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President Leath statement on election, principles of community

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With election day upon us, Iowa State President Steven Leath discusses the university's principles of community, and the need to treat everyone with respect.
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BeckTech18 (2 years ago)
"Honestly and respectfully, express your ideas." How can we do that when you keep silencing us? What about Milo from last month? You silenced him, despite the fact that he has freedom of speech in this country. And also, technically we are diverse right now because of things like peoples' race, backgrounds, religion, characteristics, etc. You see, the moral of the story for Iowa State and many other colleges out there today, they're not really all about "diversity." They simply want everyone to look different but think the same way, which is NOT diversity. There were students on this campus who were hosting "#NotMyPresident" protests and there was no punishment for anyone a part of that. If you were a Trump supporter, you were lambasted by the ISU students and community and called a plethora of rude and explicit names. I'm sorry, but this school knows nothing about true diversity. Today, it's all about trying to get everyone to think the exact same thoughts, which could be looked as brainwashing to some. For me, if I were a parent and saw what has been happening on this campus over the past few months, I would pull my kid out and have them transfer somewhere else or simply not go to college anymore. This is not a place of "higher education," but simply just "education." You can get your "higher" back when you learn to accept ideas and opinions that may be different to what you may believe or might be considered offensive to others.
John Doe (2 years ago)
President Leath, Your video message on 11/7, though controversial, showed your commitment to nurture harmony in ISU community, for which I am grateful. On the other hand, I assume you noticed, and probably experienced, the so-called “rally” on ISU campus around noon time on 11/11, where some campus groups chanted “not my president” with all kinds of profanity. If your characterization of the campus posters two weeks ago was “legal but offensive,” I wonder what yours would be of this event. What are you to going to tell those of us who felt personally offended by these protesters? More importantly, shouldn’t we teach our students to respect the cornerstone of this country, i.e., to honor the outcome of a democratic election? A concerned ISU faculty member.
ENJager (2 years ago)
The supreme irony of the university's actions is that in the interest of condeming expression that is hateful, racist, bigoted and discriminatory, their decision to remove this poster and silence this voice of resistance was itself an act of outright bigotry, discrimination and arguably racist/hateful (depending on motivations). The act of removing the poster in the interest of diversity is an implicit acceptance that White Genocide is okay on campus and in America. Secondly, the concept of Free Speech is at complete odds with the idea that our speech must be regulated in a way that ensures everyone feels included, welcomed and valued. The entire purpose of Free Speech is to allow unpopular, "unsafe," uncomfortable and challenging ideas to be voiced so that there is a clash of ideas wherein ideas that are innoative or true are selected while others discarded. That process of "truth discovery" or simply, "Free discourse" will necessarily hurt feelings, and that's okay because those don't matter. This IS or rather...was a university FFS, the pursuit of truth and innovative new ideas was the entire point, now it seems safe spaces are a priority.
MrSkevich (2 years ago)
So what is being done to address the mass racism that I am hearing stories about?
Justin Howe (2 years ago)
Free speech is ok, unless it upsets people, then it's not. (really?)
Alice Rabbit (2 years ago)
Disgusting anti-White garbage.
Cicero (2 years ago)
J M Then why don't they attack other ethnicities who engage in the same behaviour?
J M (2 years ago)
What's more disgusting is a mind that encodes information incorrectly. This message was not anti-White. This message was reassuring and inclusive of every student on the campus of the university.
fromthe street (2 years ago)
without having seen the posters, I really can't say whether this was a good move or not. If they really were as hateful and fear-inducing as the president Leath says then maybe, but if they were more like harmless posters then this is a bit overboard.
Tuan Jim (2 years ago)
what a cuck
G Smash (2 years ago)
closet racists.Closet racists all throughout this comment section and probably throughout campus
Cicero (2 years ago)
J M How is denying someone their heritage anti supremacy?
J M (2 years ago)
G Smash you are a true intellectual. Yes many here don't know the difference from anti-white or anti-supremacy. It's quite sad. It must be all of those burgers and french fries people eat these days.
G Smash (2 years ago)
rac·ist ˈrāsəst/ noun 1. a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another. one of the posters stated "when will you become a minority in your own country." What does that mean to you Lach Denan? How would you remedy that?
Lach Denan (2 years ago)
"Racist" is just a word used to justify anti-white policies and justify White genocide.
Micheal LeVine (2 years ago)
annoyedok321 (2 years ago)
A black man can make their slave owner a few hundred picking cotton. Today they can make them a few million playing basketball or football. College sports is modern day slavery
frontier cat (2 years ago)
You wanna race planes again this weekend Steve? Ayyyyyyyyyyyyye.
Kemp Kemperor (2 years ago)
obviously, not everyone feels valued etc.
Sergeant Schultz (2 years ago)
Just say "Jews took over our country and are in the process of nation-wrecking it, and I don't want to miss out on getting back some of the money they took from us, so I'm going to call anything which fights the destruction of White America to be 'bigoted,' as a useless hackneyed Judas that I am."
Elizabeth Settles (2 years ago)
<3 ""Hatred, bigotry, and racism are not tolerated... encourage those to find another institution."
Alice Rabbit (2 years ago)
(((Elizabeth Settles)))
wolflowmusic (2 years ago)
If the posters were directed towards a pro-black view instead of a pro-white view, we would not be having this conversation.
Aaron Maves (2 years ago)
protecting the interests of his zealot, cultural Marxist I see.  good elite.
Mr. E (2 years ago)
Please can someone give me the link to what exactly the posters said/depicted? I want to see what the posters actually were and can't find it.
MattBanwart (2 years ago)
Thanks fam.
Matt Lawlor (2 years ago)
Mr. E I believe it was this one http://www.iowastatedaily.com/news/politics_and_administration/article_8036c198-9c60-11e6-b6dc-af7f69865dbf.html
Aaron Kyro (2 years ago)
How White Guilt Liberals Think Whites are oppressors Non-Whites are victims But race doesn’t exist Yet I love racial diversity And I celebrate our differences Because we're all the same So let's destroy diversity By mixing together But only in White countries
Chicxen (2 years ago)
He couldn't care enough to open his eyes all the way. Let alone write a decent speech.
crab_aesthetics (2 years ago)
Invading the United States and demographically displacing the Historic American people isn't treating them with respect. The illegals all have to go back. We must secure the existence of our people and a homeland for White children.
crab_aesthetics (2 years ago)
+Timothy Kerkhove The historic citizens of the United States, if you want to be pedantic. If they're here illegally they have to go back.
Timothy Kerkhove (2 years ago)
crab_aesthetics You do realize that Euro-Americans/White People are not the "Historic American people" right? The scenario you're describing sounds more like what Europeans did to Native Americans during colonization than what undocumented immigrants are doing today. To be clear, the vast majority of undocumented immigrants are here because they have no economic opportunity in their home countries and/or their very security is threatened. I'm just saying try to have a little compassion.
Korrux (2 years ago)
Give me an useless degree plz and I will give you money for another jet for you to crash
Face of Sarcasm (2 years ago)
I was under the impression a university campus is a place where you can voice your ideas and have them be challenged. Censorship prohibits the free expression of ideas. How are we going to excel as students if everything we say has to go through a censor? At what point do simple expressions become illegal material under a censor? When does the first amendment become a meaningless contrived statement people can use against each other?
mummylambs (2 years ago)
A president of a University publicly espousing this degree of anti-white hate speech should not be tolerated. I hope the white community impacted by this bigotry pushes back, and stands up for their rights.
Not An Argument (2 years ago)
Resign now.
Steve Smith (2 years ago)
https://twitter.com/rjramirezzz/status/791669833716731904/photo/1 https://twitter.com/rjramirezzz/status/791669833716731904/photo/1 https://twitter.com/rjramirezzz/status/791669833716731904/photo/1 https://twitter.com/rjramirezzz/status/791669833716731904/photo/1 Here are the hateful, bigoted, and racist posters. They are absolutely seeping with hatred. How can you not see it.
Dustin Ehret (2 years ago)
With all the loonies on campus, it's hard to tell if the original was sarcasm.
Cicero (2 years ago)
+Dustin Ehret The OP was sarcasm
Dustin Ehret (2 years ago)
What's the point?
Cicero (2 years ago)
Dustin Ehret That's the point.
Dustin Ehret (2 years ago)
I don't see any hatred.
Slavoj Zizzek (2 years ago)
Stuff saying white people shouldn't go extinct is hate speech. Stuff saying cops should experience violence against them is just normal political speech. Even if you're a moderate, this should scare you. If oppressing white people isn't part of the agenda of this country, why do they ban you from talking about it?
Cicero (2 years ago)
OptiMYST1C But its only white dominated countries that are doing this.
OptiMYST1C (2 years ago)
I won't be continuing this dialogue as you've set your yoke as I have set mine. I think any constructive learning at least for me about your perspective has ended, and I'm going to assume that you'll write off pretty much anything I say as "multicultivist" bullshit, and liberal brain washing, but feel free to stop me if that is incorrect.
OptiMYST1C (2 years ago)
Interesting world you live in, but I fundamentally disagree with your perspective. The idea that there is any purity to whiteness to begin with, or that the blurring of lines between cultures is some kind of doomsday prophecy just doesn't make any sense to me. The idea that the gradual reduction in racial differentiation is a bad thing only works to preserve a hierarchy of races that I do not agree with to begin with. The only reason miscegenation and interracial relationships were condemned and banned by law is that the clear separation of race allows for easy organization and the preservation of that hierarchy in the US. The idea to love and make families across cultures, was not an engineered idea, people make the choice for themselves to do that. If that idea could be marketed or installed, children of parents have enough influence and control that it wouldn't have grown over time. Media and education was dominated by the maintenance of these racial divides for a long time, until the most recent few decades. Just like cultural marxism is straight up a fantasy of people who don't want things to change. If it was real, white supremacists, the KKK, neo-nazis, would have stopped existing a long time ago. Despite everything else changing they have managed to keep their beliefs, recreate them, and stay organized and relevant. White genocide? Much like the gradual heat death of the universe, racial lines will continue to degrade and disappear. If we're gonna travel and communicate across an entire planet, expect people to mix. The great thing about this, even though I don't agree with you in pretty much any of these perspectives is that we can do this civically, even if veiled behind the anonymity of the internet. You can have this opinion, social pressure and other's opinions can only have so much control, yet you still have your opinions. Is that really being smothered or silenced? Just because you're uncomfortable sharing it in other forms doesn't mean that any one is really forcing you to believe anything different.
ENJager (2 years ago)
I forgot to add that no people in the modern era have ever voluntarily made themselves a minority in the country they established. . Frankly it's a crazy idea, that can only be motivated by a delusional utopianism, an anti-white hatred or a vicious case of suicidal white guilt. Either way, by definition, it IS genocide and it MUST BE STOPPED.
ENJager (2 years ago)
Don't play stupid with us. And don't ridicule the plight of our people by pretending it is imagined. This is serious. What's your definition of soon? Official statistics have it that whites are to be a minority by 2042 although my own calculations indicate far sooner, more likely 2030-2035 (we are 62% ATM). After that, there will be a precipitous drop in the white population across ALL European countries due to sub-replacement fertility, a mass die-off of baby boomers, and increasing miscegenation. By 2075 (when I'll be a grandfather), whites will almost certainly constitute no more than 30% of America, and by 2100 probably less than 15-20%. As a share of the global population, by 2100 whites will most likely constitute less than 5% of the population (around 10% now). European TFRs are even lower which will accelerate their extinction. That's VERY near extinction level within MY lifetime. I count that as soon enough. My grandchildren will have to live through that horror as one of the last generations of a despised and dispossessed minority. This also assumes a peaceful demographic transition which is unlikely when you couple that with the hostile promotion of anti-white ideas such as white guilt and white privilege that festers on campuses across the Western world and encourages animosity, hatred, disrespect and violence to whites. Read up on the plight of Afrikaners. DIVERSITY IS A CODEWORD FOR WHITE GENOCIDE. SAVE YOUR PEOPLE.
noneofyourbusines244 (2 years ago)
Vicki Fanibi (2 years ago)
Hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment, you dingus.
Vicki Fanibi (2 years ago)
noneofyourbusines244 How is shouting "Fire!" in a crowded theater considered hate speech for you? My feelings were HARDLY hurt by the posters on campus. Take your nonsense elsewhere.
Kaitlin McCoshen (2 years ago)
you're the dingus got you ha ha
noneofyourbusines244 (2 years ago)
only if it incites violence dingus... and even then it has to be like shouting fire in a crowded theater, not hurting someones feelings
bix nood (2 years ago)
This anti-white rhetoric is truly reprehensible. Extremely disappointed in the current years university systems.
Big Guy (2 years ago)
White-hating bigots, like Steven Leath, should be Physically Removed from University positions.
J M (2 years ago)
Leath didn't display hate at all toward any particular group. If noise is disturbing and hostile then it should be removed. Otherwise, the academic environment becomes a madhouse that looses its focus.
Big Guy (2 years ago)
Anti-White universities should be closed. #ShutDownIowaState
Twaddle Tweed (2 years ago)
You say that like white genocide is a bad thing.
J M (2 years ago)
Ummm... You're wrong. Iowa State receives funding from the Nation Science Foundation and Government which have the interest of the entire nation in mind not just one state.... wow
J M (2 years ago)
True many people here lack the understanding of knowing the difference between anti-supremacy and anti-white.
noneofyourbusines244 (2 years ago)
+Deng Deng i am very serious. iowa state was given its land and its existence to benefit the people of iowa.... pretty simple concept... it was not given that land to profit off of out of state students
Alice Rabbit (2 years ago)
'Diversity' just means less White people. It's GENOCIDE! #WhiteGenocide
ISUNewsService (2 years ago)
Just a reminder, Iowa State encourages participation and interaction on its social media channels. We welcome open dialogue and encourage comments about the content. Posts containing, profanity, nudity, or illegal material are prohibited. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to remove any post that includes profanity, nudity, or illegal materials.
Aaron Jaco (2 years ago)
That may technically be a sound argument, but you are fighting a battle for a very small hill if your argument is ISU should not / need not censor profanity, nudity, and illegal content.
Dave S. (2 years ago)
If they were being honest and supporting free speech, as they claim to in the video, they would not make posts like that on a platform that already has censorship. It's a private company so that's fine but isu should not go beyond that.
Aaron Jaco (2 years ago)
Well if they deleted comments "on a whim" that fell outside of the reasons they disclosed, that would be grounds for complaint. But if they planned to delete comments willy-nilly, why would they lay out specific grounds for being able to delete comments? All that does is open the door for folks to prove (via screenshots, etc) that they were being disingenuous.
Dave S. (2 years ago)
Profanity sure, the others do not meet youtube policy requirements and are already blocked. It's a redundant post by ISU so that they can delete comments on a whim. Let's not kid ourselves here.
Aaron Jaco (2 years ago)
Dave S. just for clarification, were you feeling it's essential to include profanity, nudity, or illegal materials?
amishdude007 (2 years ago)
Racist slime try to cause a stir and get attention. Embattled feckless administrator gives it to them to distract from his own problem. So, congratulations, we'll just get more of this. Dirty little secret: These posters were posted illegally, where they could be torn down without free speech issues. There are places they could have been posted. Leath has never done this before for anything. The feed only has two videos of him speaking and neither are him directly addressing the camera.
Shiro Nakatomi (2 years ago)
Steve Leath - your irresponsibility with Iowa State University Resources have cost the student body SO MUCH MONEY, and now you are TRYING TO DISTRACT US from the fact that we have to PAY FOR THE PLANE YOU WRECKED?!
Nick (2 years ago)
Every day more and more people see through your doublespeak.
Boef Wellington (2 years ago)
So since Iowa State cares about treating people with respect, you're going to fix the textbook buyback system, right?
ZalvionProductions (2 years ago)
Leath: Takes away VEISHEA, Terrible Football program, Higher Tuition, Worse ISU Dining, wrecks planes. Please fire this guy.
Abe Lincoln (2 years ago)
"There are multiple levels of directors that oversee the sporting programs at any university. The President's job is similar to that of a CEO, to oversee the overall direction of the organization he leads. That does not make him expressly responsible for directly managing or even knowing about everything that goes on at the university." You were talking about president Obama, correct?
OSTKCabal (2 years ago)
So... he took away an annual event that caused widespread destruction of property... is that really so bad for the community, police, and staff who have to deal with it? Is that really so bad for the students who stay out of trouble as a result of its cancellation? He is not, in any way, responsible for the sporting programs. There are multiple levels of directors that oversee the sporting programs at any university. The President's job is similar to that of a CEO, to oversee the overall direction of the organization he leads. That does not make him expressly responsible for directly managing or even knowing about everything that goes on at the university. Higher tuition wasn't his express decision. The Board of Regents makes that call, and it was increased for all 3 major Iowa universities... by 2%. That's an increase of $144.8 per YEAR. Worse ISU dining? Also not his call or responsibility. They recently hired a new Dining Director and are dealing with the growing pains that come with increasing attendance. He did not wreck a plane. He minorly damaged a plane on university business and partially reimbursed the university for the costs. The fact that he potentially broke University policy is a bit troubling, but I have trouble believing that's as much of a real problem as the media says it is.
Ghetto Tarzan (2 years ago)
He says the posters are about white heritage then tells us they are racist. So, according to him being proud of your white heritage is racist by default. I doubt he would be making the same statements if the poster celebrated black or hispanic heritage. I doubt he would be making this statement if the posters were overtly violent and anti-white. Stop sending your kids to campuses that are hostile to whites.
Corey Taylor (2 years ago)
Really complicated situation. Those people who put up the posters are obviously purposefully stirring up a storm. They hide behind the fact that, on its own, there's nothing wrong with "white heritage." Whites do have heritage to be proud of. Just as we have figures such as Thomas Jefferson, blacks have Martin Luther King. We should all be proud of who we are and what our heritages have achieved. But the fact of the matter is the world is not a vacuum. When people say "white heritage" they don't mean of just being proud of who you are. When people say "white heritage" they imply white supremacy, they imply a brand of nationalism which elevates the status of whites over others. And these assholes who put up the posters are cowards who obviously communicate the bad form of "white heritage", but use it in innocent and naive wording so they can say they only intend to say being proud of who you are. They turn around calling them out on it as just being racist and/or having double standards. They cause this shit show and act entitled when people don't let them play their act. How do I know? Because if they really wanted to communicate the message, "whites, be proud of who you are, just like blacks should be proud of who you are," effectively, then they should know they shouldn't use the racially charged word such as "white heritage." "Black, Asian, Native, white, whoever you are, be proud of yourself and where you come from," carries the same message *if that is the message they wanted to send*. There's a lot of racist baggage on these terms, on these ideas, and it's their responsibility to understand that, and then to respond and communicate acknowledging that and addressing that. We can't just pretend 200 years of racism never happened. And I am pretty confident they *did* understand that, and that that racist implication of their message was well intended -- with the caveat they want to have their cake and eat it too.
Cicero (2 years ago)
amishdude007 Ok but we don't care. That's what you don't understand. We are proud of our heritage just like everyone else. I don't care about the ethics or morals it doesn't give me. My similarity is not shallow either. Anyway I get it. You are a hyper individualist.
Cicero (2 years ago)
Corey Taylor It implies white supremacy? lmao this is why the posters were put up.
Steve Smith (2 years ago)
Interesting thoughts. Can I ask you then, since whites do have a heritage to be proud of (as you allowed), how are we to communicate that thought (since we shouldn't say 'white heritage')? You say the people who put up the posters communicate racism...so what is a way to celebrate white heritage without communicating racism? What words should they use instead?
amishdude007 (2 years ago)
No one should be "proud of who they are". You don't gain moral, ethical, or intellectual benefit from the actions of someone long dead simply because you share some shallow similarity to them. You don't even get that benefit if you are a direct descendant. There's nothing to be proud of in someone else's achievements.
Rand Paul (2 years ago)
If someone is so offended by a poster that is not fundamentally racist, I wonder if they have the mental fortitude to hold a job in the real world. Academia in this country has made it a point to be proud of who you are, yet it seems that we still have the problem of white students not being able to express pride in their race publicly.
linuxkid274 (2 years ago)
Leath doesn't care about white people.
Nikolas Persson (2 years ago)
I said the society Europeans built was superior to the pre-contact American societies in every way. If you want to look for examples of the superiority of European soldiery look at the Spanish conquest of South America where a few hundred adventurers toppled empires, the various wars between Europeans and the Zulus (the most powerful African military force on their part of the continent) or the Battle of Cochin were 140 Portuguese defended their local ally against over 50,000 enemy soldiers and hundreds of ships.
Twaddle Tweed (2 years ago)
"superior" lol, 90% of the North American population was wiped out by disease before Europeans started colonizing it. I wouldn't fucking call that conquering.
Josiah Johnson (2 years ago)
+Archer James I couldn't have put it any better myself. Any meaningful form of diversity has long been perverted by the end of attaining racial quotas. It's disgusting that Iowa State actually discriminates against white students in order to admit more minorities.
Ghetto Tarzan (2 years ago)
Diversity is just a vehicle by which minorities promote their own racial/ethnic interests. It has nothing to do what-so-ever with learning from other cultures. It just means less white.
Josiah Johnson (2 years ago)
+Archer James Racial diversity only matters to those who see race as the defining characteristic of a person. Those who truly value diversity will strive for a wide range of ideas with no consideration of color. Race only matters to racists. It's so sad that diversity is synonymous with ethnic diversity these days. Very Orwellian, indeed.
roboman76512 (2 years ago)
Plot Twist: Leath put up the posters to distract from the fact that he blew millions of dollars on new planes and personal plane rides.
Dave S. (2 years ago)
Leath focus on landing a plane without wrecking it, not on spewing anti white hatred.
noneofyourbusines244 (2 years ago)
another traitor.
Brandon Klinedinst (2 years ago)
A community coming forth and saying that they want to live in a community of like-minded people (on the basis of cultural values, a religion, dietary preferences, or what have you) is not something to be painted as inexcusable. Sure others of us don't mind (or even prefer) more homogeneous communities. But this isn't some requirement of necessity. The "rage" against the posters, based on how they've been described to me (I have not seen them), is off base. Perhaps the President is concerned it could hurt the income of the university. The values of many people often route us back to concern for money, rather than the explicit facade.
Chris Carmichael (2 years ago)
Liberals don't deserve respect. They don't respect the idea of non liberals?
Feryl Cutkomp (2 years ago)
Translation: go vote for Hilary. What a tool.
Josiah Johnson (2 years ago)
Let me get this straight. You're saying that the first amendment is really important, but we're going to censor people we disagree with? You know what they say: the best solution to racism is fascism! It's deplorable that ISU thinks it is above the law. People have a basic right to free expression---even with they are expressing racist ideas. Allowing the university to decide which ideas are acceptable on campus is a VERY dangerous precedent to set. I also find it funny that we're advocating for diversity when the university only cares about skin diversity because we don't care about what's on the inside of our students, we care what color they are. If we want to talk about racism, THAT is racist. That is a lot more racist than those posters---especially the ones that simply told white students they weren't alone in feeling like the university has a vendetta against them. It's hypocritical to call out this racism and censor it when the university has racist admission practices and cares far more about skin color than diversity of ideas.
ENJager (2 years ago)
Intimidation is a worthless concept because the extent to which a person is frightened by something is entirely subjective and falls within the same realm as "offensive" statements, i.e. just about ANYTHING can be offensive/intimidating to ANYONE. There are more important matters than talking about feelings.
ENJager (2 years ago)
No, this country was built by European settlers FOR Europeans. They were NOT immigrants, they built this country from nothing, it belongs to them and no other. Just about every civilization in the history of civilizations exercised control over who was allowed into their community and who was not (i.e. immigration), it is definitely NOT a ridiculous idea. Do you give strangers keys to your house? I didn't think so. Does that make you a xenophobe or supremacist? No.
ENJager (2 years ago)
Context determines who can say what now? What happened to justice being blind? Your argument is essentially this: a long time ago, under different circumstances, some whites treated non-whites poorly out of a belief in supremacy and therefore, from now on, whites and only whites are forever banned from expressing in-group solidarity or an interest in their heritage. Whites are not allowed to defend the existence of their people because that would be supremacism (you equated heritage with supremacism). Therefore, their genocide via diversity as a disappearing minority is acceptable and their resistance will not be tolerated. <--this is literally your argument when you think through it step-by-step. You support anti-white Genocide. Don't play stupid with me, you know very well deep down the implications of a state enforced policy of multicultism and diversity. And with the odd chance that you DON'T realize this, then you need to WAKE UP and STOP this before it goes too far. A people were in-fact harmed in the removal of this poster and their voice of resistance was silenced. Lastly, there is insufficient evidence to indict the poster for inciting violence, and any claim you make towards that is based on personal prejudices, not on evidence. Free speech is not justified on the basis of whether it makes us feel safe or if its effects are negative, in-fact, the entire purpose of Free Speech was to ensure that precisely those opinions which make us uncomfortable and "unsafe" are protected, otherwise Free Speech becomes pointless if it devolves simply to "socially acceptable speech" aka Political Correctness.
ENJager (2 years ago)
A simple concept to understand you say? Clearly not for you because you fail in every regard to understand the poster. There are 21 words/figures on that poster, please indicate to me where it espouses the superiority/value of one race over another (i.e. vilifies/attacks another race). Show me your argument. My argument is that the poster is clearly meant to invoke ethnocentrism, nationalism, i.e. a fundamental and primordial concern for the preservation of the self/group in the country they created and sacrificed for. It's message is protect, defend, restore. I find it appalling that a people cannot express their dislike (or "hate" w/e you want to call it, ambiguous terms anyways) for an idea that is literally destroying their existence as a people. What, are they supposed to LIKE becoming a minority? Do you have an example of any people in the world that voluntarily became a minority in the country they founded? Also, I'm going to flip your argument about the poster's significance. The fact that they REMOVED the innocuous poster meant the university felt that more diversity is more important than less diversity. "Diversity" is simply a codeword for less white. Their removal of the poster is thus an implicit approval that a less white college and less white country (and hence GENOCIDE) is desirable. Therefore, their removal of this poster is intended to silencesthe voice of resistance of the people that built, bled and died for this country against a GENOCIDAL policy of diversity that explicitly seeks to make them a minority in the country they built from nothing, which leads me into my next point. You need to learn the difference between a settler and an immigrant. Europeans did not "immigrate" to America; there was no pre-established society that they adopted when they arrived here the way immigrants do today (i.e. Hispanics moving into white cities, under white governments etc.). Europeans ESTABLISHED America. They founded it, from NOTHING. This country was built on their blood and bones. Lastly, what's wrong with expressing pride in your "white heritage" in the nation YOUR ancestors founded; they fought for this, they sacrificed for this. Your blood has history on this land. Are Indians or Chinese supposed to be ashamed of their heritage in their own country? That's your argument...? In closing, if you're non-white, then you need to show Americans/Europeans more respect for their heritage and interests, otherwise, GTFO. If you're white, have some goddamned self-respect for your people and WAKE UP before it's too late.
noneofyourbusines244 (2 years ago)
stop arguing with brown shirts... they are too dense and enjoy deceiving themselves to a degree that a rational person like yourself can not comprehend

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