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Crazed woman starts fight, gets thrown into pool twice), arrested
Every man who's had to reject a woman totally gets this.
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Women Who "Try" Fight Men Complilation Pt1 #EqualityForAll
SUB TO MY NEW CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSjhKaNSRkM_v4Xjc9axQwg
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Women Fighting Mens KnockOut September 2018
Womens knocking out mens best angry womens
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Tough Guys Pick a Fight With The Wrong Person
These people wanted a fight, there is just one problem. The picked a fight with the wrong person. Watch the video to see how. Being a loudmouth doesn't make you tough nor does it make you appear strong to others, rather the opposite you end up looking like an asshole and everyone . What would you do in this situation? For licensing inquiries please contact [email protected] Visit my Website at Dankwheelie.com for decals SUBSCRIBE . Bobby, 15 charged for drugs and trespassing is now on Beyond Scared Straight. Watch Full Episodes Here Like And Subscribe .
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NYC STREET Fight, Woman stabs man,Man knocks out woman
Woman stabs man in face with cane, Man strikes back with chair. This isn't the first chair she broke. PLEASE SHARE, LIKE SUBSCRIBE. The Downfall of humanity has come to fruition. Those trying to stop it, I give credit to. The Aggressors were too ego absorbed.
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P!nk - So What
P!nk's official music video for 'So What'. Click to listen to P!nk on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/PSpot?IQid=PSW As featured on Greatest Hits...So Far!!!. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/PGHiTunes?IQid=PSW Google Play: http://smarturl.it/PSWPlay?IQid=PSW Amazon: http://smarturl.it/PGHAm?IQid=PSW More from P!nk Just Give Me A Reason: https://youtu.be/OpQFFLBMEPI Try: https://youtu.be/yTCDVfMz15M Raise Your Glass: https://youtu.be/XjVNlG5cZyQ Follow P!nk Website: http://www.pinkspage.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pink Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pink Subscribe to P!nk on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/PSub?IQid=PSW More great Ultimate Hits of the Noughties videos here: http://smarturl.it/UNPlaylist?IQid=PSW --------- Lyrics: I guess I just lost my husband, I don't know where he went, So I'm gonna drink my money, I'm not gonna pay his rent (nope), I got a brand new attitude and I'm gonna wear it tonight, I wanna get in trouble, I wanna start a fight, Na na na na na na na I wanna start a fight, Na na na na na na na I wanna start a fight. So, so what I'm still a rock star, I got my rock moves, And I don't need you, And guess what, I'm having more fun, And now that we're done, I'm gonna show you tonight, I'm alright, I'm just fine, And you're a tool, So, so what, I am a rock star, I got my rock moves, And I don't want you tonight"
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Two Women Fight, Man Chokes one out, Celebrity Theater during Bone Thugs and Harmony 06/2/2012
Two women start fighting and one is choked out by a man during Bone Thugs and Harmony's live set at the Celebrity Theatre 06/02/2012 Check out more Savage Guerrilla Videos http://www.savageguerrilla.com
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Crazed Woman Starts A Fight With Man And Then Hits Woman Walking Down The Street With Her Daughter
Music by: Lil Fabe (Click Here To Listen) - https://goo.gl/N4e1AQ
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Men VS Women Fight Compilation
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Racist guys start fighting at restaurant
Two black guys are just chilling getting some food when they are attacked by 3 white guys
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Man picks fight with teenager on the MRT
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3 Women & 1 Men Fighting.. WİNNER ?? :) 3 Kadın & 1 Erkek Dövüşü.. Kazanan ??
3 Women & 1 Men Fighting.. WİNNER ?? :) 3 Kadın & 1 Erkek Dövüşü.. Kazanan ??
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Lady trying to start a fight with man
Lady trying stl start a fight with man
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Watch a 13-Year-Old Fight Off a Man Who Followed Her Home from School
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC A man forced his way into a house and attacked a teenage girl returning home from school, it was all captured in the home's surveillance footage.
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Man fights back! | Women want equality so here it is!! | 😂😂
Please like subscribe and share. 2017 Instant karma. Feminism Feminist Feminazi Cancer Freedom Peace Equality
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Fighting Videos  Man and Woman fight YOUTUBE
Serious but funny Men VS Women Watch also: fighting Videos Link: www.youtube.com/channel/UC0EQd9WSJWlD1mW-bNwsiOg Like, Share and Subscribe For more Videos.
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Woman Fights Three Men
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Man fights women over traffic dispute
Gentleman is not supposed to fight woman, according to Confucius thinking.
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Picking a Fight with Your Man
Have you ever pretended to have an attitude with your man just to get his attention? If the answer is yes, don’t worry because “The Real” ladies are guilty too!
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2 Drunk guys start a savage fight on a Chinese restaurant
2 drunk guys harassing a woman in a Chinese snack-bar..... Better let's go to Mc Donald's
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Woman Fights Man at Party And Shows Solid Punching Skills
http://www.FFAcoach.com - I'm not sure what started the altercation - but what is known is that she did not want to talk to him, he kept forcing himself on her, and then he hit her... and she then unleashed the beast! She demonstrates obvious trained boxing and/or martial arts skills. I heavily recommend that all women receive training so that they too can defend themselves against bullies or potential rapists and murderers. Feel free to visit our online training site, http://www.FFAcoach.com to start training MMA today. If you're from south Florida, please call or text us at 305-225-4610 to learn more about training at our Miami facility - we offer a 30 day FREE trial, are open 24 hours a day, and offer beginner classes.
Epic 3 women vs 1 man fight in Chicago
Three chicks fighting a guy in Chicago. One is pregnant.
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Street Fight : Men, Women, Grandma, everybody is there
Street Fight : Men, Women, Grandma, everybody is there
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What's good youtube! It's ya boy, Young Alpha AKA NotoriusDIL. This is my reaction to COMPILATION OF WOMEN THAT GOT HIT BACK FOR STARTING A FIGHT WITH A MAN! Please LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE!!!! See y'all in the next one. 2017 is the Alphapack's year. Donation Page: paypal.me/YoungAlpha Email: [email protected] Twitter: @RealYoungAlpha Insta: @theyungalpha Snap: @theyungalpha original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdIgCXa4WKY&t=4s *NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS*
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Road Rage - Guy Picks A Fight For No Reason
What would you do in this situation? For licensing inquiries please contact [email protected] Visit my Website at Dankwheelie.com for decals SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW THESE PAGES FOR MORE! Instagram: http://instagram.com/dankwheelie Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dankwheelie Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purpose such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.
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man fights woman all the way  to police station
Mobile Alabama
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Big fight starts on London Train because man Speaks his MIND.
this incident started just after a woman walked through the train carriage begging passengers for money. Then all the man said was "im not giving you any money because all your gonna spend it on is DRUG'S " and then he was attacked verbally and then it became physical...
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Real Fight in Mall ! Men vs Women[Must See!!]
This is a clip recorded to show you how men and women fights in a mall.. See Who wins.. please subscribe..
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Women and man fight
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Transgender Woman Forced To Fight For Her Life When Man Attacks
Terri Pearson is a transgender woman who's left to survive on the streets. She saves every penny to pay for her transition surgery and meets a man online. The romance blossoms then sours once he starts abusing her and she's forced to fight for her life. | For more go to http://www.investigationdiscovery.com/tv-shows/wives-with-knives/ Wives with Knives FRIDAY 9/8C Subscribe to Investigation Discovery | https://www.youtube.com/user/DiscoveryID http://www.investigationdiscovery.com - --- True Crime Files by Investigation Discovery Add Hundreds of Crime Shows to Amazon Prime - Start Your 7-Day Free Trial Today! http://investigationdiscovery.com/TrueCrimeFiles
Views: 325065 Investigation Discovery
Man vs women fight
Fight women and man
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Male Dogs & Female Dogs : How they start a fight
And now you can see them sing along here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgnBUQLBy5Y Or if you still want to see those angry females: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Bzvwd_wFtk
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Bodycam Shows Springfield Police Officer Fighting With Teenager
** (Disclaimer: Video posted strictly for educational and information purposes only) ** Springfield, IL. - On Monday the Springfield Police Department released body camera footage from an incident last month that led to the arrest of one of its officers. Springfield police say officers responded to a domestic disturbance call in the 2100 block of East Stuart Street on Feb. 27. Officer Samuel Rosario engaged in a verbal argument with a 19-year-old boy at the scene, according to the Springfield Police Department. "Go back to Mexico, n*****," an unidentified male says to Rosario in the released footage. "I ain't from Mexico, you stupid motherf***er," Rosario responds. A short time later, the man asks for the officer's badge number and the two hurl profanities at each other for several minutes. "What do you want me to do for you to put some hands on me?" Rosario taunts. "You want these hands? You can have 'em ... you a b****." Rosario is seen walking toward the teen and appears to push him, saying, "Did I not just touch you?" The screen then cuts to black as, according to Springfield police, the altercation between officer and teenager "escalated into a physical encounter." An unseen woman at the home shouts, "He started it first, police did ... the rookie started first ... that's assault and battery." Toward the end of the video, Rosario says, "Dude, I felt bad for you, that's why I stopped hitting you." Springfield police say a backup officer not involved in the incident reported it to his supervisor. Rosario was arrested and charged with two counts of battery and one count of official misconduct the following morning. According to Springfield police, Rosario is on unpaid administrative leave pending the results of an internal investigation. Illinois State Police have concluded their criminal investigation into the matter. "This incident does not depict the actions of the hard-working men and women of the Springfield Police Department," Springfield police said in a statement. Donate to PoliceActivity: https://www.patreon.com/PoliceActivity Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PoliceActivity Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Police_Activity
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Background music provided by Rio Drumz, IG at Riodrumz Background music provided by All Eye Publishing at https://AllEyePublishing.bandcamp.com/subscribe Follow my DBN model Bobbi Dean right t here. https://www.instagram.com/bobbi_dean/ Nationboxing.com Thanks to everyone that donated to my channel which allows me to provide more content for you guys. To Donate: paypal [email protected]
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The moral of the story is that MCDONALDS BEEF BURGERS ARE 80 % FULL OF FAT WHITE LARD MIXED WITH BEEF which will be redeposited in your body as fat. The same amount of fat you eat is the same amount of fat that is redeposited in your body and is only eliminated when you exercise like running. MCDONALDS FRIES , CHICKEN PATTIES, KC/POPEYES CHICKEN FRIED IN OIL also contains a huge amount of fat as the oil becomes fat grease. SO when you eat any type of deep fried food a huge amount of fat is deposited in your body. The same amount of FAT OR GREASY OIL YOU EAT IS THE SAME AMOUNT THAT IS redeposited in your body. Grease is FAT and both of composed of oily lipids. Grease can be oily when hot but when it cools down becomes hard fat lard so when you eat FOOD FILLED WITH FAT/TOO MUCH OIL YOUR BODY SENDS /redeposits to your body. Unlike other nutrients your body saves fat. Grease is the common term for animal fats and vegetable oils. Animal fats and vegetable oils are lipids. Lipids are organic molecules essential to animal life for the production of hormones and energy storage. If a lipid is liquid at room temperature, it is usually referred to as "oil". If it is solid at room temperature, the lipid is referred to as "fat" or "grease". Animal fats and vegetable oils are 8-12% lighter than water and do not mix with water, preferring to form a separate layer on water. This floating, but separates from water property enables free-floating fats and oils to be easily separated by grease traps and grease separators. so if you are having trouble understanding FAT IS GREASE. Grease is FAT. The white fat found in ANIMALS meat is GREASE THAT GETS HARD IN COOL TEMPERATURES while THE GREASE YOU SEE IN FRIED FOOD IS FAT/GREASE THAT IS LIQUID. If you were to LICK AND EAT THE LIQUID GREASE, your body would redeposit that same amount into your body and that liquid grease would become fat white lard. If you eat too much food with fat or oil your veins start to clog up as drain pipe which will lead to heart attacks, diabetes. FAST FOOD IS CHEAP BECAUSE IT CONTAINS MOSTLY ANIMAL FAT. You should avoid eating at MCDONALDS, BURGER KING, KFC, POPEYES AND OTHER FAST FOOD CHAINS. If you want a burger go to a real restaurant and the burger will contain less fat and if you want chicken sandwich eat a baked or grilled chicken sandwich. fast food fight burger king fight, wendys fight, fight complitation, wwe, ufc, fast food fight, wendys fight. How to loose weight. Why are people fat.
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While dogs were fighting look what happened!!!
This video is about the dog fighting over dominance. The dominance fights are more likely to happen when there is a female in heat. In presence of a female dog in heat, pretty much everything that your dog has learnt will go out of the window. Your dog will actively pursue or seek out the female, and this might include running off when unsupervised, refusing to return when called, and escaping from the home or garden to go off and find the female. Male dogs will go to great lengths to try to get to a female dog in season, and will have extra motivation to find them. They may jump fences, dig their way out of the garden, or chew through a tether or lead securing them in order to get on their way. There might be a dramatic change in the behavior of your dog and this may lead them to act weirdly. This can further lead to a very annoying behavior such as constant barking, howling and trying their best to get out of the house. This kind of behavior will continue as long as they can smell a female around. If they can't smell or the female goes off season then the dog will start acting normally again. As you can see in the video the most of these dogs are pet dogs that have escaped their owner's house for a female on heat. Now obviously, in situations like this your own dog will not going to be the only male in the neighborhood who is affected by the presence of a female dog in heat, or can be the dominant one. There will be a lot of dogs involved with different blood lines and this can be very dangerous for your pet dogs. When two un-neutered male dogs will come face to face while the scent of a female dog in heat is in the air are likely to be aggressive, and this can lead to deadly fights in some cases. The best solution is to neuter your dogs and this will keep them calm and away from the dangers lurking out in the streets.
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Woman Jumps Over Counter At McDonald's And Fights With Workers
Another McBrawl breaks out at McDonald's in Des Moines. The participants all received free Big Smacks and Thighs. A very angry woman at a McDonald's in Des Moines, Iowa, lost her cool and climbed over the counter to physically assault one of the restaurant's employees.The incident occurred around 9pm Saturday night when two men and a woman entered the McDonald's on East Euclid Avenue and ordered McChicken sandwiches. Apparently, the customers became irate with how long it was taking to receive the chicken sandwiches, which, according to a police report, eventually led to a brawl. Amanda Gravely, 34, captured the wild scene on video as she waited with her family at the drive-thru window. For more please visit http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4574642/Extremely-hangry-woman-attacks-McDonald-s-worker-Iowa.html
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How To Stop Family Dogs Fighting
This streamed LIVE on our website 4-1-16 7;00pm CT http://www.petiquettedog.com/dog-behavior-tv/why-family-dogs-fight/ These dog fights look and sound like they want to kill each other. But why, when they get along most times? There are reasons why your #familydogsfight and you need to understand those reasons. This is not a dog behavior you can ignore. These dog fights can lead to injury to your dogs and maybe even you. Questions asked: Does this problem seem to be more prevalent with dogs of the same sex and if so is it more male to male or female to female? How about adult litter mates? My husband and I have a 7-year-old spayed female German Shepherd (Sadie). We moved to my brother’s house when he passed away and “inherited” his two dobermans who had 10 puppies. Now my females are fighting. I am a dog walker. I recently had a woman call me with fighting amongst her 4 Pitbull dogs. She has 1 male and 3 female dogs. Even if she rehomes 1 female I told her the fighting will occur amongst the 3 remaining dogs. I had told her to figure out who her Number one dog is and assign a rank to each dog and always keep it that order. Do you think with this there is hope mo more fighting will occur? Hi, I have 2 toy poodle brothers. One of them, Pancho, has developed some Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. Showing confusion, bumping into things at times, wobbly. And they have gotten into fights. Seems the other dog, Buffy, notices weakness or something in Pancho and is the aggressor, and did draw blood by scratching or biting P’s nose. Wonder if it’s cause of P’s weakened demeanor?? My son has 2 18 month old rotwielers. My son lives with me 4 days ago the Rotts started fighting They have actually drawn blood. The only change has been my son and his girlfriend separated so she is not here every night. We cannot figure out what causes the fights, so we cannot prevent them. It is very random. I have a 2yr old french bulldog male, 2 yr old female terrier mix. My teenage daughter has a 3yr old heeler mix. Since my female started going into heat the 2 males fight fiercely when they get near each other. Its so bad I have to keep the males separated at all times My two year 6 month chi mixes fight frequently and have actually drawn blood. I am not sure what to do! We have used a lid voice, we gave used water and nothing has helped. LET'S CONNECT! Jim Burwell's Petiquette -- https://www.facebook.com/jimburwell.dogtrainer/ ---https://www.google.com/+JimBurwellsPetiquetteHouston ---free training: http://www.petiquettedog.com/7day-ecourse-trained-dog/
Men's Role in Fighting Violence Against Women
I spoke in the House tonight about White Ribbon Ambassador Tanveer Ahmed's recent op-ed claiming that family violence was being increasingly driven by male 'disempowerment'. I told the house that men need to take responsibility for attitudes and actions that perpetuate gender inequality and as a result, men’s violence against women. Given the utter incompatibility of the views expressed in Mr Ahmed's op-ed with the mission of White Ribbon I called on Mr Ahmed to resign his position as an Ambassador for the organisation.
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Dane Cook - Why Women Win Fights
Dane Cook talking about why women win fights at the Stand Up Comedy Show Vicious Circle twitter: arii_gzz
Views: 4114654 Mariilynn Ferguson
Win Every Street Fight in the Hood
This prank involves scary people out of fights in the hood Sub for the Funniest Pranks of 2015. Prankster https://www.youtube.com/user/HoldenTwinzTV Subscribe for more Pranks Daily!
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Michael Jackson-Man in the mirror lyrics
Man in the mirror lyrics
Views: 79940760 jennifer95828
Watch Women Engage In Road Rage Bumper Cars After Store Fight
More from Inside Edition: http://bit.ly/2bF0iuC The parking lot of a California shopping center became the scene of a demolition derby Sunday. The bizarre duel occurred in South Los Angeles after two women reportedly got into an argument inside a grocery store and it spilled into the parking lot. In a video of the incident, the women can be seen getting into their cars and proceeding to collide into each other. The BMW driver did her best to close the door and get away, but the woman in the SUV repeatedly rammed her vehicle into the car.
Views: 408166 Inside Edition
What Black Men Are Actually Seeking In Black Women? (Bar Fight)
What Black Men Are Actually Seeking In Black Women - Support my channel at https://www.facebook.com/interracialsinglesmeetup/ https://instagram.com/sharpgame1 Become a Patreon https://www.patreon.com/tasteofgame Discover what black men are actually seeking in black women that almost no one is going to talk about in the mainstream media.
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Bodybuilders vs Skinny Guys | Who Punches Harder & Fights Better? [Can Bodybuilders Fight]
Can Bodybuilders fight? - Bodybuilders vs Skinny Guys | Who Punches Harder & Faster? One question that people often wonder with amazement is can bodybuilders fight? How effective is bodybuilding for real street fighting. Of course, you would expect a bodybuilder to be good at grappling, but what about striking or punching? I guess the question really come down to whether you can punch hard and effectively in a real fight. People debate whose better in a real street fight. A bodybuilder or Skinny Guy? Let’s face it big guys look intimidating, but can they generate enough power to punch hard enough to hurt you? Sure, you can be strong, but does that mean you can punch harder and faster than a skinny guy? The answer to this may partly answer the main question: Does having more body mass mean that you will be better off in a real fight? Well today we are going to look at the science and logic behind the argument that bodybuilders can fight. Can Bodybuilders Fight? Watch this video and you decide. Feel free to leave your comments below. Real fighting requires a lot of energy both physically and psychologically. Ordinarily, you will drain very quickly, in fact more muscle mass means more of a draw on your body’s resources. But in a real fight it’s more of the case of how you use your body not what it looks like. Therefore the question relates to generation of force. How much force can you generate in a punch? Generation of force Punching hard and fast relies on the ability to generate a large amount of force in a short period of time. To punch hard you have to be able to accelerate your fist from 0 to 100 as fast as possible. But it’s not just the acceleration that is important it’s the weight of your fists. Think of a heavy mass travelling at high speed, the heavy mass travelling at speed hits with more power. It does more damage. A typical bodybuilder will struggle to generate the same amount of force unless they can enhance their Kinetics Chain. At an advanced level, to punch hard and fast you need to be able to disassociate the weight of your arm from your fist. Basically, your fist is a dead weight and your arm is the whip. Think of a ball and chain. In future videos I will be discussing the psychological importance of mental fitness training for combat, self defence and MMA. The goal is to make you mentally tough, because Psychology wins fights. In the meantime train hard, be safe. SUBSCRIBE FOR OTHER VIDEO TIPS AND NEWS! https://www.youtube.com/user/londonwingchun?sub_confirmation=1 VISIT LONDON WING CHUN ACADEMY FOR MORE TIPS http://www.londonwingchun.co.uk/notes CONNECT WITH US! Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+londonwingchun Facebook ► http://facebook.com/londonwingchunacademy Twitter ► http://twitter.com/londonwingchun LondonWingChunAcademy ► http://www.londonwingchun.co.uk
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