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Advice for Entrepreneurs who Actually Make Money: S-Corp

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Watch this video if you plan to be successful in business. Learn how I Lost $60,000 in my business & how I could have easily prevented this loss. Learn this business mistake now, before its too late for you. Facebook Page: http://www.Facebook.com/RashaadRahh Snapchat me: http://www.snapchat.com/add/Rashaadrahh Intagram: @RashaadRahh Twitter: @Whorahh
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K T (2 months ago)
pine white 🌲 lovely ⛈ wow!
K T (2 months ago)
ali it's my day of birth 🎆🎈🎉 ⛄ a servant i am ⛄
madeinfull (3 months ago)
what about a llc
RashaadRahh (3 months ago)
Only advantage of Llc is that you have limited liability
keponki (3 months ago)
Explained so clearly and easily !!!!
KK 47 (4 months ago)
Love your honesty and quality content... Can u make one specifically on tax loop holes?
Jyojy Juiouu (4 months ago)
Is Kanye ur dad??
Martin Rojas (5 months ago)
So for a small business should i go with sole proprietor or llc?
Cedric Ward (4 months ago)
Your manner of speaking is very 'street'. You need to develop a better manner of speaking which is more businesslike and less casual. You chart is simply childish. Stop saying 'you know what I mean' or any of the other 'street talk' terms you use. You're making decent money only because of the content you have on your channel. IT WON'T LAST FOREVER! I hope you are saving a lot because you will need it when your channel(s) die. Then again, you might profit even more for awhile, but what you're doing has a limited life.
Crucible (3 months ago)
+Cedric Ward 🤨
Cedric Ward (4 months ago)
+G. L. You don't get my point and I just wrote out a very long replay but lost it before being able to post it and I'm not going to spend any more time on this. Rashaad make his money from videos of young blacks dancing in a vulgar manner which is a very small niche market which won't last long enough to continue his income stream. Also, anyone can 'own' a business, even if it doesn't produce and income. An 'education' is a process that continues for LIFE. What you consider an educational appears to mean you went to a public schools and completed the indoctrination and 'learned' what they wanted you to 'learn'...to be an obedient tax cash cow. I can read and listen quite well. Much better than you will ever know.
G. L. (4 months ago)
Cedric Ward Really? I can guarantee you that anything you decide to do will have a limited life due to the fact that you cannot read or listen. He doesn’t make his money solely off of YouTube. He OWNS his own business. What he explained made perfect sense, and I am an educated individual like him. You need to develop a better manner to your whole life. You go Rashaad, I’m a new sub
RashaadRahh (5 months ago)
Thanks for supporting
Lache Wallace (6 months ago)
But then you would still have to pay taxes on your salary and the dividends.
RashaadRahh (6 months ago)
Yes. You pay within your tax bracket at the salary level. You pay less than 7% on dividend distributions.
Carlton R. (6 months ago)
New here. I’m gonna check the old videos. But I’m glad you decided to make more money, investment, entrepreneurship videos.
Peso Rebel (6 months ago)
Legit 👍
Derionte Roby (6 months ago)
Your videos always help man! Right now I’m in college and don’t have time to start a business or anything but once I graduate I want to get into music, right now I make piano covers for popular songs but your videos help me save up so I can make my goal 🤟🏾
Yo Yo (6 months ago)
Come on wit the voice dude lol
Yo Yo (6 months ago)
RashaadRahh Good video tho!
RashaadRahh (6 months ago)
Jeremy Cash Young Ceo (6 months ago)
Wow loved the simplicity in this video would that be the same with an LLC or is it different
Jeremy Cash Young Ceo (6 months ago)
RashaadRahh ok thanks
RashaadRahh (6 months ago)
It’s different. LLC is only limits liability and that’s it.
Kay Miley (7 months ago)
😮 thanks
Mykah Hall (7 months ago)
Can you mentor me 😩😩😩😩
Brant (4 months ago)
Mykah Hall hell have to fuck you too.
Blue Lighting (7 months ago)
lets get it
Adrian Villavicencio (7 months ago)
Thank You So Much bro this a money Saver!
Nate O'Brien (7 months ago)
Opportunity - Rashaad, I would love to interview you for my channel. Is there a working email that I can reach you at?
dominique007 (7 months ago)
I would love it if you'd make a video about finding a good accountant, assuming you have one
dominique007 (7 months ago)
You are hilarious and really down to earth you're really normal dude, like someone we all know. Love your videos
Stephannie Ankrah (7 months ago)
How do you determine what the “lowest” salary you can give yourself is
RashaadRahh (7 months ago)
I suggest asking the accountant that fills out the S-Corp paperwork for you. Word on the curbs is no less than one third of your profits
ShaqsView (7 months ago)
Quality content 🙌🏾
evan Smith (7 months ago)
Appreciate the video rashad
Money Mogul (7 months ago)
Thanks for this video man, in the stages of building my business tax purpose wise.
Nate Matthews (7 months ago)
Thanks for the tips my guy! I took your knowledge awhile back when you mentioned affiliate programs. Jumped on board right after that & got the ball rolling. Good looks! Keep em coming ✊
RashaadRahh (7 months ago)
I’m happy that I was able to help you out brother. Thank you for supporting and I will do my best to help more
9 9 (7 months ago)
Definitely taught me a lot about business
Alan Nabors (7 months ago)
Fuck Uncle Sam, Taxes are a bitch 🗣🗣
RashaadRahh (7 months ago)
Tyanna Semone (7 months ago)
what camera do you use?
RashaadRahh (7 months ago)
Canon 80D
Kasra Rahmati (7 months ago)
Got a full ride to college and I’ve saved up about 6 k and your videos literally helped me all the way
Yonik Malik (6 months ago)
How?? Please explain??
Von (7 months ago)
The king is back
MANIAC MIKE (7 months ago)
You gotta come back! I’ve been watching yo vids all the way back to selling food in school. That vid made me a king pin in middle and hs. And I always learn something new from your vids. Where did you start off in your business? What was it?
kingwavy 305 (7 months ago)
🤣🤣 y was u making yo voice sound like that?
Von (7 months ago)
QTG (7 months ago)
So you make about 390k. You saying not to count your pockets made me curious.
SuperSF100 (2 months ago)
Just calculated it. Came back looking for this comment.
dominique007 (7 months ago)
QTG it's incredible in proud of him
paige baldwin2 (7 months ago)
Brian Gonzalez (7 months ago)
“Won’t be in my situation cause y’all don’t earn enough” lmaoooo damn
fernando Silva (7 months ago)
So your profit is around 390k !!!! Damn rashaad you should do a dinner for all your subscribers ;). Hey man I really love your channel keep up the good work and I wanted to ask you a question. I’m currently living in Portugal, I’m going to study either mechanical engineer(1st option) or electronic and computer engineer(2nd option) depends on the results which I’ll get this upcoming Sunday at midnight. College here is very cheap only about 2k euros per year and it’s 5 years as it’s an integrated masters. So my dad is paying for college so I’ve got no issue. I also have a home in here in Portugal and if I sold it I could get around 430k € and my question is I’m only 18, should I sell it now and if so then what should I spend the money in ? And if You think I shouldn’t sell it then should I wait more time in order to see if it can gain more value, cause I don’t plan on living in it as I plan on moving back to the U.S., if anything I’ll buy a nice apartment or a house close to the beach to have here. Also I know Portugal has different laws regarding taxes so from your experience how can ou maximize profit from selling a home and reducing taxes ? Thanks for your time, Fernando silva
Isaac West (7 months ago)
Erns Cadeus (7 months ago)
Keep the info coming
The Studentrepreneur (7 months ago)
In America Dont you have to pay capital gains tax on dividends?
Linh Hoang (7 months ago)
Of course we do! He just didn't mention or know. It's like 10 to 15%. Normal work income tax is the highest, then dividend, and then capital gains. The funny part is if he doesn't do it right, he might get double taxation.
The Studentrepreneur (7 months ago)
Government supported schools will not teach you how to avoid tax...
Sue Rees (7 months ago)
I stay creepin y'all channel. You give great tips advice, etc!
Natew194grant Yt (7 months ago)
RashaadRahh (7 months ago)
Hi 🙂
Dani's World (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing. Great info!
RashaadRahh (7 months ago)
You’re welcome Dani. I hope you get to use this one day
Ali Ali (7 months ago)
Nice video 🥇
Kenneth Videos (7 months ago)
If you smash the like button it might get pregnant.
Kenneth Videos (7 months ago)
+RashaadRahh I'm sleep😪😂.
RashaadRahh (7 months ago)
That like button need to be like a public punching bad. Everyone gets a chance to hit it 😄😄
Austin Dunham (7 months ago)
I wonder why LLC. are still more popular then? Not many people talk about S-Corp, especially for smaller businesses.
Lache Wallace (6 months ago)
llc's are only good in protecting you from being personally liable for getting sued. With an LLC, if someone wants to sue, they can only sue the business and can't take your personal items (money, house, etc). If you're a single member LLC, you're still taxed as sole-proprietor.
RashaadRahh (7 months ago)
After my research I found that S-Corp won’t be the right fit for most small businesses as they would need to push profits of around $80k+ to actually benefit as they need to pay reasonable salary & have large amount left over to distribute as dividend to make the tax savings occur.
myNameIsCooL (7 months ago)
I missed u bro.. Greetings from Turkey
TrumpCorp. (7 months ago)
Amk.. Her yerdesiniz.
larry jenkins (7 months ago)
It’s my first year in college currently at a community college for business and I appreciate the video!!
Christian J- Frost Smith (7 months ago)
I smashed that Like button !
Kenneth Videos (7 months ago)
Hope it don't get pregnant
RashaadRahh (7 months ago)
Just want to say I do miss ya'll and I think do about you guys every week that I don't upload on this channel.
Dios De Dios (6 months ago)
Hi, What kind of business do you have?
rexi rage (7 months ago)
John Johnson (7 months ago)
Twerk party coming?
Von (7 months ago)
Steve Edmond (7 months ago)
Where the business videos at bro?
RashaadRahh (7 months ago)
This is my step back in Steve
Christian J- Frost Smith (7 months ago)
First view and comment !

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