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Geometry Dash World - Uber Hacker Achievement - "cod3breaker" - (Refer to Description!)

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If you guys were having trouble with this code, I'm here to help you out! After entering "cod3breaker" into the Vault of Secrets, a series of numbers will appear. For example, my set was 24, 79, 81, 125, 128, 131. What you then have to do is take the difference of the first two numbers and go down the line, and since the numbers ascend in value, always make sure you subtract from a bigger number, so as not to go into negative numbers. Here is the algorithm with my series of numbers. The numbers in parentheses represent the order in which they appear. (The numbers in your series may be different, but follow the pattern.) 24 (1) 79 (2) 81 (3) 125 (4) 128 (5) 131 (6) Subtract numbers 2 and 1, and enter the difference into the Vault of Secrets. Don't tap the Keymaster yet! Then subtract numbers 3 and 2, and enter the difference into the Vault of Secrets, in the same entry as the previous number you entered. Then subtract numbers 4 and 3, (repeat the process) 5 and 4, (repeat the process) 6 and 5. (repeat the process) After that all the differences will be lined up together in one entry, and you can then tap the Keymaster, and if all the differences are correct, you should be rewarded with the Uber Hacker achievement and the icon it gives you. Impressive... - Find me elsewhere! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/norcda_childa/ Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/norcda_childa Twitter: https://twitter.com/NorcdaChilda Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/1/+norcdachildaofficial/about Everyplay: https://everyplay.com/norcda-childa Newgrounds: http://norcdachilda.newgrounds.com/follow Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/norcda-childa - Hey guys! This is Norcda Childa here. Thank you so much for watching my videos. Please subscribe!
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Text Comments (464)
Norcda Childa (2 years ago)
Please check out the description if you guys are confused, and if you have any additional questions, please level them below and I will try to reply as soon as possible!
bobi kalauzki00 (4 months ago)
Help my numbers is 72 75 80 158 162 176
Itz Florin Gacha (4 months ago)
can you make a video with any code posible please?
faze wilce gaming (1 year ago)
oala amigo
Glitchy (1 year ago)
Norcda Childa p
Kcarma Fox (1 year ago)
Norcda Childa i was ur thousanth liker
Zoplex (3 days ago)
I record a video of me entering the code so i could keep track of the numbers
GD XboxMan (6 days ago)
I don’t have a camera and my screen recorder sucks
TheUnknown __ (14 days ago)
It doesn’t work, I got 91 112 121 123 129 and 212 and did the thing in description but didn’t work
Ducky gamer Plays (18 days ago)
Summer trap HD (27 days ago)
I have 39 42 90 93 96 171 but I dont know the differences
Summer trap HD (27 days ago)
I need help
Nam Nah (1 month ago)
28 41 49 57 60 104
Sebastian (1 month ago)
Mukhti Ali (1 month ago)
A - B = B - C = C- D = E - F =
ruby the history lover (1 month ago)
22 83 125 133 139 142 is my old code I used it
dogeydoge is cute (2 months ago)
Any help me with this 84 169 247 255 259 260
omegaPlayz 334 (2 months ago)
Crystal (3 months ago)
can someone do my code? 74 79 85 163 210 216
Joonas (3 months ago)
So do I just do 2-1 4-3 6-5?
Brandon Yang (3 months ago)
Thanks, I just thought of another way to catch the numbers: record.
Mari Clavel (3 months ago)
The Random Guy (3 months ago)
I still don’t get it. Norcda Childa. Can you explain it out in a full sequence so my dumb brain knows how to do it? Thank u
ChAmBeRiNg MnB (3 months ago)
Could someone do my codebreaker pls? 71 79 82 174 237 240
Brandon Yang (3 months ago)
Bigwolf (4 months ago)
I know y'all will say no but can some one do this for me 19 24 38 79 81 88
The Random Guy (3 months ago)
I haven’t got one
bobi kalauzki00 (3 months ago)
+The Random Guy Use camera 🎥
The Random Guy (3 months ago)
I can’t even read the numbers
Bigwolf (3 months ago)
+Sheeps Unknown thanks!
Sheeps Unknown (3 months ago)
+The Random Guy It's easy. Just subtract every number by the previous one. Read the description, should explain better.
Quizminox YT (4 months ago)
Zorabos (4 months ago)
so, i have 19, 36 43, 130, 135, 142. i need to make the diffrence. well. i translated the description into romanian so i understand. so i do 36 - 19 = 17? and 43 - 36 = 7?
du you know de wae (4 months ago)
5524433 thx me later :D
Liliana Sepulveda (4 months ago)
Kartina Pengabang (5 months ago)
Is hard 😢
sargent_sasuke plays (6 months ago)
Thanks this worked
Xx muffy xX (7 months ago)
If u need help in the codes for the vault 1:brainpower 2:thechickenisonfire 3:thechallenge 4:Gimmiethecolor And I here for the uber hacker and thank me later 😎😎
Revandhy Ridwan (8 months ago)
Thank You So Much You SO AMAZING!!!!!
NoahDoesGaming18 (8 months ago)
thx for helping
GiraffeNoise11 1025 (9 months ago)
didnt work for me
war robots fan 33 (9 months ago)
its not working help meeeee
war robots fan 33 (9 months ago)
Team Shark (9 months ago)
I have 231 diamonds
Angel DeVilbiss (9 months ago)
We’re learning about math
Mr. øòf. (10 months ago)
It's Not Working 😢
Scappy Dappy (10 months ago)
It's too hard
Digit sans (10 months ago)
I have 992 Diamonds
Cizzorz (11 months ago)
Thank you so much. I wrote it down and did it on my phone!
SP1CY (1 year ago)
i can't memorize.
It's K (1 year ago)
Thank you
YellowPao YT (1 year ago)
For me the math has been the same all the time... I attempted it like 3 times and got the same code over and over again
Amber Frisch (1 year ago)
I got it by going to stop trying to do it but I didn’t want to stop so I keep trying and I got the achievement Uber hacker
SpookYou (1 year ago)
Thx a lot man keep up the hard work
Gabey Gamer (1 year ago)
Thanks! This was helpful!
DJ123 SBA (1 year ago)
Sir.Pumpkinton (1 year ago)
Math is crap
iiDaven (1 year ago)
Thx for the guide bro!!
1 22 (1 year ago)
You can keep getting the numbers just type cod3breaker again and again
EchoLand (1 year ago)
still don't get this
EchoLand (1 year ago)
Doiloin (1 year ago)
After this I just went to the challenge, and my game crashed.... ;)
Creeperdude2409 (1 year ago)
Weird Ghost65 (1 year ago)
In geometry dash to to the vault of secrets and tipe in brain power
joy collado (1 year ago)
Whats a difference The answer to subtract? Or... Different in noun form?
TheFeintNetwork (1 year ago)
this dosent work
Asun Entaban (1 year ago)
What the...
Rcthecat (1 year ago)
Nohax die Salami (1 year ago)
I got: 27 (1), 34 (2), 43 (3), 109 (4), 115 (5), 149 (6) = 7966634 after i seen "Subtract Numbers 2 and 1, and enter the difference into vault of secrets" i knew how after i seen "Difference" in this text xD
stevothebeast more (1 year ago)
Fucking bull godamb shit!!!!!!!!
Woods (1 year ago)
Orion (1 year ago)
DID YOU KNOW? if you were to type in cod3breaker and quit the game without typing in any numbers you could go back in the vault and try this number it may work. it may not. or an easier way for NOT MEMORIZING please give this guy some love for making this calculator https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/137752572/ Cod3breaker Calculator
Froggy Xd (1 year ago)
Minus a to b b to c c to d d to e e to f
Alak Drifting (1 year ago)
you can easily cheat the system on mobile by just clicking a button 3 times ;)
play list add (1 year ago)
so hard😯
LyricsMensch (1 year ago)
Doesn't work -.-
pewdiepie2 lmao (1 year ago)
Andrew McCabe (1 year ago)
Thanks so much!
Dylan Mercado (1 year ago)
SweetSunshxnes (1 year ago)
sushi suit studios (1 year ago)
I don't get it
Lumpiang Drei (1 year ago)
What if smaller number came first ?
Brodie TM (1 year ago)
TuxCat (1 year ago)
I did all the steps and didn't work
DarkBlackwing 1337 (1 year ago)
Thanks man!
Superwuz (1 year ago)
guys just BTW when he says difference means (for example) 24 + 55 = 79. so 55 would be the first number you out for whatever two numbers you get.
Christian Kim (2 years ago)
I don't understand
Saul Luna Garced (2 years ago)
Quit (2 years ago)
i used cheat engine (speedhack) so i could just write down the numbers :D
Crumpet Snail (2 years ago)
I did this exact thing but it didn't work with my numbers
Crumpet Snail (2 years ago)
What does the 'find the difference between the first two numbers' part mean Please answer
RobloxKid (2 years ago)
My numbers where 32 83 128 232 125 130 229 234 242
GalaxyOfNeon ._. (2 years ago)
My numbers were 77, 155, 204, 211, 217, and 224.
Galip The Gamer (2 years ago)
If you forget the numbers
Andy Daly (2 years ago)
Cooper Field (2 years ago)
thank you it helped me
ScottPlays (2 years ago)
THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! My 5 year old son, Scottie plays this and we couldn't understand other videos on how to do this cod3breaker code. Thank you for writing in the description the exact steps to achieve the reward. Excellent instructions. Blessings and Dash On!
Sneeeze (2 years ago)
Little Yani (2 years ago)
Hi, what do u use for ur screen recorder
Melisa Nagy (2 years ago)
this code was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper hard
PapaLettuce (2 years ago)
Now THIS is what I call a real explanation, really makes sense
Jasper L. Kembal (2 years ago)
I tried it didn't work
DeathWaxSponge (2 years ago)
my numbers are "66 57 143 112 148 156" the resault is 9318 right? but it isnt correct
it's random numbers
[GD] Shockanite (2 years ago)
SamTheManGaming (2 years ago)
for example 1- 2 ^^
I- BOLT (2 years ago)
wtf 666 likes
JoshuaGaming517 (2 years ago)
ASMR, nice.
Flareo (2 years ago)
Norcda Childa, plz help! i got the numbers but i dont understand what to do. can you say the answer for me please? here's the numbers:49 106 158 161 164 165. if anyone knows the answer, please help.
RoaringYeeti (2 years ago)
Thank you for the explanation would not have figured it out without this tutorial ty
KAI U (2 years ago)
How do i remember all of this
Rxjgamer (2 years ago)
Yay! Thanks!

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