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Text Comments (52748)
Angry gamer (29 minutes ago)
1:54 😂😂🤣
ROBLOX Gamer 167 (1 hour ago)
2:01 the guy screams
ROBLOX Gamer 167 (1 hour ago)
1:10 actually kicks him
JavianDymon77 (2 hours ago)
1:20 Sub-Zero VS Liu Kang
Carol Costa (7 hours ago)
1:21 pensei que ía ver um Sub-Zero Vs Liu Kang 😂😂😂😂
ricardo 23 (7 hours ago)
Jjj 😀😀😀
mamlaha -:_:- (14 hours ago)
*o kurwa* _speak polish_ -aaaaiiii-
Brendo Oi (14 hours ago)
Me dá uma força no meu canal
ممكن إشتراك فى قناتي https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeFu3cx-ogTtz9IGWJlsnIw
Moaz Salmo (17 hours ago)
ههه حلو وبخوف
Ha Ha hahaha uar
Volk 4enal (17 hours ago)
Мне в конце показалась что мальчуган типа хаха конечно конечно точно камера а в идей бля будто от их съебаца 😁
Elias Mikame (18 hours ago)
Black Widow (19 hours ago)
0:50 black guy: lets dance Subzero: oh dance fight Black guy: not dance dance FIGHT!! subzero: ooooo dance FIGHT!!! You got it booo dooo doooo doododo
Hazraff Channel (19 hours ago)
1:56 -2:04 wkwwkk🤣
Eobard Thawne (1 day ago)
2:00 shark puppet scream
Love Kita (1 day ago)
1:20 its leo kang whahahaha
jeriel perez (1 day ago)
Yo that man got freakin rekt
richard d. (1 day ago)
1:36 i thought that was king bach
Joe Rogan be scaring people in elevators
Amir Mcintyre (1 day ago)
That man srem like a gril
Ayhan Hergunerler (1 day ago)
37 😅
Hybrid Stage 4 (1 day ago)
1:21 Liu Kang vs sub-zero
Так людей до инфаркта довести можно
alim 14 (1 day ago)
1:20 sub-zero vs lui kang
С 2к19 а ты?
Jason Armenta (1 day ago)
That scream tho lmfao!!! Bahahaha
Wilmer Lubian (1 day ago)
At 2:00 the dude sounded like he never hit puberty.
Olivier Foka (1 day ago)
Le dernier cri comme une fille 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brent Mcnutt (1 day ago)
The Asian guy was the only one that was like bring it...lol
Felix junior Gomes (1 day ago)
Rsrsrsrs porrra caralho dahora meu
XG Martin Gomez (2 days ago)
Lol 2:00 i feel bad
Dr Steel (2 days ago)
2:00 how could a grown man scream like that
I fell bad for that young boy in the black shoes
TROLLOS BR (2 days ago)
Seus gringos fica copiando agente mas nem sabem
NinjaWizho (2 days ago)
1:18 is Liu Kang
1:58 XDD!!!!!!!!!!!
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCljJP-7y9aKGDmeS0dYTlvg подпишись на канал подержи проект
gaming ps gaming (2 days ago)
اشتركو بقناتي
Tiago Gamer (2 days ago)
1:18 liu kang
Arton Cabaluna (2 days ago)
This is crazy.,, 😁😁😂😂
Sebastijan Sali (2 days ago)
Azerr Cross (2 days ago)
2:01 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Andy Le (3 days ago)
1:18 liu kang vs sub zero
1:58 lol that black dude just became a wayt GEEEEEEEEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
Ryker The skeleton (3 days ago)
List of things I have to say for 2:00 2:00🐷 2:00 goku 2:00 me at school and time stopped and the teacher is steel teaching the class
THEPINK Creator (19 hours ago)
Indo wkwkwk
Darryn Maxwell (3 days ago)
2:00 it sounds like my pig
LaZy EgG (3 days ago)
2:00 lol
GODandaniels (3 days ago)
Me alegro el día
King Tony (3 days ago)
Nobody: Teenage girls when the power is out 2:00
Firulais Official (3 days ago)
Tekken Prank
Rossele Bella woods (3 days ago)
I enjoyed the pranker's laughter more.😂😂😂
Leela Swan (3 days ago)
I like the part where that black dude screams and covers his self
Weee Wooo Wo (4 days ago)
LOL 0:50
donovan reed (4 days ago)
When you bust a nut 2:00
donovan reed (4 days ago)
Daniela Aranda (4 days ago)
Mohammed Ismael (4 days ago)
Wow sub zero mk 11 or silver or golden or diamond
golden marco san (4 days ago)
1:18 liu kanh
Luis Amaya100 (4 days ago)
2019 July ? 🤣😂
Jesse Zelniker (4 days ago)
LAUGHING_ JR * (4 days ago)
That scream tho!!!!
Gergő Kovacsics (4 days ago)
2:00 xdd
SouthwesternEagle (5 days ago)
I had no idea that any male could scream like that! XD Good thing that wasn't a glass elevator because it would've shattered. :P
Dessirae Dessirae (5 days ago)
Este canal apesta ? (5 days ago)
MeloX KoKo (5 days ago)
Y u no do dez no morrrr
Kanakei Ken (5 days ago)
I'm about to peey pants on 2:00 😂 😂 😂
MAXIMUS XD (5 days ago)
Dale like si se escuchó como un ratón gritando 2:00
Jajaja si
nnnols nnnols (5 days ago)
الاخير طلع انثى من جوا
Josean Weber (5 days ago)
2:00 when my mom catches me nit doing my homework.
Laur/ (3 days ago)
Josean Weber ded
time 04 (5 days ago)
Chungus 胖兔 BIG (5 days ago)
2:00When you see Sonic movie
Eray Kekeç (5 days ago)
eray baby this video not like
Official Ardana (5 days ago)
1:57 😂😂😂
StickLiar (5 days ago)
The 1:18 man was identical to Liu Kang
Kirit Jain (5 days ago)
thats a lot of views for a prank
krknapp85 (6 days ago)
The guy:hey man you scared the sh*t outta me Me: *dies of laughter*
Jhk (6 days ago)
What song is that at the end?
El black Gamer (6 days ago)
1:20 liukang VS sub zero XD
Maximiliano HUERTA (6 days ago)
En el minuto 1:20 era liu can
Mr.Fantastic (6 days ago)
1:55 LMAO
El Iguano (6 days ago)
Sub Zero vs liu Kang 😂 1:20
Anime Otaku Saiba (6 days ago)
Issa Angel (6 days ago)
He screamed to his death😂😂😂
حسؤ حسؤ (6 days ago)
استمر 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤
Egoist men pati (6 days ago)
Smile chaken
Jerrell Ford (6 days ago)
Chinese dude was about to put it on him
Rogério silva gelo (7 days ago)
Whait boy you è legal
Delroy Allen (7 days ago)
2:00 Luke from stranger things
Sonnier Wilson (7 days ago)
Right before he kicked the door in the elevator the black man starts to yell like a little girl
isaias loza (7 days ago)
Hahahahahahaha 2:00 Hahahahahahaha aaaa :€
Akra Yusa (7 days ago)
Rizka reviani (7 days ago)
2:00 funny
NITRO savageXD gaming (8 days ago)
Axel Garena Free fire (8 days ago)
1:23liu kang
Unknown_ Boss (8 days ago)
When the kettle is on 2:00
Haas Holistic (8 days ago)
He screamed like a Bunny lol

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