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Plugins A-Z 'B' is Boost from Sample Magic
Boost 45% off https://goo.gl/f6J2wh Boost is a simple, powerful mix finalising utility designed to get your music sounding as full and polished as possible using a minimal amount of processing. Review of Boost https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9nn7QSquBI Sample Magic Boost on Review and Test. I LOVE THIS! So simple and yet so damn good in what it does. https://www.samplemagic.com/details/1271/boost Simple, powerful mix processing utility designed to get tracks sounding as full, polished and loud as possible using a minimal amount of processing. Utilising cutting-edge low-latency DSP, Boost adds multi-band compression, 4-band equalisation, stereo enhancement, brickwall limiting and filters out inaudible low frequencies to give a fuller, louder and wider mixdown. Unders on the web Music Production - http://www.warriorsound.co.uk Blog - http://www.audioplugins.co.uk Bandcamp - https://warriorsoundrecords.bandcamp.com Spotify - http://bit.ly/1TOZi5n Soundcloud - http://bit.ly/1TOYzkS (Free download) Twitter - https://twitter.com/Undersofficial Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/UndersOfficial YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/undersoundz Buy Logic X - https://goo.gl/hvpVSv #plugins #atoz #unders #warriorsound #samplemagic #boost *Some links contained my be affiliate links. These links help support the creation of content on this channel, No opinions have been paid for.
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Sample Magic - Tech House - Review pt2
More from the Sample Magic Tech House sample pack www.bangthedj.com
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Sample Magic Boost - First Look
► Subscribe and join ADSR Youtube : https://goo.gl/kCzvSf ► Music Production Video Courses : http://www.adsrcourses.com ► Download Presets & Samples : http://www.adsrsounds.com In this video, Echo Sound Works checks out Sample Magic's new plugin Boost. It's a mix finalizing plugin that can also be used on individual tracks and groups. Boost is a simple, powerful mix finalising utility designed to get your music sounding as full and polished as possible using a minimal amount of processing. Utilising cutting-edge low-latency DSP, Boost adds multi-band compression, 4-band equalisation, stereo enhancement, brickwall limiting and filters out inaudible low frequencies to give a fuller, louder and wider mixdown. Hear dynamics spring to life, drums explode with energy, basslines punch through and high end revitalise with glistening sheen. Boost is placed on the mix buss and can be used to master a processed track, subtly enhance an already finished project, or completely sculpt the dynamics of your song from start to finish, breathing fresh life into your music and readying for commercial release, club or radio play. Take an idea from start to finish using just 4 simple smart controls. And Boost is not just for the mix buss. Place it on a muddy drum track for meaty width and energetic flare, give vocals a multi dimensional stereo edge, remaster old productions, fix live performances, DJ mixes and voiceovers. Get foley recordings broadcast ready, redefine muddy midrange and make cumbersome, CPU-intensive mix chain processing a figment of the past. With its enhanced low latency settings mode, Boost is suitable for tracking or can be placed on the mix buss from the outset, making tracks quickly and easily comparable with commercially finished masters. With a plain, easy to use interface, controls are laid out elegantly yet simply, with a ‘Boost’ setting for re-ordering components to give greater gain and bass output. Used in conjunction with Magic AB, Boost is an all-in-one mix reference and refinement solution, allowing quick, stable comparison between tracks to achieve your desired end result. Compress The Compression parameter increases the effect of the multi band compression on the audio. Although just a single knob, this macro controls many parameters simultaneously on the incoming signal. Each of the included presets provide a slightly different style of Compression, with varying amounts of make up gain, attack, decay times and crossover frequencies. Colour The Colour parameter adjusts the spectral balance of the audio through the use of a dynamically interactive equaliser circuit. Each of the included presets in Boost provide a slightly different ‘style’ of Colour which is applied through this parameter. The defining characteristic of this macro is to boost bass frequencies around 50-100Hz while inversely cutting midrange around 2kHz - 4kHz and adding subtle high-frequency gain around 9kHz - 14kHz. Stereo The Stereo parameter adjusts the stereo field of the audio. This control will widen the elements of the sound which are panned between the two L/R channels and leave mono signals unaffected. Each of the included presets in Boost provide a slightly di erent amount of Stereo Widening which is applied through this parameter. Limiter The Limiter parameter is a powerful compression and peak limiting processor. Capable of transparently ‘shaving off ’ a few dB to slam a mix - for maximum impact - while still maintaining clarity. Each of the included presets in Boost provide a slightly different style of limiting which is applied through this parameter. Like, favourite and subscribe to support ADSR. -- ADSR -- Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ADSRSounds Video Courses : http://www.adsrcourses.com Presets, Samples & Loops : http://www.adsrsounds.com
Sample Magic Boost Review and Test
30% OFF Sample Magic Boost https://goo.gl/f6J2wh Sample Magic Boost on Review and Test. I LOVE THIS! So simple and yet so damn good in what it does. Simple, powerful mix processing utility designed to get tracks sounding as full, polished and loud as possible using a minimal amount of processing. Unders on the web Music Production - http://www.warriorsound.co.uk Bandcamp - https://warriorsoundrecords.bandcamp.com Spotify - http://bit.ly/1TOZi5n Soundcloud - http://bit.ly/1TOYzkS (Free download) Twitter - https://twitter.com/Undersofficial Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/UndersOfficial YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/undersoundz Buy Logic X - https://goo.gl/hvpVSv #unders #warriorsound #samplemagic #boost #samplemagicboost #review #tutorial *Some links contained my be affiliate links. These links help support the creation of content on this channel, No opinions have been paid for.
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TechHouse Sample 2013 (BigDj LIVE Mix on BlogTV)
BigDj Live !!! in da MiX (Sample)
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How To Make Techno With Loops & Samples | Tutorial
Check out Indelible Techno at Loopmasters - https://goo.gl/ts52rJ Producer Tim Cant shows us how to make Analog Sounding Techno with Loops and Samples inside Ableton Live. All loops and samples are royalty free. If you enjoy the tutorial please subscribe and check the pack at Loopmasters https://goo.gl/ts52rJ About - Indelible Techno from Artisan Audio Indelible Techno is a collection of sounds that will make a mark on your production sound like no other pack. They say the elephant never forgets, and everybody knows how much elephants love stomping all night to some deep, pounding Techno. Bass Loops From the throbbing deepness that defines that genre to arpeggiated and riffy loops, all with the required sonic depth to seriously do the business when you're track is leaving the Funktion One at high volume. From long held hoovers to stabby 808 style, it's there when you need it. Drum Loops As always we have aimed to give a substantial range of the most usable and organic sounding drum loops out there. All with rich, dynamic textures and percussion swung to just the right point. Solid low end kicks and lots of high end sizzle and stereo width. Whether you want to start layering or just drop right in, there will be plenty to choose from. Percussion and Tops Loops We are really focussed on the most important parts here to help you focus on creativity. This folder will be at the front of your arsenal for years to come. Cleverly effected percussion, looping in just the right sync and perfect to be chopped up and layered into your own, Techno monster. Synth Loops From deep, low pads and strings and ethereal expanses of sound to the intricate little stabby synths that keep a Techno roller charging along at 5AM. Dubby chords, evolving leads, crisp plucks and rising arps. We have the full spectrum of Techno on hand to make up one of the most solid units of audio we have ever made. Bass One Shots Thumping, pounding, deep and warm. Everything a bass one shot should be and these are no different. From twisted growls to simple, usable failsafe’s, we have them, they are yours. Synth One Shots Stabbing chords, little plucks, drifting pads and deep strings. These are perfect to create your own riffs with or to mess around with until your heart's content. Check out Indelible Techno at Loopmasters - https://goo.gl/ts52rJ
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How To Use Sample Magic Boost  - Introduction
https://www.sonicacademy.com/courses/sample-magic-boost-with-matthew-fudge Sonic Academy welcomes Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Matt Fudge to give us an overview of the brilliant new plugin by Sample Magic that he's developed - Boost. This slick, retro looking plugin's aim is to get your tracks sounding as full, polished and loud as possible using a minimal amount of processing. Used for mastering, subtle enhancements, as well as dynamic shaping, Boost's simple controls feature multiband compression, 4-band EQ, stereo enhancement and brickwall limiting and filtering. In this tutorial Matt demonstrates that by utilising these controls, you'll get a fuller, wider and louder mix to your tracks.
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Electro minimal techno - Jan 2006 - sample 1
Mixed by Impulse
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Synthesising a Kick Drum with Sample Magic Stacker
Kick Drum Creation with Sample Magic's Stacker - Stacker: https://www.samplemagic.com/details/606/stacker - Read More: alijamieson.co.uk/2014/06/creating-a-custom-kick-drum/ - Voxengo SPAN: http://www.voxengo.com/product/span/ - Wave Window: http://rustykat.us/ - s(M)exoscope: http://bram.smartelectronix.com/plugins.php?id=4
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Minimal Backyard Synth - Korg Minilogue & Volca Sample
outside sounds ~
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Sample Magic Presents - DJ Chus Iberican Tech-Tools
Techy, tracky, tribal-infused beats from the Spanish maestro. Genres: House / Tech-House Tags: Tribal Percussion / Fx / Latin / Afro / Wav / Rex2 / Apple Loops / Organic Percussion / Live Drums / Tribal / Drum Fills / Sample Magic Presents Tribal house maestro DJ Chus returns to Sample Magic with the first edition in a new series of tech-infused loops, packed with intricate afro-latin grooves optimised for maximum dancefloor damage. Inspired by Chus' exploits in Ibiza, Miami and beyond, the pack serves up stacks of groove-busting beats, killer kick-free tops, detailed organic percussive workouts, full-bodied low-end loops, infectious glitch vox and a choice cut of dancefloor-teasing FX primed for the mainroom. http://www.samplemagic.com/details/174/dj-chus-iberican-tech-tools-vol-1
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Sesque Sounds 'Reality ReTweak vol1' Deep/tech house percussion Sample pack
'Reality ReTweak vol1' (Junk percussion & Airs) Sesque Sounds is a collection of 24bit WAV 197 loops and 199 one-shots. All the samples range from heavy weight percussion loops from junk yard and building sites to minimal backings. Also including in the pack is a wild variety of atmospheric air loops including Ibiza beaches, airports, cafe bars and carnivals, perfect for giving you that extra tribal atmosphere. Suitable for all kind of EDM, from deep house to techno all loops at a steady 124bpm Extra kick was used in demo which is NOT included in pack. Specifications: • 50 Atmos Air loops • 74 Live junk percussion loops • 58 Twisted Junk percussion loops • 38 Real FX shots • 161 Junk percussion hits • Total 197 kick free loops 124bpm • Total 199 one shots 298mb 24bit WAV Only £12.00 http://sounds.beatport.com/pack/reality-retweak-junkpercussion-and-airs/6419 http://www.soundstosample.com/info/Sesque_Sounds/Reality_ReTweak-JunkPercussionAirs/6420
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electro minimal (REMIX BORGNEMAKER)-(sample PAULINE CROZE)
electro minimal (REMIX BORGNEMAKER)-(sample PAULINE CROZE)
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Sample Magic -Tech House - Review pt1
A quick run through of some of the sounds in the Sample Magic Tech House collection, and demoing how well they work together.
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Review of Sample Magic Magic AB
Russ takes a look at Sample Magic Magic AB, an inexpensive and novel plug-in for comparing your mix with reference material.
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Sample pack free [BLOQ]
A free taster of our debut virtual vintage synth and drum machine Kontakt instrument. Genres, Deep, House, Drum & Bass, Electro, Garage, House, Minimal, Nu Disco, Tech-House, Techno Bloq is the debut virtual instrument from Sample Magic. Featuring over 2.6GB of sample data and presented in carefully collated and customised presets, Bloq has been made using some of the most iconic and revered synthesisers and drum machines of all time. PLEASE NOTE: Bloq requires a working version of Kontakt 5 as the software is not included in the package. ////LINK\\\\\ https://ouo.io/6t06iK
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Korg Volca Sample and Korg Volca Bass Impro - Minimal 120 BPM
Korg Volca Sample and Korg Volca Bass Impro - Minimal 120 BPM Using: Korg Volca Sample Korg Volca Bass Recorded into Ableton Ableton Ping Pong Delay Slightly automated Ableton EQ8
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MicroBrute / Volca Beats - Minimal Bass ( Shadows )
Longer version https://youtu.be/OZDTGa7YTqU Track here https://mossprinten.bandcamp.com/track/shadows Equipment : Arturia MicroBrute / Korg Volca Beats / Eventide Space / Rolls-MiniMix / Sony PCM10 . MicroBrute is going into Space and Space in the Rolls-MiniMix. Volca Beats is going direct in the MiniMix. The MainOut of the MiniMix is going in to my Sony PCM10 recorder. And recording 48khz 24bit wav . All rights reserved by mossprinten .
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Tribal Tech-House in Cubase - Sample Magic
Sample Magic / SM14: Tribal Tech-House 'Tribal Tech-House in Eight Minutes' showing the range of sounds on Sample Magic's Tribal Tech-House and the creation of a mix combining beats, synths, basslines, fx and more. For more see www.samplemagic.com or www.soundstosample.com. The song is made using Cubase.
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Sample Magic - SM18 Ultimate FX.mov
Fan video showcasing the sounds in Sample Magic's Ultimate FX sample pack - 1.1GB of premium FX for breakdowns, fills, drops and transitions. Video browses the folders in Ultimate FX, previewing a selection of the different sounds and showing how to layer them / reverse them to get more from the collection. Boasting 660+ single hit samples and loops, Ultimate FX focuses heavily on production transitions: builds, drops, breakdowns and fills, delivering 24-bit sounds that have been built from the ground up to maximise euphoria and tension in your productions. Thanks to
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Sample Magic - Tech House - Review pt3
In this 3rd part we put together a quick and simple track using just the samples to show how easy it is!
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Zero-G House Fabrik Deep Minimal Tech House Sample Library
House Fabrik is a cutting-edge selection of dance grooves that will give your house productions the master touch. Over 1300 samples and 1.3Gb of the deepest tech and minimal house music around - all in pristine 24bit audio. House Fabrik is full of stunning drumloops, infectious bass and synth loops, atmospheres, melodies and FX as well as hundreds of unique one-shots, stabs and hits. And by selecting the very finest and freshest upfront loops and paying homage to the most radical areas of the deep, tech and minimal house genres this library showcases the finest DJ talent on the scene with exclusive material that is as innovative as it is inventive. Follow this link for more information - https://www.timespace.com/products/zero-g-house-fabrik
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KORG volca sample/keys : hard minimal
My new EP now on sale (High-quality tracks of this video are also included) https://yebisu303.bandcamp.com/album/freaky-tweaky-vol-1 EQUIPMENTS: KORG volca sample(drum) KORG volca keys(chord stab) Eventide SPACE(Reverb) EDIROL M-10MX(mixer)
Views: 13319 Masaki Takada
Dream Park – DP 06   Dream Park   Sample Magic Dubs Techno
I present my channels, where I will upload my sessions of Techno Music, Minimal, House, I hope you enjoy listening to them, PEACE LOVE AND PARTY Les presento mis canales, donde subiré mis sesiones de Techno Music, Minimal, House, espero que disfruten escuchándolas, Paz Amor y Fiesta https://www.dailymotion.com/TheMunSession-in-Session-DJ https://d.tube/#!/c/themunsession DP is the first album by Dream Park (Patrick Bernet), a producer from Syracuse, New York, on Yarn Audio, a netlabel based in Berlin. He found electronic music by way of Plug’s Drum ‘n’ Bass for Papa and even now you can hear strong influences from Luke Vibert as well as Jean-Jacques Perrey, Squarepusher, and old school techno and acid in general. Mastered by Patrick Bernet with cover artwork by Tim Pulver. http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/dream-park-dp
Techno Laud & Sample Magic Competition Feb 2010
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The Magic Of 12ms
Cancer Treatment Gofundme: ►https://www.gofundme.com/help-sadowick-beat-cancer Sample packs, banks, project files & more: ►http://sadowickproduction.com/ Support me: ►Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/Sadowick ►Paypal Donation: http://goo.gl/VIITd ►My talking & Vlog channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcytGXAiVHQhUZXJBK_AmSA Social Links: ►http://twitter.com/sadowick ►http://facebook.com/sadowick.official ►http://soundcloud.com/sadowick
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FREE 1GB sample pack: Loopmasters CM DnB Artist Pack
See us create a minimal DnB groove using samples from our Loopmasters CM DnB Artist Pack - an exclusive 1GB collection available only with CM223: http://bit.ly/CM223 http://www.loopmasters.com FREE with Computer Music magazine 222 -- http://bit.ly/CM222 http://bit.ly/AgentCM nyrvsystems.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/computer.music.mag Web: http://www.computermusic.co.uk Twitter: http://twitter.com/computermusicuk
PROmotion - Tech House & Minimal Loops - Latest Sample Packs
Link: http://www.producerpack.com/sections/download-tech-house.html Are you sick & tired of searching for Tech House & Minimal loops that dont sound like the big guys? Well.. Look no further.. "PRO-Motion Samples Tech House Minimal Loops" sample pack has arrived... This pack contains 100 up to the minute fresh 100% royalty free drum loops for genres such as Tech-House, Minimal, and even Techno.. These sounds will surely get your production in any top 10 on any digital store if you use them properly! 128 BPM 100 Loops 100% Royalty Free Upfront & Very exclusive Loops Compatible with: Reason Ableton Live Cubase Logic Pro Tools Kontakt NNXT Acid Magix Fruity Loops Plus any software instruments that use .wav format
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Original Deep Dub Tech Samples, Minimal Tech Loops & Presets
Buy Download: https://primeloops.com/deep-dub-tech.html Deep Dub Tech is Prime Loops' latest collection of loops, samples and presets fusing Minimal Tech and Deep House vibes with elements of Dub, Electronica and Ambient. This hybrid concoction has been skilfully crafted by one of South Africa's finest House music experts - Luka. Weighing in at over 559MB, this library comes fully equipped with everything you need to create a Deep Dub Tech classic! Bass Loops, Chords, Pads & Textures, a huge selection of Drum Loops, Drum One shots and FX cover all your audio needs! And for all you Reason lovers, Luka has personally designed 20 killer presets for Reason's Thor synth. As always, all sounds come directly to you in pristine 24 big audio quality, and will adjust to the tempo of your project. So if your looking to add a dubbed out twist to your minimal tech productions, Deep Dub Tech could be the perfect product for you! Download contains: 32 x Bass Loops 47 x Chords, Pads & Textures 94 x Drum Loops 13 x FX 99 x Drum One Shots 46 x Bass & Synth One Shots 20 x Thor Presets Bpm118 - Bpm122 24Bit Audio Quality 559.9MB [Unzipped]
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Best Rave/Party Songs Mix #1: PSY TRANCE, MINIMAL, GOA TRANCE, HEAVY BASS (song list in description)
No Copyright intended SONG LIST: note: if you can't find one of these songs on YouTube, search them on soundcloud.com 0:00 - 4:57 - Highlight Tribe - Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix) 4:58 - 7:10 - Nick Panlook - Do You Want To Play A Game (original mix) 7:11 - 12:54 - Hammerers - Gianny For Example 12:55 - 14:12 - Nathan Thompson - Jungle (original mix) 14:14 - 18:32 - Syndicate - I Am Ketamine 18:38 - 25:51 - Coming Soon!!! - It's On (Cript Remix) 25:52 - 28:35 - Jordan Hoko - Aliens 28:36 - 30:48 - Easty - Gangster (original mix) 30:50 - 39:38 - Freedom Fighters - Wasteland 39:40 - 42:58 - Vini Vici VS Tristan VS Avalon - Colors 42:59 - 47:41 - Alborosie - Sound Killa (Drupada Goa Remix) 47:42 - 50:30 - Mark Dekoda - Instance Of Time (original mix) 50:32 - 57:20 - Coming Soon!!! - Shake The Silence (Fender Bender Remix) 57:21 - 59:48 - Busted - Tricky Tricky (Tackers Remix) 59:49 - 1:05:55 - Kalus - Jump (YROR Remix)
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Tech-House 2 Sample magic.mov
review at http://www.macableton.com/reviews/tech-house-2.html It's a bit quiet, and you can see there is some delay on the music loop track I was meaning to turn down, but it gives you an idea of what it's like. Check out the official demos at the Sample Magic site.
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Minimal style with Korg Volca Keys and Sample
All that is used are the Korg Volca Keys and Volca Sample played together
Views: 4612 QuestionmarQ
"Four is the Magic Number" Korg Volca Sample, Beats, Keys, Bass, live
Four Korg Volcas played live, plus a Korg MiniKP2 (adding "Phaser Delay" to the Volca Keys). Mixed and recorded on a Tascam DP24, with compression, EQ and reverb from the DP24. The Volca Beats goes to two channels on the mixer to isolate the bass frequencies on their own channel (no reverb) and the other frequencies on their own channel (with reverb).
Views: 113124 Tony Horgan
Schtang - Ritual (Live Korg Volca Sample Jam) Downtempo Minimal Techno [Free D/L in Description]
You can support me or just take my music for free over at Bandcamp: https://schtang.bandcamp.com/track/ritual For more sonic shenanigans - float past my cloud! https://soundcloud.com/schtang A recording I made of a live jam performed on my KORG Volca Sample. This time I've gone for a slow, atmospheric minimal techno kinda ish. All sounds were made using the Volca Sample factory defualts. Tempo: 100bpm Swing: 002 As always, Like and Subscribe and click all the good buttons! (I will sincerely love you for doing so!) Follow the Soundcloud link above for a free download of this track :D Please enjoy! Brrrrrrrrappp!
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Tech House & Deep Minimal Samples & Loops - Tech House & Deep Minimal
http://www.loopmasters.com/product/details/476/Tech-House-Deep-Minimal- Tech House & Deep Minimal Samples & Loops - Tech House & Deep Minimal. Loopmasters proudly present their freshest collection of Deep, Tech and Minimal samples with the aptly named "Tech House & Deep Minimal", produced by Marc Adamo. For producers inspired by the music of Jooris Voorn, Christian Smith, Dubfire, Slam, John Acquaviva, Claude Von Stroke, Radio Slave and Trentemoller, or labels such as Soma, Sci+tec, Rejected, ToolRoom, Great Stuff, PokerFlat, or BPitch -- this collection is definitely one for you. Packed to the brim with the latest sounds and created to generate some serious Dancefloor pressure, Tech House & Deep Minimal brings you 10 Huge Construction kits from one of the leading purveyors of UK underground dance music, covering Tech House, Deep House and the Progressive Minimal sound that is dominating current Dance music worldwide. In addition to the 180+ Construction kit loops, expect another 50 Drum Loops, 50 Synth Loops, 100 Genre tuned Single Drum Samples, 27 FX and transitions, 21 Super-dubbed Bass loops, plus 40 custom synth stabs and 9 Ready to play patches for Reason NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS, and SFZ soft samplers. Apple Loops version, Reason Refill and Ableton Live Packs also available separately.
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DJing using sample libraries in Ableton Live Part 2
Producer Benoit Henriot takes a look at DJing with sample libraries inside Ableton Live and performing mixes using the in-built controls and effects. In this video, Benoit mixes samples from commercial libraries including; - Philtre Labs: Bollywood Grooves & Elements - Zero-G: Disco Gold - Sample Magic: Minimal Techno - Digital Redux: Stakka's DnB Plates If you like this video then check out Part 1. For more tutorials please visit http://blog.timespace.com
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Minimal House Sample A17
I have tried a bit of minimal house. I know it ain't there. Hens "Try"
Views: 127 IceFreshProductions
Electro sample I
*some of my favorite Tracks ... maybe i will upload more, will c. If someone wants to get one of those Tracks msg me via ICQ 395024350 have fun .. wannabe
Views: 8595 rabbi1302
Soma Records  | Sample Pack
Learn more: http://bit.ly/sm-soma Soma Records: Sample Pack Part 1 delivers 450mb+ of royalty-free sounds that embody the essence of the seminal, legendary techno label. Expect an archive packed with pounding tech-beats, dark analogue synths, brooding basslines, hardware FX, reworked classic drum hits, and one-shots curated into various formats (Ableton Rack, EXS24, and Reason Combinator Presets). Expertly crafted by SLV - born in the heart of the East Berlin and heavily influenced by techno culture since birth, sprinkles of melancholic funk ride loop after loop of gritty basement grooves. SLV's much-vaunted productions have garnered the attention of Slam, Amelie Lens, Charlotte De Witte, Tale of Us, Ilario Alicante and Cleric to name a few and now proudly appear exclusively on Sample Magic.
Views: 824 Sample Magic
Rankin Audio now on Loopcloud | Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Trap Samples, Loops, Sounds
Check Out Rankin Audio on Loopmasters http://bit.ly/2JdhDZo Get 1GB of Free Sounds with Loopcloud http://bit.ly/2JdAHH1 Check Out Deals on Sounds at Loopmasters http://bit.ly/2Jfqfyw It's another week and another label is available on Loopcloud. This week it's Rankin Audio. A loop, sample, preset and template pack manufacture ran by international Dubstep and D&B producer High Rankin. While based in the UK, Rankin Audio has contributors from some of Dubstep, DNB and Electro's key players around the world. Together, the collective produces the fresh, innovative sound that is at the forefront of the dance scene. If you like it large and aggressive or laid back and chilled out, Rankin Audio's diverse range is sure to have something for you. Let's check out what you can expect from Rankin Audio. Akira Lofi Hip Hop Jazz Hop Dreams Jump Up DnB 2 Hybrid Trap Now that Rankin Audio is on Loopcloud you can find their content easy by jumping into the Loopcloud store and finding Rankin Audio in the labels drop down menu. Once selected, all your searching, browsing and filtering will display content from High Rankin. Of course, you can use the Loopcloud VST to audition everything in the context of you project before you need to buy. #RankinAudio #Loopcloud #FreeSamples Check Out Rankin Audio on Loopmasters http://bit.ly/2JdhDZo Get 1GB of Free Sounds with Loopcloud http://bit.ly/2JdAHH1 Check Out Deals on Sounds at Loopmasters http://bit.ly/2Jfqfyw
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Magic Box Sample
Views: 48 eddienotvanhalen
Mockbeat - Girls
I like this music. Great sampling. Great music! SM16 DEEP TECH HOUSE / SAMPLE MAGIC
Views: 88 ninth quark
Doilad - Magic Violin (Sample music beat)
Follow me! Soundclound: https://soundcloud.com/doilad Soundclound music: https://soundcloud.com/doilad/lindsey-rap Art link: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Lindsey-Stirling-289110824
Views: 168 Doilad D
Magic Mitko - Minimal Terror (Original) [House]
Magic Mitko's new single Minimal Terror (Original) with a promo sample. Buy this House record at: iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sex-with-a-diva-single/id542203681 Amazon: http://www.amazon.de/s/field-keywords=Magic+Mitko%20Minimal+Terror+%28Original%29 Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/track/2a9szoAGdjmn05z85rBJHw Djshop.de: http://www.djshop.de/Download-Magic+Mitko-Minimal+Terror+%28Original%29/ex/s~details,u~10043365,p1~mp3/xe/details.html Djtunes.com: http://www.djtunes.com/music?view=tracks&sorf=relevance&searchq=Magic+Mitko+Minimal+Terror+%28Original%29 Start your own monetized channel now and earn money with YouTube: http://goo.gl/bJs4Rb Feiyr.com - Sell your Music and eBooks online! Register online for free, upload your songs and start selling them on 300 online stores worldwide. A team of professional label managers will support you during the release process as well as when it comes to setting up promo campaigns. This is how digital music distribution works. Start now! Feiyr: http://www.feiyr.com Feiyr @ Twitter: https://twitter.com/feiyr Feiyr @ Instagram: https://instagram.com/feiyr/ Artist: Magic Mitko Title: Minimal Terror (Original) Date: 2012-07-30 Style: House ID: 10148880 ISRC: DEAR41226826 Distributed by: https://www.feiyr.com/digital_music_distribution This video was published on YouTube with the authorization of Nice New Records. If you want to request a delete of this video, please contact https://www.feiyr.com/en/contact.html
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Micro Glitch Sample Pack - Percussion Loops
Download at: http://subaqueousmusic.com/shop/loops/mirco-glitch-loops/ Download for Free / by Donation. Micro Glitch is a collection of Minimal Loops that can help add interesting percussion and additive rhythmic elements into your beats. The loops are easy to mix and match for amazing poly rhythmic elements.
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Twisted Tech Vocals 2 Sounds To Sample: Demo 1
Twisted Tech Vocals 2 Sounds To Sample Robotic voxisms, machine-garbled speech and processed verbal slices: 100 glitched, twisted and mangled vox loops for house, tech and electro productions. This long-awaited follow-up picks up where the first chart-storming volume left off, delivering 100 all-new cut-up and re-worked articulations to inject life and soul into your dancefloor dubs. All loops are tempo-labeled at 128bpm and presented in 24-bit Wav format. Please note the demo contains drum and musical loops from Sample Magic collections that are NOT included in this pack. This pack contains glitched vocal loops only. The collection is created by Mexican wonderkid Jeziel Quintela. http://www.soundstosample.com/info/Sounds_To_Sample/Twisted_Tech_Vocals_2/1726
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11. Party House - Free Samples Mixtape
Lemon SMG Mixtape "Free Sample" @ HOTNEWHIPHOP.COM .... hotnewhiphop.com/LemonSMG
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GoPro Hero 6 Full Review |  SAMPLE FOOTAGE | Stabilization, Low Light, Slow Motion COMPARISON
BUY GOPRO HERO 6: https://goo.gl/fSxSQK Instagram: https://instagram.com/karthikunboxed Twitter: https://twitter.com/karthikunboxed Facebook: https://facebook.com/karthikunboxed YouTube: https://youtube.com/karthikunboxed My Gear: Canon C200: https://bhpho.to/2fxoyPj Canon 80D: http://amzn.to/2feBECF Canon EOS 5D Mark II: http://amzn.to/2ePQtr9 Sigma 18-35mm F1.8: http://amzn.to/2dIKLpV Sony RX 100 III: http://amzn.to/2dIMWKj GoPro SEEKER BAG: http://amzn.to/2iZBBIz Magic Pro DRONE: http://amzn.to/2iPET5R MANFROTTO LIGHT STAND: http://amzn.to/2lb893G VIDEO HEAD: http://amzn.to/2kFYghl 2TB ATOM RAID SSD: http://amzn.to/2keXhEf OLD GOPRO: http://amzn.to/2ksHcZu NEW GOPRO: http://amzn.to/2luNS9f OLDER GOPRO: http://amzn.to/2luVw3K SLIDER: http://amzn.to/2kV9i2Q RECORDER: http://amzn.to/2kOJN0N SHOTGUN: http://amzn.to/2kVb9Va HEADSET: http://amzn.to/2ksHFec STABILIZER OLD: http://amzn.to/2kax0nv STABILIZER NEW: http://amzn.to/2luBJ4a Music: https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud GoPro Hero 6 - Full Review Hey guys, welcome to Karthik Unboxed! We all love higher resolution, faster frame rates but don’t want to deal with huge files or the need to buy an expensive high capacity memory cards. GoPro Hero 6 might just have an answer for that. High Efficiency Video Coding is a new video codec used in iOS 11 and the new MacOS High Sierra and now we see that in the new Hero 6. This enables Hero 6 to record certain high resolution, high frame rate videos with better quality while taking less space. I recorded a short clip of a 4k 30 FPS video with Hero 5 and a 4K 60 FPS video with Hero 6. I compared this 30 second the clips and as expected they were pretty much the same file size even though the Hero 6 recorded twice the number frames with better quality. I can stop this video right here because I am convinced this is the best GoPro yet but lets go ahead and look at few other things where the Hero 6 excels. Stabilization Personally I don’t use software based video stabilization as it involves cropping the frame to remove the empty spots created after aligning the adjacent frames. The older Hero 5 used to crop 10% of the frame when stabilization is turned on and the resulting video was not that impressive. With Hero 6 you only lose 5% of the frame and on top of the the video was relatively smoother when compared to the footage from Hero 5. Just so you guys know for this entire video protune is turned off, auto-lowlight is turn on, in camera stabilization is turned on and audio is set to automatically adjust between wind reduction and stereo. Low light Unlike the higher frame rates and stabilization I think low light performance could have been improved in the older Hero 5 with a software update. In any case I was floored by the low light performance with Hero 6. The camera automatically adjusts the frame rate, ISO and shutter speed to get a brighter, better dynamic range footage with minimal noise. Even though I can see some noise in these footages, I think it is absolutely usable when compared to the footage from Hero 5. There is night and day difference between the Hero 5 and Hero 6 when it comes to low light videos. Slowmotion Videos With Hero 6 now you can record 1080p videos at 240 FPS to create stunning slow-motion videos. Here are some comparisons between the footage shot with Hero 5 at 120FPS and Hero 6 at 240 FPS. Unfortunately I couldn’t do any stunts for you guys but here is some example of how even some mundane tasks like picking up milk from the local grocery store can look amazing in slow-mo. Just note that the 240 FPS footage is being recorded using the HEVC codec so some editing tools may not support it but Adobe premier and iMovie seems to support at this point with Final Cut Pro still waiting for the update. Audio Quality I have my main mic, Hero 5 and Hero 6 set-up with automatic audio mode and I’m going to switch between 3 different mics to see the difference. Just for fun I added an iPhone 8 to the mix to really compare the audio quality and show you guys what GoPro should have done with the internal mic performance. I’m doing this indoor so you can really see how the GoPro mic picks up some white noise out of nowhere when connected to the Karma Grip. Now the Hero 6 connected to the Karma Grip. I posted a video a while ago talking about audio issues with Hero 5 and Karma Grip. Now as we switch to the Hero 6 you can tell the audio is relatively better than the Hero 5 Karma Grip combination. With Hero 6 on the Karma Grip let’s switch over to the Hero 5 without Karma Grip and then to the iPhone 8 and back to my main mic see how it sounds. Even though the audio still sounds a little muffled with the Hero 6 and Karma Grip combination I think It’s still much better than the Hero 5.
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Learn Live 10: Installing Packs
How to install Packs in Ableton Live 10. Watch the entire Learn Live series: http://bit.ly/LearnLive10
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