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Crazy Old Man Driving Prank - Rally Driver Petter Solberg AMG

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Jimmie Rude (3 hours ago)
Too funny.
tomasz lukasik (3 hours ago)
Wielka klasa jeździecka i wielki aktor ! Oglądałem w Mikołajkach . Kiedy ? Sto lat przed Łokietkiem .
Igniter4life (5 hours ago)
Haha super video !!!;))))
Mark Gorney (10 hours ago)
Shaken up not shaked up
Mark Gorney (10 hours ago)
In the rear not in the rare
Mark Gorney (10 hours ago)
Brake not break
Bridget's Life (17 hours ago)
This is a C63s estate. If you think this is a E63s estate. Send me the link of a picture and well see whos wrong
Tomasz K (17 hours ago)
He's not doing anything special :/
80spyder1 (17 hours ago)
Tone Maurstad (21 hours ago)
glad itsjustaprank
P. Solberg is a good actor. And such a friendly guy. Take off your shoes youngster... lloll
fezan ullah (23 hours ago)
En gang jeg gjorde politiet kom fean hatter de
usernamedefault0000 (1 day ago)
who is petter solberg?
Konstantin (1 day ago)
That drift is no good
Ali Ozturk (1 day ago)
Jack Speed (1 day ago)
Sorry, I forget to mention: overall the Scandinavians are the best of the best, greetings from bad old germany.
Jack Speed (1 day ago)
Rally drivers are the real champs ! There are no others, who know to drive as fast as them.
Elias H (1 day ago)
Ni kan inte lura mig dör ni pratar ju svenska eller norska
DKashman (2 days ago)
Who ever did the subtitles really does not know a lot about English. "Break Break Break" should of been "Brake Brake Brak", and" No traction in the Rare" should of been rear not rare, Doesn't anybody proof read any more?
Alberto Martinez (2 days ago)
Disney logo Mkopuymlbvgiyuonngfvbnjjhhcvcgvv
Alberto Martinez (2 days ago)
Review GAMING (2 days ago)
Norsk: Jeg vet akkurat va di sier English: i know what they are saying
Jakester 1168 (2 days ago)
Love this!!
Torsten Raab (2 days ago)
Well, as in Sweden every old man is probably a (not) retired rallye champion, no one is tooo surprised about the performance :-)
thevoodoo57 (2 days ago)
Great! Truly Great!
jrbs (2 days ago)
Marc Ifurung (2 days ago)
These guys from Merc know a good driver when they see one. Unlike those "car guys" from the Asian version of this prank from Mitsubishi.
Julian Bendig (2 days ago)
My dad have the same car its brutal
Christian G. (2 days ago)
If only something as amazing as this, would happen to me. Awesome to be in the same car with world champion. If you disliked this video, you are gay or there is something wrong with you because riding in a super charged car is one of the best feelings in the world.
cleanview70 (2 days ago)
Just a regular day in downtown moscow
Sim Beam (2 days ago)
AMG i love you
hmidoe22 (2 days ago)
I wil sell my house and life in in the Mercedes ❤️
Matthew Kane (3 days ago)
Good fun
Pierruno (3 days ago)
Nice 🔥
William Freeze (3 days ago)
That was amazing
Mikey McMikeFace (3 days ago)
"in the rare" It's brake, not break. Fuck amg!
jay bomb (3 days ago)
I so wish to be pranked like that!!!!! Woohoo.........
200 MPH (3 days ago)
I fucking love prank vids like this! Funny funny funny 😂 😂😂😂
Aland Shwani (3 days ago)
What Mercedes is that
alfons epa (3 days ago)
Kolla min kanal
Jeff Njuguna (3 days ago)
Would have been better in a subaru 😜
Matthew Bulic (4 days ago)
AFTER WATCHING THIS VIDEO I WENT TO SEE A PSYCHIATRIST who told me I had a Dual Personality. After the 10 minute consultation, he gave me a bill for $100. So I gave him $50 bucks and told him to collect the rest from the other guy 😏
Gabriel Regueiro (4 days ago)
Wow... amazing
shsh8879 h (4 days ago)
It's so fun to see those two younger guys enjoying themselves. I guess at some point they sensed that the driver, despite his grandpa looks, knows a thing or two about driving.
Rollo Lawson (4 days ago)
“Are you the owner of the parking lot, young man?” I’m dead. 😂
nonp (4 days ago)
Amine Khengui (4 days ago)
Pub 😔
Mario Zoisl (4 days ago)
Petter is a very good actor as well...too funny..
Ahmet Hilmi (4 days ago)
You can tell it's Peter in deed when you see that old guy is driving with an open mouth
TheDoppelgangster (4 days ago)
Put a smile on my face!
simon4043 (4 days ago)
Even when they thought he was a doddering old fool, they were smiling They could see the dollars rolling in if he smashed
Олег Авдеев (4 days ago)
Чё за детские покатушки ??????🤦‍♂️
Felix Ruys (4 days ago)
I dont like Mercedes but the sound is something that not every brand can make
Just gotta love Petter...wicked prank!!
jeffrosamson (4 days ago)
Michael Soprani (4 days ago)
What is the purpose of this video?
Jared Stuart (4 days ago)
3:06 "Break Break Break" you may want to fix your subtitles. It's spelled brake.
- - (4 days ago)
CRYPTO ROCKET (4 days ago)
Fifaaaaan jajaja estos son noruegos
JesusChristisfake (4 days ago)
Radovan Žilinský (4 days ago)
So much love it!!! Peter Solberg is the hero of my childhood!!! I wish I can meet him personally!!!
VXRozay (4 days ago)
I'd pay him to be my driver to work and back. Whoever's dad is this, is one lucky arsehole
Gameline (4 days ago)
its so sad that most of the people here haven’t heard about rallycross! rallycross is real racing. not fucking F1 cars that sounds and looks like a cat that got raped by a horse
Tyler Keller (4 days ago)
I love how they all figure it out quickly, but love the ride. Hilarious. (Except for the guy with the green/blue pair of New Balances in his lap)
Mark Machosky (4 days ago)
They needed a better driver
Chris S (4 days ago)
Guaranteed this guy is a massive gearhead😂
GerardPedrico (5 days ago)
I don't like naughty boys.
GerardPedrico (5 days ago)
Not funny. Because it is not a commercial video. The worst experience is driving The Dodge Viper SRT GTS dubbed the Metallica's Black Album (the Viper)... Sad But True. The Viper was discontinued in 2017 because... How should I know why?
Ben Crosbie (5 days ago)
Torro torro lol
pattty008 (5 days ago)
I LOVE this man!! Old or young it doesn't matter to me; he's talented with a great adventure for life. How hard is it to learn German? Come take me away from my boring country, USA.
World class entertainment! Solberg is a heck of a driver.
Pker Pker (5 days ago)
Staged ?? All those ppl wearing mercs clothing
sheldin venus (5 days ago)
Drive safe! Excuse me?
charmnGUY (5 days ago)
Puurrs like a lion
doni i (5 days ago)
absolut bullshit!
Rod Knock Garage (5 days ago)
Am I the only one that got this recommended to me in 2018?
Ajanth K (5 days ago)
5:41 !!!
TorpedoGuido84 (5 days ago)
What Amg model is that?
michele bagaglio (5 days ago)
What a beautiful car. Great prank!
Jason Meyer (5 days ago)
In the u.s. the passenger would be shitting his pants and cursing. Scared Americans. Lol. Love how over there, they just smile and laugh
LPV Official (5 days ago)
Wish he did more than cookies
Colin Baker (5 days ago)
Great video; Petter is a legend!!
Pascal LETOURNIANT (5 days ago)
J'adore ! :-)
newwordlife (5 days ago)
Benz is Junk I am surprised it didn't break when he did donuts haha
garrethbert (6 days ago)
HAhhahahaha. The ad by grammarly that you have to ignore to get to see it and then the guy shouts "BREAK. BREAK. BREAK." Didn't get that one, did you Grammarly? DID YOU?
Jared Tansley (6 days ago)
Whooooooo hooooooo Peter Solberg The Man Fantastic Video 😍😍
Dakado 77 (6 days ago)
You need to change the girboks
shaft johnson (6 days ago)
One day when my girlfriend finally get some kids outta me ill pick them up in one of these
Chris Mylonas (6 days ago)
I think it's in Norway, unless you can handle a car like that in the snow you can't get a license.
ab cd (6 days ago)
zeee chermanss
Dagwood Dogwood (6 days ago)
Fake. He looks right at the cams plus the several cams outside.
Dragan Jovanovic (6 days ago)
Peter is a very nice
steven johnson (6 days ago)
That was some good stuff right there! Them boys were spooked! Lol
Germanophilie1 (6 days ago)
Love that German car, great film, I've been smiling all the way!
Raikonnen: *Hold my sunglasses!*
Dude 69 likes😏
SaStrixS (4 days ago)
mwoah, I'll give it a try
Uni Amni (5 days ago)
+temp tmp yes, I did not mention him in a negative way. The motherfuckers are all crazy. I drive in 2 gear on the german autobahn :-)
temp tmp (5 days ago)
+Uni Amni It doesn't matter, Raikkonen knows well wrc. In fact, any driver can do another discipline but not as successful as his discipline. Any competitive driver IS a complete driver compared to amateurs.
c0ldw1nd (5 days ago)
Sam D Kid (6 days ago)
"Break break break" "Traction in the rare" Lol
prince dos (6 days ago)
come saudi habibi we will do real prank
Mott Dude (6 days ago)
Cheap version of Jeff Gordon’s 2009 commercial. https://youtu.be/cWJ-yi2vnV8
Peter Yianilos (6 days ago)
I laughed so hard it hurt.
Dr4g0nW00d (6 days ago)
i would take him to the Mercedes proving grounds to test out that noise from the back further more

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