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★CRAZY Military Moments ★  | Army FAILS & Funny Soldiers  | AFV 2019
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Best Funny Army Soldier Fails Compilation (Military Funny Videos)
Best Funny Army Soldier Fails Compilatio Have fun watching! Stay tuned for more videos and other crazy compilations.. Subscribe Youtube: https://goo.gl/3m2q1r Subscribe Google+ https://goo.gl/1F8qnd Most Popular Videos, Pranks playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtdRV2iEe5g&list=PLD8MWDFE7RFqCPnsggVsOuW4wIOzPuNRG&index=2
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FuNnY SOldiers Part 1
Best Funny Military Army Fail Compilation
Views: 3553857 EXTRA TUBE
Funny US Soldier chases a chicken with a Barret .50 cal Sniper Rifle
US Soldier in Bikinni Chasing a chicken with the .50 cal Sniper Rifle
Views: 785222 mcluvinoj
Funny US Army Soldiers!
Soldiers Take a Break From Building There Chow Hall!
Views: 185683 mcluvinoj
Thanks Soldier
Views: 3581552 Pokot2002
Funniest Military Fails - Funny Army Videos (Soldier Fails Compilation)
Share it with your friends! Have fun watching! Stay tuned for more videos and other crazy compilations..
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FuNnY SOldiers Part 2
Best Funny Military Army Fails Compilation
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Funny, Fails, shock, funny videos, funny compilation, must see
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American soldier funny video with old afghan man
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Views: 13960 Afghanistan Talks
British Soldiers and Royal Marines in Afghanistan - Funny
A few clips of awesome British troops ha. http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/
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How a US War Veteran is treated in Court by Judge
Video from Gladiator ShaB👊
Views: 7569970 Gladiator Commando
Funny soldier gets smoked for deez nuts joke
Drill Sargeants bring the pain very funny
Views: 282700 nelsno312
Funny Army Jokes with Dumb Soldiers
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Funny! American Soldiers vs Iraqi soldiers dance off
Dance off in Mosul Iraq
Views: 1533572 Brian Michlitch
Army Fails 😂 Funny Soldiers FAILS [TNT Channel]
Crazy army fails are dangerously HILARIOUS! Subscribe http://bit.ly/TNTChannelTV for weekly videos! This video will show the best funny army compilations. Soldiers falling, failing, sliding, dancing and a lot more of the funniest clips you won’t believe it really happens with the one of the most serious job... The Military! --------------------- subscribe http://bit.ly/TNTChannelTV Army Fails: https://youtu.be/uvWl_t1lvIk Subscribe to TNT Channel Channel to make sure you catch the absolute best in TNT Channel! Best of TNT: http://youtu.be/ojtrSn9RqTY&list=PLkF3-NhawslfAgeUUgHFV7uzfHOXHGMpa Best of TNT Channel: http://youtu.be/7Wlo5juHJvU&list=PLkF3-NhawsleM3rK04ZfdWFMt2_-BdkJj TNT Channel: http://youtu.be/R6SmVfrsaYg&list=PLkF3-Nhawsld0e0-tMh2adRIdbY_EM5hS Ultimate Idiots: http://youtu.be/diBvgdsshCM&list=PL69C9B408449C0378 Monthly Compilations: http://youtu.be/qd-jkdFsaZs&list=PL1C379DAF897FEF32 Funnies Pet Videos Ever: http://youtu.be/VKg1u2-ckUE&list=PLkF3-NhawsldpjefLRd4t5TvPZh6ZBpxR Natural Disasters: http://youtu.be/v2WJ4MqXgJM&list=PLkF3-NhawslcPit__FcjLZu8yMNQRtpj_ TNT Police: http://youtu.be/R3CJAlncJ98&list=PLkF3-NhawslcMTYFTZaFFEXUV8nwIP78v Crashes: http://youtu.be/e5b7YmJ0xoU&list=PLkF3-NhawsleCOXuave-AJUwlKXBl-nlN Instant Karma: http://youtu.be/sQP7QSq6dZs&list=PLkF3-Nhawslcfhuzphc_1Kp5Smgk3X4z_ Epic Dash Cam: http://youtu.be/R3CJAlncJ98&list=PLkF3-NhawslfjGz9T2qqL66mL7dPknTg- Instant Justice: http://youtu.be/sQP7QSq6dZs&list=PLkF3-NhawslcFq2U_dkFzOoOt6WpEfmI_ Dash Cam Videos: http://youtu.be/z1Bj8H6B0a4&list=PLkF3-NhawsldvqH0nS5O6DO7r0Wsp1wOs Epic Justice: http://youtu.be/sQP7QSq6dZs&list=PLkF3-NhawsldFacJjb5CtoHYZ0chQTkSD Epic Karma: http://youtu.be/sQP7QSq6dZs&list=PLkF3-Nhawslfqo0KdnSlLghwne98OAsVN TNT Animals: http://youtu.be/HAEicGMECEw&list=PLkF3-NhawsldRiC4VuYpPYhythMtuaGkJ Skateboarding videos: http://youtu.be/nzCUELQqWKg&list=PLkF3-NhawsldhRl_LVzctPtX7zG_zx2Re Thanks for watching TNT Channel!
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American soldiers cleaning (funny)
US soldiers in action... laundry action :) Enjoy! ps. Similiar actions requires several months of hard training :)
Views: 764810 Corruptpl
Marine Corps Mocked by Army Soldier - Very Funny
This young soldier had just returned from Iraq and was having some good clean fun. I am a former Marine and take no offense to this. enjoy it and do not leave any malicious comments. This young soldier died in a motorcyle accident a few months later
Views: 3072957 bosphotoman2a
Funny SOldiers
Views: 41146776 SEba94pl
★CRAZY Military Moments ★  | Army FAILS & Funny Soldiers
Funny fails in the military with soldiers who fail at gun shooting, grenade throwing, rocket launchers, mortars, army tanks and more! ✔️ Care to subscribe? ✔️ Turn on notifications and never miss any upcoming videos! #military #army #fails Top 50 military fails: #1 Soldier in training doesn't fit through door opening. #2 Israeli soldier kicks tire and falls on the floor. #3 Soldier gets his beret shot off from soldier behind him. Luckily it was a blank round. #4 US soldier tries to mount and ride a camel. #5 Tank driver crashes into truck of its own platoon. #6 South-African army faceplant fail at parade. #7 Soldier throws smoke grenade at doorstep during marine training exercise. #8 Military soldier falls while marching. #9 Private, you're out of ammo. #10 Female soldier climbs up wall and splits her pants. #11 Marine or soldier falls into water. #12 Soldier attempts to pull tank back on loading truck single-handedly. #13 German army with mortar fail. #14 Korean soldier kicks his squad mate in the nuts by accident. #15 RPG failure. #16 Battle tank in traffic make a turn at high speed and hits police car during its drift. #17 General receives award and lets it slip out of his hand. #18 Soldier trips and falls on grass field. #19 Soldier in training fails at throwing smoke grenade through doorstep. #20 Private soldier shooting fail for having magazine upside down in his chamber. #21 Iranian Special Forces demonstration fail. Staged? #22 Soldier falls off jeep. #23 Greek soldiers marching in miniskirts fails. #24 German army fail with a grenade. #25 RPG fail. #26 Soldier tries to repair vehicle and falls backwards. #27 Soldier performs front flip and lands on his back. #28 RPG fail. #29 Tank loading onto truck tips over. #30 .50 Caliber Machine Gun fail. #31 Drill Sergeant, I dropped my grenade somewhere over there. #32 Mortar fail. #33 Soldier Cole McGuffin hurts himself after he demonstrates his gun. #34 Two grenade throwing fails. #35 Kuwait crew attempts tank drifting and flips over. #36 Dog interferes with military parade. #37 Torpedo launch fail. #38 Soldier throwing grenade in his own pit at shooting range. #39 Javelin anti-tank missile launch fail. #40 Wall collapses when soldier peeks over it. #41 Tank falls off platform at military parade in Kursk, Russia. #42 Mortar launch fail. #43 US soldier in Afghanistan falls off camel. #44 Military truck towing fail. #45 Two soldiers trip over edge of road and faceplant at the exact same time. #46 Wall running soldier lands on his head. #47 Soldier sprints, trips and falls. #48 Soldier falls on the floor at marching exercise. #49 Taiwanese artillery shell recoil fail. #50 Ukrainian soldier jump fail.
Views: 344 Para Special forces
Best Funny Army Soldier Fails Compilation #7 (Funniest Military Fails)
Share it with your friends! Have fun watching! Stay tuned for more videos and other crazy compilations..
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Russian Army Jokes! Army Fails Compilation 2017! Funny Soldiers!
Russian Army Jokes! Army Fails Compilation 2017! Funny Soldiers!! Enjoy and relax under the Best Funny Videos over Internet with us! Subscribe! https://goo.gl/UoQHy9 #funny videos #epic fails #jokes compilation #funny moments #funny people #funny animals
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Best Funny Army Soldier Fails Compilation #2 (Military Funny Videos)
Best Funny Army Soldier Fails Compilation Have fun watching!
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American Soldiers cleaning (Very Funny)
Funny army soldiers
Views: 946 Football Chat
Best Funny Army Soldier Fails Compilation #5 (Funniest Military Fails)
Share it with your friends! Have fun watching! Best Funny Army Soldier Fails Compilation #5 (Funniest Military Fails)
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Funny American soldiers dance to michael jackson " beat it "  troop surge 2007 - 2008 2-1 cav 4/2ID
just the 4/2id C troop 2-1 cav mortars passing time.....
Views: 4214 MrBooboonator
American Soldier dancing with Iraqi troops funny
Because evryone likes music
Views: 276475 93deschamps
Funny Army Soldier Of The Month Board
this is NOT how the soldier of the month board's supposed to go...
Views: 334460 James Craft
Funny prank with american soldiers
Farse cu soldati americani
Views: 30434 Terror1al3x
Soldiers sing Barbie Girl extrem funny
Soldiers sing Barbie Girl extrem funny
Very Funny Soldiers Video
Very Funny Soldiers Video - stupid funny US soldiers video Please like and subscribe my channel https://Youtube.com/sohaib4u Visit my blog for more videos http://funnyvidsuk.blogspot.com/ Add me on Facebook https://web.facebook.com/mekaal.khan.372 Very funny soldiers video,best, fail, epic, funny, fails, january 2015, amazing fail\/win, girls fails, drunk girls, hilarious moments, stupid people, ultimate fail compilation, sexsy girls, epic wins, pranks, best fail compilation, month january, workers fail, humor, idiot falling, stupid idiots, stupid drunk, epic fail\/win, drunk girl funny video january, hilarious.best fail,
Views: 15732 Sohaib Ashraf
Soldier in Iraq funny hilarious
Hilarious situation in Iraq when a reporter tries to interview a soldier... give some comments or rate this video ^^
Views: 220847 icecream270
U.S Soldier's Funny Clip
Views: 21 Anup Ghimire
funny american soldier
Views: 39128 samansalah2004
Military Moments Compilation || Victory Day!
It's May 9th, Happy Victory day. Check out these jets, bazookas, and strange fails, in Military Moments. We buy and sell clips. To license any videos, or submit a video contact [email protected] Subscribe to https://www.youtube.com/user/LPE360 for more great videos! Facebook https://www.facebook.com/findmeafunnyvideo
Views: 1428874 LPE360
U.S. Soldier singing in Kurdish funny
A U.S. soldier singing "rasho baran bari" in Kurdistan...very funny
Views: 87901 revend
American Soldier Sings Along With Afghan ANA Soldier FUNNY!!!!!
American Soldier Sings Along With Afghan ANA Soldier FUNNY!!!!!
Views: 10111 GranDaddy272
Military Fails and Mong Moments - Soldiers Being Stupid, funny
Military Fails and Mong Moments - Soldiers Being Stupid, funny A collection of clips that always make me laugh from the military, and some absolute soldier fails! absolute cracking mong moments and just soldiers being stupid BRITISH ARMY VETERAN - welcome to my channel, my names Ben and I served 7 years in the British Army. If you want to see epic road trips, exploration videos and British army help and advice. You're in the right place!! Please support me on Patreon to create the best content ! CAMERA: CANON 750D/T6I REBEL MIC: RODE BOOM MIC SOFTWARE: FINAL CUT PRO X SYSTEM: IMAC 5K 27" CUSTOM MEMORY: 32GB MICRO SDXC EXTREME MY TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ZeroFoxtrott MY INSTAGRAM: ZEROFOXTROTSTOGIVE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT OTHER MEMBERS OF MODTUBERS UK! THE ONLY BRITISH ARMY YOUTUBER NETWORK! MATSIMUS GAMING - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFWjEwhX6cSAKBQ28pufG3w +54,000 Sub's LiamBrown - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxDK-L1efdz873nmcPm2xQA +15,000 Sub's Names Nicco - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLLVh2sgSj8IgiwmMg3qV9Q +2500 Sub's Callum Smales - https://www.youtube.com/user/UnionGamingSquad +1400 Sub's Master Teyte - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5r9eUox_2o&t=77s +400 Sub's
Afghan Soldier Learning English! Too Funny
Afghan soldier learning english, thumbs up for trying!
Views: 30301 jv0187
US Soldiers perfrom Everyday Im Shuffling In Afghanistan (So Funny)
omg i had to lol just made piss myself so funny and nice to know what there doing.
Views: 204243 IK9z
funny bored american soldiers - piggy style
What will the soldiers do if there are no more wars?
Views: 1099 yonofuelnowar
Soldiers being funny
Random soldiers being funny. http://www.reverbnation.com/triplestatstunnaz http://www.youtube.com/user/triplestatstunnaz
Views: 235569 Brian Jordan

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