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EASY LIFE HACKS I discovered a simple, foolproof way to clean real silver without the toxic polish, without the fumes and without the piles of used paper towels. My reaction to this discovery was equal parts elation and rage. It was magic to see, but infuriating, too. I’d wasted whole afternoons of my life slaving away at that kitchen table when I could have been doing this simple process instead. I’m now going to share this method with you! To begin, you’ll need a plastic container large enough to fit the items you’re cleaning, some aluminum foil, boiling water, and a few tablespoons of baking soda. Bring water to a boil (enough to completely submerge your piece of silver) and line your container with a piece of aluminum foil, shiny side up (it’s OK if you need to use several sheets overlapping in a larger container). Fill your container with boiling water and then add baking soda, roughly 2tbsp per 0.3 gallon of boiling water. Next, add the silver, making sure it touches the aluminum foil. Immediately you’ll see a bit of bubbling and fizzing, and gradually you’ll see the tarnish being lifted from the silver, revealing the shiny lustre underneath. After a few minutes, remove the silver (carefully – it’ll be hot) and remove any lingering tarnish by drying it with a soft cloth. If your piece is badly tarnished, you may need to repeat the process a few times. The magic behind this hands-free silver polish is the way that the tarnish coating on the silver reacts with aluminum. Sulfur atoms, which adhere to the silver to create silver sulfide – that dark, tarnished look – are carried by the solution and transfer to the aluminum, forming aluminum sulfide and leaving your silver sparkling. Recycle the aluminum foil and you’ve got a waste-free way to polish your silver. Eco-friendly methods are their best when they’re like these two tricks: quick, easy, and effective. I’ve never been a very good martyr (just ask my parents, who had to listen to me moan and whine about the silver-polishing) so while my motivation for taking a DIY approach to laundry detergent, cleaning, or personal care products is ultimately about mitigating my impact on the environment (doing so virtually eliminates packaging, drastically reduces waste, and uses non-toxic ingredients) it also just has to work! : ) TIMESTAMPS: 0:45 Tarnished silver? No more! 4:12 Dirty makeup sponge 12:06 Get bubble gum out of your hair 14:42 Denim shopping bag ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5min.crafts/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5.min.crafts/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/5m_crafts Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: http://bit.ly/2ldditZ Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: https://goo.gl/fWbJqz Subscribe 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: https://goo.gl/PEuLVt The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/
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5-Minute Crafts (8 days ago)
Do you know how to make beautiful candles for your home? We know! And show it to you at 10:25. Will you try to do it? 😊
Maialino Re (14 hours ago)
5-Minute Crafts No
Lauren Weaver (2 days ago)
+Misako Chan baking soda :)
Lauren Weaver (2 days ago)
+jade tonaki baking soda
Alem Lejlaa (2 days ago)
Yes we will
Alem Lejlaa (2 days ago)
Yes we will
Jennie Z (8 minutes ago)
5:51 *are you really dumb enough to do that?? 🙄😒😓😑*
Mansi Modi (1 hour ago)
Can you please mention the items
Tablet Twitchell (6 hours ago)
Favorite hack... banana and nutella!!
Noobie PlayzGames (8 hours ago)
Familjen F Faysal (13 hours ago)
i like dis chanel
Maialino Re (14 hours ago)
Bene i male
Maialino Re (14 hours ago)
Cile stare
Shahid Dul (15 hours ago)
What is the Power😰😰
Lusi Hartati (1 day ago)
Captain Vogel (1 day ago)
Music starting at 7:51???
Queen_of_Nerds3245 (1 day ago)
I think you have an obsession.....with baking soda
ivan lara (1 day ago)
I watch these a lot and never do them☕️
MyaBro 11704 (1 day ago)
3:06 why would you smell the chopping board like you know it is going to smell bad anyway . Like if you agree . :)
Foxx (1 day ago)
10:56 But America banned those Edit: Please correct me if I’m wrong
Eleanor Hudson (1 day ago)
I pretty sure this video has teached all of us that when life gets you down throw some baking soda on it
Blue Sky Dream (1 day ago)
Cristiano Ronaldo match portrait !!! https://youtu.be/ukHNE4CJzKc
А отчего по английски
Brushie.D (1 day ago)
6:56 Or.... You use an extra long match...
Lermonil Witsh (1 day ago)
12:08 Surprise!
Love4kam 1 (1 day ago)
1:13 this doesn’t happen you know when you start your period and even if there are signs your period is coming so you will be prepared
lauri games (1 day ago)
40 millones o my god
chelyn rodriguez (1 day ago)
Rob Boschman (1 day ago)
3:06 who smells a cutting board?!?!?
GachaJadie (1 day ago)
Why don't you just brush your teeth? Then you won't have the problem of yellow teeth and cavities
糕塔蛋 (1 day ago)
Sydney Etame (1 day ago)
15:02 You now have a nice wet jeans to go hang out with frds😹😹😹
Sydney Etame (1 day ago)
Kind of gross to use what we drinking to wash the toilet🤢🤢
brisa suarez (2 days ago)
Por qué censuran la menstruación? O sea es normal, no entiendo que es Lo malo
Kendra Brogdon (2 days ago)
Don't try to do 15:04 because anywhere you go it would look like you wet your pants 🤔
Ajah-Marie McKay (2 days ago)
I can tell with the bracelet
Ajah-Marie McKay (2 days ago)
This is fake
Tanning is such a dumb trend I swear
Alin Leonhart (2 days ago)
Ayad Khan (2 days ago)
chootiya kat rhey bs logo ka : TRANSLATE IT
Morgan Wayna (2 days ago)
Ok, but for the cooking hacks they show they make the people demonstrating the mistakes look like complete idiots so you have no clue if they would actually work or not because people just dump the entire salad dressing containor upside down and then wonder why it's pouring so fast and making a mess
Elizabeth Penn (2 days ago)
103 its not the same braslet
abigail ogles (2 days ago)
am i the only one who doesnt have a syringe?
abigail ogles (2 days ago)
they sure do have a lot of baking soda
abigail ogles (2 days ago)
if your nails look like that then your a hobo
unigirl dazzle (2 days ago)
Was this video sponsored by baking soda lol
slime tree (2 days ago)
12:07 to 12:09 SNATCHED
Isbele Silva (2 days ago)
Alissa Wyatt (2 days ago)
Does anybody not notice the fact that for the self tanning one just wear gloves common sense why use a perfectly good lemon and baking sofa when you could just put some gloves on duh
Lynette Herrera (2 days ago)
2.8k comments 50k likes 5,485,791 views Roses are red Violets are blue I liked my own comment Becuase nobody will😢😢😭😭
Celina Rose (2 days ago)
I dod
CHICKEN Nuggets (2 days ago)
First hack I yelled”YES!!!” Cuz I hate coffe
Weird Mystery’s (2 days ago)
I’m pretty sure nobody shows have these types of problems with their body unless they didn’t take care of their bodies
Alem Lejlaa (2 days ago)
Yes we will
TheSkyward Princess (2 days ago)
Thank goodness for 1:16 cause I hate it when I get ketchup in my underwear
Indigoth The Gamer (2 days ago)
15:00 But then it'll look like you wet yourself
libby D (2 days ago)
libby D (2 days ago)
Or your jeans
rocio valentina (2 days ago)
14:09 mi favorite ❤
Juliana Vardanyan (2 days ago)
everytime it's repeating if you agree like😀
Aimee Ross (2 days ago)
2:18 or you could just man uo and pull it out with your hands, unless your toooooo lady like to do that.
Jennifer Devil (2 days ago)
5:48 ...you just need to hold it right...
J+Agamer (2 days ago)
All you have to do for the first comment is drink some water!!!!!!!!!!! What has this world come to?
Ace Lyn Flores (2 days ago)
Yeesh she must have problems am I right? 😏🙄😣😥 Uhhhhhhhhhhh 😶 Heh😅 Uh she actually has health problems😓 I think 😐
Eilin Morales (2 days ago)
gracias ! o_O
Adrianna vazquez (2 days ago)
Nn nnnbbhujtgjhk
Kaya Debello (2 days ago)
Don’t use the sponge and soap idea it doesn’t work I tried it and freaking bug and weird tiny worms were living in it then my friend did it and we didn’t see anything but then I’m like let’s cut it open and omg there were billions it was disgusting don’t try it
كراميل ``` (2 days ago)
ممكن اشتراك بقناتي مردوده والله😍
Sana Tabassum (2 days ago)
Shame on you girl
yashika mishra (2 days ago)
Yes, drop magic white powder in each hack and you are good to go!
Vishvanath Shinde (2 days ago)
You are indeyan
Mia Malkova (2 days ago)
●●●●●don't die without watching this video 😲😲😲 https://youtu.be/aZj3yFlmTQg ●●●●●
Mia Malkova (2 days ago)
●●●●●don't die without watching this video 😲😲😲 https://youtu.be/aZj3yFlmTQg ●●●●●
mademoiselle soso (2 days ago)
I like video
donkey butt (2 days ago)
Fake brown teeth
Madi Rae (2 days ago)
This video should just be called “25 Baking Soda “Hacks” For Lazy People” I ain’t hating on lazy people I am one
Schmitt Djeson (2 days ago)
*Do not that poor*
uglylittlekitty (2 days ago)
Have any problem ever? Baking soda
NAJMUN NISA (3 days ago)
can you. tell me what. is. That. white powder
Nguyen Kieu (3 days ago)
5:50 Kiding me? ._.
W Wo Wow Wo W L Li Lik Like Lik Li L
tranngoc tuyet (3 days ago)
what is it
tranngoc tuyet (3 days ago)
sald or backing soda???
Leah Tillery (3 days ago)
Baking soda I got baking soda 👩‍🍳 (Italian accent) 😂
мне было тошно глядеть 🤢
Dolan Twin lovers (3 days ago)
They are lokey lying
Caelynfran Quismorio (3 days ago)
Baking soda saves many things
Duyen Vo (3 days ago)
Xin chào
Jayden Hawkins (3 days ago)
3:06 why would she even smell a dish that had a dead fish on it
Brianna Sargent (3 days ago)
PixlGurl (3 days ago)
10:09 wow! They didn't erase the mistake! It's an early new year for everyone
You are using powder which powder is this
Payton HN (3 days ago)
9:55 playboy bunny logo....?
Minh Thy (3 days ago)
Bột gì thế ko biết
Iin Liana (3 days ago)
Kok bisa
Misha Tinney (3 days ago)
6:20 lol priorities
Olga Orihuela (3 days ago)
I love you
Lucky Wolf 623 (3 days ago)
Was that baking powder in the toothpaste hack in the first one?
Rae Oliver (3 days ago)
I’m just here to laugh at how dangerous/impractical/uncreative these are
Annika Burns (3 days ago)
For the coke cleaning the kettle you can clearly see little water puddles
DIL KHARADWAL (3 days ago)
ash lol (3 days ago)
dark armpits are a sign you have diabetes tho…ok then
Nineteen 19 (3 days ago)
Hmmm i love inhaling burnt melted crayon scent
شو هل بودره البيضه يلي عم يحطوها؟
파티마BTS (2 days ago)
بليزززز اشترك عندي
Kaytlyn Ashley (3 days ago)
excuse me how dare you waste the holy smirnoff
Elin Embla (3 days ago)
Is 5-minute Crafts from iceland ?

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