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How Wizards of the Coast Sabotaged Ultimate Masters

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Please see my brand new Magic: The Gathering Deck Box review of Pirate Labs Defender, BCW Deck Locker, Alcove, and Sliver Egg box here: https://youtu.be/PX8OnAn9PSI And be sure to watch the New MTG Player’s Guide To Buying a Bundle: https://youtu.be/AOdf82gIla8 If you’d like video evidence of the fact you can see what card is in a box topper, please see this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK1seUGQpeE Tolarian Community College is brought to you by Card Kingdom! You can support The Professor just by checking out their store through this link: http://www.cardkingdom.com/TCC TCC Shirts! Playmats! - http://www.tolariancommunitycollege.com/ Or you can support me directly over at Patreon -https://www.patreon.com/tolariancommunitycollege Music Courtesy Of: "Vintage Education" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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dokidokiDoro (16 minutes ago)
FalconAshe K (6 hours ago)
Not pay to win, pay to get cool art? Well the commons might sell on second market for cheaper or will they? I'll stick to my regular packs thank you.
GrifFungin (6 hours ago)
Reading script
liam meh (6 hours ago)
Ultimate and ultimate? Y I K E S, this is one of the reasons I quit this game LMFAO.
Taylor Mallory (7 hours ago)
The market will decide. The box is overpriced? Don't buy this then. Price will drop if majority does same. That Switch comparison waa clever and very true haha. I also enjoyed when you busted out all the board games on your desk equal to a mtg deck ( i think )
Matt H. (7 hours ago)
Corporate greed run amok, basically. As much fun as Magic is, this whole set is just a mess that costs everyone from the players to the local game stores. A lousy job all around, sadly.
Bryan Dillon (7 hours ago)
I am a collector of rares and Mythics. My collection's doing quite well, at present I have around 4000 different cards. I looked into this set after watching this video and, from the moment the set is released, I can pay $15 for (at best) a 25% chance of finding a rare I need. This is a risk that I'm not willing to take. Speaking from my position, and as a EDH player, I have to reiterate: "Who is this release for?"
Jason Cornwall (8 hours ago)
This is why I like this channel, the Prof is on point. I have been playing since the 90's and I feel they are trying to lose my generation of players! BTW I might actually buy a switch for my lil boy.
SetsunaKai5 (10 hours ago)
Should have turned master sets into core sets, reduced the price to a normal booster, and sell them at walmart/target as well as LGSs.
jack heine (12 hours ago)
Even bigger shame they’re underhanding the LGS for decades they’ve been the backbone of the community it’s disgusting that WotC or Hasbro (whoever is responsible for this decision) would back hand the middle man who has been one of the largest role players to building the most successful card game community in the world. Pretty scummy IMO
Coming in 2020: Super Mother Fucking Ultimate Warrior Master. MSRP 4,000 dollars. Can only be ordered from Hasbro and picked up in person by the winner of the magic player deathmatch. All participants who pre order must fight to the death in a pit of alligators. 3 lucky winners can own a box of 2 packs and one foil platinum basic land box topper! No refunds accepted for those who do not meet requirements for or complete death challenge.
Marc Hawkins (13 hours ago)
Hey guys, do yo know if there is a card that can bring a creature back to the battlefield, but kicked? to spare paying the kicker price?
Gregory Jeannotte (14 hours ago)
This is video is all well and good. Yet wotc and Hasbro are still laughing all the way to the bank. I keep preaching consumer power can wreck the big suits game. But even worse than that is greed and blind devoted sheeple allow this behaviour to exist. Stop buying save some money and spend more wisely. Let common sense prevail.
billyum braskey (15 hours ago)
You don't like 'conspiracy theories,' but the moves WOTC is making lately really points toward them intentionally killing the paper game and LGS sales in general.
KiokuJonny (16 hours ago)
Per wpn communication, stores that open boxes for singles have to treat box toppers as promos, meaning we can't sell toppers, but can put up for prizes, etc.
Dave (17 hours ago)
"This product wasn't made for you" is also their go-to excuse for printing terrible rares and mythics that only a sliver of the Johnniest Johnnies would play.
Kyle JJ (17 hours ago)
Probably more than 3 unskipable ads im sure but im done watching this overly promoted rant. I love your content prof, im stuck using mobile for most of it so I guess im done.
Cory R (18 hours ago)
I love magic but I have given up on WOTC, I feel like they will never makes reprints or make the game affordable to play. in the 90s there were no cards selling for hundreds of dollars, you could buy booster packs for 2 dollars etc, teenagers and college kids could play. Good luck affording playing magic a any competitve level now for less than a few hundred dollars...teenagers dont have that kind of cash to spend, college kids rarely do either. and we cant support this game with just old adults and closing game stores.
Gcappiella (18 hours ago)
Ya know i unsubbed from you a while back because you've become one of the most negative people in magic. Have a good day.
Mark Athey (19 hours ago)
Who cares the game was never meant to be an investment. It is a game if you don't like what they did don't buy it and just be quiet about it.
emil viuff (19 hours ago)
Looking at how the secondary market is already treating singles and pricing, i doubt you'll see a lower selling price.
Gustavo Carneiro (20 hours ago)
Awesome words, you are 100% right. Thank you for bringing that discussion, Prof. I love paper Mtg, but since it's very expensive I just play online...
The Bone Daddy (21 hours ago)
My LGS is selling them for 299.99
The Bone Daddy (21 hours ago)
I don't agree with you on much but this, I'm with you 100% Prof
Plague Prophecy (22 hours ago)
I have watched your videos here and there but this is the first one where I thought, okay I am subscribing, I think you have shown great integrity putting this video out.
Keaton Rondelli (1 day ago)
These boxes have been everywhere for $250-$280 all week. When you made this video they were that price. They still are. They will be until they dwindle. If they do one print wave and that's it, then they will rise.
Forrest Blah (1 day ago)
Lol fuck this game. I'd rather play overwatch Half of you people think it's all the company's fault but no one is talking about how shit-heads like creepy Rudy are just as much the cause of this. Scum. Why don't you make a video, professor, which tells everyone what hoarders like Rudy are single-handedly doing to the market. Stop picking on the poor guys at WOTC or all the good ones there are gonna kill themselves for feeling guilty because you're gonna make them think their company--their lives--is a sham. You said it yourself, it's probably hasbro and others; not WOTC. I'm interpreting this video as a direct insult directed towards the people whose fault you said it was not. Think about how they--all the incredible people at WOTC--must feel after hearing this. I'd quit my job out of respect for myself if I knew in my heart that people all over--people whom it is my dream to serve--hated my company because of the corruption that is not the fault of anyone who is actually responsible for the design aspects and creative content which inspires us all, and we love. Guess what? I'm not gonna buy a pack of this shit because I'm poor. But I love magic, and I've got some expensive ($20 max) cards in my collection just like everyone else. I'm not going on about the market and complaining about prices though. Fuck it! Let it be what it is and enjoy it if you can and don't if you don't. Because when you make it all about prices by complaining about prices, you are sucking the joy out of the game just as much as the pricks who buy up everything and turn a profit by selling it to you, the outraged. I'm not going to watch these toxic videos on this channel any more, but I will click on them and deliver a nice thumbs down. Anyone can talk shit about a big company like Hasbro, but pointing the finger at WOTC is pointing the finger at every single person there; even if you say you're just talking about a hypothetical guy in a suit at the top. What about my friends? The popularity of these toxic videos you put out is enough to make me want to quit the game, because it's just spreading toxicity that we already have enough reason to have. I don't need someone to tell me what is bullshit, because I can see it when I go to the store and lay the pack on the counter. I don't give a fuck though, if I enjoy playing the game if it's bullshit or not. Thumbs down. Love your product reviews, - your local budget magic player
Christopher Hancock (1 day ago)
As much as I would like to buy a box, I buy singles to avoid the high cost of a box and just get what I know I want.
KIP (1 day ago)
Also, why would ANYONE make a product “not for everyone” wizards should really walk in a players shoes before slapping those massive prices on boxes and packs, I can’t just toss 300 dollars away for a couple cool cards, 160, sure! That would be nice, but we’re talking about WotC so too bad for us!
burn1none (1 day ago)
You didn't even mention how the LGS's won't be able to sell individual boosters since they wouldn't be able to sell the topper. It even says on the package "not for resale" so I guess they will either have to give it away, open it and sell it, or throw it in the shredder. Lol what a mess.
Chris (1 day ago)
I actually somewhat agreed with a lot of the opinion behind what you are saying but I disagree with how you are trying to make your point. Comparing pricing to other video games is completely irrelevant and almost made me stop watching, it was so ridiculous. Also comparing the MSRP from one set to another just because it's a 'masters' set is also fairly irrelevant because they are different sets, different cards, formats have changed, staples and prices change. Really hard to accurately compare. Like overall I get this basic argument from this video "why does wizard print cool, unique, premium, exclusive, limited run product at a price with an msrp higher than what I want it to be". Like saying they've increased the price by $100 may be true but you haven't demonstrated why it should not be increased. Just saying that other master sets were cheaper, there for this one has to be as well. I bought a brand new phone years back for $300, now new phones are $1,000. The strongest comments that I agreed with were the see through toppers, definitely a fail and the alternate art "masterpieces" of basically unplayable cards. Set having rares that vary in price, but the toppers should at least have staple cards. Watch a lot of your videos, however I think this one was way too much of an emotional response for me
KIP (1 day ago)
Step 1:buy box Step 2: open box, get a karn, lily, and a noble hierarch and a snapcaster for the topper. Step 3: Put them in decks and binders. Step 4: cry
Elijah Madnar (1 day ago)
I don´t play Magic anymore but i still watch your videos professor
Matt Telgen (1 day ago)
And think, these are USD prices. We up here get even more screwed in CAD pricing.
Leo the Lion (1 day ago)
Do you think WoTC will ever acknowledge the fact that they are ostracising a huge chunk of their player base, or just continue to cater to those with either too much money or their mother's credit cards?
Mario Castro (1 day ago)
I have an insane amount of respect for you. Keep up the great work.
gunnar gessert (1 day ago)
How you going to feel when they put it on mta and you only get half the pack for the same price smh
John Baker (1 day ago)
Players have been a secondary and tertiary concern to the secondary market and most collectors (read investors) since the late 90's. This is just a blatant capstone to that monied temple. The silver lining won't be universal but local because they will be opened in larger markets and the singles, shady toppers, and unopened packs/boxes will fill store cases and eBay pages in those regions and represented online from those regions.
David Chaloupka (1 day ago)
Thank u also I collect and play Magic the Gathering to
William Winder (1 day ago)
Wizards praying on the poor and less fortunate. The exclusion mentality at its most ugly.
Today in Brazil a master set booster costs 5,34% ( 50 R$) of the salary cap, if the game store cares for the own customers ( there some who increases the price ). Following the regular taxes and other things that increase the prices in the products here ( 36% ) the ultimate masters will cost almost 8% of the salary cap ( 71,67 R$ ). I never tried by a booster box for his highest prices, the Iconic Masters costs 85,38% of the salary cap. For most players isn't worth buy a box, but the singles. This makes worse for the stores, who keeps cards stocked, and will not be sold. Magic is becoming more and more expensive, as you said, it's cardboard! Of course are costs in creating the product, pay the illustrators, test and design teams, translation ( who was mistaken a lot e created errata ) and etc; here in Brazil players are abandoning the game because the cost of keeping playing! I'm no CEO but I think that isn't a good business plan.
Moe Marino (1 day ago)
this guy is a clown...
Moe Marino (1 day ago)
ya but those game have little to no resale value...
Moe Marino (1 day ago)
people complain when the set has no good reprint , when the set is satcked people complain...
Windy West (1 day ago)
Would the black friday sale lower the price on wizards of the coast products? Imagine getting a booster box for $10 XP
mike dickinson (1 day ago)
Dude, why buy a box?. No matter how you try and make it sound noble or instructive, that is still money Ha$Blow gets from us and only reinforces the *fools and money* mantra. Do us and yourself a favor and boycott such a product if you really believe what you say in that this is not for you.
09podola (1 day ago)
Wont find that price in canada. Tardiffs fucked us over and boxes will always be never worth the price anymore.
Luke Austin (1 day ago)
Outstanding video man, you've honestly out done your self, keep it up
Matthew Whitney (1 day ago)
WOTC member: Guys, why are you complaining? All of this set's problems are for the same reason as all of our mistakes! It was made for draft!
Brasticus (1 day ago)
December 7th for the release date you say? Surely a day that will live in infamy.
rapples101 (1 day ago)
Not to mention they probably STILL won't reprint Oracle of Mul Daya (sitting at around $40 right now btw)
XTX (1 day ago)
Between Games Workshop and Wizards - they're doing great jobs in turning new players away from the idea of starting to play their games.
Ben Clinnick (1 day ago)
Capitalism 101 -WOTC “We don’t make products for our customers”
Steven Elliott (1 day ago)
Proxies are the way for the casual player and the future of magic. Keep it affordable, keep it fun. Keep it.....Magical
Tirithek (1 day ago)
Dang, those last few lines really hit home. I hope they do for anyone at WotC who watches this too. That line in the Wizards clip about it not being for everyone really does come across as incredibly tone deaf.
Deathbythedragon (1 day ago)
Also, to hell with local game stores. They are just as guilty as wotc.
Deathbythedragon (1 day ago)
Mtg needs to stop. I can’t play this game anymore. I’d rather go outside and play a sport.
Rifter6 (1 day ago)
I believe Wizards feels they can always only halfheartedly support Modern and older formats, since they need current and ongoing interest in Standard. So they have to design difficulty into the collection of Modern and older staples. Just a thought.
Rifter6 (1 day ago)
Also, so you're pointing out that I just pre-ordered 4 x random chase cards for ~$223 along with my four pre-ordered boxes all at MSRP. Sure hope I'm happy with it! Oh well.
Wolf Dog Moon (1 day ago)
I’m actually buying the Switch and Smash Bros coincidentally. Not joking. Day after thanksgiving. Lol
envoy3 (1 day ago)
Hopefully it drops due to consumer demand like the last 2 masters sets did. Something to keep in mind is that older modern sets sell twice as high than this masters set while having a potentially low return on investment. The decision to have a higher msrp on this box seems like a reaction to "investors" in magic cards who buy these products only to sit on them in the hopes of making money. What i love the most about this set is that it has signifigantly dropped all of the prices of the reprinted cards to what they actually should be and screwed over these investors. Why the hell was engineered explosives 100$ anyways?
Zoeila (1 day ago)
modern is trash ruled by tier 0 and 1 decks so theres no choice
João de Maria Paes (1 day ago)
In Brazil, this "new" product is in pre-sale for "only" R $ 1700,00. Our minimum wage today is R$ 958. Can you figure out how absurd this is?
Adam Mercier (1 day ago)
TLDW: Buy a Nintendo Switch instead?
Eric Wallhagen (1 day ago)
I do think you raise a number of good points pertaining to MSRP, and the cost of a box topper, however I strongly disagree with your closing statement of "Why not make this product for ALL OF US" (Emphasis my own.) I don't play commander. I have zero interest in buying commander product. But, if there happens to be a legacy playable card in it, you don't hear me complaining "WHY DON'T YOU MAKE THIS PRODUCT FOR EVERYONE!?!?" I simply let the people that it is targeted at buy it, then I find what I want on the secondary market. Similarly, I have zero interest in products geared at casual/multiplayer formats, like: Conspiracy, Battlebond, or Unstable. Again, you never hear the more competitive players complain that "These products aren't for everyone." The idea that every product has to be for every Magic player, is frankly naive. So how about, rather than whining that this product isn't for you - when there are a ton of other products that clearly 'aren't for everyone' that you make no complaints over (I dunno, this sounds a lot more like "waah, this product isn't for ME.") - Simply say "Ok, I'll happily let someone else buy this, and then be happier that all of the cards I've been complaining about being too expensive for years are now a fraction of the cost they used to be." and then pick up the needed reprints on the secondary market?
wrarmatei (1 day ago)
Blaming a company for trade policy necessitated by stores’ profits... fuck, you people are stupid.
Shaine Edwards (1 day ago)
We need another Chronicles.
Matt M (1 day ago)
I know supporting the same company might be hypocritical but at least MTG Arenas has been really awesome and I haven't had to pay a cent. Maybe Wizards is trying to kill paper magic and go full digital (see Hearth$tone)?
Rid Kain (1 day ago)
Konami has now lost the komoney title
H4BITAT (1 day ago)
that last line is the hits the nail on the head
Lawrence Valiquette (1 day ago)
Feels bad. Each master set that comes out makes me lose a little more interest in paper mtg.
Corey Patrick (1 day ago)
I have seen your videos all over my youtube feed but never clicked on one. I'm regretting just now watching because this video was a great explanation without completely ripping into the company or game.
Patrik Svensson (1 day ago)
Excellent analysis. Spot on constructive criticism about the product from the perspective of the buyers and users within the MtG community. Regardless of this being a case of greed or elitism, the form it takes is deeply divisive and shines a very bad light on both WotC and the product. I can only hope that this criticism is brought back to the table and seriously incorporated in future amendments of upcoming Masters editions.
Ssqfg dsfhkgh (1 day ago)
pleassssse usssssssse a deesssssssser on your vocal track
Johannes Mäkilä (1 day ago)
Whole how WotC does things with MtG compared to how they do things with TF TCG is opposite. MtG boxes are designed draft in mind so getting cards that you need is difficult and most of those are mythics while TF TCG boxes contain good selection of good cards and lot of cards that you need are uncommon or even common while character cards (oversized double sided cards). also contain lot of good ones cross to rarities. It's clear that Hasbro is in charge because they would never allow they own franchise be treated badly while they are more than happy to do that to MtG.
Jhefferson La Rosa (1 day ago)
iniksbane (2 days ago)
"I wish this product had been made for all of us." - Ain't that the truth.
Glen Pangan (2 days ago)
Once a again, fantastic commentary Professor! I agree, "How i wish this set could have been for ALL of US."
Malik Aziz (2 days ago)
pay to win lmfao
Stephen Aris (2 days ago)
Honestly, I replied with severe apathy. I just didn’t care about masters sets by this point.
Robert Vaughan (2 days ago)
Good thing I dropped out of magic at end of last year seen wotc heading down this path as they lose players they bump prices up to make up for the players they are hemouraging making even more players have desires to leave
mcroflz (2 days ago)
I don't understand , it's too expensive for me so I will not buy it . I'm not mad about it at all, why would others be so upset ?
Lina Al-Jarallah (2 days ago)
My problem is that I know my local game store is gonna some of these and I would love to get one to support them, but I just can't... I don't have that much money to just throw into this game :(
Tilly4Rilly (2 days ago)
Just buy the set or don't. Who cares? They didn't have to reprint anything at any time and force people to jump to obtain the cards they want. Each master's set is different. Buy it or don't. You just explained supply and demand. If people will jump to buy a more expensive set with a better concentration of cards it is a smart business move. Moving on.
Martin Lucaj (2 days ago)
Thanks Professor! I now have a shopping list of games for my Switch I've been meaning to pick up! This point just drove it home.
DontxXxeven Porter (2 days ago)
plain and simple if you dont have money to play magic dont complain about the price, is like legacy dual lands are very expensive and if you cant buy into the format dont play it.
travelsonic (1 day ago)
Comparisons to Legacy RL cards are fairly bad, IMO.
jeremy forrest (2 days ago)
$350.00 for a booster box in completely insane. I'm not under the impression Tarmogoyf costs more to print than any old common. If you are going to raise the price, it shouldn't be based on what cards are included, but what the quality of the cards inside are. Which by the way, some TCG's make all foil cards, at a MUCH cheaper, or comparable price to a regular booster, and they are not all bowed. Some of these companies are family owned... The Switch comparison is a pretty good analogy. Those games cost millions to make, and require thousands of people, and many years to make. Considering a new set is spewed out every 3 months, I doubt our cost, compared to the cost of R&D on Wizards end, is even remotely fair. Magic is a game, people should have the ability to compete at a high level without cashing in their 401k. So many people could probably change the game, create new metas, but the cost is just ridiculous. I'm done with Magic at this point.
Steve Bird (2 days ago)
There are ultimate box toppers on sale for ebay now and I everyone should be reporting anyone selling the box toppers alone on ebay due to 1. they are not to be for resale and 2. they are searchable, therefore a lottery grab that IS controlled by the seller.
Diamonds7391 (2 days ago)
tear em a new one professor
Dirus2099 (2 days ago)
omg, i love mtg, it's my favorite hobby (also, dark souls) and after seeing this i really feel... heartbroken.
Ryan S (2 days ago)
Nintendo switch it is!
Tanner Cruse (2 days ago)
Boycott sealed product until they HAVE to give us something worth our goddamn time. We can play with old cards, you greedy twats. It's our deserved happiness after getting fucked for years or your job.... at least i wish that would be the ultimatum.
Joshua Figueroa (2 days ago)
It’s insane how disconnected they are from the player base....
mng604 (2 days ago)
I hate how wizards, a company that all of us supported, creates a product that is 'not for us'. So if it's not for us, then is it only for the wealthy that can afford it? Is this fair to those of us that supported this company and just wish to have a few more cards to add to our collections? I use to proxy cards to just play with friends and when i got a stable income I bought these cards. I love supporting companies and businesses that provide value for me, but I feel like wizards has gone too far. This is verging on abusive, taking advantage of players who love and want to enjoy the game. It makes me feel like I can no longer support MTG to the degree that I use to. Thanks Prof for sharing your own reflections on the topic and addressing some of the issues in this product.
This is why I play chess. For $350 you could buy a nice wooden chess set, pay your way into a tournament and have plenty left over for a few lessons from a coach.
10dogs blue (2 days ago)
Why do you talk at us like were all slow and retarted?
TheViperZed (2 days ago)
The Box Topper Duds are surely there so WotC can claim not to officially recognise the secondary market. They really need to finally accept that buying a booster display is gambling. TThis is the root of a huge amount of the problems the game has had for years.
asedif faafa (2 days ago)
I want to buy a switch now
marcellocrafter (2 days ago)
Since when did prof sign an ad deal with Nintendo 😂
Jonasz314 (2 days ago)
Available on preorder from many sources at ~$260, which puts booster price at $10.83 and a free card topper. It's exactly like cars, manufacturer sets MSRP, it's up to you to decide if you're dumb enough to pay this price. Your entire video is to complain about the price, I think it WoTC set it a $259 MSRP, you would be jumping for joy. WoTC tries to many money like anyone else, if they can sell cardboard at nearly $1 per card, why not?
Iggy (2 days ago)
God, I wish iconic masters and masters 25 were never made...

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