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10 Reason why Maritime is AWESOME ( And such a great career! earn 400k USD per year!? )

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In this vlog I outline the 10 reason why I think Merchant marine is such a great career for youngsters to join. How a sailor can earn 400k USD. Despite the misconception that it is often a lonely life, which is not true at all. 0:20 1 - The pay/salary $$$ 0:50 2 - Tax Free 1:24 3 - Career Flexibility and Prospect ($400k Maritime Pilot) 2:40 4 - Job Security 3:46 5 - Travel The World while Getting Paid 4:10 6 - Lifestyle 5:25 7 - Long Vacation and Continuous Holidays 5:59 8 - Job Autonomy, Freedom, Flexibility 6:58 9 - Straight-forward Job and Tasks 8:01 10 - Fast Promotion and No Competitions 8:45 Bonus - Solitude Follow my adventures! Instagram: http://instagram.com/Jeffrey.hk =====10 Reasons Why Maritime SUCKS ===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdMYEKwxTyo =====How To Anchor a Mega-Ship ===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62O7KYfb4GA =====Where did I go last 2 months?? Cancun Adventure====== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsizwRUXoa0 =====Navigation Bridge of a Mega Ship===== https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=Bj3_peT4u9M =====A Tour of Mega Ship's Engine Room===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7BhBsVigZw =====HEAVY SEAS! Bad Weather in Atlantic Ocean===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZA6gNeZ5G4 =====Cargo Operations on Ship===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kj7ixi2lqF4 =====Top 6 Questions about Merchant Marine===== https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBpQ9Y4jEfg
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Text Comments (2787)
shaolinWOLF36 (11 hours ago)
How do I get into this type of work? Do I have to do any training? Any advice and tips would be appreciated. I'm 26 and ready for a new adventure.
Karthick Raja (15 hours ago)
It is true that in some ship the beginner are force to clean toiy
Karthick Raja (15 hours ago)
Toilet of captain
Relcrest Aguilar (6 days ago)
Man how old are you?. You haved no idea regarding about the life as seafarer ! . If your on the full crew Filipino you'll realize what's the real seafarer !.
Michael Newland (6 days ago)
I've never done this and want to try. what should I start as? how do I get started ? I really want to give this a shot!😀
Stefan Schwiesow (7 days ago)
Going to attend Cal Maritime as a MT major Thai fall, this is super motivating!
kush styles (7 days ago)
I don't understand where to send resume I mean which site for become a deck cadet ,???
Ej Steven Lucing (11 days ago)
I'm from the Philippines! I'll become a seaman someday!!! 🇵🇭
Daniel Cannata (11 days ago)
Even if it a "lonely" job, I LOVE Solitude! I'd do it in a heartbeat!!
Cookie Monster (13 days ago)
Just passed my UK class 2 orals yesterday. It's an amazing career with great prospects..great video as always.
Arnav Dwivedi (15 days ago)
Is it true that maritime people don't have to pay tax?
Dmitry Gelow (15 days ago)
Have you thought about the results that could rise in the future due to your fucking webbing uh? Stupid frog there is already tons of idiots making its impossible to get a job. And you just welcome a few thousands more in perspective. I just wish you from all heart to be one day replaced by one of your dammit subscribers from banana and Asian republics because of flooded employers market which ready to work for 3 times less salary than yours for now. For sure big capitalists companies will do so, no doubts in that. Wish your hungry and poor children will look on your videos one day and will ask - Fa, why you have been so bloody and unforgivable blind and stupid????
Stls Nadaun (15 days ago)
Hey...am also joining merchant navy this year...any tips?
Tapirus Sbrabous (17 days ago)
I wish I could have watched your video 30 years ago. Thanks and congratulations for such great content. You got the hang of it. Cheers from Brazil.
Rui Hao烎壡嗥 (20 days ago)
Thank you
Men Munroe (20 days ago)
what are the first few steps to joining the Maritime.
Daring Fawn (20 days ago)
400k/year!!!?? Fuck id work for 5 years and live the rest 60 years enjoying life
juggerknot100 (21 days ago)
do you need to be good in math
Mārtiņš Ozoliņš (21 days ago)
What are u thinking about autonomous ships ? Do ship companies will need crew in future ?
Bob of the Storm (8 days ago)
Autonomous ships will still need crew. Engineers and maintenance are definitely going to stay. No company in their right mind is going to risk having a billion dollar ship break down in the middle of the Pacific without a crew to fix it. Navigation and steering though, I'm not so sure. But then again, paying some captain a few hundred thousand dollars is peanuts compared to the worth of the shipment and ship, so I highly doubt it. A hundred thousand salary isn't a big deal for a ship's profits. Truck drivers on the other hand... There is profit to be made for replacing drivers with AI.
Brent Simmons (22 days ago)
How do you become a cadet. I’m from British Columbia Canada
The Q (23 days ago)
Currently taking a class on welding. Both jobs share the same aspects but only if you choose to work at plant shutdowns and have loads of skill. I may just switch careers choices due to my need to get away from family (family of six in a rather small house) and very few friends.
MJPamuru20 (24 days ago)
Great video and now it’s genuinely a career move I’m considering!! But, @09:19 that timelapse of the ship docking is beautiful!
VoE (26 days ago)
Sounds like prison..
Liakouras Momentz (27 days ago)
Dame man !! I should do that job ! I love that you don't have distractions on the ship..! ❤😅👍
Cafelogis (28 days ago)
Bro you make it seem like it's the dream job I never knew I would like.
Emon Streeo (29 days ago)
I'm in my last sem in automotive eng.tech.I'm really interested in this maritime industry especially in engine room. But i don't know if changing career from automotive to maritime industry is a good idea.Thank for the video
Johnas Presbyter (30 days ago)
That_one_jeshua (30 days ago)
Would be so cool!
TheBengkoang (1 month ago)
Nice xperince. I got job that reliabe conect in marine in less salary. my opurtnity has bad, not in good carrer for 21 years along. But i have home, and children. Congrats for your career and jouney
Vishal singh Shekhawat (1 month ago)
I'm always see your video and think how you are lucky 😯😍. I'm 18 now and I need this type of job 😊 so please tell me how i can get this job. and I am in India 😎.😀😇😊
Titania, theCONQUERER (1 month ago)
Vishal singh Shekhawat same. 18. Indian. And in love with the sea😍
Journey Makers (1 month ago)
Which college did u studied and which course did u opted ??
Mark Louis Saludaga (1 month ago)
Go for maritime college and choose between Marine Transportation or Marine Engineering.
Bogdan (1 month ago)
Hey Jeff, can you tell me some companies which recruits deck cadets?
Fen Rir (1 month ago)
I am Very Introvert and Have an AB Limited. But i will say this is That your crew becomes your family. You watch each others Back and take care of each other. even if you are at your worst they know how to get you back up and Vice-Versa.
pz Ez (1 month ago)
Its so happy because its alot of money
Jabo (1 month ago)
Good job sir.
Atharv Athavale (1 month ago)
which company bro??
thamer alharbi (1 month ago)
6 months at sea 😕 no thanks I don't want that 400k USD 🙄
thamer alharbi (1 month ago)
+Perez Andrew the beginnings are always little. You r still young. Wish u all the best
Perez Andrew (1 month ago)
thamer alharbi mind you I just worked in a warehouse for 6 months and only made 10k. I’m 19 and prolly will have back problems for the rest of my life now
John Marston (1 month ago)
This looks amazing, I want to see the world and I can't be bothered with people. Nice!!!
Loco Mojo (1 month ago)
I am about to be sent to my first assigned vessel in a couple of days or so and I stumbled upon this. This really made me excited and look forward to my life on board. I think what I realized in this video is that our job is all about how you look at it and your attitude towards it. If you consider it a job. Than it will become a boring and stressful ride. But if you look at it like it's an adventure and self improvement then you might even like it better when your on board rather than being on land. Thanks. You really made my day bro
Samuel Cruz (1 month ago)
what are the grades of your lenses? I have mine and i am an aspirant in becoming a deck officer someday.
mohd faizan (1 month ago)
I. Am cadet of esm company waiting since 22 months for ship but no one is listening and no one cares even dg shipping. This is also a limitation of merchant navy that none of company has any boundation regarding cadets. They are doing worst as they want. But we cannot do anything
kelly paulsen (1 month ago)
USA gets income taxes too I think, if I'm wrong, someone please correct me
shua sensai (26 days ago)
We do
Nate•Niel23 (1 month ago)
Im okay with life in the sea im gold with that But what im worried about is the Job itself.. like the requirements and what is actually needed in the ship or how the system works.. guess I’d need to do more Googling But this vid helped alot. U got urself a new subscriber
Nate•Niel23 (1 month ago)
Im in HS rn and Im planning to go with maritime as a job in the future but I basically dont know anything about it except for the fact that you work in a ship imagining it as living like Pirates on a pirate ship except it pays really really well. So this is very helpful and educational for me My will to become a seaman has increased by alot. Tnx. 👍🏻
Jay K (1 month ago)
So what’s a 3rd mate make? What’s the pay starting out?
Benedict H (1 month ago)
Income tax isn't 'crazy'.
Ash (1 month ago)
doesn't say much about deck ratings :/
SportDogg2008 (1 month ago)
Hoping to get my Merchant marine license later on this year just filled out the paper work now to go and get the cards and take the test than hopefully i''ll be out on the water! or hoping to get accepted into one of the maritime academy's
brucendolf (1 month ago)
6/2 rotation means you don't have any life and I don't see any girl accepting that. Im fine with my 4 ON - 3to5 OFF ;)
VillpoSt (2 months ago)
Press F for those marins who have high taxes (up to 45% 50% 60% and higher?). Nice video man!
Localsh!thead (2 months ago)
Are you apart of a union ?
Localsh!thead (2 months ago)
You need a degree to be a marine pilot in the U.S.
crew worlds (2 months ago)
Check my account
James Hopper (2 months ago)
Can you talk about working for the union and pick different contracts instead of working for one company and explain how to get started
Cloud Nine (2 months ago)
What are your thoughts on the effect of automation on this industry?
himanshu gusain (2 months ago)
hello sir..whats your company and your rank?
rhythmandacoustics (2 months ago)
I want references for this stuff in Canada. Sounds fishy, no tax? Yeah right. The only ones who doesn't get taxed are aboriginals and military on an operation, and that's Federal Tax and not Provincial.
Iulian Pica (2 months ago)
Bullshite Mate! 15 years at sea... prison for money... SLAVERY! That's what it is. So... Go Ahead! Enslave yourself
Nigyl Rod (2 months ago)
Im still a cadete. But im still fighting to be onboard soon!
Bid Your Blogs (2 months ago)
Wrong, aviation does 😂
lolonako03 (2 months ago)
KId ypu are full of shit. I never heard or seen even a captain making that much. I sailed with a USNS, We are a US federal employees because we work under the US Department of Defense, we have all the endorsement, certificate, training required by the US coast guard for merchant marine and we do file our income taxes too in US,I don't know in other countries.
J. Macc (2 months ago)
I'm a Navy veteran ....The con that comes to mind is being away especially if you have children
ch. rough habit (2 months ago)
i am from melbourne. work in lcl we received China shipping alot of time . is it good company??
Kunal Singh (2 months ago)
Dude you are delusional.  You think what is happening in your company is happening everywhere?  This is a chief mate from one of the most reputed companies here.  Let us see what i think about the things you said: 1. Pay: You are right but partially. The amount of hard work that took me to become a chief mate with master's license, i could have easily gotten into a top notch B school. My GMAT score is 760 btw (Why i did not do it is another story). The money i got when i started was much more than my friends but after 10 years not so much. 2. Agree 3. Flexibility: You think this industry has way less competition? Ask your friends how many people are ready to work 16 hours a day in office just so that they can get a job closer to their family. Vessel superintendents work at least 10-12 hours a day and are always on call. US pilots get paid alot yes but how many are actually there? 5. Travel: Where is the time? A VLCC loading in Kuwait is loaded within 24 hours. Did you forget that the tanker terminals are more often than not away from crowded cities? 6. lifestyle: 4 on 8 off? who is doing LSA/FFA maintenance on your ship? on an old ship i have put 4 hours on deck continuously for the maintenance? Steady work/rest hour time table?????????? 7. Long vacation holidays: Agree 8. Autonomy: Really? If everybody is doing there thing then what is captain doing onboard? Captain only works in radio room for 1-2 hours a day???? 9. Straight forward jobs: One day i am calling emergency services in Perth to evacuate the Malaysian crew who had a heart failure, next day i am inside the ballast tank making an inspection for the condition, on the third day i am transferring oil worth 300 million USD. How is this straight forward and routine? 10. Fast promotion: Demand and supply, if company needs people they will promote if they don't they won't. Doesn't matter how good you are. Ever heard about something called criteria for promotion? Shipping is a kickass profession, No doubt. But its not for everyone. You need to put a lot of blood, sweat and time to progress. Its not everybody's cup of tea.
MG Pin (2 months ago)
How to apply jobs there?😊
justin mwewa (2 months ago)
which is the best possible country were i can go for a try i badly need that job
Abhinav prasad (2 months ago)
I need to knw where u studied in Canada.. Nd need to know if i can join there.... Course fee etc.... Am an Indian
Joe Mazenge (2 months ago)
dont say much just tell me how to get the job and where is the company
Bhargav Chavda (2 months ago)
It's amazing unless you do it in india
Ben Thejrporter (3 months ago)
03:50 Very sanitized! I know what you sailors really get up to when you go for a run ashore.
And one more thing....can you make the full video of all SMS and ISPS drills on-board of your vessel with all the paper work that 2nd Mate should perform?
If there any chance that You will make a video about full voyage planning by using paper admiralty charts, ECDIS, GPS and RADAR-ARPA? If the answer is "YES", that woud be awesome!
Sir, I want to say thank You for all your videos. You are doing a great job that help's young seamans and newcommers.
Backpacker One64 (3 months ago)
Jeff is a good looking guy, YOUNG and so damn smart. I'm just a truck driver. I wish I had Jeff as an uncle or something.
Geo Net (3 months ago)
I am probably as young as you (if not younger) and tbh I love adventure. I love the idea of travelling around the world like that, almost as much as I like the idea of joining the military. I love the idea of jobs that not only affect your lifestyle, but BECOME a way of life themselves, yet...I know that this is the life of a loner. When you're away from home for six months, don't expect your girl to stay faithful
Dane O'Brien (3 months ago)
Hey Jeff. Thanx for the heads up man. M about to get into the passenger ship line. Is the vacation for 2 or 3 months paid or not. ?
jtemps34 (3 months ago)
very interesting...do you notice a lot of veterans in this field? thinking of doing this after my enlistment ends.
Nika Paramonova (3 months ago)
I am so grateful for what you do, for how important your information is. ❣️
Grunkle Tiro (3 months ago)
I did military and regularly tell my 17 year old son, I would love for him to take a career like what you've been talking about.
Nick Serritella (3 months ago)
American Merchant fleet has shunk to almost nothing. Anyone looking to get into the industry has to go to a maritime acadamy. Maritime degree has applications elsewhere. Engine room offers the best opportunities
Matt McAvay (3 months ago)
This career sounds tempting but cars are my hobby. i can't imagine going months without my car
c k (3 months ago)
Number 11. Someone else is porking your pig wife and putting their genetically superior sperm in her.
Divyajeet Singh (3 months ago)
make a video on how to crack maritime institute entrance exam
Alrich Hills (3 months ago)
Is there extra time to Study on the ship?
Don Paterson (3 months ago)
If your an Canadian resident, you will pay the full tax. do your research. Your giving wrong information.
TSC TSC (3 months ago)
Excellent narrative. If I could live life again, because of my liking solitude, I'd do this as a career. I was in corporate and the brown nosing for promotions was terrible. It was degrading. Great job on your video and your outlook on life is much more mature than corporate people I had worked with.
Jason M (3 months ago)
400k a year? if your a ships pilot you don't do long voyages, you pilot the ship in the channels in and out of port. I've been a Chief Engineer for 19 years, I've sailed all over the world. You don't make 400k. I've never met a a merchant seaman from Japan or any other country that makes more than 3 grand a month if that. Officers do well but Deckhands and AB's make a considerable less amount. Most I've made is 21k a month, most Filipino deck crews work a 6 month contract at 1000 dollars a month. Check your facts, and quit bullshiting people for the sake of YouTube hits.
Jason M (2 months ago)
+bago47 ok awesome, yeah it may be a little different. Mearsk is a shipping company, they go all the world, you can get info on the websites I wish you luck, I've never been to Slovenia, been to Serbia many time, not you far from you. In they states the flood the market with Maritime grads, and I honestly think it's done more harm than good. They are book smart with very little hands on training. Not very useful when your changing out packs on a 16 cyl EMD with turbo.
bago47 (2 months ago)
+Jason M I'm from Slovenia, and right now am finishing bachelor's in chemistry. Even before, I was choosing between studying nautics and chemistry, and ended up with the latter. Right now I'm considering doing major's in the maritime field, though am not yet certain. Wages here are supposed to be around 2500€ for third, 3000€ second, 3500€ first officer and about 5500€ for the captain of the ship, all net monthly wages, without paid holidays. I'd be looking at about max 2000€ as a chemists in about 5-10 years if I'm lucky. PS: I've only got to do 2 additional exams to be accepted into the academy, and major lasts for 2 years. Furthermore, education is completely free in my country, so no debt there
Jason M (2 months ago)
+bago47 depends on the type of vessel. This video is not really truthful. His 400,000 for pilots in United State only apply to a very small number. What country are you in. Cause alot of the requirements are different, in different regions. I worked in Nigeria for 1-1/2years, Deckhands made barely 300$ a month, they also had to pay a union. That's 50$ a month. Check all the facts in your country, and talk to Mariners who have been doing this a while. Life at sea isn't easy, and you have to have to be isolated for long periods of time.
bago47 (2 months ago)
+Jason M PS: I can't seem to find the answer, but does a cabin include a toilet, or are toilet areas shared with other crew?
Jason M (2 months ago)
+bago47 no problem
Maria Valle (3 months ago)
My oldest son goes to Sunny Maritime in NY. So proud of him! My youngest is a senior in High school and in the process of applying to this college as well! I dont know u and I really feel proud and happy for your accomplishments! Your parents are very blessed to have a kid like you! 🤗
R J (3 months ago)
What about entry level positions? Any ideas where to start
imhellag (3 months ago)
LOL "the cook, he cooks, no one else is going to cook"
LordWaffles1357 (3 months ago)
Damn I wanna join the Air Force and be an aircraft Loadmaster so I could see the world but now I don’t know what to choose now...
Robert Giraudo (3 months ago)
Can you do a video breaking down different jobs that are available in the Maritime industry?
Sasquatch (3 months ago)
Fuck man. Lisen im 30 years old truck driver. And due to your videos ive been watching for past 2hours - Im soooooo gonna enlist in marttime college in my town this year!
adfasd (3 months ago)
Im 35 is that too late to start?
2monsterhairuglythe (3 months ago)
Hey man looking for this kind of work myself any advice on who to apply with and what would be a decent route in?
Tylor K (3 months ago)
How do I start? I think some type of ship maintenance, or engineering would be my gig.
Jane J (3 months ago)
Kudos to you Sir! Waving from filipino cadet
Do i need an education?
Marianne (3 months ago)
Agreed 100%, it’s the best of the best! Have a good watch Jeff!
pavanatanaya (3 months ago)
How is the mess onboard?

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