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San Francisco Sheriff Deputy Faces Charges OVER A RELATIONSHIP WITH AN INMATE!!!

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destiny wilson (1 year ago)
Dumb ass bitch 😂😂
Zagg777 (1 year ago)
The Melancholic Tigah (1 year ago)
Stupid Ass Punk CRAFTY B*TCH!!! ...And here I am wondering WHAT THE F*CK IS KEEPING THESE TROGLODYTE CUNTS ALIVE!!!???
GamerGee (1 year ago)
I think it's time for a playlist of these kinda incidents cause women sure love goons.
NightwingBMV1 (1 year ago)
GamerGee that's a great idea!
Beau Gator (1 year ago)
Deez hoes ain't got no manners...(smdh)
Freddie Johnson (1 year ago)
Black women's gone wild go get them Donald Trump i call it Trump Styles not Obama style because Obama don't have any style
Ramon Forman (1 year ago)
Damn! it would have to be a black woman huh SMS.
quest 77051 (1 year ago)
lock her dumb behind up....smh.
Sean Glenn (1 year ago)
It seems as though evena lot of older Black females love thug dick just like the younger ones. A majority of Black Females are doomed Black Man. It is what it is. They are constantly revealing day by day what they try so hard to deny and this is that they love Black Thugs and hate decent Black Men.
quest 77051 (1 year ago)
The Straight Shooter (1 year ago)
It’s gotten to the point now where they just prove everything we say about them for us. #SYSBM #MGTOW
Robert Green (1 year ago)
Even black women in authority love thugs. Smh.
tom jones (2 months ago)
cause they want to make their own lifes worthless ... and thats what happens

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