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5 techniques to speak any language | Sid Efromovich | TEDxUpperEastSide

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Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: http://bit.ly/1FAg8hB Sid is our resident hyperpolyglot. He grew up in Brazil and after some journeying around the world, he now lives an exciting life in New York where he works as a Sugar Trader. Teaching has always been one of his passions and he has led groups of young leaders since 2006. He has given workshops, talks and classes in 3 different continents and is currently a Master Teacher in Skillshare where he teaches classes on nurturing happiness and learning foreign languages. Sid is also the founder of I Embrace You (formerly called Hug Don't Hate), based in Boston. After presiding over the organization and leading over 100 volunteers annually, he was recognized with the top leadership award in his graduating class at Boston University. He also holds an MBA from Purdue University and from Leibniz Universität. http://guywiththesmile.com In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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B- Anna (21 hours ago)
This is very nice. I really like the way he linked things together. But my problem with this is, where are the sources? This is helpful to people who already have sources to learn a language who can apply the instructions. I’ve been told that apps like Duolingo and such are useless sooooo what sources should I use? Movies? Books? One way which I think might work is to watch a series or sth in the desired language you’d like to learn with subtitles; you’ll pick some words automatically. I don’t think that’s enough tho
Max Rau (23 hours ago)
oh man this guy is so happy, makes me jelous
Menny 24SPORT (1 day ago)
J Tanashi (1 day ago)
AI Chip........
Eric Seles (1 day ago)
C-A-R-A-L-H-O Im crying buddy!!! Gracias
. so much interesting . Indeed , you are amazing
Hi, love your videos, inspirational! Hope we can link together our channels - EWF Global is a non-profit charitable organisation of educationalists providing free educational support for impoverished children & students!
Toxic World (2 days ago)
I've used those methods without knowing with Korean and it works ! I repeat what i heard and that's how i could have 96% on my Korean exam 😊 i speak french so the pronunciation is really different but i've never stoped practicing !! At the beginning i wanted to understand the Korean series now I can speak normally ~ I'm proud of me
Luiza Braga (3 days ago)
It was very easy to discover he grew up in brazil by he's accent (perfect english though). I speak english and portuguese fluently and i'm currently learning italian and mandarim, they're very different languages and it offers me all kinds of challenges. I believe chinese is very difficult to practice and use in real situations, would like to hear more opinions of chinese learners worldwide. Sid is amazing, but is nice to remember that he grew up speaking these 4 languages and it changed the way his bran receives new ones, it's naturally easier for him.
Jungkookie 4ever (3 days ago)
I'm Mexican used to live in USA until 9 so I'm pretty fluent in it and spanish cuz Im Mexican , Im learning Korean cuz Koreaboo coming threw lol. Ok no
ВП'Др1кен (4 days ago)
I speak Russian Lithuanian polish Georgian Kazakh French Greek Slovakian Turkish and English and I am 16 :D
Swifty Prime (3 days ago)
ВП'Др1кен good for you
Westside KodyKo (4 days ago)
I cant stand his voice!!!!
Viv Wallace (4 days ago)
Everyone here boasting how many languages they can speak...and then me, who tried to learn like 8 other languages but never got to the point of fluency... all my confidence is crushed...
林子敬 Miki (4 days ago)
not sure if mandarin can learn through the way he mentioned but others language probably work better. When he speaks Mandarin I have to listen it twice to understand lol but great talk!
Jessica Fallow Deer (4 days ago)
I speak two languages right now(I know that’s really really NOT a lot) and I want to learn Korean and Japanese but I’ll have to study on my own, without a teacher or something... Also I’ll have to learn a language next year that I don’t want to learn but I have to because of my school 😩 That’s just making it harder for me, since I’ll be learning a new language I don’t like but I’ll have to because I don’t want to fail and then there’s a language I would love to learn but I can’t learn it in school and from what I’ve checked, it doesn’t seem like getting a tutor. 😔 What should I do?
OfficiumTV (4 days ago)
Being a little more serioius, L2 acquisition goes beyond simple learning strategies. All theories on L2 acquisition lay on the stages of L1 acquisition which provide the basis to L2. The "normal" time to acquire L1 is 4 years when the child manages complex language. Six months seem to be a fallacia.
Yankı Karaca (4 days ago)
Michael Scofield knows how to teach. I wasn't know that.
Damian Murrieta (5 days ago)
Hi. Your pronunciation in Spanish is very good.
bahati fun (5 days ago)
when most comments are people saying how many languages they know. Then, there's me. I speak English and I only know a few words in Spanish lmaoooo I have to do better lorrt!
Russian, French, English, Spanish, German in three years. I'm sixteen. This video is very true.
aurore crosta (6 days ago)
what is the difference between 3 and 5 ?
Amanda Rino (6 days ago)
I do the shower conversations too!
Kacie Lackey (6 days ago)
I'm trying to learn Hebrew, anyone available to practice?
heph estos (7 days ago)
Έλα ρε μαλακα τα σπας!!!
Sid Efromovich (8 days ago)
Hey YouTube! It’s Sid, the guy you’re watching in the video above :) Thanks for checking out my TEDx talk, I hope you found it useful! Given the overwhelming support for this video, I’m offering 10 FREE copies of my upcoming languages course to people who like and reply to this comment, and subscribe to my channel! It’s called 6 Techniques, and is based off the techniques in my TEDx talk (plus a bonus extra one). To everyone who comments and subscribes, and doesn’t win a free course, we’ll be offering a unique discount for you at launch. If you’re interested in taking the next step in your language learning, make sure you reply to this comment so you don’t miss out when it goes live!
Jon Haddican (3 days ago)
I think this could really work
Ben Bradbury (8 days ago)
Loved the video Sid! Thanks for such a great talk :)
mano (8 days ago)
I love this dude’s smile. No wonder people ask for his number a lot. He has somewhat the smile which Jhope has. It makes you wanna smile back
kim mochiko (4 days ago)
Dude No Jhope is wayyyyyyy more sunshine than Him
Je ne suis rien (8 days ago)
kendime ıngilizce konuşabileceğim arkadaş arıyorum
David Hunter (8 days ago)
I only speak English and Italian and a very little bit of French - there is no real method or strategy in what he is putting out just a random collection of thoughts. To learn a language you need to learn structure. I could hardly understand what he said in Italian or French - so I am a bit skeptical as to how well he actually speaks these languages. A better test would be to have a conversation with a native speaker and let them be the judge.
kent monroe (8 days ago)
i feel like this guy has assburgers and languages are the thing he obsesses over.
Juliane Oliveira (8 days ago)
Muito bom!
Amanda Rodrigues (8 days ago)
Gente que português PERFEITO! UAU!
Blazi, o Doceiro (9 days ago)
O português dele é perfeito!
TE KŪHAULUA (9 days ago)
Great technique mahalo nui
Naz & Zay (9 days ago)
Hüseyin Şahin (9 days ago)
I'm Turkish and I want Englisch/German learn.Can you help me? If so answer my comment.🤗
Is anyone out there willing to teach me Japanese or French? I can teach Tagalog XD
Selcan Ay (10 days ago)
I am sure that this man is speaking 15 languages now 😂😂
Brazhnikova Daria (10 days ago)
Find a buddy... Well, I'm really trying to find someone to practice languages with, but nobody is willing to make friends with me, lol. I wish it was as easy as it is for those who can just go and find a pal.
saida maria (10 days ago)
I speak 1.Azerbaijan 2.Turkish 3.Russian 4.English 5.German 6.Persian languages Now,My dream is to learn Chinese language 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️
Sourabh Gupta (10 days ago)
India have official 22 language and unofficial 33+ language we can speak more than 10 language
Lucas Sena (10 days ago)
Congrats. Sid is a person a lot intelligent and happy. He teach, and you understand easily.
Flexay (11 days ago)
WTF, you portuguese is PERFECT. You don't have any accent. Of course, you study the phrase, but even so...
Артём М (11 days ago)
I have been learnt English. Я вивчаю українську мову.
Harlequin Law (11 days ago)
Actually, I can speak 4 languages. 1. Mandarin Chinese 2. Xiang Chinese 3. Cantonese 4. Taiwanese 5. English (UK) 6. American English 7. French 8. Japanese This guy is super talented, but his Chinese pronunciation is really broken......
Gaia Tree (11 days ago)
Who could teach to me greek?
Fransha Francis (12 days ago)
English Hindi Gujarati Malayalam German (in process)
نور سين (12 days ago)
Your next language is Arabic 🤦‍♀️😅I hope that💕from the middle east 👍
Sopee (13 days ago)
i want to learn korean so i dont have to depend on the subtitles
Dustin Ryan (13 days ago)
themarkway (13 days ago)
How do you get the layers you had on photoshop to appear again after you try to edit again from Lightroom in photoshop? Easy sense: I’m using Lightroom Then I edit in photoshop Save (cmd + W) Go back to Lightroom I have all my edits I decide to go back to photoshop All my layers are gone and all I see is my background layer? How do I see all my layers???
Cecilia Perez (13 days ago)
I want to learn french
Armontek (13 days ago)
It probably also gets easier the more languages you know, because a lot of structures and sounds are combined or reused in other languages.
Livin Gunk (13 days ago)
English is the best language and the easiest. You could put me on a deserted island with 50 hot babes speaking any language and I would never learn it. It’s genetic.
Pastelie (14 days ago)
Je parle francais parce que dans mon ecole, les proffeseures parlent francais. Une flas shqip pasi jam shqiptare madje di dhe gramatiken e gjuhes e cila eshte shume e veshtire dhe komplekse. I speak fluent English, because I actually learned it myself. I have won second place in an English contest in world range without going in a course. Right now I'm a begginer in learning Korean. I'm thirteen years old...
Shaswati Chakraborty (14 days ago)
Damm! I'm still head over heels for this guy! Love Sid!
dody neudieck (14 days ago)
I don't want to disencourage someone, but understand me right. You can't learn a language in six month if you don't have a talent
Zoanley (14 days ago)
wow... the end... I almost cry... I want him as my teacher *applause*
ǝʇɐןǝɹ ʇuɐɔ (15 days ago)
This video gives motivation but sadly nothing we didn’t already know.
Wendy Brooks (15 days ago)
What are you if you are trilingual? You speak 3 languages. Bilingual? 2 languages .monolingualyou only speak one? What are you? American!
GONCAGUL ÇİFTÇİ (15 days ago)
videonun açıklama kısmı türkçe ama keske alt yazı olsaydı da biz de anlasaydık herhangı bır dılı konusmanın 5 teknıgı :(
Anna Mitsui (16 days ago)
I speak 4 different languages... at 12
Azirar Brahim (16 days ago)
I think that the Spanish and Italian of the easiest European languages
Azirar Brahim (16 days ago)
I know only 3 languages, and lots of dialects, and little French, Spanish and Portuguese
Ayesha Tabassum (16 days ago)
The last point he mentioned "Best Secret Language in Common" is one of the main reasons I want to learn new languages (specifically Arabic and ASL). Having conversations in a different language around people who don't understand anything is cool lol! Currently, I can speak, read and write English, Hindi and Urdu fluently.
Lindsay (14 days ago)
Me and my debate teammates would purposefully not speak in English at competitions when discussing which contentions to use, etc.
amalouz abdo (17 days ago)
Hey I like it I speak french, arabic, intermediate level of english, and a litlle bit of italian I'll be happy if someone need to exchange with me
Isabela Aragão (17 days ago)
He sound like a brasilian
Emre yılmaz (17 days ago)
Fegouli doğru söylüyor beyler
Razer Rose (17 days ago)
Great i learned nothing 🤗
Overthewall Elliot (17 days ago)
Thank you for your inspiration. 千里之行,始于足下 - Laozi
Ico555 Ico555 (18 days ago)
these dislikers are dictionary manufacturers !
Tsendjav Yundendorj (18 days ago)
I wanna learn French
Alison Lima (18 days ago)
Your Portuguese is really good.
Selin Serdaroğlu (18 days ago)
My mom is a Circassian she sometimes speak Circassian in home but i don't get it her my dad is a Turkish and i know Turkish so i get him In my school I learning English and German (i love both) but I want learn Japanese and French And I am 14 y.o
Azirar Brahim (16 days ago)
salut mon ami
Eduardo Costa (19 days ago)
just one thing portuguese is not brazilian portuguese, even though it's a bit similar, still a great video!
Victor Bagdasar (19 days ago)
sid, what are the 4 lgs you grew up with? and what the 3? (clearly engl is deductible from one of the groups) - so that we can love you MUCH BETTER!
Anonimo Anti-Social (19 days ago)
To become easy to learn the third language after you learned the second language.
rakel conk (19 days ago)
he is an anime character
Finley Smith (19 days ago)
Let me just show off all of my knowledge right before the video ends...
Last name First name (19 days ago)
My Siri is in French.
I'm learning spanish, and now I roll my r's when I speak english. Oof
TheBro (19 days ago)
To be honest... the video wasn't as useful as I thought. I just watched a romantic visionary person who tries to ease the difficulties whereas the reality is wayyyy different and needs lots of efforts to make you speak different languages.
Annam Nagasai (20 days ago)
is there anyone who wants to practice English with me in WhatsApp? if yes text me or call me at +13438000195
Ta Na (20 days ago)
At least he seems to be allowed to eat jelly doughnuts.
lilia mokrani (20 days ago)
Hi! I am 18 year old girl and I want to improve my English. Is there someone who is gonna help me? We can study on facebook . We can be friends too :D
normal anxiety (21 days ago)
1. I live in a city called Macedonia. I grew up knowing albanian since 30% of Macedonia are albanian and 70% macedonian. 2. Then I learned macedonian cause like you need it in my city. 3. I learned English in my school, I am a perfect knowing english If that is even a sentece😂. 4. I learned german then. 5. I learned Serbian then. 6. I learned Spanish then cause i liked it. 7. And the last but not least I learned Arabic the second most hardest language. And I am 12 years old. As a kid i loved learning languages, I started practicing arabic, spanish, and german as a 6 year old child.
Gilga mesh (21 days ago)
I am Portuguese and it is unbelievable the perfection of the accent when he spoke Portuguese from Brazil. Fantastic.
Mukund Mgd (21 days ago)
Any south Indian can speak minimum 5 language with ease..its common thing for us..
Kayleen Perez (21 days ago)
He reminds me of Aang.
재쓰 (22 days ago)
You're joking
Chris Peytier (22 days ago)
REAL "in Portuguese"... he should have said in Brazilian Portuguese. Because in Portugal's Portuguese, it's not REAL is not HEAOW :)
Rosalyn Kastner (22 days ago)
Leaening Japanese and German
Fieilix (23 days ago)
he looks so happy while talking about it aw
Andrew Baumann (23 days ago)
I Was born Speaking Ukrainian and English, Then learned Russian and Polish(Fluently) as they just came naturally. Then I started school and had been taking Spanish since 1st grade. I am now fluent. I also can converse in atin and Italia, as they are quite similar to Spanish. Now I am leaning Portuguese(the last of the Iberians) and I currently aspire to read, write and speak ARABIC. I'm 12, and for me, It is just a natural thing, but not something to be jealous of because some people can write analytically, or dance incredibly, but that doesn't matter, as long as it is natural and you enjoy it. The true secret to earn a language fast is to enjoy the process, ie. do it with someone or make it a game for yourself. My goal is to read write and speak in 10 languages one I have kids! To me though, that number doesn't matter, and it shouldn't to you either, what should matter is that whatever you do, set a goal, and work towards it. Like and share your craziest goal as a comment. No goal is to far fetched.
Digital Petor (24 days ago)
Talk to real people? Like, in the real world? Damn he's crazy
Guilherme Sales Grecov (24 days ago)
where is brazilian guys ?
Dharminder Puri (24 days ago)
Will anybody help me with french...
Gopalsingh Rathore (24 days ago)
Even if you're bald...but looking handsome
Abdulkadir Irmak (24 days ago)
Ben Ingilizceyi anlama seviye mi kitap cevirerek konusmayi da otobuste durakta vs cevirdigim kitaplari okuyarak yani dilimin o kelimeleri sanki konusuyormusum gibi soyleyerek ilerletiyorum.Kitap ceviriden kastim kelime kelime degil bilgisayara ceviri yaziyorum kitabi da acip cumleler halinde ceviriyorum. Baya da faydasini goruyorum cok fazla ilerledi ingilizcem bu teknikle.4 aydir uyguluyorum bu teknigi ve suan bi turistle az da olsa konusabilecek seviyedeyim ve bu seviyo surekli yukseliyo.Bu teknikten onceleri cok fazla yol degistirdim gunluk 50 kelimeden 20 gunde 1000 kelime ezberlemistim en son sonra tekrar yapim diye ilk kelimelere baktigimda onlari unuttugumu farkettim.Zamanla da bu teknigi kullanmaya basladim.Mantigi basit Ingilizce cumle yaz anlamini gor silip baska cumle yaz 1 kelimeyi 10 15 kere farkli yerde gorunce zamanla beyine oturuyo o kelime.Ayni teknikle Fransizca da calisiyorum.Soyledigim yol latin alfabesi kullanan her dile uygulanabilir ; Ispanyolca ,Almanca ,Italyanca,Portekizce vs uygulayan olursa hayrini gorur bu teknigin ben goruyorum cunku teknik cok iyi.
Carson Powers (24 days ago)
Este vídeo me ayudó aprender español muy rápido, gracias desde los Estados Unidos 😀😀😀
mohammed gaza (25 days ago)
Looking for a partner to practice speaking whoever is interested contact me on twitter @mohgaza58

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