diabetes. This is a blood test done before fasting and after consuming a measured quantity ofnsugar. Urine tests can be a part of your early pregnancy test and can diagnose Urinary tract infection,nDiabetes and Preeclampsia. Non Stress test can also be performed after 28 weeks to monitor yournbaby’s health. A belt is placed around the mothers belly to measure fetal heart rate with movements.n"
Pregnancy Week 9 - Dating Ultrasound! Story 'First Baby Buy'
Filmed at 9w0d; uploaded today 9w6d! Flight Attending retraining has my nose in a book and my eyes away from the screen. Tomorrow I'll be 10 Weeks! Ahhhh! :D Music Licensed from the talented BenSound
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How many scans to do during pregnancy?  - Dr. Rashmi Chaudhary
Ask Doctors - Get Video Answers in HINDI Subscribe to - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS1y5nTRddMYnozjN9iw0mA for HINDI videos Pregnancy is the most joyful period in a woman’s life form the moment she conceives, the entire family is very anxious to get one glimpse of the fetus or the developing baby but at the same time the query is at how any scans. So normally in an uncomplicated pregnancy we do a minimum of 5 scans. The first scan is a dating or the viability scan, 2hch we do around 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy to confirm the viability, the baby’s heart beat as well as ruling out the twin gestation as well as if the lady is complaining of irregular bleeding or pain, we rule out the ectopic pregnancy or the tubal pregnancy, which is the pregnancy in the tubes. The second scan we do at 11th or 13th week of pregnancy which is called as the nuchal translucency scan which is done to rule out any genetic abnormality in the baby like we p give the risk ratio for the trisomy 13, 18 or 21. If anything found, we do further investigations. At the same time in this scan we do the assess the Doppler parameters of the maternal uterine artery, we see that your baby is getting adequate oxygen or not. The third very important scan is the anomaly to rule out any structural deformity plus the central localisation, the amniotic fluid amount, as well as the Doppler parameters of the uterine artery. If any problem is there, the corrective measures are taken. The fourth scan is the interval growth scan which we do at around 28 to 32 weeks of pregnancy to rule out any intrauterine growth restriction of any small babies, decreased amount of amniotic fluid or high amount of amniotic fluid as well as Doppler parameters of the fetal or the maternal vessels. The fourth or the final scan is done during 37 weeks of pregnancy to assess the expected fetal weight , placental localisation, the amniotic fluid. On that parameters we decide how long we have to wait for the spontaneous onset of labour, if everything is fine, we can wait for till the date or even one week beyond the date.
TWIN Pregnancy | Dating and Gender Reveal Scan | Weeks 12-20 |
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Talking over my symptoms of 11-12 weeks pregnant and having our 12 week dating scan done! Channel Mum Support Group: https://www.channelmum.com/chat **NEW UPLOADS SUNDAYS, MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS AND FRIDAYS** FOLLOW US: MY FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MrsKerryMConway MY TWITTER: http://twitter.com/kerrymConway MY INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/kerrymconway MY BLOG: http://www.livedwithlove.com WARREN'S CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA1n1nugyK0gV0r8s-ki4mw WARREN'S FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/warrenjconway/?fref=nf&pnref=story WARREN'S INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/warrenjconway/ WARREN'S TWITTER: https://twitter.com/wozman1988 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OLDER VIDEOS: BLW MEAL IDEAS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOcs17u1eJY&t=1s ADJUSTING TO A SECOND BABY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52R77DpuMUg ARIA'S BIRTH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvzusYxp8wI&t=2s WHAT'S IN BABY'S HOSPITAL BAG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53dPOBZJRxA FINDING OUR IM PREGNANT WITH ARIA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3Trxt118NI&t=166s THE LOSS OF OUR SON, ROCCO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyNv1EtI42A FINDING OUT IM PREGNANT WITH ROCCO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6-AdzknXWM PREGNANCY LOSS/MISCARRIAGE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2gmCJuogIpiIQGgLEvmhrjjlHkkJvl42&action_edit=1 OUR SURPRISE PREGNANCY WITH SIENNA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS6QfdZRFIA COPING WITH MORNING SICKNESS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8fB6RGierg PREGNANCY VIDEOS WITH SIENNA: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2gmCJuogIphVyZl2NNR4NzbGYPlPLKhu BIRTH & LABOUR OF SIENNA https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2gmCJuogIpjOwzTULr95sAClms35aoML MY BREASTFEEDING STORY WITH SIENNA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCid_TY3Ngo --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music from FreeMusicArchive.com or YouTube Library
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First Scan - Pregnancy - Just Got The Scan Date
www.bothsidesofthebump.com Hey all, this is Adam just bringing the good news that we have a date scan. Yay! Here is how it all happens: - Get pregnant - Book in with GP - GP sees you - Book in with Midwife - See Midwife - Midwife books you in for scan Don't forget to check out our other videos and click like if you have found this or anything we are creating helpful. We love the feedback. Get in touch on twitter @bothsidesofbump Speak soon all.
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9th month pregnancy and delivery date | health bulletin | Dr.K.Geetha Rani M.S.,O.B.G
TimesNow BreakingNews Title : 9th month pregnancy ultrasound | 9th month of pregnancy baby movement | Dr.K.Geetha Rani M.S.,O.B.G YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/TimesNowBreakingNewsLive Google+: https://plus.google.com/+TimesNowBreakingNewsLive Twitter: https://twitter.com/tnbnnews Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/timesnowbreakingnews Website: http://timesnowbreakingnews.com/ Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/TimesNowBreakingNewsLive?sub_confirmation=1 By Dr. K. Geetha Rani M.S., O.B.G Kranthi Nursing Home Dr. K. Geetha Rani M.S., O.B.G స్త్రీల వైద్యనిపుణులు (Regd. No. 40558) Consulting Obstetrician & Gynaecologist & Sonologist Laparopic Surgeon Kranthi Nursing Home Station Road, Narayana Puram, Dachepalli, Guntur Dist, Andhra Pradesh 522414, PH: 08649-257695 Email: [email protected]
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Pregnancy delivery due date calculation | डिलीवरी की तारीख कैसे करे कैलकुलेट
There are two methods to calculate due date for delivery, at home. You should know first day of your last menstrual cycle to calculate date using any of the methods mentioned in video. If your periods are irregular date may vary from the due date by a week or two. If you completely forgot first day of LMP, you can still find your due date by a ultrasound scan.
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OH HEY! YOU SHOULD OPEN ME! YOU KNOW YOU WANNA... ☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟☟ I'M PREGNANT! EASTER PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRO25... LIVE PREGNANCY TEST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ed9lS... BABY #3 PREGNANCY UPDATE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kjhR_cvTNY FOLLOW ME ON SNAPCHAT: allisonbarr88
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First Trimester Pregnancy Ultrasound
First Trimester Point of care ultrasound
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Late Dating Scan
Make sure that the parts of your baby can be measured and organs seen. Late Date Scan needs no preparation. Book now or give us a Call. The Ultrasound Suite. Your Ultrasound Clinic in Dublin and Bray. http://www.theultrasoundsuite.ie/maternity/late-dating-scan.html
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Hello everyone! So I thought I would do a quick pregnancy update, as I have plenty of week-by-week pregnancy videos coming up. But I wanted to do a real-time one first. But, more than anything, I want to say a big thank you. You have been amazing and I am so excited to share this journey with you. xx PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7FRJdMWs-E&t=30s PREGNANCY PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoUu0DSv1cu4IbTs_MwWMdqyyGYa12fim&playnext=1 ---------- SOCIAL MEDIA Blog - http://www.writelikenooneswatching.com Twitter - http://twitter.com/charltaylor Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/WriteLikeNoOnesWatching/ Pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/charltaylor/ Instagram - http://instagram.com/charltaylor Snapchat - @charlottewilbo WHO AM I? I'm Charlotte. I'm 28, love carbs, rubbish 90's music, Prosecco and baths without finding a bath toy stuck under my bum. I have a little boy called Bill (born June 2012) and a little girl called Daisy (born April 2016). I am, very recently, a full-time vlogger and blogger (the stuff dreams are made of), but I am also a trained journalist, former magazine editor, and content lead. I'm also part of Channel Mum - which is really worth checking out if you're a mama like me and want to find videos to make you laugh, cry, nod, or get advice. https://www.youtube.com/user/channelmum I was a single mum, just me and Bill. But then I had a bit of a fairytale moment when I met Mark (he's a bit lovely) and things are better than I could have hoped for now. Daisy was born with Stickler Syndrome, and a cleft palate like me. Her start has been rocky but she'll be fine. She's got a family who adore her after all. I know that all mums are different in their own way, but I hope you enjoy seeing snippets of my life, all the same. Music sometimes from: http://www.bensound.com http://www.epidemicsound.com
Dating A Pregnancy (Obstetrics - First Prenatal Visit)
Full description and additional information at http://medtwice.com/dating-a-pregnancy Free medical videos at http://www.MedTwice.com
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Pregnancy update!! From 6 weeks pregnant, to 12 weeks!! follow our journey with baby number 10 We are super Excited to meet our new bundle and for you guys to meet the baby bump.. How much fun !! Welcome to Simply Sarah. Im Sarah from the Youtube Family “R Family” Simply Sarah is a channel i have created to discuss and talk about my own life experiences, my many pregnancies and product reviews as well as many other topics along the way. Please click the subscribe button, turn notifications on and be sure to leave a comment. Sarah x x P.o box WOODEND MILL MOSSLEY MANCHESTER LANCASHIRE OL5 9RR ⭐️ our r family vlogging channel link ⭐️ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxxM1gs6aQ1PSMjFBhL2vvA
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Kylie @ 10 weeks of pregnancy
First Dating Scan
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3D pregnancy scan
3D pregnancy scan Call 08000075076 Regular pregnancy scan is required for timely update on child’s health and growth. Baby Moments http://www.scan4d.co.uk/ are one such professional clinic which provides different types of scanning to assure the health and growth of Child. The various types of scan they provide is 2D early pregnancy scan, 2D Gender Scan, 2D Dating scan, 2D Growth Scan, 2D Reassurance Scan, 3D pregnancy scan,3D 4D Ultrasound scan and 4D Bonding Scan. There are various offers available for frequent scanning at very affordable and attractive rates. Apart from that they keep displaying their limited time offer periodically, so never miss to be a frequent visitor to their site and miss exclusive offers. Call for an appointment 08000075076 3D is a still image in three dimensions Along with all these general care, periodic check-ups and gynecologists visit is a must. Once each month in early pregnancy stage, later twice a month and when delivery dates in nearing, weekly once is must. Doctors bring in a very friendly feeling and examinations to you through scanning. As everyone knows, it is only through scanning that you can be in touch with your child before delivery You can find out more by Googling these terms 3D pregnancy scan pregnancy scan 2D early pregnancy scan 2D Gender Scan 4D Bonding Scan 3D 4D Ultrasound scan 3D Ultrasound scan
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How to calculate age of fetus after positive pregnancy test? - Dr. Teena S Thomas
After getting positive pregnancy test the age of the foetus is usually calculated by determining the first day of the last period date, so the calculation start from the first day of the last period date in the number of week, usually the pregnancy last for 40 weeks. So from the last period we calculate the age of the features but this gets accurate only when the person is having a regular period, when the periods are irregular be there is less significance to the last period date, the first day of the last period usually is not very significant because the egg is released two weeks before you miss your period. So we add on two weeks to that, so if a person is having regular period that is every 28 days cycle then usually egg is released in 14 day, so 14 day behind and 14 day ahead. So that counts to 4 weeks. But the period of women is around 45 days the egg is released usually 31st day, so we don't have to calculate the first 31 days before that, so it will be the 31st day from there are two weeks more. So than the calculation varies. So for a normally regular cycle women the calculation is started from the first day of the last period and then all these days can be corroborated and we do an early pregnancy scan, usually the early pregnancy scan is a dating scan. So we can get an accurate reading by going through the first day of the last period date and the early pregnancy scan.
Early pregnancy ultrasound||First baby scan||private early ultrasound scan||antenatal
early pregnancy ultrasound antenatal ultrasound scan first baby scan private early ultrasound scan Private scan 12 Weeks & 2 days Pregnant dating scan ultrasound we are really happy for a private scan the doctor did the measurements and also we saw baby's body parts thanks for watching
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Can a baby's due date be a month off when determined by an ultrasound?
A lot of women have questions about their due date and how the doctor determined it. And it's usually done 1 of 2 ways. First of all, it's important to seek early prenatal care before 13 weeks gestation. And at that point, the doctor will ask you if you've had regular cycles in the past and when your last period happened. If you know what date that was and you've been regular in the past, then the doctor can pretty reliably calculate a due date off of that, because a woman is fertile for 6 days out of each cycle - 5 days leading up to ovulation and on the day of ovulation. And we know that because you had a period, you weren't pregnant at that point in time, so you got pregnant during that next cycle when you ovulated and egg and sperm met up. If you had irregular cycles in the past or you're not sure when your last period was, then the doctor may send you for an early ultrasound. And this is where they measure the size of the growing fetus, and look at growing structures, and determine your gestational age from that, because a fetus will grow at a very consistent rate during the 1st trimester. So if your baby is measuring 8 weeks, you're reliably 8 weeks along. Now there's also some confusion surrounding the amount of time the baby has been growing versus your gestational age. The entire gestational period is 40 weeks. However, a baby only grows for 38 out of those weeks, because the first 2 weeks of the gestational period are from the time of your first period till the time of ovulation and conception. So the baby is not actually growing for those first 2 weeks, so that confuses some people. They get caught up in the fact that the doctor told them they were 8 weeks, but the baby has only been growing for 6 - you're just 8 weeks gestation. We standardize it across the board. Now another commonly asked question is, "Will my due date change if my baby is measuring abnormally small or large later on in pregnancy?". Now I told you that in the 1st trimester, a fetus will grow at a very consistent rate, but thereafter, it can differ. And there are underlying causes that can make a baby be abnormally small or abnormally large, and those are the things that a doctor needs to consider - not changing the due date. So let's say, for example, that you have an ultrasound at 8 weeks, and the doctor knows reliably how far along you are, and what your due date is. Later on in the pregnancy, if you have an ultrasound at 28 weeks for whatever reason and the baby is measuring 32 weeks, they won't just change your due date. And there's a couple of reasons for that. Number 1, a doctor needs to consider underlying causes and decide if further investigation or treatment is necessary for that. And the 2nd is that if the doctor actually changed your due date and put you a month ahead, that's not going to change how much time the baby has spent growing in the womb, and their organs won't be fully mature when the baby is full-term. If you have more specific questions about your situation, don't hesitate to talk with your OB provider, and they'll be able to give you the best advice and information based on their knowledge of your situation. And if you have more questions for me in the future, feel free to ask them on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/IntermountainMoms, and recommend us to your friends and family too.
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Early Pregnancy Scans - firstScan
Early Pregnancy Scans, Viability Scans, Dating Scans, Reassurance Scans
UK Pregnancy Vlog / Blog - Week 14 - Scan Date and Bag
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