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Bakugan Battle Planet | The Awesome Ones Save Los Volmos | Cartoon Network UK 🇬🇧

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After the AO cause accidental destruction Dan's parents question whether the kids should be allowed to keep their Bakugan. Subscribe to the Cartoon Network UK YouTube channel: https://goo.gl/hRAVDf Visit the Cartoon Network UK website: http://www.cartoonnetwork.co.uk Check out all the amazing apps from Cartoon Network: http://apps.cartoonnetwork.co.uk Welcome to the official Cartoon Network UK YouTube channel, the place where you can watch funny videos, clips with theme tunes and songs and interactive game plays from The Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show, Ben 10, We Bare Bears, Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, Clarence, Teen Titans Go!, Ninjago and many more. Get ready to laugh out loud and join us by subscribing to the channel! Watch full episodes and all the latest seasons on Cartoon Network UK: Virgin channel number 704, Sky channel 601, Talk Talk channel 486 and also on NOW TV, TV Player and BT. #CartoonNetworkUK #CNUK
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Text Comments (57)
Kravitz is a whole waifu.
PRună (20 days ago)
you know what, i've had enough of this (kids friendly) copys of original cartoons,these are worthless and fake, the original series were better.
DangJace (20 days ago)
So if bakugan are now like nuclear war heads Who on there right mind gave these to children?!?!?!!?!!
ribeldy (26 days ago)
This is bad orginal is beter
angel of the hyper (27 days ago)
Kevin Tran (28 days ago)
Which is why I hate AAANIMUS Inc. from Bakugan Battle Planet becuase they cheating for bakugan with using a device and gadget who control, takeover the bakugan for whole city, and even they cancel for Awesome One. What is this a VEXOS from different universe of New Vestoria.
King Slayer (29 days ago)
This is an insult to the original
Muhammad Shahid (29 days ago)
WTH. This is trash. The original was way better. I cant believe they disrespected the og dan and drago like this with these dumv replacements
wheelyjon (29 days ago)
Ok so quick question I've only ever watch clips of this show on this channel but I thought they were holographic the monsters? That fought in holographic Arenas that's making it a kid's game. Is there giant creatures who have intelligence and are being controlled by kids how come this isn't a bigger worldwide issue?
XXbartekXX x (1 month ago)
Where is old graficzna ?
Salty Boy (1 month ago)
I don’t like this version
Мс Чпок (1 month ago)
Please kill it it’s disgusting
Becky Ann (1 month ago)
that was awesome, can't wait for that episode to come out on TV
Leah Rowden (1 month ago)
Wow, Dan looks different. His surname is kinda similar to the Dan from Battle Brawlers.
Mister Adatom (1 month ago)
Лучше б оставили все будто кушать ...
Mister Adatom (1 month ago)
Не ну-ка ебануться
Tree Viper (1 month ago)
Original series are way better, and just like you did, you can pretty much continue the always story. The games for it are also very good (too bad that there are not that many of them, and none for the newer series). This isn't too bad but I don't know, doesn't feel right, even the new Drago doesn't feel right at all.
JosueRivas12 (1 month ago)
No me gusto esta feo
Ashura Senpai (1 month ago)
Battle Brawlers was WAY BETTER than this...
KevsTiburoDracón (1 month ago)
Sorry but the original is better 😒
HR Abdallah (1 month ago)
I hope how do this die he rowend everything
Deku PL (1 month ago)
I hope this be good reboot
J'zargo (1 month ago)
Didn't Dan have another one that represented a knight
Zycoah _ (1 month ago)
What have they done to bakugan...i need the og bakugan back 😪
Kiing Josh (1 month ago)
Man what? The original is wayyy better
AVERAGE DANNY (1 month ago)
minato uchiha (1 month ago)
mergal mamavoir (1 month ago)
Remember when bakugan use to get suck into an abis of nothing
Simar Ghattaura (1 month ago)
Is that even Drago...?
Simar Ghattaura (1 month ago)
I LiKeD dA oRiGinAl mainly new vestroia
Henry Thestik (1 month ago)
Well I guess they are bakugone.
RedNovaPlayz (1 month ago)
AbdielGamer OMG (1 month ago)
AbdielGamer OMG (1 month ago)
Esa Madre Está Culera La Cagaron Como En Super Campeones Sube Los Clásicos No Era Basura
Charlotte Bowland (1 month ago)
I’m an OG Bakugan fan. This is the first I’ve seen from the new series, other than the intro. Dan’s voice is so weird. Everyone else? Fine. Passable. Dan? I have no idea why it fluctuates so much from syllable to syllable, but I don’t like it...
Garma Kage (1 month ago)
But its really good I suggest to watch it
Simar Ghattaura (1 month ago)
Charlotte Bowland I FEEL YOU
SallyPurpleYT (1 month ago)
Cool vid, CN UK!
Rin FNC (1 month ago)
The original is better
Nazik Adam (1 month ago)
Where is Dan?
Garma Kage (1 month ago)
He is dan The guy with red and brown hair
Anshu Singh (1 month ago)
that little kid
Is this like the ben 10 accident?
809200 (1 month ago)
THE MAN WHO STOLE YOUR GIRL LMAO don’t forget teen titans/looney Tunes and the power puff girls they all are stuffed now
Garma Kage (1 month ago)
No Its a reboot But its actually good
Abio (1 month ago)
Yep it is
Azad Bedirli Offical (1 month ago)
Nazik Adam (1 month ago)
Ağa dan nerde lo
Blackk_Buushin (1 month ago)
Apple White (1 month ago)
Vulcan AMV (1 month ago)
The only good reboot
axel ornelas (1 month ago)
Javedy mustafer (1 month ago)
Hcs _Backwatervalves (1 month ago)
Hi I’m 3
Sheila Domingo (1 month ago)
Good video!
So WenK (1 month ago)
Jeeez amazing 👏🏽👏🏽

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