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Thomas Kinkade - Lamplight Inn - Sea of Tranquility - Wind of the Spirit
Lamplight Inn (Unframed) http://ebay.to/1CVwbrl Sea of Tranquility (Unframed) http://ebay.to/1LCWIfM Wind of the Spirit (Framed) http://ebay.to/1DD1l1e
Thomas Kinkade - Painter of Light - Lamplight Inn - Lamplight Manor - Sunrise - Sea of Tranquility
Lamplight Inn: http://ebay.to/1LFNTBW Lamplight Manor: http://ebay.to/1KqoIju
Conquering The Storm by Thomas Kinkade
Inspiration waits around countless surprising corners. Sometimes I even find it... on an inspirational CD! Not long ago, a friend shared spiritual music with me. On the CD cover, photos of brilliant lightning flashed. Conquering The Storm is all about overcoming the challenges that life has to offer. Each test we endure is like s storm at sea. If our spirit is strong, like the rock that makes up the lighthouse, we can overcome. Our job is to conquer each storm in life and come out stronger and better. To purchase this painting, go to thomaskinkade.com: http://tinyurl.com/qb9aqxe
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Mountain Majesty by Thomas Kinkade
When I lift up my eyes, I find the truth of the Psalm confirmed by the radiance of sunrise, by a shimmering memory of a rainbow... especially by a towering snow-capped peak, like the one that stands as a silent sentinel in Mountain Majesty. http://tinyurl.com/l7mcnwf
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Courage by Thomas Kinkade
In Courage I use a vocabulary of personal artistic symbols to convey this message: God rewards our perseverance with His gift of courage. A storm-tossed sailboat has come within sight of a lighthouse; the beacon of divine love will guide it to shore. A sublime radiance breaks through the clouds, embracing the boat in its holy light.

I painted Courage at a time when I was especially grateful for God's hand of deliverance in my life. May it remind you that courage is, truly, a gift from the Almighty. To purchase this painting, go to thomaskinkade.com: http://tinyurl.com/q2ourzy
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Evening on the Avenue by Thomas Kinkade
http://tinyurl.com/a4dpokd Evening on the Avenue, is a nostalgic look back to a time when families strolled America's Main Streets to mix and meet and conduct business. A clearing dusk paints the scene with a silvery softness as gas lamps and windows blaze gold and amber; rain-washed pavement adds a festive glow. The painting has a symbolic message: the peacefulness and serenity of traditional communities are still the heart of any nation. -Thomas Kinkade
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Serenity Cove by Thomas Kinkade
http://tinyurl.com/cdyk5yp Serenity Cove, featuring a lighthouse inspired by Marblehead Light on Lake Erie, celebrates the guidance my faith offers as I face life's transitions. For me, the four boats sailing towards the horizon symbolize the life journey of my four daughters as they grow into adulthood. In nature, times of change are often the most brilliantly colored. The transition of sunset paints the fading hues of autumn with a heavenly radiance; in this, the still waters of Serenity Cove reflect the glory of earth and sky. The lighthouse is not just a beacon of hope and symbol of faith; it is also a cozy family cottage. The gazebo and lawn furniture suggest the comfortable life lived within this safe haven. -Thomas Kinkade
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Lamplight Manor by Thomas Kinkade
In Lamplight Manor, sixth in the Lamplight Lane series, the brooke Windemer takes us to a rustic treasure hidden away in England's quaint Cotswolds - a magnificent manor house. How I would enjoy a private tour of house and grounds: the sweeping spiral staircases, the luxurious tapestries, and the dignified library. As the scripture from the Gospel of John suggests, such tasteful opulence has a place in the house of our Lord. Here we can anticipate the glory that awaits the children of God in heaven. To purchase this painting, go to thomaskinkade.com: http://tinyurl.com/ot5jeu7
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Rock of Salvation by Thomas Kinkade
I was struck, recently, by the gospel music phrase "the rock of salvation" and suddenly felt myself challenged to present the phrase in one of my prints. Rock of Salvation will be the last creation in my Seaside Memories series. Though watching the "sun set" over this seven-year series of works is nostalgic and slightly bittersweet, I look forward to the "sunrise" of a new coastal series in the near future. To purchase this painting, go to thomaskinkade.com: http://tinyurl.com/py25fpn
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Welcome from Thomas Kinkade
Thomas Kinkade welcomes you to his video channel.
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Thomas Kinkade - Lamplight Manor
3000 pieces Created with iTimeLapse , available on the iTunes app store.
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Colors of Light
Just a few days out front. Music by Thomas Kinkade, Music of Light.
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The Beach at Nice by Thomas Kinkade
http://tinyurl.com/7lpeb The backdrop of stately old hotels, the sweep of pebbled beach, the festive beach cabanas, the dancing sailboats, and above all the unmistakable velvet waters of the Cote d'Azur, combine to make this a perfect subject for my Robert Girrard Impressionist style. I used bold strokes to convey the vibrant colors of the flags and beach cabanas. The pristine white sailboats dance on the waves; the wispy clouds heighten the sense of a blustery afternoon. Anyone who enjoys sea breeze, sand, and water will surely relish their time at The Beach at Nice. -Thomas Kinkade
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Garden Tomb by Thomas Kinkade
Modern archaeology questions The Garden Tomb. as the actual place where Christ's body was taken, but the setting remains a site of uncommon dignity and tranquility. As I painted The Garden Tomb,. I allowed myself to believe that this could have been the scene of the miracle after all. The open tomb is empty; its shadowy interior is thrilling to enter - it seems to whisper words of comfort to my spirit. On the wooden door a small plaque bears an inscription from scripture: He is not here, For He is risen.
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Victorian Light by Thomas Kinkade
Here, in Victorian Light, is the wonderfully civilized formal grace of a great mansion married to the primal strength of a light tower. The graceful filigreed cupolas, the white picket fence, the charming gazebo extending out over the water, the warm glow at twilight—it all says to me: "Welcome. This beacon of faith is yours to share." To purchase this painting, go to thomaskinkade.com: http://tinyurl.com/quqx2
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Pat Kinkade Endorsement of Colorado Seasons Authorized Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries
Pat Kinkade, Thom's brother, gives a personal testimonial while visiting our Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries of Colorado. We offer Highlighting Events by both Pat Kinkade and Kinkade Master Highlighters, which were trained by Thom. http://www.thomaskinkadeonline.com/ Follow Our Special Events Here:http://www.thomaskinkadeonline.com/special-events.htm More About our Highlighting Events: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nliSR3Zqi0E
Thomas Kinkade Behind the Scenes: San Francisco, Lombard Street and Hour of Prayer
Go 'behind the scenes' with Thomas Kinkade in a reality tv style video clip. Take a tour of his studio and listen to his comments about the paintings 'Lombard Street' and 'Hour of Prayer'. Another unique visit with Thom from the archives. San Francisco, Lombard Street This is a golden evening; the warm glow of sunset banishes the mist and paints the busy street with its cheerful light. The exuberance of city life is everywhere evident. On Lombard Street, on an evening such as this, life is a gala celebration of the endless possibilities of city life. I invite you to celebrate with me. To purchase this painting: http://tinyurl.com/278qyqv Hour of Prayer The Hour of Prayer anticipates the dawning of a Peaceful Kingdom when time will be no more and prayer will be a direct communion with the divine. Until then, we must content ourselves with such glimpses of immortality as can be found in the Garden of Prayer, which exists in the hearts of the faithful. To purchase this painting: http://tinyurl.com/morfw26
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Melodies of Christmas Heritage House Vintage Music Boxes myobjettrouve
For sale at eBay.com/myobjettrouve Seller myobjettrouve
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Thomas Kinkade - Painter Of Light - Wind Of The Spirit - Lamplight Manor - Sunrise
Wind of the Spirit: http://ebay.to/1fpPwph Lamplight Manor: http://ebay.to/1Kn1wms Sunrise: http://ebay.to/1TUKPTP
Thomas Kinkade Music Box
To view more pre-cherished and handcrafted treasures you will love, visit BluePlumCollections.com.
Sunest on Lamplight Lane - Gallery Lighting Experience
Learn more about Sunset on Lamplight Lane at https://thomaskinkade.com/shop/limited-edition-art/bridges/sunset-on-lamplight-lane-limited-edition-art/ This is a simple demonstration of the Thomas Kinkade light dimming effect that can be seen in person at any local Thomas Kinkade Gallery. The effect, which is a trademark of almost all Thomas Kinkade paintings occurs when you slowly bring down the light illuminating the painting. The effect really feels as if the sun is setting inside of the painting, it's amazing! The sky begins to illuminate, sun patches on the ground really stand out and the windows of cottages seem glow brilliantly as if somebody’s at home. Is it an optical illusion or magic? Visit your local Thomas Kinkade Gallery and let us know what you think. About the Image: The Lamplight Lane series is perhaps my most popular celebration of the charms of rural England. My oldest, Merritt, was five when I painted the first "Lamplight Lane" painting; soon she'll be a high school graduate. I even included a small rowing skiff, named "Miss Merritt", to symbolize the journey into life that Merritt is embarking upon. Sunset on Lamplight Lane refers both to the radiant sunset that bathes the village in myriad reflections, and to the completion of the final work in an epic series of paintings. Gallery Locator https://thomaskinkade.com/customer-service/galleries/
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A Little Tranquility - Disney Ship On the Horizon
Ultra short end of the day scene from Cape Canaveral
Views: 28 Mark Filteau
Piccadilly Circus by Thomas Kinkade
There is an air of magnificence to this busy street corner. The beautiful architecture towering quietly above all the activity is a perfect complement to this energetic scene. How easy it is to get lost in the moment while in the presence of such grandeur. It is easy to see why Thom was inspired to bring brush to canvas to capture this lovely scene. http://tinyurl.com/lhvysxu
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Michael and Inessa Garmash - Romantic Impressionists (Ukraine)
Michael and Inessa Garmash-Romantic Impressionists (Ukraine) Україна Husband and wife team. Very romantic! Represented by the following gallery http://www.artshopnc.com http://www.garmash-artist.com . All images belong to Garmash and respective galleries.© Music shared with permission Vladimir Gorodkin http://tsimbaly.com This video is not for commercial use.
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Thomas Kinkade - Heart of San Francisco
Promotional Video for the world famous 'Painter of Light'.
Snow Globe
Views: 38 Nell Ravir
Relaxing Nature Scenes - Relaxation Meditation (Sunset Over the Ocean) - Hawaii 1.mp4
Relaxing Nature Scenes - Relaxation Meditation (Sunset Over the Ocean) - Hawaii 1 wavesdvd.com
Views: 425 MaksGailish
Roland Hanneman's "The Mystic Sea"
Originally performed by John St. John
Views: 228 Siddharta Buda
thomas kinkade plate
thomas kinkade painting on a plate
Views: 118 Michael Evans
Thomas Kinkade - Eternal Springtime - www.world-wide-art.com
Thom, as a routine, would carve out a few minutes in the day to find an outdoor venue filled with sunshine to read his Bible or a book. This "mini-vacation" would be a time of refreshment and reflection for him amidst a very busy schedule. Eternal Springtime depicts the perfect place to recharge and disconnect from daily life -- if only for ten minutes. One cannot help but smell the sweet fragrance of the lilies or feel the warmth from the sun shining onto the weathered bench when viewing this piece. This is a serene resting place where peacefulness reigns and the hope that springtime signifies is painted into every stroke. The scientific word for daylily is Hemerocallis, which is derived from two Greek words meaning "beauty" and "day". It isn't any surprise that Thom added a plethora of blooming daylilies in his painting. Each lily bloom only lasts one day, but each stalk holds many blossoms that will bloom each day for many weeks, providing beauty into the future. The hope of each new day made anew, is the allure found in Eternal Springtime. Eternal Springtime was to become Thom's final painting as it was found resting on his well-worn easel. No doubt, he would be pleased in knowing that this piece might inspire you to carve out a few moments in your busy day to indulge in his vision of peacefulness, beauty, and serenity. Our hope is that this painting will serve as a reminder to you in finding a few moments of peace and reflection and that you may find refreshment upon viewing it just as Thom did while sitting in sunshine. - Nanette Kinkade www.world-wide-art.com http://www.world-wide-art.com/Thomas_Kinkade/Eternal_Springtime/vaid38144.html
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Thomas Kincaid Holiday Reflections Music Box
Views: 237 Stewart Marr
Thomas Kinkade (Painter of light) - Beautiful "seasons change" collection! (24 paintings)
My "seasons change" collection of 24 Thomas Kinkade paintings with paradisiac music! (starting with spring, turning to winter)
Views: 4595 INSPIRINGyou
750 Piece Round Thomas Kinkade Jigsaw Puzzle Clearing Storms New Unopened 2943-8
For sale a New unopened 750 piece round Thomas Kinkade jigsaw puzzle. This item is for sale. Can be seen at http://stores.shop.ebay.com/A-2-Z-of-RESALE-ITEMS PUZZLE TYPE : Ceaco NUMBER Of PIECES : 750 MEASUREMENTS : 24 inches (60.96 cm) across TITLE : Clearing Storms (puzzle number 2943-8) AGE GROUP : 12+
Views: 92 Kevin Griboski
Thomas Kinkade's Lamplight Lane (Part 3)
I love a jigsaw puzzle like this one since it seems to have that springbok style.
Whimsical Garden Cottage
456 Gibson Ave, Pacific Grove
Views: 182 RompsRoy
Views: 466 Ree Saunders
Tranquility Live At The Kaleidoscope
Tranquility Live At The Kaleidoscope Lancaster PA June 11th, 2017 Viedo made by: Kinkade Ruppert http://www.takethistoheartrecords.com/ Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/tranquilitymi/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/tranquilitymi Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tranquilityband/ Tumblr: https://tranquilityband.tumblr.com
Views: 338 Tranquility Band
(Re-upload) Camille Corot Souvenir of Castle Gandolfo Tonalist Landscape Oil Painting
Past Masters Series 17 Tonalist Landscape Oil Painting Demonstration http://landscapepainter.co.nz Link for Blog: http://landscapepainter.co.nz/new-blog/
Views: 1667 Michael McCarthy
Heritage House Music Box
Views: 106 Tapiocah
Thomas Pacconi Classics Victorian music box with 6 Discs
Thanks for looking! Brand new. For sale.
Views: 1117 dlschoen955
Oil Painting Demos, Quick Oil Painting Lessons, How to Oil Paint - from Ryan Herrin
Quick Oil Painting Demos, Oil Painting Tutorials from Ryan Herrin - Landscape paintings, Seascape paintings, Floral and Still Life Oil Painting
Aylesford Sunset Oil Painting
Aylesford Sunset. Original oil painting on canvas 30 X 20 inches by Roger Turner. 'Aylesford Sunset' Medieval bridge over the River Medway at Aylesford in Kent.
Views: 51 Roger Turner
Colouring Shakespeare - flip through
Come and visit us to find out more.: https://www.liveincolors.eu/ [English] https://www.liveincolors.ro/ Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/liveincolors.ro Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/liveincolors.ro/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/LiveincolorsRo Live in Colors is not an ordinary coloring book and coloring supplies online shop, it is the space where we want to promote a life philosophy that has spread all over the world and keeps spreading joyfully over the gloomy landscape every day. #ColouringBooks #ColoringBooks #LiveInColors
Views: 609 Live In Colors
#14 - Jigsaw puzzle time-lapse (1000 pieces, Astronaut)
This 1000 piece jigsaw took us a little under 11 hours to finish. Time is compressed 320:1. It is a photo of Buzz Aldrin during the first Moon landing, Apollo 11. The words at the top say "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed", and at the bottom it says "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind", both spoken by Neil Armstrong. The music is the opening of Mozart's Symphony no. 40, performed by the Fulda Symphonic Orchestra, with conductor Simon Schindler. I downloaded the file from the Wikimedia Commons: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wolfgang_Amadeus_Mozart_-_Symphony_40_g-moll_-_1._Molto_allegro.ogg
Views: 1299 ml4macdo

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