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10 codes in total :D
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padastic (15 days ago)
2:52 i didn't understand this,any help?
Wayne Maine (2 months ago)
Had 10 stars JUST KIDDING 104 STARS like if you have completed colorblind level my fav level
Keelan Jones (6 months ago)
I have more stars than u
Georgia Desilus (8 months ago)
Nabila Shamsheri (11 months ago)
Wait, so this rich YT guy and very good GD video editor doesn't even have 200 diamonds!? : /
MonkeysAreLyfe (1 year ago)
Thanks is work
Victoria Hunterblood (1 year ago)
Thanks man! But the 51 doesn't work by me :v
LurkLurke Arch (1 year ago)
Victoria Hunterblod He means your amount of stars not his amount :P
Alex Montelongo (1 year ago)
What is 82,120,163,166,175,177
artur_zombie yt (1 year ago)
2017 comment i have 61 you haved 51 am better
Alex Montelongo (1 year ago)
Roboxdude Rohelpr i have 123
Its works realy
MinerIce 19 (1 year ago)
helped me a lot thanks
what does the kappa code do
Marix Marix (1 year ago)
i unlocked the challenge
Blue maple 17 (1 year ago)
My add at the beginning was dantdm's show wow it was awesome
Franklin Cabrera (2 years ago)
I don't get the code resolution
11 of the 137 what is? prime number princeton algorithm repeats it parallels the six and four realnumber. 8 like a 121559566664th.nadh orion alpha prom of distance.weight mass is atom.split trillion miles of unknown
Karl Bennet (2 years ago)
Thanks Dude! For help :D
Andy Martinez (2 years ago)
can someone figure out 22 38 106 118 125
Dean Ariff (2 years ago)
I don't know how to do last one help meeee
Onjishnu Plays (2 years ago)
also works on 2.1
microfut channel (2 years ago)
Help!!! 8184163210216219
Ram Ham (2 years ago)
Somebody plz decrypt 23, 50, 113, 115, 122, 125.
Luhqn_ (2 years ago)
Can someone decrypt 38 39 41 44 56?
AyleenTvlogs (1 year ago)
Cosine I think 52 pardon me if I'm wrong
Toko (2 years ago)
WHAT?!??! You're icon is the exact same as mine! With the exact same colors! AND WE BOTH HAD 51 STARS!!! WTH
LAZAR BLADE (16 days ago)
Jack Zhang (2 years ago)
Nice job thx
Serponge Geometry Dash (2 years ago)
Roma n (2 years ago)
Can someone help me with the last one my numbers r 73,81,122,129,143
AyleenTvlogs (1 year ago)
Roma n I think it's 128 forgive me if I'm wrong
Aw Ward (2 years ago)
Arcade Go (2 years ago)
Go to GD to get 2.1
Bored Spaghetti Squid (2 years ago)
How can you even remember cod3breaker lol
I did it myself
Isane (2 years ago)
record it
Tem games 01 (2 years ago)
For the last code it is actually 2nd minus 1st 3rd minus 2nd 4th minus 3rd 5th minus 4th 6th minus 5th For example: I had 81 89 90 133 222 229 So, the answer was 8143897
Renelyn Villegas (9 months ago)
Tem games 01 hi
Aproxides (2 years ago)
17,25,155,162,164 please help
Star Nox (2 years ago)
I have 54, 62, 67, 99, 151 and 159. Someone please help? :)
SCOTTYBOII 79 (2 years ago)
To all: Glubfub does work but you need to go to the first vault (in settings) and keep clicking on him until he says something about sparky then type in sparky to get his coin, go back to the vault of secrets and keep clicking him until he says something about stealing the others coin, then go back to the key masters vault and keep clicking on him till he speaks about glubfub, when he does go back to the vault of secrets and type in glubfub. You now have the icon
Geometry Dash Zayhen (2 years ago)
Brainpower can be 1 word it worked for me
meme_obnoxious (2 years ago)
the last one is so hard i dont understand it D;
Merrillee Parks (2 years ago)
5000 Subscribers Without Video Challenge me too
chiya * (2 years ago)
정승호 (2 years ago)
(Glubfub) 2.0 vault will talk about vault of secrets name. If you don't go 2.0 vault and not talk about vault of secrets name, You won't get. Cod3breaker: Exemple:1 2 3 4 5 2-1 3-2 4-3 5-4 (2nd-1st 3rd-2nd 4th-3rd 5th-4th)
stari (2 years ago)
channel made full of clickbait.
Blickart (1 year ago)
How is this a clickbait you little mind fucker
Wesley Scott (2 years ago)
ッTurvey (2 years ago)
How do you unlock it?
sutilords (2 years ago)
To solve the cod3breaker you need to remember the numbers do it like this A B C D E F 172 124 72 50 23 30 This is just an example ok? After u do that subtract the numbers like this A:172-B:124=48 C:72-D:50 =22 F:30-E:23 =7 <---Example, Oh and not in order the larger number goes first. After u subtracted the numbers u have the answers combine the answer not add so 48 and 22 and 7 combine like this 48227 <---Example BBBOOMMM U HAVE THE ANSWER ITS 48227. But this is just an example ok?Dont put this number if u don't have the same numbers u get.
PikaZard X Gaming (1 year ago)
like this,A-B = 172-124 = 48 = 48-C = 48-72 = -24 = -24-D = -24-50 = -74 = -74-E = -74-23 = -97 = -97-F = -97-30 = -127,then the answer is 127. this take me forever :/
notToto (1 year ago)
sutilords i dont understand, the first number is slaller than the second one
PikaZard X Gaming (1 year ago)
works thx bro
PikaZard X Gaming (1 year ago)
record it danny lol record the numbers
GrafTheDog (2 years ago)
not work!!
flying gazelle123 (2 years ago)
Can some one give a example for the cod3breakerPLEASE
Gamingwitholiver (2 years ago)
i always get minus numbers, so what do i put?
Gamingwitholiver (2 years ago)
+Vincent Lee yep done as soon as i commented xD but thx anyway
technovoid (2 years ago)
Gamingwitholiver it's 2nd-1st 3rd - 2nd 4th - 3rd 5th - 4th 6th - 5th
GD SaurmaneX (2 years ago)
Lenny does nothing, when you put in a code and it's wrong, it shows you a random line of orange text from a database. Lenny gives you that one, but I got that from just typing random stuff. Rob top and Kappa gives you those 2 sentences every time
GD SaurmaneX (2 years ago)
nope robotop gives you the robot which I still use for some reason, Also, It's in the old vault
SCOTTYBOII 79 (2 years ago)
MC2000 it's actually robotop to get the Lenny
David (2 years ago)
MC2000 thank you ma friend
GD SaurmaneX (2 years ago)
Also, Glubfub DOES work, the only way for it to work though is to go to the old 2.0 vault and keep clicking over and over until he mentions the GDW vault keeper. When this happens, keep clicking through the lines of dialogue in that line, until he says "What kind of name is "Glubfub" anyway?" After this, keep clicking until his dialogue turns white again. Once this happens, go to the GDW vault and type "Glubfub". This is the only way for it to work. I tried it as soon as I unlocked this vault and it didn't work, but I did the thing with the other vault, came back and tried it and it worked. It gave me a Rubrub coin (That's my name for the gold coins)
num (2 years ago)
i dont understand the last code lógic.......
NoMeRcY gaming (2 years ago)
Vincent Lee more specific please i dont understand either
EgoIst that's wat I did I said it was difficult not that I didn't do it
David (2 years ago)
[GD] iIiVyBEiIi just record it
Vincent Lee a tad bit difficult cuz numbers rush too fast
Bramont (2 years ago)
Nice video man! I subbed! Mind checking me out?!
Wesley Scott (2 years ago)
corporalfailure (2 years ago)
Official Nell (2 years ago)
How do you do cod3breaker??
corporalfailure (2 years ago)
It still doesn't make sense to me
Curiosity Man (2 years ago)
Not to sound smart, but the video tells you how. However, it doesn't tell you that the numbers it gives you are completely random.
SF430 (2 years ago)
WTF CODEBREAKER. First - Second. For example - 47 - 64 = -17... so i say 17 or what?
technovoid (2 years ago)
ArmageddonxD 2nd-1st 3rd - 2nd 4th - 3rd 5th - 4th 6th - 5th ᅚ
Tomas Martin (2 years ago)
como se hace el de cod3breaker
Tomas Martin (2 years ago)
se escribe todo
escribe la solucion del cod3breaker en español kvron >:v
Exilion Beatbox (2 years ago)
Resta el primer numero con el segundo y pone el resultado, así con todos, no es tan difícil KEK. Primer numero - Segundo numero Segundo numero - Tercer numero Tercer numero - Cuarto numero Cuarto numero - Quinto numero Quinto numero - Sexto numero Por Santiago Pereyra.
Cryptic Wolf (2 years ago)
0:50 Kill me right now i need that finn block
[GD] TheRealPhoeniX (2 years ago)
Write seven and you have it xD
[GD] TheRealPhoeniX (2 years ago)
IMPORTANT: Kappa and Lenny codes are for "unlock" Keymaster sentences xD Exist another code, Glubfub, but doesn't works I recommend you record the numbers of Cod3breaker for know all the numbers correctly
Nevo 3302 (2 years ago)
[GD] TheRealPhoeniX
Trez012 (2 years ago)
[GD] TheRealPhoeniX Glubfub DOES work, you just need to get the vault of secrets guard to give you a hint about stealing the "Spooky" coin. Then you go to the regular vault and make it tell you how he heard that the vault of secrets guard made fun of him, then you can go back to the vault of secrets and type Glubfub
JoshGamer55612ツ (2 years ago)
Geometry CraftGamer ikr right
Mulin Gomez (2 years ago)
Wооow, this tооl is awеsomе for Gеomеtry dash соins :) https://twitter.com/58c4ea19277e2bd7e/status/822422385793998848 ALL VAULT OF SЕCREТS COОDES 10 GЕOMЕTRY DASH WORLD
Demonic Bear (2 years ago)
[GD] TheRealPhoeniX cod3breaker is so hard
[GD] Rokuto (2 years ago)
Thanks :), first
isdfiusdiudfdfghi (2 years ago)

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