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How to use the Woo360 product viewer plugin for Woocommerce / Wordpress
It is on sale at: http://codecanyon.net/item/woo360-product-viewer/6727875?ref=merkadodevelopment Woo360 Product Viewer is a 360º viewer for Woocommerce. It uses the product gallery images to create a 360º view of your product. It was created with real business in mind. It is compatible with Wordpress 3.5+ and Woocommerce 2.x. Features Lightweight and fast Easy to use / configure Lazy load support (it wil load just the first image, once the user clicks on it, it will load the rest of the images). You can select the image the viewer will start at. You can choose to show or hide the navigation controls (prev/next). You can specify how many images the viewer will move when clicking the "prev/next" buttons. You can enable Auto Rotation. (NEW) You can enable HTML5 Fullscreen API support. It only works in Modern Browsers. (NEW)
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How to create Smart Product Viewer  360º Animation to WordPress website
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Easy 360° Product Viewer Wordpress Plugin video tutorial
Easy 360° Product Viewer Wordpress Plugin
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Part 3 - 360° WooCommerce Product - Smart Product Viewer
Use your 360° views as WooCommerce product images. This premium WordPress plugin is available exclusively on CodeCanyon: http://codecanyon.net/item/smart-product-viewer-360-wordpress-plugin/6277697?ref=topdevs
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Preview of the new Woo360 product viewer for Woocommerce and Wordpress
Woo360 Product Viewer is a 360º viewer for Woocommerce. It uses the product gallery images to create a 360º view of your product. It was created with real business in mind. It is on sale at: http://codecanyon.net/item/woo360-product-viewer/6727875?ref=merkadodevelopment Features - Lightweight and fast - Easy to use / configure - Lazy load support (it wil load just the first image, once the user clicks on it, it will load the rest of the images). - You can select the image the viewer will start at. - You can choose to show or hide the navigation controls (prev/next). - You can specify how many images the viewer will move when clicking the "prev/next" buttons. - You can enable Auto Rotation. - You can enable HTML5 Fullscreen API support. It only works in Modern Browsers. - You can set the CSS colors the viewer will use for the prev, next and play buttons. They need to be valid HEX values. (NEW)
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Woocommerce 360 Degrees And Video Product Viewer
Woocommerce 360 degrees and video product viewer offers a simple, fast, and scalable solution for online retailers to create smart and effective 360 degrees and video product display, manage visual content and transform a passive product display engaging shopping experience. In this video we show you the way to set up module. You wil see it's so easy to creat 360 Degrees and video product view. For more information, please visit the plugin page: http://store.magenest.com/woocommerce-plugins/woocommerce-360-degrees-and-video-product-viewer.html User guide: http://wiki.magenest.com/doku.php?id=woocommerce-plugin-guideline:woocommerce-360-degrees-images-and-video-product-viewer Live demo: http://demo.magenest.com/woocommerce/demo1/wp-login.php User: manager Pass: demo123 Follow us: https://twitter.com/magenestjsc https://www.facebook.com/MagenestJSC https://www.google.com/+MagenestJSC
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Setup a WordPress Image Gallery (with Lightbox)
In this tutorial I show you how you can setup a beautiful professional looking Image Gallery in WordPress. When a user clicks on an image, it will popup into a lightbox effect, and the user will be able to scroll left and right through your album. Let me know if you have any questions! Table of Contents: 00:41 - Upload Images and Create a New Gallery 03:09 - Change Page Template to Full-Width 04:35 - Install the Lightbox Feature 05:32 - Lightbox Demo! 06:24 - Add Gallery to your Menu Navigation Make an awesome WordPress website (2019): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzpHvWVeVvk ============================================= Don't forget to Thumbs Up and Subscribe :) http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=emediacoach
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Wordpress плагин Smart Product Viewer 1.5.0 для анимации 360º скачать бесплатно
Wordpress плагин Smart Product Viewer - самый продаваемый плагин анимации продукта на 360º. Разработанный для сайтов электронной коммерции WordPress. Этот плагин WordPress 360º идеально подходит для демонстрации продуктов, которые вы продаете. И позволяет клиенту подробно просмотреть ваш продукт с полным обзором вращения на 360°. Или понять, как продукт работает с безупречной пошаговой анимацией. Он прост в установке и легко настраивается с множеством опций на выбор. На Codecanyon https://codecanyon.net/item/smart-product-viewer-360-animation-plugin/6277697 Скачать бесплатно https://source.saitostroika.com/wordpress-plagin-smart-product-viewer/ Если вы испытываете трудности с загрузкой, пишите здесь https://saitostroika.com/kontakty.html Вышлю архив на почту.
WP-VR-view How to add Photo Sphere and 360 Video to Wordpress
This video shows how to add photosphere and 360 video to any Wordpress website post or page. Description of plugin - https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-vr-view/ Demo - http://www.alexander-tumanov.name/wp-vr-view/
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Add 360 spins & 3D spins to your WordPress website
Adding 360 spins to a WordPress page or post has never been easier: https://www.magictoolbox.com/magic360/modules/wordpress/ This 6-minute video guide shows how to install the free trial, create single spins (left/right) & 3D spins (left/right/up/down), customize settings and upgrade to a full license. Create a spin in less than a minute. Thanks to shortcodes, adding Magic 360 any where on your WordPress site is quick & easy. If this WordPress tutorial hasn't answered all your questions, feel free to get in touch: https://www.magictoolbox.com/contact/ Music: "Morning Blue" by Josh Woodward -- http://www.joshwoodward.com
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iPanorama 360 Virtual Tour Builder for WordPress Showcase
iPanorama 360 Virtual Tour Builder is the WordPress plugin that lets you create awesome virtual tours for your customers without advanced programming knowledge. This panorama plugin is responsive and works on all modern browsers and mobile devices. Use this plugin to create interactive tours, maps and presentations. Plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/ipanorama-360-virtual-tour-builder-for-wordpress/17028820?ref=avirtum
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How to Embed Responsive 3d Models on Wordpress
This video shows you how to embed 3D models in your wordpress website. - Download iFramely plugin - Make a new blog post - Sign up for http://www.sketchfab.com and upload your model - Copy the link to your model from the address bar and wrap it around [iframely] (link) [/iframely]. Visit my website at http://www.comphonia.com for more awesomeness.
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Part 1 - Create 360° View - Smart Product Viewer
Easily create outstanding 360° Product Views by Drag&Drop using WordPress media library. This premium WordPress plugin is available exclusively on CodeCanyon: http://codecanyon.net/item/smart-product-viewer-360-wordpress-plugin/6277697?ref=topdevs
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MV 360 Tour - Wordpress Plugin
With MV 360 Tour you can create amazing virtual tours through WordPress and without programming. Using the plugin is very simple; once you have uploaded an equirectangular image, you can add HotSpots through which you can view multimedia content or move from one panorama to another. The plugin is responsive, your tours can be viewed from any device. Compatible with the main themes and plugins, including WPML, Visual Composer, Divi.
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360 product viewer | HTML & eCommerce plugins
An amazing 360 product viewer waiting to transform your website: https://www.magictoolbox.com/magic360/ But what is a 360 product viewer and why use one on your website? A 360 product viewer is a piece of software. Once installed on your website, it takes a set of 360 spin images and merges them together to create a 360 degree spin effect on your web page. Our 360 product viewer is called Magic 360 and has been installed on thousands of websites since 2010. Constantly refined, Magic 360 provides anyone with a website the chance to display products exactly the same way as high end brand stores. You don't need a big budget to create a big impact! Every major eCommerce retailer knows showing 360 spins on their website gives customers instant confidence to buy what they're selling. 360 degree spins also save the retailer time because customers can see exactly what they're buying which means less customer questions. And because customers know exactly what they're buying, there will be fewer returns too. Again, saving time. However you've built your website – you can install Magic 360! Magic 360 supports 20 platforms making installation super easy on popular eCommerce stores such as Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, Shopify and VirtueMart. This 360 viewer can also be used on CMS platforms such as WordPress and Joomla. The WordPress plugin uses shortcodes to make adding 360 spins to your website even easier. Whether you've built your website using HTML, eCommerce or CMS platform download the Magic 360 free trial from our website and see why adding 360 spins is a must for you: https://www.magictoolbox.com/magic360/integration/ Use Magic 360 for panoramic lanscapes and 360 virtual tours too! Magic 360 was designed for rotating objects on a web page in 360 degrees. That's when the camera looks inwards at a product on a turntable. But Magic 360 can also be used to display a panorama - when a camera looks from a central point. To achieve the look, fix the camera to a tripod and rotate the camera 10 degrees at a time to get 36 photos of the panorama. You could take any number of photos (more or less), the crucial factor is that each frame is separate by the same number of degrees, making it feel consistent. This process applies for panoramic landscapes, 360 virtual tours of offices & hotel rooms. If you have the photography, we have the 360 viewer! If you don't have your 360 photography yet... We can put you in touch with a 360 photography studio near you. Because we create a 360 degree viewer, we know many 360 photography studios around the world which we put our customers in touch with for their 360 photography requirements. https://www.magictoolbox.com/magic360/photography/
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Smart Product Viewer - Video Tour
http://bit.ly/1qpRSDW Smart Product Viewer is a 360º viewer and product animation plugin for any WordPress e-Commerce site that help customers see even more details of your product with a full 360° spin view and understand the workflow with step-by-step animation.
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product 360 By "360 Generator" WordPress Plugin
This video illustrate how make 360 from set of photo and embed to your WordPress website To download the WP Plugin visit www.ProdGraphy.com
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Fancy Product Designer - WooCommerce/WordPress Plugin | Introduction
Creating a product 1:28 Color Options 6:00 Product Categories 11:57 WooCommerce Integration 12:37 Integration via Shortcode 13:32 UI & Layout Composer 14:17 Settings 16:18 Design Categories 17:37 Order Viewer & Export methods 19:33 If you have any question or problem, please use our Support Center: http://fancyproductdesigner.com/
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360 Image View - WordPress Plugin
360 Images View - Create interactive 360° object stop-motion animation or panorama from images. ================================= Plugin Home: http://levantoan.com Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/letoan.wp/ Demo: http://demo.devvn.com/plugins/360-image-view-demo-car/ jQuery Reel Plugin: http://jquery.vostrel.cz/reel#demo =================================
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WordPress plugin for 360 degree spin rotation
**IMPORTANT** Magic 360 has been improved thanks to shortcodes. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAU9aXHiBbg Tutorial shows you how to create 360 product spin to your WordPress website using Magic 360™. www.magictoolbox.com/magic360/modules/wordpress/ The easy how-to guide shows you the fastest way to add 360 and 3D photo spin to your WordPress posts and pages. This beautiful 360 JavaScript viewer does not require jQuery or Flash - it is purpose built to work on every browser and platform including iPhone, iPad and Android. Download the WordPress plugin (free trial license or £199 for commercial license).
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Part 2 - Customize 360° View - Smart Product Viewer
Easily customize 360° views with shortcode generator. This premium WordPress plugin is available exclusively on CodeCanyon: http://codecanyon.net/item/smart-product-viewer-360-wordpress-plugin/6277697?ref=topdevs
Views: 2673 topdevs.net
📂 WordPress | Display 3D Models | WebGL & Canvas | Canvasio3D Light
Hey guys, a fantastic plugin that allows you to display 3D models using webGL and canvas, thus working on all mobile devices! PRO VERSION HERE https://youtu.be/t_XAzKHnjHs DOWNLOAD LIGHT VERSION HERE https://wordpress.org/plugins/canvasio3d-light/ CANVASIO WEB SITE HERE https://www.canvasio3d.com/canvasio3d-light/ 3D MODELS HERE http://tf3dm.com/ CHECK MY EXPERIMENTAL (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) to see the models on action here http://www.webreflections.co.uk/experimental/
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How to Create 360 Product Viewer  Widget in Elementor by Element Pack
Here we show you how to create 360 product viewer widget in Elementor by Element Pack For more details about this elementor addon please look here: https://goo.gl/Ek93Cv For more demos about this elementor addon please look here: https://goo.gl/kFQQFo For more details about Element Pack Pro Developer & Agency Package please look here: https://elementpack.pro/pricing/ Others Video ........... What's New Element Pack V3.0 Addon for Elementor: https://youtu.be/MBZsZOLA7mA How to Install Element Pack https://youtu.be/aAjGxtgxjpE #bdthemes #elementpack Visit Our Website: https://bdthemes.com/ [Note: You need to install Elementor Core Plugin for run this addon, but not mandatory pro version.]
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How to Add An Image Gallery in WordPress - The Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin
In this Tutorial I’m going to show you how to add an image gallery to WordPress. ***** Download my Top 10 Plugins of All Time here: http://bit.ly/JaksonTop10 ***** I’m going to show you how to add an image gallery to WordPress using the best WordPress photo gallery plugin. The Envira Gallery is my weapon of choice these days when it comes to free gallery plugins - it’s just ao amazing. It’s mega easy to set up and is by far the most responsive WordPress Gallery out there. You can download form the WordPress Repo here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/envira-gallery-lite/ And the guys form Envira are here: http://enviragallery.com/ Lets Make some WordPress! Jakson Go ahead and subscribe if you fancy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBdd24j_O7D5C4oraWnKrwg?sub_confirmation=1 And check us out over at: http://jakson.co/
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3 Ways To Embed A PDF On WordPress Posts And Pages
Grab Your Free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist: http://vid.io/xqRL 3 Ways To Embed A PDF On WordPress Posts And Pages https://youtu.be/UZTyrNVRhFA Download your exclusive 10-Point WP Security Checklist: http://bit.ly/10point-wordpress-hardening-checklist One of these 3 ways to embed PDFs on your website will work for you. They are all very different both in how to embed the PDFs and how your visitors will experience them. Subscribe to this awesome channel here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=wplearninglab
Adjust Woocommerce Product Image Size and Woocommerce Product Title Length
In this video I show you how to Adjust Woocommerce Product Image Size and Woocommerce Product Title Length so that your pages look better! More videos at www.wpeagle.com
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How to add video to WooCommerce product gallery with VideographyWP PRO
If you own a WooCommerce shop and would like to add a video to the WooCommerce product gallery, this can be done very easily using premium plugin VideographyWP. VideographyWP allows you to set WooCommerce product videos directly into the product image gallery from different sources like YouTube, Video or Dailymotion. You can try the plugin live by creating a demo on http://demo.videographywp.com Learn how you can generate your YouTube API key: https://youtu.be/6xye7Fddttk To learn more about the plugin please visit https://videographywp.com
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Quick Tutorial - Creating 360 Views With WebRotate 360 SpotEditor v3
Just a quick tour of WebRotate 360 SpotEditor v3: - Create 360 views with ease (works well with product photography or CGI). - Publish or preview your 360 views instantly. - Integrate with your website via simple upload or cut & paste. - Add interactive annotations, hot-spots, controls and more. Download here: http://www.webrotate360.com/products/webrotate-360-product-viewer.aspx Upcoming release: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3uFpXy1ne4 More info: http://www.webrotate360.com/Blog/ http://www.360-product-views.com/forum/ https://www.facebook.com/360views https://plus.google.com/116846466003073026624 Free plugins are available for the following platforms: Magento OpenCart PrestaShop WordPress (WooCommerce) BigCommerce More is comming...
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Magic Zoom – the elegant WordPress image zoom (tutorial)
Easily add detailed zoom effects to any image on your WordPress site with Magic Zoom plugin: https://www.magictoolbox.com/magiczoom/modules/wordpress/ This 5-minute video tutorial will guide you through how to add an image zoom viewer to any image: Multiple images or Gallery. Learn how-to: - Install responsive image zoom plugin on your WordPress website - Create shortcode to easily add image zoom effect on any WordPress Page or Post - Customize all JavaScript zooms at once thanks to Magic Zoom Settings page - Customize individual image zoom WP shortcode - Upgrade from free trial to full version via your License page If you've used Magic Magnify in the past, change the zoom effect to a magnifier to create the same look in just 2 clicks. If this WordPress video guide hasn't answered all your questions, please contact us: https://www.magictoolbox.com/contact/ Music: "Swansong" by Josh Woodward – http://www.joshwoodward.com
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3D Online Product Viewer Demo
Demonstration of Flash-based 3D Product Viewer for custom clothing. For more information: http://ghisallopro.com
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📂 WordPress | Display 3D Models | WebGL & Canvas | Canvasio3D PRO
Canvasio 3D PRO - Incorporate 3D models with woocommerce! has a built in slider, shortcode, lots of customize options. And just like Canvasio3D Light, works with all mobile devices using WebGL & Canvas. Check out light version to set up and import 3D objects https://youtu.be/GGT6VdenCy0 https://www.canvasio3d.com/canvasio3d-pro/?caObjID=0
Views: 3007 Aaron Kelly
3D Printing Product Set Up
Instructions how to set up 3D Printing for WordPress plugin. Plugin Page: http://www.wp3dprinting.com
Views: 1926 Sergey Burkov
360 Product Viewer General options
See an overview of the 360 Product Viewer, for more information: https://www.360productviewer.com
Views: 897 360 Product Viewer
360° Panoramic Viewer - The Gutenberg Block
360° Panoramic Viewer WordPress Plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/360-panoramic-viewer-wordpress-plugin/5054590
Views: 60 Liviu Cerchez
How to use Divi Product Viewer 360 Module
This is a quick how to guide of the divi product viewer 360 module. http://demo.cakewp.com/divi-product-viewer/
Views: 107 CakeWP
WebRotate 360 SpotEditor 3.5 - Create 360 Product Views With Pure White Background
This is a demo of some of the new features in the latest release of WebRotate 360 Product Viewer v3.5. In this video we show how to start with your unprocessed 360 product images and use our new workflow in WebRotate 360 SpotEditor to quickly create 360 product views with pure white background and image watermarks. For more information, please visit our website, blog or forum: http://www.webrotate360.com/ http://www.webrotate360.com/blog/ https://www.360-product-views.com/forum/ Download current product release (or beta under additional resources): http://www.webrotate360.com/products/webrotate-360-product-viewer.aspx User guide (PDF): http://www.webrotate360.com/360_product_viewer_download/Readme.pdf Follow us: https://twitter.com/webrotate360 https://www.facebook.com/360views https://plus.google.com/+Webrotate360/ Free plugins are available for the following platforms: Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, WordPress (WooCommerce), Joomla, BigCommerce, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace, etc. More about our free plugins: http://www.webrotate360.com/products/cms-and-e-commerce-plugins.aspx
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The Content Views Plugin - How to Create Blog Post Grids in WordPress
In this video, you will learn how to create grid layouts for your blog posts using the content views plugin. With the content views plugin, you can create up to 3 different types of grid layouts for your WordPress blog posts. Buy the Pro version of Content Views Plugin - https://www.contentviewspro.com/pricing/ref/46/ Get 2 months FREE access to more than 16,000 courses on SkillShare - https://www.skillshare.com/r/profile/Alexander-Oni/6660110 Follow me on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thewebmonkeyonline/ For business inquiries, product reviews or partnerships, please send an email to [email protected] Did you find this video useful and want to say thanks by buying me a cup of tea? Please send your donation via Paypal to [email protected] Thanks.
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Better Builder - How to add Panorama Viewer
This video shows how to use the Better Builder plugins' Panorama Viewer block to create a interactive Panorama Pictures on your WordPress page or post.
Views: 34 Ed Alpez
WordPress product catalog Plugin
WordPress product catalog Plugin is the best catalog plugin in WordPress.org directory .You can download this plugin from WordPress.org or from their official website - http://web-dorado.com/products/wordpress-catalog.html . This plugin allows you to edit your product list as you need .
Views: 4463 John Devise
Three Ways To Add PDF Files To Your WordPress Site
** 2019 GUTENBERG UPDATE VIDEO HERE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EJq-ea5M6A In this video Spence will show you how to 1) embed a PDF file, 2) add a direct link to view a PDF file, and 3) how to add a Download Monitor link to a PDF file. Each method has benefits, so be sure to watch this video to the end!
Views: 98245 WPLaunchify
How to Embed 360° Content on Wordpress | Tutorial
Watch a tutorial on how to embed 360° content on Wordpress. Omnivirt's technology allows for easy embedding onto multiple platforms. Reach out if you have any additional questions. For more, visit our blog and other YouTube tutorials. https://www.omnivirt.com/blog/
Views: 1697 OmniVirt
360° Panoramic Viewer
360° Panoramic Viewer WordPress Plugin: http://codecanyon.net/item/360-panoramic-viewer-wordpress-plugin/5054590
Views: 7010 Liviu Cerchez
Creating Downloadable PDF in Woocommerce
How to create downloadable PDF products in Woocommerce.
Views: 10373 Teresa Renee
Embedding a Product View into your WordPress Post
This video explains how to embed a product view (a product's information and layout) into the body of your WordPress post or page. See the final result at http://yoga-blocks.co/ Learn more at http://www.datafeedr.com/
Views: 573 Datafeedr
Divi Product Viewer 360 - A Divi Module!
Our creative Product Viewer 360 module could be your sales booster. Turn your ordinary product websites into addictive shopping experiences. Product Viewer 360 lets your online visitors see, touch, play, and understand your product on a whole new level. Show better. Sell more. And this works on every device. http://demo.cakewp.com/divi-product-viewer
Views: 194 CakeWP
Huge-IT Video Gallery Demonstration
Video Gallery demonstration tutorial, will show how to install, create and use the plugin. Demonstration of the views can help you to choose and find your preferable view. All additional questions about the product you can ask on [email protected] To DOWNLOAD Video Gallery plugin, visit http://huge-it.com/wordpress-video-gallery/ Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE us, in order to be informed about new features
Views: 80445 Huge IT

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