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What Japanese Women Think of Dating Foreign Men (Interview)

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Learn Japanese with Yuta: http://goo.gl/TMxmsF Support me on Patreon: https://goo.gl/aiWNd5 My book about dating in Japan: http://amzn.com/B00SDJ61FI Looking for a Japanese girlfriend? Come here: http://www.meetup.com/Tokyo-International-Dating/ You can buy my cute T-shirts here: http://yuta.spreadshirt.com/ Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBUG7ktEKn4WTsuxtvAG7Ug Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatYuta Blog: http://www.yutaaoki.com/blog/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YutaAokiOfficial Instagram: http://instagram.com/that_japanese_man_yuta/ What do Japanese women think of dating foreign men? I interviewed 5 Japanese women in this video and asked for their opinions. I got diverse results. One of them have a typical americentric view of western men while the other are more open to different nationalities. They have divided opinions about marrying non-Japanese men. Some of them prefer Japanese men because of their cultural values or lack of parents' acceptance. I also asked them what they thought of Japanese men to compare to their views of non-Japanese men. The results were quite interesting. Another interesting point is that their travel experience seems to have little to do with their openness. This might be another area to explore. The questions I asked are: - Would you date a foreign guy? - Are you interested in any particular nationalities? - Do you have any racial preferences? - Would you marry a foreign guy? - How would you like to be approached? - What do Japanese guys lack these days? - Is there anything you like about Japanese guys? - Have you ever been abroad and where?
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Shin Sa-Rang (11 hours ago)
That girl wearing a gray scarf looks so attractive 😳💗
dickieboypnuts1 (2 days ago)
I bagged a cpl ...nothing seri  but did repeat offend with one of them … JAPANESE girls don't have any preferences!!! don't care what ,where,how or when !!! not sure if it just me being used to American b"s being combative over everything!!!! Japanese girls(at least the ones I have known) become instant weirdos around their parents ! never met the parents of the ones I dated but was good friends with one and spent time with her ...totally diff person around her parents ..almost like she didn't want to be "western" around them or something.
CustomGears 4YOU (3 days ago)
Find some Dutch? Look at [email protected]
devourelle (4 days ago)
0:24 my gay heart sings for this girl jfc
taz24787 (5 days ago)
Sorry guys, gotta go! ... Moving to Japan ... byeeeeee
JacobLZP (9 days ago)
Little did she know, Canadians are known to be way nicer than other westerners.
JacobLZP (9 days ago)
Are they okay with guys walking up to them and asking them on a date?
phsyckomantis (10 days ago)
Cuando gustes. Soy de la region Calexico, Mexicali. Cuando vengas da un grito y por aqui te apoyamos con lo que se oueda (:
Chibana (10 days ago)
Of course a man has to own a car, and better if it is an expensive one, isn't? What about women? They should own a car too, then we could have 2 cars, it would be much better relationship! :)
Vuk Ljubicic (12 days ago)
You can't learn dating from a book. It's simple, be yourself, be honest and don't be afraid to approach girls and be rejected. Even if you are not confident at first and approach turns into awkward disaster, it will get better and better over time. Tip: don't go after multiple women at the same place, they don't like to see a guy that approaches every woman. Tip2: Get comfortable with letting women know you like them, you either get rejected or a date but you don't risk of being put into "just friends" zone right away.
“My parents say I should marry a foreigner” Reason: foreigners 9/10 maybe have bigger dicks than Japanese men💀
Brian Abisdid (12 days ago)
The girl with the scarf is gorgeous.
Ankur Nehru (14 days ago)
Japanese girls hate Japanese men and love Indian men
Zeeshan Khan (19 days ago)
ASALAAMLIKUM allhamdulilha I'm Muslim and I proud of Muslims and I really like to marry japanes girl I wish I could find japanes life partner I'm zeeshan from Pakistan and I'm currenlty working in Dubai i hope my dream come true
Winson wang (19 days ago)
I have pizza
Dragoon GT (20 days ago)
3:52 ahh Tokyo Ghoul vibes
Aggronym (20 days ago)
The navy is sending me to Japan. White with grayish blue eyes. We'll see how I fair.
D J (20 days ago)
Love the whole video and the girls were nice and honest. I'm hoping to find my future wife in an asin country because of my dream I had years ago. But till I get my finances together to travel I'm just trying to learn Japanese and thai as best as I can. I'm not getting any younger and I'm running out of time to hopefully have a family :(
VerwegenG36 (24 days ago)
They look like children to me miss me with that pedophile shit
junichi takeda (24 days ago)
at 8:15 he asked “why did you go to the philippines?” with a very condescending tone. I find this offensive because i’m half filipino. if you have issues with filipinos, don’t include it in your videos. lol
Aldo Reyes (26 days ago)
You never get the true
Richard Smith (27 days ago)
People are people, regardless of nationality. You’ll find some foreigners who are more “Japanese” than Japanese, and vice-versa. Respect each other and try to understand one another, and nothing else matters. It’s not about nationality.
bb z (28 days ago)
Once they taste the big D, they will get addicted
berserk water (28 days ago)
America is a tyrant and it swolos any thang or anyone that gets in its way it killed my people and many other tribes and the one's that servived the put them on reservations and took are children to boarding school and striped are cultur and are way of life away and sead that weed be happier with their civilization and they have bin liyin and steeling from us ever sins don't believe America's lise
Aluminum Wire Flowers (1 month ago)
If you are quiet and humble in your home country, you will be say in japan
Karim Rif (1 month ago)
I am like women japan look for mariage
ElKidBoy (1 month ago)
I literally fell in love with girl @ 6:44
Misaki (1 month ago)
So basically if i learn Japanese and learn the culture i have a shot
Mike G (1 month ago)
Would you ever do a meet & greet in the states?
Englisc 0449 (1 month ago)
Greetings from England and an excellent an observation Yuta, yes mate people from the north are friendlier than those in the south.
Reefgeek (1 month ago)
I wonder if being Okinawan-American would make any difference in the dating culture.
Morak Ghazali (1 month ago)
america or france 😂😂😂oh men those japanese r acting stupids!! 4i would never date a japanese female ever !! plus peoples must make difference between japan as a devlopped country and japan as culture men theyr so foolish😂😂😂 what a shame !!!
ANSELEM MIRANDO (1 month ago)
welcome to sri lanka 009477529610,[email protected] we wait for your visit anselem mirando
Radkon Psygami (1 month ago)
Well . . .I went back to USA after living in Japan for quite some time about 2 years ago. . .it is only now that I can answer WHY I would prefer a Japanese women over American ones: I think most American women are somehow broken - identity politics, divorce and obesity have ruined most women here. When I go on match.com and see what is available, 95% of what I see there I'm not interested in. I dated some women in Texas and socialized with some in various social events and overall have not been impressed with what I see here. One of the first women in this video mentions "difference in values" - at this moment I wouldn't mind trying out a women with "different values" than what is presented in USA, because currently "values" in USA are going down the toilet so perhaps by dating a woman with a different spectrum of values I might find someone I like more.
Bacon & Eggs (1 month ago)
White subtitles on white backgrounds.... they never learn.
Bleach Is Good For You (1 month ago)
I've noticed Japan sees white people as extremely good looking as proof look at all these anime characters though they were made and are Japanese they look uropean
Alexander Balthazar (1 month ago)
Any girl's in this video said Brazilians 🇧🇷😔 日本語が出来る!!! 日本に行きたいです。
Alexander Balthazar (1 month ago)
Namoraria aquela primeira japa que gata meu 😍
Delvin Walton (1 month ago)
8 min in the video that girl was beautiful omg
Delvin Walton (1 month ago)
there some beautiful japanese women there
hachidori 106 (1 month ago)
I'm American,... now I'm married to Japanese,... all my sis-in-laws would never marry foreigners,... however my dad and mom-in-law were really nice so I had no problems. To me, I can't say anything about Japanese women,... my wife, sis-in-laws, nieces,... all so different,... you mentioned Fukushima, those are Aizu women, they are completely different.
Gordon Sylvester (1 month ago)
Don't mix races....
Darryl Danzinger (1 month ago)
I'm attracted to Japanese girls. I am from America and I'm sweet kind loving and romantic : )
Ali Yaman (1 month ago)
Why do people always think about France when they speak about europe ?
Jack Black (1 month ago)
Japanese girls; when will they grow up to be women?
Azz Laird (2 months ago)
They do realise white Americans come from Europe right?
nick canon (2 months ago)
Japanese are world most conservative women,I don't think they have feelings for men,that's why their men are lonely.
charles clemons (2 months ago)
I want to meet a Japanese girl one day to be with
Rangel Gotardi (2 months ago)
Você fala português. Sou brasileiro. ^^
Jindosh (2 months ago)
achik boy Momin (2 months ago)
White guys taking advantages of innocent Japanese girls take care of them bro... Japanese girls are innocent... Dogs only enjoying them
TheSporehacker (2 months ago)
6:57 I like her attitude
Shakam RaishLahab (2 months ago)
I'm an American negro and I love teaching English people had to speak proper english. It's my duty bring on the Brits
Shakam RaishLahab (2 months ago)
I'm finn learn Japanese
MrHarpguitarist (2 months ago)
4:35 the way she says that is so cute. She's very sweet
Kelvin Chong (2 months ago)
What about Malaysians :D
Kelvin Chong (2 months ago)
Not all Malaysians are Muslim :)
LUCKY ラッキー VLOGS (2 months ago)
No matter Japanese Chinese American Korean and Nepalese All about money money money must be funny in the reach mans world .....
先輩トレント (2 months ago)
They said they will date a black guy bet Japanese girls here I come
Zico Bantawa (2 months ago)
What is really happening to Japanese men? Something is not right. And I see foreign men from the west, south Asia, Iran, mid east, Africa... all dating Japanese women. I don't see something like that in reverse. What happened to that Samurai spirit?
Sphere723 (3 months ago)
John Trabakino (3 months ago)
Love should conquer money to create a real lasting relationship.
walt disney (3 months ago)
Next destination japan
XP4U (3 months ago)
Yea breed with foreigners bcus Japanese men are useless that way a new country will be formed with a more diverse name, no more Japanese characteristics.
Nest Ninh (3 months ago)
if any Japanese girl would like get marriage with me, Just come and living in Portugal. I am looking for an atractive SWEET girl to get marry i am 67 years old.
Aoreum Senpai (3 months ago)
Theres no cultural gaps if the foreign is a weeb and otaku
CrystalGreymon (3 months ago)
Speaking as a Brit, your observation about Britain's friendly people being located up North feels very true. I've lived in the Southeast my whole life and the sheer amount of cockwombles far outweighs the amount of mild-mannered individuals.
NobleGuy (3 months ago)
Typical Japanese. Sensible answers, thought included, value sensible positives in people, with a bit of fun included. Wish more Western women were like them.
Aaron James Lockwood (3 months ago)
I find Japanese chicks cute (Japanese Idol chicks who are aged 18 and over along with Japanese Gravure Chicks who are aged 18 and over and other cute Japanese Maid Cafe chicks). because they're always sweet, they're attractive and I cannot wait to see the look on their faces when I show them my animal teddy collection, my plush Pikachu collection, my Transformers collection, my Super Sentai robot mecha collection, etc. I'm planning to visit Japan someday.
Demetrius Evans (3 months ago)
Black guys, don't let this video get you down. Most of these women only know what they see on tv regarding Black people, so their views are not based on being racist or finding us unattractive. In reality, Black guys on military bases and those who actually reside in Asian countries have no problem getting women. A preference is more like a fantasy that doesn't always shake out in reality. The difference with Black guys is that you have to prove the negative stereotypes wrong, while White guys will more often benefit from a positive image already ingrained in the womans head. I've certainly had no issues, and I've found that once a conversation starts, the shock of being completely different than what the movies portray opens her up and makes things a lot more interesting.
Riley Dinkleman (2 days ago)
Why r u wasting ur time
Demetrius Evans (6 days ago)
+Louis Dega See, your hate has your mind warped. Not once have I said anything about wanting White women nor not liking Black women. The video is about Asian women, not White women. Secondly, my comment about my success with women was to demonstrate that because of my positive outlook and attitude, I've had no issue attracting a diverse array of women. You, are making it about White women, not me. Take a look at my comment history, you'll see that I love Black women and am certainly not ashamed of being Black. Stop being so miserable and get a life.
Louis Dega (6 days ago)
Demetrius Evans Nature gave you your black women but it seems like to me you’d rather not be black from how much you try to prove your “success” with other women. See, white men are not crazy about black women. We don’t lust for them the same way you lust for our WW. You can’t fool anyone- if people had a choice nobody would choose to be black. It’s a fucking curse man. I don’t mean to offend you it’s just how i feel
Demetrius Evans (6 days ago)
+Louis Dega Oh, your one of those folks who like to bring some unnecessary negativity to a positive conversation. I like, and have success with all women, and will continue to because I don't spend my life trying to look for the worst in everything. Well, enjoy your pointless quest, I certainly won't waste any more time on you. Good day.
Louis Dega (6 days ago)
Demetrius Evans Too bad your “positive” interaction is an act, it isn’t natural. Your natural interaction would be something else as a black man. Women are visual creatures. White men are more handsome (better hair, lips, lighter eyes, more intelligent, more trustworthy) and these are all the traits 99% of black men do not possess. Like all black men have the same haircuts, same lips, same small dark eyes - That’s why White Men fare so good on dating sites and black men are last. It’s not easy to be dark. Women are visual creatures. They go for gorgeous faces and sexy white men have that. It is what it is.
ramzi gdvp (3 months ago)
molesting girls on trains
Albanian 4tirana (3 months ago)
Hey japon go to Albania ok 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇽🇰🇽🇰
Albanian 4tirana (3 months ago)
Dating Albania boys ok 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱 good people
Spanish Patriot (3 months ago)
I totally fell for the girl at 2:39 😍
79a8sgdasuy (3 months ago)
0:24 damn that girl is hot
TheJovianGaming (3 months ago)
Good info going to be stationed in Okinawa
Tory (3 months ago)
6:55 ... this girl is down to fucken party. wow what a keener.
Heinrich Beck (3 months ago)
If you are offered a choice between marrying a Japanese woman and blowing your brains out with a .45 caliber handgun, CHOOSE THE GUN. It's faster, cheaper and you'll suffer less.
Armando Calleta (3 months ago)
The girl at 1:20 has the right idea about feminism.
Spanish Patriot (3 months ago)
Absolutely. Unlike Spanish women... 😪
Rubén Ramírez (3 months ago)
I’m currently making arrangements to stay in Shinjuku for 2 weeks in late June next year. Any advice on how a foreigner can make friends in Japan? I’m excited, yet nervous considering that I am an outsider. I will be traveling solo as well, so this would definitely be of big help for me.
Henrik Gustav (3 months ago)
please turn on camera centre autofocus + face recognition
divedeepinside (3 months ago)
I like the loong hair girl , she s very cute
isa ema (4 months ago)
I will be sleeping with all this women then when I get a chance lol
mạryạ De Torrontegui (4 months ago)
愛はマニュアルどーりじゃないですよ🤷🏻‍♀️ Love is not a manual drill !!
Tyler I. (4 months ago)
Lol, I am still watching XD
chad (4 months ago)
the girl at 4:18 is so unrealistic and snobbish, but her friend seems open minded which is good. the girl from Fukushima seems to be raised in the typical strict Japanese household where foreigners are seen more of an nuisance, but she is from the countryside, so it says a lot. meaning not all Japanese have the same open mindedness as others.
TheBlockBreakers (4 months ago)
From what I've gathered, it's more about the amenability in regards to changing and re-learning not only language, but also culture; presumably formal and informal procedures and ways-of-doing-things, along with values and beliefs. It's less about the actual country, which I found nice; there is less assumption and/or prejudice than people here.
ryan489 (4 months ago)
I’d love to meet a Japanese woman. The language barrier would be a bit intimidating. I only understand a bit of Japanese
Ross Smores (4 months ago)
I don't know. 😒
Rehan Mughal (4 months ago)
i always want to go to japan or china but cant possible and i like japanies and chines people
jj mm (4 months ago)
Damn the woman at 1:20 with the blue dress is beautiful!! Japanese beauty
James Wilson (4 months ago)
I would date the first girl she’s pretty cute
Cody Janus (4 months ago)
Movie industry Japan women are ones to date so kind .
JR (4 months ago)
Hello Yuta, I’m new to your channel, I like all of your videos. I enjoyed hearing you speak Spanish, you speak it well. I speak fluent Spanish and English and want to learn Japanese. Yuta, where in Japan do you live? One day I want to visit Japan, but I can’t decide what cities to visit since Japan has so many beautiful places.
Charlie Turner (4 months ago)
Please focus your cameras properly!
Extremity (4 months ago)
I know im watching 2 years after upload but can we acknowledge how irrelevant the united kingdom was in this video or really any of these videos
Eddy Metal (4 months ago)
To comment on the American North vs South politeness/kindness as someone who has been up and down both coasts (and visited Nebraska once), the guy saying those from The South are nicer is dead wrong. Nor Cal or So Cal, you find the nicest people on the west coast of the US, primarily speaking on California. Keep in mind, we have a TON of people, so you'll surely find plenty of bad folks too, but by and large, Californians are very nice. I found the denizens of Maine and Rhode Island particularly kind when I compare to anything Virginia and south of it on the east coast. There is also a LOT of disparity between the treatment of different races in The South. Very many southerners would take issue with accents or anyone who doesn't belong to an identical racial group. Also, since this dude mentioned Italy... I've been to Rome and Sicily and the treatment I received was pretty much identical. I didn't notice any kind of ridiculous north vs south kindness disparity.
Hari Pratap Singh (4 months ago)
I am from delhi india . I am looking for a Japanese lady for merry .Iam 25 year old working as marketing executive .Please interested people send your details .
Daryl Solis (4 months ago)
The Japanese are so shallow, how can you judge ''Eurpean men''? So fucking deluded.
Outcast501 (4 months ago)
"Because they are taller" well then being 6.3 is too tall?. I dont date atall i dont want kids so there is no point in going for a relationship. And i get where these woman are coming from with their veiws n such. As a guy i would date a japanese girl but only if i spoke japenese but then theres the issue of who moves where if the relationship goes well. I would leave england without even thinking about it. Englands only good point is we have no natural disasters so its safer
Shawndale Hunter (4 months ago)
I am from Jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

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