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What Japanese Women Think of Dating Foreign Men (Interview)

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Learn Japanese with Yuta: http://goo.gl/TMxmsF Support me on Patreon: https://goo.gl/aiWNd5 My book about dating in Japan: http://amzn.com/B00SDJ61FI Looking for a Japanese girlfriend? Come here: http://www.meetup.com/Tokyo-International-Dating/ You can buy my cute T-shirts here: http://yuta.spreadshirt.com/ Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBUG7ktEKn4WTsuxtvAG7Ug Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatYuta Blog: http://www.yutaaoki.com/blog/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YutaAokiOfficial Instagram: http://instagram.com/that_japanese_man_yuta/ What do Japanese women think of dating foreign men? I interviewed 5 Japanese women in this video and asked for their opinions. I got diverse results. One of them have a typical americentric view of western men while the other are more open to different nationalities. They have divided opinions about marrying non-Japanese men. Some of them prefer Japanese men because of their cultural values or lack of parents' acceptance. I also asked them what they thought of Japanese men to compare to their views of non-Japanese men. The results were quite interesting. Another interesting point is that their travel experience seems to have little to do with their openness. This might be another area to explore. The questions I asked are: - Would you date a foreign guy? - Are you interested in any particular nationalities? - Do you have any racial preferences? - Would you marry a foreign guy? - How would you like to be approached? - What do Japanese guys lack these days? - Is there anything you like about Japanese guys? - Have you ever been abroad and where?
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Basara (8 hours ago)
*slaps my face* Japanese aren't anime !!! Eeeerrgghhhhh
Hannah Burns (4 days ago)
I remember being in high school and having the biggest crush on my Korean transfer student friend and he always complimented my art and my lunches but then he went and asked out my friend and I remember feeling a little crushed. He was so damn hot it was hard for me to make the first move Anyways I'm married now so it doesn't matter but I didn't really have any luck during that time in my life.
Hannah Burns (4 days ago)
I would date Yuta
レオナルド (4 days ago)
*So....Japanese man are sexist...but this girls think they are not...LOOOOOOOL*
Adam Wilson (5 days ago)
Interesting responses, didn't really expect such a large variation in opinions, mind you people of all race and culture have different views! Great video
vaibhav satpute (5 days ago)
Indian marriage system is a lot better... Full family and frnds support all the time....hence lowest divorce rate and lowest prostituts also..
Red King (6 days ago)
Big cock for tiny Asian chick
Mike will (6 days ago)
All women love confident men that take control, no matter what you hear from lesbian feminists.
Chandravadan Bachhav (7 days ago)
what about ISLAM?
DevinTheGamer (7 days ago)
Yuta, you are truly amazing, not only can you speak many languages but you are also really good at pronouncing them!!!
8dzenja6 (7 days ago)
3:34 Oh nein sie hat mein Herz gebrochen 💔 😭... Sie ist die einzige in dem Video die ich echt süß finde 😋
i hate t series (8 days ago)
sub to PewDiePie...you will get a girlfriend in next 25 hr
Rain Maker (8 days ago)
China is richer than Japan. China is stronger than Japan. China has more potential than Japan. China has the ability to CRUSH Japan. China is bigger than Japan (population and size wise) China has more high speed trains than Japan. China has nukes unlike Japan. China has more influence around the world than Japan. In other words Japan is a bitch who thinks it's racially superior to other ethnicities such as Chinese people, Africans and south asians. When in fact Japan is a bland country that got nuked by the USA, and who used to worship their emperor Hirohito as a God till they were invaded in 1945. Talk about backwards and brainwashed! The first suicide killers in the world were the Kamikaze, another example of the brainwashed, twisted mentality of the state of Japan. How do you feel now Japan? Superior my ass.
WhyNot (8 days ago)
06:37 the guy in the background, now that is an avrage Japanese Guy for me. Has a nice suit, but a weird ass hair cut. Is in a hurry but walks as he has to shit and piss and could not find a bathroom for the last half hours.
Brian Harris (10 days ago)
I enjoy your videos and I would love to read your book
Patrick (11 days ago)
By foreign they mean White people lol
Noman Noor (11 days ago)
I like japani girl .I want to get married japani woman
Jazz Mystic (13 days ago)
I’m American & I’ve been married to my Japanese wife for 10 years. Her parents, who are from northern Saitama (serious countryside) have always been very kind and friendly to me. Even though when her mother met me she said I looked like a “professional wrestler”.🤪
Samuel Merchante (14 days ago)
Dear friend Thank You so much for your sweet video, The world is coming more and more united and sooner or later the influx of foreigners in to Japan will happen , On a recent study Japanese population is declining and is creating a national safety issue to your country so it is primordial that Open armas and a mixture of culture will flourish and will make a very powerful country.
Mortis Mettalicus (15 days ago)
I'm Australian and I've heard a lot of Japanese women will pretend to like you and marry you just so they can stay in Australia, they don't love you, and they will divorce you a few days after. how do I avoid that Landmine?????
en\ 0 (16 days ago)
I‘m extremly intrigued by this portal to another dimension on the street on the left side of the girl at 0:25
Dillon Mui (16 days ago)
FYI Japanese girls are beautiful .
BreakMeBad (17 days ago)
0:38 She has a lovely smile, I'd leave the country for her.
Starving African Child (17 days ago)
6:06 Except a couple inches downstairs...
Minty (20 days ago)
Why is my country irrelevant to japanese people
just jack (21 days ago)
Did people In japan forget that canada exist
Erfan Gh (22 days ago)
Are they like persian boy 😁???
Kaminari Ren (23 days ago)
You're welcome
Daniel Roy (25 days ago)
I think it’s brilliant and sweet that when it comes to the subject of the marriage, they Infer to their parents, Which is how it should be, Not this, I will do whatever I want regardless of anyone bullshit
Daniel Roy (25 days ago)
You need to look for a man that is willing and wants to both treat you like an equal worship you, and desires to pleasure you as equally as he wants to you to pleasure him
Proxy User (25 days ago)
They be all of over a white boi till that BBC pipes em down. Whole notha level.
domizzi626 (27 days ago)
Ask them if they would consider guys from Colombia 🇨🇴😃
Sachin Kumar (27 days ago)
Marrying a japnese girl should be a big threat to my next generetions because japnese are gentically faulted by the atomic bomb so by generation should have to fave very difficulties so that idea is FLOP
Triumphantchild (16 days ago)
Sachin Kumar No Japanese would wanna marry a stinky, street-shitting Indian like you, anyway.
Hylink (27 days ago)
Well too bad most of us don’t have confidence either
Ron J (27 days ago)
It seems that the other Asian Countries are closed minded to marrying older men. I mean 15 20 and 25 maybe even 30 years older than themselves. Where as the Filipino culture are different. They don't care about the age. I think they like the older man hoping that he'll kick off sooner than a younger guy. But I find that is very doable with many of the older guys here. I mean, if your old and alone you cherish the younger lady that pays attention to your whims and both are getting together fairly good. I know a lot of younger Filipino ladies that are married to older men. They say they've decided to marry the older guy because they think he has had his fun and ready for family life. I like that way of thinking because they are right in my case that is. I'm still waiting for my young wife.
Jan Sarmiento (28 days ago)
Claudio Correa (30 days ago)
Tank's a lot!
Dinhsi Nguyen (1 month ago)
I think this seri is awsome. If have script Japanese is wonderful for somebody to learn Japanese, like me! Thank you so much...
TheUserInTheRoom (1 month ago)
Looks like Hiding In My Room's wife in thumbnail.
J. Ryan (1 month ago)
..just my own personal opinion - but I think the language barrier would be fun.
Dee Doo (1 month ago)
Sad truth when it comes to these videos, when they mean foreigner they mean white
TFSG (1 month ago)
0:48 Ironic.
Siegethebattlefield 3 (1 month ago)
No one said they’d prefer a Texan Shyt
zouhaire bouhaik (1 month ago)
why the guy in the back only hands flyers to females
WorkingLikeA Bitch (1 month ago)
It's time to get my comb I head for Japan
Muyun牧雲 (1 month ago)
Lovely Japanese girls
dj___ (1 month ago)
4:13 That’s how I get along with people in my life.
William Wallace (1 month ago)
Love Japan
Drbudweiser (1 month ago)
Parents. Job. Kind (means paying for everything). And the culture difference they dont like is speaking or mind when there is a problem, not pretending it isn't there. Welcome to dating in Japan.
Mike P (1 month ago)
Most asian women would date white men.
Sergiroth Games (1 month ago)
You need to try Wales in the UK, about friendlier people, and they are in the South (I'm Spanish and I always feel really welcome in Wales, and have been here for 3 years now^^) En España, el sur también es mas "amigable" que el norte. Yo creo que es por el clima. Y si, he escuchado hasta el final, y si, pienso que deberías llevar a alguien más, ya que lo haría más fácil para ti y para la persona a la que entrevistas.
Max B (1 month ago)
The girl who first appears at 0.37 is lovely. She's so pretty and has a charming, engaging manner and a beautiful smile.
David Bolha (1 month ago)
tromboneJTS (1 month ago)
1:21 why do they all say toh-ka-roh
tromboneJTS (1 month ago)
Yuta, this video is out of focus.
ÁLVARO VEGA (1 month ago)
In Spain I think Japanese girls don't trust anyone, as I heard is kind of unsafe for them, so it feels like very uncomfortable talk to Japanese girls, as they think you could be a thief or something like that.
Damin Mance (1 month ago)
Don't they know the real kings are us black people geez!
Miley onDisney (1 month ago)
I'm a White American man. I think Japanese women are beautiful and charming. I would love to be married to one, after dating a few to find the right one. However, I also think Japanese women should stay with Japanese men so they can make Japanese babies. Japan should maintain its identity. Still, I would like to dream about Japanese girls. The entire world is becoming a melting pot and we will soon all be the same. I would like for my great-great-grandsons to be able to enjoy the beauty of true Japanese girls (when that time comes).
fourspeeds (1 month ago)
Why do Japanese girls always act like somebody is ticking there feet when talking?
David Bolha (1 month ago)
Ahriman 616 (1 month ago)
Single white American here:).
Indra Moktan (1 month ago)
IMO..+9779808840921 +917043879109
I've GoneAway (1 month ago)
I listened, congratulations on the book... I liked the "happy girl" who like foriegners so much, the one who "has thought about" dating foriegners. She was cute, she also seemed happy in general.
Shin Sa-Rang (2 months ago)
That girl wearing a gray scarf looks so attractive 😳💗
dickieboypnuts1 (2 months ago)
I bagged a cpl ...nothing seri  but did repeat offend with one of them … JAPANESE girls don't have any preferences!!! don't care what ,where,how or when !!! not sure if it just me being used to American b"s being combative over everything!!!! Japanese girls(at least the ones I have known) become instant weirdos around their parents ! never met the parents of the ones I dated but was good friends with one and spent time with her ...totally diff person around her parents ..almost like she didn't want to be "western" around them or something.
CustomGears 4YOU (2 months ago)
Find some Dutch? Look at [email protected]
devourelle (2 months ago)
0:24 my gay heart sings for this girl jfc
taz24787 (2 months ago)
Sorry guys, gotta go! ... Moving to Japan ... byeeeeee
JacobLZP (2 months ago)
Little did she know, Canadians are known to be way nicer than other westerners.
JacobLZP (2 months ago)
Are they okay with guys walking up to them and asking them on a date?
phsyckomantis (2 months ago)
Cuando gustes. Soy de la region Calexico, Mexicali. Cuando vengas da un grito y por aqui te apoyamos con lo que se oueda (:
Chibana (2 months ago)
Of course a man has to own a car, and better if it is an expensive one, isn't? What about women? They should own a car too, then we could have 2 cars, it would be much better relationship! :)
Vuk Ljubicic (2 months ago)
You can't learn dating from a book. It's simple, be yourself, be honest and don't be afraid to approach girls and be rejected. Even if you are not confident at first and approach turns into awkward disaster, it will get better and better over time. Tip: don't go after multiple women at the same place, they don't like to see a guy that approaches every woman. Tip2: Get comfortable with letting women know you like them, you either get rejected or a date but you don't risk of being put into "just friends" zone right away.
VELOCITY _ (2 months ago)
“My parents say I should marry a foreigner” Reason: foreigners 9/10 maybe have bigger dicks than Japanese men💀
Brian Abisdid (2 months ago)
The girl with the scarf is gorgeous.
Ankur Nehru (2 months ago)
Japanese girls hate Japanese men and love Indian men
Triumphantchild (16 days ago)
Ankur Nehru Only in your wet dreams.
1234 56789 (2 months ago)
ASALAAMLIKUM allhamdulilha I'm Muslim and I proud of Muslims and I really like to marry japanes girl I wish I could find japanes life partner I'm zeeshan from Pakistan and I'm currenlty working in Dubai i hope my dream come true
PAUL HOWSON (29 days ago)
Absolutely no chance - the only foreigners they go for are white guys from northern Europe or N.America. No one in the world likes or trusts Muslims other than other Muslims. Stick to your own and avoid conflict.
Winson wang (2 months ago)
I have pizza
Dragoon GT (2 months ago)
3:52 ahh Tokyo Ghoul vibes
Aggronym (2 months ago)
The navy is sending me to Japan. White with grayish blue eyes. We'll see how I fair.
D J (2 months ago)
Love the whole video and the girls were nice and honest. I'm hoping to find my future wife in an asin country because of my dream I had years ago. But till I get my finances together to travel I'm just trying to learn Japanese and thai as best as I can. I'm not getting any younger and I'm running out of time to hopefully have a family :(
Feuertaufe (2 months ago)
They look like children to me miss me with that pedophile shit
junichi takeda (2 months ago)
at 8:15 he asked “why did you go to the philippines?” with a very condescending tone. I find this offensive because i’m half filipino. if you have issues with filipinos, don’t include it in your videos. lol
Aldo Enrique Balmaceda (2 months ago)
You never get the true
Richard Smith (2 months ago)
People are people, regardless of nationality. You’ll find some foreigners who are more “Japanese” than Japanese, and vice-versa. Respect each other and try to understand one another, and nothing else matters. It’s not about nationality.
bd z (2 months ago)
Once they taste the big D, they will get addicted
berserk water (2 months ago)
America is a tyrant and it swolos any thang or anyone that gets in its way it killed my people and many other tribes and the one's that servived the put them on reservations and took are children to boarding school and striped are cultur and are way of life away and sead that weed be happier with their civilization and they have bin liyin and steeling from us ever sins don't believe America's lise
LX arts (3 months ago)
If you are quiet and humble in your home country, you will be say in japan
Karim Rif (3 months ago)
I am like women japan look for mariage
ElKidBoy (3 months ago)
I literally fell in love with girl @ 6:44
David Bolha (1 month ago)
The one with the scarf was more appealing to me. 🤔
Misaki (3 months ago)
So basically if i learn Japanese and learn the culture i have a shot
Mike G (3 months ago)
Would you ever do a meet & greet in the states?
Englisc 0449 (3 months ago)
Greetings from England and an excellent an observation Yuta, yes mate people from the north are friendlier than those in the south.
Reefgeek (3 months ago)
I wonder if being Okinawan-American would make any difference in the dating culture.
Morak Ghazali (3 months ago)
america or france 😂😂😂oh men those japanese r acting stupids!! 4i would never date a japanese female ever !! plus peoples must make difference between japan as a devlopped country and japan as culture men theyr so foolish😂😂😂 what a shame !!!
ANSELEM MIRANDO (3 months ago)
welcome to sri lanka 009477529610,[email protected] we wait for your visit anselem mirando
Radkon Psygami (3 months ago)
Well . . .I went back to USA after living in Japan for quite some time about 2 years ago. . .it is only now that I can answer WHY I would prefer a Japanese women over American ones: I think most American women are somehow broken - identity politics, divorce and obesity have ruined most women here. When I go on match.com and see what is available, 95% of what I see there I'm not interested in. I dated some women in Texas and socialized with some in various social events and overall have not been impressed with what I see here. One of the first women in this video mentions "difference in values" - at this moment I wouldn't mind trying out a women with "different values" than what is presented in USA, because currently "values" in USA are going down the toilet so perhaps by dating a woman with a different spectrum of values I might find someone I like more.
Bacon & Eggs (3 months ago)
White subtitles on white backgrounds.... they never learn.
Bleach Is Good For You (3 months ago)
I've noticed Japan sees white people as extremely good looking as proof look at all these anime characters though they were made and are Japanese they look uropean
Alexander Balthazar (3 months ago)
Any girl's in this video said Brazilians 🇧🇷😔 日本語が出来る!!! 日本に行きたいです。
Alexander Balthazar (3 months ago)
Namoraria aquela primeira japa que gata meu 😍
Delvin Walton (3 months ago)
8 min in the video that girl was beautiful omg

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