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Men's Summer Fashion 2015 Lookbook | Casual Summer Outfits

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Outfit Descriptions below! Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed my new video this week! I was happy to put a couple simple, casual outfits together that could give you some inspiration for the summer time, since its right around the corner! Thanks for watching and remember to Stay Fresh, Always! ***Subscribe for new videos every week!*** Outfit #1 - Grey American Eagle Button T-Shirt - Red/Black Urban Outfitters Plaid Shirt - American Eagle Khaki Joggers - White Low Top Converse - Red Green Earth Bracelet - Rose Gold/Leather Tissot Classic Watch - Gloss Black Ray Ban Wayfarer Sun Glasses Outfit #2 - Light Red V-Neck American Eagle T-Shirt - Grey/Black Longboard Shorts American Eagle - Grey/Leather Call it Spring Dessert Boots - Cream/Silver Green Earth Bracelet - Rose Gold/Leather Tissot Classic Watch - Gloss Black Ray Ban Wayfarer Sun Glasses Last Video: https://youtu.be/4UXE5x1zyqk **Vlog Channel** https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJCiZhDup96htAFu7Ilgfgw **Instagram** http://instagram.com/camcretney **Twitter**: https://twitter.com/camcretney **Facebook Page** http://bit.ly/cameroncretney Music: Subtact - Away [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Tp-GokRxeQ Subtact ➞ SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/subtact ➞ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/subtact ➞ Twitter https://twitter.com/subtact ➞ Instagram https://instagram.com/mortathemarmot/ Love you guys! Thanks for all the great comments and likes! Appreciate it!
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Text Comments (65)
Andrea Camarda (2 years ago)
worst. lookbook. ever.
Irving Nolasco (2 years ago)
This is amazing you sir are awesome
Mhd Amayri (3 years ago)
do you really take of your arms hair *_*?????
Don Huan (3 years ago)
Good vid but the "style" is normal bullshit, sorry
Anthony Howard (3 years ago)
What camera were you using?
Natalie Marie (3 years ago)
Gotta love mens fashion
Elijah_Jo TV (3 years ago)
Awesome Video!!! Btw, What camera are you using?
Amr Totos (3 years ago)
Nice video bro
Abdul Shaikh (3 years ago)
I just realized I dress better.
The Snazzy Man (3 years ago)
Cameron, I love the look its very dapper!! I have attempted to give a quick rundown on some of the big trends for this summer on a video on my channel, would be happy to know what you make of it! :)
Adam Jarvis (3 years ago)
Awesome. Anyone know where I can get this watch?
VLONESUS (3 years ago)
Please no more converse and vans this summer
DavesWorld (3 years ago)
Nice editing. i like look #1
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+DavesWorld Thansk!
Matthew Garvey (3 years ago)
What hair products were used in this video?
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Matthew Garvey Hanz De Fuko Claymation!
William Taboada (3 years ago)
Great video man youre looking buff maybe you should tell us your workouts on your next video
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+William Taboada Thanks dude! Yeah I could possibly! THANKS FOR THE IDEA!
Juan gonzalez (3 years ago)
What other shoes would look good with outfit 2? I'm just not into that type of shoe while using shorts :I
Tyler Baker (3 years ago)
Vans or converse
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
Nana Martin (3 years ago)
Probably your coolest video so far! Nice job! :)
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Nana Martin Thank you!!!!!!!!
Ibnul Shabab (3 years ago)
super cool!
Mr.Hatrick (3 years ago)
What's your email
Mr.Hatrick (3 years ago)
Cameron your Awsome
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Mr.Hatrick No, YOU ARE!! Thanks for watching!
Brian Tee (3 years ago)
How tall are you cam! Looking good ^^
Brian Tee (3 years ago)
I'm a good foot shorter than u.. Im like same height with Jordan O'brien!
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+RaginBehemoth 6'5 brotha!
Abdullah Shabir (3 years ago)
Amazing n dope
Kid Brayan Scene (3 years ago)
you Look hot Man . And You Got A new Style Maintain it I Love it
Anthony DelucV (3 years ago)
Nice video dude, definitely one of your best to date. Editing and styling was super on point
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Anthony DelucV Thanks Anthony! Appreciated bro!
Mr.Hatrick (3 years ago)
cameron you da best
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Mr.Hatrick Nah you da best!
Ricky Odriosola Vlogs (3 years ago)
Definitely going to look into some boots like in outfit 2. Killer style, man.
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Ricky7Odriosola Thanks man! Yeah I love them!
Hugo Epping (3 years ago)
Been skipping leg day?
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+HugeyBaby Cough cough no, pff... But seriously I train them twice a week and they won't grow!!
FoxyIsSoRaven (3 years ago)
This editing is perfect! You should do more videos like this occasionally! Sweet work man!
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+FoxyIsSoRaven Thanks! Much appreciated!
Josh Leyva (3 years ago)
Good stuff man!
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Josh Leyva Thanks Josh!!
Mikey Mitchell (3 years ago)
Mikey Mitchell (3 years ago)
Any advice on how go grow my hair can, would really appreciate a comment back. Thanks
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
No prob homie!
Mikey Mitchell (3 years ago)
+Cameron Cretney​ awesome thanks for the reply cam
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Mikey Mitchell Don't get it cut, shampoo and condition only 3 times per week, use coconut oil in your hair 1-2 times every 2 weeks and always use a heat protector if you blow-dry. PEACE :)
Coffee Punch (3 years ago)
Great look book Cret ;) I always loved your fashion and hair styles  KEEP IT UP <3
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Coffee Punch Thanks Coffee Punch! Sick name lol!
jasinmuharemi (3 years ago)
You should make more videos about fashion ! Really inspiring bro 😍
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+jasinmuharemi Will do!!!! :)
thrillsbreh (3 years ago)
Sick Cam!!!
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+thrillsbreh Thanks bro!
Kameron Armstrong (3 years ago)
+Cameron Cretney hey u ever thought about extendin gnome your youtube channel to fragrance reviews ?
Kameron Armstrong (3 years ago)
that'd be great , ik in the states thierry mugler is popular maybe the new ultra zest coukd ge an idea
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Kameron Armstrong Yeah possibly I might do a few! Thanks for the idea :)
Luca Fersko (3 years ago)
so dope! editing was fire!
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Luca Fersko Thanks Luca! Much appreciated bro :)
raza farooqi (3 years ago)
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+raza farooqi :)
Max Dahl (3 years ago)
You da best!! Cameron
Fabien Geffriaud (3 years ago)
Cameron Cretney (3 years ago)
+Fabien Geffriaud Thxs!

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